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Packwoodian 2012-2013 Head Boy Deputy Head Boy Head Girl Deputy Head Girl

Robert Ford Sam Bayliss Amelia Tennant Alice Shone

Monitors Molly Bruce Oliver Bureau Jamie Channon Ralph Furse Eliott Gilling-Smith Linden Grigg Llyr Heyward-Jones

Zak Nicholas Kim Peerapairoj Sophia Price Pip Vickers Ned Warburton-Lee Harry Wasdell Isabella Wythe

Captain of Football Captain of Netball Captain of Hockey Captain of Lacrosse Captain of Rugby Captain of Cricket Captain of Rounders Captain of Fencing Captain of Swimming Captain of Tennis Heads of Choir

Caspar Massey Amelia Tennant Georgia Bibby Sophia Price Luke Williams Archie Waterworth Alice Shone Isabella Wythe Millie Shaw Luke Williams Linden Grigg Beth Cooper Leader of the Orchestra Sophia Price

Packwood Haugh School Ruyton XI Towns, Shrewsbury SY4 1HX Telephone 01939 260217 Fax 01939 262077

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Review of the Year The Headmaster Farewell Salvete Valete

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Subject Prizes Sixes Competition Headmaster’s Prizes Industry Awards

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Packwood Acorns Girls’ boarding Boys’ boarding Boarders’ weekend events and activities

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Subjects Art Classics English Physical Education

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Craft, Design & Technology Religious Studies ICT Geography

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History Maths Modern Foreign Languages Science Music

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The Emperor’s New Clothes Packwood quiz night Hindu workshop Packwood Arts Experience

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History Day Greek Day Packwood Pigeons XI v The Fatherx XI Packwood Dog Show Packwood Sporting Experience

28 29 29 30 30

32 33 34 34 34 34 34 35

1Class theatre trip Mulberry Alpacas Montgomery RS trip to Derby Manchester Jewish Museum Bell-ringing in Liverpool Latin trip to Wroxeter Chirk Castle

35 35 35 36 36 36 37 37

Manchester United match Shropshire Truck Show Trip to Bosworth Field Super League Rugby Manchester Velodrome History trip to Manchester and Chester Midland Game Fair Art trip to Liverpool Tate Humanities trip to Bavaria

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42 42 42 42 42 42 43 43 44 44 44 44 44 45

Textiles Sailing Cookery International film club Touch rugby Pizza making Cupcake making Cookie club Drama Zumba Squash Judo Mixed hockey Mandarin club

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Fly Tying Scuba diving Board games Clay pigeon shooting Science club Pottery club Mixed rounders Jewellery club Knitting club Yoga Wheelchair sports Girls’ cricket Table tennis club Pop lacrosse Stage lighting club

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Cricket Rounders and Girls’ Cricket Riding Sixes Athletics 2013 Rifle Shooting

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Cross Country Golf Fencing Swimming Aquathlon Tennis

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Engagements Births Obituaries

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News of Old Packwoodians


Events Big Band workshop Tony Robinson visit Bugsy Malone Christmas feast and entertainment

Trips Girls’ leavers trip – Pembrokeshire Boys’ leavers trip – North Wales National League Hockey Birmingham Symphony Hall Jack and the Beanstalk Trip to RAF Cosford Hill walking – Llangollen round Great Escape

Clubs & Activities Basketball Boys’ hockey Ballet Handball Canoe club Aussie Rules Football Ballroom dancing Archery Chess Croquet Debating Quiz club Badminton Gardening

Sports Football Rugby Hockey Netball Lacrosse

Old Packwoodians Tom James visit 86 OP Sponsors’ fund Tennis competition 86 OP Cricket Match 87

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The Headmaster Extracts from the Headmaster’s Speech on Speech Day Chairman of Governors, Mr Fleck, parents, friends, members of staff and most importantly children… What do a satellite dish and a banana have in common? Not a lot I suspect you are thinking, but today they do as they both appear in my speech. I’ve spoken in public enough times to realise that at any particular moment whilst I’m talking it’s likely that only about half of you will be listening properly, whilst the other half will be busy thinking about what they are going to have for lunch, whether they remembered to lock the front door on the way out or quite simply when this chap will stop talking. In an effort to encourage you to stay tuned in today, listen out for a joke about satellite dishes – you’ll know that I’m half way through my speech at that point – and, better than that, when I tell a short joke about bananas you’ll know that there are just two minutes to go. But I begin with extracts from letters I have received this term from visitors to the school: “Even more important it gave us the chance to see your pupils – I thought they were exceptionally polite and helpful, obviously enjoying their education both formal and informal. One of the best ways of selecting a school is to go nowhere near it but to talk to the finished product.” An extract from another letter read: “It was lovely to see how happy and proud the children were of their school.” And another: “What confidence, bearing and manners the children all have. If the boys and girls under your guidance are an example of the future generations, the country will be in good hands.” High praise indeed and I couldn’t agree more. Sally and I moved over 200 miles from the very south coast of England to Packwood, not because of the fabulous theatre nor the sports hall nor the beautiful grounds, but because of the people we met on our first visits here and in particular the children. Nigel Westlake told me frequently that there was something special about Packwood; what he really meant was that the children here are special. Today’s prize giving is all about acknowledging and celebrating the achievements of our Packwood children from this academic year. I begin with the top year group of leavers. 17 scholarship awards to senior schools right across the country. The good news began to filter in early in the year with news of House Foundation awards for Johnnie Peel and David Schofield to Shrewsbury. As the

autumn term progressed we had further good news from Shrewsbury for Harry Wasdell who had been awarded an all-rounder. The cold, snowy weather in the spring might have tested our resolve, but we were warmed and heartened by news of further all-rounder awards to Moreton Hall for Beth Cooper and Molly Bruce, Molly also gaining the Ursula Roberts prize at the same time. Roly Hancock won an academic award to Oswestry and there was a brace for Jude Bedford of art and academics to Malvern College. As the snow returned with a vengeance at the end of the term, there was certainly no chill about Morton Moss’ artwork as he won an art scholarship to Shrewsbury. And so the Easter holidays came and the last few scholars continued to toil and how their efforts paid off with academic awards being won to Winchester, Oundle, Rugby and Shrewsbury by Luke Williams, Issy Wythe, Amelia Tennant, David Schofield, Sam Bayliss, Oliver Bureau and Jamie Channon. Just having a go at an academic scholarship is an accolade in itself; well done to Dominic Ainslie and Edward Peterson on fine performances for Shrewsbury and Eton respectively.

Beth Cooper and Molly Bruce

Once again our Common Entrance candidates all passed through to their senior schools of first choice. Indeed the grades this year compare very favourably with any year on record with 90% of them in the A to C range. It’s always tough for children taking Common Entrance; they see their friends taking scholarships or school specific entrance examinations earlier in the year, yet they patiently have to wait their turn until June. I’m sure the good food we have enjoyed at school this year helped the leavers achieve such fine results. I recently met Robin Blackhurst, an Old Packwoodian who was at Packwood between 1943 and 1948. He told me a story about the food back then which might make your toes curl. The food was all bought in the village. One morning the boys found their porridge was a mushy brown colour and frankly tasted appalling. They stopped eating. “Get on with it” roared McFerran, the Headmaster at the time, and they were all made to eat it up. The next day the cook sidled up to the Headmaster and admitted her mistake. She had bought hen food instead of porridge oats. “What shall I do?” she asked, to which the Headmaster told her to find matron and ask if any of the boys were in the San. Somewhat perplexed the cook went in search of matron and later, armed with the answer to the question, she found McFerran. “There are no boys in the San, Sir” she said. “Great,” said McFerran, “they can jolly well eat up all that hen food then over the next few days.” True story. I dread to think the reaction if I did the same today. And sticking with the theme of food, I know that the children who went on this year’s Bavaria trip enjoyed some lovely wurst on Page 3

Packwoodian 2012-13 pps 1-13 160913_Layout 1 16/09/2013 17:36 Page 4

REVIEW OF THE YEAR their travels. Sausages have also featured prominently in the new school council. “More sausage and mash” has been requested and delivered I’m pleased to say. Though one other child did request “no green bits in sausages”– was he worried that this was our devious way of making him eat vegetables? Other interesting suggestions from the school council have included optional lessons, motorbike lessons and easier tests. Well I’m sorry we haven’t been able to accede to all these requests, but one universal request for more green machines has been met by the leavers’ parents for which we are extremely grateful. As a result, and as a fully co-educational school, we are now the proud owners of three new green and three new pink machines. If you haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about, ask your children later. Academic achievements have not been confined to leavers’ entrance examinations. In the Townsend Warner History competition Packwood again featured prominently with a number of commendations and the overall prize going to Linden Grigg. Our children have performed very well in Mathematics Challenges during the course of the year; at the Wrekin Maths Challenge, for example, coming fourth out of the 37 schools taking part. The results of the UK junior Maths challenge at 13+ were terrific with 35 out of 39 children taking part gaining bronze, silver or gold certificates, the largest haul of awards in recent times. We sent a team of debaters to Malvern College’s Prep School debating competition and were crowned winners there. Academic trips have taken place to Wroxeter for Classics, Montgomery, Bosworth, Manchester, Chester and Chirk Castle for History (is Nick Weston ever at school?), the Liverpool Tate for Art and Derby and Manchester for RS to name but a few.

6s History trip to Chirk Castle

We sent children to a French elocution competition and won a first, second and third place prize. I suspect our French results will be boosted even further in the years to come by the introduction of iPads into the modern foreign languages department from September as an additional teaching resource. iPads will also be deployed in learning support as an excellent one-to-one teaching tool. And finally on academics, all of our children in the 3s passed their English Speaking Board examinations, in which there were a staggering 10 distinctions. Page 4

Our youngest children in the Packwood Acorns have been as busy as ever. As usual their trip to Erddig took place in the pouring rain and ‘Born in a Barn’ was a smash hit at Christmas. Their open assemblies have been a revelation culminating this term with preprep age children singing in parts on stage – I’ve never seen that at any other school before. They’ve had a science week, maths days, history days, a design and technology day, sessions in our very own Forest School, fun afternoons, a trip to Shrewsbury fire station and a super “Once upon a Tide” music festival this term. I myself have loved seeing their work each week at a show and tell assembly I attend on Friday mornings. One Friday recently on my way down to Park House for such an assembly I bumped into one of the girl boarders sauntering up to school when she should have been in lessons. Blowing myself up to full Headmagisterial proportions, I asked “Late, Jones?” to which she replied, “Don’t worry Sir, so am I.” The addition of the Happy Faces nursery to our site next year alongside Packwood Acorns will undoubtedly support a thriving junior section of the school in the years to come. I’m very excited about the synergistic prospects of having these two parts of the school together in Park House – it should be a very happy place. How people achieve happiness is a topical subject amongst the media, one Headmaster in particular and various politicians including David Cameron. So what is happiness all about at a Prep School? I don’t believe that it is something that can just be taught: happiness is an individual thing that comes from taking part, contributing and being part of a bigger team. This manifests itself in the many different areas of life at Packwood – sports, clubs, activities, boarding, plays, trips and competitions. But nowhere has this been more in evidence this year than in the Music department under the wise guidance of Sarah Boutwood. Any of you who were at the recent summer concert will have left with a bounce in your step – the quality, enjoyment and teamwork of all the children was exceptional in the various bands, ensembles and orchestras. Children in the choirs have worked their socks, or should that be cassocks, off whether singing at our own concerts, at church on Sundays or on their travels to Shrewsbury, Chester or West Felton. Many recently successfully took RSCM medal exams – well done to them and I thank them all for their tremendous contributions throughout the year. The Sixes Music Competition was won by Mannings Sodens after a very slick performance in the theatre. Results in instrumental and vocal music examinations have been excellent with plenty of merits and distinctions. Boarders enjoyed a trip to the Birmingham Symphony Hall, possibly for some their first exposure to live classical music. At certain seasons of the year music is of course much to the fore and for next

Christmas I’m delighted that we will have our Christmas carol services back in Ruyton. I do so want us to be a valued citizen in the local community – our collections and financial contributions to the village church are much needed and appreciated and I thank parents for their generous donations throughout the year. Music also supports our dramatic exploits at Packwood. This year we have had two outstanding plays in Bugsy Malone and The Emperor’s New Clothes. Bugsy was a huge enterprise – I still don’t remember sanctioning all the time needed for rehearsals and the cost of the splurge guns – but what a show; it might be on Broadway next year. The clean-up operation took some time, but all was ready for the junior production.

