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English Adventures, Backpack, M-Tunes Busca el tema que quieres repasar y luego revisal as opciones de ejercicios. Tema (Topic) The parts of the Body Hobbies

Directions The months of the year Sports Seasons Colors The parts of the House


Family Members Classroom objects



Ejercicios (exercises) Ejercicios para repasar las partes del cuerpo: English Adventures 1 – Unit 1 Backpack 1 – Unit: Head to toes Ejercicios para repasar los hobbies: English Adventures 5 – Unit 1 Backpack 1 – Unit: At the play ground Backpack 2 – Unit: Fun and Games Ejercicios para practicar como seguir direcciones: English Adventures 5 – Unit 2 Ejercicios para repasar los meses del ano: M-Tunes 2 – Section: The months of the year Backpack 2 – Unit: 12 months make a year Ejercicios para repasar los deportes: M-Tunes 3 – Section: I am ready to play Ejercicios para repasar las estaciones del ano: M-Tunes 3 – Section: I like the seasons Ejercicios para repasar los colores: BackPack 1 – Unit: Ready for school Ejercicios para repasar las partes de la casa: English Adventures 2 – Unit 5 M-Tunes 1 – Section: In the House Backpack 1 – Unit: At Home Ejercicios para repasar la ropa: English Adventures 2 – Unit 8 English Adventures 3 – Unit 8 Backpack 1 – Unit: Things I wear Ejercicios para repasar los miembros de la familia: English Adventures 1 – Unit 2 Backpack 1 – Unit: People we love Ejercicios para repasar los objetos en el salón de clase: English Adventures 1 – Unit 3 M-Tunes 1 – Section: Ready for School BackPack 1 – Unit: Ready for school Ejercicios para repasar los animales: English Adventures 1 – Units 4,5,6 M-Tunes 1 – Section: At the zoo Backpack 1 – Unit: On the Farm Backpack 3 – Unit: Amazing animals Ejercicios para repasar la comida: English Adventures 1 – Unit 8

Occupations Daily Activities

Type Sample Activities from Backpack (with downloadable handouts) Backpack • Stickers • Tear Out Books • Scope and Sequence

English Adventures 6 – Unit 1 Backpack 2 – Unit: Favorite foods M-Tunes 2 – Section: I want to eat Ejercicios para repasar las profesiones: Backpack 2 – Unit: My busy family Ejercicios para practicar las actividades diarias: Backpack 3 – Unit: From Morning to night


Description In this web site provides examples of complementary activities teachers can ae/backpack/ develop. Each activity has its description and the material needed (PDF).

English Adventures 1 (PFD files)

In the first section (Sequence and Scope) you can find one chart (PFD) per unit. The chart contains the following aspects: unit, theme, communication objectives, language ae/dod/backpack.html objectives and learning strategies/thinking skills. The stickers and the tear out books are complementary activities (PDF). In this web site teachers can find assessment booklets about the topics in the ar/sitio/ficha.asp?Id=6 software (PDF).

English Adventures Students Activities (Games) In this web page students can review the ae/englishvocabulary learned in the software by doing adventure/students/ puzzle games. ml

English Adventures – Teaching Tips In this web site teachers can find different ae/englishactivities related to the topics in the adventure/teachers/ttips.html software. The activities include the following aspects: title, topic, vocabulary, materials.

Name of the Unit Unit 1 - My Body Unit 2 - My Family Unit 3 - My Classroom Unit 4 - The Sea Unit 5 - Wild Animals Unit 6 - Farm Animals Unit 7 - My Toys Unit 8 - Food Name of the Unit Unit 1 - A Happy Face! Unit 2 - Let's Play! Unit 3 - Let’s Eat! Unit 4 - From Head to Toe Unit 5 - My House Unit 6 - Where’s the Box? Unit 7 - My Things Unit 8 - My Clothes Name of the Unit Unit 1 - Clean Up! Unit 2 - Monsters Unit 3 - School Supplies Unit 4 - Weather Unit 5 - Yes, I Can! Unit 6 - Dancing and Singing Unit 7 - Time Unit 8 - Clothes Name of the Unit Unit 1 - Two Worlds Unit 2 - Run Fast, Jump High

