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Welcome Message from Yarrow Coven.. Welcome to the 16th Annual St. Louis Pagan Picnic! Magick is Afoot in Tower Grove Park and Yarrow Coven is pleased to once again sponsor this event. Pagan Picnic is a unique festival that allows the Pagan communities in the Midwest to come together and celebrate. The Picnic is the oldest and largest free two-day event of its kind across the country. The hours for the Pagan Picnic are 10AM to 6PM both days. As in picnics past, we have an array of activities that will be going on. We will once again be collecting canned goods for Operation Food Search as well as collecting pet food and supplies for local animal shelters. The programming schedule is full of activities. There is something for everyone! Workshops will be help on a variety of topics and will be located behind the information booth. Just look for the flags! For those more musically inclined, we invite you to pull up a chair and listen to the tunes coming from Bardic Circle. If you’d like to get into the action bring a drum or percussive instrument to the Community Drum Jam at 5PM on Saturday night. If you have ever wanted to participate in a large group ritual this is the year to do so! We are excited to have Greenleaf Coven from Springfield, MO doing us the honor of starting the Pagan Picnic off on the right foot with our opening ritual. We will have an Eldering to honor those who have blessed the local community with their wisdom and community service. Yarrow Coven will be doing a Prosperity Ritual as this year’s main ritual. Stop by and say hello! Finally, we are pleased to have Ancient Ways from St. Louis, MO wrapping up the festivities with a closing ritual. We have a plethora of authors this year. Stop by the authors’ tent to make purchases, get your books signed, and have a discussion with one of your favorite authors! Take advantage of the opportunity to sit in on one of their lectures if you get the chance. A complete list of workshops, rituals, and entertainment can be found in your program book! As always we are excited about our vendors. There are well over 50 vendors selling their wares. We are sure that you can find anything that you’ll be looking for and items that would make wonderful gifts for your friends and family! You may be asking yourself how you can contribute to such a large event. You may make monetary donations to the picnic at the information booth. We also have t-shirts for sale that helps go toward funding the event. Pagan Picnic is a major undertaking and we can’t do it alone! We require a large staff of event coordinators and volunteers. Please stop by the information booth and add your name to those wishing to help out. We need volunteers at every level and will begin planning for the 2009 event soon. If you get home and decide this is something you may want to do please contact or call (314) 477-2063. We look forward to working with you! We, the members of Yarrow Coven and the Pagan Picnic Committee, wish you a wonderful weekend. Please feel free to take a moment and introduce yourself to one of us. We’re easy to spot as we have name Badges that we wear. Welcome, and thank you for supporting the St. Louis Pagan Picnic!

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To our Volunteers….. To our many volunteers both on the committee and those at the event, Yarrow Coven would like to say

Thank You! It is only through your efforts that the Pagan Picnic comes together each year. You are the backbone of the event and we applaud your efforts. It is sometimes a thankless job, one that is filled with long hours, and countless obstacles. Take a look around at those who are here at the event, smiling, and enjoying the weekend. Take pride in having contributed to their satisfaction and delight. Thank you for a job well done and we look forward to working with you again next year!

If you’d like to volunteer….. The St. Louis Pagan Picnic Committee will begin preparations for next year in approximately 1 month. There are numerous spots available on the committee if you wish to donate your time to help. Speak to someone at the Information/Registration booth during the picnic or go to our website at for contact information. If you cannot join us on the Committee, there are still numerous ways in which you can help. An Army of Volunteers is needed during the weekend of the Picnic each year for help in various areas. Sign up at the Information Booth to a part of this wonderful event. Donations can also be made to the Picnic at the Picnic Information Booth. Page 4

Magic is Afoot!

The Picnic Pleases In the early years of the Picnic, we had a set of guidelines we tried to live by. These were not rules. They were guidelines only. They were set up to enhance the enjoyment of the Picnic by everyone who attended. It is time to resurrect this list, with a few added items because of the increased scope of our activities. We hope you will fine this list useful as you go about having fun. ♦

Please stay and play for as long as you like after Closing Ritual.

Please place trash, recyclables and cigarette butts in the proper receptacles.

Please come to the Information/Registration Booth for assistance and questions.

Please have an alcohol and drug free weekend.

Please respect the personal space of other, especially in the vicinity of workshops, rituals and other activities.

Please no tradition bashing.

Please respect the Christians who attend the Picnic.

Please play safely.

Please be aware of, care for and protect our children.

Please remember the Earth is our Mother. Lets leave Tower Grove Park in better condition than we found it when we arrived.

Please be aware of the official Picnic Photographers. They will be wearing badges.

Please direct any media to the Information/Registration Booth.

Please remember to drop off your food donation and/or your pet supply donation at the Information/Registration Booth

Please know that the views and opinions expressed at the Pagan Picnic are not necessarily those of Yarrow Coven nor the Picnic Planning Committee. MOST IMPORTANTLY, PLEASE HAVE FUN. THIS IS YOUR PICNIC.

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Give‌.. Each year the St. Louis Pagan Picnic accepts donations for charities as part of our Giving Back to the Community Drive. This year we will be accepting non-perishable food and personal items for others in need‌ including our fine furry friends

Please join us in donating an item to our collection bins located at the Registration Booth. Clowder House Foundation, Inc. provides lifetime care for your cat or cats when you are no longer able to do so. We offer a tranquil setting with plenty of cat toys, furniture and sunny windows for you cat's enjoyment. Music, human love and companionship will be a part of your cat's everyday life. We are a no-kill, minimum-cage facility, and we make every effort to accommodate your cat's special needs. We recognize each cat's individuality and strive to make all our residents comfortable. Cages are used only for new residents until they become acclimated, or for sick or injured cats. Clowder House also provides homes for abused, neglected and un-adoptable cats as space and funds allow. Rescued cats that can be socialized are available for adoption. We provide many visitation opportunities for continued contact between you and your cat. Visit us at Established in 1981 to address the growing problem of hunger, Operation Food Search has become the largest distributor of free food in the bi-state area helping to feed the region's poor. Operation Food Search distributes more than one million pounds of food and household items to 300 community partner agencies that in turn feed 100,000 poor people every single month. Nearly half the recipients are children. Operation Food Search The OFS service area includes 30 Illinois and Missouri counties sur6282 Olive Blvd. rounding the City of St. Louis. St. Louis, MO 63130-3300 Phone: (314) 726-5355 Mission E-mail: Provide individuals in need with food and other basic necessities to help them alleviate the burden of hunger and its consequences. Page 6

Magic is Afoot!

Tower Grove Park Tree Fund In our continuing effort to help reforest Tower Grove Park, we will once again be taking donations for our Tree Fund. The park has still not recovered from the devastating storms of 2006 and needs all the help folks are willing to give. Many new trees have already been planted and as you drive through the park you will see their new plantings but it will take years for them to mature. Our small part in the reforestation can be considered a thank you for the many years we have enjoyed the goodwill of the park and the splendor of nature that is Tower Grove. Tower Grove Park is a St. Louis treasure that deserves our help. For every $250 we collect for this effort, one new tree will be planted. This year, if everyone who attends the Picnic donated just $1.00, we could plant 15-20 new trees. The park lost over 200 trees to the storms and will take several years to replace them all. You can help with this project with a generous donation by clicking the PayPal button and following your heart. Please indicate that your donation should be credited to the Tree Fund. There will also be a collection site at the Information Booth during the Picnic where you may also drop your contribution. We want to thank you in advance for your generosity.

In Tower Grove Park

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Rituals Opening Ritual - Goddess is Alive, Magic is Afoot! Facilitated by Greenleaf Coven Saturday 11:00am Ritual Circle Greenleaf's Bio: We are a loosely-knit group of Witches, Pagans, Shamans, Independents, and Just Folks who choose to come together for worship, work, and fellowship. Members of Greenleaf have presented programs for TV, newspapers, radio, and have also presented programs at Southwest Missouri State University and at Drury University. The founders and board of directors of Greenleaf are: Reverend Patricia A. Allgeier, Reverend William D. Byler, Reverend Kathleen P. Mullins, and Monte A. more...Tarrant. Greenleaf Coven was founded and made legal in the state of Missouri in 1993, although we have been chartered on and off by the Church and School of Wicca since 1976.+ Our religious traditions are primarily influenced by the Celtic and Germanic traditions although we are pretty eclectic with the understanding that, as all Wiccans and Pagans, we believe in a Prime Creative Source that is both our Mother and our Father. We teach karma, reincarnation, and the Law of Multiple Return - that is, everything you send out is returned to you multiplied. The Mother Earth and all life is sacred and should be treated with love and respect. We encourage people to express gratitude every day for all that we are given. We also encourage people to ask questions, to recognize and develop their abilities and talents, and to try to get through life doing good and causing as little harm as possible. Greenleaf Coven exists as a church and support group for those who do not find their home in the traditional churches. While we do not proselytize nor do we seek out members or converts, we are always available for people who need us.

Transition to Motherhood Ritual Facilitated by Jennifer Grotpeter Saturday 1:00pm Ritual Circle We will be honoring the transition from maiden to mother with love and humor. Mothers of all sorts are welcome- expecting mothers, women who aspire to motherhood, moms who have grown children or little children. Everyone will be able to take something positive away from the ritual. Daddies can come, too! Jennifer's Bio: I have been following a solitary pagan path (although I do belong to the St. Louis Witches' Hat Society) for slightly over ten years now. I have two young children; their craft names are Epona and Flora, and their births occasioned this ritual. I look forward to sharing the pain, love and humor of the transition to motherhood with the guests of Pagan Picnic.

Living Tarot Ritual Tricia's Treasure Chest presents an interactive ritual. Sunday 1:00pm Water Workshop Area The Foole will take you on a journey wherein you shall have an opportunity to learn the wisdom of the Tarot from the cards themselves. All are welcome, please come and see what the cards have in store for YOU...This is not an individual reading, this is a group event. Page 8

Magic is Afoot!

Rituals Eldering Ritual Facilitated by El Bee Saturday 2:00pm Ritual Circle It has been two years since we publicly honored worthy people as Elders of our community. We will once again hold a special ceremony to recognize and honor individuals who have risen to the top because of their public and private contributions to the Pagan community. An Elder is not self made. One is only an Elder by a will of the people. This community is fortunate to have so many people who are willing to sacrifice for the benefit of the many. This is our chance to thank them and officially elevate them to the status of Community Elder.

