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MA FASHION Postgraduate courses MA Fashion and Lifestyle Promotion MA Fashion Shaping MA Fashion Design MA Fashion Design & Lifestyle Promotion Studies MBA Fashion Brand Management

MA FASHION The MA courses within the Fashion Programme are designed to provide an exciting and educationally challenging post graduate experience. They offer a balanced mix of theoretical and practical outputs and the emphasis is on individualism and self-directed learning, facilitated by an extremely experienced staff team and visiting speakers from a broad spectrum of the fashion and lifestyle industries. Students are encouraged to push the boundaries of accepted fashion practice, and the work on display represents the practical outputs from the Fashion Design and Promotion courses.

LAURA BOOTH MA - FASHION & LIFESTYLE PROMOTION Focus throughout the MA has been on developing a portfolio to aid self-promotion. This has involved industrial projects and the extension of knowledge on trend and new technologies. To ensure the best chance following graduation this MA will focus on setting up a freelance creative consultancy, by expanding experience and establishing a brand style. Each of these benefitted from experimentation with digital technology to ensure the final results were innovative, accessible and as environmentally friendly as possible. Umbro: iPad Research and Development – This project involved extensive trend research alongside UCLan and Ravensborne undergrads, with key trends filtered onto a secure blog. As Editor-in-Chief, I selected the best articles and edited, to form the base of an iPad magazine. This allowed for the development of a wide range of publishing skills, most importantly how to develop a magazine for tablet devices.

Once complete the magazine was used internally by Umbro aid their design development. Loulu: Market and Trend Research – Acting as a member of the International Fashion Institute (The IFI) team, this project focused on ensuring Loulu had a solid base to enter the UK market. This required the creation of a market report, a global trade fair appraisal and trend development conducted alongside trend specialist Elena Gifford, who then collated a trend package. Cultural Youth Offer: Vision Document – Project managing a team of creative consultants towards creating a promotional vision document to generate additional funding for Lancashire Libraries Cultural Youth Offer projects. By working with talented graphic designers the result is a creative, youthful document suitable for use within local and national Council Services’ and to send to external agencies (i.e. the Arts Council) either digitally or in print.


JESSICA BRIGGS MA - FASHION & LIFESTYLE STUDIES The video games industry and the future of digital gaming experiences is changing at an increasingly rapid pace. Influenced by the use of pioneering ‘Kinect’ technology as well as its use for the personal computer, this interest began when a friend (and games design graduate) highlighted some YouTube videos from independent games developers, who have explored XBOX 360 Kinect technology and its compatibility with the PC. It is truly amazing that computers can be completely controlled using the wave of a hand and a flick of a finger. This inspiration lead to looking into Natural User Interface technology and its potential to improve our lives. Specific interest was on how this could be utilised to create an educational ‘Kinect for PC’ game and how it could be incorporated into the national curriculum. Investigation began on how children are being taught and how education was going to develop,

learning that gaming is going to become a prominent tool in developing knowledge in our lives. Research was directed in understanding how Microsoft operates as a big player in the industry and its strengths and weaknesses compared to rival Apple. The outcome of the module is a comprehensive marketing report, backed up by a primary research study. This paved the way to an understanding of the role of children of users of a product and the role of parents as purchasers. This was important as I needed to grasp truly effective marketing solutions. Theoretical links have been made in terms of needs and involvement theory. As games become more and more important in our lives, we are becoming more attached and involved in the buyer decision making process, placing higher values on digital and virtual products.

