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b o a r d o f d i r e c t o r s Chair, Dr. Wendel Parham M inistry of F orestry , F isheries & S ustainable D evelopment Vice Chair, Mrs. Tracy Panton M inistry of tourism & C ulture Mrs. Candy Gonzalez J.D. B elize A lliance

N on -G overnmental O rganizations Mr. Earl Green B elize A udubon S ociety Ms. Diane Haylock N ational I nstitute of C ulture & H istory Dr. Ydahlia Metzgen-Quemarez F inance E xpert Mrs. Denise OcKey B elize N ational T our O perators A ssociation Mrs. Zita Perez M inistry of F inance Mr. Osmany Salas B elize T ourism I ndustry A ssociation Ms. Carolie Verde S arteneja A lliance for C onservation & D evelopment for

C onservation


a d v i s o r y c o u n c i l Chair, Mr. Vincent Gillett C oastal Z one M anagement A uthority & I nstitute Dr. Leroy Almendarez F inance E xpert Mr. Abil Castaneda M inistry of T ourism Dr. Robin Coleman W ildlife C onservation S ociety Dr. Elma Kay U niversity of B elize Mr. Ovel Leonardo B elize F ishermen C ooperative A ssociation Mr. Wilber Sabido F orest D epartment Dr. Pio Saqui U niversity of B elize Ms. Armeid Thompson B elize T ourism B oard Ms. Beverly Wade F isheries D epartment Mr. Brian Woodye I nstitute of A rchaeology D epartment


Annual Report 2011 - 2012  

PACT's Annual Report 2011 - 2012