English Adventures 1 Vocabulary of the Unit head, tummy, hands, feet, arms, fingers, legs, toes, eyes, mouth, nose mom, dad, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, grandma, grandpa, me, friend, baby books, pens, pencils, erasers, bags, pencil case, ruler, crayon, desk, chair, big, small fish, seahorse(s), crab(s), shell(s), shark(s), starfish, turtles pink, orange, brown, purple hippos, giraffes, zebras, rhinos, elephants, tigers, monkeys, snakes, iguanas, lions dogs, cats, birds, horses, frogs, rabbits, ducks, cows, puppies boat, kite, car, teddy bear, doll, ball, yo-yo, train, jump rope in, on, under apples, oranges, strawberries, grapes, cheese, rice, beans, chicken, bread, cake, bananas, mangoes English Adventures 2 Vocabulary of the Unit happy, sad, angry, tired, surprised, scared, hungry, ears dollhouse, puzzle, spaceship, dinosaur, comic book, board, game, bicycle, robot, monster, action figure pizza, water, spaghetti, sandwiches, eggs, fish, tea, milk, soup, cookies hair, face, fingers, arms, neck long, short living room, bedroom, table, door, window, kitchen, bathroom, sofa, sink, bed, bathtub in, on, under, next to, behind, in front of, lamps, rugs, posters, walls, phones ring, watch, necklace, brush, umbrella, keys, hair clips, gloves, glasses, sneakers, boots, earrings, comb, bracelet coat, dress, hat, shirt, skirt, sweater, T-shirt, pants, shoes English Adventures 3 Vocabulary of the Unit plate, bowl, cup, saucer, knife, fork, spoon, glass dry, pick up, put away, wash, make the bed, take out the trash, feed the dog, water the plants skin, fur, tail, teeth, horns, claws, spots scary, grumpy, friendly, funny paintbrushes, paint, colored paper, glue, scissors, tape, stapler, pencil sharpener sunny, cloudy, windy, stormy, rainy, snowy, cool, cold, hot, warm months, seasons walk, fly, hide, climb, crawl, swing, run, jump, swim, dance, ride a bike, play soccer, play baseball dancing, jumping, singing, reading, juggling, watching TV, eating, drinking, sleeping, feeding (my cat), riding 1—12 o’clock, 2:15, 2:30, 2:45, morning, noon, afternoon, night, midnight jeans, boots, socks, shorts, sneakers, baseball cap, belt, scarf, jacket, sweatshirt, skirt, dress English Adventures 4 Vocabulary of the Unit trees, wigwams, waterfall, canoe, river, ship, castle, houses, bridge, farm, buildings, streets, mountains city, country run fast, jump high, swim well, fight bravely

Name of the Section Hello! Good Bye! Color Dance Ready for School At the Zoo

Mom’s Pie

Count with me

I love my pets

In the House

Spring Time

Happy Easter

M-Tunes 1 Vocabulary and Expressions Expressions: Take care, how are you? See you later, so long, it’s nice to see you, good morning, what’s new? Words: colors (pink, blue), paintbrush, paint can, paint brush, turn around, clap. Words: pencils, pen, backpack, school, paper, book, eraser, ruler, notebook, crayons Words: zoo, animals, monkeys, lions, snakes, penguins, giraffes, seals, crocodile, zebra, climb, play, sleep, slide. Expressions: stand up, strut around, and lie in the sun. Words: Family members (grandfather, sister, etc), apple, bake, sweet, orange, mango. Expressions: lots of Words: numbers (one, two, etc), kittens, bees, cookies, clouds. Expressions: how many…? Let’s have fun, this is fun, clap your hands. Words: cat, together, under, bird, dog, rabbit, mouse. Expressions: what does he say? / What does he do? Words: city, house, bathroom, TV, kitchen, bedroom. Expressions: go bed, eat dinner, make lunch, brush teeth.