Bugsy Malone

As well as these mega-productions we’ve had plays in a day, a super History mini-play by 2Class and LAMDA exams. Our elocution competitions were dominated by the Williams family with Freddy and Orlando winning the seniors and intermediates and Bea Grigg winning the juniors. It’s been so good to see all the children getting involved in drama in some way – if they don’t want to be on stage they can help with the lighting, the sound, the costumes – all these individual roles are vital for the success of the bigger team. Next year under the guidance of Richard Cowley we are introducing drama into the curriculum up to Year 6 so that the children can develop their performing skills and put on more small form-based playlets. Interestingly this tallied with requests for more acting that we had received via the junior school council. Here comes the satellite dish: Two satellite dishes met on a roof, fell in love and got married. The ceremony wasn’t much, but, boy, the reception was terrific. And what a reception our boys and girls have received on the sports fields and pitches from the many spectators that come to so many events – thank you, mums and dads for your support. I couldn’t possibly hope to summarise all of the sport in this speech, unless you wish to be here for a couple of hours, but I’ll briefly share with you some of the highlights beginning in the autumn term.

Packwoodian 2012-13 pps 1-13 160913_Layout 1 16/09/2013 17:36 Page 5

REVIEW OF THE YEAR Sports coaches love their stats and the one that stuck out from the autumn for me was that every single boy and girl in the main school had played in at least one match. Boys were going for trials with West Midlands football, the U8s won a great football match against Birchfield and there was a classic 3-2 win for the seconds against Foremarke. The Under 13 girls’ lacrosse tour, unbeaten hockey and lacrosse teams and five hockey matches versus Moreton Hall on one day – result 29 goals for and none against. There was swimming in the Shropshire Prep Schools gala, cross country competitions and Tom Baines’ first wheelchair rugby match.

Tom Baines

In the spring term an unbeaten 1st XV, girls winning the Under 12 county hockey, winning our own Under 12 lacrosse tournament and our 1st VII as runners-up in the Packwood Sevens rugby. Following the trials in the previous term, two boys being selected for West Midlands football, the swim team winning the Moreton Hall gala, six qualifiers for the national biathlon semifinals and so many girls trialling for the county lacrosse squad. The spring term wouldn’t be complete without a brief mention of the visit of Old Packwoodian Tom James, double Olympic rowing champion. What an inspiration he was to all of us. And so to this term with girls training with Midlands hockey coaches, hat-tricks in cricket, four centuries, boys playing Shropshire cricket, girls selected for county netball as well as playing county lacrosse, super sunny Wednesday and Saturday afternoons with all the children out on the grounds. Did I say super sunny?… Maybe that was a dream… Aquathlons, tennis tournaments, girls’ cricket, rounders, and just this week the Under 12s winning the Bunbury Cup. What a marvellous summer of sport we’ve had despite the indifferent weather. Alongside the main sports, riding and fencing have been ever-present. Our riders have travelled far and wide to represent the school

with fabulous performances early in the year at the National Championships at Addington to more recent excellent exploits at the interschools show jumping competition. Fencers give up so many of their Sundays to compete all over the country and this year have excelled themselves with four national honours for James Hinwood, Oliver Holcroft and both the boys’ and girls’ Under 11 teams. I’m confident that with the recent appointment of Paul Phillips as Director of Sport, sport for all the boys and girls will flourish and develop further at Packwood. So what else has been going on at Packwood … The Art room has been a hive of activity – two art scholars to Shrewsbury and Malvern College this year, Packwood winning the Millicent Kaye trophy for Art and always a crowd of keen young artists in residence in free time. Next door in the CDT room, I suspect that already next year’s Christmas hats are being planned – I wonder if there’s a business opportunity there for Packwood? Our rich variety of clubs and activities has expanded further under the direction of Roy Chambers. Quite how much we offer hit me when he told me in the spring term that at the time we were offering 32 different afternoon activities for junior children and at least 28 evening clubs for the seniors. Recent new offerings have included wheelchair sports, Zumba, handball, yoga and street dance. We have children learning Mandarin and are keen to extend further our provision of languages through clubs and activities; next term we will be offering Spanish. We now offer LAMDA drama examinations, continue to offer judo and ballet and most recently we have dipped our toe in the water with sailing. Our programme of clubs and activities is fresh, relevant and ever-expanding to meet the needs and wants of your children. We can offer so much in this area because of the strong boarding ethos of this school – the all-round education of the child, longer days, and Saturday school. Lose boarding, diminish the boarding offer and extracurricular activities would be one of the first areas to be hit. Times are certainly changing; few seven year old children are sent off on a train to board at prep school these days, but there is still a vibrant and healthy prep school boarding sector if the offer is right. Maybe we as prep schools collectively, don’t sell the benefits of boarding strongly enough and, when it comes to selling, I do tend to turn to the Americans who are just so much better at enthusing about things than we stiff upper lip Brits. If you go to the American Boarding Schools’ Association website, the first thing you see in big, bold letters is, “Begin the adventure of your life”. Other phrases such as a “once in a lifetime opportunity” bring it home to you that boarding is definitely not to be missed. We will be tinkering slightly with our boarding routine for next year – but it is all designed to encourage and attract more children to take advantage of the benefits that

boarding offers. Our Sunday activity programme will be stronger than ever, but, at the same time, there will be a few optional Sundays identified on which full boarders may take part in out of school or family events. Also I’m very pleased to announce that contrary to popular opinion on independent school fees there will be a reduction – yes, you did hear correctly – a reduction in the nightly cost of occasional boarding. Well, so much else has happened this year and will be happening next year that is worthy of mention today. How many schools still have a conker competition? Or a dog show? Our first grandparents’ lunch was a roaring success. The various two-generation sporting events on our cricket pitches, rounders pitches, tennis courts and golf course have helped support the family and community feel of Packwood. We are building further our Old Packwoodian network by hosting events and helping OPs to keep in touch through this year’s launch of an OP Facebook page. Next term there will be an OP event in London. I am very keen on this sense of family and community and Packwood being a responsible citizen. I have been delighted with the many charity fundraising events we have taken part in this year. As a recent example the loan of our theatre to the Young Farmers for rehearsals for their play might seem insignificant, but it led to donations of nearly £2500 to the Midlands Air Ambulance and Severn Hospice. The rich variety of assemblies that the children enjoy from the staff and visitors all encompass teaching them about the Packwood Way – there’s so much more to education than just lessons. I have so many thank yous to do today. To the staff who have all worked so hard this year to deliver an outstanding, all-round education for all of your children. To the departing academic staff in particular who we will all miss very much: we wish Sir Anthony Rigby the very best for his retirement; we wish Elzabeth Crawley well in her new role at St Leonard’s, Sussex; Chantal Swain in her new teaching job up the road; and Paul Donaldson as he returns down under. A particular thank you to my management team who have helped me so much through this first year – Sue Rigby, Nick Jones and Natalie Shaw – thank you. Thank you to the support staff – those toiling away in the office, kitchens, housekeeping and grounds in helping Packwood to be one of the best turned out prep schools in the country. Thank you parents for your encouragement and constructive criticism during the year – any good Headmaster listens to comments very carefully and acts using his experience and judgement. The Governors – when I first started teaching in prep schools I was unsure of the role of the Board of Governors. My first Headmaster explained to me that in the past the collective term for them had been a Page 5

Packwoodian 2012-13 pps 1-13 160913_Layout 1 16/09/2013 17:36 Page 6

REVIEW OF THE YEAR ‘bidet of governors’: they add a touch of class but no one is quite sure what they are for. Now of course I value enormously their wise counsel and expertise. Thank you to Liz Lewis, Chairman of Governors and to the whole Board of Governors for their guidance and time spent on school matters. So, children and adults, I suspect you’ll be very pleased to know that we’ve reached the banana moment: Why did the banana go to see the doctor? Because he wasn’t peeling very well. Some of you might not be peeling well after sitting still for so long on such a warm day, but back to where I started really with the leavers. We had a most fabulous leavers’ day last Sunday. The church service was blessed by the presence of the Bishop of Shrewsbury, all blinged up (his words not mine) in his full regalia. One boy on leaving the church was heard saying to his father – “I didn’t know the Pope was coming!” It was a tremendous start to a fabulous day.

So, ladies and gentlemen, finally a poem by Diana Loomans… This says it all to me – the joys of childhood, the joy of being a Headmaster at a prep school like Packwood, the joys of parenthood and making the most of every day. If I had my child to raise over again, I'd finger paint more, and point the finger less. I'd do less correcting, and more connecting. I'd take my eyes off my watch, and watch with my eyes. I would care to know less, and know to care more. I'd take more hikes and fly more kites. I'd stop playing serious, and seriously play. I'd run through more fields, and gaze at more stars. I'd do more hugging, and less tugging. I would be firm less often, and affirm much more. I'd build self-esteem first, and the house later. I'd teach less about the love of power, And more about the power of love. It matters not whether my child is big or small, From this day forth, I'll cherish it all.

Thank you to the Monitors for doing such a grand job. To be honest, all of the leavers could have been Monitors; it is so very tough making these Finally, a special thank you to my wife, Sally, without whom I couldn’t decisions. Particular thanks go to my Deputy Head Boy and Girl – Sam possibly do this job. Bayliss and Alice Shone – and then to my Head Boy and Girl – Robert Ford and Amelia Tennant. They have been quite simply amazing! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, thank you very much. CNSL

Farewell During Speech Day warm tributes were paid to members of staff who are leaving Packwood this year. Paul Donaldson joined the school in 2010 and taught Maths and boys’ games. It soon became clear that Paul had a lot more to offer and his role expanded to include running Junior Boarders’ activities, helping out in the boys’ boarding house as a landing tutor and, in his final year, teaching PSHE. Paul has been a huge asset to Packwood – his enthusiasm, commitment and willing, friendly nature have made him an invaluable colleague. We wish him all the very best as he returns to his native Australia. Chantal Swain is an Old Packwoodian who attended the school in the late 80s and early 90s. She has been back at Packwood since 2003 teaching girls’ games and working as a Teaching Assistant in the Acorns. During her final year she taught Acorns 1 in partnership with Nicola Tomlins, engaging effortlessly with the children and helping them to make progress in their learning and to develop and mature as individuals. Her natural empathy and good humour will no doubt see her make a great success of her new job at Moreton First. Two longer-serving members of staff leaving us this year have clocked up an impressive 50 years’ teaching at Packwood between them! Elizabeth Crawley arrived in 1993 and established the pre-prep department, Packwood Acorns. In the years since then, Acorns has grown into a thriving part of the school, offering our youngest pupils the very best start to their education. The many reception age children who have passed through Acorns 3 over the years have flourished under her care and have reaped the benefits of a solid foundation from which to develop. As well as being Head of Acorns, in 2009 Elizabeth moved into Park House and took on responsibility for girls’ boarding. She has been a dynamic and innovative housemistress who has engendered a delightful spirit of friendliness and mutual co-operation amongst the girls. Elizabeth is moving on to continue her teaching career at St Leonard’s in Sussex and we wish her all the very best. And, finally, Page 6

a Packwood legend retires this year. Sir Anthony Rigby was a pupil at the school, leaving in 1955, and he liked it so much he came back as a teacher in 1983. He has remained ever since and over the years has filled many roles, the most longstanding of which has been as head of the CDT department, where he has encouraged and enthused countless children, introducing them to the delights of saws and drills and wood glue, cogs and gears and cams and all sorts of other exciting practical, hands-on tools and components. His own considerable skills and talents were put to good use every year in his roles as builder of scenery and supplier of props for school drama productions – indeed he excelled himself just this year with his amazing splurge guns for Bugsy Malone. Outside the classroom, Sir Anthony has been heavily involved in Rifle Shooting and has also run the school’s equestrian activities; the Packwood Gymkhana and the One Day Event. He has been behind the riding team’s participation and success in local, regional and national show jumping competitions over the years. And we mustn’t forget beekeeping! A hobby of Sir Anthony’s that has given many children the chance to learn a little about the art of apiculture and which has been a source of much delicious Packwood honey. All four of these departing members of staff have contributed so much to Packwood in so many ways over the years and all will be greatly missed. We wish Paul, Chantal, Elizabeth and Anthony all the very best for the future. CEH