ELKIE MATHEWS MA - FASHION DESIGN ‘2nd : Re.’ The proposal played with the idea of Hollywood films of the 1940’s becoming the only reference to past glamour, initially leading to a collection of spliced garments echoing various costumes from a multitude of film. As this idea gathered momentum it was thought, what if the reference source wasn’t just film but the finding of an artefact from that period, a hypothetical Costume Designer’s travel trunk that would in turn be used to influence new design, a fantasy body of work providing new life and a second chance of importance to something once forgotten. The concept behind the collection of clothing is based on exclusivity, luxury and unique finds whilst challenging the perception of recycled garments in an era that demands increasing importance on sustainability. This could be achieved in varying ways, by

taking an old garment, unpicking the seams and re-sewing it in a differing configuration. Drafting a dress pattern from a period piece and either reconstructing the garment in a modern fabric, or adapt the pattern in ways which alter the appearance, and the scouring and re-use of an old fabric in a new design. ‘Re working’ was a term I found myself repeating time and again. From this, and the idea of providing a second chance for something that was once great, I developed the umbrella label name of ‘2nd : Re.’, with key tag words of: re address, re configure, re construct, recycle re decorate, re design, re made, re peat, replenish, re sewn, restored, re uphold; all embracing the differing aspects of the marketing concept.

SARAH MORTON MA - FASHION & LIFESTYLE PROMOTION Craft Click Craft Click, is a unique and innovative concept that is not only the first of its kind, but challenges the ‘one-size-fits-all’ ethos, often applied within modern society, and takes a fresh approach to creating a community that reaches out to other communities. The concept was born from the identification of a gap in the market for a product or concept that fused craft with 21st century technology, in line with current trends, but also had substance and an appreciation of the importance of building a strong community. Craft Click is a concept that gives children with Autism the opportunity to learn how to make craft projects, using pioneering e-Learning technology. Initially introduced in the classroom, the resource will also be available to access at home; by

parents, friends, family and members of the wider community, allowing anyone who wants to get involved the opportunity to do so. Completed projects will be sent to a child in a developing country – giving the child with Autism, who has completed the project, the chance to provide charity, something often overlooked when not-for-profit organisations carry out fundraising initiatives. Additionally, the project addresses the lack of donations currently being received by not-for-profit organisations. Encouraging donations of time, in place of money – this concept is predicted to begin to emerge during 2011 and one that not-for-profits are being advised to adopt should they wish to endure the economic recession.






KRITHIKA NATARAJAN MA - FASHION DESIGN This is an alluring collection of three evening wear dresses being designed with light and lightings as inspiration. This Couture flavoured collection has been created with Light being interpreted as illusion, exposure, surprise, vision, colours, wealth, joy, energy. The collection is aimed at a customer who adores feminity, believes that she is unusual, accepts change, prefers personalisation and makes a ‘stand and look at me’ statement. With Light being the starting point that lead into this collection, each individual dress within the collection has its very own heart and soul. The yellow dress draws focus on the dress made to hang from a beautifully shaped metal band that forms the neckline of the dress. It is born out of the way crystals are hung from a metal strip in chandeliers. The shorter dress in the collection takes its root from the elegance of spiral cascade lighting, from trends such as sheer, minimalism and controlled drape. The collar in the last dress of the collection was fashioned after being drawn in by a picture featured in an AW

11/12 trend report from the event ‘Manila Fame’. The colours red, green and blue in the collar portray the primary colours which make the ingredient of every colour visible under light. The skirt part of the same dress was made being stimulated by the future trends such as parachute, roomy and translucency. The concept that light entering a surface is not the same as that which comes out, has led to the use of translucent fabrics in this collection. This emphasises an ‘element of surprise’ when objects are viewed through this fabric.

JULY PAN MA - FASHION DESIGN “Iconic British Images”. The start point for this project was ‘typical British things’, such as Big Ben, the English breakfast, the afternoon tea, the Queen and the Union Jack…anything British, and using them as the main elements in garment designs. This project aims to create some iconic British images for foreigners and travellers. In the designs, the iconic images are mixed in different ways to create image patterns, and then printed onto the actual fabric for the garments. These elements can be easily identified as ‘British image’. The purpose for this design project is to design a collection for people from different cultures, aimed mainly at foreigners and tourists.

