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With roots extending back to a two-person partnership formed in 1898, Page is one of the most prolific and enduring architecture and engineering design practices. Page architects, engineers, interior designers, planners, strategic analysts and technical specialists provide services throughout the United States and abroad. Our diverse, international portfolio includes projects in the healthcare, academic, government and science and technology sectors, as well as civic, corporate and urban housing projects. The Page portfolio consists largely of complex projects that benefit from our integrated disciplines and that make a significant impact on the communities they serve. We are guided by the three core values of creativity, collaboration, and commitment, and through the force of these ideals, we live up to our promise of design that makes lives better.

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Expressing a local spirit through clearly contemporary means, the Austin Convention Center sets a precedent for huge, publicly funded buildings in urban settings.

Austin Convention Center Austin, Texas


Real Estate / Development

Corporate/ Commercial Places that inspire daily. Page’s Corporate/Commercial clientele includes many of the nation’s largest developers and Fortune 500 companies. The firm has been responsible for a wide-range of strategic planning, corporate office and new campus developments for many prestigious clients that include Microsoft, Computer Sciences Corporation, Temple Inland, USAA, Charles Schwab, ExxonMobil, World Savings, Shell Oil, Hewlett Packard and Bank of America to speculative office and mixed use developments for national developers such as Hines, CarrAmerica, Thomas Properties Group and AMLI Residential. Client needs may consist of large scale corporate campus planning, individual buildings or interior renovations. Page structures teams to deliver optimal planning and design solutions without uncomfortable surprises in budget, schedule or functionality. Corporate offices, training space, research facilities and parking solutions are often part of most Corporate/Commercial projects. With many years of proven experience within this market sector, Page works with developers, brokers and end users to optimize the highest design while adhering to critical budgets and schedules. From an interior design project of 10,000 square feet to a complex billion dollar wafer fabrication modernization program, clients around the world have benefited from Page’s flexible team approach to design delivery. Beginning with a pragmatic and experienced team that carefully listens to needs, Page delivers award-winning design quality.

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Creativity. Collaboration. Commitment.

At Page, our vision is to become influential champions for design that makes lives better. We aspire to make an impact that extends beyond the work itself.

A Total Design Approach In 1942, Page became one of the first Architectural firms in the nation to integrate Engineering services within a single design organization. Today, the firm offers the complete range of Architecture, Interior Design, Strategic Consulting and Planning capabilities together with in-house Civil, Structural and MEP Engineering services as a single, fully-integrated “total design” team. Our approach provides the highest levels of interdisciplinary coordination, quality control and quick response as demanded on technically sophisticated projects — while allowing our managers a single point of authority and control in committing the full resources of the design team in order to ensure that our commitments are met. We Start With Your Vision Our approach to planning is to begin every project with “vision sessions” which involve key leaders and visionaries from within an organization (and sometimes outside of) to discuss possibilities for the future in an organized facilitated setting. These are intensive, interactive forums to focus on core business issues first—then on facility impacts. It is the ideal time to pause and reflect on future changes in the marketplace and surrounding region that will shape operational plans and strategies for the future. Our facilitators are specially trained in listening, summarizing and bringing clarity to complex problems. They strive to always see the big picture first, which puts other decisions in perspective and in context.


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Many of us spend most of our daily lives indoors, and significant amounts of that time in the workplace environment. Well-designed interior spaces not only support and protect our health and well-being, but also positively influence our behavior. Workplace design reflects an organization’s culture and embodies its values. Good design communicates the company’s vision and identity while strengthening the brand and creating a sense of community and pride. Ottobock Headquarters Austin, Texas

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200 West 6th Street / Austin, Texas


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Page Services Architecture Engineering Interiors Planning / Urban Design Consulting / Branding & Graphics Commissioning Lab Planning Programming Building Sciences