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1st Rugby XV

Croydon Cup for Shooting

Zak Nicholas

Antonia Lock Most Improved Netballer

Sophie Barlow

Dunning Prize (Rugby candidates)

Alice Shone

Special Common Entrance Prize

Thomas Shaw

Old Boys’ Memorial English Prize

Luke Williams

Allott Cup

Ned Warburton-Lee

Clarke Cup

Dragon Dararattanarojna

Justin Davies Memorial Prize

Robert Ford, Amelia Tennant




Robertson Cup (highest number of Greens)

Jacob Jones

James Miles

James Miles

Allen Cup (highest number of Sixes Points)

Jacob Jones

Chloe Edwards

Edward Bayliss

Sixes Competitions Autumn Term Football Junior (Burnham Cup) Football Overall (Cooper Cup) Hockey (Barling Cup) Music Fencing (Bibby Bowl) Quellyn-Roberts Cup Sixes Shield

Summer Term Mannings/Sodens Mannings/Sodens Bradshaw/Boyces Mannings/Sodens Mannings/Sodens McFerran/Wilsons McFerran/Wilsons

Spring Term Rugby (Hannay Cup) Netball (Boyes Cup) Lacrosse (Morrey Shield) Cross-country Quellyn-Roberts Cup Sixes Shield Page 8

Mannings/Sodens Bradshaw/Boyces Bradshaw/Boyces Mannings/Sodens McFerran/Wilsons McFerran/Wilsons

Cricket (Cowan Cup) Girls’ cricket (Wilkinson Cup) Rounders (Skempton Cup) Athletics (Miriam Heard Cup) Swimming (Prosser Cup) Sports Quellyn-Roberts Cup Sixes Shield

Bradshaw/Boyces Bradshaw/Boyces Mannings/Sodens Bradshaw/Boyces Mannings/Sodens Bradshaw/Boyces McFerran/Wilsons McFerran/Wilsons

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Headmaster’s Prizes Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Jamie Warburton-Lee Henry Jones-Perrott Daisy David Lily Freeman-Attwood Octavia Hamilton Sybilla Hamilton Jude Bedford

William Goodall Tommy Jarvis Harry Griffiths Alfie Deahl Jamie Channon Sophia Price

Georgina Kenyon Hugo Davies Zara Vickers Natasha Carter-Motley Ana Gutierrez Colomer Scott Karnsuwan

Industry Awards Autumn Term

Spring/Summer Term


Lucy Clarke

Genevieve Bright, George Hughes


Rowena Jones

Rowena Jones


Euan Montgomery, James Pickering

James Pickering


Freddie Oakley

Isabel Morris, Freddie Oakley, Poppy Stephens


Daisy David

Daisy David, Orlando Williams


Georgiana Nicholas

Edward Bayliss, Thomas Dix, Alice Hughes, Tom Kiel, Georgiana Nicholas


Eliza Rosselli

Robert Vick


Eva Miera Rodriguez

Francis McLaughlin


Olivia Moir

Sophia Bureau, Olivia Moir


Harry Griffiths

Ana Gutierrez Colomer


Sybilla Hamilton

Harry Swinburne


Annabel Robertson

Octavia Hamilton


Piers Merison

Piers Merison


Zak Nicholas, Ned Warburton-Lee

Eliott Gilling-Smith, Claudia Lobato Jiminez, Zak Nicholas


Molly Bruce, Alice Shone

Roly Hancock


Archie Waterworth

Alice Shone


Isabella Wythe

Isabella Wythe

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Packwood Acorns

It is difficult to believe that this is my nineteenth and final article that I will write for the Packwoodian, reviewing the year in Packwood Acorns. Every year is of course different, because children aged between 4 and 7 are so very individual, but there is a regular pattern to the year that is reassuring in its familiarity to us all. This year started with a visit to Erddig for fun and games with Victorian toys and some lovely but rather drizzly walks around the grounds. Our Book Week later on in the term raised money for Readathon, gave everyone the opportunity to dress up as their favourite character from a book and encouraged the children to have a go at making their own books. Our Maths Day kicked off to a great start with Mr SmithLangridge doing some of his amazing Maths Magic, after which the children worked on measures: just how far did Little Miss Muffet fling that pesky spider? Exactly how heavy was the shopping basket Little Red Riding Hood had to carry to her grandmother’s house? And what was the capacity of the Frog Prince’s pool? In the run up to the end of term the children filled boxes full of Christmas

goodies for Samaritan’s Purse, designed their own Christmas cards and had them professionally printed, and, after the success of their nativity play, ‘Born In A Barn’ (who could forget those dancing camels?), had a visit from Santa which sent us all away filled with the Christmas spirit. The spring term started in very exciting fashion when Tom James, former Packwoodian and double Olympic champion, visited the Acorns and talked to the children about why he took up rowing, the need to keep on trying even when things don’t go smoothly, and the importance of the friends you can make through working as part of a team. They listened intently to him and he repaid the compliment as they recounted their own Olympic experiences (basically watching it on TV and being the proud owner of a Team GB water bottle). There is a lovely photo of the children standing around Tom cheering: how many children that young have seen one let alone two gold medals so close up? It was an unusually snowy term, which meant there were lots of opportunities to go

outside and get cold and wet, building snowmen and giant snowballs and trying out tobogganing skills. It didn’t actually snow when we visited Chester Zoo, but, in spite of that, we had a lovely time walking around, looking at the wild animals and then ignoring them in preference to examining the leaves on a laurel bush or waving at the overhead train.

This trip was swiftly followed by Science Week, which was all about living processes, when, contrary to the initial firmly held beliefs of some in Acorns 3, everyone agreed that the evidence points to the fact that we are animals too (“Well, we’re not plants, are we?” as one child was overheard wisely telling another). We made beautiful Mother’s Day gifts on our first ever Design and Technology Day and it was very nice to see the mummies all using their beaded key rings afterwards. We did something funny for money on Red Nose Day by coming to school in our pyjamas. It is strangely tiring spending the day in night attire, but the children loved it and we raised £163 for Comic Relief. The last of the snow had only just melted when we came back to school in April: it was just as well that we were Vikings on History Day, and so could dress up in furs and shapeless woollen garments to keep warm

Page 10

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while we threw boulders (traditional Viking pastime, according to Miss Middlemiss), made delicious – but not very seasonal – berry drinks and sweetmeats, and had a go at writing in runes. We were lucky enough to be visited by a Norse saga-teller too, although we thought he looked a little familiar beneath all that hair… Could it have been Mr Weston? The summer is always busy in the Acorns and this year we crammed in so many extras that we didn’t seem to have an ‘ordinary’ week at all. More Magic Maths from the Headmaster started another Maths Day, this time on pattern, when the children researched patterns in the environment and made tessellating and rotating ones of their own, producing some beautiful art work in the process. At our Open Assembly in the same week the Acorns children astounded their parents (and their teachers) by singing one song in parts and another as a round. The half term finished with our Sports Day; with the children all doing their best to be their best at running, throwing and jumping. It was beautifully organised by Mrs Parry, and there were plenty of stickers and medals for all. We had no sooner returned to school than it was our Fun Afternoon, attended by the children due to start in the Acorns in September. Barely had we recovered from that and it was our Music Festival. Based on a book about a seaside adventure, this was a celebration of Expressive Arts and Design (as it is known in the Early Years curriculum). Local nurseries were invited, songs were

sung, sandcastles built, and dances performed to the enjoyment of all. Our end of year trip was to Shrewsbury Fire Station where Red Watch showed us around the control room, dressed up two members of staff and two children in all the fire fighting gear, and allowed everyone to have a go with the hose: great fun! We then had a chilled afternoon at Attingham Park, picnicking and playing in their new natural play area. Another highlight of the term was the opportunity for the oldest and youngest in the school to work together, when Acorns staff and pupils alike enjoyed the company of the scholars from the top year who worked with us while their friends were doing their Common Entrance exams. By the time you read this, I will be in the sunny south of England, having swapped ditties and nose blowing for teaching semi-colons and

Laurie Lee. Chantal Swain will be just up the road from Packwood at Moreton Hall, teaching sport and RS, and Nicola Tomlins will be about to produce/have just produced (strike out which does not apply) her third child. Emma Middlemiss will be acting Head of the Acorns, and she, Nell Corbet and Geraldine Lee will have settled so happily into their new roles that it will be difficult to imagine the Acorns as ever being otherwise. I wish them all the greatest luck and success in this the twentieth year of the pre-prep department of the school, and I extend my thanks to all my colleagues, the children and their parents who have been so interesting and so much fun to work with. As I said in the end of year Open Assembly: I have learnt a lot more from you, than you have learnt from me. Thank you. EC

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Girls’ boarding It has been a very good year in Park House: led and guided by a terrific group of seniors, the girls have been their usual funny, happy and occasionally rather mad selves. That’s not to say that there haven’t been a few ups and downs along the way: when so many people live together it is inevitable that there will be the odd disagreement and falling out. However, the girls have responded well to encouragement to settle their differences and shown great maturity in their ability to move forward together. The youngest boarders proved themselves to be the fastest to get ready in the morning; the least organised when it comes to their possessions; and the fiercest competitors at Uno and draughts. On the other hand, they also developed a taste for the soothing tones of Don McLean singing his greatest hits and Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter and learned to give themselves relaxing foot massages: all of which provided a calming and relaxing end to the day. The girls on the middle landing grew up so much over the year, although there were still a couple to whom modesty was a foreign concept. They became such self-sufficient young ladies, generally very cheerful and positive about school, life, the universe and everything else. I was especially pleased with how enthusiastic they were about reading on Monday and Thursday evenings. They could read any night, of course, but on

Boys’ boarding

The 1s have been a great top year. We will miss having them around. Who, if there is no Scott Walker, will make suggestions for a boarding fish tank? If there is no Keita Umetani, then who will set the gold standard for tidiness? The cool wall will fall apart without Oliver Bureau’s careful management, and who will keep Mr Onions on his toes about all things football without Sam Bayliss, Tom Shaw and Tom Hughes? We will miss things about all the boys: they are a friendly, amusing and enthusiastic bunch with the world at their feet (make sure it’s not with smelly trainers on!). We wish them well. Weekends have been amazing this year: a truck show, Manchester velodrome, cooking, parent and pupil golf and tennis, a dog show… as well as regular dips in the swimming pool, playing footie with friends or relaxing. And all manner of sporting tournaments, talent nights, karaoke, sloppy Sundays, film nights…

Page 12

In the dorms, especially in the week, we feel it is important for the boys to have some of their own time and space as well and to this end we have been able to create common rooms for all the landings, so they have a shared space to relax or play games in. These have been popular with the boys and have helped to create a community feel. This is never more in evidence than when a new boarder has started out or just come in for a trial: they have been so enthusiastically welcomed and looked after – it’s always so nice to see this friendly all-inclusive attitude. Boarding does that to you, you see; it helps boys to appreciate others around them as they learn about living in a community. This friendly manner with new boarders is something we see across all the landings and being able to talk to and mix with other people, even those you might not have huge amounts in common with, is a great life skill. Of course, boarding would not be possible without the help of the boarding tutors,