Prosperity Ritual with Yarrow Coven Sunday 1:00pm Ritual Circle Come and join Yarrow Coven on Sunday at 1pm for some energy raising prosperity magick. Join us in circle and follow a journey into the unknown where you will mold and manifest your needs and bring them forth into your daily walk. Prepare to let go of the mundane and join us in meditation, chant and movement for this ritual. You only need to bring yourself and your desires and prepare for bringing forth change and prosperity that you seek most in your life!

Closing Ritual Facilitated by Ancient Ways Sunday 4:00pm Ritual Circle Ancient Ways Bio: The Circle of Ancient Ways is an open gathering of Eclectic Pagans who have found fellowship in shared rituals, free form group study, and socialization. We are not a coven, nor do we adhere to any tradition. We are an open circle of American Pagans. The group is a resource for those unique adventurers exploring a completely personal path within the broad spectrum of Paganism. We are a diverse bunch, each person walking their own path but coming together to celebrate the seasons and cycles of nature and to socialize and fellowship with one another. We have been an active and open group in St. Louis, Missouri, since June 1, 2006. Members of the group come from all over the metro area, and some of the online members come from various parts of the country. We value all members of our group as each individual adds their own personality and energy that balances and expands the whole. Talents abound in our surroundings as we have those skilled in ritual arts, naturalist pursuits, poetry, chants, healing arts, shamanistic techniques, herbalism, divination, various aspects of magickal living and more!

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Magic is Afoot!

Pagan Religions and Their Effect of Female Self-Efficacy By Amy Moreland A pale full moon, the smell of incense, the cool waters of a lake at night, the cry of an owl - do these things elicit a response deep within you as if a memory long forgotten is trying to resurface? Many people have found the thread that seems to connect these things and the longings they inspire within us in neo-pagan religions such as Wicca. Increasingly, people are being drawn toward this earth-based form of spirituality. For women, however, the experience can be even more profound. Not only do pagan religions provide women with a spiritual outlet that they can relate to but also with a tool they can use to reclaim the power and sense of self that a male dominated society has eroded away over the centuries. There are many different forms of paganism. One of the most common and well known is Wicca. Whether you are an eclectic Wiccan, or a traditional that strictly follows the Alexandrian or Gardner theories, there are some basics of the religion that do not change. Wiccan's believe in both a God and Goddess. A common and unfortunate misconception about Wicca or witchcraft is that it somehow involves Satanism or devil worship. This is far from the truth since Wiccans do not even believe in the devil. Their ideologies hold no place for a supreme being of evil. In Christian religions it is often said that the world was made in God's image, which is fundamentally what Wicca teaches as well. The God and Goddess are not perfect. They are flawed and have the capacity for evil just as humans do. There are both male and female humans, animals, and even flowers have a pistil and a stamen, so as there is duality in nature, there is both a God and Goddess. The yin and yang of masculine and feminine forces are essential to retaining the balance in all things. Wiccans have only one law or moral code, which is called The Rede. The Rede states, "An it harm none, do as ye will." It is important to note that harming none includes bringing harm to yourself, whether through suicide, drug abuse, or any other activity that is self endangering, or harming the earth. To pagans the earth is looked at as our mother, the giver of all life, and is revered. Environmentalism and paganism go hand in hand, emphasizing respect for the life of plants and animals as well as those of humans. It is important in understanding pagan religions to remember that we are mammals ourselves. Many people today think of the earth only in terms of it being where people live. They think of nature as scenery for a drive or something to be exploited for human benefit, instead of realizing that we are part of an ecosystem in which we live and upon which we depend more than we like to admit. The cycles in nature are reflected everywhere in our lives. The monthly cycle of the moon and the yearly changing of the seasons are the rhythm by which our lives are led. Like the earth, which travels in its orbit giving us day and night, winter and spring, we are born, grow old and die; we wake and sleep; we plant in the spring and reap the harvest in the fall. These cycles are reflected as well in the conceptions of the God and Goddess. The Triple Goddess, as she is also called, has three aspects - maiden, mother, and crone. The sabbats and esbats - Wicca's holy days - Wiccans celebrate have a storyline that begins with the birth of the God at Yule and culminates with his death at Samhein. On these sabbats Wiccans perform rituals to celebrate the Goddess and God; it is during these rituals they perform magick spells and incantations. Magick is an important tool of witchcraft. In Christian religions people who have spiritual or physical needs pray for these things to be granted to them. Paganism is a bit more proactive. Pagans draw upon their internal energies and those of both Goddess and earth to try to bring about the changes they need. Wiccans believe in a "force", not unlike the "force" spoken of in the Star Wars' movies - a power of nature that is present in the earth and in all of us. "Through religious ritual and magick, feminist witches and women in the Goddess movement attempt to link what they believe is divine within them to the divine around them in the natural world," states Wendy Griffen in

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Pagan Religions and Their Effect of Female Self-Efficacycontinued from page 9 an article she wrote for the Sociology of Religion journal (Griffen 1995). Finding the divine within themselves is a challenge to many women today who fight a continuous battle of working and keeping a household, often as a single parent. The Judeo/Christian/Islamic religions that permeate most of western society do little to encourage women to be independent, confident and self assured. Most Christian religions forbid women to hold offices in the church. The Southern Baptist convention states that "while both men and women are gifted for service in the Church, the office of pastor is limited to men, as qualified by Scripture." The Southern Baptists also state: "A wife is to submit herself graciously to the servant leadership of her husband even as the church willingly submits to the headship of Christ." (Baptist Faith and Message 2000) It is difficult to have your soul spiritually uplifted when your very faith itself recognizes only a male deity and says you have no place as a priest, pastor, or deacon. Strict Jewish tradition does not allow women into the inner sanctum of the temple where the Torah is kept. "Feminist witchcraft sees women's oppression and environmental abuse, which they argue are intimately linked, as firmly rooted in patriarchal religions. They claim that the mythos of God the Father and Creator of everything is a devitalized one which fails to address the experience of women's lives, and so cannot possibly link them to the larger social structure." (Griffen 1995) The goddess figure of the Christian faith, the Virgin Mary, is another form of control that the patriarchal religion exerts over women. Mary is a beautiful and touching character in Christian mythology, and for many women, she provides the Goddess figure that they do not even realize they are missing. In Mexico, where the Aztec Goddess Tonantsi was worshiped by the Indian population and The Dark Virgin Guadalupe by the Spanish settlers, the Virgin Mother became the most important figure in their religion when the conquistadors brought Catholicism with them to Mexico. (Preston 1982 p. 6) This had several effects on their culture. The concept of "mother" is highly revered. Women in Mexico do not face the struggles that many American women face in their jobs, such as difficulty receiving time off from work to care for a sick child because of the great respect given to motherhood. However the image of this "virgin" mother also puts unrealistic pressure upon women to repress their own sexuality. In Mexico "a woman's foremost duty to self and family is to safeguard herself against all critical allusions to her sexual modesty." (Preston 1982 p.15) Each of these aspects of traditional religion - the lack of a female deity, the urges to "submit herself" to men, the semantically oppositional expectation to be both virginal and motherly, the smothering of her sexuality, and the degrading inability to hold a leadership role in her spiritual community - leave many women unfulfilled in traditional western religions. "Traditional religious iconography offers one major mythopoeic image for women, that of Mother. Whether she is portrayed as the Young Virgin with child, or the grieving Madonna of the Pieta, she is young, she is beautiful, and she is defined by her relationship to her son. In contrast, the Triple Goddess defines herself and each of her three aspects as a mythic image that is capable of standing alone." (Griffen 1995) Unsurprisingly the worst persecution ever enacted upon pagans or those even merely accused of practicing witchcraft, came as a result of a text written by the Catholic inquisitors Krammer and Spenger. Malleus Maleficarum was a text that outlined how to identify a witch and led to the death by burning of thousands. (Masters 1962 p. xix) The misogynistic work stated that "when a woman thinks alone, she thinks evil;" this mindset can be found throughout many of the Christian texts, all of which blame Eve for "original sin". Wicca and other pagan religions boost women up instead of breaking them down. "I see many connections that can be made between the image of Mary…and the denigration of women. One of the things they have done to Mary, they've taken away her sexuality. She was a mother, yet had no sex. She was not a woman, she was just

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Kidzone Since 2002, activities for children have been provided at the St. Louis Pagan Picnic. As our community grows and changes, and more families attend local events, it is just as important that we provide stimulating activities for our children just as we provide them for the adults. Our children are our future, as one song says, and we take this literally. If you have children, please plan on bringing them to the Picnic. We will have activities for all ages.

All Kidzone activities are sponsored by the Pagan Playground and Chicken Scratch Productions. Donations are accepted to offset the costs of Kidzone activities. We collect both in-kind and cash donations. Any cash donations collected that are not used for Kidzone activities will of course be put in the Pagan Picnic general fund to pay for other Picnic expenses. And as with many public activities, we couldn't do it without our volunteers! If you can donate an hour to help with our activities, it would be greatly appreciated.

Kidzone Workshops (Saturday Only) Noon Make-It-And-Take-It Drums and noisemakers for our littlest ones. This workshop is designed for those four and under. Parental participation is required. This workshop will be led by some of our community's maidens, who have a strong belief in giving back to the community whenever they can. 1:00 p.m. Make Your Own Sit-Upon - Girl Scouts have made these for years; there's nothing worse than heading to a ritual, picnic, or other outdoor event and getting your hiney all damp from sitting on the ground. Our five to eight year olds will make their own vinyl Sit-Upon. 2:00 p.m. Making a Fairy Seeing Stone - Our 9 and ups will be working with artist Mickie Mueller to make Fairy Seeing Stones. Most children will recognize their use from the more recent Spiderwick Chronicles, but they are much older than that.

