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Everyday Enchantments: the EXTRA in the ORDINARY

19th Annual St Louis Pagan Picnic Tower Grove Park • June 11-12,2011

.... the Extra in the Ordinary

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Welcome to the 19th Annual

St Louis Pagan Picnic Everyday Enchantments; the Extra in the Ordinary is our focus as we celebrate the St Louis Pagan Picnic’s 19th year! We are very excited as we move toward two decades of celebrating spiritual diversity. We have workshops and rituals geared toward those little things we do to add a little magick into our daily lives. A full schedule can be found at the Information Booth and in the center section of this program book Don’t forget to stop by the Pagan Picnic Raffle Booth this weekend. Areas businesses and our vendors are generous every year and you could be taking home something new, something shiny or something just plain incredible. If you brought the next generation of Pagan Picnic volunteers with you, stop by the newly revamped Kids Corner where each child will make something special to take home. Kids Corner will be open from 1-3pm both days. At this time, I’d like to personally extend my heartfelt thanks to all the Volunteers that make the Pagan Picnic a success. This includes not only our many volunteers who spend hours answering questions, helping vendors or picking up the garbage, but also the Committee Members who work months organizing and planning the event. I’d also like to thank our many Special Guests including Artists, Authors, Workshop Presenters, and Ritual Coordinators who donate their time and efforts to enlighten, educate and entertain. The Pagan Picnic is a Free Event and in order to keep it that way, we must keep our costs low. Without all of you, it wouldn’t be the Pagan Picnic. Thanks for your continued support, Gyndee Powers Committee Chair St Louis Pagan Picnic

The St Louis Pagan Picnic has partnered with

St Louis Earth Day ( to reduce the amount of waste sent to area landfills. Please be mindful of placing recyclables in the appropriate receptacle. Thank you Cover Artwork provided by...

Rocky Andreotti

Rocky Adamo Andreotti is a talented artist and illustrator working under Andreotti Illustrations for the last 15 years. Within the last 4 years, he has expanded his horizons to include Adamo Photography. When he is not Illustrating or taking pictures, Rocky can be found playing drums and/or doing comedy. To contact Rocky, please send him an e-mail to

Table of Contents Letter to the Community ........................Inside Front Cover The Picnic Pleases ........................................................... 2 Kids Corner....................................................................... 2 Charitable Organizations We Support .............................. 3 Rituals............................................................................... 4 Poem: The Altar of Sapphires.......................................... 5 Special Events .................................................................. 6 Article: Animal Totems in Everyday Life............................ 7 Poem: A Brief Ode to the Mother-land ............................. 8 Art: Fae ............................................................................ 9 Workshops...................................................................... 10 Full Schedule of Events .................................................. 16 Special Guests ............................................................... 21 Bardic Circle Schedule ................................................... 25 Bardic Circle Performers ................................................ 26 Poem: Talismans of the Prime Mover ............................ 27 2011 Picnic Vendors ....................................................... 29 Thank you to our Volunteers.................. Inside Back Cover Looking to the Future! : 2012............................Back Cover

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The Picnic Pleases..... Please review the following guidelines below. These are not rules, but general guidelines so that every visitor has a quality experience. • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Please place trash, recyclables and cigarette butts in their proper receptacles. Please come to the Information Booth for assistance and to ask questions. Please have an alcohol and drug-free weekend. Please respect the personal space of others, especially in the workshops, rituals and other activities. Please no tradition bashing. Please respect the Christians who attend the Picnic. Please play safely. Please be aware of, care for and protect our children. Please remember the Earth is our Mother. Lets leave Tower Grove Park in better condition than when we arrived. Please be aware of the official Picnic Photographers. Please direct any media to the Information Booth. Please remember to drop off your food or pet donation at the Information Booth. Please know the opinions expressed at the Pagan Picnic are not necessarily those of the Picnic Planning Committee.


KIDS CORNER Saturday and Sunday from 1pm until 3pm bring the younger generation to the Kids Corner for craft sessions. The children will be making Pirate Hats, Crowns, Rockets and Wands.

Kids Corner is located behind the Information Booth! Just up the path toward Magnolia Avenue Page 2

Everyday Enchantments: .....

Give... Each year the St Louis Pagan Picnic accepts donations for charities as part of our Giving Back to the Community Drive. This year we will be accepting non-perishable food and personal items for others in need... including our fine furry friends.

Please join us in donating an item to our collectiion bins located at the Information Booth. Operation Food Search is a St. Louis food bank that distributes food free of charge helping to feed the poor and hungry. Operation Food Search distributes more than 1.5 million pounds of perishable and non-perishable food and household items to 265 food pantries and soup kitchens who offer emergency hungerrelief to nearly 120,000 poor people every single month. Nearly half the recipients are children. Clowder House Foundation, Inc. was founded in 1994 by Diane Hurwitz. Clowder House Foundation, Inc., a no-kill, minimum-cage facility, provides lifetime care for your cat or cats when you are no longer able to do so. We offer a tranquil setting with plenty of cat toys, furniture and sunny windows for your cat’s enjoyment. Music, human love and companionship will be a part of your cat’s everyday life. The Wildlife Rescue Center is a grassroots, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization which receives no public or tax support and relies exclusively upon private donations and volunteer assistance. The Center, located in Ballwin, Missouri, cares for approximately 2,000 animals in-house annually and fields an estimated 9,500 telephone calls each year assisting with and educating the public about living with their wildlife neighbors.

.... the Extra in the Ordinary

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RITUALS 19th Annual St Louis Pagan Picnic Opening Ritual Satuday 11:00am Entering the Enchanted Land - “Come one, come all and join members of Luna Espiral Coven in opening ritual as we pass into the “Land of Enchantment,” to create blessings, harmony and fun for the entire Picnic weekend. Come join us as we play with the fae, open up our inner-child to the magical world that is around us every day.”

The Living Tarot Saturday 1:00pm Meet the icons of the major arcana and learn the wisdom that they have in store for you. The fool leads you on your path and each card has something important to share. This is an interactive experience for people of all ages. Presented by Tricia Overcamp from Tricia’s Treasure Chest

A Welsh Traditionalist Celebratory Circle Saturday 2:30pm The Welsh Traditionalist Coven, Plant Y Ynys Afallanau, will be holding an open ritual for any one to take part in. There will be a shared Sacrament, as well as drumming and chanting as part of this ritual. (2 hours)

Closing Ritual - Ancient Ways St Louis Circle Sunday 3:00pm Ancient Ways St Louis Circle will be presenting this ritual embodying the five sacred elements and will be highly experiential! Bring drums and noisemakers! Blessed Be!