Travis County District Attorney’s Office / Austin, Texas

Award-Winning Architecture Every business and institution in America today is experiencing a change in the traditional models that have shaped the facilities within which we live and work over the last 50 years. In these times of re-engineering, right-sizing, and rapid changes—organizations of all kinds are looking for better ways to thoughtfully plan ahead. We see our clients today looking for more than competent architectural and engineering services. They are looking to us to understand their markets and business models—and to take an active role in their strategic planning process. It is important today that business plans be closely integrated with facilities master plans—and that facilities be designed as “business tools” for achieving very specific and defined goals. Page has been awarded over 200+ design awards including the Texas Society of Architects Architecture Firm Award in 2009 and the AIA Austin Firm of the Year Award in 1998. Award-Winning Interior Architecture At Page, we recognize the importance of interior architecture and design as fundamental to successful spaces and projects. We believe that well-designed interiors are a critical force in shaping experience and in improving the quality of people’s lives. Page design professionals work collaboratively to strategically plan and create spaces that help our clients accomplish their mission, improve lives and deliver outstanding value. We believe that good design communicates our clients’ vision, culture and identity.

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200 West 6th Street (Indeed Tower) Austin, Texas

Located in the heart of downtown Austin, 200 West 6th Street re-envisions an entire block with a new tower, a renovated historic Post Office and a plaza. The new 36-story, glazed office tower will be situated on the eastern portion of the block. Its sculptural form and transparent base allow the building to make a mark on the city’s skyline while also celebrating its historic neighbor.

Project Details

The Post Office is a Texas Historic Landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was constructed from 1912 to 1914 and was the seventh US post office built in Austin. The exterior of the Post Office will be restored and historic elements of the interior will also remain and be restored. Non-historic interior elements will be renovated with the intention of delivering the space in shell condition for possible uses such as creative office or retail space.

Project Size 890,000 Square Feet 665,000 Square Feet (Office Tower) 225,000 Square Feet (Multifamily / MixedUse Tower) Services Provided Architecture / Design / Interiors

A new plaza will occupy the northwest corner of the site and will connect the commercial environment of the office building with possible cultural, recreational and retail activities in the context of the open space. The tower is oriented north-south on the site with multiple entry points at the ground level. The primary entry and lobby are on West 6th Street; an additional entry is provided on the building’s west façade via the plaza. The base is highly transparent, soaring up to 35 feet in the main lobby to allow full visibility of the Post Office’s east façade. The transparency encourages pedestrian traffic as well as the building’s integration into the street life. The office tower provides five levels of below-grade parking; lobby and retail space at the first level; fitness, amenity, and conference spaces on levels two and three; above-grade parking garage at levels four through 15; and office spaces on levels 16 through 36. Exterior terraces are located on eight of the office levels and the top two levels will enjoy penthouse roof terraces.


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Arena Tower Austin, Texas Project Details Project Size 450,000 Square Feet 19 Stories Services Provided Architecture / Interiors

As North Austin continues to attract tech giants like Apple, dense, mixed-use developments are transforming the area with amenities that range from sports facilities and luxury shopping to residential and workplace options. The growing North Burnet/Gateway corridor identified by the City of Austin promises more density as the area’s popularity continues to surge. Arena Tower is designed to be an iconic 19-story, mixed-use office building whose amenities will include new soccer stadium neighbor and the nearby vibrant community of the Domain. A series of terraces that step back from the street and culminate in two interlocking, grey-blue-glass-clad towers, the building is designed to announce and anchor the emerging stadium district. Generous retail fronts the primary street and leads to a monumental lobby that spills out onto an outdoor plaza and recreation area. A modern-day workplace, the blurred boundaries of the interior and exterior spaces that characterize the lobby and coffee bar area are emphasized again at the 7,500-square-foot sky terrace, which welcomes tenants to their area of the building. The outdoor terrace will wrap a tenant lounge characterized by floor-to-ceiling glass walls that embrace the views. The amenity spaces will include a conference facility able host more than 200 people and a fitness center featuring a cycling studio and a juice bar—as well as outdoor yoga facilities on the deck. The design aims to engage the community by contributing to the street life of the stadium district. It also supports the wellness of its future tenants with ample opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and take advantage of the on-site exercise facilities.


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Page Southerland Page, Inc.


