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FREE | Summer 2018

Your guide to North East property and living


Welcome As we all anticipate the joys of long sunny days I’m delighted to welcome you to the summer edition of home magazine.

We are still very busy across all of our branches as the market continues to exceed expectations and sales & lettings figures are very healthy year on year. On the latter, we have an urgent need for more properties to rent across the region as demand from tenants is very high, so please get in touch with your nearest branch if you would like to discuss this - you won’t be disappointed with the professionalism and the warmth of welcome. So, time to put the kettle on or maybe open a bottle and enjoy this edition’s content, which includes a bumper 18 pages of property listings - one of them could have your name on it! You can also take in our summer garden tips, learn about loft conversions, enjoy part 2 of the ‘Greener Homes’ series, digest the year’s interior design trends and enjoy a three page ‘What’s On special’ guiding you through the region’s summer festivals. Enjoy your read and then call for a professional valuation from a member of our experienced team. Thank you.

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FREE | Summer 2018

Your guide to North East property and living




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McGeorge Facilities Ltd is a key partner of Robinsons Estate Agents currently servicing over 1500 properties via its Maintenance Division. Established in 2016, McGeorge Facilities Ltd has a wealth of experience within the property sector, delivering both maintenance and facilities management. Founder, Graeme McGeorge, has steered the company from strength to strength, now servicing over 1500 properties for Robinson’s alone. Robinsons expect quality, dependable partners and in McGeorge Facilities they know that they can totally rely on them to deliver projects of the highest standard. Graeme’s vast experience at manager and director level spanning over twenty five years guarantees a wealth of expertise within both the property and maintenance sectors.

For further information about our full range of services please call 0191 580 5855 or email us at

His personal project management is key to the company’s success as he is always very close to all areas of the business, providing a reassuring ‘hands on’ approach that gains the best results every time. They also provide full property renovation and turn key for residential property lettings and multiple occupancy properties as well as home purchasers’ assistance in all areas of their new property needs. Damp proofing, decorating, new flooring, kitchen design and installation, bathrooms, boiler installation, electrical work, tiling, UPVC windows and doors, joinery, garden work, roofing, brickwork… whatever the requirements, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that everything is covered by a fully certified and qualified team of full time maintenance staff. All projects are completed on time and in budget providing a dependable solution which guarantees that your project will run smoothly and effectively… completely ‘hassle free’




Early and mid-summer In early summer the garden retains the freshness of spring while the floral bounty of summer starts to unfold. While there’s still plenty to do, the hectic spring rush is calming down, and we can enjoy the garden at a more leisurely pace, especially as the daylight hours stretch out into the evening now. It’s safe to stop worrying about damaging night frosts, and all those tender plants can now go outside, but do take care to harden them off properly first. Conditions should be near perfect for plant growth, and fast-growing plants now need regular care to keep them tied into their supports.

The early spring-flowering shrubs such as forsythia have had their moment of glory, and once the flowers are over it’s time to think about pruning the plants. Roses will soon be in full bloom, but all too often display is spoiled by pests and diseases. The latter can be prevented by regular fungicide sprays, and plants must be checked regularly for pests and treated with the appropriate controls as soon as any are spotted.

The perfect foil for burgeoning flower borders is an emerald-green lawn. Keep the lawn watered, fed and regularly mown (not too short) for the best results. The vegetable garden should now be producing an increasing number of crops to harvest; this is the time of year when they really taste their best. Towards the end of the summer the strawberries will be ready for picking, with the promise of raspberries and the rest of the soft fruit crop soon to follow.


This edition sees the second of a four part series

By mid-summer flowers are at their peak in most gardens and dead-heading, watering, staking and harvesting will keep gardeners busy. Make the most of the good weather to enjoy the garden, and on warm nights make sure you stroll around after dusk to appreciate the night-scented flowers. Lawn grasses are among the first plants to show distress in dry spells. Continue mowing the grass frequently to keep it looking good, but raise the height of the mower blades a little to give the lawn more drought resistance. As long as the clippings are very short, they can be left on the lawn in dry spells to help conserve moisture.


Rock garden plants and some earlyflowering perennials will look better for being tidied up now, so once flowering has finished, cut them back hard. Continue to prune deciduous flowering shrubs after flowering too, to keep them to the required size. Many shrubs can also be propagated from semi-ripe cuttings. In the kitchen garden there should be plenty to harvest, but successful sowings continue to extend the season. Keep fruiting plants such as beans, marrows and peas well watered while flowering to ensure a good crop.

Watering throughout the garden is likely to take up a considerable amount of time in midsummer, but take care to carry this task out thoroughly. Outdoor plants in containers, particularly, can start suffering from water shortage within hours on hot, cloudless summer days so ensure they are not allowed to dry out. Fungus diseases can be a particular problem in warmer weather, and a routine of preventative fungicides is a good idea for susceptible plants. Pests should be treated as soon as they are seen. Part 3 of the Gardener’s year will bring you your autumn tips in our September edition.