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Everyday Enchantments: .....


The Altar of Sapphires Snowy peaks Nestled in the highness Upon whose vastness Of blue ridges Remind me of the sky burials They lay themselves in death Before the ravenous Of ancient people Guardians of middle-heaven by Katie Anderson

Feel Good Universe by Lara Joseph Feel Good Universe will help you: • Find the spiritual center of your being, that love, joy, and peace that is your true self • Learn coping strategies that are rooted in spiritual truths • Lean simple, easy to follow techniques for expand ing your awareness and improving your life

Look for Lara’s new book this summer! CONTACT FGU: 815-895-4375 FAX: 800-853-1556 www.FeelGoodUniverseInc.Com

.... the Extra in the Ordinary

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Special Events Do Not Miss the St Louis Pagan Picnic

RAFFLE! Raffle tickets • $1.00 each or 6 tickets for $5.00 YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN!! Stop by the Raffle Booth next to Information to get your tickets and preview the prizes


Join AMTGARD on the Battlefield All Day Both Days at the St Louis Pagan Picnic

Amtgard is a nationwide, non profit organization that encourages safe medieval combat and has an added fantasy magic element. Our weapons are safely padded with foam. We meet on Sundays at Carondolet Park across from the Boathouse, starting at Noon and continuing until dark and it’s free to play! Battlegames will be going on all day in the Battlefield - Sign up at our booth and join the fun!

THE LIVING TAROT Come and experience the Living Tarot! Meet the icons of the major arcana and learn the wisdom that they have in store for you. The Fool leads you on your path and each card has something important to share. This is an interactive experience for people of all ages.

SATURDAY @ 1pm Ritual Circle Page 6

Presented by Tricia Overcamp from Tricia’s Treasure Chest

Everyday Enchantments: .....

article Animal Totems in Everyday Life Written by Jennifer Adele. Most of us probably have one or more pets at home that we interact with everyday. We were initially drawn to those animals, experienced a bond, and now we share our lives with them. Some of us may see certain species of wildlife regularly as we go about our daily routines, and some of those animals impress us more than others. Perhaps some of us even dream of specific animals frequently and encounter images of them in our meditations. Of course, all of these things are excellent examples of how animals influence our daily lives. And, interestingly, all of these things are also good examples of possible totem interactions as well. Animal totems are akin to animal spirit guides. They are also equally as often referred to as “power animals.” In essence, they are the spirit of an entire lineage and species of animal that has come to help you as a personal guide, teacher, and friend. Animal totems play a substantial role in the lives of many people from a variety of cultures everyday and can be of tremendous benefit, if we are open to them and their teachings. They aid in self-discovery, personal integration, and extensive forms of creativity and understanding. In fact, specialized message totems can and often do change throughout the course of a person’s lifetime as they tend to bring messages pertinent to the moment and that are essential for individual growth and spiritual evolution. In general, it can be said that at the very least animal totems capture our imagination and give to us new avenues of awareness and connection. Additionally, our animal spirit guides can assist us in remembering our past and seeing glimpses of our future… all the while making our present moment that much more alive. The most commonly accepted definition of a totem that I have found, and one that I personally like, is as follows: “A natural object, usually an animal, which serves as a distinctive and often venerated emblem or symbol – usually a means of personal and/or spiri continued on next page

.... the Extra in the Ordinary

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article Animal Totems in Everyday Life continued from page 8 tual identity.” And, it is interesting to note that even with such importance and power in our lives so singularly channeled that most people will have more than one totem. In fact, there are numerous categories and types of totems, both permanent and temporary, that a person can interact with at any give point in time and each totem encountered will specialize in a different life area or bring with them a different message. Overall, animal totems and spirit guides can add enrichment and enchantment to our lives everyday, in ways that are both big and small, as we build our relationships and bonds with them. And, those relationships are entirely different from the ones we have with our pets…and, yet, the bond may feel surprisingly similar. To learn more about some of the in-depth aspects of animal totems and spirit guides, visit

Poetry A Brief Ode to the Mother-land Each piece and color a complement of complexities compels me to call to you Shine down on me through the brightest rays of blood and amber

Mother of implorable wisdom whose symphony of tears scatters wide like jewels of the roughest mines the planar mirror of heaven’s starlit embrace. by Katie Anderson

Katie Anderson is a poet and artist living in the Saint Louis area. Her work has appeared in The Faerie Nation Magazine, Litmag, and the Global Goddess Oracle. She currently holds a BA in Psychology and an MA in History from the University of Missouri – Saint Louis. She is deeply passionate about the study of mythology and the afterlife. She experiments with free verse, epic and narrative poetry.

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Everyday Enchantments: .....

“Fae “

.... the Extra in the Ordinary

by Janice Tremeear Page 9

Workshops A Funny Thing Happened To Me On The Way To…presented by M R Sellars Ever wonder just what happens to authors when they are on the road? All that rich food, those expensive hotel suites, champagne, limousines, and money? Hear the behind the scenes horror stories, fun stories, and all around stories about life on the road as an author. It just might make you think twice before sitting down to the keyboard…

Are you an Effective Preist(ess)? presented by River and Joyce Higginbotham Leaders and members of groups all contribute to the success and harmony of the group. Here are some concepts and technique to support any group you are in. The Circle of Intention and the Four Powers of Leadership – The Circle of Intention is a powerful technique for helping a leader day to day, moment to moment improve their effectiveness as a leader and bring more harmony to almost any task. We will learn and discuss this tool and share leadership challenges and successes in this session. The Four Powers tool looks at leaders roles as inspired by the elements. This view offers new insights and practical ways to be a more effective leader.

Page 10

Bringing Ritual into Your Everyday presented by Lyon Martin There are 365 days in a year. Even if you celebrate all eight Sabbats and allCalendar 13 esbats, you’re still left with 344 days that aren’t holy days. Let’s say you add in all the New Moons and the quarter moons as well. That would take care of a few more days. What about all the normal days which remain? Do you stop being Pagan just because it isn’t a holiday? Being a Pagan isn’t something you take on and off with your ritual robes. Once you start to follow a Pagan path, it becomes part of you. It becomes part of your viewpoint into the world around you. I know for me, when I started to seriously follow my Pagan lifestyle, I started seeing things Pagan all around me. It was funny. Sometimes I would see a rune or a Pagan symbol in the most obscure places, like the corner Quickie Mart! This workshop focuses on how to move from being a part-time Pagan to connect with your spiritual Path on a more daily level.

