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With With roots roots extending extending back back to to aa two-person two-person partnership partnership formed formed in in 1898, 1898, Page Page is is one one of of the the most most prolific prolific and and enduring enduring architecture architecture and and engineering engineering design design practices. practices. Page From offices architects, in Austin, Dallas, engineers, Denver, interior Dubai, designers, Houston, planners, Mexico strategic City, San analysts Francisco and and technical Washington specialists DC—as provide well asservices international throughout the affiliate United offices—over States and500 abroad. PageOur architects, diverse, engineers, international portfolio interior designers, includes projects planners, in strategic the healthcare, analysts academic, and technical government specialists provide and science services andthroughout technologythe sectors, Unitedas States well as civic, and incorporate over 50 countries. and urbanOur housing diverse, projects. international portfolio includes projects in the healthcare, academic, government The and Page science portfolio and technology consists largely sectors, of complex as well asprojects civic, that corporate benefitand from urban our integrated housing projects. disciplines and that make a significant impact on the communities they serve. We are guided The Page by portfolio the threeconsists core values largely of creativity, of complex collaboration, projects and commitment, that benefit from andour through integrated the force disciplines of theseand ideals, that we make live up to a significant our promise impact of design on the that communities makes livesthey better. serve. We are guided by the three core values of creativity, collaboration, and commitment, and through the force of these ideals, we live up to our promise of design that makes lives better. Visit our website at Visit our website at

We start with your vision. We design for the future.


Architecture / Engineering / Interiors / Planning / Consulting

Page Serves The Following Core Markets:

Academic Aviation Civic/Government Corporate/Commercial Healthcare Housing/Hospitality Science/Technology

Design is the crux of what we do. Throughout the generations, Page has promised, and delivered, design that makes lives better. We believe buildings are important for what they do and for the positive impact they make on individual lives. That’s why we have a solution-driven project focus that results in life-enhancing buildings and places. Our multidisciplinary services allow complete integration from conceptualization to engineering to interiors and more, resulting in an improved client experience and final product. We recognize that good talent can be applied to complex projects regardless of industry. And good talent becomes great when it gains experience in a variety of situations. We create crossover teams so that individuals can work on different projects and share their own expertise and insights with other team members. Our collective commitment to visionary design is reflected in our portfolio of successful, complex projects. Our work spans the globe, from more than 25 U.S. diplomatic campuses to mission critical facilities in the Middle East to five-star resorts in Africa and beyond. Since Page has multiple offices in the US and affiliates abroad, we have the capability to staff projects onsite as well as set up “follow the sun” workflows to increase efficiency. While Page is distinguished by our portfolio of successes, we also are distinguished by our full spectrum of architectural and engineering design services. This allows us to provide an integrated “total design” single team approach. Our clients benefit from the highest levels of interdisciplinary coordination, quality control and quick response demanded on today’s highly complex and technically sophisticated projects.

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LEED gold

This we believe. As agents for positive change, we are driven by the ideals we hold dear. In the delivery of our services, we are guided by three core values: Creativity

Think curiosity/innovation/ imagination/optimism/originality.


Think sharing/community/ camaraderie/civility/teamwork.


Think integrity/respect/giving/ discipline/rigor.


Architecture Page is known for their well-researched program-driven solutions aided by integrated multidisciplinary expertise and a strategic mindset. We bring global thinking and experience to bear on projects that build communities. Our portfolio reflects a commitment to visionary design, a record of innovation and fresh ideas and most importantly, demonstrated success with complex projects. We develop a uniquely created design for every project that reflects the building type, client, need and location. We take pride in knowing that a Page project is one of the best possible solutions to the needs of its multiple stakeholders from owner to operator to neighbor.

Engineering Our in-house engineering experts lead development of the latest industry design codes and standards. Page engineers contribute to progress in safety, wellness, sustainability, energy and carbon neutrality, and increase our impact by working across disciplines. We use a combination of custom tools and Building Information Technology solutions to visualize and communicate how occupants and operations interface with complex integrated building and process systems. Adoption of advances in renewable energy, microgrids, Internet of Things and high-performance systems demonstrate our commitment to socially responsible design. Our multidisciplinary mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and process engineering practice areas work collaboratively with design and construction partners to bring your concepts to reality.

Architecture / Engineering / Interiors / Planning / Consulting

Interiors Page believes that well-designed interiors can be a critical force. They help clients accomplish their mission, and improve the quality of people’s lives. Just like our interiors in our own offices, our clients’ interiors serve as positive, consistent visual reinforcements of their own cultural identity. By combining the skills of our interior designers with those of our architects, planners, engineers, and visualization specialists, we offer our clients a range and quality of single point responsibility found in few other places. Our interiors services range from programming, space-planning and officing studies to the selection of furnishings, finishes and artwork.