Jo Lambkin, Ken Webster, James Mullock, Roy Chambers and Paul Donaldson, or the relaxed presence of gap student, Chris Dunn. Also thanks to Matron Caron and Sue, for keeping the boys’ nails short, doing battle with the dreaded nits and bandaging up any cuts and scrapes on the way! We are sorry to be saying goodbye to Paul Donaldson this term as he heads back to Australia. Paul has been a great asset to boarding life at Packwood. He has run the junior boarders’ activity slots each evening, been involved in the dorms at night and, when most of the members of staff are still tucked up in bed, Paul has been part of ‘Team Wake Up’ – phew! He even had time to whisk some boys off to watch Manchester United one evening. We wish Paul all the very best – we will all miss him next year. Good luck to the boys moving on from Packwood and we look forward to seeing everyone else in September! AO and JO

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these two specially designated nights most of the girls really enjoyed tucking up with a good book (of course, some would do anything to avoid this and it’s amazing the number of excuses they could think of: a phone call to be answered, laundry to be checked, teeth to be flossed: their ingenuity was endless). Their other great evening pleasure was the hot chocolate and chat on a Saturday night before settling down to watch a film. When asked what they had enjoyed most about being senior boarders, the girls in the 1s were unanimous: the chance to spend time with friends in the common room, have a chat, drink hot chocolate and watch TV together. In the busy lives that they lead at school this provides a moment of quiet relaxation they can share at the end of the day. It is extraordinary what happens to this group of

girls in the course of the school year: at some point in the second half of the autumn term they turn into adolescents and their previous happy-go-lucky attitude and willingness to comply can no longer be relied on; it begins to be replaced with an inability to go to bed (or get out of it) on time, or to offer a straight answer to any question one might pose. Could they be the same girls whose idea of fun only two short years ago was to get up early, put their uniform on and then go back to bed, just so that they could spring out and shout “Surprise!” when I or Matron Sarah came to wake them up? It surely could. But any teenage attitude could be forgiven because this group of girls showed such kindness to each other and to the younger girls; they were cheerful, generally good-humoured and very creative. I look back on my years as the Park House houseparent with great fondness and gratitude for all that the girls have taught me, and for the support of their parents in all we have tried to do in the boarding house. Of course, I couldn’t have done my bit without Matron Sarah whose patience, sense of humour and kindness and care for the children could not be bettered: she is the spirit of Park House. I’d also like to thank Mrs Lee, Mr Ford, Miss Nimmo, Mrs Smith-Langridge and Kate Semple for their invaluable contribution to the happy and smooth running of the house. Happy days! EC

Boarders’weekend events and activities Numerous special activities at the weekends ensure that there is always something fun and different to do. This year has been no exception with a huge range of things going on, including a fabulous fashion show for which the children designed and made their own highly individual creations, several cinema trips, T-shirt and finger puppet-making sessions, ice skating, a swimming trip to the water park, a play in a day performance which challenged the children to devise, rehearse and perform a play in just a few short hours, and an Easter egg hunt – as well as all the events and activities that are the subject of reports in the following pages. It’s no wonder there is never any time to be bored! JJ

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Art I can hardly believe that the year has gone past as it doesn’t seem like five minutes ago that I was writing my last magazine report, but looking back on it, a lot has happened in the Art department with many notable individual achievements and some creditable group efforts as well. Personally it has been quite a busy year, beginning with the scenery for Bugsy Malone and then, later in the year, for The Emperor’s New Clothes. After this it was mainly preparation for the Art scholarships with Amber Gibbins trying for Moreton Hall, Morton Moss for Shrewsbury and Jude Bedford for Malvern. I am pleased to be able to say that Jude and Morton were successful in gaining art awards. Work on this year’s theme of ‘Playing’ for The Millicent Kaye Art Competition was begun in the spring term by the 3s and 4s. There were so many good entries that it was hard to select the thirty best ones. Decision made, I was delighted that we gained first place for Sophia Bureau’s 3D piece of a rounders teams in full flow. We also

Jude Bedford

won five highly commended certificates, two for Emily McParland (one 3D and one 2D) and one each for Eliza Rosselli, Jacob Jones and Georgiana Nicholas for their excellent 2D entries. Everyone who entered helped Packwood to win again the trophy for the best overall entry, which was a painting done by Millicent Kaye herself and which will now hang in the theatre foyer for a year. In the summer term one of the highlights for me was the trip to the Liverpool Tate with the 3s to see the eagerly awaited Marc Chagall exhibition. The children were inspired by the colourful eccentricity of the artist and this was reflected in the high standard of their sketching while in the gallery. They made some excellent pieces of work back at Packwood based on what they had drawn and their own imaginative interpretations. I am looking forward to next year’s trips, exciting topics and art competitions, and to the continued development of the many budding young artists moving up the school. PRD

Theodora Jarvis

Alfred Hughes Page 14

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Classics Much was made of this year’s Champions League final being contested by Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund (held at Wembley, salt-rubbingly, but that’s not the point). The absence of the Spanish skillgnomes of Barcelona and Real Madrid et al sent seismic shuffles throughout the continent. The world thought it had been taught how to play Spanish perfectoball by Xavi and Iniesta. “Can we have our ball back, please?” we all yelled. Then the German conjurors coaxed it away in an invisible attack. “What’s this?” we all cried. “Has perfect been bettered?” No. Perfect has not been simply bettered, it has been melted down, re-moulded, polished and packaged in a Teutonic presentation box.

But life’s the same. We think we’ve got something right – until someone else demonstrates a more efficient, more practical, more economical way of searching through channels on the Sky box, or you discover a new method of stacking the dishwasher that is so good you at once inform the patent office and wish you could still apply for The Krypton Factor. And so it is with teaching. Latin is one of those unchanging subjects (well…sort of…), but that does not mean that the teaching and learning of Classics are as they were fifty, twenty, or even five years ago. At Packwood, Geraldine Lee, Sue Rigby and I take the best of traditional (rote learning, choral repetition, visits to ancient sites and the like) and blend

with the best of modern (the Web, historical re-enactors, Apps, CD ROMs, DVDs…). Yes, I did say Apps. Our vigorous opposition to inertia has helped to gain some of the best CE and scholarship grades in both Latin and Greek seen for a long while. At CE Level 1, 100% A grades; Level 2 80% A grades; Level 3 70 % A grades. At scholarship level, results in both Greek and Latin enabled Amelia Tennant, Issy Wythe, Jamie Channon, David Schofield, Oliver Bureau and Sam Bayliss to attain academic awards. Spain will probably rule again on the football field and, as long as we continue to innovate in the classroom, great results in Classics will continue to be as standard as amo, amas, amat. JO

English The English year began with a training session on teaching phonics – a useful way for many of us to learn better the basics of one of the strategies we use for teaching our youngest children to read. We also began a more concerted effort this year to work more closely with Acorns, for instance by meeting there for beginning of term staff meetings. On that note I have very much appreciated Elizabeth Crawley`s expertise over many years in both leading the pre-prep and giving our youngest, reception class such a firm command of the basics of literacy – she will be much missed. At the other end of the age range the English results gained by our leavers were some of the best in recent years: well done for top grades in scholarship to Luke, Isabella, Amelia, Oliver and Jude. There were also many As from the top CE set on a tricky paper and strong B/C passes most of the way through. I am always amazed by our international students who often successfully run the gauntlet of CE after only a year or two of preparation. As an increasing number of countries are represented we are looking at ways to improve our EAL provision even further in the future.

Through the course of the year we enjoyed a good number of high profile events. Top billing must go to Sir Baldrick himself, Tony Robinson, who held court in a full theatre on his career as Time Team presenter, Blackadder actor and author of a new series of history books for children. The only glitch was when he disappeared five minutes before being due on stage for a quick sleep in his car! We also enjoyed theatre trips to Stratford, Theatre Severn and Shrewsbury School for a particularly dark, schoolboy performance of Lord of the Flies. Throughout the school, children have taken part in our annual creative writing and handwriting competitions as well – we sent off a good number to the SATIPS national competition this year. Well done to all members of the 3s who passed their English Speaking Board assessments, with 10 distinctions. We also ran the programme for the first time in the 5s, and were delighted when all passed for the first time with seven distinctions. This means all Packwood pupils now have two formal opportunities to present, recite and read in public; we are already seeing this pay off in

them speaking more confidently in front of others. I have been keen to strengthen relations with senior schools, hence we have enjoyed the company of Shrewsbury English department demystifying the Common Entrance mark scheme and the head of English at Radley doing such an expert job adjudicating the elocution competition: he chose Freddy Williams as winner of the senior section, with his brother Orlando winning the intermediate category and Bea Grigg the juniors. Malvern too are keener to find common ground, and it was a pleasure to take part in and win their prep schools' debating competition at the first attempt. Thank you to all my colleagues for all their hard work again this year. RAC

Physical Education Physical Education continues to play an important part in developing the children’s love for sport and exercise and the lifelong benefits that this provides. We help to develop the whole child and we emphasise individual excellence and progression. There’s been plenty of action in the sports hall and on the sports fields this year. Sporting activities covered have included gymnastics, wheelchair sports, badminton, basketball, striking and fielding, golf, athletics, ball familiarisation skills, team building, swimming, net and wall skills, health-related fitness and lots, lots more. There have been opportunities for the older children to develop their coaching skills by working with the younger children in the school – I know the Acorns have particularly enjoyed this experience. Alongside all of this the children have also been following the governing body award schemes and recording their personal bests. Stop press…watch out next year for some double PE lessons! KLP Page 15

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Craft, Design & Technology It has been another very busy year in the CDT department. We’ve continued with the projects as last year and most of the year groups, especially the 1s (Year 8), have been encouraged to use CAD and CAM (Computer Aided Design and manufacture) for their work. This year’s Senior CDT prize has been awarded to Harry Wasdell for his final year work on his item of storage. The Junior School prize was won by Freja Bedell and the Middle School prize went to Harry Griffiths. All of these children were those who approached things differently, innovatively and with attention to detail. They are the ones who stand

out, who think ‘out of the box’ and tackle the problem-solving in the projects and come up with creative solutions. Finally, I sadly say goodbye to an invaluable colleague, Sir Anthony Rigby. He has been a fantastic person to work alongside and will be remembered by me and the children for a very long time. I will miss our little department meetings and I will find it very strange being on my own (talking to myself…) as he has been great to feed ideas off – he has been a bit like Yoda in the department! Thank you. EN

Religious Studies Religious Studies is a great subject to teach! Religious Studies is a subject you can have fun in and we’ve had fun this year. We enjoyed seeing how Muslim people might worship when Form 4 visited a beautiful mosque in Derby. We covered our heads and took off our shoes. We also dressed up for a Hindu wedding and we saw what the deities look like in a Hindu temple. We had an excellent visiting speaker who told us the story of Rama and Sita. Form 3 visited Manchester and saw real Torah scrolls in a synagogue, tasted real Matzot and Challah bread. RS gives pupils the opportunity to learn and reflect upon religious experiences of people around the world and through time, and also helps educate children about issues surrounding community, diversity and tolerance. Our pupils are going to travel the world and will meet lots of different people. They need to understand other people's cultures and religions. It is also one of those subjects in which you can have a good discussion. We have debated many issues such as power, money or stewardship. Form 2 has been looking at world leaders.

Form 1 has looked at power around the world and how it has changed through the work of people like Dr Martin Luther King. I think it is important that teachers should show that religion is not always a force for good. I agree with OFSTED’s report that “Pupils should be taught that religion is complex, and should be given the opportunity to explore that ambiguity.” RS is an important academic subject in its own right. Our scholars and CE candidates have achieved some excellent results in their exams. One of the reasons they have been successful is that they have had fun and participated fully during all our lessons. RS can also make a positive contribution to pupils’ broad personal development and wellbeing, as well as bringing in issues of community cohesion, diversity, tolerance and respect. Form 6 has been looking at The Packwood Way and how we get on with each other. We have seen how Bible stories teach about being kind, forgiving, sharing and a good member of the community. Form 5 has been following Bible stories and seeing how they fit into the church’s calendar.

