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working as a sales assitant, my roles included serving customers at the till, replenishing stock, various merchandising activities, dealing one on one with customers, offering styling and shopping advice etc. During my time at Topshop I furthered my experience in dealing with people in various situations and practicing excellent customer service skills. I gained knowledge and skills in the workings of a retail company such as Topshop; dealing with daily/weekly turnovers, stock loses and also how to work against a strict schedule and meet targets.

Chloe Louise Proud 07.04.1991 07584196772 123a New Penkridge Road Cannock, Staffordshire WS11 1HN

Student Fashion Ambassador

is a position I have gained working for The Fashion Network Future Generation Series! My duties include promoting The Fashion Network and their events through word of mouth, social media, PR and marketing and attending events. I feel this is an exciting and amazing opportunity to help me get my foot in the door of the industry, whilst being involved in events created specifically to help fashion students and graduates carve a successful career in the industry.

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I am currently a second year student at the University of Central Lancashire, based in Preston and studying Fashion and Brand Promotion. For the first two years I also combined with marketing.


ultimate dedication, professionalism

styling and organising photo shoots, creating promotional material, working within a team under high pressure situations, developing advertising campaigns through print, web, social media etc... whilst allowing me to develop an understanding of marketing


and promotion in terms of targeting consumer markets, consumer profiles, publication targeting etc.

During my first year I also completed a PR elective, allowing me to develop an understanding of the PR teams responsibilities within a company, and learn how to construct an effective press release. Working in the retail sector since I left school for such a large, helped me develop a complex successful company as knowledge of working within retail and also skills in working directly with the public. As a checkout operative my communication and people skills grew, dealing with the public on a daily basis in a variety Through my course I have developed the knowledge, understanding and skills of using a variety of editing and design of challenging situations. During my time with Tesco I helped out in a variety of roles gaining valuable merchandising and stock handling based programmes such as; experience on the shop floor.

Photoshop Illustrator Indesign

roles and share workloads for the best results. However I am similarly capable of working on my own initiative, I complete to my very best ability any task that I am given. As a student I am able to organise and manage my time effectively to ensure I attend to my studies, work and extracurricular activities equally.

Fashion blogging is taking over the industry and I have been given the opportunity to write for . My articles mainly As I wish to build a future career within the industry I will include highstreet style, trends and product reviews. A very exciting undoubtedly approach any opportunity you could offer me with chance for me to develop my skills in blog writing and put my work out there for people to read. and put my all into completing any task given to me whole heartedly to the highest standard possible. I have also worked, and continue to do so part time for a company called UK Automotive Products as an administrative assistant. My role at the company includes general office duties, answering incoming calls and taking orders, helping me develop a comfortable and professional phone manner. I also confidentally use a variety of office software to raise delivery notes, invoices and statements. I have found this job extremely useful for me to gain experience working within an administrative, office environment.

Over my two years of study I have developed a vast range of skills required for working within the fashion industry & gained extensive experience in many areas from...


I am conscientious, hard working and reliable. I work very well within a team either small or large as I get on with a wide variety of people and am able to delegate


I undertook a gap year before Univeristy in which I chose to work within the retail, fashion sector to gain some hands on experience within the industry. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at


A Level results: ICT B English Literature C Media Studies C General Studies B

GCSE results: Textiles A* English Language A English Literature A Religious Education A Drama A Maths B Science BB History B Physical Theory B ICT C

After recently completing the styling and design of a campaign for Debenhams for their own Red Herring brand, Spring/Summer 2012 collection, background research showed how the advertising and promotion of the brand via the media was almost non-existent. Red Herring are a fast fashion focused brand with a price point making them key competitors for stores such as NewLook and H&M. Their recent Spring/Summer collection follows the key trends of the season, containing many statement pieces at reasonable prices. However many shoppers of their intended target market of 18-25 year olds, have little awareness about the brand and some of the amazing waredorbe essentials it has to offer. The images used are from an original Debenhams campaign created by a team I was a part of, my main role being styling. As the stylist I chose the key pieces we would use to follow our bright, bold, summery, 50’s inspired theme for the shoot. I styled six outfits each for the male and female

models, aiming to create on trend, appropriate looks for the Red Herring target consumer. The aim of the shoot was create fun, summer styles shot in a natural, fun manner so the Red Herring customer could picture themselves wearing the clothes in the same situations as the ‘characters’ of the campaign.

