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FREE | Spring 2018

Your guide to North East property and living


Welcome As winter evolves into spring I’m delighted to welcome you to our first edition of home magazine in 2018.

I’d like to begin with a big thank you to all of you, the readers, and all of our sponsors - who made the inaugural year of home magazine in 2017 such a big success. I’m pleased to say that it coincided with a very solid trading performance from ourselves with the emphasis, as ever, on delivering a professional, friendly service to our thousands of customers across our fifteen branches in the region. Our team is totally focused on the year ahead now and I have to say, never has there been a better time to sell or let with Robinsons! We have put in place amazing packages in the New Year on both of these offerings and the feedback so far has been very positive. We enjoyed a record number of property lets in 2017, so you will see more pages dedicated to this in this year’s magazines and right now demand is particularly high so please take note that we very much welcome more properties on our books for waiting tenants! We anticipate a buoyant market running into the spring so sit back, indulge yourself with a snapshot of our current property listings and benefit from some very useful seasonal tips for the home and garden. Enjoy your read and then call for a professional valuation from a member of our experienced valuation team.

George Robinson Managing Director Robinsons Estate Agents

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FREE | Spring 2018

Your guide to North East property and living




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Greener Homes - Part 1

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What’s on this Spring?

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10 tips to get the mortgage you want 14 The Gardener’s Year - Part 1


Building and contents insurance explained


Our Clients and what they say about our service


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Greener Homes - Part 1 This edition sees the start of a four part series

Funding is available to home owners to allow plug-in vehicle drivers to benefit from charge points at home, and whilst out and about. Electric cars have many benefits; amongst other things, they’re better for the planet, quieter and lower maintenance than petrol/diesel cars.

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EV cars can be charged at public charging stations. Some are free, some charge a small fee, and they are available across the country. However, for convenience, most EV car owners do the majority of their charging at home. Electric cars have ranges of 200-300 miles, so home charging will suffice for day to day running, but may need supplementing on long journeys.

Installing a home electric car charger Getting a charger installed on your property makes your life easier. It is safer and charges up to 2.5x faster than with a 3 pin plug. It’s just as quick as - or quicker than some - public charging points, and there’s no having to wait around at a service station. Home chargers normally either 16-amps or 32-amps - can charge an electric vehicle from flat to full in 3.5 hours.

Can I get a grant for a home electric car charger? There is a generous government grant for home charging points. The Office for Low Emission Vehicles gives eligible electric/hybrid car owners a grant of £500 towards purchase and installation. If your electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle was bought from 1st April 2015 onwards and you have off-street parking, you will be eligible for the grant, providing you use an OLEV-approved installer. You can get one charging point installed per eligible vehicle and up to two per household. Most electric vehicles are eligible for the grant. There are a few things to take into account when choosing and installing - it’s worth researching different models, thinking about where to put it and whether the charger is portable in case you move house.

PUT YOUR HOME IN SAFE HANDS. We undertake all aspects of property maintenance • Small Leaks • Brickwork • Painting And Decorating • All Types Of Flooring • Fitting Kitchens Including Appliances • Fitting Bathrooms • Fitting Windows • Garden Work And Fencing • Full Refurbishments

Call or email us for more information: Nigel 07739 406 703 Office 0191 526 8054

Craig 07711 076 496 Email

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What’s On This Spring?

Your Guide to Events in the North East As evenings grow brighter and warmer weather is on the horizon, it’s clear to see that Spring is firmly on its way and we’ve rounded up some exciting events and activities heading to the region in the coming months.

Lumley Castle: Elizabethan Banquets, Durham

Northern Dales Farmers’ Market: Stewart Park, Middlesbrough

Dates from February to November

Last Sunday of every month

Are you looking for a night out with a difference? This could be the perfect event for you. Live like Lords and Ladies of a bygone age and experience a great night out at Lumley Castle’s award winning Elizabethan Banquet. The evening includes a five course banquet feast, a selection of wine and mead, and evening entertainment.

10 |

The Northern Dales’ Farmers Market is a ‘family’ of more than 70 local food producers. So if you’re looking for fresh, local food and a nice day out, why not pay them a visit?

Head of Steam: Easter Special, Darlington 1 April Join Head of Steam, the Darlington Railway Museum, for an “Eggstraspecial” Easter treat for your little ones. Activities include an egg hunt, face painting, arts and crafts and lots more!

Beamish Hall Hotel: Fools Day Festival, County Durham 1 - 2 April It’s fun for all the family at Beamish Hall Hotel this April Fool’s weekend. Join the team for a weekend of tribal madness, where children of all ages can converge in the hall for two days of fun, laughter and learning. There will be huge games as the Pirates, Cowboys, Indians and Jungle clans collide during paint battles, jelly wars and giant piñatas!

Bishop Aukland Food Festival 21 - 22 April Say goodbye to 2017 and welcome 2018 with Seven Stories as they explore when and how New Year traditions are celebrated across the world. Discover traditions, customs and celebrations from around the globe and enjoy themed story times, party games and crafty activities!

Naked Eye Astronomy: Centre for Life, Newcastle 8 January - 31 March The Centre for Life is a fun day out for all the family and this exhibition is sure to impress, with a tour of the night sky to help you to recognise planets, find stars and constellations and see satellites using nothing more than your eyes.