Cultural Environmental Symbology presented by Jennifer Adele To the human mind everything is a sign, everything is a symbol. Take a journey down the symbolic rabbit hole and learn about the symbology prevalent in all of nature, in your entire environment. This workshop will discuss the importance of symbolism to the human psyche, to broad based culture, and to religion in general. This workshop will also discuss animal and nature symbolism, the emergence of totems, and archetypal symbology. Individual Nature Symbology Readings are included as a part of this workshop.

Everyday Enchantments: .....

Websites of Interest .... the Extra in the Ordinary

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Workshops Dark Green Religion: Revolution or Evolution? presented by Claudine Miller Using Bron Taylor’s book “Dark Green Religion”, this workshop will discuss the ideas presented in the book. There will be an overview of the book presented and then participants will be encouraged to discuss the concepts covered. The intersection of the “green” movement, pagan belief systems, and a global world view will be explored. Prior reading of the material not required to participate in the workshop.

Egyptian Pathway presented by Kiel Ankhnenmtira Milner Kiel will lead a discussion on charging Egyptian style with a mini-ritual.

Finding the Inner Divine presented by Taz Chance “Finding the Divine Within” is a workshop that discusses the need to recognize and find the Inner Divine in all of us. During the workshop, the attendees will discuss methods and techniques to help bridge the gap between their mundane selves and their magickal selves. There will be a guided meditation and an energy raising activity designed to help find the bridge within and between us to the Divine. Please come prepared for an emotional journey.

Global Healing Magick: Tools and Tricks presented by Melanie Marquis Mother Earth is in critical condition, and she needs your help! Learn how to put your magickal power to good use protecting and healing the environment. Master Page 12

large-scale spellcasting techniques, explore theories and principles of global healing magick, and discover both ancient and modern magickal tools that are wellsuited for environmental spellwork. Attendees will receive a free global healing magick spell kit to take home after the program.

Hook as High Priest, or, A-morality Play presented by Andrea Jones Andrea Jones will read passages from both her own novel, “Hook & Jill,” and J.M. Barrie’s “Peter & Wendy,” discussing the modern mythology of Barrie’s Neverland, and its dual rules of freedom and constraint.

My Life As a Pagan Journalist presented by Reverend Don Lewis In nearly thirty years as a Pagan journalist I have seen a lot of changes in Pagan journalism and the media it uses. Editing The Wheel of Hekate magazine in the ‘80s, Chicago’s The Round Table magazine in the ‘90s, and Magick TV today, I have had a front row seat for the many changes in focus and technology that Pagan media has experienced over the years. Join me for a discussion of how Pagan media has matured and developed over the years to serve the Pagan community.

Our Natural World presented by Reverend Pratus This workshop will talk about getting closer to nature by understanding climate change and learning how to grow some of your own food. This will include organic baby food to growing food in the city! We will also talk about goals we all should set for ourselves for better life.

Everyday Enchantments: .....

Workshops Paranormal Investigations presented by Mound City Paranormal

Psychic Spellwork presented by Melanie Marquis

Come learn about paranormal investigation from experienced investigators from Mound City Paranormal. Come see what it takes to do an investigaton, what equipment do you need, what makes it easier? Bring your questions, pictures you might have that you would like to have looked at and an open mind....

Learn ways to sharpen your psychic skills and discover how you can use these abilities to make spellwork more effective. We’ll explore the three aspects of ESP and how to test and strengthen each skill set. You’ll find out how ESP can make natural magick and spellwork at a distance easier and more powerful, and you’ll also learn how to use your psychic sense for preventative, pro-active magick. Free surprise gift for all participants.

The Power Of Ritual Chant and Drumming presented by Reverend Raven E Aurlineus In this workshop, Raven will be discussing the history and importance of ritual drumming and chanting, as well as teaching you some great chants and showing you, hands-on, how to drum and use other percussion instruments (as well as a few other simple instruments that anyone can easily pick up and master). Instruments are provided.

Practical Protection Magick presented by Ellen Dugan Join author Ellen Dugan for a workshop on her latest book, Practical Protection Magick. This class will cover your psychic strengths and weaknesses, explain how to diagnose a magickal problem, and discuss the difference between a hex and a crossed condition. This class will take a look at psychic self-defense and give advice on dealing with emotional and psychic vampires. Several techniques of protective spellwork will be discussed, and you will also discover what the phrase, “Magick follows the least path of resistance”, truly means.

.... the Extra in the Ordinary

Releasing the Goddess Within through Bellydance presented by Ami Amore of Exotic Rhythms Bellydance In this workshop we will dance, have fun and feel diviniely sexy and feminine in a supportive and encouraging environment. Where you are an experienced dancer or a dancer at heart, we will work on moving your body in wonderful, sensual ways to awaken your Inner Goddess.

Serene Awareness Meditation presented by Luna Firehawk This is not simply a passive meditation to be practiced only when you are sitting in a chair, cushion or before ritual. It’s a meditation to be practiced all of the time, especially when you do your daily activities, or when you are in pain or feeling down. So many times we walk around in a mental haze of random nonsense thoughts. It will help you learn to calm your mind. You Page 13

Workshops can use serene awareness meditation whenever you are walking from your house or to your car to your job. It will help you notice what your mind is doing in the present moment and let go of these distracting thoughts. It will help you stay more physically and spiritually grounded in your daily life. So people can be comfortable I ask that they bring a blanket, pillow, mat or folding chair.

Soul Retrieval presented by Reverend Don Lewis A discussion of the practice of Soul Retrieval and the role it plays in a healthy Spiritual life. This is the form of Soul Retrieval practiced in the Correllian Tradition, which differs somewhat from the more familiar form of Shamanic Soul Retrieval. Soul Retrieval releases the energy that naturally becomes trapped through Karmic Attachments. We will discuss how Karmic Attachments are formed, how they affect energy, and how they may be healed.

Tarot Basics presented by Melissa Tarot Melissa will be taking you through the basic symbols and history of the tarot deck..