Confidential International Oil and Gas Company Office Building Beaumont, Texas Project Details Project Size 145,000 Square Feet Services Provided Architecture / Interiors / Consulting / Commissioning / Planning

Page was engaged to design a new office building, central plant, cafeteria, wellness center and conference area on a site within the boundaries of the company’s historic refinery site in Beaumont. The new office complex is the first office building to be designed under the client’s new workplace guidelines and will serve as a model for future projects. The three-story building features north and south facing elevations of floor-to-ceiling glass curtain wall and is designed for Category 3 hurricane and industrial overpressure zone resistance. Through a rigorous visioning and programming effort, Page assisted the client in evaluating existing buildings on the site for feasibility and alignment with their goals and vision for the future of the refinery and chemical plant site. The project team concluded that designing and constructing a new facility was the solution that best met the client’s goals. Through the programming and design, the Chemical and Refinery organizations are co-located into a new building for first time in the history of the plant in order to meet the goals of improving collaborative work and interdisciplinary synergy. Over 550 employees are housed in the building which is 93% open office space. Each floor features centrally located amenities, including informal “town hall” collaborative spaces, pantries, copier and mail centers. Flexible conference rooms allow teams in each quadrant of the floor to collaborate in a variety of settings. Although designed to meet LEED Silver goals, the client elected not to pursue certification.


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Four Points Centre Austin, Texas Project Details Project Size 333 Acres Services Provided Architecture / MEP Engineering / Fire Protection Engineering / Interior Design / Master Planning / LEED Consultation

Four Points Centre is a 333-acre, mixed-use development which includes research and development, office, retail, restaurant, residential and hotel components organized around a 181-acre nature habitat. This 440,000-square-foot project was the first speculative office development to achieve a LEED Gold S&C rating in Austin. Comprising two 100,000-square-foot, three-story office buildings and a shared parking garage, the project complements the beauty of the Hill Country site by creating an architectural vocabulary that melds natural materials and timeless forms with modern design and sophisticated sustainable strategies. The native limestone, metal and glass clad buildings were sensitively inserted into the undulating topography with minimum disturbance to natural features. The LEED Gold rating was achieved with a range of sustainable methods including sophisticated mechanical systems, ultra low water consumption, reduced lighting density, preserved natural area, solar orientation and shading devices, and extensive use of latest generation low-e glass to achieve maximum daylighting.


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Shorenstein Office/ Garage Phase 3

AMLI Phase 2 Austin Energy Headquarters Aldrich Cinema/ Retail Building Shorenstein Office/ Garage Phase 2 AMLI Phase 3

Catellus/Shorenstein Office/Garage Phase 1

AMLI Phase 1

Mueller Community Austin, Texas Page is proud to have been a part of the phenomenal growth and success of the Mueller development in Austin, Texas. The neighborhood was born out of the city’s desire to redevelop the former Mueller airport site - transforming it into a vibrant, mixeduse neighborhood. Today, it is an affordable oasis just minutes from downtown. The graphic above shows the eight buildings and one branding project Page has designed within the Mueller master plan. These efforts are detailed below.


Real Estate / Development

AMLI Mueller, Phase I Project Size: 230,000 SF, 280 Units Services Provided: Architecture / Interior Design / Sustainability / Furniture Services This five-story, 230,000 square foot multifamily AMLI residential project was envisioned as a cornerstone of the 700-acre Mueller mixed-use master plan – a live /work / play development in eastcentral Austin. Situated along the shores of picturesque Lake Park, featuring over 13 miles of hike and bike trails, the LEED Platinum complex was designed as both a bold backdrop for the park and a portal to the central commercial district within the development.

LEED Platinum

AMLI Mueller, Phase 2 Project Size: 571,600 SF, 318 Units Services Provided: Architecture / Interior Design The AMLI Phase II building has been designed with special consideration to make sure it feels in scale with both single family and commercial zones of a vibrant mixed-use neighborhood. Situated between a public park, a major commercial thoroughfare, mid-rise commercial and residential buildings as well as single family residences, this project’s critical role is to stitch together these disparate neighborhoods. This 4-story building utilizes three composition strategies of simple, well-known materials in order to provide variety, scale and liveliness to Phase II.

