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Page/Branding & Graphics Page/Branding & Graphics is the branding and experience design consulting group of Page. We create strong and authentic brand experiences. We capture and articulate our clients’ vision, and deliver effective and elegant solutions. And we believe that design has the power to make lives better.

Design that makes lives better Page is a multi-disciplinary design firm with offices across the U.S., Mexico City, and in the Middle East. Our work consists largely of complex projects that benefit from our integrated disciplines and that make a significant impact on the communities they serve. Page/Branding & Graphics is the Austin-based branding and experience design consulting group within Page. Our energetic studio is made up of professionals with expertise in branding, graphic design, experiential graphic design, communications, industrial design, technology, and organization development. As problem solvers, we begin with strategy and discovery and extend a brand promise, to print, digital, and built environments.

An Integrated Practice Our studio works in two-dimensional graphics as well as in the built environment, with a diverse range of project types across many sizes and sectors. Our clients include those in the worlds of housing and hospitality, higher education, cultural and civic institutions, non-profit organizations and corporate and commercial markets. One of our strengths is the ability to draw on a wide range of capabilities and experience to provide the best and most appropriate solution for every client. Our specialties include: Branding and Identity Development Signage, Wayfinding and Experiential Graphics Messaging and Communications Strategy Print Collateral and Communications Design Website and Digital Design Project Visioning and Strategic Positioning


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Selected work We capture and articulate our clients’ vision, and deliver effective and elegant solutions that communicate a compelling story.

Page Southerland Page, Inc.


The Ruby Hotel Round Rock, Texas

The Ruby Hotel is an independent, boutique hotel in Round Rock, and just minutes from one of the nation’s most vibrant tech corridors. Located along the pacifying Brushy Creek and adorned with 100-year old live oak trees, The Ruby Hotel offers a private and relaxed setting that feels like an oasis from the city’s hustle and bustle. The Branding & Graphics team developed the story of Ruby, which was inspired by a worn letter found on the project’s site, addressed to ‘Dearest Ruby’. Inspired by a changing world and challenged by a generation defined by tradition, Ruby left home as so many others have done — eager to start a life of her own. Ruby sparked her share of conversations as she collected her friends, her memories, and well, … her collection. The music of Etta James, Sam Cooke, and Chet Baker provided the sound track to the gatherings she curated around the tables she set. In this dabbled spot along Brushy Creek, the delight of mingled surroundings is evidence of a life well lived. A cozy place Ruby called home... In creating this story, we established a palette that informs the sounds, flavors, visual graphics and environmental graphics at the hotel. This voice and story influenced nearly all aspects of the project. The Branding & Graphics team also collaborated with the Page interiors and architecture teams – the result being a unique and authentic experience that resonates with everything including interior finishes, art and accessories; print and promotional materials; and property signage and environmental graphics.

Services Provided Brand Identity / Project Visioning and Storytelling / Print Collateral and Swag Design / Signage, Wayfinding and Graphics / Website Design

San Antonio Botanical Garden San Antonio, Texas

The San Antonio Botanical Garden’s acquisition of an adjacent 9-acre site provided the opportunity to expand the breadth of the Garden and redefine the entry experience. Ten Eyck Landscape Architects led the design of a new entry sequence and a variety of themed gardens, drawing inspiration from the both the region and the Garden itself. Upholding a mission of accessibility, environmental stewardship, public outreach and education, new plazas and gardens are designed to complement existing gardens, showcase the eco-regions of Texas, and engage the site’s history as a former quarry and waterworks. Our team complemented the enhanced environment with the development of wayfinding and donor signage that is generally quiet, yet with selected exuberant flourishes that capture the color and life of this beautiful respite within a dynamic city.

Services Provided Donor Recognition / Signage, Wayfinding and Experiential Graphics

KUT and KUTX Public Radio Austin, Texas

Our team was engaged to develop new brand identities for Austin Public radio stations KUT and KUTX. The two stations share a home in the studio headquarters, but each have their unique content, voice and personality. KUT is Austin’s NPR Station, while KUTX is a full-time music station. The design charge was to develop new identities for each of the stations that accurately portray the missions, attributes and voices. KUTX catalogs and curates the music that matters to its listeners and is a platform for content and experiences. The KUTX voice and attitude takes on a unique and special tone that those who tune in regularly instantly recognize. We wanted to craft an identity that reflected the voice that so many in Austin revere and know so well. KUTX rightly prides itself on being a platform for music that is ‘made here’, ‘played here’, and has stood the test of time.

Services Provided Brand Identity / Communications and Campaign Development / Print Collateral and Swag Design

People’s Community Clinic Austin, Texas

For over 50 years the mission of People’s Community Clinic has been to “improve the health of medically under-served and uninsured Central Texans by providing high quality, affordable healthcare with dignity and respect.” People’s began as a free clinic in a church basement, and has grown to provide care to thousands of patients. When the non-profit organization began raising funds for and build a new 59,000-square-foot clinic to accommodate its growing services, they engaged the Page/Branding & Graphics team to develop a new brand identity which would support their mission and help them tell their story. The refreshed visual identity system has been applied to several design components, including informational and promotional print pieces, specialty items, and website. In addition to developing the visual identity, we created a messaging device whereby the word “community” could be switched out with a message, in either English or Spanish. This device offers an almost endless array of opportunities for simple, direct, mission-enforcing messaging. The design team also designed a signage and wayfinding system, donor recognition pieces and specialty graphics for the new clinic, all of which help reinforce the organization’s brand, while enhancing the visitor and user’s experience. Our team collaborated closely with Studio8, the project architect, during the design phase for the experiential graphics for the new clinic.