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An Unpublished Letter To Green Egg Magazine—1997 With updated and footnoted commentary By El Bee Kanobe This letter was in response to the many Editorial Letters lamenting the fact that Paganism was not receiving the same treatment, respect and tolerance from public officials that main stream religions were enjoying. Much has changed for Paganism in the last Decade. We are seeing fewer and fewer of the kinds of complaints that prompted this letter. I am presenting it here as an example of what can happen in a very short period of time when dedicated Pagans work together to overcome obstacles that stand in the way of our progress. It is also a short history lesson that we need to remember. We will never know where we are unless we know where we have been. El Bee...... Many of us here in St. Louis, myself in particular, have a very hard time understanding the difficulties Pagans in other parts of the country have with public officials treating them fairly. We have rights and we should exercise those rights. Missouri is in the middle of the Bible belt. Yet, public Paganism is very much alive and well here. I believe what we are doing to make it alive and well is the correct thing to do and it is working. I am not in any position to criticize the activities of Pagans in other communities nor advise them in what they should be doing to improve their public image. I can, however, describe our activities and share a few positive stories. My name is El bee and I have been a Pagan for many years. I am currently the president of Omnistic Fellowship, a Pagan church and a founding member of the Council of Alternative Spiritual Traditions. CAST is a ministry of Omnistic Fellow and is an area wide activity planning council. 1 CAST is but one of many Pagan organizations in this area. It is, however, the most public. Besides CAST, there is Awakening University, Alliance of Magickal and Earth Religions, Spiraling Stairways, Diana's Grove, Ozark Avalon, Pathfinder and others. There is also, at last count, forty one covens, circles and groves here. 2 Thirty three of them are public and many of them send representatives to the Council. Although not specifically Wiccan, most council members are and most of our activities are Wiccan oriented. We sponsor seventeen public events a every year. The largest is the St. Louis Pagan Picnic. It draws 700-800 each year.3 The Magickal Weekend is in its fifteenth year. We set up at Earth Day and have two major fund raisers, the Spring Fling and the Fall Ball.4 Our main public outreach, however, is a schedule of Open Full Moon Rituals.5 These are scheduled a year in advance with a different group hosting the event each month. We have a waiting list and have outgrown our present facilities. We will soon be moving to a new location that can accommodate up to three hundred worshipers. Everything is advertised. We use non-professional PR people that design our advertising and get it into the newspapers, radio and TV. We print thousands of fliers, brochures and posters. Some of us have done radio and television interviews and conducted live open forums.

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How is all this possible? We just do it. We are in your face. We are public and we demand the same rights and privileges that are granted to every other religion. Every time the Christian Right successfully lobbies for rights and protection under the law, we claim them for ourselves. Why not? We consider it foolish not to. There are Pagan lawyers who can make it so. We have made the Police Department our friend instead of our advisory. We inform them when we are planning an event, give them our literature and use them for our security. We present ourselves to the police as a legitimate church organization filled with regular folk who hold jobs, volunteer in civic projects, live next door, pay taxes, send our kids to school and are concerned about our neighbors and our environment. 6 Three years ago at the Picnic, there was a very loud amplified family reunion a few hundred yards away. When six o'clock rolled around and it was time for our closing ritual, the police informed the reunion that they must turn off the amplified music because church services were about to begin in the park. We were pleased and very impressed. We have also made fast friends with the administration of Tower Grove Park and several departments at City Hall. So much so that they encouraged us to expand our annual Pagan Picnic into a two day event. We clean up Tower Grove Park before we set up and leave it cleaner than we found it. All of our trash is sorted and bagged and all recyclables are carted away with us when we leave. The Park Police sit down to eat with us and observe our rituals with respect. This year, the Schedule for the St. Louis Pagan Picnic is included in Directory St. Louis, the official directory of St. Louis area events. We are quite proud of this. Who would ever have thought of this? Have we gone main stream and respectable? You bet, why not. 7 One of our members publishes Neumens Notes. It's a calendar listing of all area pagan events. It's quite detailed and extensive. It includes times, dates and places a year in advance, resources, networks, civil rights organizations, shops, vendors and craftsmen, web sites and much more. 8 Some of our events are covered by the media. We have received front page color photos and feature stories in the Post Dispatch. Once, we were featured on the front cover of the River Front Times which included four pages of story and photos. Last year one of the local TV stations did an announcement about the picnic at the end of the 10:30 news cast. It surprised all of us. I can't remember the last time we had bad press. Yes I can. A few years ago, the City Council voted to retain an old law that banned tarot reading for money. Oh, well. I don't want to leave the impression that everything is rosy in River City. We have our distracters. Even though we have not had any protesters picketing us or had any event otherwise disrupted, there are those fanatical souls who would be pleased beyond belief if we just disappeared. There are also people and organizations here who are actively working to discredit us, deny us our rights, take our children away, influence our employers and label us evil and possessed. We are determined not to let that happen. Most people in the Pagan communities across America are unaware of the role St. Louis has played in the emergence and growth of Neo-Paganism. Many of this nations Elders were raised here or lived here at one time. We have old church roles going back to the 1920's. Some of the people who helped make St. Louis what it is include Otter and Morning Glory Zell, Don Wildgrube, Gillian Stewart, the Frost's, Fey Clark, Deborah Bourbon, Sybil Leek, Lance Christi and many others. We are all in their debt. This publication, the Green Egg, was founded here. Stories are told about how folks would sit around naked on the living room floor of a north St. Louis home cutting and pasting those early editions of the Green Egg. They

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An Unpublished Letter continued from page 13 were words of wisdom back then and still are. Those early copies are cherished and coveted here. What St. Louis is today and what it will become tomorrow is their legacy and will be the legacy of those of us here now as well. Much of the credit for what we have is due to the men and women doing what has to be done now. We are building on the foundation laid down years ago. We have also, for the most part put aside our differences to work toward our common goals for our common good. We still meet in small groups or worship before personal altars. We still try to avoid the trap of hierarchies and power mongers. We believe in reserving our personal power for ourselves and following our own paths. But give us a common obstacle or crisis and we will rally together to overcome it. At the outset of this letter, I said I would not offer any advise. There are however, three things any community can do to improve its situation. Get organized, get active and get official status. It all helps. Try it. See what happens.

Both CAST and Omnistic Fellowship have since disbanded but many of the ideas they promoted and activities they sponsored continue to influence our community. This was the last time a census of covens was conducted in the St. Louis area. There is no way of knowing how that may have changed. However, I doubt the number is even close to that today. One reason for the decline in covens, in my opinion, is the rise in less structured groups like Fellowships, Churches and organizations such as SIPA. They all serve the same sort of functions that CAST did and encompass a much larger variety of people than the small traditional style covens. From our humble beginnings of a few hundred to several thousand now, it is easy to see how much influence our efforts to reach an ever growing Pagan population has had. When these two events were actual fund raisers, they helped support the Pagan Picnic. In their later years, they became parties and the fund raising became less of a focus. After CAST dissolved, there was a void of public events in the Spring and Fall. Now days, the Spring event is Spirit Awakening, a musical venue with live pagan music from a variety of sources. The Fall Ball time slot is now held by the St. Louis Witches Ball. It's a formal ball which still helps support the Pagan Picnic. There are presently more Sabbats and Esbats open to the Pagan public than there ever was before. Four Winds Fellowship presents open Sabbats, Ozark Avalon holds public Esbats and groups such as SIPA offer many more. We did this in response to and in spite of a private witch hunt being waged against us by an over zealous police detective from St. Ann. It was his mission to disrupt the peaceful lives of area Pagans by lies and deceit. He has since been punished and removed from the Police Department because of his actions. With notoriety, comes costs. The costs in this case was a substantial increase in the amount of money it would take to continue securing our place at the table with the very large and well established public events. We were deemed a major St. Louis public event because we passed the 2,000 attendee mark that year for the first time. What started out as a $20 fee for our space in 1993, became $75 in 1997, rose to $1,500 in 1998 and is currently set at $2,900 plus the cost of porta potties and other needed amenities as well as a considerable Administrative costs. In all, it pushes the cost of the St. Louis Pagan Picnic over $7,000. There is no longer one central calendar and resource listing. It has dissolved into many small incomplete listings. As a result, many things that are available to Pagans around here are missed because they are not in the calendar being used. I think it is important to revive the central listing idea.

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Magic is Afoot!

Workshops Astrology for Self-Actualization: a beginning Don Wildgrube Saturday 200-3:00 Air This workshop will present the basic ideas of Humanistic and Holistic Astrology. It will not go into great depth but will give the attendees the basics on how to change your natal chart to a Humanistic/Holistic chart and interpret it accordingly. Reference book is A Handbook for the Humanistic Astrologer by Michael Meyer. Building a Coven Adventures of a High Priestess Ellen Dugan Saturday 12:00-1:00 Earth An honest and hilarious look at the practicalities and realities of group work. What does it take to build, run, and to grow a successful Coven? Let's talk about it. This lecture will include ideas and tips for setting up by-laws, bestowing Coven degrees, and adding new members. Also we'll take a straightforward look at personality conflicts and how to save a group that may be falling apart because of one "bad apple." If you ever wondered what it takes to start a Coven of your own, or how to build a working Coven, this is the lecture for you.

Blessing the Boundaries Lyon Saturday 3:00-4:00 Fire I have been blessing my homes since I bought my first almost a decade ago. The annual ceremony has become somewhat of a habit for my family and me. I rarely think about the why of what I am doing any more. I clean and bless my home to protect life and property from danger and mishap. I bless my dwelling to erect a semi permanent circle so I can plop down wherever and whenever and do impromptu rituals as needed. One May, I was abruptly reminded of the reason once more, Missouri and the surrounding states experienced the worst weather in a very long time. Tornadoes and flash flooding made local news. My town was hit by a micro burst. (A mini tornado) My neighbors didn't fare well. Across the flooded street, 47 inches of rain filled basements. Other neighbors had hail damage to their roofs. Several more had trees across yards and outbuildings blown over by the fierce wind. My home had no damage, no flooding, not even one branch from the big old maple trees on our property had fallen down. I feel very lucky. It may be a coincidence that I am the only person on my block to bless my boundaries on a yearly basis. Maybe. I don’t believe in coincidence. Do you? This workshop explores the how to and why of putting a year round circle on your home and property. Ideas pertaining to magical helpers and permanent altars are also discussed.