ICT So what have we been up to this year? The 1s made their own version of the YouTube sensation Harlem Shake – very funny – and had lessons on the consequences that the wrong use of Twitter and Facebook can have on their future life. The 2s made a bat and ball game using Scratch. The 3s learnt about safety in the online world thanks to the resources of the CEOP team. The 4s made Castles of Edward I Top Trumps cards using PowerPoint. The 5s wrote letters to Mrs Smith-Langridge on how the school could be improved, and got a lovely reply. The 6s made some wonderful paintings which were put on the Intranet. The Acorns wrote stories using Storybird, made Father’s Day cards, and improved their hand-eye coordination. Next year we look forward to the introduction of iPads into the modern foreign languages department, a new wireless network, and a new website design. SAR Page 16

We have had a wide variety of assemblies this year that have also been fun. We had visitors from Moreton Hall, Shrewsbury School, and Wrekin College and we welcomed Bishop Mark, the Bishop of Shrewsbury, to take one of our early assemblies this year. We also had representatives from Water Aid and Traidcraft talking to us. RS is not about being religious; it is about establishing yourself as a person, and it’s about knowing what you think and being aware of what others think. What I want is for all my pupils to be able to explain themselves, to be able to say: “This is what I think, and why I think it.” I agree with GK Chesterton that, “The test of a good religion is whether you can joke about it.” We certainly have some fun in RS lessons, even in the RS exams. I will leave you with these two anonymous quotes: 1.“It is as difficult for a man to sell his money as a camel to walk through the eye of the keyhole”! 2.“Adam blamed Eve, Eve blamed the serpent and the serpent didn't have a leg to stand on.” RE

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Geography It has been a very busy year in the Geography department where Mr Mullock, Mrs Herzog and I have been trying to promote the children’s interest in, awareness and knowledge of the subject. The good thing about geography is that it is always around us and always happening. The year started off with a trip to Bavaria where the 1s collected data for their projects which they all successfully completed in due course. After that 1Class enjoyed a fascinating talk by Mark Swain, a professional geologist. He really engaged the children’s interest and the questions could have gone on forever. Form 6 went down to Ruyton XI Towns to explore the village. They looked, in particular, at different types of buildings and the services the village provides. In the spring term the 1s and 2s enjoyed a fascinating talk about life for children in eastern Uganda by Val Talbot, a representative from Dolen Ffermio. Our pupils were amazed how different their lifestyle is by comparison. Spring also saw Climate Week 2013 – which promotes

awareness of our environment – and the 4s, and some of the 1s, enthusiastically took part in a project to design an eco-friendly house. Their designs were displayed with pride in Mr Mullock’s room. The 3s also came up with drawings of imaginary islands for display; there were National Parks drawn by 2C and Ruyton XI Towns and United Kingdom displays in the 6s. Over the course of the year most of the children had a chance to go out into the school grounds and use it as a geographical resource. The 1s and 2s measured microclimates, the 5s used weather monitoring equipment and, on another occasion, looked for signs and symbols, and the 6s explored the school buildings. I also had the pleasure of spending a morning in the pre-prep where Acorns 3 were learning about how people dressed in different countries, Acorns 2 were discussing what life would be like on an island, and Acorns 1 were enjoying finding out about animals that live in the Arctic and Antarctic. It was lovely to see such a great geographical buzz!

Latterly pupils in our senior year have done us proud with their examination success. The scholars started us off by achieving top grades to schools such as Winchester (Luke Williams and Linden Grigg), Rugby (Amelia Tennant), Shrewsbury (Jamie Channon, Sam Bayliss and Oliver Bureau) and Moreton Hall (Beth Cooper and Molly Bruce). Common Entrance results followed with nearly 35% of children attaining an A grade and 94% achieving A, B or C. May I also congratulate our Geography prize winners, Tom Kiel, Piers Merison and Sam Bayliss. Well done and thank you to all the children, Mr Mullock and Mrs Herzog for their hard work and commitment throughout the year. GW

History Bavaria to Baldrick, it has been a busy old year studying the old years. History is at the heart of the current debate on education and I’m proud to report that we at Packwood do it the old-fashioned way. We stand on hills surveying battlefields (Bosworth 1485, Montgomery 1644, Blenheim 1704). We get dressed up (mummies, Romans, Vikings, archers, Chirk Castle servants, Roundheads and Cavaliers, Marlborough’s infantrymen, 2C’s ‘South Sea Bubble’ history play). We can whistle you the tunes of ‘Lillibullero’ or the folk ballad ‘Cold is the Snow…’ We write ‘proper essays’ about ‘proper events’. The ‘devil is in the detail’ and between Miss Middlemiss, Mrs Herzog, Mrs Hammond, Miss Wilkinson and myself we get through some grisly, ghastly details. The end product we hope is a lifetime’s enthusiasm for the subject, a better understanding of the ‘hows and whys’ and a set of skills to read, interpret and be able to present factual knowledge in flowing prose. This year’s record results for CE and scholarships are the happy by-products and a true reflection of the talented top year that we say farewell to. Our congratulations for being awarded top History grades this year go to Eliza Beckett and Amber Gibbins (Moreton Hall), Eliott GillingSmith (Malvern), Claudia Jimenez (Spain), Loris Pattinson

(Gordonstoun), Molly Bruce and Beth Cooper (scholarships to Moreton Hall), Roly Hancock (scholarship to Oswestry), Tom Hughes and Harry Wasdell (Shrewsbury), Tom Shaw (Corbet), Archie Waterworth (Eton), Jude Bedford (scholarship to Malvern), Oliver Bureau and David Schofield (scholarships to Shrewsbury), Linden Grigg (Winchester), Sophia Price (Shrewsbury High School), Amelia Tennant (scholarship to Rugby) and Issy Wythe (scholarship to Oundle). More cunning than Baldrick’s plans ever were, the lot of them. Thanks to all of the children that we have History prize winners taught this year for Subject prizes: your interest in history Oliver Bureau, Alfie Deahl, Georgiana Nicholas and your excellent Summer project winner: George Compston questions. Thanks too to Team-Packwood for Christmas quiz winner: Robert Vick Townsend Warner History Prize winners (16+): all your commitment, Linden Grigg, Oliver Bureau, Tom Hughes, time, drive, driving Sam Bayliss, Dominic Ainslie, Roly Hancock, and shared picnics! Sophia Price, Issy Wythe, Jude Bedford. NW

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Maths This year we have been able to build on the developments from previous years and we are seeing the fruits of the updated curriculum for the lower classes. Setting is now the norm throughout the school and ‘Tables’ certificates among the younger age groups are very popular. We have now implemented national tests to monitor the children as they move up through the school. Resources from the internet are becoming increasingly important as we need to keep up to date on national developments. We have finished trialling some good computer software and the packages such as Mathletics, Manga High and are an integral support to our teaching in the department. Thanks to Wrekin College hosting Maths challenges and competitions we have been able to send more Maths teams from the lower end of the school. The selected children have a great day out and really enjoy all the logical twists and mathematical puzzles they are challenged with in a variety of fun forms. Our magnificent 4s team of Jacob Jones, William Stanford-Davis, Joe Pattenden and Thomas Dix entered the competition for their age group and came overall an excellent fourth out of 37 schools. UKMT Under 16 Maths Challenge entrants In the West Midlands finals we had high hopes of our school senior team getting a top position. Unfortunately, our key team members of Jamie Channon and David Schofield were not available on the day. However, Edward Peterson, Kim Peerapairoj, Linden Grigg, and Isabella Wythe showed their sharp intelligence, despite not quite qualifying for the national finals. We had a bumper year as we entered our more able children from the top two years into the annual National Junior UKMT challenge at 13+. A record number of pupils gained either bronze, silver or gold certificates. 1Class also entered the 16+ competition, and as a result Jamie Channon and Edward Peterson were asked to enter the further advanced European ‘Kangaroo’ challenge. This year the students of 1Class were taking a variety of scholarship papers. The overall results were pleasing – particular congratulations to Jamie Channon for scoring the highest mark on the Shrewsbury Maths Paper 1. The Maths teachers were also very happy with the overall performance of the Common Entrance candidates, with the sharp Llyr HeywardJones winning the Mathematics prize.

UKMT Maths Challenge (13+) Gold: Sophia Price, Jamie Channon, Amelia Tennant,Isabella Wythe, Kim Peerapairoj, Oscar Holt, Maxwell Horler, Archie Mobbs, Ben Cowley Silver: Linden Grigg, Jude Bedford, Luke Williams, Dominic Ainslie, Sam Bayliss, David Schofield, Oliver Bureau, Keita Umetani, Caspar Massey, Llyr Heywood-Jones, Archie Waterworth, Thomas Mercer, Natasha Carter-Motley, Ned Moreau Adam Pattenden Bronze: Edward Peterson, Beth Cooper, Scott Walker, Harry Wasdell, Rosie Clarke, Ivor Fetherstonhaugh, Amelia Peterson, Amelia Maunder, Piers Merison, Alfie Deahl, Phoebe Wasdell UKMT Maths Challenge (16+) Gold: Jamie Channon Silver: Edward Peterson Bronze: David Schofield, Isabella Wythe, Kim Peerapairoj, Sam Bayliss

At the end of the year my set in the 4s put on a ‘playlet’ entitled Primes, Primes, Primes! in front of the whole school and it was great fun. I love doing drama with the children and next year I am looking forward to leading the newly developed Drama department. I have enjoyed the challenges of developing and running the Maths department and will be handing over my role to Robbie Tadman with my good wishes. I wish him the best of success in the coming years. RHC

Modern Foreign Languages It’s been another good year capped off again by a great set of scholarship and Common Entrance results with all credit due to our hardworking pupils – very well done to all of them. Another highlight of the year took place in November when 11 Packwood pupils competed in the inaugural French verse speaking competition at Moreton Hall. Sam Bayliss, Tom Hughes, Loris Pattinson and Llyr Heyward-Jones represented Packwood in the Year 8 category and the other participants were Romy Grigg, Octavia and Sybilla Hamilton and Freddy Williams (Year 7), Seren Pattinson and Olivia Moir (Year 6), and Orlando Williams and Freja Bedell (Year 5). Each child had a choice of two poems and had to learn one of them during half-term. Five schools took part in the competition and Page 18

every performance was very impressive. It is very difficult to recite a poem in front of an audience but doing it in French is an even bigger challenge. Special congratulations to Llyr Heyward-Jones and Loris Pattinson who won third and second prizes respectively in the Year 8 contest and to Sybilla Hamilton for winning in her age group. We always strive to enthuse and to engender a love of French and of languages in general. Knowing another language is not only a great advantage when job hunting later in life but it has also been proved that it develops the ability to multi-task (even for men…), improves one’s memory and enables people to be more perceptive. Learning about other cultures is fascinating too – I relished discovering British and Spanish cultures whilst studying at university and still enjoy

learning more and more now. I’m fond of Japan and hope to get better at speaking Japanese in the next few years! Technology can be of great help and we have very close links with ICT in the department (Linguascope, Schoolshape, MonFrancais…) but we are going to get even more high-tech next year as we will be starting to use iPads during French lessons! This is a very exciting development.Watch this space. In the meantime, I hope that all the skills the children learnt throughout the year will be used during holidays in France. Why not speak in French to buy some bread, a postcard, or even order a drink? It will be very much appreciated by the inhabitants and it will be great practice. JN

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As the photographs on this page show, the Packwood laboratories have again been buzzing this year with a great range of practical investigations and exciting demonstrations. From locusts and chickens in the Biology lab to burglar alarm circuits and colourful reactions in Physics and Chemistry, the children have continued to be enthusiastic and interested in all aspects of the sciences. They have also again achieved considerable success in both scholarship and Common Entrance exams. Jude Bedford, Sam Bayliss, Jamie Channon, Oliver Bureau, David Schofield and Luke Williams all achieved excellent grades in their scholarships. In Common Entrance, Georgie Bibby achieved an AA grade for Biology and Amber Gibbins scored 87% in her Physics paper. In addition a record eight children (Molly Bruce, Beth Cooper, Tom Hughes, Caspar Massey, Tom Shaw, Ned Warburton-Lee, Roly Hancock and Alice Shone) gained A grades in all three science papers. FRH

