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welcome Elysia Park encompasses the facilities of a 5 star hotel stylish property ownership.

cyprus about the island of Cyprus that

netic lure of mythic proportions that has been beckoning visitors here for centuries! Cyprus lies in the Eastern Mediterranean, and is a land of stunning natural beauty and rich ous summery weather all year round, giving rise to its relaxed outdoor lifestyle. Far-reaching sandy beaches and pebble coves bordering clear turquoise waters fringe the island’s breathtaking coastline. Traces of the island’s long and intriguing history are still prominent, from ancient castles and amphitheatres to tombs, monasteries and mosaics. Cyprus is a thriving holiday destination, with modern coastal resorts that provide endless entertainment for holiday-makers and residents alike. In recent years, many have decided to turn their ultimate holiday experience into a way of life by scribed as an ‘island of contrasts’, Cyprus is just that, and that’s just what makes it so irresistible to so many!

pafos the ancient capital of Cyprus coastal town of Pafos, once the ancient capital of Cyprus and today amongst the islands’ most popular tourist destinations. Its age old history and archaeological treasures have merited the its naming as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Kato Pafos (lower Pafos) and Pano Pafos (upper Pafos). Kato Pafos is best known for its mediaeval fort, promenade and is highly po pular are numerous sandy beaches here, along with excellent restaurants and entertainment facilities. Cultural events ranging from operas to art exhibitions and concerts regularly take place. Pano Pafos encircles the colorful Old Market, and is brimming with shops and a daily farmers’ market.

enjoy a 290m landscaped pedestrian boulevard A paved boulevard, measuring approximately 290m in length, will run through the centre of the development and will be an integral part of the communal areas.

7000m2 of communal landscaped gardens Communal areas include garden areas and herbaceous borders toareas will be planted, irrigated and Developers.

experience luxury living • 24Hr reception • Maid Service • Spa • Gym • Indoor heated pool • Landscaped grounds • On site maintenance • • On site security


services that will leave you feeling elated picture reception ance with all enquiries relating not only to the development but also to the area in general. Reception will be more than happy to assist you with various bookings and reservations (restaurants, taxis, theatre tickets and so forth). on site housekeeping Housekeeping will be readily available 7 days a week for any owner proving that our 5 star clientele deserve nothing less than a 5 star service. landscaping Our landscaping experts maintain all the communal areas in top condition and can design and create your own private landscape garden. on site maintenance crew Our on site maintenance crew ensures everything runs smoothly and provides immediate assistance in the case of emergencies.


on site security • Allocated secure underground parking • Secure entrances to all blocks • Closed Circuit Television monitoring t he grounds 24 hrs a day

spa Elysia Park is proud to feature a superb spa providing a full range of treatments exclusively for residents. An indoor heated pool, sauna, steam, and whirlpool are a few of the attractions available.

gym A super-size elevated gym, measuring 250 sq. meters and boasting the most modern equipment and separate exercise rooms for yoga, pilates and aerobic classes, is the jewel of this development. lows for panoramic views of the park and the tree lined boulevard below. A basketball court which is available within the development may


PAFILIA NOW OFFERS MORE OPTIONS TO FINANCE YOUR CYPRUS HOME Pafilia using its credibility and influence has secured the best possible bank loan terms for our clients. You can acquire a property in Elysia Park: • Just by paying an upfront 20% DEPOSIT of the value of the property. • Loan can be in any foreign currency for up to 80% of the value of the property • Repayment period for up to 35 years!

AVAILABLE REPAYMENT OPTIONS • Interest only payments until delivery. • No payments until delivery. (Interest is capitalized during this period) • No payments until delivery and additional 5 years after delivery interest only payments (interest is capitalized during the no payment period) • First 5 years interest only payment • 15 Years interest only payments (30% contribution required– no grace period – Capital repayment is payable anytime throughout the duration of the loan – higher cost of financing by 0.75%).

COST OF FINANCING • LOAN INTEREST The total loan interest varies, depending on the currency which fluctuates, unless locked for a period of max 12 months. The interest is calculated on the Libor of each currency plus the bank’s margin. The cost of financing of the main foreign currencies, based on the 3-month libor, is as follows: Currency Total Interest Rate Euro 6.15 Swiss Francs 4.40 U.S. Dollar 4.45 Sterling Pound 7.55 Japanese Yen 2.60 • TITLE DEED GUARANTEE A one off 1% financing cost is charged on the value of the loan for the bank title deed guarantee needed as collateral. (Mortgage fees charged by the Land Registry Office) • BANK FEES AND ADDITIONAL CHARGES Additionally there are the bank arrangement fees of approximately 0.5% of the value of the loan. Stamp fees are at 0.15% of the loan value and there is a further €35 charge for documentation and €120 - €340 Valuation fees. • EARLY SETTLEMENT FEES There are no early settlement fees, apart from a bank administration fee of 0.15% of the loan value.

Elysia Park  
Elysia Park  

Elysia Park encompasses the facilities of a 5 star hotel with the obvious benefits of stylish property ownership.