In Tower Grove Park

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Workshops Coming Out of the Broom Closet Susabelle Saturday 12:00-1:00 Air Most of us have to deal with this issue at one time or another. When is it okay, or not okay, to come out to family, friends, coworkers, etc.? This workshop will be an open discussion about the difficulties and successes in coming out of the broom closet. We'll share ideas, tips, and information that can help you make the decision when the time comes. We encourage anyone who is already out of the broom closet to please join us and share their successes and ideas as well. Common Sense about Holidays Don Wildgrube Sunday 12:00-1:00 Fire This workshop will present various ideas about the celebration of holidays on the proper dates and will present information about the present calendar (NS) and the older calendar (OS) The Garden Witch and Magickal Plants Ellen Dugan Sunday 1:00-2:00 Earth Ellen Dugan, aka "The Garden Witch", discusses the flowering perennials, annuals, herbs, trees, and shrubs of the magick garden. In this lecture there will be ideas for successfully growing sunny and shady gardens as well as enchanted container gardens. We will end up the lecture with a question and answer period. So, bring your magickal gardening questions to the lecture and Ellen who is a Master Gardener for Missouri will be happy to answer them. Page 18

The Goddess Returns Moving from Plan A to Plan BE Terry Hinkle Saturday 2:00-3:00 Fire The greater amounts of the Sacred Feminine Energy that is bathing this planet is helping to raise our personal vibration so that we can balance your personal Energy and Re-Connect to the Universal Life Force Energy of Spirit at higher levels so that you can manifest your greatest life. To make this transformation, the one thing that is certain, is that you will need a different life plan to follow other than Plan A; this is the plan that you have more than likely been convinced to follow up until now. From now on we will call your empowering new plan - Plan BE. Terry will discuss how to attract, and transmute more of this Sacred Universal Energy so that you can attract all the empowering pieces of your eternal Soul into the now, into your present human Body so that you can accomplish your Soul's purpose in this lifetime. You will also learn about some of the information that Spirit gave to Terry about how to personally EMPOWERING your true self‌ your BEING: the balanced cooperation of your human Body and Mind with your spiritual Soul. This balance of BEING will enable you to BE what Spirit originally intended you to BE. During this talk you will learn the first steps on how to get out of Plan A and move to Plan BE and be given some of the tools to help you achieve your empowering transformation.

Magic is Afoot!

Workshops Intro to Kabbalah for Pagans Eric Freidman Sunday 1:00-2:00 Fire In the past 150 years or more, the Kabbalah has become the essential root of all of the Western Occult traditions - including Wicca. Rather than try to suppress this influence - as many neo-Pagans have done - this presentation shows the simplicity of the basic Kabalistic models, and how they are natural to the Wiccan/neo-Pagan worldviews. Thus, Wiccans and neo-Pagans may actually be at an advantage of sorts when dealing with other aspects of the Western Mystery Traditions, as the genderbased mysteries of the Kabbalah - which underlie all contemporary Western practice - are inherent in our worship & ritual. Intro to Rune Magick Eric Freidman Saturday 3:00-4:00 Air Runic Magick is one of the few truly unbroken magical traditions originating in European paganism. This class is an introduction to the magical application of the Runes in amulets, sigils, and other means. While the divinatory aspects are obvious, this class will place emphasis on the active magical applications of this ancient, sacred alphabet, especially citing the hints to be found in the Norse Eddas and Sagas. Living the Magickal Life Rev. Rose Wise Saturday 2:00-3:00 Water This workshop is on finding your personal power and manifesting magick in your day- today life. Specific techniques, spelling crafting and meditations will be used. We will seek to develop and channel our energy to make our life better for us, those around us and to make the world a better place

In Tower Grove Park

Magnificent Butterfly Mask AND/OR Tribal Shield Gengrafix Saturday 12:00-1:00 Fire Children or adults will design a butterfly mask or a tribal shield. Design is open to the creator, using various recyclable materials; brown paper bags for the shields, old file folders for the masks, popsicle sticks, construction paper, glue/stick, paint, glitter bling and bling, scissors, paint brushes, old yarn, and markers for materials to be used. Magic Down & Dirty: No Fluff, No Sparkle, Just Results Dorothy Morrison & M. R. Sellars Saturday 2:00-3:00 Earth Have you done all you can do in the mundane realm to resolve a situation? Have you had "all you can stand, and can't stand no more"? Maybe it's time to level the playing field just a bit, and Magic can be your equalizer. If you're prepared to "own your stuff," then this is the workshop for you! (NOTE: The subtitle No Fluff, No Sparkle, Just Results is serious. This workshop may offend those who believe the world is all goodness and light.)

Magikal Body Art Mickie Mueller Sunday 12:00-1:00 Earth Pagan artist Mickie Mueller will provide a brief but fascinating look at the history and modern applications of magical body art techniques. Following the lecture, any one who wishes may participate in creating and / or receiving magical body art . All supplies will be provided in this fun hands- on workshop.

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Workshops The Magickal Labyrinth River Higginbotham Sunday 1:00-2:00 Air

Reiki, The Gift of Healing Hands Mickie Mueller Saturday 1:00-2:00 Earth

In our teaching we divide magick into four aspects as a useful tool for learning and skill development. These aspects are Communing, Energy Work, Divination, and Conscious Creation. Which of these is speaking to you at this time? In a guided meditation you will travel into the labyrinth of personal and spiritual growth and encounter the magickal essence you need right now. There you will be given both a gift and a challenge to inspire you this year.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation using “laying on of hands� that also promotes healing using universal life force energy. Reiki Master/ Teacher Mickie Mueller will lecture on what Reiki is, and how to apply it, and will provide handouts on hand positions, charkas, and a reading list. At the end of this lecture, anyone who wishes may receive a Reiki attunement.

Men's Mysteries For The Modern Man El Bee Kanobe Saturday 1:00-2:00 Air In this workshop we will explore some of the concepts that are thought to be primarily male oriented. Oftentimes, workshops about men's role in modern Paganism is centered around ways to be more sensitive in a religion dominated by women. This is not one of those workshops. It is important for men to have a fellowship with their Gods and Goddesses and with each other and to have a relevant role in modern Paganism. We will discuss subjects such as blood lust, the Hunt, sexuality, strength and dominance, our role as the Consort, our place in ritual, responsibility and other aspects of Men's Mysteries. If you have been feeling left behind or that your contributions are not appreciated or that you are expected to put your masculinity aside, this workshop is for you.

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Occult Trivia Mike Nichols Saturday 12:00-2:00 Water (This workshop will last 2 hours) Come test your knowledge as lore-master or lore-mistress of the arcane! Mike will act as the master of ceremonies in this fun, unique, audience participation workshop! Just call out the answers to any of the questions you know. (And if you don't know them, you'll learn a lot!) Subjects covered include Witchcraft, Ritual Magic, Mythology, Astrology, Parapsychology, Theology, Comparative Religion, and the Occult in general! Over 1200 random questions!

Spiritual Pagan Atheist Don Wildgrube This talk is about being an Atheist and how I personally deal with the everyday life of being a spiritual Pagan.

Magic is Afoot!

Workshops Paranormal Activity and How to Deal For the Experienced Practitioner Draco Sunday 2:00-3:00 Earth This is a discussion aimed toward more experienced pagans and occult students who would like some ideas and information on how to better understand and deal with paranormal happenings, particularly hauntings, and their options in dealing with the situation. We will be discussing elements such as possible courses of action that can be taken to remedy a haunting, the pros and cons of the situation, how to prevent or attract entities, tools of the trade, and more. This will be a discussion with aspects of a lecture, and students will be encouraged to share stories and ideas. Tarot Keywords Susabelle Sunday 12:00-1:00 Water Take a short but powerful journey through the Path of the Tarot. Bring a deck of Rider-Waite, Universal Waite, or other Waite-related deck with you to this workshop on developing keywords for Tarot. It is not necessary to have the deck in order to participate; handouts will be provided. Learning keywords is an important first step to learning Tarot, and is the basis on which you can learn to do readings for yourself and for others.

Why Magic Works Rev. Don Lewis Saturday 1:00-2:00 Fire Contrary to what many people think, magic is a perfectly ordinary thing -we all do it, all of the time. Magic is a constant process as natural as breathing -but equally unconscious. Gaining conscious control of the magical process is the goal of most metaphysical paths. In this workshop Rev. Don discusses the nature of reality

Local Events St. Louis Pagan Picnic: This event is usually held in the summer. The website is provided for more information: (314) 477-2063 St. Louis Witches Ball & Masque: This is a new event which is only in its second year. The website is provided for more information. PNO: Pagan Night Out is a social event that is held at a local bar the second Saturday of the month. Spirit Awakening: This is a weekend long Pagan Festival with music, ritual, and workshops held in Alton, IL. Coffee Coven: This is a social gathering every other week or so. This event is held at Barnes & Noble in Crestwood, MO.

In Tower Grove Park

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If you would like to start your own group, contact Regina at

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Magic is Afoot!

Recycling Initiative Our commitment to a Greener Metro-St. Louis: History of Pagan Picnic Recycling: As Chairman of the Division of Operations of the St. Louis Pagan Picnic 2005, and as part of the critical thinking process of this job, I called about St. Louis to see if I could get an idea of the resources in St. Louis when it came to setting up recycling at the event. I contacted the St. Louis County's Environmental Protection team, and they lent St. Louis Pagan Picnic 75 wire recycling baskets and bags for our Green Initiative. This was a fantastic group led by Mr. Bill Seffens whom also gave St. Louis Pagan Picnic committee additional information on contacts in the City. Beginning with last year picnic, those wire baskets were donated solely for the St. Louis Earth Day organization, as part of a grant initiative received from St. Louis County. Cassidy Dellorto-Blackwell of the St. Louis Earth Day organization was excited to hear that we had borrowed those racks the year before and gladly checked them out to us again for the next two year. Her group has been very kind and helping us find resources to further the Greener Metro-St. Louis Initiative. I called Ms. Jill Hamilton of the St. Louis City Refuse Department whom was very excited about manning a booth to be available to the St. Louis City (and County and rural areas in the Metro area) whom had questions about recycling, the benefits of purchasing recycled/refurbished products. Ms. Hamilton and her team are very warm and welcoming folks, and as I passed by their booth, (quite often) she would be in constant dialogue with adults and children at the picnic. Jill expressed excitement at rejoining the folks that come to picnic as in the picnics of years past. Because we actively recycle at this event we not only help interested parties, pagan and non-pagan alike, bringing valuable resources to help save our beloved Gaia. We also walk our talk, and project to the non-pagan community a positive image through a problematic concept that affects ALL people walks on this earth. Also because we recycle and don't have to have that huge and ugly construction bin, we save dollars to be used in other initiatives, such as purchasing autographed books from authors and performers to raffle and help further defray our picnic costs. With Tower Grove Park raising the park fees by $2,000.00 in 2007, every dollar saved is worthwhile. I would like to encourage you to volunteer at picnic to help in this recycling initiative. Help us more efficiently process the recycling (gathering bags of recycling for storage, moving true trash to the trash bins, and replacing all bags) so that we can continue to use the saved dollars to make your event more pleasant. Please contact Ms. Juanita Barrett by e-mailing her at or by contacting a picnic coordinator by calling 314-477-2063. Namaste' Cretta Wilson, Chairman of Operations - Retired

In Tower Grove Park

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Schedule SATURDAY, June 7, 2008 EARTH




Ellen Dugan - Building a CovenAdventures of a High Priestess

Susabelle - Coming Out of the Broom Closet

Gengrafix - Magnificent Butterfly Mask AND/OR Tribal Shield


Mickie Mueller- Reiki, The Gift of Healing Hands

El Bee - Men's Rev. Don Lewis - Why Magick Men's Mysteries For The Modern Works Man


M.R. Sellars & Dorothy Morrison Magic Down & Dirty: No Fluff, No Sparkle, Just Results

Don Wildgrube - Astrology for Self-Actualization: a beginning


Tish Owen -

Rev. Eric Feidman - Intro to Rune Lyon - Blessing the Boundaries Magick


Terry Hinkle - The Goddess Returns: Moving from Plan A to Plan BE.

