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Neutering campaign in August 2006 in Tg-Jiu, Romania When we began to plan the neutering campaign in the end of 2005 we had no idea how much it would demand different kinds of resources! If we had known better the campaign would probably still be a distant dream. However, Carmena and Patricia didn’t mention at any point that they didn’t want to implement the campaign even if it would stretch their resources to the very limits. Instead they did everything they possibly could to help to implement the campaign as well as possible. During the campaign Carmena and Patricia had their eyes always fixed on the dogs. They cared for theanimals deeply and were always worrying if everything was okay with them. We received a great deal of help for the neutering campaign from a Finnish vet, Serban Ursachi and her wife, a vet nurse, Päivi. They provided invaluable support since the skills of the vet of Tg-Jiu – the best vet of the province – were a light year away from what is demanded in the Finnish veterinary medicine. We also had Sini as a volunteer and she was very skilful in helping here and there and she was most likely enjoying every moment of it. The electrical installations of the warehouse of the shelter were improved and next winter there will be several radiators instead of only one heating the building. Here are numbers of the spayed/neutered dogs and cats. Naturally these animals also got the necessary vaccinations and worming treatments. Dogs with an owner: females 42, males 2. The shelter dogs: females 29, males 8. Cats with an owner: females 22, males 3. In addition to spaying and neutering they also treated illnesses such as bladder stones, malnutrition and a poisoning. A cat and a puppy were euthanized during the campaign. We want to thank from the bottom of our hearts Serban, Päivi, Sini, Jukka and all those who have supported us in implementing the campaign. - Kiia, Jukka and Irene, the representatives of Pro Animals Finland’s board

Some photos of neutering campaign

On the left recovery tent is almost built. On the right the tent is ready for action.

Vets and assistants are in work.

The vets are concentrating on their work. On the right the owners are following the operations.

The vets are concentrating on their work. On the right the owners are following the operations.

On the left a cat is being neutered. On the right we are calming down a dog that is nervous and anxious after anesthesia.

On the left P채ivi is making a covering collar out of a waterbottle neck for a cat. On the right P채ivi is putting the collar to its place.

The pet owners are following intensely as their pets are being prepared for neutering.

Some pet owners waiting in the shelter yard.

A poisoned but alive dog was brought to the shelter and it was immediately given first aid.

Fortunately the dog was recovered. The only cat of the shelter, Suzy, participated in nursing.

In these pictures are dogs recovering from spaying/neutering and also “nurses� Sini and Kiia.

The recovery cages for the patients in the warehouse building of the shelter as well as in the tent.

There was a shortage of recovery cages so Jukka and Jukka were building more of them.

Mircea and Patricia are cleaning the cages of recovering dogs. On the right are the workers of the shelter during neutering campaign. They slept in tent with the recovering dogs and guarded them.

The first and the second photo are of the electrical installations of the warehouse before they were improved. In the third photo you can see the improvements.

A Finnish volunteer, Jukka the electrician, is fixing up the interior installations and exterior lighting of the warehouse building. In the middle are Jukka, Mircea and Suzi lending extra pairs of helping hands.

On the left we are meeting the vice mayor of the city of Tg-Jiu and discussed naturally about the importance of neuter & spay of pets and strays. In the middle we are with the director of the handicapped children’s home where we visited and gave plenty of toys to children. We had also a little puppy, Scoopy, with us and children were very happy to see and pet him. On the right is Kiia with the director of the care home for the elderly. We were discussing about starting a therapy dog programme with old people.

Neuter & Spay - No more strays!  

Stray dog and cat problem is very huge in many countries, as well in Romania. We try to educate people to understand how important it is to...

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