Description SS listen to a conversation and develop match activities in order to review the expressions learned. SS listen and match the color and the picture. SS follow instructions and match the correct image. SS develop a criss-cross exercise and a match game to review the vocabulary. In the Lunch Game sentences are divided into two parts, SS have to choose the correct word and match the halves. SS play a game where they can review the members of the family. SS develop the match game to review the numbers from one to ten. In the Quiz section SS learn new expressions like how many….? and they associate them with the vocabulary learned. In the match game SS can review the animals.

In the match game SS associate the parts of house (words) with the correspondent picture. In the second match game SS associate the parts of the house with the objects used in each place. Words: sunshine, green leaves, blue sky, In the frame game SS listen and order red bird, yellow flowers. the pictures (review vocabulary). Expressions: what do you see? Make you In the Lunch Break game SS review the feel fine, look out, what a happy time adjectives learned (yellow, blue). Words: colors, eggs, sparkly, beautiful, The memory match game helps SS to egg hunt. review the colors. Expressions: come on, spend the day In the Picture Puzzle game SS review with you, let’s go colors and learn prepositions.

In the Big Blue Robot SS order the sentences while they are listening to the song. Name of the Section I want to eat

M-Tunes 2 Vocabulary and Expressions

Words: eggs, cereal, fries, meat, tomatoes, beans, fish, cheese, cookies, ice cream, pizza, ham. Expressions: I am weak at the knees, I need some food I spy Words: A,B,C, etc, sing, spy Expressions: sing along with me, are you free? Let’s play a spy, give me a clue, let me try, please help me. Working on a Words: chicken, horses, cows, donkey, farm rabbit, sheep, pig, goat. Expressions: lots of, to milk the cow, take care, to feed animals. The months of the Words: seasons and months, snow, year thanksgiving, flowers, Halloween, Christmas What time is it?

Words: small, big hand, clock, Expressions: quarter past, half past, tell the time, the time is, quarter to, o’clock

I do not know what clothes I wear

Words: slippers, sandals, snickers, jackets, coats, socks, shoes. Expressions: I do not know, I can’t decide, tell me what to do. Words: toy, store, pool, movies, mall, candy, butcher, bakery, teacher, doctor, neighbor, kids Expressions: many more, by car, by subway, go shop. Expressions: weak up, it’s time, hang up the towel, get out of bed, go into, get dress, go down the stairs, time to relax, go to sleep, fall asleep. Words: cake, favorite, candles, wish Expressions: what’s all the excitement, colorful streamers, party hats, lots of candy, birthday treats. Words: party, skating, dance, sing, cook, paint

In my town

Every Day

Happy Birthday!

What people like to do

Description In the match game SS review the foods learned. They also listen to some sentences they are supposed to order them, they learn the expression: “I love…”. SS review the alphabet letters in a memory game. In the match game SS associate the picture with the first letter of the word. In the match game SS review the animals and in the Lunch Break they review the expressions. In the match activity SS review the months. In the Quiz activity SS relate the months of the year with the activities people do in each month. In the match game SS associate the picture with the hour. In the Picture Puzzle activity SS associate the hours and the daily activities. In the match game SS associate the picture of the clothes with the correspondent word. SS associate the places and the objects with their pronunciation. They also listen and guess words. In the match game SS associate pictures about the daily routine with the correct expressions. SS relate some drawings with actions related to birthday celebration and they also learn prepositions. In the Lunch Break activity SS review the verbs and the actions studies.