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10 tips to get the mortgage you want If you’re thinking about how to get a mortgage, you should be aware of the factors that affect your eligibility. These include: credit score, length of time in current job, current debts, whether you’re selfemployed and the size of your deposit. Here are MoneySuperMarket’s top 10 tips to find out how to get the mortgage you want.

1. Your credit score matters Before applying for a mortgage, get a copy of your credit report which is held by credit reference agencies such as Experian or Equifax. This will allow you to see what lenders see when they review your application. If your credit rating isn’t looking that great, there are lots of simple things you can do which can give your score a boost. For example, check you are on the electoral roll and close down credit card accounts which you no longer use.

2. The starting point is your own sums Sit down and work out your budget before applying for a mortgage. You will need to be sure you can borrow enough to cover the purchase of the property and that you’ll have enough spare to cover all the associated costs and fees. Monthly mortgage repayments will depend on how much you want to borrow (and over how long) and the interest rate charged.

14 |

3. You’ll be better off in the same job Most lenders will want to see that you’ve been with your employer for a decent length of time before they’ll give you a mortgage, so if you’re thinking of switching jobs, it’s a good idea to hang on until you’ve got your mortgage in place. Usually, it’s a good idea to have been in your existing job for at least three to six months before applying.

4. Debts don’t help If you’re submitting a mortgage application, the last thing any prospective lender is going to want to see is that you owe a load of cash on credit cards or you’ve got outstanding loans. Before you apply for a mortgage, try to reduce any debts you have - this will help demonstrate that you manage your money responsibly, and will mean any mortgage application you make is more likely to succeed. It will also mean you will potentially be able to borrow more when it comes to a lender’s affordability calculations.

5. You’ll need proof of income Mortgage lenders will want to see proof of how much you earn, so you’ll probably need a P60 form which you get every year from your employer and shows a summary of your pay and how much tax has been deducted. You’re also likely to be asked for three months’ worth of bank statements and payslips so the lender can look at both how much you have coming in as well as your outgoings.

6… or accounts if you’re self-employed Getting a mortgage when you’re self-employed can be really tricky, especially if you’ve only recently decided to go it alone. Lenders want proof that you’ll be able to keep up repayments, so they’ll usually ask to see an SA302 form relating to the last three years from HMRC or your full accounts for the last three years. If you don’t have these available, it’s unlikely you’ll be accepted for a mortgage.

7. The bigger the deposit the better

9. You shouldn’t chop and change your application

The more you can save up to put down as a deposit, the bigger the choice of mortgages that will be available to you. Lenders reserve their best rates for those with hefty deposits, so you’ll also benefit from lower monthly payments because you’ll have qualified for a better deal.

Once you’ve started your mortgage application, don’t mess around with it and start changing figures as it could hold up your property purchase.

8. Buying with someone else can be easier If you’ve no hope of building up a decent deposit on your own, you might want to think about buying with someone else. This could boost your chances of securing a decent mortgage, particularly if they’ve got an excellent credit history and a higher income than you. But remember that this is a big commitment, so you’ll need to sit down and work out with the other person what would happen if one of you wanted to move in future.

10. It can pay to get help If you’re struggling to find the right mortgage deal, or you don’t know what you’d be eligible for or how much you can borrow, it might be a good idea to enlist the help of a mortgage broker. They can research the market for you and help you through the application process so you don’t have to go it alone. The information contained herein is not intended to be a source of advice or credit analysis with respect to the material presented, and the information contained on these pages do not constitute investment advice.

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Experience and Quality That Your Portfolio Can Rely On

McGeorge Facilities Ltd is a key partner of Robinsons Estate Agents currently servicing over 1500 properties via its Maintenance Division. Established in 2016, McGeorge Facilities Ltd has a wealth of experience within the property sector, delivering both maintenance and facilities management. Founder, Graeme McGeorge, has steered the company from strength to strength, now servicing over 1500 properties for Robinson’s alone. Robinsons expect quality, dependable partners and in McGeorge Facilities they know that they can totally rely on them to deliver projects of the highest standard. Graeme’s vast experience at manager and director level spanning over twenty five years guarantees a wealth of expertise within both the property and maintenance sectors.

For further information about our full range of services please call 0191 580 5855 or email us at

His personal project management is key to the company’s success as he is always very close to all areas of the business, providing a reassuring ‘hands on’ approach that gains the best results every time. They also provide full property renovation and turn key for residential property lettings and multiple occupancy properties as well as home purchasers’ assistance in all areas of their new property needs. Damp proofing, decorating, new flooring, kitchen design and installation, bathrooms, boiler installation, electrical work, tiling, UPVC windows and doors, joinery, garden work, roofing, brickwork… whatever the requirements, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that everything is covered by a fully certified and qualified team of full time maintenance staff. All projects are completed on time and in budget providing a dependable solution which guarantees that your project will run smoothly and effectively… completely ‘hassle free’

The Gardener’s Year Part 1 - Mid Spring The garden really is looking good now, with trees clothed in fresh young leaves, lawns becoming a richer green and spring flowers at their peak. A little warm, sunny weather brings out a real enthusiasm for gardening and there’s certainly plenty to keep the keenest gardener occupied.

Gardeners are not the only ones who are enjoying the spring weather, and pests and weeds are now thriving. Weeding is a job that needs to be done for a large proportion of the year, but weeds are probably growing most rapidly in midspring. It’s especially important to keep them under control; while garden plants are small because they can easily be smothered by weed growth. Pests, too, are on the increase, attracted by the tender young growth the plants are making. Slugs and snails are often particularly problematic, and aphids (greenfly) can be found clustered on shoot tips. Early action helps to prevent an outbreak turning into an epidemic! There may be some slightly tender plants that appear to have been killed by the winter cold, but don’t consign them to the compost heap. It is sometimes well into the summer before they show signs of recovery and start to put out buds.