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well-deserved winners. At Christmas the Acorns’ nativity play featured some delightful acting and singing and the music was enhanced by the accompaniment of Llyr Heyward-Jones on percussion, Romy Grigg on the violin, and our young recorder player Rowena Jones. The main school’s Christmas Concert, in which many ensembles and The autumn term was busy from the start with soloists of all ages took part, was a riot of a Prep Schools’ Arts Day at Malvern College, tinsel, bling and jollity and there were many a workshop with Shrewsbury School’s Big fine musical moments. The following week Band, a Christmas music event for prep school the Boys’ and Girls’ Choirs led two carol choristers at Wrekin College, and of course the services: the first in the village church at West Sixes Music Competition. This was a truly Felton; the other to end our term with the splendid evening with confident school Carol Service at St Oswald’s, Oswestry. performances from each Six’s instrumental The main focus of the spring term was the soloists and then every Six performing Jessie J’s Price Tag and another song chosen from the ambitious production of Bugsy Malone, in which the majority of Form 1 and 2 children theme of the Olympic opening ceremony, accompanied by a live band. There was some took part. The songs were great fun to learn and perform. There was much excellent inspirational rapping, singing and moving music, but I don’t think that many of the from all, but Mannings Sodens’ charismatic rendition of Spice up your Life made them the audience will forget the lovely rendition of Every child in the school, from Acorns 3 to Form 1, has been involved in music in some way this academic year. As well as weekly class Music lessons, all pupils have played a part in the numerous and varied extracurricular activities which have taken place throughout the year.

Page 20

I’m Feeling Fine, sung unaccompanied by a mournful-looking Blousey Brown, aka Sophia Price, swinging dolefully alone on the stage. Also swinging was the accompanying jazz band, put together for the occasion from some of our own peripatetic teachers and including two recent Packwood leavers, Olivia Hughes and Jemima Price. But it wasn’t all about Bugsy – the choirs managed to fit in a trip to Shrewsbury Abbey to sing Evensong and musicians from Forms 3-6 also had their chance to shine with the Junior Concert, an informal – and, for some players, a first – opportunity for a performance platform with an audience of friendly parents! As well as some very promising soloists, we heard some lovely duet and ensemble playing – a very pleasant and enjoyable way to end the term. The summer term was probably the most densely-packed of all.

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SUBJECTS A group of children of all ages enjoyed a Sunday afternoon family concert with the CBSO at Birmingham Symphony Hall; a fabulous introduction to live orchestral playing, with music ranging from Rimsky-Korsakov to Pirates of the Caribbean. The Acorns Music Festival included all sorts of creative, acting, dancing and playing activities, as well as some sea-themed songs and instrumental composition workshops, all leading to a grand performance to finish. This year, a successful innovation has been for Acorns 1 children to take instrumental lessons in three rotating groups, learning the xylophone, recorder and violin, each with specialist teachers, and it was great that all Acorns’ parents were able to hear the result of these lessons at the end of year assembly. We heard a competent performance of Tiptoe Boo from the violinists and a speciallyarranged multi-part version of Frere Jacques played by the recorder and xylophone groups combined. This assembly also provided the opportunity for a public rendition of the Acorns’ favourite songs, including the ever-popular Popocatapetl, sung as a round, and the infectiously jolly Come Dance With Me, with lyrics by Acorns 2. The choristers returned to West Felton church, this time to sing Evensong to a packed congregation of both Packwood families and residents of the local villages. This was an excellent warm up for our annual choir trip later in the term: Evensong at Chester Cathedral, preceded by an action-packed and muddy morning at the Crocky Trail. The weather was lovely and the two contrasting aspects of the day were equally worthwhile and fun. It was particularly good to see so many of our choir ‘groupies’ at Evensong; a congregation of around 50 people. 17 of the choristers wore their recently achieved Royal School of Church Music Bronze awards, in which many candidates gained Merit. A Packwood ‘first’ was made by Llyr Heyward-Jones and Linden Grigg, who earned their Silver, or Bishop’s Chorister, Awards. The Summer Concert, two days later, was a great success and a memorable climax to a hard year’s work for many musicians. Around 70 children were involved, with performances by all of the more advanced ensembles as well as some of the training groups. Musical styles were extremely varied, ranging

from James Bond and Pink Panther to Ode to Joy and some mediaeval dances. A particular highlight was the beautiful solo singing of Luke Williams and Linden Grigg. The final Sunday of term began with the Leavers’ Service, at which the Bishop of Shrewsbury presided in a very jovial manner, and we were pleased that he was also able to present the Bronze and Silver choir medals officially to some of the leaving Form 1 choristers. Choristers joined in a moving performance of John Rutter’s The Lord bless you and keep you, and a large congregation thoroughly enjoyed singing the Form 1’s choices of hymns, which included Jerusalem and Guide me, O thou great Redeemer. Music did not stop there, however: the final set of Associated Board exams, the fourth set of the year, took place in the following week. It has been a fine year’s work for so many musicians, in so many diverse ways and I’m delighted that music continues to thrive at Packwood. SB

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SUBJECTS MUSIC EXAMS AUTUMN TERM Linden Grigg Thomas Shaw Roly Hancock Llyr Heyward-Jones James Hinwood Jacob Jones Nathan Mielczarek Olivia Moir Annabel Robertson Lexie Samuel Edward Barry Owen Carroll Chloe Edwards Alfred Hughes Honor Grigg Tom Kiel Alice Marshall Daniel Richardson William Tate Harry Waterworth

Grade 5 Grade 5 Grade 4 Grade 3 Grade 3 Grade 3 Grade 2 Grade 2 Grade 2 Grade 2 Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 1 Prep Test Prep Test Prep Test Prep Test Prep Test Prep Test

MUSIC EXAMS SUMMER TERM Piano Clarinet Clarinet Piano Piano Oboe Saxophone Singing Piano Singing Piano Saxophone Organ Trumpet Cello Trumpet Cello Cello Violin Piano

Merit Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Merit Merit Pass Pass Pass Merit Merit Merit

Singing Singing Piano Singing Trumpet Violin Tuba Trumpet Violin Theory Saxophone Clarinet Piano Piano Piano Piano Piano

Pass Merit Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Merit Distinction

MUSIC EXAMS SPRING TERM Beth Cooper Sophia Bureau Beth Cooper Freya Cox Lily Freeman-Attwood Romy Grigg Adam Pattenden Alice Shone George Compston Emily Keeling-Paglia William Tate Orlando Williams Eliza Blackham Daisy Harker-Weston Louisa Jarvis James Lewis Emily McParland

Page 22

Grade 5 Grade 3 Grade 3 Grade 3 Grade 3 Grade 3 Grade 3 Grade 3 Grade 2 Grade 2 Grade 1 Grade 1 Prep Test Prep Test Prep Test Prep Test Prep Test

Sophia Price Sam Bayliss Alfie Deahl Linden Grigg Llyr Heyward-Jones Llyr Heyward-Jones Amelia Peterson Sophia Price David Schofield Thomas Shaw Freya Beasley Alfie Deahl Imogen Downey Romy Grigg Sybilla Hamilton Louisa Jarvis Felix Jebb Rowena Jones Scott Nicholson Zoe Nugent Dominic Ainslie George Clowes George Clowes Anna Cowan Suguru Gotoh Linden Grigg Nathan Mielczarek Amelia Peterson Freddy Williams Edward Bayliss William Brooke Louis Graham Thomasina Jarvis Isabel Morris Eliza Rosselli Thomas Dix Honor Grigg Honor Grigg Roly Hancock Jacob Jones Rowena Jones Tom Kiel Thomas Mercer Patrick Norman William Tate Beatrice Grigg George Stanford-Davis

Grade 6 Grade 5 Grade 5 Grade 5 Grade 5 Grade 5 Grade 5 Grade 5 Grade 5 Grade 5 Grade 4 Grade 4 Grade 4 Grade 4 Grade 4 Grade 4 Grade 4 Grade 4 Grade 4 Grade 4 Grade 3 Grade 3 Grade 3 Grade 3 Grade 3 Grade 3 Grade 3 Grade 3 Grade 3 Grade 2 Grade 2 Grade 2 Grade 2 Grade 2 Grade 2 Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 1 Prep Test Prep Test

Flute Cornet Theory Singing Drums Saxophone Flute Piano Saxophone Theory Singing Piano Singing Singing Piano Singing Trombone Recorder Singing Clarinet Violin Piano Oboe Violin Violin Organ Saxophone Piano Oboe Piano Piano Piano Singing Piano Flute Piano Cello Singing Organ Organ Piano Trumpet Saxophone Piano Violin Piano Piano

Merit Pass Pass Pass Merit Pass Pass Merit Pass Pass Pass Pass Merit Pass Pass Distinction Pass Merit Pass Merit Pass Merit Merit Pass Pass Pass Pass Merit Pass Merit Pass Pass Pass Pass Merit Pass Merit Merit Pass Distinction Distinction Distinction Distinction Pass Merit

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Big Band workshop

Packwood’s brass and saxophone players spent a challenging but enjoyable afternoon working with Shrewsbury School Big Band, who came to Packwood for a Big Band workshop last November. Led by Maria Eglinton, Head of Woodwind at Shrewsbury, the afternoon was a great success. The Shrewsbury boys, who were paired up with our musicians, proved very useful in helping with difficult sight-reading and fingering, and the pupils spent around an hour learning and practising two pieces of music, which included some impressive improvisations from our Packwood pupils. With the

combination of 18 Shrewsbury pupils and 12 from Packwood, the sound was certainly striking! At the end of the session, the musicians put on a short concert for parents, staff and children. First they played the two combined pieces which they had learnt, then Shrewsbury School Big Band alone performed three pieces which they were due to play in a competition. It was a very worthwhile and fun experience, which I am quite sure that our musicians will remember for a long time. SB

Tony Robinson visit The visit of actor, TV presenter and author, Tony Robinson to Packwood at the end of the autumn term was a fabulous occasion. Most famous for his role as Baldrick in Blackadder and for being the presenter of Channel 4’s archaeology programme, Time Team, Tony Robinson is also a successful author who has been writing books for nearly 30 years. His most recent project has been his ‘Weird World of Wonder’ series of History books and it was these that he came to school to talk to the children about. Being in the company of such a famous celebrity brought a touch of magic and sparkle to the theatre and Tony’s captivating speaking style, silly jokes and acting skills immediately grabbed everyone’s attention. Children and adults alike joined in eagerly with every opportunity for audience participation. We had a group of ancient Egyptians excavating and shaping huge stones for pyramid construction; an ancient Greek athlete hurtling round the theatre at top speed as he took part in an Olympic running race (our runner was fully clothed which is not entirely historically accurate, but saved some blushes…); and the entire audience shouting out “GOLD” pantomime-style when learning about what motivated those who built and extended the British Empire. All this and more made for a hugely entertaining and enjoyable talk which the children clearly loved.