Summer Lovin’

was the trend story for the Red Herring campaign. With a retro, 50’s inspired look being a key trend for the Spring/Summer 2012 season, we created a Sandy and Danny ‘Summer Lovin’ story and theme to create a fun, interesting and social campaign that would appeal to and resonate with the intending Red Herring consumer.

A More! reader is a young woman, in her 20’s, keen catwalk looks at highstreet prices! to explore the world of fashion, beauty, men, I developed a double page article spread for More! relationships and becoming independent. The showing how to achieve the Summer’s popular 50’s trend fashion featured in more magazine is current, on with the Red Herring collection. I wrote the article in the trend and at an accessible price point, making it the casual, chatty style popular of the magazine and perfect place for a Red Herring advert. created a double page layout using a variety of fonts, colours and sizes to highlight key text, make the page The Red Herring advert I created is a simple appeal to the reader and flatter the images used. I style, the bright, appealing image dominates the included key information important to the reader such double page spread. The brand logo and website as price of Red Herring need get themselves out there in the details are shown on the advertisement, the price items, where fashion media world which of one of the key items shown in the picture is also they can highlighted. I have maintained the similar, simple buy them their target customers are and entice heavily influenced by. This style of advertisements run throughout More! them to has inspired me to create a magazine so it fits in appropriately with the double page advertisement publication. The highlighting of the price is shown purchase products by in many of the adverts as price is a key selling and double page article offering them factor for the More! reader. spread for Red Herring in a discount magazine. code to use More! Fashion features are a favourite of the reader giving them brilliant advice on how to create when ordering.

The heart icon will take you to the popular page where you can view the images which have received the most likes in the day, even if you are not following them. Introducing you to new members you may not have followed before. Clicking the speech bubble icon will take you to the Wah news feed which keeps you up to date with all the latest wah events, offers, new salon designs, trends etc, all the information from the blog directly to your phone app. Any posts can be shared and commented on through other social networking arenas such as Facebook and Twitter. Wah Nails are currently the hottest nail art brand around. What started in a small salon in London is now becoming a growing phenomenon worldwide, with a cult celebrity following. Not all fans are able to get to a Wah salon or concession situated in major cities across the UK, and so do it yourself YouTube tutorials showing how you can create the popular salon styles for yourself are becoming a major hit. Wah Nails are a current, on a trend brand, with social media playing a major role in increasing the hype, awareness and popularity of the brand. The Wah nails website is created around the popular Tumblr style blog, with Facebook and Twitter accounts, everything the brand does can be followed by fans which they can also comment on, like and share on their own social networks, creating a real relationship with the brand and its online community of fans.

The app is a revolutionary social network based around the popular elements of photo sharing, photo manipulation (allowing you to add cool, edit effects to your pictures straight from your phone!), showing your life in photos to your friends/followers, just like any other social network community.

The simple, social, Instagram design makes perfect inspiration for a Wah Nails Phone App. The This Wah Nails app will create an amazing basic appearance with be very similar to the new online community of Wah fans. Who Instagram layout adopting the pink, black and white can communicate, share designs, tips and colour scheme related to the Wah Nails branding.

The main feedpage will appear when you open the app or can be reached by clicking the white camera icon across the bottom menu. When clicking the camera icon whilst on the main feedpage you will be presented with the page which allows you to upload An app for Wah Nails would be the next logical step your own images. The main feedpage shows nails to create an easy, efficient, community for Wah fans images uploaded by your follows, starting with the to find everything they want to know about the recent most recent and you can comment or like the images activities of the brand in one place. I decided to design at any time. an app for Wah Nails based around the design of the massively popular, app and social network Clicking the white nail varnish bottle will take you to the paint your own page. This page will show step by step tutorials uploaded by Wah nail artists or other fans showing how to create popular designs. There is a link to a YouTube video tutorial of the design and Instagram is the hit phone app which allows you to the Models Own webpage where nail products can be share your life in photos with friends in a fast, purchased. beautiful and fun way!