18 |

This edition sees the first of a four part series

Check by gently scraping a little patch of bark from the main stem - if the wood underneath is green and moist, the plant is still alive. Spring bulbs continue to make a stunning show; wherever possible they should be dead-headed as they fade, before they have chance to set seed. Spring bedding plants are also putting on a good performance; make a note to obtain more seeds of plants and buy them when you buy summer bedding plants from the garden centre. There’s plenty to do in the kitchen garden too, with weeding, sowing and planting out, plus thinning out of crops that have been sown earlier. Part 2 of the Gardener’s Year will bring you summer tips in our May edition.

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Building and contents insurance explained What is buildings and contents insurance?

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Buildings and contents insurance is placed under the bracket of home insurance. It is a combined insurance that will cover or replace any damage that might occur to the house or its contents, including loss. It is essential for all mortgaged houses to have this insurance - the majority of other homeowners who do not have a mortgage will also have this type of insurance. It is possible to get the two insurances separately, although you will find that most providers offer them as a combined cover.

Buildings insurance

Contents insurance

This insurance covers your house in case of a disaster where your house is so badly damaged that it needs to be completely rebuilt. The event which caused the damage must have been completely beyond your control, for example storm or flood damage, a major fire, smoke or explosions, water leakage/burst pipes, subsidence, or third party vandalism or damage etc. Mortgage providers will insist that you take out this cover, as it means they will be able to recover their losses in such events. It is like a type of security or collateral for the loan that they have given to you.

This covers all items in your house which are not fixed to the property, for example your furniture, jewellery, appliances and clothing. Most of the available contents insurance policies will even cover things like the contents of your refrigerator and freezer! The cheapest type is indemnity insurance. This cover will replace exactly what was there before, so if you claim for a washing machine that was already three years old, you will be given a replacement washing machine that is three years old. The more expensive “new for old” option will give you a brand new replacement of whatever gets damaged or stolen, thus you would get a brand new washing machine. Contents insurance will cover you in most of the same situations as buildings insurance, but also includes theft. Again, any of these perils must have been beyond your control.

How do you get buildings and contents insurance? There are a plethora of insurance firms out there who will want to sell you their type of insurance and, unfortunately, the only way to tell which one is best for you is to read through them all and evaluate their respective pros and cons for your particular situation. Many will offer you a discount if you take out both types of insurance. There are a few price comparison sites which will be able to provide you with price comparisons for many of the different providers, but whatever route you take it is very important to find out what exactly the insurance will cover, and even more importantly, what it will not cover. When you have decided which type of insurance is best, look at the whole package rather than just how much your premium will be. This may end up saving you a great deal more money in the long run

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Our Clients

and what they say about our service l your for al h c u so m e, you k you our hous he n a h T g “ dt in n sell ve help an will i p l e i h e s a mas stic. W were was fanta anybody e to rty.” servic end you prope a m r m o reco king f g/loo n i l l e s Mrs &

Mrs L

Putting customers first is what we do best - but don’t take our word for it, read what our customers say. All our staff undergo professional training and we regularly reward evidence of excellent customer service.

“I just wante d to se to say nd you a big “ a quick t hank y for help em ou” to ing me y our tea ail and m secure m y our ne w hom Fiancé find a an abs nd e. olute s tar from Claire has be is a co e n nsider s t a rt to ate, he person lpful an finish. She and I h d effi av with th e servic e been most cient impres e that her. I w I hav sed or apprec k in a busy en e received f ro iate ho vironm w stres ent an m can be d sful an but sh d hard e has b credit work it een br to you il li r an te Mrs Jo hnson am! Thank yo t - a true u again .”

for your staff ll a k n a to th tience e and pa “We wish ic rv e s e sale and llenc r recent the exce u o h it w ons. You ling h Robins while dea g u ro th uitable both nd us a s fi purchase ly n o t riod to no ng the pe ri u were able d t u b e to buy d put to th property alued an v to u d o e y g a le man of the sa erty and p ro p r ” u r. market o r life easie aking ou m rs u o sell rs L

Mrs & M

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Darlington Office to help you move Tel: +44 (0) 1325 484 440 • Email: • 7 Duke Street, Darlington DL3 7RX


Woolsington Drive Middleton St. George OIRO £275,000 Luxurious four bedroom home significantly extended providing substantial family living accommodation pleasantly positioned on this modern development in the picturesque village of Middleton St. George. Properties of this nature and location are considered in high demand and we anticipate this to be no exception. Considerable thought has gone into the layout of this home to use the space in the best way possible to provide versatile living, dining, relaxing and private space.


Meet the team

The Poplars Middleton St. George £375,000

Back Row left to right: Lyndsey Reynolds – Negotiator. Graham Ayres – Mortgage Advisor. Peter Tevenan – Accompanied Viewer. Adam Boyd – Negotiator Adam Gregory – Valuer. John Stephenson – Accompanied Viewer. Libby Duffy – Negotiator. Back Row left to right: Louise Thompson – Property Manager. Liz Carter – Administrator. Joy Cruddas – Senior Sales Progressor. Sally Newman – Negotiator and Caitlin Smith – Negotiator.