AMLI Mueller, Phase 3 Project Size: Estimated 650,000 SF, 350 Units Services Provided: Architecture / Interior Design The AMLI Mueller Phase III building presents a unique design challenge in several ways. First, the project spans two city blocks. One of those blocks requires that the new building partially wrap an existing garage. A secondary challenge is that Phase III serves to stick three other Page-designed buildings in the neighborhood: AMLI Phase I and II as well as the Mueller Cinema. This project serves as a unique opportunity to stitch together these projects in an urban design sense – enabling Page to enhance the qualities of all four projects with context-sensitive design, respecting sight lines to and out of each project. Thirdly, the Mueller neighborhood requires that all buildings in the neighborhood have an architecture unique within the neighborhood. At present, Page is studying massing options with the client – looking to optimize the unit mix, the views and neighborhood-sympathetic massing.

North E

Aldrich Cinema at Mueller Town Center Project Size: 30,000 SF Cinema, 30,000 SF Retail Services Provided: Architecture The design of the Aldrich Cinema seeks to create an anchor for dining, entertainment and pedestrian activity within Mueller’s new Town Center District. Prominently located at the intersection of Aldrich and McBee Streets, the Cinema will have an important presence in the district, situated at the termination of Mueller’s Airport Blvd entry, as well as adjacent to the Aldrich Street Paseo with its generous pedestrian zone and double alee of trees. The building will feature a six-screen movie theater on the second level, with space for five to six shops or restaurants alongside the movie theater’s bar and lobby occupying the ground floor. Capitalizing on the opportunity for views over Mueller’s Lake Park to the downtown Austin skyline, the cinema features a second floor wraparound terrace at its South West corner.

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Aldrich Street Services Provided: Brand Strategy / Brand Identity Development / Comprehensive Brand Guidelines Aldrich Street is the town center at the Mueller community, and includes a mix of local and national restaurants, shops, retailers and cinema. When Aldrich Street was in its planning stage, Catellus engaged Dyal and Partners (now Page/Dyal Branding & Graphics) to design the brand identity, branded collateral and comprehensive brand guidelines, for the 42-acre district. The vision for Aldrich Street was to create an authentic destination that is organic and feels happenstance. The team responded with a brand identity that is bold, simple and dynamic. The logo mark, subtly allusive of a street sign, works with the energetic vibe of the destination, and can also be played down for more subtle instances. The comprehensive brand guidelines that the team developed provided a toolkit for implementation of the identity that has been applied across a variety of media. Austin Energy Headquarters Project Size: 300,000 SF Services Provided: Architecture / MEP Engineering / Branding & Graphics The new corporate headquarters for Austin Energy will be located in the Mueller development and will consist of about 300,000 SF of office space, including a generous common area at the ground floor dedicated to customer service and amenities like a cafĂŠ and patio for the public. The building will include structured parking for about 1,000 vehicles. The project will aim to achieve an Austin Energy Green Building 5-star rating and will serve as a demonstration project for the latest sustainability and energy efficiency strategies. Mueller Offices & Garages Phases I - III Project Size: Confidential Services Provided: Architecture / Conceptual Design


Real Estate / Development

Mueller Commercial Office Alpha Building Austin, Texas Project Details Project Size 238,000 Square Feet Services Provided Architecture / Interior Design / Project Management / Telecom

The Mueller Business District is a three-phase plan to bring a fully integrated campus replete with amenities and resources to the heart of the growing Mueller neighborhood in East Austin. Included in Phase One, the Alpha Building is a 238,000-square-foot Class A Office space. The 6-story office building will offer 26,000 square feet of ground floor retail and a vibrant courtyard with meeting areas and an outdoor amphitheater. It will include a 1,000-car parking garage to support the office development and district retail demand. Alpha is equipped with the tech infrastructure to support high bandwidth clients and floors 2-6 offer private balcony space. The project is targeting LEED CS Silver+ and Austin Energy Green Building (AEGB) 3 Star.

Page Southerland Page, Inc.


AEGB 3-star (targeting)

44 East Avenue Austin, Texas Project Details Project Size 460,000 Square Feet 51 Stories

This residential development located on East Avenue on the corner of Cummings Street will be 51 stories and will rise about 545 feet tall. At approximately 460,000 square feet in total, the tower will include approximately 330 for-sale residences, which will be a mix of efficiently designed 1- and 2-bedroom homes as well as larger 1-4 bedroom residences, and some penthouses. Approximately 3,000 square feet on the ground floor will be available for retail and dining space. An on-location parking structure will include over 500 spaces for both tenants as well as some for the public. This project is currently targeting Austin Energy Green Building 3-star rating.

