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PAFi ry helps a shelter of homeless dogs in Romania, TgTg-Jiu city near Little Carpathian mountains

About 400 homeless dogs are living in the shelter of Tg-Jiu. Carmena and her daughter Patricia have taken care of the shelter and dogs since 1999 without the support of the municipality. The condition of the shelter is very poor and working there is very hard, especially in winter time. A new, proper shelter would be extremely important and help for that project is very much welcomed.

Sponsoring a dog in the shelter

About 230 dogs have got their own sponsor during one year but there are still hundreds of dogs without a sponsor. With our sponsorship programme we try to ensure that the dogs will get enough food and medical care when needed.


With PAFi’s support Carmena and Patricia could buy a little van in April 2006. Before that they transported dogs and food barrels in a very small car. In August 2006 a Finnish electrician repaired the poor and perilous electric installations of store room near the shelter. The store room is always full of sick and old dogs and also puppies who need medical treatment and can’t be kept in an outside shelter.

Neuter/Spay campaign in August 2006

PAFi and Carmena and Patricia co-operated to organize a Neuter/Spay campaign in Tg-Jiu inviting the local people to bring their pets for free operations. We would like to educate local people to the importance of taking care of their pets and what kind of benefits neutering/spaying would give to the community. A Finnish veterinarian and assistant were helping the local veterinarian during the campaign.

The future plans and current projects

In August 2006 PAFi’s president Kiia Vasko met the vice mayor of Tg-Jiu and discussed the Neuter & Release programme, the humane way to solve the local stray dog problem. PAFi has planned together with Patricia and Carmena the Therapy dog programme for children and old people in Tg-Jiu. Children’s education in animal protection and animal companion matters will also be one of our biggest challenges. The Education Ministry of Finland is supporting us with this very important project.

More information: information: www.pafiry www.pafiry.

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