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With roots extending back to a two-person partnership formed in 1898, Page is one of the most prolific and enduring architecture and engineering design practices. Page architects, engineers, interior designers, planners, strategic analysts and technical specialists provide services throughout the United States and abroad. Our diverse, international portfolio includes projects in the healthcare, academic, government and science and technology sectors, as well as civic, corporate and urban housing projects. The Page portfolio consists largely of complex projects that benefit from our integrated disciplines and that make a significant impact on the communities they serve. We are guided by the three core values of creativity, collaboration, and commitment, and through the force of these ideals, we live up to our promise of design that makes lives better.

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Page designers understand the urban lifestyle and have been designing award-winning multi-family residential and hospitality projects across the United States and globally for over a decade. The firm offers a comprehensive depth of services from initial project planning to the final details of the resident/guest experience and our range of capabilities is unique in both talent and breadth. New construction projects include luxury houses, high-rise residential, mid-rise mixed use/multi family, restaurants, resorts, and hotels. Â Page recognizes that concepts initiated in hospitality design have become influential across multiple market sectors and integrates these ideas and strategies to create compelling stories and user experiences across all components of our multi-family/mixed use projects. The role of the interior is an important contributor to the overall perception and success of lifestyle projects. Interior spaces set a tone and mood that can support the brand, image, amenities and enhance every interaction. We focus attention on the details and commitment to place specific design that makes every project unique and memorable.

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Our range of full-service capabilities is unique in both expertise and scope. The Page portfolio includes hotels, resorts, high-rise residential, mid-rise mixed use/multi family, restaurants, and luxury houses. At Page, we strive to influence how people experience their immediate environments through their personal spaces. We understand the psychological impact that intimate surroundings can create and seek to connect that sense with the community in which these spaces are enveloped. As a full service firm, we have worked with national brands, along with public and private investors in launching their projects. We partner with our clients, developing feasibility studies and documentation that illustrate the strengths of a project for permitting entities, historic review boards, and potential partners. Our projects have won numerous awards for urban design, architecture, interior design and sustainability.


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Public Spaces

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Entry The moment of arrival can be grand or intimate and should ideally combine a bit of both. Important in either instance is a lasting first impression. The entry should resonate and make a connection between the visitor and the space that lets them absorb, observe, and appreciate the environment around them.

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Meeting Today, we increasingly discuss the need for variety in the options clients have for conferencing. Ever-present are the options that technology affords for virtual interactions and telepresence. However, these are also often supported by both large and intimate in-person meeting spaces that have a sense of place.

Connections The spaces in-between here and there provide connections between people and places and can often provide some of the best surprises in a space. Through visual cues and thoughtful planning, these linkages can orient visitors with light, art, and architecture and connect them with the larger context of the interior environment.

Social Hospitality can be created on the scale of a bustling dining room or at the scale of an intimate conversation. The best projects find the right level for each of the interactions they want to foster and encourage. The best architecture and interiors set the stage and act as supporting characters for the activity within.

Meeting Today, we increasingly discuss the need for variety in the options clients have for conferencing. Ever-present are the options that technology affords for virtual interactions and telepresence. However, these are also often supported by both large and intimate in-person meeting spaces that have a sense of place.


Architecture / Engineering / Interiors / Planning / Consulting

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Gathering The best gathering spaces feel intimate and interesting. They greet us warmly as a gracious host and invite us to linger over food or cocktails. In a home the “hearth� may shift over the course of the day and activities. The entertaining and social spaces of a home should have ease and composition that resonates with the tone of the Owner.

Dwelling Spaces

Living Whether in a private home or a high-end hotel, the bedroom and connecting spaces are a haven. Care and attention is made to imbue them personality, and composure. The details are at an intimate scale and must be personal and conscientious.

Representative Projects

Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City Accra, Ghana Service Provided Architecture / Interiors Final Project Size 342,000 Square Feet Type of Construction New Construction

Located in the Gold Coast City Development in Accra, Ghana, the six-floor, five-star quality hotel has 269 guest rooms, including 22 luxury suites and two Presidential Suites. The building design was based on the Compound houses of Ghana and other western African countries that were traditionally used by kings and tribal chiefs. The organizing element of the hotel is the central courtyard with shaded seating areas, lawn, and a performance pavilion with stunning views of Gold Coast City and the Atlantic Ocean beyond. The lobby and ballroom are protected by a green roof and pool deck which create alternate locations to relax and unwind. The hotel, which opened in 2015, includes three restaurants, a lobby cafĂŠ with outdoor seating, a cocktail bar and retail space. The Resense Spa will offer 10 treatment rooms, a hair and beauty salon, health club, yoga studio, organic food bar, 25-metre outdoor pool, two racquetball courts and two tennis courts. A large ballroom and conference center have been designed to accommodate meetings and events of all sizes. The hotel, which was designed in association with Looney and Associates, will include onsite water treatment and a generator to provide three days of water and power to the hotel. Adjacent to the hotel, a 2-story, 200-space parking garage sits beneath three stories of high-end shopping mall and restaurants. The garage is located partially underground on a sloped site with views to the Atlantic Ocean. The garage integrates with the mall above both in structure and appearance, providing a welcoming entrance for shoppers.