Services Provided Architecture / Interiors


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LEED certified

Generation Park Houston, Texas Project Details Project Size 85,000 Square Feet Services Provided Architecture / Interior Architecture / MEP Engineering

Generation Park is a mixed-use 4,000-acre commercial development in a new northeast Houston urban center. Page designed an 85,000-square-foot Class A curtain walled building known as 250 Assay St that will serve as the corporate center. The firm is also designing the interior spaces for two new relocation headquarters, McCord Development, the developer of Generation Park and Apache Industrial Services, Inc., an energy services company. Both custom workplace designs will serve the respective firms’ business needs and cultures. 250 Assay St. is a five-story building that will feature retail space on the ground floor and premiere access to a wide range of amenities including a connecting parking garage with approximately 650 spaces, restaurants and practical services. The LEED-certified design includes floor-to-ceiling windows to provide daylighting and take advantage of the views of the landscaped surroundings. McCord Development Inc. is the developer behind Generation Park and the Page client for the 250 Assay St building as well as the interior space for its headquarters. E.E. Reed Construction is serving as general contractor. The building is scheduled for substantial completion in the second half of 2017.


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Page Southerland Page, Inc.


Midway East River Houston, Texas Project Details Project Size 26 Acres 117,500 Square Feet Retail Space 367,000 Square Feet Office Space 900-Car Parking Garage Services Provided Master Planning / Architecture / Interior Design / Sustainability

East River will be one of the most important urban redevelopment sites in Houston. Less than a mile from downtown and inside Loop 610, about 150 acres of carefully designed, multiphase, mixed-use development will transform Houston’s historic waterfront along Buffalo Bayou. East River will be developed as a new economic center welcoming a wide variety of residents, workers and visitors of all ages and diverse cultures. The redevelopment of the former KBR shipping and industrial complex will open more than a mile of waterfront that was inaccessible to the wider community for many decades, and will include improvements to streets, drainage, sidewalks and lighting, bike and pedestrian access, green spaces, parks and trails. Phase 1 of East River encompasses the first 26 acres on the western end of the project. In addition to developing the masterplan, Page has completed design for the commercial and retail buildings scheduled to start construction later this year. The initial six structures will include 167,000 SF of office space, 117,500 SF of retail space, and a 900-car parking garage. An additional 200,000 SF office tower has also been designed to complete the commercial space in phase 1. The project has been designed to recall the manufacturing and shipping heritage of the site while still creating architecture and places that are new and exciting. Careful attention was placed on the pedestrian realm where appropriately scaled outdoor spaces flow through the site connecting urban environment of East River with the linear park being developed along Buffalo Bayou.


Real Estate / Development

Page Southerland Page, Inc.


Broadmoor Campus Master Plan Austin, Texas Project Details Project Size 5,000,000 Square Feet 64 Acres Services Provided Master Planning / Architecture


This master plan for a 64-acre site in Austin sought to redevelop an existing corporate campus into a dense and vibrant mixed-use district with residential, retail, and high-tech office space. The existing site contains eight office buildings, two parking garages, and surface parking lots. The plan was organized into a grid that maintained maximum flexibility for the timeline of replacing existing structures while allowing new development to fill in around them. An existing public transit line runs along one side of the property, and the plan proposed the relocation of an existing station in a nearby undeveloped area to the edge of this property to better serve this site, an adjacent corporate campus, and another mixed-use district. The primary street of the proposed plan functions as the principle retail spine and links the new transit station through the development to the adjacent district.

Real Estate / Development

Page Southerland Page, Inc.