4:00-5:00 5:00-6:00




Mickie Mueller- Magickal Body Art

Author Round Table with Dorothy Don Wildgrube - Common Sense about Holidays Morrison, M. R. Sellars & Tish Owen



Ellen Dugan - The Garden Witch and Magickal Plants

River Higginbotham - The Magickal Labyrinth


Draco - Paranormal Activity and How to Deal For the Experienced Practitioner

Don Wildgrube - Spiritual Pagan Atheist

Rev. Eric C. Freidman - Intro to Kabbalah for Pagans

3:00-4:00 4:00-5:00

Finding the Workshops!

The workshop areas are designated with colored flags Earth = Green…..Air = Yellow….Fire = Red…..Water = Blue

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Magic is Afoot!



of Events WATER




Aileim Dance Troupe

Make it & Take it Drums

Jenn Lutke & Friends

Sit Upons for 5-8 year olds

Morning Vision Blue

Making a Fairy Seeing Stone with Mickie Mueller for ages 9 & up

OPENING RITUAL 'Goddess is Alive, Magick is Afoot!' Lead by Greenleaf Coven Mike Nichols - Occult Trivia

Occult Trivia Continued

Mothering Ritual

Rose Wise - Living the Magickal Eldering Life

Papa Smiley & The Brain Bananas Drum Workshop w/ Joe Credit III Open community Drum/Percussion Jam! Bring your drums, shakers and music makers!



Susabelle - Tarot Key Words

Tricia Overcamp - Living Tarot (near the water workshop area)




Prosperity Ritual with Yarrow Coven

Living Tarot continued.



Tribe Ayaka Closing Ritual - Ancient Ways

Rituals are held in the Ritual Circle marked by the 4 Quarters….. Our Nation’s Flag and our State Flags will be flying proudly at the entrance. Bardic Circle Events are held under the Shelter Kidzone is located under the trees behind the Registration Booth

In Tower Grove Park

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Workshop Presenters Ellen Dugan Ellen Dugan, is the award winning author known as the "Garden Witch". A psychic-clairvoyant, she has been a practicing Witch for over twenty-four years. She is a Master Gardener, and is also the Co-High Priestess of Greenwood Coven, a mixed magickal tradition Coven in the St. Louis area. Ellen teaches classes locally on Witchery and magick at Pathways. She is the author of the following Llewellyn books: Garden Witchery: Magick from the Ground Up Elements of Witchcraft; Natural Magick for Teens 7 Days of Magic: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for the Bewitching Week Cottage Witchery: Natural Magick for Hearth and Home Autumn Equinox: The Enchantment of Mabon The Enchanted Cat: Feline Fascinations, Spells & Magick- (2007 COVR Award Winner) Herb Magic for Beginners: Down-to-earth Enchantments Natural Witchery: Intuitive, Personal & Practical Magick How to Enchant a Man: Spells to Bewitch, Bedazzle & Beguile Ellen's tenth book with Llewellyn Worldwide will be released in 2009. When she's not keeping up with her family (two of the kids are in college now and the oldest is out on his own), Ellen likes to unwind by working in her perennial gardens at home with her husband. Ellen wholeheartedly encourages folks to personalize their Spell-craft. To go outside and connect with the spiritual side of nature. To get their hands dirty and discover the wonder and magick of natural world that surrounds them.

Draco Draco has been a student of the occult for 12 years now. Though she is an occultist in a general sense, she concentrates mainly on working with the Egyptian pantheon and studying the ways of ancient Egypt. As a Second-degree member of Coven of the Greenwood, Draco enjoys celebrating the sabbats with her Sisters, as well as participating in enlightening discussion with fellow pagans.

Eric Freidman Rev. Eric C. Friedman discovered Magick at an early age. His studies include a diverse range of disciplines, including Wicca and Reconstructionist Paganism, both Hebrew and Hermetic Qabalah, and Ceremonial Magic of various forms. As a 2째 Alexandrian Wiccan Priest, Eric is an ordained minister of the Church of Ancient Ways and the founder and former Director of the Long Island Open Circle. He is a Past Master of a Scottish Rite Lodge of Perfection and deeply involved in exploring the esoteric aspects of Freemasonry and other Ceremonial systems. Eric is presently working on several projects, including a translation of one of the fundamental Medieval Qabalistic texts and a series of rituals adapting the Wiccan Wheel of the Year to the Thelemic initiatory paradigm of the Crowned and Conquering Child. Page 26

Magic is Afoot!

Workshop Presenters Gengrafix A St. Louis, Missouri native with a B.A. in painting from Webster University, Esson has won awards for music album cover art and was featured on the program cover for the Riverport Amphitheatre. Locally, her paintings have been exhibited at the St. Louis Artists Guild, the Randall Gallery, Richmond Heights Artists Group Shows, Cardeia's Coffee House, Peony Boutique, Hartford Coffee House, and other venues. In New York, she exhibited at the Great Salt Marsh in Manhattan. She recently had a booth at the 21st Wholistic Expo. She will have an art booth at Earth Day 2008. You may see Genevieve's work at the Soulard Art Market. She is one of 12 artists who has gallery space there. She also has artwork at A Floral Gallery in Clayton, MO and Mystic Valley in Maplewood. Upcoming shows are the St. Charles Spring Art Walk in April, a solo show at Crave Coffee House in May and June and Framations Art Gallery in August. You may visit her web site at Please contact the artist at to get on her emailing list for shows. " My art is an extension of my inner world. The subject matter is surreal and dream-like...The environment reflected in some of my pieces is of a world of vivid color impressions, spiritual meanings and aspirations...The tapestry of music is another theme running through my pictures, bringing with it an abundance of movement...The scope of the human mind is infinite, with boundless possibilities to be explored, which is what makes art so exciting..."

Local Public Groups Four Winds Fellowship: St. Louis, MO—They are beginning to provide open full moons to those in the area and also hold several Sabbat retreats. You must be sponsored by a FWF member to attend the retreats and they do cost a minimal fee. St. Louis Mystery School: St. Louis, MO—This is an offshoot group of Diana’s Grove. They are offering class opportunities in the St. Louis Metro Area. Some of the classes are free and some you need to pay for. Yarrow Coven: St. Louis, MO—Yarrow is a local coven that hosts some open full moons, and hosts the Mabon retreat each year. Mabon is open to everyone and only costs a minimal fee for the entire weekend of camping. Pathways: St. Louis, MO—Pathways is a local store that has a large listing of classes available for a small fee. They also host book signings and psychic fairs. RetroNest—A nest of the Church of All Worlds is forming. We start with the mythology of Science Fiction, combine this with the Self-Actualization qualities compiled by Abraham Maslow, and learn from our Pagan ancestors as we look to the stars. Interested people can contact Don Wildgrube at or 314/425-2560 for information.

In Tower Grove Park

Page 27

Workshop Presenters River and Joyce Higginbotham Joyce and River are the authors of Paganism: An Introduction to EarthCentered Religions, and Pagan Spirituality: A Guide to Personal Transformation, both published by Llewellyn, with their third book, ChristoPaganism, due out in 2009. They are active teachers nationally, and appear as guest speakers at universities, high schools, and Christian churches. The Unitarian church has adopted their introductory book as a text for an adult religious education course on earth religions, and several universities use their writings as text or required reading for both graduate and undergraduate religious studies classes.

Terry Hinkle Before sitting down to meditate one morning in the early spring of 2004, Terry had been thinking about all of the unanswered questions that he had about Divine Feminine Power and Feminine Energy. This subject was something that he had been discussing on his syndicated radio talk show for months. His listeners around the world were very interested in the subject and kept asking him for more information. The subject of the change in Feminine Energy on this planet had sparked a passionate interest in the shows growing audience and also in Terry. What happened next in Terry's meditation that fateful spring day was a great physical and mental shock to him. As he quickly slipped into meditation that morning, Spirit sent him all of the answers to his questions about the lost Feminine Energy. The channel was open and the answers were "downloaded" into his consciousness. At the time, Terry didn't think that his physical body would survive the initial burst of higher Spiritual Energy that accompanied the information. Terry had no idea that he had ascended to the level where he could accept that kind of Energy or communication - but Spirit knew he was ready. That was all that mattered. Terry found that all of the knowledge that he had gained from working with and interviewed many of the top authors, teachers and experts in the world of metaphysics, science, theology, spirituality, motivation, healing, ancient history and the paranormal had prepared him to receive and understand the powerful information that Spirit had given him. This personal depth of understanding enabled Terry to better interpret Spirits information and to complete Plan BE. After working for many years in the creative world of advertising, Terry now lives with his wife, two daughters, cats and dog in St. Louis Missouri (the heartland) where he still does some business consulting, a little artwork now and then and continues to record all of the information that he receives in his daily discussions with Spirit. Life is good.

Page 28

Magic is Afoot!

