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Introduction This is a compilation of some of my second year work at uni. I chose these particular briefs as they represented my skills the best. This portfolio consists of industry led briefs, including one for JD sports, Umbro and the last one a rebranding project for international companies in India. I would love to get into Fashion features writing, but because we didnt have as many projects to show my skills in the specific area, i chose the ones who show my Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Iluustrator and Adobe InDesign skills.

Contents 1.FM022- Umbro project 2.Brief- Umbro project 3.FM2026-Online Development & practice 4.Brief- JD sports 5.JD sports brief contd. 6. JD sports brief contd. 7. JD sports brief contd. 8. JD sports brief contd. 9.

Umbro Project The Umbro Brief The neck label is red in color too, to match the jacket sleeves.

The text (Umbro) is placed on the left breast of the jacket


The Umbro logo has been placed on the right breast of the jacket

The waistband of the jacket is made out of the same material as the cuffs, and the same color is used to match the cuffs.



Umbro The text is placed at the back of the jacket, the font used is depicting ‘Vintage’ , which was chosen as the theme for the designs.

Two lines going down from the shoulder to the cuff add a sporty feel to the jacket.

The Cuff of the jacket is stretch, nylon, heavyweight ribbing cuff. It is the same color as the sleeve.


The pockets are placed on the front of the jacket. They are internal pockets and are red in color, to make them pop out more on red.

The graphic of the eiffel towar was used right behind the umbro logo as i thought that it depicted vintage theme well and this ininspiration was taken from the boards.

Isha Tikku

We had to examine trend information relating to Autumn/Winter 2012 through focused research from a variety of sources, and carefully select one theme, which appeals to us from the three presented. 1. Classic 2. Modern 3. Future Develop the theme by researching surface texture or pattern, trims/details, graphics, photography and finally colour palettes. These may emerge from existing AW2012 trend themes. I chose classic because i have always like Vintage and Retro as themes and wanted to explore more into these.

JD Project

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Online marketing is growing and evolving faster than any form of promotion at the moment with brands and companies using the internet to get their latest product or message out en masse. With the ‘instant’ age upon us and people picking and choosing what type of adverts they are exposed to with minimal effort, an online marketing campaign can fulfill what traditional print exposure is sometimes lacking. For organisations it increases their customer value and the building of sustainable capabilities, next to the increased profits as well as recognition on a global scale. With the use of Twitter and Facebook, and pop-up websites as well as exclusive online content, the online campaign is an extremely important tool in today’s marketing and promotion industries. Brief 1: You are required to select from the following lifestyle or sport-clothing brand. •JD sports •Size •Missgided •Bank Analyses their existing image, brand and communication tone. You must develop an online marketing campaign for your brand. Think about covering as many aspects as possible for their website. • • •

Social media platforms & E-mail campaigns are the main fronts of online marketing strategy Also look and think about less obvious exclusive online content social network gaming, FourSquare, Smart codes etc. Research print based media that encourage new signups methods to online media Areas that will need to be production are the following:

1. 2. 3. 4.

A social media platform A e-mail (e-shot) campaign 1 Other online marketing tools consider something less obvious – network gaming, FourSquare, QR codes, Augmented reality etc… 1 Print based promotion to that can drive customers who may not be aware of an online presence to discover the brand online (postcards, stickers, ads etc…)

JD Project

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JD Project


JD Project


India Brief Final Logo Board

Whirlpool Colored

Whirlpool Black and White

Whirlpool FM2022


I chose this font because its simple, but gives a slight twist to the ‘W’ to make it look appropriate for the brand. I chose the Oval outline for the logo as thats how the original one looks like and i think its suitable for the logo. The whirlpool behind the logo depicts the brand.

This is how the logo will look like on black and white background. This can be used on letterheads etc. I have kept the same whirlpool graphic behind the text, just in black and white. This is how the logo will look like online on the website. I chose the maroon color as the background for the logo as the research shows the use of that color in most of the popular electronic companies.

India has been acknowledged by many business pundits throughout the world as one of four countries who are likely to make a significant impact on the economic profile of the world,they are commonly referred to as the BRIC countries: Brazil, Russia ,India and China. Significantly most of the leading brands of the world have their products manufactured in India and more recently many of the international `blue-chip` companies have established large Research & Development centres in the country and yet India itself has very few International Brands In addition the retail industry is growing at an alarming pace reflecting the greater spending power of the burgeoning middle class. The Indian Govt has also established a new National Design Policy to promote a `Designed in India`...`Made for the world` strategy which inevitably will mean greater activity in establishing Indian Brands which are acceptable Internationally and will cultivate brand allegiance worldwide. Brief: Select two brands from the five listed and apply a re-design to the companies. A full logo and symbol is required for one of the BRIC’s (Brazil, Russia, India, China). Consider the customer profile for the brand and you must communicate the tone of the brand. Moving forward, the client would like the brand product not only to appeal to the current customer, but also to appeal to a younger customer profile to increase sales and profit reflecting higher price and quality.

India Brief Shopper’s Stop

Colored Shopper’s Stop

Black and White Shopper’s Stop

Online FM2022

Final Logo Board I chose this Font as its plain but bold and will attract the target audience. The Stop sign in the background is used to depict ‘stop’ in the name of the brand. The outline is rectangle as in the original logo, this was used as the research directed me. This is how the logo will look like black and white, which can be used to letterheads etc.The font is the same, so is the outline of the logo. Instead of the red color on the stop sign, its white. This is how the logo will look like online on the website. I just changed the stop logo behind the text to a red shopping bag so that it doesnt lose the meaning but depicts ‘shopping’.

Digital CV

The May 2011

Fashion Writer

Looking for the right person for the job? I’m ‘write’ here!! Content writer, fashion and beauty features, styling, editor, layout designing

Looking for your next Fashion Features Writer? Shes just a phonecall away!

Outstanding communication skills work well in a team or indivisually! Great writing skills Interest in fashion

B.A. (Hons) from University of Central Lancashire Over 2 years of experience in fashion writing , coordination and styling

Contact me ASAP! 29 Fishergate Hill PR1 8DN Isha Tikku 07794346909

Isha Tikku  

Isha Tikku - Portfolio

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