5 things you need to know before you get started. Whether you’ve outgrown your home or have no room for guests, a loft conversion could create the space you need 1.  Converting a loft could balance out your house

3. The six main types of loft conversion are:

If you have all the living space you need downstairs but are lacking bedrooms and bathrooms, then a loft conversion can be the perfect way to bring your home into proportion. Most are used for an extra bedroom or two with en suite bathroom . Other popular uses include as a teenage den, cinema room or home office. If your home has amazing views, you could consider moving some of the living spaces up into the new loft to take advantage of them.

1. Rooflight loft conversions require the least amount of structural work to the existing space and are therefore the most cost effective. The only changes made are the addition of windows 

2. Almost all lofts are suitable for conversion Lofts with a minimum head height of 2.3m are usually seen as fit to convert, although obstacles like chimneys or water tanks, as well as the pitch of the roof, can also affect this decision. If the roof space is less than 2.3m, don’t throw away your dreams of a conversion, as there are other options available. Removing sections of the roof, or all of it, makes it possible to gain the required headspace, however, this adds to the cost and requires planning permission, unlike a more simple conversion. Alternatively, it is possible to lower the ceiling of the rooms below – again, this is a more costly. You could also opt for a modular conversion – built off site and installed afterwards.

2. Dormer loft conversions are the most popular option as they are the easiest way to add light and an increased amount of roof space with full headroom. The roof structure is altered at the sides or rear of the house to add a large, flat-roofed ‘box’ dormer. 3. Hip-to-gable loft conversions are most commonly found on the side of either end-terrace or semi-detached houses. The hipped (or sloping) side roof is removed and the end wall is then built up straight to form a new vertical gable. 4. Gable-to-gable loft conversions  include a new box extension that spans the space between each gable end. It is worth noting that in some case you’ll need to increase the height of the gable end walls to act as ‘bookends’. 5. Mansard loft conversions create extra volume. The process involves the replacement of either one or both roof slopes with very steep sloping sides and a flat roof over the top. 6. Modular extension loft conversions  are used where the existing loft space is unsuitable for conversion. Measurements are taken and the new rooms manufactured off site before

being delivered as a module. The existing roof is then removed and the new module installed. 4. The loft conversion will need to meet building regulations As a loft conversion is a ‘material change of use’, building regulations must be met. These cover matters of safety, including the strength of the floor, minimum headroom above the staircase, fire escapes, thermal efficiency, electrics, plumbing and glazing. The preparation for building regulations can be completed by either the designer or loft conversion company you are working with. 5.  Your loft conversion will cause some upheaval! If you’re having a basic roof light or dormer conversion, then there’s no reason why you can’t stay living in your house throughout the project. Most contractors will erect scaffolding and cover any sections of roof they’re removing with tarpaulin. They will also start with the external work, meaning the majority of your house won’t be affected until they knock through and install the staircase. If it’s a more major project, for instance where most of the roof is being replaced, then you may want to move out for a couple of weeks, particularly if the work is being done during winter. Most loft conversions will take between eight and twelve weeks to complete, while modular lofts can be installed in two weeks.


Our Clients

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Putting customers first is what we do best - but don’t take our word for it, read what our customers say. All our staff undergo professional training and we regularly reward evidence of excellent customer service.

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PUT YOUR HOME IN SAFE HANDS. We undertake all aspects of property maintenance • Small Leaks • Brickwork • Painting and Decorating • All Types of Flooring • Fitting Kitchens Including Appliances • Fitting Bathrooms • Fitting Windows • Garden Work and Fencing • Full Refurbishments

Call or email us for more information: Nigel 07739 406 703 Office 0191 526 8054

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Four Steps to a Greener Home


Going green is easier said than done, but even the smallest steps towards living a more environmentallyfriendly life can make a difference. We know we should walk rather than drive where possible, and we know we should drive the car that emits the least carbon monoxide possible - but what about at home?

If you are serious about going green there are many ways, big and small, that you can ensure your house is more ecological. Have a look at a few ways you can make a difference at home:

1. Invest in Solar Yes, solar power is still more expensive than energy powered by fossil fuels, but if you are determined to boost your green credentials then investing in renewable solar energy is probably the most significant step you can take. Using 86 per cent less water than coal, solar power produces clean, pollutionfree energy and is 95 per cent less toxic to humans compared to fossil fuels. By going solar, each household will save enough water to fill a large swimming pool - every single month. That’s a lot of water each year. As solar continues to advance it is becoming more and more cost effective, and because it is so valuable to the environment it’s the first power source to be given substantial government backing. You can cut the cost of a solar power system by up to 50 per cent if you utilize all the tax rebates and incentives available to you. Don’t be put off by the first figure you see; if you do your research you may be surprised at just how inexpensive a solar powered house can be.

2. Manage Your Household Appliances The average household wastes huge amounts of energy each year. As technology advances, more and more eco-conscious people are installing home automation systems which allow you to manage your energy consumption to reduce both waste and expenditure. Features like motion sensor lights have been popular for a while but the latest systems take control to a new level and prevent any unnecessary energy waste. Fretting over whether you’ve forgotten to turn the thermostat down or switch off the lights while away may soon be a thing of the past, as no matter where you are located you can now remotely control your home’s energy output. You can even set smart schedules to manage your energy based on your usual daily habits - so for example, the heating will automatically decrease while you’re sleeping. Not only does this type of system avoid wasting energy but it will also save you money in your utility bills.