Workshop Presenters Rev. Don Lewis Rev. Don Lewis is the author of many works including the newly released "Witch School First Degree", "Witch School Second Degree", "Witch School Third Degree", and "Ritual in Theory and Practice" textbooks, available now in paperback from Llewellyn. Rev. Don will be available to sign copies of his books during the Pagan Picnic. Rev. Don is co-founder of Witch School (, the worlds largest online school of metaphysics whose motto is "Anyone, anywhere, anytime education". Witch School offers Wiccan, Heathen, Voudoun, Psychic, and other metaphysical courses. Through the Mentoring system it invented, Witch School has taught literally hundreds of thousands of students all around the world. Rev. Don is Chancellor and First Priest of the Correllian Tradition. Rev. Don has been an initiated Priest of the Correllian Tradition since 1976, and a Third Degree High Priest since 1979. Rev. Don is Chief Priest of the Correll Mother Temple and has also been the Head of Chicago's popular Holy City Temple since October of 1990. His years of service have given him a tremendous breadth of experience in dealing with the issues that face the Pagan community as well as individual Temples. Rev. Don is also production director for Magick TV ( and host of the popular interview program "Living the Wiccan Life". Magick TV has featured a number of interviews from previous Pagan Picnic. Rev. Don has edited several magazines over the years, including The Round Table magazine (1994 - 2001) and the Wheel Of Hekate magazine (1987 - 1989) and was art editor of Psychic Chicago Magazine (19901992). Rev. Don is well known both as an artist and as an author. Rev. Don's writing or artwork has appeared in numerous Pagan publications, including Circle Network News, Green Egg, Panegyria (Newsletter of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church), Harvest, Covenant of the Goddess Newsletter, Gerina Dunwich's Golden Isis Magazine, and Silver RavenWolf's WPPA Newsletter. Rev. Don also illustrated the popular pamphlet "The Other People" available from Pathfinder Press. Rev. Don has made numerous TV and radio appearances, was co-host of Chicago's "The Witching Hour" radio program in the early 1990s, and was a regular guest on the "Telepathic Radio" program. In 1587 Pisces (1987 AD), Rev. Don was awarded the Silver Salamander Award for excellence in Pagan journalism, and is listed in the Who's Who of the Magickal and Pagan Community, published around the same time. Rev. Don is well known as a professional psychic. He has been a professional clairvoyant since 1984, and is a well-known astrologer. But Rev. Don is best known as a Tarologist, and the designer of the Tarot of Hekate 1982). Rev. Don is a co-founder and officer of the Pagan Interfaith Embassy. The Pagan Interfaith Embassy was founded in the wake of the Parliament of World's Religions (held in Chicago in 1993) with the intention of fostering greater communication and co-operation between Pagan groups and Traditions. The Pagan Interfaith Embassy has sponsored such events as the Chicago Pagan Leadership Conferences (in 1994), Pagan Unity Night (1994), and Pagan Expo 1997, 2000, and 2001. Rev. Don is also a prominent member of the Fellowship of Isis, holding the positions of: Priest of Isis (Sept. 2002), Knight Commander in the Noble Order of Tara (Sept. 2001), Adeptus (Sept. 2000), and Druidic Companion in the Druid Clan of Dana (Sept. 1999). Rev. Donald Lewis of Illinois is the First Priest and Paramount High Priest of the Correllian tradition. He is active daily giving wise and kind leadership to a tradition that has worldwide membership. Rev. Don, as he is known in the tradition, is an ardent writer and outstanding graphic artist. He has written all of the course manuals for his tradition in a manner that is easily understood. His knowledge of Wiccan traditions adds richness to his works. All of his books include illustrations he drew making the material even more enjoyable. His course books are now being published by Llewellyn. Rev. Don will be available to sign his books during the Pagan Picnic.

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Workshop Presenters W. Lyon Martin The author/illustrator of the Pagan children's books An Ordinary Girl, A Magical Child, Aidan's First Full Moon Circle & Watchers, W. Lyon Martin has followed a Pagan path all her adult life. She became a parent in March 1994, when her daughter was born. She began to actively call herself Pagan in 1985 after she read Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler. An Eclectic witch living in Eastern Missouri, she has written articles for Craft publications both online and in print including PanGaia, IF‌ (was PagaNet News), Broomstix, The Seeker Journal, NewWitch, Acorns Journal, Elements Magazine, Crescent Magazine, The Witch’s Voice and The Pagan-Wiccan Times. She has been a working artist since 1981, when she received an Associate of Applied Science degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology. She continued her training at the School of Visual Arts where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1988. She has exhibited her watercolor paintings in art shows internationally. Her fine art paintings grace both public and private collections. Her illustration work has been featured in assorted publications, from books and magazines to corporate collateral materials and advertisements. She lives with her husband, her daughter and two cranky cats of undetermined ancestry.

Dorothy Morrison Dubbed by Publishers Weekly as "a witch to watch," Dorothy Morrison is the award-winning author of numerous books on the Ancient Arts and their application to modern life. She's won several awards for her writing, and has become a favorite of readers and critics from all walks of life. Some say it's because of the easily appreciated conversational tone she applies to her work. Others say it's her down-to-earth and humorous approach to the subject matter. But regardless of the debate, all agree on one thing: Whether in her writing or her interaction with the public, it's Morrison's personal style that makes her memorable. And it's that same sort of charm and grace that has some folks calling her "The Julia Sugarbaker of Paganism." A practicing Witch since the early seventies, Morrison is an elder of the Georgian Tradition of Wicca, an initiate of the RavenMyst Circle Tradition, and a member of the Coven of the Raven in Flint, Michigan. Morrison currently lives in Virginia with her husband, Mark, and their black lab, Sadie Mae. She handles a voracious tour schedule, and travels the country giving lectures and teaching classes related to witchcraft.

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Workshop Presenters Mickie Mueller Mickie Mueller has been working as a freelance artist since 1983. She is a CoHigh Priestess of Coven of the Greenwood, and ordained Pagan Minister, and has been a Reiki healing master/teacher in the Usui Shiki Royoho tradition since 2001. She is a member of M.A.F.I.A. (Missouri Area Fantasy Illustrators Assoc.) Mickie is the illustrator of two divination decks, The Well Worn Path and The Hidden Path. She is also a regular article contributor to Llewellyns Magical Almanac, and has also published articles in Wicca and Witchcraft Magazine in the U.K. as well as Witchvox and several other online publications. Mickie periodically does interior book illustrations for Llewellyn as well. Mickie’s art has been seen internationally on the covers of Witchcraft and Wicca, Raven’s Call, Spirit Seeker, and Oracle 200 to name a few. Her ever-growing line of products featuring her artwork has included sterling silver jewelry from Peter Stone this year.

Mike Nichols Mike Nichols is the celebrated author of The Witches' Sabbats (both the book and the website). He is also a contributing author to Creating Circles & Ceremonies. He does extensive teaching and writing, guest lectures at Pagan festivals, and performs in a Pagan band called Spellbound. Mike has been a featured speaker on National Public Radio, Spiral Dance Radio, and Eclectic Pagan Podcast on iTunes. A pioneer in the American neo-Pagan movement, Nichols taught classes in Witchcraft for twenty years continuously, from 1970 to 1989, in Columbia and Kansas City, Missouri, through the Communiversity; and will be teaching classes again beginning in January 2008. A

Susabelle Susabelle has been in the community for nine years and active for almost the whole nine. She is best known as the Goddess who runs Kidzone at the St. Louis Pagan Picnic every year. An Eclectic Chaos Pagan, she practices a solitary path but spends many a weekend involved in public rituals of all kinds. She is a member of Four Winds Fellowship, the founder of Coffee Coven, the moderator of the Pagan Playground, and an author of Romance novels. Susabelle is also the secretary and WebMystress for the St. Louis Pagan Picnic, and secretary for the on-hiatus St. Louis Pagan Pride.

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Workshop Presenters Tish Owen Tish Owen is a woman of abundance. She is a daughter, a mother, a grandmother, a wife, a friend, a shop owner, and author, a seamstress, a sailor, and a brewer just to name a few. She reads tarot cards professionally and is the coordinator of the Pagan Unity Festival located in Burns, Tennessee. Ten years ago she started with what she thought was a good idea, and that has now grown into the largest Pagan festival in the mid-South. Through the trials and tribulations of facilitating it each year, she has garnered a wealth of knowledge, which she wants to share with others so that no one has to reinvent the wheel. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband Patrick, and a cast of characters starting with a very silly Rottweiler, a cat who bosses everybody, an Amazon Grey parrot who knows too much for her own good and a Vietnamese Fire-bellied tree frog. She loves her life and is grateful for more things than there is room to list here. Tish Owen's first book, Chasing the Rainbow: Facilitating a Pagan Festival Without Losing Your Mind, was published by Willow Tree Press in 2007 to accolades from festival coordinators and guest speakers alike.

Jeness Trubic Born in north western Pennsylvania but spending much time in Florida, Jeness is now in North Carolina. She spent quite a bit of time in Sedona, AZ where she read Tarot cards for a living while living in the mountains with her pet Coyote hybrid.

Don Wildgrube Don: Born and raised in St. Louis, I have been a part of the Pagan scene since 1971. I have been “out� most of this time. I spent about 12 years in Florida where I was a member of the Unitarian Fel-

Rose Wise Rev. Rose Wise has been a practicing Wiccan and Goddess worshiper since 1980. Rose has a Masters in Business Administration, a nursing certificate and is a Reiki Master Healer. She is the founder and High Priestess of Ozark Avalon, a magickal land and Wiccan Church in Central Missouri. With her partner Sage James, a small group of on-site caretakers, and a great church community, she lives a magickal life- caring for the land, teaching classes, and organizing spiritual retreat festivals. Rose actively promotes Pagan Community though Mid-Missouri Pagan Pride, and Hearthfires Pagan Alliance. Rose has performed many handfastings and is looking forward to her own Handfasting with Sage on July 4th at Ozark Avalon.