We are privileged to bring to the market an extremely rare opportunity to acquire this five bedroom barn conversion which stands on extensive grounds, approximately one acre. It is superbly positioned overlooking fields in the picturesque village of Middleton St. George. An early viewing is highly recommended to avoid disappointment which, in our opinion would appeal to a variety of buyers and those of an equestrian nature.


Louis Holmes Branch Manager

Adam Gregory Valuer / Manager


Burdock Cleatlam £379,995 An extremely rare opportunity to acquire this substantial five bedroom detached bungalow superbly positioned in the picturesque village of Cleatlam overlooking the green. It stands on approximately half an acre plot with well tended gardens, generous parking and a larger than average garage with electric roller door, light and power.




Holmlands Road

Blind Lane

Darlington £159,950

Hurworth ORIO £174,950

Fabulous opportunity to acquire this significantly improved and stunning three bedroom semi detached property pleasantly positioned in the desirable area of Darlington which lies within easy reach of local shops, amenities and schooling. Cockerton village can be found within walking distance and the A1(M) is only a five minute drive away linking the North and South.

We are privileged to bring to the market an extremely rare opportunity to acquire this charming two bedroom Grade II listed cottage pleasantly positioned in the prestigious village of Hurworth. The home has been carefully and sensitively refurbished by the current owner to an extremely high standard and an early viewing is highly recommended.


Durham Office to help you move Tel: +44 (0) 191 386 2777 • Email: • 1 Old Elvet, Durham City DH1 3HL

Mitford Close High Shincliffe £249,950 Extended and much improved four bedroomed semi detached home. Entrance porch, hallway, spacious lounge, well fitted kitchen, dining room, utility room and converted garage/reception room. To the first floor there are four bedrooms, the master with en suite and there is also a family bathroom. Externally the property has spacious gardens, driveway for off road parking which in turn gives access to the garage.

Springwood close

Harvey Avenue

Browney £269,950

Framwellgate Moor OIRO £219,950

Four bedroomed detached house. Reception hall, cloaks/ WC, lounge, kitchen/family room, first floor landing with study area, four bedrooms, en suite shower room/WC, family bathroom/WC. Gardens, drive and integral garage.

Three storey townhouse. Entrance hall, cloakroom/WC, open plan kitchen and dining room, living room. First floor, three bedrooms,family bathroom. Second floor, master suite, dressing area, en suite shower room. Rear garden, detached garage, driveway.


Keith Mason Senior Manager

Michael Hughes Manager/Valuer

Meet some of our experienced team Selling houses for over 25 years


16 years experience


30 years experience


11 years experience


6 years experience


14 years experience

127 years

combined experience Stacey

15 years experience


2 years experience


30 years experience


3 years experience



Canterbury Road

Cavendish Court

Newton Hall ÂŁ179,950

Brandon ÂŁ115,000

Three bedroomed link detached house. Entrance hall, lounge, kitchen/dining room, conservatory, utility room. To the first floor there are three bedrooms and bathroom/WC. Gardens, driveway, garage. Viewing is recommended to appreciate the property fully.

Three bedroom semi detached house. Entrance porch, refitted kitchen/dining room, comfortable lounge, large conservatory. The first floor there are three bedrooms and a family bathroom/WC. Spacious double driveway, rear enclosed garden.


Spennymoor Office to help you move

Lynne Blaney Branch Manager

Tel: +44 (0) 1388 420 444 • Email: • 11 Cheapside, Spennymoor DL16 6QE

Ormesby Way Spennymoor £239,950 Reduced by £20,000. Superb four bedroom detached house with double driveway, double garage and enclosed rear garden. Entrance hall, cloakroom W/C, lounge, large fitted kitchen/dining room with French doors giving access to the rear garden, utility room, four bedrooms, master bedroom with en-suite and family bathroom. Externally double blocked paved driveway, double garage, open plan front garden, enclosed rear garden with paved patio.

Witton Drive

Burton Constable

Spennymoor £99,950

Spennymoor £169,950

Superb three bedroom mid link house. Recently redecorated, recent carpets, new fitted kitchen. Immaculate throughout. UPVC double glazing, gas central heating, porch, lounge with feature fire surround, dining room, contemporary kitchen, attractive bathroom. Front gardens and detached garage.

A superb three bedroom detached house with security and alarm system, entrance hall, cloakroom WC, lounge and superb kitchen/breakfast room. Three bedrooms - master with wardrobes and en-suite facilities and modern bathroom suite. Front & rear gardens, detached garage.


Bishop Auckland Office to help you move

Anthony Smyth Branch Manager

Tel: +44 (0) 1388 458 111 • Email: • 120 Newgate Street, Bishop Auckland DL14 7EH

Dene Hall Drive Bishop Auckland £300,000 Stunning and beautifully presented four bedroom semi- detached family home which in our opinion needs to be seen to be appreciated. This home has undergone a large program of modernisation and refurbishment and has been finished to an exceptional standard with no expense spared. There is a large driveway and garage to the front, as well as a good sized attractive rear patio and garden, ideal in the summer months.


Horsley Grove

Bishop Auckland £215,000

Bishop Auckland £185,000

Beautifully maintained three bedroom semi-detached family home in the popular location of Westerton Village. With ultra-modern features running throughout including a hot tub in the attractive rear garden, the property is well worthy of an internal inspection. The detached double garage and driveway provides ample parking for a family.