Planning / Urban Design We help our clients evolve, grow, and prosper because our process is informed by research, cutting-edge technology tools, and an appreciation for the unique culture of the people, organizations, and places we serve. Our interdisciplinary team of master planners, urban designers, architects, landscape architects, and programmers are dedicated to supporting the ongoing evolution of our urban areas, encouraging appropriate development and redevelopment suited to the particular conditions of each site we aim to transform. Through urban districts, institutional campuses, innovation districts, long range development plans, master plans, streetscapes and transit-oriented communities, our teams integrate the building blocks of community, sustainability, and resilience into innovative solutions.

Lab Planning / Design Page specializes in challenging projects for demanding clients throughout the globe. Laboratory facilities are among the most intricate and complex projects. The unique challenges posed by highly toxic petrochemical corrosion labs, sterile environments for pharmaceutical manufacturing, biohazard high-containment suites, precise environmental control of animal laboratories are commonplace obstacles overcome by our dedicated technical team of architects and engineers every day. Page has specialists equipped with a thorough understanding of the safety standards and scientific equipment requirements foundational to the success of all laboratories.

Branding & Graphics Our visual identity and experiential designers create brand identities and graphic designs that support how places and environments are experienced. The orchestration of 2-dimensional design work including typography, color, imagery, form, technology and, especially, content, forms this basis. Examples of this work include wayfinding systems, architectural graphics, signage, exhibit design, retail design, and themed or branded spaces. We operate at the intersection of communications and the built environment. We provide architectural and placemaking visioning, and create overall design vocabularies that help clients hone in on the possibilities, character and nature of a project.

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Programming To support clients before and beyond traditional professional services we have a dedicated strategies and analytics team that develop and employ a broad array of tools, techniques, and processes to help our clients make informed project decisions. Our in-house team brings expertise, energy and passion to clarifying client challenges and opportunities sometimes before the nature of or need for a facility or real estate project is confirmed. Our team members collaborate with Page and consultant specialists, designers, engineers, and clients to clarify goals, assemble information, and evaluate alternatives. Their understanding of business dynamics and organizational complexities allows them to efficiently and effectively facilitate productive discussions and target research. Custom data exploration and visualization differentiates our deliverables, not just to explain and summarize findings, but often also serving as interactive decision-making tools that help bring clients and their stakeholders into the evaluation process. We specialize in capturing and analyzing clients’ existing performance data to identify areas in which operational and spatial efficiency can be improved to save time, resources, space, and money while optimizing performance.

Building Sciences Page approaches sustainable design through the interdisciplinary lens of building sciences to create higher performing, healthier, more resilient buildings. As one of the first signatories of AIA 2030 Commitment, we are invested in leading the industry towards carbon-neutral buildings and advocating for resilient solutions to help our clients prepare for the future. We believe that intention requires rigor and through our data driven and integrative process, we collaborate early and often to ensure designs are informed by our building performance analysis. With experience across a wide range of environmental certification systems, our multidisciplinary team is well qualified to provide a holistic and comprehensive approach to sustainable design.

Commissioning Page recognizes the level of investment and importance of facilities that function as designed from the day they open. Our Commissioning service provides this assurance to owners and operators as well as minimizing costly construction rework. This is accomplished through a collaborative process that includes the building owner, design professionals and the general contractor under the guiding hand of the Commissioning Authority. Our Commissioning staff has developed a solid track record for Page as a Certified Commissioning Firm (CCF). The exacting standards of our teams of professional engineers, architects and field technicians in service of our clients support delivery of construction quality. Page also performs Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing (TAB) in accordance with AABC standards. We are an independent testing firm with absolutely no affiliation with manufacturers, factory representatives, vendors/providers, contractors or installers of HVAC-related equipment and systems.


Architecture / Engineering / Interiors / Planning / Consulting

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Workplace Design Spaces that care.


Corporate / Commercial Interiors

“[Our old office] was dated, it was wrong. We wanted to do this right and we have that now.” Mickey Ashmore, Chief Executive Officer, UCR

Workplace Design Many of us spend most of our daily lives indoors, and significant amounts of that time in the workplace environment. Well-designed interior spaces not only support and protect our health and well-being, but also positively influence our behavior. Workplace design reflects an organization’s culture and embodies its values. Good design communicates the company’s vision and identity while strengthening the brand and creating a sense of community and pride. More than a collection of private offices, today’s workplace environment is like a neighborhood - a vibrant community of individual and shared spaces that support focused work and spark creativity while promoting communication and productivity. The well-designed work environment engages colleagues across generations and enables collaborative innovation. At Page, we design with purpose to care for the individual and enhance the work experience by providing thermal comfort, effective illumination and comfortable furnishings. Through rich palettes of color, texture and materials, and by careful planning to optimize views, we connect people with nature. Through strategic planning and design we align the workplace with the client’s business goals and create an inspirational and healthy work environment. With over a century of architecture, interior design, engineering and consulting experience around the globe, Page is proud to present its award-winning portfolio of Design for the Workplace.