There was the opportunity for questions afterwards when we learnt more about Tony’s writing career, his love for history and the inspiration behind his books. Then a long, orderly queue of excited children waiting in line for autographs and signed copies of the books brought to a close a wonderful afternoon that will live long in the memory of all those lucky enough to be there. CEH Page 23

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Bugsy Malone

Simply organising a cast of over 80 children was always going to be a challenge but Mr Cowley and his team (Mrs Downey and Mr Chambers) are not fainthearted types and between them again pulled off a spectacular drama production. Familiar to many from the 1976 film exclusively featuring child actors, Bugsy Malone is a well-loved story and it was brought to life superbly by the cast, their directors, the stunning scenery painted by Mr Dougan and Mrs Blackham, fantastic props supplied by the ever-inventive Sir Anthony, the musical skills of Mrs Boutwood and her band (including two Old Packwoodians, Olivia Hughes and Jemima Price) and of course Mrs Jones’ and Mrs Rutherford’s amazing costumes. Freddy Williams was outstanding as Bugsy, delivering every line with perfect timing,

clarity and a faultless accent. He proves himself a resourceful helper to speakeasy owner and hoodlum, Fat Sam (played with power and confidence by Luke Williams) in his battle to save his business interests from the avaricious and merciless Dandy Dan, a contrasting cool and calm Harry Wasdell. Dan will seemingly stop at nothing in his bid to destroy Sam and become the top gangster in town. Gang warfare ensues with liberal use of splurge guns, devious double-crossing and underhand tactics. Meanwhile a love story is unfolding between Bugsy and wannabe singer, Blousey Brown (played by Sophia Price who sang her solos beautifully.) Their budding friendship is almost sabotaged by the unwanted seductive attentions of Tallulah, played (of course!) by Talullah Blackham who was self-assured and

Christmas feast and entertainment As the autumn term drew to a close the Art and CDT departments buzzed with creative activity as the children put the finishing touches to their festive hats in preparation for the annual Christmas Feast. Glitter, tinsel, coloured lights, ornaments, baubles and cotton wool 'snow' were in abundance on many traditional-style hats featuring Christmas puddings, trees, snowmen and more. Others had extended the theme – or departed from it completely – producing hats inspired by films, books or their favourite sports and hobbies. One deserved prize winner was the set of hats made by 1W, a triumph of teamwork and co-operation that spelled out Merry Christmas (if they all stood in the right order!) While the judges circulated and made up their minds, everyone else enjoyed munching their way through sausage rolls, sandwiches, crisps, ice cream and hundreds of Mrs Jones' fairy cakes. However, all the excitement of the feast was eclipsed by the revelry that followed in the theatre. Mr Jones had announced a few weeks Page 24

earlier that it was time for another staff revue and so began a long period of denial and inactivity before a final frenetic flurry which resulted in some unpolished but, judging by audience reaction, highly amusing entertainment. The alacrity with which so many male members of staff embraced the opportunity to dress up as women was quite alarming but did provide the improbable and frankly astonishing spectacle of Mr Herzog's appearance as Tess Daly – an arresting vision in blonde wig and flowing

Packwoodian 2012-13 pps 23-31 160913_Layout 1 16/09/2013 17:42 Page 3


utterly convincing in her role as Sam’s ‘moll’. To help Blousy fulfil her dreams of stardom, Bugsy needs to earn money so he takes on the job of helping Sam seek revenge against Dan. Bugsy drums up a gang of homeless bums and steals a consignment of splurge guns destined for Dandy Dan. Now that the rival gangs are equipped on an equal footing the stage is set for a final showdown. This leads to the climax of the play and the best scene where the gangsters let loose with their weapons and splurge-gun foam flies everywhere. The lights go down and the action freezes in mid-battle before the music gradually builds and the rivals bury their differences and reconcile singing the final song of the show You Give a Little Love. The wider cast of singers and dancers at Fat Sam’s Speakeasy, the hoodlums who made up Sam’s and Dan’s gangs, the down and outs, the boxers, the bumbling policemen played by Archie Waterworth and John Elliott and all of those others who appeared in vignettes throughout the play contributed hugely to the whole. Together they created the evocative atmosphere of Prohibition-era Chicago, added humour, music and excitement to the production and the frequent laughter and delighted applause of the audience were fitting reward for their efforts. In short, a triumph! CEH

red dress. And then there was Mr Donaldson who enhanced his own foray into women’s clothing with some over-inflated balloons... and then there were Messrs Chambers, Jones, Cowley, Weston, Herzog (again!) and Sir Anthony who accessorised with hats and handbags... Mr Webster compered the evening which featured comedy sketches, the inaugural performance of the newly-convened Packwood Staff Orchestra, songs and dance – including a faultless, high-energy Gangnam Style routine by Mrs Nogues and her Strictly Come Panto partners which prompted loud and long applause and was one of the highlights of the show. It was a brilliant evening, enjoyed by all who were there whether on stage or in the audience, a one-off spectacular. Although it is rumoured that a video exists – may we fervently pray that the contents never find their way to YouTube... CEH Page 25

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The Emperor’s New Clothes One of the perennial highlights of the summer term at Packwood is the Junior Play and this year was no exception with the children in Forms 4, 5 and 6 revealing some great musical and acting talent in their vibrant, colourful version of The Emperor’s New Clothes. The performance opened with Town Criers (Fred Stephens and William Stanford-Davis) announcing the play and giving some background to the story. These two reappeared from time to time to provide updates and explanations. Both spoke with confidence and clarity – and a knowing appreciation of the humour in their lines! The action begins with the appearance of con artists, Bogus and Fishweedle, who have just escaped from prison. Georgie Nicholas and Edward Bayliss were brilliant as this smart-talking, quick-thinking pair. They manage to trick guileless passers-by Gert the Washerwoman (Daisy David) and Walter the Woodcutter (Gus Ames) into freeing them from their chains and then soon learn of the vain

and egocentric Emperor who thinks of nothing but showing off in the latest fashionable clothes and devise a plan to deceive him. Jacob Jones, dressed in an outrageous orange costume, was magnificent as a spoilt, over-indulged Emperor with a doting wife (Alice Hughes) and mother – or Mumsie – (Emily McParland), and a sycophantic Prime Minister (a role in which Orlando Williams gave a masterclass in insincere flattery) who encourage his frivolous selfishness. It is a simple matter for Bogus and Fishweedle to trick the conceited Emperor into believing that his new oufit fashioned from ‘polyfabuloso’ cloth is the most resplendent suit of clothes (visible only to the intelligent) that he has ever worn. It takes the honest observation of a clever boy in the crowd (Wilbur Blackham) to point out that the Emperor’s new clothes are not invisible but don’t exist at all! The Emperor is horrified by his humiliation but ultimately,

Packwood quiz night An excellent response from parents and children made for another busy and enjoyable quiz night. No technical problems with the microphone this year, thank goodness, but the quizmaster did manage to make another rather inauspicious start by losing half of the answers to the first round of picture questions! He tried to pretend that they were on his computer somewhere but who believes that story? Once again the questions varied from the lowbrow to the extremely lowbrow and included the traditional Packwood round as well as ‘Fast Food logos’, ‘Dingbats’, ‘Around Britain’ and ‘Trivia’. After a half-time rub down with a hot chicken tikka masala and some weighty and considered words from the various coaching Page 26

teams, the gladiators returned to the arena with the ‘Bottom Gear’ team (Bureau/ Hughes) table setting the pace still. Their lofty position was to remain intact right up until the final round, when victory was secured by some margin over the pursuing pack comprising the Bedfords and the Griggs. However, never let it be said that Packwood only celebrates winners, because for the first time this year we saw the presentation of the Ligula Lignea – roughly translated as ‘The Wooden Spoon’ – a magnificent trophy hewn out of priceless Italian marble (for which many thanks to Sir A. Rigby) awarded for selfless devotion to the quiz cause and competing in the right spirit, yet rarely getting the correct answers! This year’s winners were the ‘Cookie Doughs’,

otherwise known as the Harker-Weston, Wasdell, Horler and Peterson families. Many thanks to all those who helped in many ways this year: Mr and Mrs Smith-Langridge, catering staff, teaching staff and of course to all those parents and children without whose support these events would not be possible. KJW

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we learn, becomes a reformed character who looks after his subjects well and spends his money more wisely. The story is partly told through song with the whole cast of characters – all the townspeople including ribbon, flower and fruit sellers, a tinker, butcher, candlestick maker, a band of urchins and Oliver Holcroft’s most disreputable looking pie man hawking his tray of questionable produce – all joining in with the lively musical numbers. The production was made complete, as ever, by the spectacular scenery (courtesy of Sir Anthony Rigby, Mrs Nogues and Mr Dougan) and the wonderful, colourful costumes produced by Mrs Jones and Mrs Rutherford. They along with Mrs Boutwood at the piano, Mr Bayliss in the lighting booth and a whole team of others helped to make this a triumphant directorial debut for Miss Middlemiss and her invaluable assistant, Mrs Hughes. Congratulations to all involved – most of all, of course, the outstanding cast who had learnt their lines so well and performed with such confidence and panache. CEH

Hindu workshop The Hindu workshop was amazing! The lady who set it up and who came to talk to us was called Krishna (which is the name of a Hindu goddess). She is actually a Hindu herself and was dressed in traditional clothes. We also had the opportunity to dress up as Hindus which was amazingly good fun. Some people were chosen to dress as gods and goddesses. Krishna showed us how to meditate which some of us found really relaxing. We painted our faces with coloured paints and drew flower designs around our cheeks which actually looked rather nice. We also wore bindis on our foreheads which symbolise marriage and our caste. We did a really fun traditional dance with sticks in our colourful Hindu costumes. After all of that we put on a play telling the story of Rama and Sita from the ancient text called the ‘Ramayanna’ which we had already studied with Mrs Lee. This was great fun and everyone got a part. The workshop was brilliant and we would all like to do it again! Tom Kiel, Jacob Jones & Joe Pattenden Page 27

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Packwood Arts Experience

Following on from the success of the Packwood Sporting Experience last summer, we held our first ever Arts Experience Day during the spring term. A group of 21 children had the opportunity to make the most of our wonderful Art, CDT, Music and Drama facilities as they took part in a variety of activities on the theme of Dinosaurs. With Mr Dougan they decorated T-shirts with fabric pens and fab-effects paint producing some super, creative designs ranging from a brachiosaur to a ‘doyouthinkhesaurus’. In the

CDT department they were expertly guided through the process of producing stickers by Mrs Nogues using a 2D design programme on the computer to come up with their dinosaur designs before cutting them out on stickybacked vinyl using the CAMM (computer aided modelling and manufacture) machine. All really enjoyed the opportunity to use some of the specialist equipment and were delighted with the results. Up in the Music Room one group of children working with Mrs Boutwood used a variety of

instruments to create sound effects as an accompaniment to the drama activity run by Miss Middlemiss in the theatre. The presentation was based around a story book about dinosaurs which the children acted out through mime, shedding their inhibitions and enjoying stomping around the stage! The day was a great success and at the end of the afternoon the children all gathered together in the theatre for a display of what they had achieved in such a short time. CEH

History Day Early in the spring term we were delighted to welcome back to Packwood Kevin Hicks who enthralled, entertained, disgusted, amazed and amused the children with his unique approach to history. In his first session with the 4s, Kevin appeared as a mediaeval archer regaling the children with stories of life – and death – in combat. We learned how the Prince of Wales acquired the three feathers motif and Ich Dien motto after observing the bravery of the Blind King of Bohemia at the Battle of Crécy. Kevin demonstrated the power and accuracy of the longbowmen who fought and won the day at Agincourt. And we heard the story of how Henry V might never have lived to win that victory had he succumbed to the injury he received at the Battle of Shrewsbury in 1403. After that Kevin brought out the big guns – literally. The 2s and 3s were guided through the advances in weaponry made during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Kevin again demonstrated his

Page 28

shooting skills, this time with a musket as he re-enacted the life of a soldier at the Battle of Blenheim. In the afternoon the 5s and 6s were met by a Roman centurion. They learned about all the essential kit the soldiers carried ranging from nail trimmers and ear cleaners, through cooking implements to weapons including the fearsome gladius and deadly pilum. We heard how gladiators fought for entertainment in the arena and for a gruesome finale, how the Romans perfected their torturous method of killing people by crucifixion. All good cheery stuff! Kevin’s anecdotes, live action demonstrations and knack for giving just the right amount of gory detail made for a hugely engaging and entertaining day. CEH

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Greek Day We came away from assembly expecting a boring lecture…but how wrong were we...? We were met by a fierce hoplite, Archon, attempting to skewer us with his spear. He spoke to us about Ancient Greece, or Hellas as he preferred, because the Ancients never referred to their country as Greece. The session included role-play of battles, forming the phalanx of Spartans being peppered by the Persians’ sun-blocking arrows. Archon made a grave mistake of letting us near swords and spears: the temptation was far too great for us…but fortunately Matron was not beckoned.

