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How To Create Your Very Own Bolo Tie Bolo ties are a good fashion choice that can replace a regular tie, giving you a more Western look. Popular in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, these kind of ties can be seen frequently in the American West. Pre made bolo ties can be purchased but it could be more enjoyable to make your own. You can purchase bolo tie parts online, and create a one-of-a kind accessory that will leave your friends and family envious. To create a bolo tie, first round up your bolo tie parts. A small number of parts are needed so this should be relatively simple. The tie itself consists of a decorative slide that rides up and down on a braided leather cord. A metal bolo tip is needed to help secure the end of the cord. When crafting your own bolo tie, you need to purchase a bolo slide, metal tips, leather cord, and a decorative stone or pendant. Pliers, a metal file, glue and scissors are also tools that will be necessary. First and foremost, decide the length of cording you will require. You could buy leather cord prebraided, or you can braid your own. For the tie, at least 40 inches will be necessary. Slip the cord around your neck, to determine the exact length you will want. Trim the cording if you decide it is too long and it really should be above the belt line. The next phase would be to check that the cording is able to fit through the bolo slide holes. The metal may be able to be bent a bit if the cord is not able to fit through the slide. With the metal file, be sure to file out any kind of bumps or sharp edges on the bolo slide. Not only would smoothing out the metal be better off for the cording, it will be able to work for a lot longer. Take your decorative stone or pendant, and ensure that the back of it is flat to provide a gluing surface area for the slide to attach. Glue the stone to the slide working with jewelry glue or super glue, and allow it to dry thoroughly. It is time to put the bolo tie together as soon as the glue has sufficiently dried. With the bolo slide at your fingertips, carefully thread each end of the cord through the holes and carefully tighten the bends of the slide making use of pliers so there is a bit of friction there to hold it it is in place. You need to be able to without difficulty adjust the cording but tight enough that it stays in place. A final step is to add the bolo tips using a little bit of glue inside and inserting the ends of the cord. To bend the tips a touch to hold them in place, the pliers can be used, securing them onto the cording. And with that final step you are done. Try out your new bolo tie by placing it over your head and slipping the bolo slide up to the height you prefer. A higher slide will appear more professional, and a lower one will look more informal. After you have made one bolo tie and it turned out nicely, this may be a great incentive to make others for family and friends. In a huge number of styles, the possibilities are endless for bolo ties when it comes to colors and designs. The leather could very well be braided together using several colors or beads can also be added for an extra bit of sparkle. Making your own bolo ties can be done in a multitude of ways where you can highlight your creative side, crafting amazing pieces. Before you know it, you too can turn into a bolo tie expert. Rocky Mountain Western, LLC

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How To Create Your Very Own Bolo Tie

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How To Create Your Very Own Bolo Tie