Page Southerland Page, Inc.



Corporate / Commercial Interiors FIRMSPACE / Denver, Colorado

Page Office / Houston, Texas

Graves Dougherty Hearon & Moody Law Offices / Austin, Texas

TEAM Industrial / Houston, Texas

Ottobock US Headquarters / Austin, Texas

New Process Steel / Houston, Texas

Arrival A firm handshake. A smart business suit – or is it jeans and sneakers? Casual confidence and youthful energy, or quiet strength and wisdom from experience? The design of a company’s arrival or reception space creates a lasting first impression. It embodies the company’s values and creates the image of the firm. It is the space where future employees or potential clients may have the most time to themselves to observe and absorb the environment around them.

Space Supports Brand Identity Company Culture Access & Security

Page Southerland Page, Inc.



Corporate / Commercial Interiors Gearbox Software / Frisco, Texas

Sceptre Hospitality Resources / Houston, Texas

FIRMSPACE / Denver, Colorado

TechSpace / Austin, Texas

AMLI on 2nd / Austin, Texas

UCR Corporate Relocation / Dallas, Texas

Community The modern workplace is more than the private office or individual workstation. Like an apartment in a bustling urban center, the workplace is akin to a neighborhood, and includes not only the space for the individual, but various gathering spaces for the community of office workers as a whole. People congregating at the coffee bar, the water cooler conversations, the monthly town hall meetings – all help to build and strengthen the social networks within an organization, opening up lines of communication and leading to a sense of belonging.

Space Supports Team Building Retreat & Recharge

Page Southerland Page, Inc.



Corporate / Commercial Interiors Confidential Investment Management Company / Austin, Texas

TechSpace / Austin, Texas

UT System Administration Building / Austin, Texas

FIRMSPACE / Houston, Texas

Wiss, Janney Elstner Office Building / Austin, Texas

Formal Collaboration Formal collaboration spaces are an integral component in workplace design. As private offices move towards either a smaller footprint or even an open area format, having the right size and quantity of formal meeting space is critical to creating a great workspace. Integrated technology and room flexibility are both key components to assuring maximum use with a multitude of functions.

Space Supports Technology Connectivity Cultural Identity Hospitality

Page Southerland Page, Inc.


LEED silver


Corporate / Commercial Interiors Page Office / Dallas, Texas

Wiss, Janney, Elstner Office / Austin, Texas

FIRMSPACE / Denver, Colorado

Abu Dhabi National Oil Corporation HQ / Abu Dhabi, UAE

Ottobock US Headquarters / Austin, Texas

Gearbox Software / Frisco, Texas

Informal Collaboration The advent of technology and social media has given birth to a spirit of universal collaboration. We live in a world that relies on collective problem-solving which speeds up innovation and productivity. Collaboration spaces encourage teams to work across silos. While individual spaces are shrinking in size, these are usually offset with neighborhood meeting zones. These teaming areas are located throughout the floors with access to advanced collaboration devices, conferencing and information-sharing technology.

Space Supports Mobile-centric Technology Personal Teleconferencing Spontaneity Multiple Settings

Page Southerland Page, Inc.



Corporate / Commercial Interiors Confidential Investment Management Company / Austin, Texas

811 Louisiana / Houston, Texas

ViaSat Campus / College Station, Texas

Generation Park / Houston, Texas

Graves Dougherty Hearon & Moody / Austin, Texas

Linkage The spaces in between here and there provide connections between people as well as places. Corridors become impromptu meeting rooms, a walk way with views to outside and ample daylight provides a break from work at the desk to take a personal cell phone call. Through visual cues and skillful planning, these spaces reinforce the visual identity of a company, while orienting users in the larger context of our interior environment and guiding our path.

Space Supports Chance Encounters Wayfinding Connectivity

Page Southerland Page, Inc.



Corporate / Commercial Interiors Wiss, Janney, Elstner Office / Austin, Texas

University of Texas System Administration Building / Austin, Texas

Abu Dhabi National Oil Corporation HQ / Abu Dhabi, UAE

Confidential Investment Management Company / Austin, Texas

ViaSat Campus / College Station, Texas

Sceptre Hospitality Resources / Houston, Texas

Work Spaces To optimize one’s performance, individuals need spaces that allow for focused work and uninterrupted thinking. The design of effective office spaces – enclosed or open – begins with appropriate programming of size, flow and layout and then takes into account ergonomics, technology, acoustics, privacy, storage, visual access to daylight, lighting and thermal comfort.

Space Supports Mobility Work Styles Ergonomics Growth & Flexibility Collaboration

Page Southerland Page, Inc.