An internal viewing coming highly recommended to avoid disappointment and in our opinion this extended and spacious four bedroom detached home is ready to move straight into. This home is located in the popular area of Horsley Grove, with a stunning sun room to the rear and modern kitchen.


Chester-le-Street Office to help you move

Michael Hughes Manager/Valuer

Tel: +44 (0) 191 387 3000 • Email: • 45 Front Street, Chester le Street DH3 3BH

Highfield Rise Chester-le-Street £172,500 An incredibly well positioned and rarely available three bedroom semidetached family home. Located in the traditionally popular, modern Highfield Rise development the property is exceptionally well presented throughout and has ample off-street parking. It is well placed for shops, schools and motoring links making it perfect for a wide variety of buyers. Further benefits of the property include UPVC double glazing and gas fired central heating.

Wensley Close


Chester-le-Street £152,500

Chester-le-Street £179,950

An incredibly well positioned and rarely available three bedroom semi-detached family home. Available to purchase with the benefit of no onward chain the home is well presented and pleasantly situated. Internally the property which has been maintained to a good standard throughout, has new carpets (apart from stair carpet) and has recently been re-decorated. It also has a nice enclosed rear garden making it popular for those who like barbecues or have children.

A stunning three bedroom on a popular estate! Internally the property has undergone extensive refurbishment throughout, including new kitchen, bathroom, roof, re-wiring and has be redecorated. Due to the size and standard of accommodation on offer the property should appeal to many buyers, particularly families, and we would therefore strongly recommend early internal inspection to avoid missing out on this wonderful opportunity.


Crook Office to help you move

Alex Riley Branch Manager

Tel: +44 (0) 1388 763 477 • Email: • Royal Corner, Crook DL15 9UA

Manor Road Willington £270,000 This immaculate five bedroom detached family home has been refurbished to the highest of standards with high quality fixtures and fittings throughout. One garage has been converted into an extra reception room which would be ideal for a study or playroom. The house is well positioned in this popular cul de sac and benefits from gardens to front and rear and a double width driveway with garage.

Hedgehog Cottage

Austen Way

Wolsingham £120,000

Crook £210,000

We a delighted to bring to the sales market this cosy stone built cottage which is within walking distance of Wolsingham’s village centre. The floorplan comprises of; lounge, kitchen, and two bedrooms and a shower room to the first floor. The house enjoys pleasant views to the front and has a small garden area to both front and rear aspects.

Standing on a larger than average corner plot in one of Crooks most popular locations, we are delighted to bring to the sales market this four bedroom detached family home. The house benefits from having two reception rooms, four bedrooms and en-suite shower room, it is warmed by gas central heating and is fully UPVC double glazed. There are gardens to three sides and a driveway and garage.


Durham Lettings Office ...helping with rental solutions

Charlotte Turnbull Lettings Office Manager

Tel: +44 (0) 191 383 9994 • Email: • 3C Old Elvet, Durham City DH1 3HL


Saltwell Gill Barn Durham £1250 pcm Exceptional barn conversion with paddock located in a tranquil location just of the A167. High ceilings and exposed beams the property comprises of entrance into a spacious open plan kitchen / diner with appliances, lounge with access to the rear garden, three bedrooms, en-suite facilities and separate modern bathroom. Double glazed throughout and under floor heating. Stunning views of the open Countryside with the River Wear running close by. Off road parking for several cars.





Lambton View,

Meadow Street

Rainton Gate £525 pcm

East Rainton £450 pcm

Modern well-presented spacious two bedroom ground floor apartment located on this modern development in Rainton Gate. Unfurnished the floorplan consists of hallway, lounge / modern fitted kitchen complete with appliances, two bedrooms both enjoying views of the open countryside. Double glazed throughout and gas centrally heated via new combination boiler. Externally there are communal gardens and allocated parking space.

Two bedroom semi-detached house situated in East Rainton. The property is UPVC double glazed and gas centrally heated and the accommodation comprises of entrance hall, lounge with French doors to rear, kitchen/ diner with integrated appliances. Two bedrooms and a family bathroom with overhead electric shower and heated towel rail. Externally there is front and rear gardens.


Coxhoe Lettings Office ...helping with rental solutions

Karen Hodges Branch Manager (Regional Lettings Manager)

Tel: +44 (0) 191 383 9994 • Email: • 14, West Terrace, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4HP


Foundry Close Coxhoe £550 pcm Extremely well presented two bedroom mid link property situated on a modern development in the village of Coxhoe. Offered part furnished the accommodation comprises of entrance vestibule, cloaks/WC., lounge, modern fitted kitchen with integrated appliances, two double bedrooms and bathroom. UPVC double glazed and gas fired central heating. Externally there is a rear garden whilst to the front is a block paved driveway providing off road parking for two vehicles.




Milford Way

Prince Charles Avenue

Bowburn £495 pcm

Bowburn £595 pcm

Two bedroom semi-detached house to let on a part furnished basis. Cul-de-sac position on modern residential development. The accommodation comprises of entrance hall, lounge, fitted kitchen/dining room with French doors to rear garden, two bedrooms, shower room/WC with white suite. The property also boasts gas central heating, UPVC double glazing whilst externally there is a driveway, open plan front garden, enclosed South West facing rear garden with paved and decked patio area.

Spacious modern three bedroom family home. The floor plan consists of entrance hallway, lounge, UPVC double glazed conservatory and fitted kitchen/diner. Whilst to the first floor there are three bedrooms and a family bathroom WC with a white suite and electric shower. Externally to the front there is a double driveway providing off street car parking whilst to the rear is a garden laid to lawn.