3. Insulate Your Home A properly insulated home saves enormous amounts of energy - and like home automation systems, an added benefit is the fact that you’ll also save money. Insulation not only reduces the loss of heat during the winter months but also ensures that less cool air escapes during the summer, so you can often make savings on your yearly heating and air-conditioning bill by up to 20 per cent. Most households in the UK lack proper insulation and as a result have significant air leaks. If you add up all the leakages and holes in the outer walls, windows and doors of the average home it’s comparable to the effect of leaving a window open every day of the year. 4. The Small Things If you don’t have the budget to implement any of the above, there are still multiple smaller ways you can work towards a greener home. Exchanging your home cleaning products for natural ones, for example, means that far fewer toxic chemicals are being washed down the drain and re-entering our environment - and you’ll be surprised at how effective natural methods like vinegar water solution can be.


Our Clients

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Putting customers first is what we do best - but don’t take our word for it, read what our customers say. All our staff undergo professional training and we regularly reward evidence of excellent customer service.

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Darlington Office to help you move Tel: +44 (0) 1325 484 440 • Email: • 7 Duke Street, Darlington DL3 7RX


Woodburn Drive Darlington £725,000 The home boasts the perfect combination of contemporary style with a modern loft apartment style second floor master suite whilst retaining many original 1930s features including original Parquet flooring and beautiful panelling. The hub of the property lies to the ground floor where every thought has been given to create a functional living space with lounge, kitchen and dining room. An internal inspection is highly recommended to appreciate the versatile accommodation on offer.


Meet the team

Danesmoor Crescent Darlington £210,000

Back row left to right: Joy Cruddas – Sales Progression, Liz Carter - Administrator, Adam Gregory - Valuer, Sally Newman – Senior Negotiator, Graham Ayres – Mortgage Advisor, Louis Holmes – Office Manager, Elizabeth Duffy – Negotiator, Louis Thompson – Property Manager Front row left to right: Georgia Bunce – Negotiator, Caitlin Smith – Lettings Negotiator, Natalie Hope – Negotiator and Lyndsey Reynolds – Negotiator.

Properties of this nature and location are considered in high demand and we anticipate this to be no exception with early viewings highly recommended to avoid disappointment. It benefits from double glazing, gas central heating, a block paved driveway to the front allowing parking for two vehicles and a superbly tended rear garden having a favourable Westerly aspect. There are luxurious kitchen and bathroom facilities and the home is in excellent decorative order throughout.


Louis Holmes Branch Manager

Adam Gregory Valuer / Manager


Burdock Cleatlam £379,995 An extremely rare opportunity to acquire this substantial five bedroom detached bungalow superbly positioned in the picturesque village of Cleatlam overlooking the green. It stands on approximately half an acre plot with well tended gardens, generous parking and a larger than average garage with electric roller door, light and power.





Bowling Green Lane

Anesty Court

Manfield £485,000

Bishopton OIRO £495,000

Set on a mature site approximately 1.3 acres which includes a tennis court, a range of useful outbuildings and a triple garage. Considerable thought has gone into the layout to use the space in the best way possible to provider versatile living, dining, relaxing and private space which, in our opinion, would appeal to a variety of buyers. Properties of this nature and location are considered in high demand and we anticipate this to be no exception.

Substantial four bedroom link detached property superbly positioned in the highly sought after and picturesque village of Bishopton. It is a wonderfully welcoming and relaxed family home with five well proportioned, flexible rooms perfect for the coming and goings of an active family life which, can only be fully appreciated upon a thorough internal inspection. It is also not directly overlooked thus gaining a sense of privacy which is so often sought but not often found.


Durham Office to help you move Tel: +44 (0) 191 386 2777 • Email: • 1 Old Elvet, Durham City DH1 3HL

Holby Garth Browney OIRO £289,995 Four bedroom detached house. Inviting hallway, superb kitchen/dining room, the kitchen flows through to the superb family living room. There is also a comfortable lounge with front bay window, useful utility room and downstairs cloaks/wc. To the first floor there are four good sized bedrooms, large en suite shower room and a family bathroom/wc. Externally there is a garden to the front and stunning rear garden ideal for families or for entertaining.

Devonshire Road

Chandler House

Belmont £230,000

Coxhoe OIRO £159,950

Two bedroom detached bungalow. Entrance porch, hallway, living room, kitchen, garden room extension. There is also two double bedrooms, and a bathroom. Externally the property enjoys landscaped gardens, parking and a garage.

Three bedroom end terraced home. Entrance porch, lounge, dining room, kitchen/breakfast room, rear lobby, cloak/wc, conservatory/reception room overlooking the garden and rear views. Three bedrooms and bathroom/ wc. Ample off street parking.


