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Redefining how people experience teaching and student life environments through their personal spaces.

Higher Education Laboratories

Colorado State University, Scott Engineering Building / Fort Collins, Colorado

Architectural excellence comes, not only from strength of form and visual character, but also from an authentic creative response to specific programs, contexts and sites.

Over the years, Page has been responsible for the design of over 300 successful Higher Education projects for over 85 colleges and universities. With the accelerated pace of today’s world brought about by the revolution we are experiencing in technology, we are seeing closer relationships between education and industry than ever before as we explore and discover new directions in an expanding global market. Page’s laboratory planners are located in Washington DC and provide tailored consulting services for planning and design of laboratories for STEM sciences, engineering, and allied health programs for colleges and universities nationwide and has served a distinguished list of research and teaching based clients with quality laboratory planning and design services since 1994. Projects range from large multi-science research and teaching facilities to focused small-scale renovations. Representative projects include the new Integrated Science Center at UMass Boston, complete core and shell renovations at the University of Connecticut Cell and Genome Sciences Building (winner of R&D Magazine’s 2011 Renovated Laboratory of the Year), and numerous small but complex laboratory renovations.

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Page’s proven programming and planning methodology, always tailored to specific client needs, is the foundation for successful design in both large and small projects, new construction and renovation. Our process typically builds off several highly interactive workshop sessions structured around the needs of the project. We are able to conduct this critical part of the facility design process efficiently and effectively, identifying relevant issues quickly and delivering thorough documentation early in the process.

Higher Education Laboratories

University of Texas at Arlington Engineering Research Building / Arlington, Texas

Gallaudet University, STM Laboratory Renovation / Washington, DC

“Our laboratory design team works hard to develop state-of-the-art science labs that meet the needs of our clients. We take a problem-solving approach to laboratory planning, integrating technically complex requirements with an aesthetic of elegance and a dedication to quality, flexibility and sustainability.� Chris Cowansage, RA, LEED AP

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Goodwin Hall / Blacksburg, Virginia

UTEP Health Sciences and Nursing Building / El Paso, Texas

University of Texas at Dallas Natural Science & Engineering Research Laboratory / Dallas, Texas

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With roots extending back to a two-person partnership formed in 1898, Page is one of the most prolific and enduring architecture and engineering design practices. Page architects, engineers, interior designers, planners, strategic analysts and technical specialists provide services throughout the United States and abroad. Our diverse, international portfolio includes projects in the healthcare, academic, government and science and technology sectors, as well as civic, corporate and urban housing projects. The Page portfolio consists largely of complex projects that benefit from our integrated disciplines and that make a significant impact on the communities they serve. We are guided by the three core values of creativity, collaboration, and commitment, and through the force of these ideals, we live up to our promise of design that makes lives better.

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Higher Education Laboratories  

Higher Education Laboratories  

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