Traditional Witchcraft presented by Reverend Raven E Aurlineus Just what is “Traditional” Witchcraft and how does it differ from Wicca? All will be revealed in this lively – yet very educational lecture.

Page 14

Tree Magic presented by Mickie Mueller Working with trees is a very positive way to connect with the earth and manifest your dreams. Magically, trees are sheltering, nurturing, and all knowing. You will learn practical ways to incorporate trees into your magical practice, and enrich your life including candle magic, meditations, grounding and centering, warding your home, and more. Included will be a demonstration of the Summoning of Trees ritual from the upcoming Voice of the Trees deck.

Walking with the Animals presented by Alex Gonzalez Come on a journey to meet the animal spirit guides who are calling for your attention. Learn how to grasp a better understanding of their role in your life and how to work with them on your spiritual path. You will learn to recognize those animals that are speaking to you and some techniques in understanding what they are saying. This workshop will involve a short meditation, and provide basic understanding in recognizing and working with your animal spirit guides

Western Tradition Gematria presented by Reverend Bill Duvendack This workshop will look at how to use gematria in conjunction with the Qabalistic Tree of Life in every day life. Divination by license plate, and other oddities will be discussed. Easy to use techniques will be discussed and shared.

Everyday Enchantments: .....

Workshops Witchin’ in the Kitchen – Adding Magic To Every Day Life presented by Agrimony The name pretty much says it all. Join Agrimony for ideas and discussion on adding a little magic to every day life.

.... the Extra in the Ordinary

Your Moon on a Lunar Cycle Basis presented by Reverend Bill Duvendack This workshop will look at how the rhythms of the moon on a lunar cycle can be worked with and addressed, with regards to the self. Void of course moons, and how the transiting moon interacts with our natal charts will be looked at. A knowledge of your astrological moon is helpful but not necessary.

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2011 St Louis Pagan Picnic Schedule

FINDING THE WORKSHOPS! The workshop areas are located in the trees behind the Information Booth.. They are designated with colored flags: Earth = Green.....Air = Yellow......Fire = Red......Water = Blue Page 16

Everyday Enchantments: .....


RITUALS are held in the Ritual Circle marked by the 4 Quarters... Our Nation’s Flag and our State Flag are flying by the entrance from Vendor Row BARDIC CIRCLE Events are held under the Shelter KIDS CORNER is located under the trees behind the Information Booth

.... the Extra in the Ordinary

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Special Guests Jennifer Adele - Workshop: Cultural Environmental Symbology Jennifer Adele is the owner of “Earth & Paw Totems” and she provides a variety of Animal Totem and Nature Symbology readings for clients all over the world. She is an active member within the Pagan Community and is one of the co-owners for Ancient Ways St. Louis Pagan Circle. Jennifer also acts as the Volunteer Coordinator for the St. Louis Pagan Picnic and other supplemental events through St. Louis Pagan Events, Inc. Her written works on symbology, totems, animals, and naturebased subjects have been frequently featured in local Pagan, New Age, and Nature publications. In addition, Jennifer works as a professional Manager of Volunteers for the Wildlife Rescue Center and is very passionate and proactive about wildlife rehabilitation and environmental education. She is a Certified Naturalist and has her Bachelor of Science degree and Graduate Studies courses in the field of Natural Health. Visit her website for more information at or email

Agrimony - Workshop: Witchin in the Kitchen – Adding Magic To Every Day Life Janet is many things. An American Demi Goddess. She is a wife and mother. A Writer and Politician. A Witch and HPS. She has many interests. She is associate producer of Akasha Temple Live ( akashatemple ) and is host of regular segment, Witchin in the Kitchen and also does regular book reviews for the show. She is currently at work on her first book.

Ami Amore’ - Workshop: Releasing the Goddess Within through Bellydance Ami Amore’ has been studying bellydance since 1999. Even though she started teaching in 2006, under the motto “reveal your Ami Amore’inner goddess”, she continues her education through traveling around the country to take workshops, teach workshops and perform. Her style is the lovechild of traditional bellydance, tribal fusion, circus & vaudeville with a good dose of those things that are dark. Her biggest accomplishments to date are being chosen to perform onstage with Beats Antique in Oct. 2009, being featured on the cover of Jareeda Magazine’s May/June 2010 issue and receiving her 200 Hr. RYT certification in November 2010. Ami has been practicing yoga since 1996, so it’s natural that she would incorporate her two passions, bellydance and yoga, into her career. Ami believes yoga and bellydance are both the union of mind and body and incorporates a love yourself and listen to your body approach to all her classes. Ami currently teaches 8 classes per week at various locations in South St. Louis. She also does Ladies nights, bachelorette parties, private lessons, workshops and performances around St. Louis and the Midwest Region.

Reverend Raven E. Aurlineus - Workshops: Power Of Ritual Chant and Drumming Raven has been a practicing wytch and student of the Occult since 1973, and has been teaching on Paganism and The Craft for well over 3 decades. She is the Reverend Mother of the Welsh Traditionalist/Reconstructionist Coven, Plant Y Ynys Afallanau, (which is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this year), and is currently working on 2 books on the subject of Welsh Wytchcraft and one Pagan children’s book. Page 18

Everyday Enchantments: .....

Special Guests Taz Chance - Workshop: Finding the Inner Divine Taz Chance has been a leader in her local Pagan community for over ten years. She has worked to promote tolerance, acceptance and education. In doing so, Taz has been the facilitator and Coordinator of many of the Columbia based Pagan Groups as well as served on the board for many years. A master of the craft, she has been practicing magick for well over twenty years. Taz, the HPS of her coven, has also spent the last several years teaching seekers that come to the path and giving workshop presentation on a multitude of topics. Her favorite topics include finding the God/Goddess within, Tarot, “Tolerance in an Integrated Community,” ”Paganism and Ethics, “Magick Really is Based in Science,” and personal empowerment.

Ellen Dugan • In the Author’s Tent Saturday Only Workshop: Practical Protection Magick Ellen Dugan, is the award winning author known as the “Garden Witch”. A psychic-clairvoyant, she has been a practicing Witch for over twenty-seven years. She is a Master Gardener, and is also the High Priestess of her Coven in the St. Louis area. Ellen teaches classes both online and locally on Witchery, Psychic Protection, and Magick. Ellen’s 13th book with Llewellyn Worldwide will be released in summer 2012. When she’s not working on her next book project or keeping up with her family (two of the kids are out on thier own, the youngest just graduated from University), Ellen likes to unwind by working in her perennial gardens at home with her husband of 28 years. Ellen wholeheartedly encourages folks to reclaim thier personal power and to personalize their Spell-craft. To go outside and connect with the spiritual side of nature. To get their hands dirty and discover the wonder and magick of natural world that surrounds them.