Keith Mason Senior Manager

Michael Hughes Manager/Valuer

Meet some of our experienced team Selling houses for over 25 years






16 years experience

30 years experience

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127 years

combined experience Stacey




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South View

Dorlonco Villas

Ushaw Moor Offers over ÂŁ69,950

Meadowfield OIRO ÂŁ99,950

Two bedroom mid terraced home. Entrance lobby, lounge, kitchen/breakfast room and rear lobby. Attic room, two bedrooms and bathroom. Small garden to the front and patio to the rear with off street parking.

Three bedroom semi detached house. Lounge, conservatory, dining room, fitted kitchen and rear porch. Three bedrooms and shower room/wc. Outside there are front and rear gardens, shared driveway, garage and store.


Spennymoor Office to help you move

Lynne Blaney Branch Manager

Tel: +44 (0) 1388 420 444 • Email: • 11 Cheapside, Spennymoor DL16 6QE

Thirlmere Spennymoor OIRO £79,500 Attention first time buyers! Two bedroom mid link property located on the ever so popular Greenways Estate less than a 10 minute drive to Spennymoor town centre and local amenities. UPVC double glazing, security alarm system and cavity wall insulation. Entrance hall, lounge with patio doors overlooking rear garden, fitted kitchen two bedrooms and bathroom. Front and rear gardens and garage,

St Pauls Close

Morgan Drive

Spennymoor £47,950

Spennymoor £159,950

One bedroom ground floor apartment with garage located on this ever popular smaller residential development of St Pauls. UPVC double glazing, gas central heating and briefly comprising of entrance hall, lounge, kitchen, shower room, bedroom with fitted wardrobes, front and rear gardens and driveway,

Beautiful three bedroom semi detached house, immaculate throughout. The property is not overlooked from the lounge window and has open views. Briefly comprising of entrance hall, cloakroom, lounge with bay window with views over the open fields and woodland, superb kitchen/breakfast room, three bedrooms, one with en-suite facilities and modern family bathroom. Open plan front and side gardens, driveway and detached garage.


Bishop Auckland Office to help you move

Anthony Smyth Branch Manager

Tel: +44 (0) 1388 458 111 • Email: • 120 Newgate Street, Bishop Auckland DL14 7EH

Neile Court Bishop Aukland £285,000 Fabulous six bedroom detached family home, finished to an exceptionally high standard and ready to move straight into. Situated in the popular area of Bracks Farm, properties of this size and quality rarely come to the market. With a driveway and detached double garage to the front, and large garden and patio area to the rear, this is an ideal family home.

Toft Hill

Durham Road

Bishop Aukland £200,000

Bishop Aukland £129,000

A delightful and deceptively spacious two bedroom detached bungalow situated in the rural village of Toft Hill. This home has stunning countryside views to the rear and there is a garage and driveway providing offstreet parking to the front, whilst internally there is an open plan lounge/dining room, kitchen, utility room, bathroom and two bedrooms.

Pleasant three bedroom terraced home in the popular and central location of Durham Road. With an open plan lounge and dining room, attractive kitchen, three good sized bedrooms and a spacious bathroom. Externally there is a yard and double car port providing off-street parking. Viewing is essential to appreciate the property.


Chester-le-Street Office to help you move

Michael Hughes Manager/Valuer

Tel: +44 (0) 191 387 3000 • Email: • 45 Front Street, Chester le Street DH3 3BH

Picktree Lodge Chester-le-Street £280,000 Offered to the market with the benefit of no onward chain is this well maintained and superbly situated three bedroom detached bungalow, located on what has traditionally proven to be an exceptionally sought after estate. The property is located on a large plot within a quiet cul-de-sac. Offered for sale with no onward chain, early viewing is considered essential. The property could be viewed seven days a week.


Bullion Lane

Park Road South

Chester-le-Street £120,000

Chester-le-Street £995 PCM

Available to purchase on a rarely available street is this spacious, remodelled three bedroom semi-detached family home. Located near schooling, local amenities, bus, rail and car links, the property should appeal to a wide variety of potential purchasers, particularly families.

Set on a large plot in the heart of Chester le Street, we offer for rent this spacious and superbly presented three bedroom detached family home. Rarely do properties of this size become available for rent and early internal inspection is highly recommended. Specifications: Families with children welcome. No smokers, pets or DSS.


Crook Office

Alex Riley Branch Manager to help you move

Tel: +44 (0) 1388 763 477 • Email: • Royal Corner, Crook DL15 9UA


Uppertown Wolsingham Offers over £199,950 This extended three bedroom stone built end terrace house which is well positioned in the sought after village of Wolsingham benefits from having a rear garden with a small beck running through it, which is rare to find in the village. The property has been well looked after and improved over the years and benefits from an orangery with vaulted clear glass roof and French doors overlooking the garden.



Beechburn Park

Church Hill

Crook £169,950

Crook £239,950

Immaculate three bedroom detached family home situated within close proximity of Crook town centre. The house is in superb condition throughout and the floor plan comprises, entrance hallway, lounge/dining room, re-fitted kitchen. Three bedrooms and bathroom to first floor. Gardens to front and rear, driveway and single garage.

