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Bring in some mad cap creatives… Add some coffee-chugging planners, over the top fabricators, strict project managers, night owl writers and technology buffs…Add in the magic secret sauce of creativity, innovation, uniqueness and a common set of beliefs. This is Page 99. A company that strongly believes in the power of great imaginative thinking and thoughts in any form and thrives in a work environment that does what is necessary to achieve that.


Right now 4,598 people are discussing Salik. 111 people are arguing about traffic on UAE roads. 258 people are having French fried. And someone out there is talking about your brand. In a world of instantaneous communication, where a whisper soon becomes a shout you cannot afford to miss it out. Talk about a challenge. And we have the nerves to come up with work that speaks louder than words… well literally!


In a jam-packed market, making an emotional connect and keeping your hands on the pulse of the audience that move your brand places. We believe in crafting emotional connections at every point of contact with your company-whether they’re consumers, business partners, employees or investors.


PAGE99 CREATIVE STUDIO A brand is the outcome of a tactical choice. To distinguish the company from its competitors, the attributes that make it distinctive must be emphasized. We begin by listening. We want to know your insights and perceptions of your company. Then we ask questions – lots of them. We learn the primary thoughts and ideas that you hold about your company. Then we add relatable information, like audience profiles, market environment and competitor mapping. Only then do we begin the creative process. We love big visual thoughts. We also love evolved and well-thought of brands that work well across all media. Along with these we document all design decisions in a guideline document that helps with consistent brand image across marketing initiatives and channels. We take logo design seriously. It is not for the faint hearted. It takes effort and passion. It requires sincere contribution from everyone involved. They must work in all media, without modifications as disparity weakens the brand. The common denominator is always our unqualified reverence for THE BRAND and our branding process.

Branding & brand Destinations Integrated Campaigns and Platforms BIG IDEA Concept Platforms Product Design & Development


PAGE99 MEDIA PRODUCTIONS We know that brand awareness plays a very important role on every successful brand. Without brand awareness and brand recognition the brand will cease to exist. On the other hand we have all seen successful marketing campaigns that have resulted in products being household names. In a world where communications is being revolutionized, you need advertising specialists who understand media. Making such smart decisions is at the heart of media planning, to select the best possible communication channels to reach your specific audience at the lowest cost. Media buying and placement is no longer a simple task in a world of thousands of channels, websites, online video outlets, social networks, and mobile apps. Our media buyers combine familiarity of how media performs with hard-hitting rate negotiations to help you get flawless campaign implementation, savings, and enhanced outcome. We partner with internal marketing teams or other external agencies, and center exclusively on planning and implementing advertising through media such as TV, radio, print, digital, social and mobile for improved performance. We also have an evolved Media Research & Analysis Team that analyses, measures and reports campaign results for constant media optimization.


PAGE99 EXHIBITIONS & EVENTS We realize that the journey towards a successful exhibition, conference or event is hardly ever easy, often demanding and usually taxing. Our team of account managers, creative designers, organizers and project managers are there to support you and your team from the initial design and development phase to the organization, build-up and final on-site delivery and beyond. We plan, research and evaluate every aspect of an event to deliver a comprehensive live marketing experience, so that every opportunity has been explored to put your brand message to the audience and leave a lasting impression. No matter how big or small the event. At our heart lies project managing and controlling all that is required to make an event successful. We have developed a range specific event/tradeshow based services focused purely on this industry and meeting any type of event requirement. We set no boundaries – neither on scale or geography. Large or small, UAE or beyond; the discipline, inspired philosophy and organizational skills are the same. We are easy to deal with, flexible, composed and helpful in a crisis, and passionate about what we can achieve for you.


PAGE99 INDOOR & OUTDOOR We understand the dynamics of creating impressive and result oriented communication programs. With our focused approach, comprehensive strategy and an in depth understanding of the industry, we harness the power of modern communication media to positively influence consumer behavior. We offer a broad range of media solutions from outdoor posters sites and billboards through to digital screens and floor graphic posters. Our philosophy is to provide exclusive, tailormade and cost effective advertising solutions that serve and compliment our clients’ present and future business needs by incorporating premier artwork designs and superb structures to help you garner maximum benefits. We work with our clients across our expanding portfolio to provide the most economical and eye-catching advertising campaigns at our exclusive and high impact locations. Our reputation is based on the development and implementation of bold design identities and dealing with our client’s specific needs in whichever market place it operates. We are known for our ability to understand completely the business objectives of our client and translate those goals into successful, targeted designs, which are delivered on time, and within budget. We based out of UAE and can accommodate any enquiry from the individual sign through to large scale brand awareness and promotional campaigns.