11.7-acre park with two restaurants, administration building and underground garage

Discovery Green Downtown Park Master Plan & Buildings Houston, Texas Awards America’s Greatest Places Winner World Architecture News Effectiveness Award Green GOOD DESIGN Award Society of American Registered Architects Design Award of Excellence Business Week/Architectural Record Award of Excellence AIA Houston - Design Award for Architecture IIDA Texas/Oklahoma Chapter - Design Excellence for Hospitality Gulf Coast Chapter, ASID Best of Hospitality Gulf Coast Chapter, ASID Best in Show - Commercial


Real Estate / Development

Page Southerland Page, Inc.


LEED certified

GSA Regional Field Office Houston, Texas Project Details Project Size 275,000 Square Feet Services Provided Programming / Architecture / Interiors / MEP Engineering / LEED Consulting / Commissioning


The design of the 275,000-square-foot GSA Regional Field Office is generated by careful integration of concerns for security, sustainability and appropriate image into a thoroughly synthesized design solution. In response to climate considerations, the plan of the LEED certified building is narrow, presenting broad faces to the south and north, and thin faces to the east and west. The concrete walls are sheathed in aluminum shingles that both reflect heat and allow the high thermal mass of the concrete to provide temperature stability for the structure. A lightweight metal frame was hung off of the concrete walls to carry a “second skin� for the building on the south, east and west sides. Heavily fritted laminated glass is attached to the lightweight frame with stainless steel clips. The almost opaque glass, which is placed away from the actual thermal wall of the building, shades the structure substantially from direct heat gain from the hot Texas sun. The space between the two skins becomes a significantly cooled microclimate reducing the load requirements for air conditioning systems. In winter, the glass layers enhance the heat-insulating functions of the facade owing to the comparatively higher surface temperatures of the inner surface of the facade. On the north side of the eight-story building, the aluminum surface is fully revealed and is animated by varied window patterns reflecting the extremely divergent view and lighting requirements of functions on this face of the building. The simple, elegant, and economical building, which was designed in a joint venture with Leo A Daly, is well-suited to its specific purpose and the goals of its agency. It is both an inspiring workplace for its employees and an efficient facility for the citizens it is serving.

Real Estate / Development

Page Southerland Page, Inc.


AEGB 4-star

70 Rainey Austin, Texas Project Details Project Size 330,000 Square Feet 173 Units Services Provided Architecture / Interiors

Like the city that spawned it, 70 Rainey is a dynamic blend of sophisticated elegance and laid back informality and warmth. The crisp, finely detailed 34-story residential tower is sheathed predominantly in glass curtain wall, providing each of the 164 condos with panoramic views of the Colorado River, the Austin skyline and the Hill Country beyond while also reflecting the ever-changing light and color of the big Texas sky. Generous balconies punctuate and enliven each smooth, carefully crafted facade. As the refined residential floors of the tower merge with Rainey Street below the building revels in the quirky character of its iconic neighborhood. Upper floors provide for a variety of condo-units that range from studios to three bedrooms. The building culminates with two-story penthouses. The perfect view orientation of the upper levels, looking straight down the length of the river, twists back at the base to align with the historic street grid. This structural feat is accomplished through a stealth move that also maximizes parking in the building’s column grid. Materials like wood, concrete and oxidized steel add a tactile dimension at pedestrian levels where porches and terraces encourage direct interaction with the street. Rich gardens on the amenity levels invite that laid-back lifestyle Austin is known for while also, along with suspended planters on the garage facades, linking the building directly the lush adjacent parkland. The building’s base responds to the dynamic street life with a variety of entries to amenity spaces including bars and restaurants that provide continuity for the culture of the street. The project achieved AEGB 4 star and is targeting LEED Silver.


Real Estate / Development

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Original Project

Project Update

Graves Dougherty Hearon & Moody Attorney’s at Law Frost Bank Tower Austin, Texas

Page provided interior architecture, design and furniture services to Graves Dougherty Hearon & Moody (GDHM) twice. The first project encompassed three floors, totaling 70,650 square feet, include a conference center (with video conference capability), library, catered dining and lounge areas, attorney offices, war rooms and high density filing.