Four bedroom detached home with many traditional and original features including high beamed ceilings, exposed stone walls and hard wood oak flooring. The house should prove to be a superb family home and the floor plan comprises; entrance hallway, open plan lounge/dining room, re-fitted kitchen, utility room. To the first floor there are four bedrooms, a family bathroom and shower room.


Durham Lettings Office ...helping with rental solutions

Charlotte Turnbull Lettings Office Manager

Tel: +44 (0) 191 383 9994 • Email: • 3C Old Elvet, Durham City DH1 3HL

Roundhaven Durham £1250 PCM Five bedroom detached property. Hallway, cloaks/wc, lounge with French style doors opening to rear garden, dining room with double doors opening to the delightful fitted kitchen with a range of integrated appliances and useful utility room/wc. To the first floor is the master bedroom with en-suite shower room, two bedrooms and family bathroom/wc. To the second floor there are a further sized two bedrooms. Double glazing, gas central heating, double driveway, double garage and front and rear gardens.

Witton Station Court

Mill Lane

Durham £850 PCM

Durham £500 PCM

Executive four bedroom home on an exclusive development. Wallnook Grange is situated on the outskirts of Langley Park, boasting open countryside and Riverside walks. Set over three floors the accommodation comprises of hallway, spacious lounge, kitchen with integrated appliances, four bedrooms the master with en-suite facilities and modern family bathroom. UPVC double glazing, gas central heating, gardens and detached garage.

Well-presented two bed semi-detached property located in Sherburn Village. Gas fired central heating and UPVC double glazing and off street parking. Briefly comprising of lounge with modern fitted kitchen, large storage area and ground floor wc. To the first floor are two bedrooms and bathroom with white suite and over bath shower. Large enclosed garden to the rear.


Coxhoe Lettings Office ...helping with rental solutions

Karen Hodges Branch Manager (Regional Lettings Manager)

Tel: +44 (0) 191 383 9994 • Email: • 14, West Terrace, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4HP

Bell Avenue Coxhoe £650 PCM Modern three bedroom unfurnished townhouse situated on a new development in the village of Bowburn. Modern accommodation briefly comprising of entrance hallway, cloaks/ wc, modern kitchen/dining room with appliances, study, comfortable lounge with Juliette balcony, three bedrooms with the master benefiting from en-suite facilities and family bathroom/ wc. Externally there is a rear enclosed garden with patio area and off-street parking to the front.

Bower Court

Burn Street

Coxhoe £625 PCM

Coxhoe £480 PCM

Well-presented three bedroom town house situated on this sought after residential development in Coxhoe. Comprises of hallway, cloaks wc, modern fitted kitchen with appliances and separate dining area. To the upper floors is the lounge, two bedrooms and family bathroom. The master with en-suite facilities is on the top floor. Gas central heating and UPVC double glazing and driveway and garage to the rear.

Lovely two bedroom mid terraced property located in Bowburn village where you can benefit from all local amenities, shops and schools. The floor plan comprises of entrance lobby, lounge, spacious kitchen/diner leading out to the rear yard. To the first floor are two good size bedrooms and large bathroom/wc, with white suite. Gas central heating and UPVC double glazing.


Stockton Office to help you move Tel: +44 (0) 1642 607 555 • Email: • 21 Bishop Street, Stockton-On-Tees TS18 1SY

Hartburn Village Stockton £550,000 A unique and charming five bedroom detached family residence in the heart of Hartburn Village. The property which has very flexible family accommodation throughout comprises of entrance hallway, cloaks/wc, lounge, games room, dining room, breakfast room, kitchen, laundry and utility, landing, five bedrooms, shower room from bedroom one, bathroom and separate wc. The property has plenty of period features throughout and is situated on a good size plot with gardens to the front side and rear, in addition to ample on site parking and a single garage.


Hermitage Place

Bishopton Road

Norton £135,000

Stockton £750 PCM

A rarely available and charming two bedroom cottage which is situated off Norton Green. This splendid property offers accommodation comprising of entrance hallway, lounge, dining/family room, kitchen, bathroom, landing, two double bedrooms, shower cubicle to bedroom two. Enclosed rear patio yard and open aspect to the front.

An immaculate two bedroom detached bungalow which has been refurbished throughout and benefits from a newly fitted kitchen, bathroom with four piece suite. A good size kitchen/family room with a separate lounge. In addition there are lovely size gardens to front and rear along with ample on-site parking and a single garage.


Mark Smith Senior Manager

Michael Naylor Valuer

Seamer Grove Hartburn OIRO ÂŁ195,000 A stunning example of an extended three bedroom semi-detached home situated close to the highly regarded Hartburn Primary School. The home which has been finished to a great standard is warmed by gas central heating and has uPVC double glazing. The internal layout comprises of: entrance hallway, open plan dining room/lounge, extended kitchen and study. To the first floor are three double bedrooms and the well fitted family bathroom.