Finally, your profile page can be reached by clicking the silhouette icon in the bottom right hand corner. Your page will appear with your profile picture in the top left hand corner, next to your profile name, number of pictures uploaded, followers and following. Your pictures you have uploaded will appear on the page showing the most recent first. By clicking on the following or followers buttons on your profile page you can reach other member’s full profiles by clicking on their names.

follow Wah’s every step, all straight from their phone!


The is a revolutionary new service I have designed provided by luxury hair brand Ghd. Ghd pod’s would be found in major train stations and airports in the UK’s biggest and busiest cities, providing a one stop, mini salon, with pay as you go use of Ghd stylers and products on hand to touch up your hair on your journey. The pod’s small team of highly trained, hair stylists would be on hand to offer styling and product advice or give you a mini salon experience before, after or during your journey. There is nothing similar to the Ghd pod out there allowing a perfect gap in the market for it to fill. Targeting a range of customers from fashion and image conscious students on route to university or college, to professional, successful women commuting to work, a business lunch or important meeting, the Ghd pod will be there with its

top qulaity, professional products

to allow you to perfect your hair on the go!

The Ghd pod price range has something to suit everyone’s needs or budget. With a range of travel sized Ghd products available for you to purchase for your journey to keep your hair looking amazing, or even the chance to buy the brand new styler for your home collection, the pod really is a convenient one stop shop for anything Ghd.

Each year Ghd works closely with the Breast Cancer Breakthrough producing a unique, limited edition pink styler range, and makes a donation to Breakthrough from the proceeds on each sale. Ghd also motivates its huge stockists to support Breakthrough during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. During October salons nationwide host a variety of fundraising activities, including pink days, fancy dress days, sponsored walks and waxes, raffles, competitions and much more.

Staff would be required to wear limited edition promotional tshirts for Breast Cancer Awareness month. The tshirts which I have designed continue the pink and white colour scheme reflective of the Breakthrough charity and the design of the pod. Pink pods will have all Breakthrough charity merchandise such as pins and ribbons available on sale for customers to purchase during their visit.

For Breast Cancer Awareness month the limited edition pink pod I have designed would take over Ghd pods nationwide. The pink pod design would take the place of the original Ghd Pod for the whole month to further help Ghd raise as much money and awareness for the Breakthrough charity as possible.

Find out more about the Ghd Breakthrough Campaign at

Help End The Fear at a Ghd Pod Near You...

The pink pod would be as it says in the name... Pink! the colour scheme recognised for the Since 2004 the aspirational hair care brand Following Breast Cancer Breakthrough charity the bold, bright has done much more than provide luxury, salon design would immediately catch peoples eye, products. Ghd has been actively involved in raising pink with the large Breast Cancer Breakthrough over £5million to help Breast Cancer on the side. The interior of the Breakthrough’s pioneering logo pod would continue the pink, white work! and black colour scheme and be reflective of the design of the limited edition pink styler for the year! Proceeds from every pay as you go use of straightners and each mini salon experience purchased by customers would go straight to the charity. The Pink Pod would also replace current Ghd stylers available for use in the pod with the limited edition pink styler, which customers would also be able to purchase from the pod with proceeds going directly to the charity as usual.

The Ghd Pink Pod is an amazing opportunity to reach millions more people with their brilliant charity work for Breakthrough. Situated in busy, bustling train stations and airports the eye-catching pink pod cannot be missed, allowing a massive public platform for Ghd to raise even more awareness and funds for Breast Cancer Breakthrough than their fabulous work has done to date.

Chloe Louise Proud Creative CV & Portfolio  
Chloe Louise Proud Creative CV & Portfolio  

Fashion, promotion, styling, magazine, marketing, retail, media, PR, advertising, creative, enthusiastic, hardworking