PAGE99 PRINT & PUBLICATION The way we live, connect and do business has transformed in the past few years. Your business communications approach has improved. Your emphasis on sustainability has altered. You want more out of your print materials. And you should. Welcome to page99 Print and Publication. We have built our standing on focusing on high demand work for corporates and graphic design firms. From there, we have grown to be a valued print source to our entire community. Our mission is to produce superior print work, error-free, as your valued partner, and in a sustainable manner ! Our Focus is… • Quality results, first and foremost. • Skilled employees focusing on creativity • Automation in all facets for saving time Our Methodology is… • Detailed and all-inclusive, examining every piece of your project • Based on knowledge and experience gained over years across industries Our Facility is… • Equipped with the latest technology • Expert in color management, print to gray balance, creating curves specifically for your job and other such age old as well as latest tricks of the trade • We are aware of basics as well advanced nuances of the job such as cross-gutter lineups, equal borders, smooth folds, and ink markings and can handle any kind of print and publishing jobs that include trimming, folding, gate-folding, stitching, die-cutting, gluing, drilling and shrink wrapping etc.

Postcards, single sheet flyers, tripanel folders, brochures from 4 to 80 pages, presentation folders, die-cut mailers, annual reports Quantities from 1,000 to 200,000 depending on your specific requirements


PAGE99 SOCIAL MEDIA Our world is always changing. When you think you’ve got the latest version, it’s time for an upgrade. You share a link, and it’s already old news. You’re tagging, while everyone else is pinning. It’s no wonder brands feel beleaguered. We are a leader in social media marketing that drives assessable results. Our unique data, social insights and pertinent content enhance amplification across social platforms and all devices. Driven by our people and technological acumen, our turnkey solutions help bridge the digital to physical gap. We deliver pioneering experiences that drive sales for your brand. Our turnkey solutions allow brands to achieve local marketing at scale, driving impact beginning with conversation and engagement. Using integrated & automated platforms and apps, content from digital data feeds are changed into ads and delivered to a targeted audience, driving a social messaging for our clients. We’re always watching and keeping a tab on consumer behavior, gaining insights into how people interact with and perceive a brand, as well as its competition. These insights help us identify the currency that is going to spark consumers’ interest and compel them to not only listen to what you have to say, but to carry your message forward.


PAGE99 WEB MEDIA We know that brand awareness plays a very important role on every successful brand. Without brand awareness and brand recognition the brand will cease to exist. On the other hand we have all seen successful marketing campaigns that have resulted in products being household names. In a world where communications is being revolutionized, you need advertising specialists who understand media. Making such smart decisions is at the heart of media planning, to select the best possible communication channels to reach your specific audience at the lowest cost.


PAGE99 CORPORATE GIFTS Whether it is as a thank-you or an appreciative token, a gift goes a long way. And when you imprint it with your corporate logo, it goes even further. Imagine making your customers, employees, vendors or distributors feel an affinity and appreciation towards your companyyour brand. When properly selected and distributed, gifts should serve as an investment and not an expense. The return on investment may be in the form of increased loyalty, improved performance, additional business and better goodwill. Explore the different types of gift options available. Apparel always carries a high perceived value, adds a personal touch, has a long life, and with your corporate logo, it is a constant reminder of your company to the recipient and others. Desk and business accessories tend to have high usage rates, high visibility and a long life. Such items include portfolios, clocks, pen holders, coaster sets and business card holders. Food gifts are extremely versatile and can be given to a wide selection of people. There are many different themes for food gifts, which can be packaged in baskets, containers, crystal or wooden boxes.

Page99 Advertising L.L.C P.O.Box: 37736, 3rd Floor, 033 - GIBCA Tower Khalifa Street, Abu Dhabi, U  nited Arab Emirates T: +971 2 626 1799 F  : +971 2 626 3799

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