Meet the team


Hartlepool Office to help you move Tel: +44 (0) 1429 891 100 • Email: • 106 York Road, Hartlepool TS26 9DE


Laurel House Castle Eden OIEO £450,000 Prime position located opposite the golf course! A remarkable six bedroom detached residence spread over three floors. This modern property enjoys a semi-rural position with views over the golf course. It is also well placed for the A19 for fast commuting North and South. The home boasts quality fixtures and fittings throughout and is presented to ‘show home standards’. It is warmed by oil central heating and has uPVC double glazing.




Nuthatch Close

Grove Close

Hartlepool £239,950

Hartlepool £245,000 ONO

Cul-de-sac location! An outstanding four bedroom detached house which over recent years has been improved to a high standard. This good sized property boasts three reception rooms, superb kitchen/breakfast room, re-fitted en-suite and a luxuriously appointed bathroom. Externally, the front garden has been landscaped with parking for two cars. To the rear is a good sized garden.

Reduced - no chain involved! An extremely impressive, extended three bedroom detached bungalow with attractive gardens to three sides. Located in a delightful cul-de-sac in this prime residential area which is often referred to as one of the most exclusive addresses in Hartlepool. It should be economical to manage having gas central heating and has uPVC double glazing.


Debbie Watts Senior Manager

Craig Purkis Manager/Valuer


Newark Road Hartlepool £169,950 Stunning extended accommodation no chain involved! A significantly improved and extended three bedroom semi-detached property occupying a prime position with stunning open plan kitchen/diner and beautiful upgraded bathroom, whilst being complemented by quality fixtures and fittings. Externally are landscaped gardens, garage and there is also a hot tub included. Further features include solar panels, upgraded flooring, oak doors, uPVC double glazing and gas central heating with underfloor heating in the bathroom.



Nightingale Close

Parkstone Grove

Hartlepool £305,000 ONO

Hartlepool £169,950

A remarkable four bedroom detached house with garden room extension in an exclusive development of high quality homes which is not directly overlooked to the front. Features including gas central heating, uPVC double glazing, three good sized reception rooms, stunning kitchen, four double bedrooms with built-in wardrobes, en-suite wet room, outstanding bathroom, large rear garden, ample parking and double garage.

No chain involved! A significantly extended three bedroom semi-detached property enhanced with a double storey side extension, porch extension and further features a garden room and kitchen extension. Other features include uPVC double glazing, gas central heating, four reception areas, large dressing room to master bedroom with potential for en-suite, off street parking, enclosed rear garden and garage. Viewing recommended!


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Rookwood Road Nunthorpe £385,000 Having undergone a comprehensive refurbishment project, this stunning bungalow needs to be viewed in ordered to appreciate what’s on offer. Comprising of: entrance hallway, lounge, two reception rooms (which could be used as bedrooms) a stunning four piece family bathroom, l-shaped kitchen/dining/family area with bi-fold doors. The first floor landing then gives access to a further two bedrooms (master with en-suite) and bathroom. Externally there are gardens to front and rear.




Tasmania Square

Marton £210,000

Marton £165,000

A smart four bedroom detached home. Comprising of: entrance hallway, cloakroom/wc, large lounge, kitchen which opens to the dining room. To the first floor are 4 good sized bedrooms with the master having en-suite facilities and the family bathroom/wc. Externally there are gardens to front, rear and garage.

Mature bay fronted semi-detached property. Viewing strongly recommended. Comprising of: entrance hallway, lounge, second reception room, and fitted kitchen. To the 1st floor there are three good sized bedrooms and family bathroom with separate toilet. Externally there are gardens to front and rear.


Ingleby Barwick Office to help you move

Richard Watson Branch Manager

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Beadnell Close Ingleby Barwick


Located in the Beckfields area of Ingleby Barwick, this deceptively spacious and beautifully presented three bedroom detached bungalow offers accommodation comprising of entrance porch, inner hall, superb re-fitted kitchen/ breakfast area, lounge, conservatory, three bedrooms, master with en-suite facilities and recently re-fitted family bathroom. Externally this property boasts a generous and private garden to the rear, open plan garden to the front with driveway leading to double garage.



Pennal Grove

Nunnington Close

Ingleby Barwick £259,950

Ingleby Barwick £229,950

An immaculately presented 4 bedroom extended detached home situated on Pennal Grove, Ingleby Barwick. Backing onto the river this impressive home is a credit to its current owners and benefits from gas central heating, uPVC double glazing, a sun room extension and a private garden.

We are delighted to bring to the market this four bedroom detached property. The property located on the popular Beckfields area of Ingleby Barwick. This lovely family home boasts a stunning open plan dining kitchen and large family room extension. The layout briefly comprises of: entrance hallway, cloakroom wc. Lounge, dining kitchen with utility and superb family room.


Sedgefield Office to help you move

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Wellgarth Mews Sedgefield £339,950 Impressive four bedroom ‘dream home’. A very desirable property, offering cleverly extended accommodation featuring comfortable family lounge, superb open pan, bespoke fitted kitchen/ dining/snug area. To the first floor are four good sized bedrooms with dressing room and en-suite to master bedroom. Externally there are well maintained gardens to the front and rear. Integral garage/driveway.