Corporate / Commercial Interiors FIRMSPACE / Houston, Texas

ViaSat Campus / College Station, Texas

University of Texas System Administration Building / Austin, Texas

TechSpace / Austin, Texas

Ottobock US Headquarters / Austin, Texas

Amenities From grabbing a cup of coffee to a private area for nursing mothers, amenities are taking center stage in workplace design. A well designed coffee bar with a mix of informal seating areas and tables can easily crossover to collaboration space or a touchdown area for visitors and clients. Meditation rooms can help employees with information overload and provide the space for big ideas to percolate. Keeping employees healthy, happy and actively engaged without having to leave the office not only improves production but the bottom dollar as well.

University of Texas System Administration Building / Austin, Texas

Space Supports Community Building Alternative Work Settings Healthy Lifestyle Hospitality

Page Southerland Page, Inc.


Page Office / Houston, Texas 26

Corporate / Commercial Interiors

Confidential Corporate Campus Childcare Center / Houston, Texas

Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences / Houston, Texas

RagingWire Data Center / Garland, Texas

Vistaprint / Melbourne, Australia

Support Spaces Although sometimes referred to as off-stage or back-of-house areas, Support Spaces typically contain the brain and the pulse of the company. These are functional areas like Work/Copy Rooms, File Storage, Server and MDF Rooms and Supply Storage, all of which have specific infrastructure requirements pertaining to HVAC, power, information technology, security, acoustics and furnishings. Careful attention to the quantity and location of these spaces promotes efficiency and increase worker productivity.

Space Supports Efficient Work Flow Storage Equipment Integration Acoustics

Page Southerland Page, Inc.


Page Interior Design Services Programming and Strategic Planning Page offers clients an interactive planning process that develops a clear understanding of project facts, goals, vision, concepts including key project constraints and opportunities. The process builds consensus among stakeholders and ensures that a client’s unique project is clearly created instead of a pre-existing product of familiar solution. Workplace Consulting Page integrates research, best practices, strategic collaboration, and design to assist clients in creating healthy, productive, efficient and inspiring work environments. Services may include analysis of existing space and workflow with facilitated work sessions, prototyping and change management strategies. Space Planning & Test Fits Page space planning organizes interior spatial areas, defines circulation patterns, and develops plans and layouts for furniture and equipment placement. It also maximizes project priorities to create initial layouts that assist clients in evaluating potential buildings and understanding how spaces can meet project goals. Design Page is passionate about the firm’s ability to use design as a tool to make lives better. Designers and architects use space planning, interior architecture, materials, and finishes, lighting and acoustic design, furniture and decorative elements to create functional and inspiring interior environments. Interior Architecture One of the most exciting advantages that Page has to offer is the depth of resources available to create a fully integrated design approach. Page combines the elements of design that are immediately experienced along side structural elements that support them. Page designs interiors from the bones out. Art Consulting Page designers collaborate with art consultants to develop art programs that are curated and inspired by an individual project. Award winning designers combine original art, reproductions and installation services to integrate a client’s existing collection or develop a new program. Environmental Graphics Page designers combine, graphic design, architecture, industrial design and landscape architecture to address way finding and communicate information. Inspired designs integrate with branding to convey identity, and shaping a sense of place.


Corporate / Commercial Interiors

“We appreciate the incredible creativity Page Interiors Group brings to the table and their ability to collaborate with our property team to meet our owner’s objectives.” Mark Janssen, Senior Property Manager, Hines

Furniture Services Page believes that furniture is an important component of the total design solution. Designers specialize in evaluation of “existing furniture for reuse”, evaluation of new standards and components along side finishes and other soft goods selections. Services include comprehensive planning, specification, purchasing coordination, implementation and installation review. Page has also developed rich relationships with artisans and craftsmen and collaborates regularly on unique custom designed furniture commissions. Asset Management Management of assets includes building data entry, tracking assets, space planning for prospective tenants, maintaining master CAD drawings and updating space and organization data. Page enables the real estate groups to streamline operations and increase productivity by maintaining current data and industry standards with a service oriented approach. LEED Consulting Page has a team of green building professionals that have guided projects through multiple LEED rating systems as well as through Green Globes, BREEAM and Estidama worldwide. In addition, we have in-house engineering teams that can provide independent Commissioning of building systems. The principles of sustainable design are inherent in our design process regardless of the requirements for LEED certification.

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Top 30 Interior Design Giants in 2018.

Corporate / Commercial Interiors

“All of us at Team are very proud of the corporate headquarters. The space is very appealing and functional. We constantly receive compliments on the design and aesthetics resulting from the excellent work of the Page design team. It was a pleasure working with Page on this and other projects.�


Gary Jackson, Purchasing Manager, National Accounts, Team Industrial Services

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