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Floral Magazine Introducing our new little Wedding Flowers Magazine So excited as I’ve not done anything like this before so here it is my guide to help you new brides on how to choose your flowers, the time of year and the latest news on our weddings we have enjoyed being part of. I hope you enjoy this little publication and any thoughts or comments are greatly appreciated on our facebook page

Your Wedding Planning your Flowers First of all you will need to check your Florist is available for your date. Many florists can be booked well in advanced and may only take 1 booking a day. Once you have checked make a list of flowers you like it’s always good to have many options, as a certain flower may not be available on your Wedding Date. Gather together all your ideas and if you have a certain style you would like this will help the florist to come up with the design that is perfect for you.


The Consultation In your consultation the things you need to discuss is colour scheme, your dress, and bridesmaid’s dresses as these are the main factors for the design of your bouquet the bridesmaid’s. A good wedding florist will talk to you in depth about the type of styles would be suitable for your dress before going into any other details. Flowers are natural products and trying to match the exact shade can be quite difficult, as a certain variety of rose may be the right shade the time you discuss your flowers but on the day of your wedding can be lighter of darker. It is best to discus another way of bringing the specified colour into your designs. Looking through a florist's portfolio is a good way to get an idea of their style. However, it's even better to see real samples of their work. Watch out for attention to detail - are the flowers fresh and is the ribbon binding the bouquet stems tight? This level of care is vital and will make all the difference to your wedding flowers. You also need to a have a rough idea on how many items of flowers are needed i.e. Table Arrangements, Buttonholes, Corsages, Bridesmaids, Thank You Bouquets and any other Arrangements needed around your church or venue


Booking Your Flowers If you have a budget then let your florist know as they can be flexible perhaps introducing different flowers especially if your require large arrangements. You can always re-use the flowers i.e. from the church to the venue. If any displays are being moved check your florist can deliver, however could be extra cost for delivery and set up. All florist will require a deposit to secure the date generally around 20% from the total cost of your quotation and full payment is required at least 1 month before the day of the Wedding. I always ask for the bride to come and finalize their wedding flowers a month before the wedding to check all amount of buttonhole’s, arrangements are correct. Then sit back and relax and look forward to your special day.


+1 Month to go! Hold a final meeting with your florist to run through the details of your order. Check flower delivery times and details with your wedding venues and make sure that there will be plenty of time to set up also check when items have to be removed. Make sure the florist has the correct delivery addresses and phone numbers and advise them of the wedding venues delivery schedule. Ask your florist the best way to store your wedding flowers - If your flowers are going to be delivered some time before you need them make sure you know how to keep them fresh. Payments - Check with your florist when final payment will be made.



Floral Ideas Just a little taster of some ideas

Something Different

Modern Urns

No Veil?

Why go for the traditional hand

Instead of pedestal

Have you decided not to have a

tied when you can have

arrangements why not choose

veil but feel you should have

something different and eye-

something in a beautiful




Don’t get me wrong I love all

Florists have the most amazing

fashion at the moment and

hand-tide but sometimes they

suppliers to choose from. We

there is some a lovely creation

can look generic.

use only the best and always

to be made.

If you are the type of bride who


get quirky containers.

Headdresses are really in

Talk through with your florist

wants something a bit different

You can really show the flowers

how your hair will be and they

you can accessorize to theme

off and it’s so dramatic at your

can design the style of floral

your dress, venue or theme.

chosen venue.

headpiece suitable for you.


Real Wedding Recently made

Here are some examples of previous wedding made by us. You can view all these weddings on my Blog

Tonia’s Wedding Tonia's Wedding was in July, she came in with the swatch of the Bridesmaids material and I new instantly which rose to go with. Blue Curiosa Rose's the perfect shade.

Megan’s Wedding Megan new exactly what she wanted which was spring, Vintage style? So I included Ranunculus, Tete Tete's, Yellow Freesia, White Veronica, a couple of yellow roses, touched with Viburum Snow Ball and foraged blossoms.

Ruth’s Wedding Ruth came into Boutique Paeony with just over a Month before her wedding and she knew exactly what she wanted. However I have never gone as far as Ripley Castle before but as she was so wonderful I agreed and it was beautiful.

Amy’s Wedding I so adored this wedding Amy was very open with what she wanted and left it to me to choose the flowers. She new her colour scheme so I just chose what flowers was in Season. I hope you like the selection I chosen? 7

Thank You for reading x

Would you like to arrange a consultation? Website Email address Facebook Look forward to hear from you x

Paeony's Magazine  

Hooray we now have a magazine for all you new brides who are in need of help when choosing your wedding flowers

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