SARAH PICKLES MA - FASHION & LIFESTYLE PROMOTION The Master of Arts course has allowed further exploration of the production area of the fashion industry, through a series of case studies. The photo shoot production case study drew on inspiration from surrealism and several surrealist artists. The still life editorial shoot included personal interpretations of surrealism, combined with artists’ and trend influences, calling upon production and styling skills. Production of the shoot required in depth personal research, idea generation, crafting and sourcing. The fashion show production case study entailed producing a fashion show on behalf of the University of Central Lancashire for the Maritime Festival, Whitehaven. The show was to promote UCLAN’s Cumbria and Preston campuses. There was a constant need for attention to logistics, costs and timelines, as the event bore many facets. Careful thought was given in the sourcing

of individual show garments, in selecting suitable models and in the organising of key preparation staff.


ALPHA PONNU JOSE MA - FASHION DESIGN Vogue Coalescence: Syncretising Science and Fashion A qualification of a bachelors Degree in Fashion Technology including a year’s experience in the garment industry has helped to further the pursuit of a passion for Indian traditions and clothing trends, which has developed into the creation of contemporary fashion with a unique idea of saving the environment with eco-friendly fabrics. Much has been learned about traditional Indian medicinal fabrics called Ayurvastra and the resulting thought came about of relating Science with Fashion. Ayurvastra is “A concept to make eco friendly organic textiles using traditional dyeing methods from ayurvedic herbs and plants.” ( ‘Ayur’ means life and ‘Vastra’ means cloth, and is made of 100% natural fabric. It is an innovative product which can prevent various

skin allergies and diseases. It is an effective product using ayurvedic treatment and an eco-friendly alternative to chemical dyes. Ayurvastra is the only fabric which has healing properties infused in it using medicinal dyes. Unlike other products, these medicinal fabrics are the only products to be more effective solutions to environmental issues. Ayurvastra will prove to be a great milestone in the near future for humankind. As a result of my research, I have designed 3 casual dresses using Ayurvastra fabrics for aiding diabetes, wellbeing and slimming. Pleats, pin-tucks and gathers are given as design features.


LOUISE SMITH MA - FASHION & LIFESTYLE PROMOTION Future City 2050 Sustainability is at the soul of this project. This has meant proposing an underwater city which is intelligent in design and doesn’t compromise future generations. Should climate change make this mode of living a necessity, whole sections of the global population return to the nomadic, community style of early man? The Future City 2050 Hydroscraper is a futuristic, self- sufficient floating city that harvests renewable energy using wind, wave, kinetic energy and solar power. It also produces its own fresh water and food through vertical farming agriculture. The benefits of a hydropolis (water metropolis) are that communities can ‘set sail’ as weather conditions, climate change and desires dictate. Their possessions are streamlined, their clothing

is designed for minimum resistance and their jobs, schooling and social connections are all portable. The facade of the Hyrdoscraper was inspired by architect Vincent Callebaut. Individual Hydroscraper’s can connect on the surface via the waterlily structure. This allows each pod to share resources, collaborate, network and float as one unit. Once they have completed their ‘mission’ each Hydroscraper can fragment, enabling them to cascade as individuals. Future City 2050 has been divided into three different scenarios. Each title represents an alternative way of living in the hydropolis. Scenario 1: The Good life, Scenario 2: Minority Report Scenario 3: 1984


HARINIE SHANMUGHAM MA - FASHION DESIGN Design UR Own Inspired by the ‘Grow Your Own’ movement, the creation of the ‘Design UR Own’ was created from a love of experimentation with designing garment patterns from scratch, in flat form, which are then transferred into these flat pattern ‘kits’. Close attention to current trends influenced the garments’ colours, silhouettes and fabrics choice. The research behind the idea was based on the industry’s successful methods used in producing sustainable clothing and in combatting exploitation within fashion fabric manufacture. The ‘Design UR Own’ concept came from a strong personal interest in natural dyes and of study surrounding certain apparel brands’ approach to global green issues.

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