Name of the Section Robot Calypso

Good Friends

Safety Rules Let’s take a vacation I’m ready to play Tropical Weather I like the seasons Many different ways to travel Happy Halloween Brush your teeth

Name of the Section Adventure Time

Expressions: watch a movie, visit zoo, fly a kite, read at night. M-Tunes 3 Vocabulary and Expressions Words: parts of the body, happy, surprised, vase, weird, parts of the body. Expressions: lots of, set sb free, stick together, to be done. Comparatives: taller, do not care, trust sb, smaller, jump higher, run faster, louder, farther, bolder, older, prouder. Words: safety, fire, to help out, hold on, helmet, ride a bike, belts, cross the street, strangers, cardinal numbers. Words: warm, sunny, beach, millionaire, maybe, sail, sled, to camp, to snow. Words: sports, soccer, football, basketball, teamwork, slam dunk, dribble Expressions: let’s head for. Words: sunny, dream, cold, wind, rainy, storms, warm, breezy, cloudy, foggy skies Words: winter, spring, summer, fall, bare, smell, grass, tree, go for a ride, windy, cold. Expressions: drive a train/bus, drive a car, hail a taxi, fly a plane, ride a horse, sail a boat. Words: ghosts, wishes, skeletons, scary, monsters, broomstick, goblins, knock on, trick or treat, spooky, watch out. Words: underneath, sweet, candy, chocolate cake, toothbrush, yellow cheese. Expressions: yummy milk, malted milk shake, slice of, bowl of, ripe, can of, a bag of, a glass of, a jar of, a bunch of, a box of. M-Tunes 4 Vocabulary and Expressions Words: Large, small, dive, float, island, animals, snorkel, amazing Expressions: let’s head out.

Description SS review the colors by following instructions. They also listen and complete a text with the parts of the body. In the match game SS review the expressions: climb higher, swim faster. They complete a text using the verbs learned (jump, swim, shout). In the match game SS review the rules learned. SS review the verbs using –ing form, they are asked to complete some sentences. In the word catch game SS review the ball sports learned. In the match game SS review the weather vocabulary. In the match game SS the picture of the season with the correct word. SS match the pictures of the mains of transportation with the correct word. In the Gap-fill exercise SS learn the expression: “I would fly…” In all the exercises SS the main words related to Halloween. In the match game SS review the expressions of quantity and in the Word Catch they review the food learned.

Description SS complete the paragraphs while they are reviewing adjectives and animals

So much fun

You need transportation Trying new things Body Rock

The tidy up dance

Coughing and Sneezing Incredible places

Happy Mother’s Day Superguy

Words: pitcher, throw, baseball, batter, hits, crowd, cheer, beat, soccer, kick, tennis Expressions: slam dunk, go to pass, get a goal, dribble the ball Words: slow, car, canoe, jump, paddle, station, imagination, by land, by sea, boat Expressions: ride a bike, listen to music, ski, play basketball, read a book, skate, cook a meal. Words: stay, healthy, twist, move, wave, touch Expressions: it’s time to…, rock your body, reach for, wave around, pretend you can, to do jumping jacks, don’t mind Words: tidy, neat, short, sweet, chance, closely, pick up, book, pillow, sheets, beat Expressions: right up off the floor, make the bed, look around Words: cough, wheeze, sniff, sneeze, sweat, shake, hurt, reason Expressions: to feel sick, to have a cool, the temperature goes up, crawl in bed Words: weather, rush outside, build, tree, dive, cave, deep, wide, gold, inside, ancient bones, awesome, soar, over, moon, beyond, star, milky way Words: rise, sun, chores, card, share, kiss, love, live Expressions: make the breakfast, make a mess, show somebody care Words: brave, save, strong, iron, run, lightning, speed, climb, buildings, deed, wear, hero suit, muscled shape, cape, power, mask, lasers, public, super

In the word catch SS review the sports learned. In the Quiz they review the actions and associate the words with the pictures In the match game SS associate the pictures with the correct verbs. In the Quiz game they identify which means of transportation is (by land, by air). In the match game SS associate the actions (sports) with the pictures. SS review the verbs and the expressions by ordering some sentences.

In the association game SS relate the objects with the place where people use them. SS listen to long expressions and match them with the written form. In the Quiz exercise SS listen to some sentences and they are asked to answer listening comprehension questions. Review the vocabulary by completing the sentences SS match the expressions of the listening with the correct picture


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