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The Empower Network Exposed - From Someone Who Did NOT Join! You log into your Facebook account and you receive all these messages saying "Join The Empower Network NOW! 100% Commissions!! Everywhere you see ads talking about this 100%, 100% deal. So the question is: To join or not to join? Well I'll break it down for you simply and then you can decide for yourself whether or not you want to join. By the way, I'm not affiliated with this company in any way so this review is strictly unbiased. What is The Empower Network Anyways? The Empower Network is a viral-blogging system that is designed to help average marketers make more money online. The system was built by David Wood and Dave Sharpe, who are both experienced online marketers. Inside the Empower Network system, there are different options for you to choose: 1. The $25 dollar blogging system- This system is already setup for you to use and start blogging to make money. You pay $25 dollars every month and you can have your own replicated blog site that you can use to start creating content. The blog is designed for you to make money because when people see your content, they'll also see the offer to join the Empower Network. 2. The $100 inner circle program- This is their inner circle membership that you can join for 100 bucks a month. You'll get the latest MLM training, online marketing tactics and much more. This is ongoing education. 3. $500 Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive training- This is a one-time product that was created for a mastermind group that they formed in Costa Rica. This product contains close to 13 hours of intensive training that people paid close to $4000 for to attend the mastermind. You can buy the training for 500 bucks and its a one time fee. Here's the deal about the Empower Network Let me point out some things to make sure you're getting a clear picture about this system. 1. There is NO refunds. Yes you get 100% commissions but if you decide after 30 days that the system is not for you, there's no refund on it. Just make sure you know that before deciding to join. 2. You can ONLY get paid a commission on products you buy. In other words, if you decide that you only want the blogging platform, then you will only get paid $25 bucks whenever you refer to someone else. You will NOT get paid from the other products that are offered. You have to actually buy those products in order to promote it and get paid from them. Don't ask me why, that's just how their system works. 3. High Income Claims- Check this out: Most people that you see out there talking about they're already making $15K or more per month residual with the Empower Network system, well truth is those folks have a large email list of subscribers! So make sure you DO YOUR RESEARCH ABOUT THOSE PEOPLE MAKING THOSE CLAIMS and understand the story behind everything before thinking you can go out and make $15K per month within a week or 2 yourself. Lawrence Tam, Toby & Layla, Rob Fore, Tracey Walker and many more are people that have been online for years. They

already have a large email list of subscribers. All they have to do is send out an email and BOOM! $15K IN 2 WEEKS!! Don't be deceived by all that stuff! THEY ALREADY HAVE A LIST! If you're gonna join because you see these numbers and you think you'll do the same, then don't even waste your time because if you don't have a list, don't have any followers, don't have Facebook friends and you want to make $15K, it won't happen buddy! 4. No Self-Branding- Using their blog is great for you to get going. But remember that you are NOT branding YOU. You're branding the 2 Daves. That's not going to separate you from the crowd. You need to have your own unique voice and you really should be thinking about setup up your own blog that YOU OWN AND CONTROL! Understand that the Empower Network could shut down tomorrow (not saying it will) and you don't own anything. Just a user name. So if you're just getting started, great. However don't get lazy and think blogging on their platform will benefit you in the long run. You need to brand YOU, end of story! Do I Need To Join The empower network Rob Fore If I'm Already Part Of Another System? The answer is NO!! You do NOT have to join this system if you're already part of another system. Every system has their pros and cons. Yea you get 100% commissions with the Empower Network but remember that if you want to get paid from the other products available, you have to buy them as well. If you don't have $500 to invest or $100 bucks a month for their inner circle, then you won't get paid from those products. You need to FOCUS! It's like people jumping from MLM companies to the next. There's always going to be new systems out there. Your job is to focus on using ONE so that you can focus on building ONE company as well. By all means, if you're not currently part of another system then go ahead and join the Empower Network. But if you already have a system that you're using, you don't need to have 2 systems. So to conclude this article, I'll just say that the empower network is a good system, just like many other systems out there. Just decide which one works for you the best and stick to it

The Empower Network Exposed - From Someone Who Did NOT Join!