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How many shops should I visit? And how do I know which are the best shops to go to? This obviously depends on how much you like shopping! We get some girls who are serial wedding dress shoppers and have visited more than 10 shops and tried literally hundreds of dresses on. How they make a decision I have no idea... Most of our brides will visit three or four shops before they choose their dress. As a bride you are inundated with choice, so the main thing is to do your homework first. Buy a good bridal magazine (like this one!). Look for any styles you like and visit your nearest stockists. Talk to your friends and ask for their recommendations. As soon as you walk into a shop you’ll get a good idea of whether you feel comfortable there. If the welcome and the service you receive on your first visit is not great then it’s certainly not going to improve once you’ve paid your deposit and you’re a captive audience. Remember, buying a wedding dress should be a lovely experience. You’re spending a lot of money and you need to feel comfortable and to trust the person who is selling you the dress.

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Should brides come with a good idea of the style they want and a sheaf of pictures from magazines, or is it better to start with a completely open mind? When you arrive in our shop it’s a bit like the ‘Spanish Inquisition’ – but hopefully in a nice way! We always ask you a range of questions about when and where the wedding is; is it a civil ceremony or church wedding; what the theme is – for example it may be a country wedding or a very chic city wedding. But most importantly we ask how you wish to look. This gives us a real flavour of your wedding and helps us choose the dress which will look amazing on you and be most appropriate for your day. The more information you give us, the easier it is for us to help and we’re quite proud to say that in most cases we’ve usually picked out the dress you will go on to buy within the first three dresses you try on! Photos torn out of magazines are always useful as they instantly give us an idea of the style of dress you like, which saves quite a lot of time. But it is good to be open minded. How do I know if it’s ‘The One’? Some girls have the ‘thunderbolt moment’ when they realise they’ve found the perfect dress, but this certainly doesn’t happen for everyone. More often than not it’s a

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Dresses.indd 11 Dresses.indd 11 13/11/09 10:56:07 am 13/11/09 10:56:07 am How do I know if it’s ‘The One’? Some girls have the ‘thunderbolt...

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