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Workshop Presenters M.R. Sellars An active member of SinC (Sisters in Crime) and the HWA (Horror Writers Association), as well as being an. Elder of the Grove of the Old Ways coven, M. R. Sellars has been called the "Dennis Miller of Paganism" due to his quick wit and humorously deadpan observations of life within the Pagan community and beyond. However, his humor is only one facet of his personality, as evidenced by the dark, unique paranormal thrillers he pens. That face has earned him another name-the "Pagan Stephen King." Even with all these comparative monikers he still likes to think of himself as just another writer trying to eke out a living doing a job he loves. Born in the small town of Fulton, Kentucky, Sellars spent many summers during his formative years working on the family farm. He credits these "working vacations" with instilling his strong code of ethics and sense of family. While he readily admits that spending long days "bucking bales of hay" and "piloting a tractor or combine across seemingly endless acres" felt like unfair torture at the time, he misses it now and deeply appreciates the values he learned. After graduating Ritenour High School in Saint Louis, Missouri, he went on for a short stint at College, majoring in Journalism and Literature. Due to unforeseen circumstances, he was unable to complete a degree and went to work as a Computer and Electronics Technician, which was one of his inherent skills. He never lost his love for writing, however, and continued to pen short stories and feature articles in his spare time. After 25 years in the industry, and achieving the level of CTIA Certified Senior Electronics Tech, his first novel, Harm None, was published. A few years later, with the growing success of the Rowan Gant Investigations series, he retired from the computer/electronics field in order to devote his time to writing and touring. All of the current RGI novels have spent several consecutive weeks on numerous bookstore bestseller lists as well as a consistent showing on the Horror/Occult top 100. The Law Of Three, book #4 in the saga, received the St. Louis Riverfront Times People's Choice Award soon after its debut. All Acts Of Pleasure, the seventh book in the RGI series, (second book in the much touted MIRANDA TRILOGY), was released October 31, 2006 and in February 2007 became the recipient of the "2006 Preditors and Editors Award" for best novel in a mainstream genre. The End Of Desire, book eight of the series and third in the MIRANDA TRILOGY officially hit the streets October 31, 2007, immediately catapulting from its placement on the Amazon pre-release bestseller list to the top 10 hot new releases for November. Blood Moon, the next installment in the ongoing RGI saga is due for release October 1, 2008. Sellars currently resides in the Midwest with his wife, daughter, and a host of what he describes as, "rescued, geriatric, special-needs felines". At home, when not writing or taking care of the household, he indulges his passions for cooking and hanging out with friends.

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Men's Mysteries copyright 2000 by El Bee Kanobe

I was once honored by being asked to conduct the Men's Mysteries for God and Goddess Greening at Ozark Avalon. It was held on Ostara weekend and of course the theme was very sensual and sexual. Ostara is the awakening of the new Maiden's sexuality, the quickening of the Sun God and the polarity of opposites. It is about the balance of light and dark, heat and cold, male and female. As the theme suggests, it is also a Greening. It's a greening of the Earth in the form of grass and trees and herbs, plants of all sorts. But it's more than that. It's new birth in all its forms. It's the rising energy of an awakening earth after a Winter slumber. With all of this in mind, I found myself struggling to find a format for my workshop. As I asked around for direction I realized that most men have no idea whatsoever what Men's Mysteries are. Many men thought it was a “gay thing”. Some thought it was a “sexist thing” which excluded the Goddess. Still others viewed it as something not worth pursuing. In all, only three in ten men showed an interest. Having come from the old school of thought that teaches us all paths to knowledge should be followed, I was somewhat dismayed. I would have thought more Pagan men would have a better understanding of our Mysteries. At the least, we should have an interest in them. With this new realization I was forced to ask myself why there is so little understanding of what should be a natural part of our Paganism. Is it that we do not take seriously our own spiritual growth? Do we not know we are held responsible

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for that growth? Are we ignorant and uninformed or just lazy and uncaring? Do we truly believe in the principle of balance and polarity in all things? Whatever the reasons, one thing is certain. The Elders of our community need to take a bolder leadership role. Men need to gather together more often to exchange ideas and have fellowship. This workshop took on a new meaning for me. What are Men's Mysteries? What do we think when we talk about Men's Mysteries? When I ask myself these questions, many things come to mind. Celebrating our manhood and male sexuality are the most obvious of the Mysteries. These can only be fully understood by men. The same can be said of the Women's Mysteries of childbirth or prolonged orgasm. Only women can know them. We know our Mysteries not just on an intellectual level, but on a deep spiritual level as well. If a man cannot perceive his Mysteries on this spiritual plain, he is lacking a basic discipline for working true effective magick and perhaps should rethink his reasons for calling himself a Pagan. There are many things that are expressly male and can only be understood on the spiritual plain. Blood Lust is one. How do we recognize it in us? How do we control it and when is it proper to abandon ourselves to it? Why do we relish the sight, smell and taste of blood rushing from the wounds of our mortal enemies or the body rush we get from the thrill of the hunt? A companion Mystery to Blood Lust is the Mystery of Strength. We are physically stronger than children and women. Women know it and sometimes fear it. Sometimes the fear is even justified. For thousands of years men have used their strength to dominate those weaker than themselves. The Mystery of Strength is knowing how to control it, how to use it for lifting up instead of tearing down, how to use it for honor instead of domination. Honor is one of the Mysteries most difficult to understand. We know what it is but often fail miserably when faced with doing the honorable thing. It is a Mystery men desperately need to relearn. There are other Men's Mysteries. They include power over our environment, worship of our God, hunting and providing, love and lust and bonding and many others. Some are very obscure while many just slap you in the face. One of the people I talked to about my workshop was a woman known by many of us as Purple Jenny. She said, “Since it defies all other explanations it must be a man thing.� This is my new rule of thumb. If something is thought of as a man thing it must be a Mystery that needs exploring on a more spiritual level. Why is it necessary to celebrate Men's Mysteries? I believe it's because it validates who we are in this physical form in this particular incarnation. By this I mean to say it gives us a meaning for being. There are other things that give meaning to life as well as spiritual celebration but I believe it to be primary. Spiritual celebration of Men's Mysteries also provides us with an opportunity to embrace other men both physically and spiritually and teaches us to trust one another. It also both humbles us and empowers us at the same time. As we prepared ourselves for ritual and started getting naked, I could feel some tension in our group. It wasn't as if any of us had never been naked in public. In fact, all of us could be considered exhibitionist of some renound. This situation, however, was a whole new game. It wasn't a quick dash across the countryside or a group shower or skinny dipping in the lake. Nor was it dancing naked in and out of the shadows of a ritual fire. Continued on page 34

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Men’s Mysteries continued from page 33 This was a group of men quite well known to each other standing elbow to elbow questioning our vanities. Stripped of our clothes we were all equal. Except for our skin we were clothed only in the markings that identified us as belonging to the tribe, our tattoos and piercings. I cannot go into the details of our ritual because, after all, it was one of our Mysteries. I can, however, share some of our observations. Even though none of us were perfect, we were perfect in the sight of our God and Goddess. As we looked around, a question was asked. Why would any woman or man love us for our bodies as do our Deities? We're too fat or too skinny. We have scares and stretch marks, Our ball are too large or our penises too small. Our breasts sag or our waists are in the wrong places. We have pimples and blackheads in private spots. We have ugly toenails, yellow teeth, scabs, oily hair and gas. The list is endless. We definatly were not a pretty sight. Yet since those people who love us see us as perfect, as does our God and Goddess, they must embody our deities. I believe our relationships with our lovers will take on a whole new meaning if we learn this one truth. Another truth is this. We are as Gods. We are Gods. The Gods are in us and they give us power. Therefore, when we come before our Goddess as a perfect naked God, there can be no greater Magick. These were the Men's Mysteries at Ostara and they were blatantly sensual and sexual. The male/ female polarity of this gathering was pervasive. It seeped into every pore of my body and every corner of my psyche. This polarity is a basic tenet of witchcraft and must be a part of our world view. Otherwise, we are only social pagans or actors in a make-believe.

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Goddess, Are You Real? The little child whispered, "Goddess, speak to me" And a meadowlark sang. But the child did not hear. So the child yelled, "Goddess, speak to me!" And the thunder rolled across the sky But the child did not listen. The child looked around and said, "God, let me see you." And a star shone brightly But the child did not notice. And the child shouted, "Goddess, show me a miracle!" And a life was born But the child did not know. So the child cried out in despair, "Touch me God, and let me know you are there!" Whereupon the God reached down And touched the child. But the child brushed the butterfly away And walked away unknowingly.

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Born Again: Consumed by truths we can’t ignore by Alex Kirby Have you ever seen that bumper-sticker, "Born Again Pagan!”? I saw one the other day on the back of a beat up car. Then a few months back when I was getting some massage supplies, I noticed the store had these stickers for sale. They got me wondering. I mean, just what is a born again Pagan? Obviously, the tongue-in-cheek reference is to reincarnation. But what about another way of being born again? A way similar to what many Christians claim to be a fundamental religious experience? What about a conversion experience for a Pagan? And what would that be like? I can’t say that I recall hearing about any Pagans being struck blind on the road to Damascus, or to Tacoma for that matter. Nor have I heard about someone adopting the pentagram for their family crest after an apparition of a mighty women led their army to victory. What then does it mean to be Born Again of Mother Earth? We Pagans have our own stories about rebirth as a mystical experience. One that comes immediately to mind, and which is probably familiar to you, is that of the Welsh bard Taliesin. As Gwion, he was the servant and apprentice of Cerridwen, who the bard came to call “The Oldest of the Old.” After he accidentally imbibed several drops of magickal elixir Cerridwen had been painstaking brewing, he gained the insight conferred by the potion. Fearing Cerridwen’s displeasure, Gwion fled from Her. Of course, She gave chase. He escaped first in the form of one animal and then another, but always She took the form of a creature who could match him. At last, Gwion, in the form of a kernel of grain was gobbled up by the hen Cerridwen had become. After nine months (or nine days depending on the version), She gave birth to him and proceeded to cast him upon the sea. Fortunately for Gwion, and subsequent Welsh mythology, he was discovered in a fisherman’s lines and rescued. Imagine the shock felt by the poor fisherman when, as soon as he’d lifted the babe from his weir, the child began to sing incredible poetry. So, he gave him his name, Taliesin — of the shining brow –— as the light of inspiration was on the child. So Taliesin, who went on to become one of the most famous Celtic bards, began like as a servant – someone who does things because that’s what they’re told to do. Gwion gained knowledge through this service to Cerridwen, was reborn after being consumed by Her, and then rejoined the rest of humanity with a new identity. It seems to me that having a again conversion experience has very little to do with what we know. I wonder, whether there are a lot of us who call ourselves Pagan who haven’t as yet been born again. A few of us, not many but some, have grown up from childhood knowing about circles and sabbats, reincarnation and the goddess. We may have learned it just like a child growing up in a Christian home would learn their religion. Most of us, though, learned about Paganism as adults by reading nearly every book we could lay our hands on, by going to a seemingly endless variety of classes, training in XYZ Tradition, and so forth. I don’t think, though, that any of this, including having received initiations in any number of magickal paths, is the same as being born again. Behavior of itself, going through the motions, can be very empty and meaningless from this perspective. We may be fantastic Pagan citizens, who eat low in the food chain, recycle everything in sight, attend every full moon and sabbat ritual, know the invocations by heart, and so forth. However, my experience is that washout the born again process, it’s hollow knowledge. We measure and weigh the child of magick without holding him in our arms, feeding him, singing songs with him, and fully grasping the mystery of his being. At best, he grabs at our attention well enough to get us to do something. He splashes drops of scalding hot elixir on our thumbs which we stick in our mouths to cool. But they don’t cool – it only intensifies as the Cerridwen in our souls realized that we are real-ized (made real) and comes to call us to our personal reckoning. We may run from the calling, we may try taking up any number