Reverend Bill Duvendack Workshops: Western Tradition Gematria and Your Moon on a Lunar Cycle Basis Rev Bill Duvendack is a spiritualist minister who has a varied background of experience over two decades, which he brings to the Pathways family. He is a nationally known professional astrologer that is a member of the Astrological Association of St Louis where he frequently lectures, occasionally writes articles for the bulletin, and holds a board position. He is also a member of the professional astrological association NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research). He is currently writing the horoscope column for the local magazine ‘The River’s Edge’ and teaching monthly astrology classes at Pathways. He is also available for astrological chart interpretations and divination readings using a system called “Astro-

.... the Extra in the Ordinary

Page 19

Special Guests Dice” which he reads at the monthly in-store psychic fair held at Pathways. He has also made public appearances in the community in a variety of places. This list includes, but is not limited to, local television stations, radio stations, interviews with local papers, high schools, and the local pagan picnic. In addition to his astrological work, Rev Bill is the current secretary for Circle of Light Church. Rev Bill is also a member of the Fellowship of Isis, BOTA (Builders of the Adytum), co-founder of the Sanctum Sub Rosa Magickal Lodge, founder of the now-defunct ‘Coven of Luna’s Veiled Wisdom’ and an initiate in the Golden Dawn. He is active in many different spiritual traditions, ranging from Sanskrit mantras to Native American Shamanism, and many other nature based spiritual paths. For more information, including useful links to his horoscopes, monthly blog, his monthly newsletter, and other topics, consult his website at

Luna Firehawk - Workshop: Serene Awareness Meditation Reverend Rose White has been under the training of Most Venerable Bhante Vimalaramsi for three years at Dhamma Sukha meditation center, where she is also the chef and resident. She has learned to use the meditation to help people with depression and pain. The meditation has helped her and others become more connected to their mind and body physically and spiritually. For a year now she has been teaching meditation and depression and pain counseling in groups and privately. Rose has in the pagan world for over 20 years.

Alex Gonzalez - Workshop: Walking with the Animals Alex has been a leader in the Mid-Missouri Pagan community for the last five years. She has worked to promote education, tolerance and integrated community work in all of the activities that she is involved. Alex has been active in all of the local Pagan community groups and has set on the boards of several. A skilled practitioner of her craft, Alex has been practicing magick for more than fifteen years. Alex is the acting HP of Luna Espiral and has spent the last several years teaching others. Alex gives a multitude of presentation on various topics within the craft; her favorites however revolve around stone magick, animal magick and spirit guides.

Ember Grant • In the Author’s Tent Saturday Only Ember Grant writes articles for Wiccan and New-Age publications and she has been contributing to the Llewellyn Annuals series since 2003. She is also a poet and photographer, and her work explores the topics of nature, spirituality, folklore, and mythology. Ember’s first book, Magical Candle Crafting, was published by Llewellyn in March, and she is currently working on her second book to be published by Llewellyn .

River and Joyce Higginbotham Workshop: Are you an effective Preist(ess)? River and Joyce Higginbotham have been involved with the Pagan Picnic since it started and strongly support the pagan community in St. Louis. They have also been teachers of Paganism for more than a decade, and have helped plan and host many other public Pagan and earth-centered events in the region. River is on the Staff of Diana’s Grove Center, a retreat center and school focusing on personal growth and leadership development. They are authors of three books on Paganism. For more information visit: Page 20

Everyday Enchantments: .....

Special Guests Andrea Jones - Workshop: Hook as High Priest, or, A-morality Play Andrea Jones is the author of “Hook & Jill,” a serious parody of “Peter Pan.” Jones’s story is the first in her series of Neverland novels for adults. She holds a B.A. from the University of Illinois in Oral Interpretation of Literature, with a Literature minor. In her career in television production, Jones wrote, produced, directed, and managed studios for PBS and CBS affiliates and corporate studios, and acted as on-air talent. A Wiccan priestess, Jones’s lifelong inspiration springs from the theatre, and that passion comes gloriously to life within the pages of her stories. More at and at Just a note -- Witches and Pagans magazine will run a review in their next issue.

Reverend Don Lewis Workshops: My Life As a Pagan Journalist and Soul Retrieval Rev. Don Lewis is the co-founder of Witch School International (www.witchschool. com), the world’s first and largest online school of Wicca and metaphysics with more than 200, 000 current students. Rev. Don is the author of the Witch School First, Second, and Third Degree books as well as Ritual in Theory and Practice. Rev. Don is also head of production for Magick TV ( an online Pagan-oriented “TV station”, and is host of the popular “Living the Wiccan Life” program as well as “The Interactive Grimoire” series. As a journalist Rev. Don has interviewed a wide range of Pagan leaders including Margot Adler, Raymond Buckland, Z Budapest, Selena Fox, Raven Grimassi, M. Rev. Olivia Robertson, Oberon and Morning Glory Zell, among many others. Rev. Don is First Priest and Chancellor of the Correllian Nativist Tradition (, a Tradition originating in Illinois and today having Temples and groups around the world. Rev. Don is an Officer of the Pagan Interfaith Embassy, which has sponsored such events as the Chicago Pagan Leadership Conferences (in 1994), Pagan Unity Night (1994), and Pagan Expo 1997, 2000, and 2001.