Project Details Project Size Original Project: 70,650 Square Feet Project Update: 17,000 Square Feet Services Provided Programming / Planning / Architecture / Interior Design / MEP Engineering

A monument internal stair takes full advantage of western views to the Texas Hill Country, links shared functions and provides a visual and acoustical connection between two floors of the space. Client goals for a “light filled and open space” are achieved through the use of clerestory glass above attorney storage walls, translucent glass sidelights for perimeter and internal offices, indirect lighting and circulation which frames exterior views. A key inspiration in the design was GDHM’s extensive art collection. Simple yet beautiful planes and surfaces of materials highlight and complement individual paintings and sculpture. Internal rooms are planned to allow GDHM to adapt support space to their needs as they grow over the years to come. For the second project, the new space reflects the firm’s continued focus on excellent service for their clients while providing private office spaces that have natural light and views, giving individuals their own places to work. The design combines a classic and crisp overall color palette, with custom furniture and an art collection that holds special importance to the firm. Private offices are connected by shared open spaces that promote collegiality and collaboration. These fluid spaces are good for co-working, gathering after a meeting, or sharing a lunch break. Efficiencies were found by taking advantage of being fully digital and paperless to the greatest extent possible and by the design. The library is now the center of the office, volumes of books line a shared space between the reception and a nearby community room that overlooks downtown Austin and Lady Bird Lake.


Real Estate / Development

Page Southerland Page, Inc.


Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates Office Building Austin, Texas Project Details Project Size 13,000 Square Feet Services Provided Architecture / Engineering / Interiors / Consulting / Commissioning / Planning / Programming


Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates (WJE) is an interdisciplinary engineering firm whose practice group in Austin has a particular expertise in concrete construction. The office has their own petrography lab, so when Page began to design a 13,000-squarefoot office building for them, the decision was made to explore high thermal mass concrete walls as a means of reducing energy consumption. The decision was made to build 18-inch thick unreinforced concrete walls that would carry structural loads while providing thermal, vapor and moisture barriers in one material. Monitors were cast into the concrete in order to evaluate the wall’s performance over time. The building’s two volumes accommodate flexible office space and a high-bay testing laboratory. The office volume includes both perimeter private spaces and conference rooms as well as central open office spaces that receive light and views on three sides through large glass partitions. These also serve to encourage collaboration. The central reception area, which stitches the offices and laboratory portions of the building together, also has high ceilings and exposed structure as well as niches in the thick concrete walls that house artifacts from some of the firm’s forensic assessments on historic structures. Floors in all the public spaces are diamond polished concrete. The reception area gives access to north facing conference rooms and a large break room with expansive views as well as a patio that opens onto a nature preserve with mature trees to the rear of the site. Sustainability features of the project include energy economy derived from high thermal mass, minimizing secondary layers of finishes where possible, sustainably grown woods, abundant daylighting, LED fixtures for artificial lighting, and energy efficient HVAC systems.

Real Estate / Development

Page Southerland Page, Inc.


2nd Street District Master Plan Austin, Texas Project Details Project Size 6 City Blocks Service Provided Master Planning / Programming / Architecture / Interior Design / MEP Engineering


The 2nd Street District surrounds Austin City Hall and spans six city blocks, including a quarter-mile-long portion that has become a lively pedestrian-oriented retail street. The project revels in relationships between places for work, living and relaxation and in a synergy between public and private realms. The goal of the master plan was to integrate office, residential, commercial and public spaces into a coherent ensemble where each element reinforced the others. The interests of a diverse constituency including the City of Austin, multiple real estate developers, corporate occupants and a wide range of retailers had to be synthesized into a coherent, productive solution. The master plan placed City Hall in a prominent spot on the axis of Drake Bridge and created a half-block plaza on its south side oriented to Lady Bird Lake. The two office blocks flanking City Hall, designed by Page, were kept to a six-story height to provide a compatible frame for the more central, but smaller scaled public functions. The three blocks away from the lake accommodate taller buildings and residential functions above ground floor retail. The lively collections of shops, combined with appropriate scale and rich tactile materials, gives 2nd Street a strong, urbane character. The 18-story building on the west end includes an art cinema and recreation deck in addition to residential uses. The residential/hotel building across 2nd Street from City Hall incorporates a large performance venue. With the notable and appropriate exception of City Hall, most of the buildings emphasize the longstanding role of urban structures as ‘fabric’ and draw architectural character prominently from urban design goals.

Real Estate / Development

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