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Building Grants This year, PACT awarded a total of 13 Capacity Building Grants at a total sum of $88,784.65 of which 12 were Capacity Development Grants and 1 was an Environmental Fellowship Grant. PACT also continues to administer 2 Research Grants. The Capacity Building Grants Programme is comprised of 4 grant types: Research Grants, Capacity Development Grants (Individual Professional Development Grants and Local Workshop/ Seminar Grants) and Environmental Fellowship Grants. Research Grants are awarded to support the establishment of a scientific information base for effective biodiversity management and implementation of the National Protected Areas System Plan. Capacity Development Grants are awarded to eligible organizations for formal, short term training and capacity building activities with the aim of strengthening human resource capacity for improved protected areas management. The Scholarship Program was revamped and is now the Environmental Fellowship Grant. These grants are designed to provide financial assistance to dynamic and successful mid-career and/or senior professional Belizeans accepted to attend recognized institutions locally, regionally or in ternationally or distance learning programs to earn a Master’s degree. PACT awarded the first Environmental Fellowship Grant this fiscal year for a Master’s Degree at the University of Belize / University of the West Indies. i






Research Grants Spatial Ecology and Conservation of the Jaguar (Panthera Onca) in Belize To provide new information on spatial ecology, behavior and diet of Jaguars in central Belize, information that is necessary to help guide management and conservation of this region Omar Figueroa • $28,227.95 Approved: Nov.30.2007 • Status: Ongoing Long Term Patterns of Recovery in Mangrove Forests and Island Changes from Hurricanes at Turneffe Atoll, Belize To quantify the efforts of disturbance from Hurricane Hattie (1961) and subsequent storms on the community and landscape level ecosystem dynamics in mangrove forest at Turneffe Atoll Faustino Chi • $19,940.00 Approved: Jan.7.2008 • Status: Ongoing




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O n g o i n g C a pac i t y B u i l d i n g G r a n t s Environmental Fellowship Grant Master’s Degree in Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development in the Caribbean at University of Belize / University of the West Indies Raul Chun • $20,000.00 • Duration: 18 months Approved: Oct.21.2011 • Status: Ongoing

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