Melanie Marquis Workshops: Global Healing Magick: Tools and Tricks and Psychic Spellwork Melanie Marquis is a lifelong practitioner of magick, the founder of United Witches global coven, and the organizer for Denver Pagans. She is the author of The Witch’s Bag of Tricks ( June 2011) from Llewellyn Publications. She also writes for Llewellyn’s annuals and for the American Tarot Association, and for national and international Pagan publications including Circle and Pentacle. A full-time mother, witch, folk artist, and environmentalist, she’s passionate about finding the mystical in the mundane through persoanlized magick and practical spirituality. Visit her online at or at

.... the Extra in the Ordinary

Page 21

Special Guests Lyon Martin - Workshop: Bringing Ritual into Your Everyday W. Lyon Martin has been an Eclectic Pagan since the mid 80s. Her initial training began with a Dianic Coven in New Haven, Connecticut. After moving to northern Connecticut with the birth of her daughter, she began Solitary practice. In 2000, Lyon was hand-fasted to her wonderful husband, Thunderchilde, and moved half way across the country to Missouri where she began writing articles for Pagan publications both in print and online, among them the Witch’s Voice, the Wiccan/Pagan Times and PanGaia Magazine. Lyon is the author of several Pagan children’s books, An Ordinary Girl, A Magical Child (2005, 2008), Aidan’s First Full Moon Circle (2008), and Watchers (2008). She is the illustrator of those three books as well as Rabbit’s Song (2009) by S.J. Tucker and Trudy Herring and Smoky and the Feast of Mabon (2010) by Catherynne M. Valente. Lyon has a deep commitment to children. Walking her talk, she applied for and completed training to be a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for children of the St. Louis Children’s Division Court foster care system. She was officially sworn into this volunteer position on Sept 11, 2008. Lyon currently resides with her husband and daughter in eastern Missouri when she isn’t on the road giving workshops at festivals or visiting schools. She claims the dubious title of Perpetual Project Lady and does her best to keep the house clean and the cats fed.

Claudine Miller - Workshop: Dark Green Religion: Revolution or Evolution? Claudine is a therapist, life coach, workshop presenter, teacher, artist, Nia enthusiast, and deeply spiritual lover of life. She thrives on helping others transform and create joy in their lives. She lives in the St. Louis area with her husband and their mischievous fur-kids. If you would like to contact Claudine, check out her website at www.

Mickie Mueller - Workshop: Tree Magic Mickie Mueller, is an award winning artist of fantasy, fairy and myth. She has been working as a freelance artist since 1983. She is a long time contributor to her local alternative faith community and has studied Natural Magic, Celtic Tradition. In addition she has been a Reiki healing master/teacher in the Usui Shiki Royoho tradition since 2001. She is a member of M.A.F.I.A. (Missouri Area Fantasy Illustrators Assoc.) and The Enchanted Visions Project. Mickie is the illustrator of the critically acclaimed divination decks, The Well Worn Path and The Hidden Path. She is also a regular article and illustration contributor to Llewellyns Magical Almanac, and has also published both articles and artwork in Wicca and Witchcraft Magazine in the U.K. as well as The Witches Voice, Magickal Light Magazine, and several other online publications. Page 22

Everyday Enchantments: .....

Special Guests Mickie’s art has been also seen internationally on the covers of Witchcraft and Wicca, Raven’s Call, Spirit Seeker, and Oracle 2000 to name a few. Mickie creates her art magically, using infusions of herbs corresponding with the subject matter she portrays. She works lovingly by hand in a mixed media of watercolor and colored pencil. Mickie Muellers work is licensed with Peter Stone jewelry and Sacred Source Statuary and her new deck “The Voice of the Trees: A Celtic Divination Oracle will be released this September. Her magical artwork can be seen on her website at

Reverend Pratus - Workshop: Our Natural World Rev. Pratus is the High Priest and Chairman of Earth Healers Temple. He has created and brought together the Green Council. Together they have created the Wizard Scouts for kids and a universal pagan seminary program. Working for the temple in Middle Ga. he has help create many community service programs and helped the temple create goals and programs to educate the public about paganism and create an intentional community for any pagan tradition.

M. R. Sellars • In the Author’s Tent Saturday Only Workshops: A Funny Thing Happened To Me On The Way To... An active member of the HWA (Horror Writers Association), M. R. Sellars is a relatively unassuming homebody who, in his own words, considers himself just a “guy with a lot of nightmares and a word processing program.” Legend has it he started making up stories to entertain a stuffed bear during his single digit years, then began writing them down sometime around his early teens when the growing catalogue of fiction started causing him to experience migraines. Although he had several short stories and newspaper articles published during his early adult life, it wasn’t until 2000 that his first full-length novel, Harm None: A Rowan Gant Investigation, hit bookstore shelves, officially launching the acclaimed paranormal thriller series. Sellars says that the biggest adjustment he has had to make with his writing career is coping with the time spent away from his family while traveling on promotional tours. Still, he approaches the necessity of public appearances with the same humorously deadpan and satirical wit that he applies to life in general, stating, “As long as I have an RC Cola and a bag of peanuts, I’m all good, Bubba.” All of the current novels in Sellars’ continuing Rowan Gant Investigations saga have spent several consecutive weeks on numerous bookstore bestseller lists as well as a consistent showing on the Horror/Occult top 100. Sellars currently resides in the Midwest with his incomparably amazing wife, equally fantastic daughter, and a feline he describes as, “the competition.” At home, when not writing or taking care of the household, he indulges his passions for cooking and hanging out with friends. In order to satisfy his lifelong dream of being a satirical humor columnist for a major metropolitan newspaper, twice each week he removes his glasses, dons blue tights and a red cape, then blogs about the incredibly bizarre world that is his life as a writer, husband, and father. It has been said that his blog articles sometimes blur the line between fiction and reality. To that Sellars responds, “What line?” M.

.... the Extra in the Ordinary

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Special Guests R. Sellars can be located on the web wherever there is a virtual bar serving virtual single malt Scotch, single barrel bourbon, good Irish whisky, and decent beer. In other words, look for him on the major social networking sites.

Melissa Tarot - Workshop: Tarot Basics Melissa has been doing readings for over 20 years and has realized that in order to be a tarot reader, you must become a tarot scholar. Melissa lives in the St. Louis area with her kiddos and critters.

Crone Thoughts and Musings by Anastasia Catherine This wonderful little book: • Makes you realize that you may live in a crazy world but you’re not alone • Helps you connect the mundane events of everyday life with the spiritual truths they represent • Gives you access to inner wisdom born of life experience

Look for Anastasia’s new book this summer! CONTACT FGU: 815-895-4375 FAX: 800-853-1556 www.FeelGoodUniverseInc.Com Page 24

Everyday Enchantments: .....