Club Quarters Hotel (Texas State Hotel) Houston, Texas Service Provided Building Assessment / Master Planning / Architecture / Interiors / MEP Engineering Final Project Size 174,000 Square Feet Type of Construction Renovation Awards Preservation Texas - Historic Rehabilitation Award Greater Houston Preservation Alliance – Good Bricks Award

The historic Texas State Hotel is being transformed from a dilapidated downtown eyesore into a Club Quarters private hotel for business guests, with upper levels designated for apartments and with ground floor retail. Completed in 1929, the building features Spanish Plateresque terra cotta decoration at the base and cornice and sheer walls of brown tapestry brick. The 18-story facility includes a 15,000 square foot basement, 15,000 square foot ground floor, 5,000 square foot lower roofs, a 10,000 square foot upper roof and 10,000 square feet on each level 2-16. Hotel guest rooms are planned for levels 2-10. Apartments are planned for levels 11-16. The existing 1960’s style aluminum and glass storefront along Fannin Street and Rusk Avenue were removed and replaced with a new decorative wood and glass façade that meets the approval by the City of Houston Historical Committee.

70 Rainey Austin, Texas

Services Provided Architecture / Interior Design

Project Size 330,000 Square Feet 173 Units Type of Construction New Construction

Like the city that spawned it, 70 Rainey is a dynamic blend of sophisticated elegance and laid back informality and warmth. The crisp, finely detailed 34-story residential tower is sheathed predominantly in glass curtain wall, providing each of the 164 condos with panoramic views of the Colorado River, the Austin skyline and the Hill Country beyond while also reflecting the ever-changing light and color of the big Texas sky. Generous balconies punctuate and enliven each smooth, carefully crafted facade. As the refined residential floors of the tower merge with Rainey Street below the building revels in the quirky character of its iconic neighborhood. Upper floors provide for a variety of condo-units that range from studios to three bedrooms. The building culminates with two-story penthouses. The perfect view orientation of the upper levels, looking straight down the length of the river, twists back at the base to align with the historic street grid. This structural feat is accomplished through a stealth move that also maximizes parking in the building’s column grid. Materials like wood, concrete and oxidized steel add a tactile dimension at pedestrian levels where porches and terraces encourage direct interaction with the street. Rich gardens on the amenity levels invite that laidback lifestyle Austin is known for while also, along with suspended planters on the garage facades, linking the building directly the lush adjacent parkland. The building’s base responds to the dynamic street life with a variety of entries to amenity spaces including bars and restaurants that provide continuity for the culture of the street. The project is targeting LEED Silver and AEGB 3 star.

2902 / W Residence Austin, Texas Service Provided Interior Architecture / Design / Furnishings Final Project Size 3,208 Square Feet Type of Construction Finish out of condo unit in W residences (concrete high-rise)

A collaboration between Page and Furman + Keil Architects, 2902 at the W Residences is a love letter to Carlo Scarpa that overlooks Austin’s Lady Bird Lake. Muted tones, soft, smooth textures, and purposeful lines define the 3200-square foot residence. Inspired by the Italian architect’s interest in color and materiality as well as his fascination with vertical sections and edges, the team and their client sought to create a series of intimate spaces seamlessly flowing into one another as the layers are peeled away. Page Principal and Director of Interior Architecture Wendy Dunnam Tita and Furman + Keil Architects Principals Gary Furman and Philip Keil had collaborated with the client on his previous residence, and the team was accustomed to highly creative, interactive discussions. 2902 presented an opportunity to bring the feeling of a crafted, custom home into a downtown condominium setting. For the client, it had to be specific, unique and true to his design sensibilities¬¬ — warm yet spare. Butter, mushroom and salt are the basis of the color palette. Consistent, precise detailing and the generally understated tones rely on single materials used in several applications. Steel, patinated brass, plaster and rosewood finishes define screens, floating ceilings and elegant shelving. Every detail in the three-bedroom, three-bath residence is thoughtfully realized. “2902 purposely responds to the pancake of the high-rise,” notes Dunnam Tita. It is not an open plan, and the emphasis is on layers and reliefs rather than flat surfaces.

Screens denote intimate spaces, and are the basis for the layering throughout the residence. “We thought of the screens as ribbons pulling you into the residence, from the entry to the master bedroom,” says Keil. “They separate and connect 2902 spatially and visually.” Working within the confines of the concrete shell proved both a challenge and opportunity for Keil and Dunnam Tita. “It’s very different to come to a residential project with plumbing lines and windows in place,” says Keil whose firm is well known for its single-family residences. “The master bathroom didn’t come together until we came up with the raised plinth, which allowed us to both relocate fixtures and define the space.” Keil and Dunnam Tita integrated some of the owner’s existing polished chrome fixtures and recessed ceiling lighting, complementing them with additional dark steel and patina brass fixtures and introducing a Lindsey Adelman light for the dining room. “We decided to embrace and play with a variety of finishes,” notes Dunnam Tita, “and it worked. The materials all came together.” Collaboration continued throughout the design and construction process. Additional material choices include inspiration from the client including the Silverthorn travertine in the master bath and Vogue Bay glass tile in the powder room. The precision of the detailing and material tolerance required a knowledgeable, experienced contractor and team of dedicated craftsman. “Scott Smith of Pilgrim is trained as an architect,” says Keil. “His eye for detail was fundamental to the final execution.” Dunnam Tita adds: “We talk a lot about the role of craft in our projects. 2902 is successful because of the contributions by Sloan Houser, Chris Honea, and Jonathan Duke.” Quiet surfaces with layers on top and the silky plaster marked by steel edges are a twenty-first century conversation between Scarpa, Keil, Dunnam Tita, and their client.


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