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Spring 2014

Hindsight is 20 Below Consider this oft heard statement: “I do not remember a winter this bad!” Snow globe-like snowfalls coupled with bone-chilling wind chills has made this winter one for the record books. Even the tough ones among us, who had to walk uphill both ways to school through 10 feet of snow with no shoes, have murmured “uncle” to this winter. As kids anxiously scrolled through the list of school closings to see if their school “made it,” and employees perpetually checked their email to see if 40 below was worthy of a “work from home day,” PADS, along with its tireless volunteers and donors, was at the other end of the spectrum. The question was not, “Can we close our doors?” but, “Can we open our doors wider?” to the record breaking number of people we would serve this bitter winter. In hindsight, we knew that this year would be like none other. On the very first day of our shelter season, October 1, we served 55 people. Never before in the history of PADS have we seen those kinds of numbers on the first night. This upward trend of record breaking numbers would continue throughout the winter as Mother Nature would throw at us weather the likes of which we have not seen in recent memory. People will often ask, “What is PADS

going to do for the people experiencing homelessness during these frigidly cold days?” In short, the same thing we strive to do all year round - Provide Advocacy Dignity and Shelter. We want the people who are experiencing homelessness within Lake County to know that our mission does not contain fine print nor is it contingent upon the weather. Between the months of December and February over 1,300 people (record breaking) walked out of the cold into PADS in need of services: 0 were turned away. In hindsight, it seems, that while there are many things a temperature of 20 below can freeze, the resolve in the hearts of those who support the mission of PADS is not one of them. The great need that was brought about this winter was met by an even greater dedication on the part of our volunteers and donors. This type of hindsight has informed our foresight in such a way that it has given us insight that though frigid temperatures and ceaseless snowfall may be in Mother Nature’s eyesight, those experiencing homelessness in Lake County will never be an oversight.∎

THE EXPERIENCE A Message from Joel Williams, Executive Director I am now in my second year at PADS—and what a year it has been! I am so proud to be associated with an organization with such committed and passionate partners. We have helped so many people that are experiencing homelessness. That “experience” of homelessness is something I have reflected on lately. Oftentimes, we refer to the individuals and families we serve as “homeless.” They are a “homeless man” or “homeless child.” But what happens when they become housed? Do they retain that label, the same as I might retain being a “tall man?” Or is it someone who was “formerly homeless?” Perhaps the limitations of the English language are to blame. In other languages, there are two different words for the verb “to be,” conjugated as “am,” “is,” or “are.” Spanish, for example, uses ser and estar. Ser refers to elements pertinent to an identity, such as physical description, personality and character, nationality, race, gender, profession, or origin. Estar refers to emotional, physical & mental states of being. So what is homelessness? Is it pertinent to identity, or a state of being? We at PADS believe that no one needs to be homeless. It is a temporary state, an “experience.” With the proper supports and assistance, that state can be changed. Let’s continue to help make that change in the people we serve. ∎

Thanks to our volunteers! It is such an inspiration to see the men, women and children that make up the PADS volunteer force. People who are truly giving of themselves, while asking nothing in return. People who spend their time in the service of others. People who truly define selfless. PADS continues to have the good fortune of a dedicated, compassionate and committed cadre of volunteers that share their time and talent to care for those experiencing homelessness in our community. There’s no way that these individuals can be thanked enough. Yet they don’t do it in search of gratitude from others. They do it because they believe in helping others. Have you considered volunteering for PADS? Turn to the back page for some information on what you can do this summer! It’s an experience that you undoubtedly won’t soon Watch for details about our annual forget—and neither will the Volunteer Appreciation Event! We really people you serve.∎ could not do any of this without the support of our beloved volunteers!

WELCOME Warmest welcome to our newest shelter site, Chain of Lakes Community Bible Church in Lake Villa!

Thank You!!! Thanks to all of our Bowlers (and Hula Hoopers)! On February 16, PADS held a Bowling Night at the Brunswick Zone in Vernon Hills. Dozens of people attended to have a great time! We had games, prizes, and raffles, with all proceeds benefitting the people PADS serves. Many thanks to all who participated in this event. We raised nearly $3,000—all while having a fun time! Look for more opportunities to help PADS and have fun on the next page. We can’t wait to see you!∎ We even had a Hula Hoop Contest in the middle of the event!

Looking to Buy or Sell a Home? The Nunez Homes Team will provide a donation from every successful closing (sale or buy) to support PADS mission. Check out the website for more info! Michelle and Frankie are centrally located at the RE/MAX Suburban office in Libertyville serving clients throughout the Lake and Northern Cook County area.

Upcoming Events It’s time for the second annual SleepOut for Shelter! Saturday, June 7, 2014 If you could choose to spend one night outside so that others don’t have to, would you? This year’s SleepOut will be better than ever! We are seeking to have even more participants than last year by providing more opportunities to make a difference. Come have fun and raise some money for PADS! Join us at the Libertyville Sports Complex for a tournament with other fun games and prizes! Find more information and to register your team, visit :

You can join us at the central SleepOut location (details coming soon), or you can hold your own SleepOut at a location of your choosing! Does your church or school want to host a SleepOut? Do you want to hold one in your neighborhood? Let’s spread the word throughout Lake County that we are going to put an end to homelessness! Visit for more information.

SAVE THE DATE! PADS Lake County is extremely pleased and grateful to be honored by B’nai B’rith Sports Lodge 2458 at their annual golf outing. The event will be held at Hawthorn Woods Country Club on August


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Homelessness knows no seasons. With this in mind, we are seeking volunteers who would like to help with our Summer Shelter Program. We have a variety of opportunities available from making bag lunches to volunteering your time at our Summer Shelter Site.


Shopping online? Go to and select PADS Lake County as your charity. The AmazonSmile Foundation will then donate a portion of your eligible purchases to PADS!

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