Bardic Circle

Bardic Circle Schedule

Saturday 11:00 - 11:45am 12:00 - 12:45pm 1:00 - 1:45pm 2:00 - 2:45pm 3:00 - 3:45pm 4:00 - 5:00pm

Sunday 11:00 - 11:45am 12:00 - 12:45pm 1:00 - 1:45pm 2:00 - 2:45pm 3:00 - 3:45pm

.... the Extra in the Ordinary

Lee Nix and Cody Wadlow Native American Flutes with Guitar Brian Greenway Sinfinis Sopha Kingz RavenWolf Ailim Belly Dance

Lisa Blayney Human Mechanism Exotic Rhythms Romani Blue Michael Thompson Page 25

Bardic Circle Performers Aaalim Bellydance - Started as Aalim Dance Academy was founded in 1987 by Soraya (Diane Chope) of London, England. Today, Aalim Bell Dance is led by Artistic Director Salwa. Performers from Aalim Belly Dance & Arabian Silk (Aalim’s Professional dance co.) have been featured on Variety Club Telethon, at the St. Louis Art Museum and Meet Another Culture Program, Missouri Historical Society’s Twilight Tuesdays, 1904 World’s Fair Programs and International Days, The Greater St. Louis Renaissance Faire, Kansas City Renaissance Festival, Earth Day Festivities in Forrest Park, River Faces Festival, University City Fair in the Square, Loop In motion ( In University City), V.P. Fair and Fair St. Louis, Illinois State Fair, Black Tie St. Louis Events, Venus Envy, parades and numerous other community festivals and shows over the years.

Ami Amoré & Exotic Rhythms Bellydance -Ami Amoré has studied bellydance for over 10 years, she believes it is a spiritual journey celebrating the goddess within. She has been teaching all forms of bellydance and creative movement through Exotic Rhythms Bellydance since 2006.

Lisa Blayney - “A soulful singer songwriter who delivers heartfelt songs; songs that tell stories of the successes and failures, sorrows and joys of life. A singer since very young, there is both power and vulnerability contained in a well seasoned voice.” Lisa has performed lead and backing vocals in bands of various genres and then stepped out on her own with the support of many who have encouraged her from the moment she set foot in Northeast Ohio. Since coming to Northeast Ohio, from St. Louis, Missouri in 2004, Lisa have been a member of the Summit County Songwriter’s Circle and has performed in a variety of venues and showcases. Lisa also sang for a couple of years with Fable.

Brian Greenway - Brian grew up in a family of musicians who were part of the folk/singer-songwriter movement in St. Louis in the late 60’s and early 70’s, and that music has been an influence throughout his life. After a 10+ year absence from the music scene, Brian is busily writing what will become his first album, and a return to the music that he grew up on. Page 26

Everyday Enchantments: .....


Talismans of the Prime Mover Removing the cavern, Pulling it up like a sheet, and inside seeds shining like the stars

and randomly planted, some implanted, spiralling galaxies in the womb of creation.

by Katie Anderson

.... the Extra in the Ordinary

Page 27

Bardic Circle Performers Lee Nix and Cody Wadlow - Native American Flutes and Guitar - Local musicians who have been playing around the St. Louis area for many years. Cody’s main talents are in playing guitar and singing; he has played and recorded with some of the best talent in St. Louis. Lee is a multi-instrumentalist with experience on saxophone, guitar, cajon, udu, and Native American flutes. Lee is also the owner / flute maker for Farpoint Flutes here in St. Louis. He specializes in affordable, custom Native American style flutes.

RavenWolf - RAVEN WOLF C. FELTON JENNINGS II, Healing Sound Recording Artist (Pug Dog Records) ...”Spiritual Jazz the St. Louis Tradition” Shares his ‘Magical Mystical Meditation Concert’ and his ‘Healing Drum Spiriting Concert’ throughout the Heartland …truly ‘Music for all Ages’ Performing ‘Solo Jazz’ Concerts …for over 17 years …for Corporate, Family and Children audiences Performing at Chanting for Joy, Peace and Love Teaching Native American Flute Lessons, Teaching Drum Lessons, Teaching Saxophone Lessons (all ages), Teaching Flute Lessons (all ages)

Romani Blue - Romani Blue is a pagan/wiccan band formed in 2002 to accompany belly dance troupes. Romani middle eastern music with a turkish traditional/cabaret.

Sopha Kingz - Performers from The Circle of Ancient Ways St Louis

Sinfinis - Songstress Mary Elizabeth Bell created Sinfinis to make you uncomfortable. Like a mythical siren, she reels you in with haunting vocals and smashes you against the proverbial rocks with thoughtful, often unsettling lyrics. Sinfinis songs broach precarious subjects such as abortion, infidelity, murder, narcissism, nihilism, patriotism, free will, intrinsic depravity, temptation, and remorse. Prepare for an assault on your conscience. sinfinismusic/music

Page 28

Everyday Enchantments: .....

2011 PICNIC VENDORS All Season’s Arts & Crafts Anejo Studios

Books - Crystals - Jewlery - Halo’s - miscellaneous. craft supplies Semi precious stones, exotic cabochons, crystals, fossils, jewelry, sterling, etc. Most all the cabochon stones are cut by myself, all the sterling jewelry is hand forged and/or wrapped by myself. Real gemstone beads by the strand and/or finished goods.

Beading After Dark

Handcrafted Jewelrey!!

Ben Sobon

jewelry, hats, journals, jewelry boxes

Bountiful Goddess

The Bountiful Goddess has Official Picnic Merchandise in addition to pagan fashions, flags, and accessories.

BRAS for Horses

BRAS (Braiding to Raise Awareness and Support) for Horses. We sell necklaces and bracelets made from horsehair. Hair is collected from rescued horses or given to us as a donation. A minimum of 50% of the profit from jewelry sales is donated to horse rescues. We also recycle horse feed bags into tote bags and picnic blankets. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of bags and blankets will be used to support touch therapy programs that utilize rescue horses.

Coven of Harmony’s Flame

Handpicked herbs, tarot readings and magical goodies of all kinds. Books, spell kits and more.

Cthulhu’s Corner

Handmade jewelry, incense and herbals from around the world, resins, illustrated books, art prints, and gifts http://

Curious Cat/Body and Enjoy a relaxing henna tattoo or shop for a new corset. We Soul have Hawaiian shirts, leather and brocade corsets, hats and more. Dancers Grove We offer unique and handmade pagan ritual items, accessories, tools, decorations from a multitude of cultures as well as bellydance attire. We will also have Papa Oloyade available for spiritual consultations, tarot, and palm readings.