Stockton Office to help you move Tel: +44 (0) 1642 607 555 • Email: • 21 Bishop Street, Stockton-On-Tees TS18 1SY

Limpton Gate Yarm OIEO £350,000 A stylish and contemporary extended 5 bedroom detached family home. Situated within easy access of Yarm High Street this property comprises, entrance porch, hallway, lounge, kitchen/dining area, utility, cloaks/WC, landing, 5 bedrooms, en-suite to bedroom 1 and family bathroom/WC, double drive and single garage, gardens to front and rear.

Hensley Court

Astley Close

Norton £157,500

Fairfield £162,500

A 2 bedroom detached bungalow which is situated in a popular cul-de-sac location on The Glebe Estate in Norton. The bungalow briefly comprises of entrance hallway, lounge, dining area, kitchen, two bedrooms and shower room/ WC. In addition the property has ample on site parking in addition to a larger than average single garage and gardens to both front and rear.

A well presented 3 bedroom semi detached house comprising of entrance hallway, cloak/WC, lounge, kitchen/ dining area, landing, three bedrooms and bathroom/WC. The property is situated on a good size corner plot with gardens to front, side and rear in addition to a driveway and single garage.


Mark Smith Senior Manager

Michael Naylor Valuer

St. James Close Thorpe Thewles ÂŁ325,000 A superb 4 bedroom detached family home, which is situated in the heart of Thorpe Thewles Village. Stylish property which has a recently fitted kitchen and bathroom internally comprises of entrance hallway, lounge with snug area, kitchen/dining room, cloaks/WC, landing, four bedrooms and bathroom/WC. Open aspect view to the rear.


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Coatham Drive Hartlepool £445,000 Stunning & significantly extended!! A unique 4 bed det. residence offering 3 reception rooms, stunning kitchen/ breakfast room, utility, cloak/WC, modern bathroom and impressive master suite with en-suite and walk-in dressing room. The property is on a generous plot approached by a long driveway. The landscaped rear garden has a large summerhouse and hot tub included. Other features incl. UPVC DG & gas central heating.



Evergreen Close

Westbourne Road

Hartlepool £157,995

Hartlepool Offers Over £280,000

Presented to show home standards!! A stunning 3 bed det. house occupying a corner plot. Features incl. gas CH & UPVC DG and briefly comprises: lounge, cloak/WC, outstanding kitchen/diner, 3 bedrooms, the master having an en suite shower room, and a bathroom/WC. Externally are gardens to front and rear, with a driveway leading to the garage.

Reduced from £329,950!! This desirable 4 bed det. dormer bungalow features a det. pool annexe, gardens to 3 sides, 2 garages, ample parking, gas CH & UPVC DG. Briefly comprising: porch/sun room, cloak/WC, huge lounge/dining room, kitchen/breakfast room, utility, 3 large bedrooms and a bathroom/WC with the shower cubicle having body & massage jets. To the 1st floor is a large master bedroom and wash-room/WC.


Debbie Watts Senior Manager

Craig Purkis Manager/Valuer


The Grove Hartlepool £360,000 Magnificent property!! An extensively improved & extended 5 bed semi det. house. Features incl. gas CH, UPVC DG, burglar alarm, CCTV, 3 reception rooms, stunning kitchen area, utility, cloak/ WC, 5 double bedrooms and 3 lavish bathrooms/WC’s. This home is equally impressive externally, with the gardens being landscaped and an 8 seater hot tub included. A several car driveway via a remote controlled gate leads to the garage.


Nine Acres

Office of the Year 2017

Hartlepool £154,950 Full width rear extension!! An impressive 3 bed semi det. property with unspoilt views to the rear. It has oil CH, a log burning stove and UPVC DG. Briefly comprising: 2 reception rooms, kitchen/breakfast room, conservatory, cloak/WC, 3 bedrooms, plus a bathroom/WC. Externally is a generous driveway leading to a larger than average garage, with the rear garden backing onto open fields.

We are proud to have won office of the year at Hartlepool. This was an outstanding performance and shows the dedication of all the staff. Call us today for a free valuation and unbeatable selling fees.


Middlesbrough Office

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Orchard Way Middlesbrough £149,995 This four bedroom semi detached house is far larger than appears and must be viewed internally to be fully appreciated. Extended to both the side and the rear, the property offers excellent family sized accommodation with the benefit of gas central heating and UPVC double glazing. In a popular area of Ormesby, close to local shops, schools and bus routes. A particular feature of the property is the large rear garden.



Eagle Park


Middlesbrough £230,000

Middlesbrough £140,000

Positioned on what is arguably this developments most favourable plot, we are delighted to bring to the market this spacious and well presented Four bedroomed detached family home. The versatile layout will appeal to verity of potential buyers.

Ideally suited for a first time buyer or growing family this immaculately presented 3 bedroom semi comes with viewing strongly recommended. Offered with No Forward Chain and located within this popular Coulby Newham development.


Ingleby Barwick Office

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Glyder Court Ingleby Barwick £250,000 This much improved four bedroomed detached property comes with viewing strongly recommended. Pleasantly located within a cul de sac setting in the popular Roundhill suburb of Ingleby Barwick . The property will appeal to a variety of potential buyers with its versatile layout that comprises of: Entrance Hall, Cloaks WC Lounge, Open Plan Dining Kitchen, Family Room, 4 Bedrooms (master with ensuite) and family bathroom.