Brockwell Close

Beaumont Court

Fishburn £139,950

Sedgefield £124,950

Three bedroom detached home within cul-de-sac location. Entrance hall, lounge/dining room, conservatory, cloaks/wc, fitted kitchen. Three bedrooms, family bathroom to the first floor. Gardens to the front and rear, integral garage.

A two bedroom semi detached bungalow. Entrance hallway, lounge, fitted kitchen, conservatory, two bedrooms, shower room. Patio garden to rear, open plan lawn area to front. Garage situated in block.


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the property and lifestyle magazine COMPLIMENTARY ISSUE Design trends / 08 Properties for sale / 14 What's on summer 2018 / 24 - Summer 2018 -

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I’m delighted to welcome you to the summer edition of abode magazine as we all look forward to another busy season here at Fine & Country.


pring trading was as solid as ever, bearing testament once again to the quality of our properties and professionalism of our service.

the property and lifestyle magazine COMPLIMENTARY ISSUE Design trends / 08 Properties for sale / 14 What's on summer 2018 / 24 - Summer 2018 -

We sell more than just bricks & mortar, we provide a bespoke and imaginative promotional approach to sell the story of a home, enhancing the lifestyle of a property and focusing on the seller’s favourite features to truly bring the home to life.

traditional, customer focused and face to face, with all the benefits of online reach to back this up. We cover Wynyard and all of County Durham, Teesside and North Yorkshire. Time to sit back now and enjoy exploring the beautiful homes we are showcasing in this edition as well as some thought provoking, seasonal lifestyle tips. Adrienne Dobson

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- what’s inside 08 > Design trends Abode takes a look at what's trending this year.

24 < What's on summer 2018 Festival special

What's inside Design trends - Five trends to expect this year the property and lifestyle magazine


Properties for sale 14

COMPLIMENTARY ISSUE Design trends / 08 Properties for sale / 14 What's on summer 2018 / 24

Sold properties 20

- Summer 2018 -

What's on summer 2018 - Festival special

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Five trends emerging this year

Abode takes a look at what’s trending this year…

1. More colour in kitchens

2. Rich colours throughout the home

Although white will always be a classic colour for kitchen design, homeowners are shying away from bland hues and injecting rich colours, such as warm wood tones (e.g. mahogany) and neutrals (e.g. greys and blues), into the space to give it a warm, fresh and unique feel.

Warm greys paired with camel, rust, tobacco and brown-blacks, as well as earthy reds and yellows, are edging out cooler neutrals this year.

Social sites such as Instagram, and Pinterest have exposed homeowners to what’s possible, what looks fun and what they can personalise themselves and have encouraged them to be bigger risk-takers when it comes to colour.

3. No more white or stainless steel sinks The modern farmhouse style is continuing to flourish in 2018 and spread to the bathroom. There are more concrete, stone, copper and granite composite sinks in darker hues of grey, bronze or black.


4. Florals The tropical palm print may have flooded your Instagram feeds over the past 12 months, but people aren’t yet tired of eye-catching, oversized graphic florals.

5. Vintage lighting Vintage light fixtures, including sconces, lanterns, pendants and chandeliers, are making a comeback as crafty home do-ityourselfers outfit retro fixtures with new technology.

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6 Castlereagh 5

Wynyard ÂŁ825,000

- For Sale Situated within one of the most sought after cul-de-sacs in Wynyard Village, we are delighted to offer for sale this imposing 5 bedroom detached family home. The individually designed home has immediate kerb appeal with its interesting roof lines and curved building line. Upon entering this substantial family home, the central hallway with feature half landing full height window gives access to two wings and corridors. To the east side there is a very well equipped breakfasting kitchen fitted with a range of modern streamline units, granite work surfaces, good range of integral appliances, walk in pantry and central island. A pleasant dining area with deep bay window and French doors leading to the rear garden enjoys views over the golf course beyond.





Beaumont House 3

Kimblesworth ÂŁ550,000

- For Sale Beaumont House is a character property on the edge of a small complex of similar properties set within open countryside. It provides an ideal location for those people who wish to live the country life yet are still within approximately 15 minutes to Durham City Centre. The stone built, two storey barn conversion is an impressive family home built to a high standard, filled with light spacious rooms and modern-day comforts. Entered through a private inner courtyard the lengthy hallway laid to oak flooring gives access to all reception rooms. Enjoying a prime corner, the large arched floor to ceiling windows from all the principal reception rooms take full advantage of the views over the beautifully landscaped gardens and countryside beyond. A Dual aspect lounge with feature marble fireplace also has direct access to the inner courtyard.







While Durham High School for Girls is one of the leading schools in the North of England, with an enviable academic reputation, Durham High is also very much a family school, educating girls from the age of 3 to 18, all on one site. Our strong sense of community is evident from the moment anyone walks through our door; it comes as no surprise when visitors comment on the warm, friendly atmosphere. Knowing that happy girls are more likely to fulfil their potential, we work hard to ensure that our pastoral care is exceptional and girls can flourish in a secure and happy community. From Nursery to the Sixth Form, each girl is assured of the individual support she needs to be the best she can possibly be. Come and visit us on one of our Open Mornings and see for yourself â&#x20AC;&#x201C; we look forward to meeting you!

