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Development Grants



O n g o i n g C a pac i t y D e v e l o p m e n t G r a n t s

Local Workshop / Seminar Grants and Individual Professional Development Grants ArcGIS-Geographical Information Systems and Spatial Mapping The course should cover the basics of GIS applications and the use of the ArcGIS software for mapping, data analysis, simulations and Geodatabase development and management, among other uses. Friends of Swallow Caye • $3,245.00 • Approved: Oct.12.2011 • Status: Ongoing Fire Management Training Exchange The training will provide the participants with the knowledge and skills to more effectively control wildfires in Belize especially in Southern Belize. The training will also help to build the capacity of the Southern Belize Fire Working Group. Toledo Institute for Development and Environment • $5,500.00 • Approved: Nov.4.2011 • Status: Ongoing New Approaches to Studies of Home Range, Habitat Selection and Space Use This workshop will allow the participant to gain knowledge in various aspects of conservation biology and spatial ecology to improve the data collection and analysis protocol utilized in this research and others carried out by the applicant. Birds Without Borders • $6,400.00 • Approved: Dec.22.2011 • Status: Ongoing


Annual Report 2011 - 2012  

PACT's Annual Report 2011 - 2012