Lyme Park


Ingleby Barwick £234,999

Ingleby Barwick

A Well-appointed and significantly improved Four Bedroomed detached home in the popular Broomhill area of Ingleby Barwick. A particular feature is the stunning Family Room extension overlooking the rear garden.

Early viewing is highly recommended on this much improved four bedroomed detached property. Located on the popular Broomhill estate and occupying a generous private plot, the spacious and versatile layout will certainly appeal to a variety of potential buyers.



Sedgefield Office to help you move

Anita Purkis Branch Manager

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Church View Sedgefield £365,000 Located in Sedgefield overlooking the High Street and St Edmund’s church. Deceptively spacious four bedroom property benefiting from a lawned garden to the rear with pedestrian access rights. There is a family lounge with dining room to the rear with French doors leading to a conservatory with under floor heating, a bespoke kitchen diner and utility room. The first floor has four bedrooms with the master enjoying en-suite facilities. There is also an attic room accessed via a fixed staircase. EPC rating E.

Hutton Close

Malton Terrace

Fishburn £179,950

Sedgefield £139,950

An outstanding four bedroom detached property situated in a pleasant cul de sac location in Fishburn. The spacious internal layout offers everything needed for family living with modern fitments, tasteful decor and appealing features. The ground floor is predominantly open plan with an entrance vestibule, lounge, dining room, breakfasting kitchen, garden room, utility room and shower room. To the first floor are four bedrooms with the master boasting en-suite facilities. EPC rating D.

A wonderful charismatic three storey cottage situated on a small development of similar traditional style homes. We are informed by the vendor that the property dates back to 1780. Ideally situated for local village amenities. The cottage is well maintained and offers generously proportioned rooms. Internally the layout comprises of cosy lounge diner with recessed multi fuel stove, garden room at the rear, and appealing kitchen To the first floor is the second bedroom, whilst the second floor lends itself to a spacious master bedroom. EPC Rating E.


Our Clients

and what they say about our service “Hello G ary apprecia and Su - Much te your he this, on ce again lp with y our service was exc e ll ent thank y ou. time, all Till the next the very best.” Ian

Putting customers first is what we do best - but don’t take our word for it, read what our customers say. All our staff undergo professional training and we regularly reward evidence of excellent customer service.

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| 43


the property and lifestyle magazine COMPLIMENTARY ISSUE North East broadband / 6 Curb appeal this spring / 12 Properties for sale / 16 - Spring 2018 -

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I’m delighted to welcome you to our first edition in 2018 of abode magazine following a very successful launch in spring last year - a year in which we enjoyed excellent trading in the region.

W the property and lifestyle magazine COMPLIMENTARY ISSUE North East broadband / 6 Curb appeal this spring / 12 Properties for sale / 16 - Spring 2018 -

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e look ahead now to matching our clients with their dream homes throughout 2018 and remember, as the only designated estate agent in Wynyard, our service is traditional, customer focused and face to face with all the benefits of online reach to back this up. We cover Wynyard and all of County Durham, Teesside and North Yorkshire. We sell more than just bricks & mortar, we provide a bespoke and imaginative promotional


approach to sell the story of a home, enhancing the lifestyle of a property and focusing on the seller’s favourite features to truly bring the home to life. So, sit back and enjoy the beautiful homes we have on display in this edition as well as the excellent articles and, finally, may I take the opportunity to thank our sponsors whose services you will also find described inside.

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- what’s inside 06 > North East broadband Figures released in January 2018 show the Northern Powerhouse is one of the most connected regions in the UK.

12 < Curb Appeal This Spring Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t let the trees go bare this winter. Brighten up your garden with seasonal plants to add colour all year round!

What's inside North East boasts highest broadband coverage in the UK


Curb appeal this Spring


the property and lifestyle magazine COMPLIMENTARY ISSUE North East broadband / 6 Curb appeal this spring / 12 Properties for sale / 16 - Spring 2018 -

Properties for sale 16 Sold properties 21

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- in the UK Figures released in January 2018 show the Northern Powerhouse is one of the most connected regions in the UK thanks to the government’s £1.7 billion broadband roll out programme.

97.2% of the North East is enjoying unprecedented access to super-fast broadband - the highest coverage in the country. The North West follows only shortly behind with 96% of the region having access to superfast broadband. More households and businesses across the North are now accessing superfast broadband speeds of 24 Mbps - more than double the 10 Mbps required by a typical family home. The figures published by Think Broadband show that the government is succeeding in improving connectivity in the Northern Powerhouse with

homes and businesses across the region benefiting from improved digital infrastructure and faster broadband; last year’s Autumn budget announced up to £1.8 billion of further government funding for the North to improve transport, digital connectivity, and economic regeneration. Northern Powerhouse Minister, Jake Berry, said: "The Northern Powerhouse is leading the charge in bridging the ruralurban digital divide. Strong digital infrastructure, including access to super-fast broadband, is vital for a flourishing local economy by helping to spur growth and create thousands of new jobs.


"We’re doing all we can to bring broadband access to even the most remote and rural areas in the country and are giving businesses the tools they need to meet the demands of the digital age." Visit broadband/local/ to search uSwitch’s best broadband deals and speeds in your area.

Tel: 01740 644044 | Email: @burgesshyderwynyard |


this Spring



How to easily decorate the front of your house to catch the eye of home-seekers


2. Walls

Keeping the outside of your house looking clean, neat and manicured will send off a positive message to potential buyers as you only get one chance to make a first impression.