Services Provided Brand Identity / Print Design / Communications Strategy / Donor Recognition / Signage, Wayfinding and Graphics

Dell Medical School Austin, Texas

The University of Texas at Austin is the first tier-one public university in the United States to build a new medical school in almost 50 years. The vision of the Dell Medical School is to develop new approaches for teaching, patient care, and research – all with the greater goal to transform medical education and healthcare delivery. With the intent to capture this ambitious spirit, we were charged with developing an identity for the new school that communicates innovation and energy, and that could support efforts to recruit faculty and students and develop groundbreaking curricula and partnerships. Looking at everything with fresh eyes and a new start is at the heart of the school’s mission and led to the creation of the “Rethink Everything” identity and campaign. The campaign became an effective tool for promoting the school and its greater vision of transforming healthcare. Community leaders embraced the campaign and its slogan as a way of talking about the medical school and its impact on the community and well-being of Austin.

Services Provided Brand Identity / Communications Strategy and Campaign Development / District Wayfinding / Donor Recogntion / Interior Signage and Specialty Storytelling Graphics

As a new medical school that anchors a growing health district, Dell Med wanted to make sure it would be easy for the students, visiting faculty, physicians and others to arrive and get to their destinations easily. Our team designed a comprehensive signage and wayfinding program for the new district, as well as specialty graphics and interior storytelling elements for the Health Learning Building. The wayfinding program included the design and development of a custom wayfinding micro-site that utilizes MapWell technology. Leslie Wolke and Page/Branding & Graphics collaborated on this aspect of the project.

The interior environmental graphics program designed for the Health Learning Building utilizes a range of methods and applications to tell a story in the environment. Elements sprinkled throughout the space are intended to speak to the values of the new medical school, inspire curiosity and invite discovery. Many of the graphics are placed in unexpected places, and at times are small but meaningful moments. The mix of scale, materials, and impact all work together to create an organic and interesting graphics program.

Platform Austin, Texas

The east side of Austin has become one of the foremost centers of creative lifestyles, culinary experiences, design, art, and all that’s new and exciting in the city. Page/Branding & Graphics was engaged by Greystar to provide brand creation and associated creative services for a new multi-family project in the area. We provided a full-range of services, which allowed us to develop and implement a brand story across a variety of touchpoints and media. The brand identity we developed utilizes an eclectic mix of visual elements, giving it a kind of idiosyncratic nature which helps distinguish the project from the vast Austin rental market. The brand character manifests in unique ways across the many touchpoints, including the larger environment, down to the printed leasing materials. The name Platform leverages the project’s location next to a light rail stop, while also alluding to this being a place from which one can easily experience the whole dynamic city.

Services Provided Naming / Brand Identity / Print Collateral and Marketing Design / Signage, Wayfinding and Experiential Graphics / Temporary Leasing Space Design

Cite: The Architecture and Design Review of Houston Houston, Texas 100 Issues: Urban Design Then & Now. Three decades after co-founding CITE Magazine, published by the Rice (University) Design Alliance, Page Creative Director Herman Dyal was asked to guest edit and design the 100th issue. The theme for the issue was to capture Houston, a city half the size of Rhode Island, in the “present tense” through a single photo essay. Locations were selected at random – quite literally, by throwing darts at a map. The cataloged spots across Houston document the city at its rawest and most honest– showing the ugly, beautiful, bustling, deserted, interesting, banal, dilapidated and shiny-new. Right before the issue went to press, Hurricane Harvey devastated the city and altered the landscape, so a prominent “As we sent this to press” notation acknowledged the effect, creating an instant historical document. The photo essay show Houston just as it was in early 2017, pre-Harvey.

Services Provided Publication Design / Creative Direction

The University of Texas Austin, Texas

The University of Texas at Austin is a tier-one research university and the flagship institution of the University of Texas System. Our team was retained by the University to develop a comprehensive academic brand identity that could be employed throughout academic colleges and central administration units of the University. Our team designed a new family of signatures that gives the University flexibility based on need. The structured system accommodates the institutional hierarchy while also allowing for both formal and less formal branded uses. The primary mark is an extraction of the University’s seal, which was an appropriate gesture given the history, traditions and aspirations of the University. The shield’s elements each have significance to the university: the Texas Lone Star is at the center, surrounded by simplified oak and olive branches signifying, respectively, strength and peace. The number of leaves represents the 18 colleges of the University. The rhythm of the abstracted words on the Book of Knowledge provide a hidden reference to the key phrase in the University alma mater song: “The eyes of Texas are upon you, all the live long day.”

Services Provided Brand Identity / Identity Guidelines

The University of Pennsylvania School of Design Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania’s School of Design updated its official name in 2019 in conjunction with an unprecedented donation from Stuart Weitzman. The school updated its name to honor Mr. Weitzman, and engaged the Branding & Graphics team to develop a brand identity and related print and digital assets for the school. Our team has also worked with The Ian L. McHarg Center at The University of Pennsylvania School of Design. The Center aims to find ways to manage climate changes’ effects. Their mission includes bringing “environmental and social scientists together with planners, designers, policy-makers, and communities to develop practical, innovative ways of improving the quality of life in the places most vulnerable to the effects of climate change”. We have worked on many projects with the Center, first developing the new Center’s brand identity, and then extending that into multiple elements including printed pieces and a website. We have also designed Exhibit identities and associated branded printed, digital and environmental touchpoints.

Services Provided Brand Identity / Print and Collateral Design / Signage and Experiential Graphics / Website Design

Hemisfair San Antonio, Texas

UT Athletics Austin, Texas

San Antonio Museum of Art San Antonio, Texas

The Ivy & The James Houston, Texas

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