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8 Specialities in BMW cars

BMW comes with many specialities which usually people don't know about. BMW 3 series 2019 is a good example for this saying. Those are top 8 unique qualities of BMW cars.

Everyone out there will be seen and heard talking about BMW, the second biggest luxury auto-brand in the whole universe, and how good it is to use and drive but rare people know the real and solid impact making reasons why BMW has become so important to every auto showroom to be comprehensive and complete. As we talked earlier in a blog that BMW is the most favourite auto-brand among the young generation and obviously newly fallen lover don’t think reasonably and critically. They just hear every friend talking about BMW and consider it their soul-mate. But here are the top 8 Specialities and uniqueness that only BMW has I think.

1. Sporty drive 1/5

While talking about in a blog ‘BMW vs Mercedes-Benz’, I wrote that BMW even every BMW runs like a sports car even if it’s not a sports car nor it is modified. Nevertheless, all the BMW cars provide sporty taste and features while being driven. Read More: BMW 340i xDrive Gran Turismo 2019 | Specification, Price & Review Many random drivers over social media forms along with real life have been noted by Page Of Pro talking briefly and widely about this impressive quality of BMW and moreover, BMW is the only company in the world which has popularity like this, even not Mercedes has.

2. More features on dashboard. If we compare BMW with other automobiles in the market like Audi and MercedesBenz then it becomes quite clear that BMW comes with many, in fact more buttons and features to deal with installed on their dashboard and this thing can be annoying for most of the elder gentlemen but as young generation is surrounded by technology and they are technically sharp and this uniqueness is appreciated by them widely. You might have heard from the news that we’ve more youth than elders in the world. Just bonus information for those who didn’t know.

3. Sport plus luxury Yes BMW is a sporty family as we’ve read it just before a paragraph but it is luxury as well along with its family feature. For instance, BMW 3 series 2019 has this level especially BMW 330i sedan 2019 and BMW 330i xDrive sedan 2019. They have a wonderful range of systems regarding sporting but along with luxury feel and environment like the signal door lights inside the car. Read More: Difference between BMW Gran Coupe and BMW Gran Turismo cars No doubt BMW seems a little bit behind the Mercedes-Benz in luxurious name if we compare 2 cars from the both side having same price range almost but the thing to be noted is that Mercedes is the only car for Passengers or owners, not for drivers while on the other hand, BMW provides both side equal joy and fun.


4. Expensive tires If you’re feeling the feel of the road while drive with remarkable speed and the BMW is going very smooth and silky. Not only it's making the perfect level of sound but also providing you with the huge amount of approved grip and that’s why every BMW car seems like sporty while driving. What’s the major part in these features, guess… Well, this is all about good tires and their good material and tech. BMW always uses perfect and expensive tires as it never makes average, it manufactures perfect. The line will be appropriate for this German company ‘Buy extraordinary products or don’t buy at all’. Like Honda and Toyota, BMW doesn’t come with just average goods or in other words, It doesn’t care about budget-friendly lines or a normal economical standard person, the thing BMW just care about is perfection, level, high-quality experience and drive. That’s why BMW cars are way expensive than the Japanese cars like Honda and Toyota but whatever, everyone accepts the quality BMW gives and the BMW cars deserve the high price. Coming back on the topic, all the tires like run-flat, cold weather, BMW performance and others are more expensive than normally available tires in the market, that doesn’t mean that other company's tires are useless, we’re just talking about BMW qualities so every line will be limited to it. See BMW tires here.

5. Newer technology BMW tries always to comes with newer technology as soon as possible and sometimes this habit makes some issues also because the technology is quite new and needed some time to become more reliable but these incidents are too rare. Read More: What do i, M and xDrive mean in BMW cars A rich character which comes in BMW is also backed up by the newest technology and features. People are getting newly discovered Iceland in BMW on the first hand, before other companies so why wouldn’t they but BMW? 3/5

6. Quick turning A car is going on an enough speed to be called faster than normal occasions but when you try to escape from a quick accident and move the steering quickly then the car doesn’t seem as responsive as it should be, what will you think about that super expensive and luxury car? A good car not only needs to be full of the new system and look and luxuries but also a sharp and clever chassis to be ready to fulfil a sudden order from the driver, now I hope you got the point I tried by the example. After Quick turning, now it comes about stability, what is to do with such a quick turning which is not stable as the stability in normal road driving. Without stability in critical situations seems like grandparents who can do every home task and walk well but what happens when your house is just to fall in a river and you tell them to run out site promptly? They will not so stable and comfortable doing this job but of course they will have done it at the end of the day. Now get my point? BMW is always stable in difficult turns and cuts as like if it’s going on a highway straight.

7. Handling. Looks like the same as the previous point but is different. Handling can’t only be checked in accidental situations but also while driving inner, full of rush and crowded city when you have to move your steering a lot or when you’re driving fast while making fun with your 3 friends sitting with you and the car showing if it’s going itself no one sitting inside it nor have any weight inside. Handling is another factor to build up a good name of BMW in the markets. Read More: Japanese Automobile Destroyed BMW in IIHS test

8. High valued cars. BMW is rumoured to be one of the automobile makers who made only high valued cars. I’ve witnessed an old man in his 60s who drove his BMW for 10 years and that car still runs like if it just have been bought from a showroom. Means it never loses its 4/5

performance even after being driven for so long. Usual cars are either high performers or high valued but this company accumulate both of them.

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8 Specialities in BMW cars  

BMW comes with many specialities which usually people don't know about. BMW 3 series 2019 is a good example for this saying. Those are top 8...

8 Specialities in BMW cars  

BMW comes with many specialities which usually people don't know about. BMW 3 series 2019 is a good example for this saying. Those are top 8...

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