3. Lighting

irst impressions are everything, and what your home looks like from the outside could say a lot about what it may look like on the inside.

But sprucing up the front of your home needn't be an expensive or timeconsuming operation. Painting the front door is arguably the quickest and easiest way to give your home a fresh look, but there are other ways too. Here are six simple ways to create instant curb appeal...

1. Plants An easy and straightforward way to smarten up your front door and bring it to life is with small trees in pots. Not only are they easy to take care of, they also provide instant and refreshing greenery. Position them on either side of your front door to create pleasing symmetry. Don't be afraid to branch out with other plants – from potted palms or banana trees, to potted bright and colourful flowers like hydrangeas, it's easy to create something striking. Alternatively, climber plants such as wisteria and jasmine can grow up the walls and around the front door to add a more rustic, countrified and whimsical touch.


Don't neglect the exterior walls of your house; a fresh lick of paint can make all the difference and will also protect your home against weather damage. 

Outdoor lighting like a wall lantern will make your home feel more welcoming to viewers. For tight budgets and a quick fix push solar-powered stake lights into flowerbeds or planters for a soft glow after dark. 

4. Pots If you're not feeling adventurous with your front door, consider painting plant pots and window boxes instead.

5. Windows Another great way of smartening up the exterior is with smart window shutters – although they don't come cheap! A more affordable option could be using window film; it's a great alternative to frosted glass, providing privacy without blocking sunlight. You can even get numbered designs to display your house number in a glazed panel above or beside the front door.

6. Add a canopy A pretty canopy above the front door will not only provide an elegant covered entrance and frame the entrance to your home, it will also allow for rainwater to fall sideways and not directly down onto the front door step




Among the many opportunities offered at Durham High, Debating and Public Speaking clubs are popular with girls from a young age, helping them develop critical thinking skills, self-expression and confidence which will help them succeed in a challenging world. Cambridge-bound Deputy Head Girl, Elinor Fowler, is in no doubt that debating has contributed massively to her success:

“For me it all started in Year 10 when a teacher recommended that I join the debating club. Four years down the line I’ve made it through to the regional and national finals in the Schools Mace competition and the Historical Association’s ‘Great Debate’.


I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to make my voice heard and I feel very fortunate, knowing that it’s something girls are not always encouraged to do. I believe it’s very important that females are encouraged to debate – we need more women in positions of power, including politics. Debating has given me confidence and the ability to construct an argument that helped me succeed in my recent Cambridge interview. I’m looking forward to continuing my debating at university and I’ll always remember where it started: at Durham High School for Girls” OXBRIDGE BOUND: LARA, JENNY AND ELINOR




The Roost 6

Hartlepool ÂŁ925,000

- For Sale A modern mansion with luxury on a grand scale that is finished to the highest quality standards. Standing on a generous plot in Hartlepool, it has exceptional accommodation over three floors, an indoor swimming pool, spa bath and sauna, and six double bedrooms, three with en suite facilities. It is a substantial property with great flexibility to provide versatile options depending on needs. Making a real statement giving pride in ownership, the quality of the interior is extremely high from the moment visitors enter the hallway and see the bespoke oak staircase.





Polemarch 5

Wynyard Price on application

- For Sale or To Let Polemarch House is an exceptional modern mansion and a luxury home of extensive accommodation on a large, private plot overlooking Wynyard golf course. Designed with the sporting family in mind, it comes complete with a 24ft games room with bar and even the ultimate facility for golfers to perfect their shot, a golf simulator within a cinema room. Footballers young and older will love the astroturf pitch, while exercise can continue in all weathers in the gym. The spacious accommodation set over three floors provides excellent living space for all the family to enjoy along with the perfect haven to entertain. The detached triple garage also has the advantage of a home office with separate entrance.




Manorside 5

Wynyard ÂŁ850,000

- For Sale Nestled close to mature woodland and reached via its own gated access bridge, aspirational Manorside is an enclave of exclusivity on the edge of prestigious Wynyard. Number 1A is a 3,600sq ft contemporary property built by a master builder to the highest quality with five en suite double bedrooms and substantial family accommodation. Beyond the light and spacious entrance hall with floor to ceiling windows and glass staircase is a substantial Lshaped open plan breakfasting kitchen with super sleek units lantern skylights. A perfect room to entertain. There are three sets of bi folds doors at the back of the property opening onto a stone patio area and private rear garden with woodland backdrop.





Moor End Guest House 7

Durham ÂŁ540,000

- For Sale Moor End Guest House is a ready-made bed and breakfast business with an excellent reputation for welcoming visitors to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Durham City. Alternatively, for anyone seeking a multi-generational property it could be a superb and substantial family home. Located on the edge of the city centre, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ideally located to be reached from the A1(M) and its period charm offers guests a quiet escape amid country character. It has succeeded as a guest house for 26 years and is currently rated second on Trip Advisor for Durham. Built in 1840, the large semi-detached property has seven en suite guest bedrooms in a variety of sizes.





The Garden House Wynyard SOLD

selling some of the region's finest homes



High Street Witton-Le-Wear SOLD

selling some of the region's finest homes




Abbey View Durham SOLD

selling some of the region's finest homes



Rosemount Durham SOLD

selling some of the region's finest homes



Robinsons Home, Fine and Country Abode Spring 2018  
Robinsons Home, Fine and Country Abode Spring 2018