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==== ==== Do You Need a Sewing Machine That Is Easy to Use? Try the Brother CS6000i Free Arm Sewing Machine! Click Below to Check It Out. http://Amzn.To/BrotherCS6000iSew ==== ====

The phrase you hear most often when it comes to the Brother CS6000i computerized sewing machine with 60 built-in stitches is "What a deal for the price." If you do your research online for the CS6000i you'll find that it's one of the most popular sewing machines selling on the market today. And it's no wonder, for a basic sewing machine it's just loaded with features - many features that are typically associated with higher end machines, all for an unbelievably low price. It really has people in a tizzy. Brother CS6000i Features The low price is only one of the factors that makes this machine so appealing, both to beginners as well as more experienced sewers. Features is another factor - it comes with an incredible amount of features for a basic sewing machine. For example, 60 built-in stitches is an incredible amount for the price, that gives you a wide range of choices for any sewing project - utility stitches for basic sewing, mending, or crafts; heirloom stitches for delicate work or for giving your projects a hand sewn look; decorative stitches for adding pizzazz. There are stitches for quilting and 7 styles of buttonholes. The stitch patterns are also all conveniently displayed right on the front panel. There is an LCD screen for computerized stitch selection - you can select a stitch and display it on the screen with a push of a button. The display also shows the appropriate presser foot to use and the width and length settings for that stitch. Then just stitch it out. Done. Very easy. Electronic speed control is a really big hit. Sewers just love being able to adjust their sewing speed. Beginners who want to take it slow until they can get up to speed will find that this helps to build confidence to grow on to bigger projects. More experienced sewers will appreciate the ability to take it slow for special work or intricate detail. Stop / Start feature lets you start (or stop) the machine by pushing a button, with or without using the foot pedal to sew, although the pedal is there if you need it. This is perfect if you have long stretches of uninterrupted sewing - drapes, pant legs, dresses etc. The needle threader is always very handy for those shaky fingers or less than perfect vision. Drop Feed allows you to drop the feed dogs for free motion quilting and embroidery, darning even attaching buttons. Then there's the extra wide work table for the bulk of heavier projects such as quilts. With most machines you must buy this separately. It also comes with a hard dust cover to protect it when it's

stored or not being used. That's quite a bit of features and functionality for the price; it's obvious why the CS6000i has become so popular among a wide range of users. Brother CS6000i Ease of Use If you're a beginner and you're intimidated by the complexity of today's computerized sewing machines then the CS6000i is a good starting place. Besides being compact and lightweight it's very easy to use. In fact, everything about this machine says ease. Simple features, simple push button controls make this machine very intuitive so It's easy to set up and get started right out of the box. The machine is easy to thread especially with the automatic needle threader, now you don't have to squint to find the little eye in the needle. Winding and threading the bobbin is simple, and the directions are visually printed on the head so you can see exactly how to do it. The top drop-in bobbin feature is the easiest bobbin setup you can find. It's easy to select any of the built-in stitch patterns: choose the one you want and push the selection key until you find it. The easy-to-read digital screen shows you what you've chosen. It's easy to change the settings and presser feet and the easy speed control allows you to sew with more consistency: push the button and let it sew, all you need to do is guide the fabric. And there are easy to follow instructions if you get confused. Since it's lightweight, it's easy to carry around, so move it to the kitchen table or take it to a sewing class. It's easy. You'll see how enjoyable sewing can be. Brother CS6000i Price If you want all this but don't want to spend a fortune you'll surprised at the affordable price: it's under $200.00. Tons of features, easy to use and affordable, take all the worries out of selecting and buying a sewing machine and you come up with the CS6000i. In the words of one reviewer: "...WOW, what a find, this machine is awesome..."

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==== ==== Do You Need a Sewing Machine That Is Easy to Use? Try the Brother CS6000i Free Arm Sewing Machine! Click Below to Check It Out. http://Amzn.To/BrotherCS6000iSew ==== ====

Brother CS6000I Sewing Machine - A Comparison Review  

Do You Need a Sewing Machine That Is Easy to Use? Try the Brother CS6000i Free Arm Sewing Machine! Click Below to Check It Out. http://amzn...

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