Saturday 9 June 10.00 - 12.30 CONNECT WITH


Dale End 4

Hamsterley ÂŁ375,000

- For Sale Dale End is a superb four-bedroom detached house located on the outskirts of Hamsterley Village close to Hamsterley Forest and surrounded by beautiful open countryside. The property is deceptively spacious and has been modernised and improved to a high standard with four tastefully decorated bedrooms all of which are en-suite. Standing on a quiet lane it has a pleasant outlook to the front and rear, driveway for parking, a private enclosed rear garden and a large lean to garage suitable for a variety of uses. A glazed entrance porch with tiled floor leads to an impressive reception hall with oak doors to the sitting room and kitchen. The lovely sitting room is spacious and features a wood burning stove set within a stone fireplace.





Glebe House 4

Thornley ÂŁ495,000

- For Sale Glebe House is a substantial double fronted period property built in the 1870s and overlooks the village green in the quiet village of Thornley. The accommodation retains many period features throughout including stripped shutters, high corniced ceilings and offers excellent room proportions. Extremely versatile, the room layout provides enough space for all the family with the added bonus of a separate annex with a games room and loft room above which situated adjacent to a ground floor shower room. This could open the options for a self-contained annex for a dependant relative. From the central hallway there are two principal rooms, one housing an inglenook fireplace with a multi fuel stove. A dining room and study are located to the rear along with the kitchen.




Blackwood SOLD

selling some of the region's finest homes



High Coniscliffe SOLD

selling some of the region's finest homes


49 Blackwood SOLD

selling some of the region's finest homes



Sheraton High Cottage SOLD

selling some of the region's finest homes


What's on summer 2018 - FESTIVALS SPECIAL -

StrEat Food and Family Fun Festival

Great Exhibition of the North

> May 26 - 28

> June 22

The UK’s largest street food festival celebrates some of the best street food from around the world, combined with fun and funky entertainment for all the family.

Dedicated to innovation, arts and design, it has been billed as the country’s biggest event of 2018 and has been designed to tell the story of the whole of the north of England. Leeds band Kaiser Chiefs will kick off proceedings with a rocking performance on June 22 at the spectacular opening event beside the River Tyne.


Sunniside Live > July 6 -7 Sunderland’s longest standing live outdoor music festival returns for a fourth year and promises to be the best yet, with performances from music legends Soul ll Soul, who became household names with hits like Keep on Movin and Back to Life.


North East Chilli Fest > July 13 - 15 In recognition of its location at Meggies Burn Fields at South Beach in Blyth, the North East Chilli Fest this year presents the Festival by the Sea. Now in its seventh year, the three day festival will feature the very best in food, drink and entertainment, including performances from Newcastle Northern Funk band Smoove and Turrell, as well as a huge line up of acts.

Darlington Council Festival of Ingenuity

Newcastle Pride Geordie Moor

> July 14

> July 20 - 22

A celebration of the ingeniousness of Darlington, Festival of Ingenuity will be an extravaganza of fun for all the family, with free entertainment and activities for adults and kids. Visitors can expect street entertainment, live music and engaging science-based activities.

Geordie Moor has announced a jam-packed three-day festival taking place under a big top on Nuns Moor, Newcastle. The launch party will feature chart-topping Vengaboys, while multi-platinum-selling artist Jessie J and Girls Aloud starlet Nadine Coyle will close the weekend.



One Big Day

Gisborough Priory

Rewind Festival

> July 29

> July 29

> August 3 - 5

Fans of cycling, music and fine food are in for a real treat when One Big Day rolls into Redcar & Cleveland as Redcar, Saltburn and Guisborough all play host to three fantastic events on Sunday July 29.

Set in historic grounds of the ancient monument, the world famous London Gala Orchestra will be a night to remember for the whole family. Packed full of music you know and love, the excitement will last from the opening notes right through to the rousing Proms finale.

Rewind Festival will be celebrating its 10th Birthday at Capesthorne Hall, Cheshire, with performances from legendary acts such as The Jacksons, and the Boomtown Rats. Alongside the incredible musical line-up there will be comedy from Milton Jones, and Ray Guns Look Real Enough.

Billingham International Folklore Festival > August 11 - 19 Nine days of magical dance and music will illuminate the town of Billingham in Tees Valley, as dancers from eight countries scattered around the globe will bring audiences to their feet with some breathtaking acts of world dance.

Hardwick Live

Lindisfarne Festival

> August 18 - 19

> August 20 - September 2

Back for two glorious days this summer, Hardwick Live is known for its stellar performers and its packed programme of family-friendly entertainment which makes it a must for festival lovers everywhere.

A regularly shortlisted finalist at the UK Festival awards, Lindisfarne Festival 2018 will showcase 150-plus acts over its nine festival stages, with live music and DJs until 4am over the weekend.


Robinsons Home/Abode Summer 2018  
Robinsons Home/Abode Summer 2018