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Large Grants


This fiscal year, PACT successfully closed two Large Grants and awarded one new grant to Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD). Under the Large Grants Program, prospective grantees develop proposals with direct contribution to the National Protected Areas System and its connectivity with other regional management regimes. Fi s h e r i



List Towards the Sustainability of the Marine Reserve Network in Belize Fisheries Department • $455,501.55 Approved: Mar.31.2009 | Duration: 2 years 5 months | Status: Completed Objectives 1. Strengthened the central operational center in the Marine Reserve Network 2. Decreased illegal activities 3. Increased public awareness on marine protected areas of Belize 4. Minimized user conflicts and abolished anchor damage in the marine protected areas and highly visited recreation areas 5. Enhanced staff capacity in monitoring, research, enforcement, environmental education and public relations



Ongoing Large Grants

Support for Capacity Building for Improved Protected Areas Management in Belize Association of Protected Areas Management Organization • $236,189.10 Approved: Feb.19.2010 | Duration: 1 year 8 months | Status: Completed Objectives 1. Increased the institutional capacity of at least 4 conservation CBO’s in four key governance and management areas 2. Improved the management and conservation of 4 protected areas through increased capacity of at least 4 CBO’s Reinforcing Management Efforts in the Maya Mountains Phase 1 Friends for Conservation and Development • $300,000.00 Approved: Nov.22.2011 | Duration: 2 years | Status: Ongoing Objectives 1. To halt the human footprint expansion in southern Chiquibul through the installation of a conservation post through a well coordinated joint forces unit comprised of BDF, Police, Forest Department and FCD personnel

Annual Report 2011 - 2012  

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