.... the Extra in the Ordinary

Page 29

2011 PICNIC VENDORS Dancing Moon Daughters

An assortment of everyday magickal items including handmade soaps, candles, jewelry, recycled glass jars, tye-dye, artwork, and household goddess decor. Earth Healers Temple We are a temple and we have many programs that we offer. We will be using our temple store also. We sale handcrafted tools and art, along with regalia. http://earthhealerstemple. Ether Crafting Guild Arts, crafts, jewelry Falling Leaf Arts Selling wire-wrapped and Steampunk jewelry glass and stone. Genevieve Esson Art Small, medium, and large acrylic paintings, prints, posters and art cards. Also available: hand-painted upcycled items such as salt and pepper shakers, trays, vases, statues, lampshades and pet rocks. Hook and Jill My Original novel, “Hook and Jill” hardcover; trade paperback “Peter Pan’s Neverworld” by Peter Von Brown; “Peter Pan” paperback. A few pirate/fairy jewelry items matching the Neverland theme. If The Hat Fits/ Handmade crafts... gemstone jewelry, carved wands, furry Gardnerians ferret rescue, windchimes, kids goodies, candle spells, plantable seed spells, runes, handmade leather masks, one of a kind magick tools, silver smith, one of a kind jewelry, witchy ornaments Iris & Willow’s Delights We sell Bath and Body products along with pagan merchandise and jewelry. John Blackwell Our homemade, hand blown glass art Karmic Christals Crystals, Crystal Jewelry, T-shirts, Inscence, and Tea Katsoul Kreations Handmade crocheted items, art work, powdered incense and charm bags Lavender Moon General Merchandise Life Crafters Spiritual counseling and healing Lora Dickerson Face and body painting, scenic painted stones, misc hand crafted items

Page 30

Everyday Enchantments: .....

2011 PICNIC VENDORS Mickie Mueller Collection

Mirror Image Mulberry Mudd

Artwork prints and artwork merchandise by Mickie Mueller including statuary, jewelry, coffee mugs, candle sconces, garden flags, wooden boxes, and other gift and home items. Copies of The Well Worn Path and The Hidden Path decks. Etched Glass Artwork Ceramic faeries, whimsical face mugs, bird houses and pendants. Mulberry Mudd is committed to quality art that celebrates the sacred of the mundane. http://www. Costumes

Myra’s Creative Costumes Otterhill Studio/Literary Offering Reiki, Chakra Balancing, and Therapeutic Massage as Underworld well as “Build Your Own Goddess”, and other One of a kind art works. We are joined by the Literary Underworld and its selection of speculative fiction and nonfiction books, many by local writers. Pathseekers Paranormal Display and Information Only http://www. Research Society Personal Power Designs Products: Mixed Media Art, Jewelry, Pendulums, and Mother Earth Pillows. Services: Numerology and massage therapy. Positive Energies Kids, baby, & adult tie dye clothing. Make your own tie dye. Hand poured candles. Prairie Fire Handmade clothing and accessories Pumpkin and the We provide spell supplies and ritual tools for all magickal Cauldron paths. We have the largest selection of herbs we have seen including many baneful and shamanic herbs. We also offer gothic clothing, jewelry, purses, handmade magickal goodies, books and mores! Seventh Seal Seventh Seal is a metaphysical supply shop. We carry spell oils, candles, incense, jewelry, herb satchels, incense burners, handmade spellbooks, and we also accept custom orders.

.... the Extra in the Ordinary

Page 31

2011 PICNIC VENDORS Shane’s Custom Engravings, Runes, Headbands, Walking Sticks, Wands, Engraving Buttons Shannon’s Tie Dye Various Tie Dyed Merchandise Spiralware LLC Clothing and Jewelry Sweet Meat Stix, Inc. Best beef kabobs on planet. TANGO Argentina Food Empanadas: meat pies, spinach pies, ham and cheese pies and creamy corn pies. Temple of Witchcraft Books by Christopher Penczak, including from his new Copper Cauldron Publishing. Information on Temple of Witchcraft, a nonprofit charitable religious organization co-founded by Christopher Penczak. http://www. Tye Dye Planet Tye Dye Clothing and Accessories, Hand-dyed right here in St. Louis! Western Gate Amtgard We are the Western Gate Chapter of Amtgard,and the Fourteenth Kingdom nationwide. We can be found at Carondelet Park every Sunday from Noon to Dusk or too tired to fight. Come find your Inner Warrior! WilloWink Urban Folk Art: jewelry, gifts, artwork, garden & home decor. Whimsical, practical, multimedia creations inspired by nature. Decorated & handcrafted utilizing mostly found, repurposed & natural materials. Witch School Witch School provides Pagan News, Information and Entertainment on a nightly basis. Jewelry, CDs, DVDs, and branded items. Witches Cupboard General Merchandise Wolf Dreams Native American style crafts, dream catchers, walking sticks, crystals, wands, pyramids, pendulums, pendants, spheres and pocket rocks Wolf Stones Handmade Jewelry, can be made on-site http://www. Wolf’s Treasures General Merchandise Wood of Wonder Hand painted and carved wood items. Greenmen, woodspirits, pentacles, etc

To our many volunteers.....

THANK YOU! The St Louis Pagan Picnic is a community sponsored event. It only happens through your efforts. You, the Pagan Community, are the backbone of the event and we applaud you. It is usually a thankless job... with very little appreciation.. filled with long hours and back breaking work. Take a look around you though over the weekend, take note of the smiling faces and laughing children. This is your Reward. Take pride in having contributed to their delight. as well as furthered pagan awareness and acceptance of all spiritual paths

Thank you for a job well done... and we look forward to working with you next year!


We have open positions on the Picnic Planning Committee as well. It’s hard to believe, but planning for next year will begin approximately 1 month after Picnic. If you’d like to fill a spot on the committee, speak to someone at the Information Booth or visit for contact information. We have the following positions Open on the Planning Committee: Charities Coordinator - Distributes donations to our chosen charities collected during the event. Site Coordinator - handles site preparations, ie. park, facilities, equipment. Signage Coordinator - Plans and implements our signage needs for the event, including banners. Legal Consultant - advises on legal matters to keep us out of hot water. Public Relations and Advertising - spread the word about our event

Training and information is available for all positions.

Check online often at

Tower Grove Park

As always in lovely

June 9-10, 2012

20th Annual St Louis Pagan Picnic

Save the Date Now!!

2011 Pagan Picnic Program Book  

2001 St Louis Pagan Picnic Program with articles, artwork and information on the activities at the Picnic

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