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of other forms. We may try booze, lovers and jobs, but it’s of no use. For every new form we take, She takes one equally powerful and continues the chase. Isn’t being reborn, the becoming imbued with the inspiration that changes us, our identity and our worlds, the result of being chased and consumed by the truths we can no longer ignore? To some extent, it may be the result of the cognitive dissonance created when our minds, souls and actions aren’t in harmony. But it goes beyond cognition. It become that word defying mystical experience gained when we finally stop running, become kernels of grain as it were, and allow ourselves to be embraced by the dark night of our souls. It’s standing our ground and turning to face the Hounds of Hell, or the Hen of Cerridwen. It’s saying to ourselves and the Universe, I accept. Not, “You win, I give in.” For there is no losing this – only winning. To accept the gift of the Universe is to be consumed by Cerridwen, is to be relinked with the Womb of the Infinite. We accept our empowerment as our previous forms and limitations dissolve. The Universe unfurls before our new awareness as infinite potential of which we are an intrinsic participant. It gives depth, meaning and purpose to the gestures of our religion. Does this happen in one easy step? I don’t think so. As with everything else in time/space, it is Process. But I do believe there comes a time for all of this, a personal breakthrough moment, when we comprehend with every fiber of our being the humbling and invigorating power of magick in our lives. Tears may fill our eyes, love our hearts, and a smile of knowing rest gently on our faces. Nothing is ever the same again. ******** This is reprinted from an article in the magazine, “Pathways,” Sept/Oct ‘94. (Crossroads Learning Center, P.O. Box 12184, Seattle, WA 98102) Alex Kirby is one of the original members of the Watersmeet Coven, formed in St. Louis in 1972 by Deryk and Carrie Alldrit. The Watersmeet Coven was a daughter Coven of the Rollright Coven in Mercia, England. My friend, Alex presently lives in Seattle, WA. Don Wildgrube

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Pagan Religions and Their Effect of Female Self-EfficacyContinued from page 10 a role." This was the statement of a member of a Diannic coven reported by Griffen in her article "The embodied Goddess". (Griffen 1995) Diannics are an extreme form of Wicca that recognizes only the Goddess and has no God image. Diannic covens usually consist entirely of women and men are often unwelcome. This feeling of being let down by traditional religions has brought many women to paganism to find the validation and affirmation they were lacking. The feminist movement has brought many of these issues to the forefront, however beauty standards, business practices, and unbalanced moral ethics between the sexes are still biased harmful. "The polarization of the sexes in America is a cultural aberration, not a biological one. Our culture's attitudes divide women into false and unreal types: the good girl, the hopeless romantic, the bombshell, the love goddess, the femme fatale, or the slut in league with the devil. All are models that encourage in men the dangerous and insidious idea that women are objects intended for their own sexual pleasure." (Cabot 1997 p. 87) Paganism encourages women not to be bound by these stereotypes. "Many of the Goddesses…were large breasted, big hipped women - overweight by today's standards. These voluptuous figures were considered appealing and powerful, treasured for their ability to bring forth and nurture life." (Cabot 1997 p. 99) Unlike the eternally youthful Mary, the Goddess goes through the natural process of aging and teaches us to be not only comfortable, but proud and empowered at each stage of life. In my own experience I was caught up with the image of the maiden. Even after I bore my child I could not equate in my mind the image of "the mother" to myself. It was because I felt as if I would forever be giving up youth and beauty and sexuality. An important step in my evolution as a pagan was when, through much study and meditation, I came to realize that the mother aspect and stage of life could be beautiful as well, that there was an inherent sexiness to be found in the full breasts and ripeness of womanhood. Without even realizing that I had succumbed to ideas ingrained in me by society, I felt as if the only way to feel sexual and desirable was to completely dissociate in my mind the idea that I was a mother with that of anything sensual. I had this same dissociation between all things sexual and spiritual, as if each aspect of my life had to be compartmentalized from the others. I now feel as if I have integrated myself into one person, one who is comfortable with all aspects of herself. I know that I have years to go before I will reach the stage of crone, but by the time I do, I feel confident that I will be able to enjoy the wisdom and beauty that comes with that stage of life as well. Paganism allows us to "not only liberate female sexuality from the concepts of sin, but actually celebrate the erotic." (Griffen 1995) Women feel such pressure and shame over so many things that are a natural part of being female. Even menstrual cycles have become an embarrassment and source of stress. Pagans refer to the female menstrual cycle as "moon time". It is wonderful to be reminded that instead of some disgusting bodily function, this is actually a natural part of the cycle of our bodies and a very inherently feminine trait. Men joke and scoff about women having PMS, and most women feel everything from shame to just irritation at having to experience a moon time at all. This is part of the process through which we are able to give life and a sign of our fertility. Having a small reminder of this by use of the phrase "moon time" is surprisingly heartening. "In many ways our own culture punishes women for choosing to have children, while women who choose not to have children, or who are unable to have children, are looked upon as selfish, unfeeling, or barren." (Cabot 1997 p. 197) These are the ways society tries to use our bodies and choices against us. "Feminism tells us to trust ourselves…we began to trust our own feelings, we began to believe in our own orgasms. These were the first things. Now we are beginning to have spiritual experiences and for the first time in thousands of years we trust them," states renowned author Margot Adler in her book Drawing Down the Moon (Adler 1986 p 183). This newfound trust lets us believe that we are beautiful, in spite of the impossible standards exacted upon us by society. Not only can we believe we are beautiful but we can revel in our own beauty and think of our bodies as a sacred altar to decorate. "When the Witch is strong and healthy within you, using adornment such as jewelry, clothing, make up, and fragrance is a means of self-seduction and not simply a lure to entice a man". (Cabot 1997 p.101). We trust ourselves to be powerful and secure when we grow old. If you were asked to picture an eighty year old woman, would you picture a weak frail old lady, alone

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Pagan Religions and Their Effect of Female Self-Efficacy Continued from page 42 and helpless? Most Americans probably would. A pagan would envision a wise old sage with a knowing smile and beauty and happiness radiating from her eyes, basking in the love of the family and friends she has accumulated over her life and passing on the knowledge she has gained. "The Crone rejects the limitations imposed by a culture in which female power, such as it is, is tied to youth beauty, fertility and a male directed sexuality." (Griffen 1995) In her book The Witch in Every Woman Laurie Cabot explores each of these yearnings. She proposes that the desire to commune with nature, to be self empowered, to nurture and to be magickal, our part of an inherent witch nature that is present in all women. She believes if we merely open ourselves to the experience we would become much more confident and comfortable with ourselves. The crux of her beliefs is evident in this quote: "Women who do not understand their Witch heritage are cut off from their inherent magickal natures. Without the Witch we feel out of sorts, off balance and uncomfortable with change. We feel foolish and childish for having intuitive thoughts and feelings. We lack confidence, direction, and drive in situations that require exactly those qualities. We frequently feel sick or not fully well. Instead of guarding our strengths and passions, we settle for passive roles in our relationships at home, work and play. We surrender when we should fight and keep silent when we should speak out. Without the Witch we deny ourselves fulfillment at our deepest most primeval level." (Cabot 1997 p.17) Although paganism is often referred to as "the old ways" and dates back far beyond Christianity, paganism is changing with the times and a new breed is being formed. The technopagans or technoshamans are the pagans of the future. Many pagans are unable to find other locals with whom to worship, but now with the advent of the World Wide Web a whole new era of online covens are forming. Members meet in chat rooms and perform their rituals together online. "Once we enter cyberspace we are no longer in the physical plane; we literally stand in a place between the worlds, one with heightened potential to be as sacred as any circle cast on the ground," says one member of an online coven. (McSherry 2003 p. 47) Technopaganism is a fresh and exciting new field that younger pagans can relate to on a whole new level. The altered states of consciousness that are often produced by a drum circle and dancing to the drums around a bonfire are now achieved on the dance floors of raves to the hypnotic, trance-inducing beat of techno music. Many technopagans use entheogens to induce or enhance spiritual experiences. These technopagans give us a glimpse of how adaptive paganism is. "Cyberspace is just a techno-term for the astral plane or any other nonphysical reality." (McSherry 2003 p 47) The Goddess is maiden, mother and crone. She is mother and warrior, nurturer and fighter. She is Morgan LeFay, Lady of the Lake. She is Gaia, the Earth Mother wearing a circlet crown of ivy and clothes of leaves and bark. She flows through river and streams, through the blood in our veins, through our fiberoptic lines in ones and zeros. She has spiked blue hair and silver clothes with circuit patterns on her skin. She can be found in all of us. Through paganism, Wiccans all over the world have found her, and women have reclaimed the goddess within themselves, making the world better for us all. Paganism is a profound source of spiritual comfort and builds self esteem and self efficacy in the women who practice it. Refrences Adler, M. (1986) Drawing Down the Moon Boston MA. Beacon Press. Cabot, L. (1997) The Witch in Every Woman New York NY Dell Publishing Griffen, W. (1995) The embodied goddess: feminist witchcraft and female divinity. Sociology of Religion (56. 1) p. 351 - 356 Masters, R. E. L. (1962) Eros and Evil New York NY. The Julian Press Inc.Publishers McSherry, L. (2003) Cyber Rituals. The Beltane Papers: A journal of women's mysteries (29) p. 46 - 47 Preston, J. L. (Ed) (1982) Mother Worship University of North Carolina Press The Southern Baptist Convention (2000) Baptist Faith and Message Retrieved May 12, 2003 from http://

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