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Nothing Mini Here

A look into Matt Richardson’s magnificent Metro 1300 with twin su carbs. This car is truely an inspiration to all Minis out there.


wning a car for such a long time can work two ways, you can either get sick and tired of it, or you can fall deeper and deeper in love with it as the days go on; to the point where you realize that the chances of ever getting rid of it are extremely slim. Matt Richardson has owned his old-school Mini from the young age of 11 where him and his father decided that it would be a good idea to make a project car, and what a great way to start…

After looking through a magazine one day and finding the car for sale was one of Matt’s luckiest moments, and after a two hour drive to collect it he knew that he and his father made a good choice. And so the project began. To begin with Matt was more interested in having a nice, simple and clean Mini but after seeing what people were pulling off in the stance scene he just couldn’t resist, and from that day onwards the Mini just got better and better.

Slam Stats: Metro 1300 with twin su carbs along with a mini speed manifold to a de-cat stainless steel exhaust system K.A.D quick shift A.P calipers followed by mini sport fins on rear drums finished in ford velvet purple Force racing split rims

Painted vw silver along with decals and flag on roof Custom one off leather interior supplied and fitted by btrims along with original badges and walnut dash board. Along with Bentley sheep skin floor mats I.C.E that of a 10 inch alpine sub along with 3 amps and 4 6x9s with tweeters Suspension is mini sport hi los and adjustable gaz shocks

After asking Matt how his car has inspired him his response was somewhat emotional and incredibly true, and for all the Mini enthusiasts out there, you’ll probably agree too. “It’s one of them things you can’t describe until you’ve owned one. There’s just something

about them. You spend all your money and time on them and you have sleepless nights and hours of blood sweat and tears but it’s worth it when it’s all finished and you drive past that shop window and see your reflection and you’re like…f**k yeah…”


A test for the final magazine