We got to try on various warrior helmets from different periods – tall, ornate helmets with long, elaborate horse hair crests, and smaller Smurf-esque head protectors. The Ancient Olympics shield race was re-enacted and won by Francis McLaughlin. (Thank Zeus he didn’t have to run naked!) Finally, we were bamboozled by descriptions of creatures from Greek myths, such as Scylla, Hydra, Charybdis and Cyclopes and their resemblance to actual animals such as the colossal squid and pachyderms. Overall, it was a great morning’s fighting, running, and learning! Ed Barry, Sophia Bureau, George Clowes, Anna Cowan, Louisa Jarvis, Nathan Mielczarek, Olivia Moir & Gregor Montgomery

Packwood Pigeons XI v The Fathers XI In the spirit of friendship – and frankly any excuse for a pint – Mr Cowley organised a Staff versus Parents cricket match at the end of the first half of the summer term. Great excitement unfolded during the course of that sunny afternoon as detailed in his match report… Batting first, the openers were surprised with captain Rhys Williams’ bowling. In the nets he hadn't looked anything much, but out on the square he was fearsome. Openers Mullock and Chambers coped well with the opening attack; Chambers looking cool and stylish in an old fashioned English sort of way. However Williams finally put in a lovely ball which evaded his bat. Umpire, Richard Herzog, adjudged him lbw. Swashbuckling Chris Dunn was in next. A few huge hits before Williams sent his centre stump spinning through the air. Paul Dougan was shown no mercy and we were now three wickets down. Chris Leese took no heed of the crisis. He decided to launch his first ball into the pond but instead, missed it completely. Unperturbed he continued in his attempted onslaught, and when he actually got his eye in the ball started to fly over the boundaries. Mullock opened his shoulders, and with the run rate at dizzy heights, they both had to retire at the obligatory 30.

but the slip toyed with the catch, before helplessly and hopelessly dropping it to the ground. (“That,” reflected Williams in the pub later “was our chance”.) Nine balls later, the awesome Aussie had retired on 30. I think most people were hoping that Clive would be a bit of a duffer with the bat but he put on a classic exhibition, careful at first, then stylishly finishing with a couple of sixes before retiring. He was clearly a ‘proper’ batsman. Paul Phillips came in to join Cowley. From the start Paul looked nothing but class. Such was his accuracy, he gave a gentle smile, and then just for fun, scored his first six by firing a missile into the seated crowd by the pavilion, scattering the idle watchers hither and thither. So by the end The Pigeons finished with a satisfactory 232 from their 30 overs. The Pigeons XI captain’s approach was not universally accepted as the key to our victory, But Cowley was happy with his strategy, strictly based on the Under 9 Bs bowling rotation policy. All bowlers were given a number, bowled an over, and then it was the next one’s turn...and the field vaguely looked after itself. It all went to plan: The Fathers kept up a good rate but were always gently behind.

Jerome Nogues always looks cool in life. He is a Frenchman after all. However at the square all respectability was gone. He stood like a duck at the crease, and captain Williams licked his lips. “Nous avons le canard dans le casserole!” he said amusingly, and brought the field in. But Jerome called on the spirit of Joan of Arc, cracked a couple of fours, and when dismissed walked out with the cocky air of Charles de Gaulle.

Towards the end, as wickets fell, and the run rate needed rose higher and higher, those fathers who had retired on 30 came back in, and there was an exuberant finish by these swashbuckling batsmen. Led by the amazing Mr Gardiner, they hit the ball to all parts of the ground, in their attempt to reach our target in diminishing time. Fortunately Chris Leese bowled a good one, and Martin Ford crisply ran the last one out. They finished on 192; a surprisingly good effort by the Fathers.

An expectant buzz then went round the crowd; it was the great Aussie, Donaldson. There was a hush. On the second ball he meekly edged one,

Later the golden evening rays of sunshine shone down on the Royal Hill pub, the glistening river, and contented cricketers. RHC

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Packwood Dog Show

Every two years Packwood becomes the venue for a very special dog show. Our event is as far removed from the parade of pampered pooches we see at Crufts as can be imagined. The overriding aim is to have as much fun as possible and to that end about fifty Packwood families turned up with an assortment of hounds to try their hands at the various classes on offer. Obstacles were negotiated, biscuits were swallowed in record time, balls were retrieved and long suffering dogs were dressed up in an assortment of regalia. For an event which is not designed for money making we did amazingly well, by the end of the day we had raised the thick end of £600 for Hope House Children’s Hospice.

As is always the case, events such as this cannot take place without the support of a lot of people; Jane and I would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank all those members of staff who selflessly gave up yet another Sunday afternoon to help out. A special mention to Helly Cooper and Sally Smith-Langridge who prepared and sold delicious cream teas; their performance amounted to an event in itself. NRJ

Packwood Sporting Experience Every summer we welcome a group of children from the local community to come and spend a day filled with sport and fun. This year sports on offer included fencing, judo, swimming, lacrosse, hockey, tennis, netball, golf, rugby, soccer and cricket. Every child was able to choose five different sports and spent the day being coached by the Packwood sports staff or visiting coaches. All the children learnt new skills and tried new sports. Parents had the opportunity to tour the grounds, play a round of golf and have afternoon tea. The children enjoyed a Packwood lunch and a well-deserved ice cream. The event culminated with a slideshow of photographs taken during the course of the day and the presentation of certificates to the children. Roll on next year… KLP

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EVENTS For the record, the winners were: Harry Wasdell and Skye: Dog with Waggiest Tail, Barge to a Base and The Obstacle Race (joint) William Holcroft and Tilda: Obstacle Race (joint) Oscar Holt and Bertie: Dog Most Like Its Owner Mr Evans and Jaffa: Most Obedient Dog Freja Bedell and Marmite, George Weston with Candle and Captain: Best Dressed Dogs Loris Pattinson and Whisky: Grand Mass Dog Race Mr Yeoward and Zimba: Fastest Retrieve Tom Kiel and Tilly: Greatest Glutton

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Girls’ leavers trip – Pembrokeshire

With one eye on a not too promising weather forecast we set off on our long journey to Pwll Deri in Pembrokeshire for our annual trip. We needn’t have worried as we were blessed with good weather throughout and what an excellent week we had. Surfing lessons started us off and despite the good weather there was quite a swell, a good thing because it enabled several of the girls to stand on their boards and ‘hang’ (as I think they say?). If you have never had the opportunity to visit the Pwll Deri Youth Hostel then please add it to your bucket list. The setting, the view and the sunsets are stunning. After a day of fresh air and activity, to be able to return in the evening and sit on the patio, relax and chat will give the girls lifelong memories.

Page 32

Our activities included horse riding, a theme park, go-karting and coasteering – which involved jumping off cliffs into the sea, which was the most popular day of all! There were barbecues, sunset walks, an afternoon on the beach (“I don’t need lotion as I just go brown straightaway!”) and a visit to the sweet shop! The girls, as you would expect, were fantastic and we again received many kind comments from the instructors about their impeccable behaviour. A big thank you to Mrs Jones and Miss Nimmo who also played a major role in making this trip a highlight of the year. Well done all! MAF

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Boys’leavers trip – North Wales

The boys embarked on their trip to the Kings Youth Hostel near Dolgellau with a buzz of anticipation and excitement about what the week would hold. After loading up the minibuses with a large number of airline bags, you’d have thought we were jetting off to somewhere exotic, and you’d be right. After the boys had familiarised themselves with their digs it was off to Llyn Trawsfynydd for some early teamwork skills and fun. The raft building is always entertaining for the boys and even more so for the on-looking staff and this year’s attempts lived up to the usual standard. With a good mixture of possibilities and ‘no chancers’, and some above board bets involving tuck with Mr Weston, the boys all ended up in the water at some stage. In the evenings the boys enjoyed the setting of the hostel and took part in activities that involved problem solving, egg throwing, chocolate eating and group work. After which

followed chocolate and a good night’s sleep ready for a busy next day. Daytime activities included mountain biking at Coed y Brenin, where the boys rode state of the art trek bikes down a range of downhill tracks with varying degrees of difficulty. The overall aim of ‘shredding’ (Sam Bayliss, 2013) the course was on everyone’s mind. Gorge walking was also a big favourite and involved the boys jumping into rock pools, tackling natural slides with the aid of ropes and zip wiring into a large rock pool to finish. This challenged everyone and some learnt a lot from pushing themselves out of their comfort zones. Paintballing and boys just adds up to fun and excitement, which was the end result, even if a few of the group were left licking their wounds afterwards. With the high ropes and climbing activities you really did need a head for heights and again there were some very

brave efforts – as well as Keita Umetani, the human spider. On the second to last day the hike to the summit of Cadair Idris was a hard but very enjoyable achievement, even if the weather did turn against us on the last push to the top. We took advantage of the sun staying out into the late afternoon/early evening and went down to Barmouth to enjoy two lovely sunsets and make the most of this wide Welsh beach. Some brave members of the group took a dip while others co-ordinated games of cricket and rugby. A lovely way to spend the evening. After a comical last evening with some fine sketch performances it was soon time to pack up the minibuses and head home with some very tired but happy leavers. Well done boys – a super week! JM

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National League Hockey “It wasn’t like that in the old days!” would be the comment from the older hockey players amongst us and how right we would be. On a bitterly cold Sunday afternoon 16 brave children got wrapped up and travelled to Cannock to see a National League hockey match between Cannock and Surbiton. There were several Olympians on show and the standard of play was phenomenal. Since the ‘old days’

the advent of AstroTurf, the abolition of any off-sides and the forever changing rules, especially the self-pass, have made the game unbelievably fast. This coupled with the extreme fitness (and youth!) of the players makes it a riveting, non-stop and exciting game to watch. Lots of incidents, incredible skills and plenty of goals managed to keep the spectators warm (ish!) MAF

Birmingham Symphony Hall On Sunday 19th May Packwood pupils visited the Birmingham Symphony Hall. It is meant to be one of the best in the world and can fit more than 2000 people inside! We all travelled down in the minibus and it took us about an hour to get there. We walked to the Symphony Hall and went in. The entrance hall was massive! Mrs Boutwood got the tickets and while she was getting them Mr Jones gave out some tuck. We went into the hall itself and it was even bigger inside!

We all found our seats and the conductor came on and the concert started. The first piece of music was very dramatic and exciting; it was the theme from the film Jaws. There were about seven pieces in the first half, then there was an interval and we ate our sweets. Then we went back in and we listened to other pieces. I thought the concert was amazing! I would love to play in such an orchestra one day. Thank you to Mrs Boutwood and Mr Jones for taking us on a fantastic trip. Rowena Jones

Jack and the Beanstalk It was very cold outside and I was relieved to get inside Theatre Severn for the performance of the pantomime. We were met by some friendly staff and taken to our seats. On the stage there was a huge banner saying Jack and the Beanstalk. I was very excited and just then the curtain lifted and there was a scene of people starting to dance. Jack tried to make as many jokes as possible throughout the show

and it was very funny! There was a huge giant and we got to throw peas at it – I got a head shot! Lots of people accidentally hit Jack. At the end, we even got to dance Gangnam style which was good fun. It was a great evening – thanks to Mr Rigby and Mr Herzog for taking us. Edward Bayliss

Trip to RAF Cosford On a cold Sunday at the end of November a group of boy boarders accompanied by Mr Mullock finally arrived at RAF Cosford after finding the right turning off the M54. We were visiting the Royal Air Force Museum and the first exhibit we saw was a large plane on display outside. Everyone immediately asked the same question: “What’s that plane called?” The answer came from our very own aeronautical expert, Morton Moss. “It’s a Nimrod!” Once inside the museum we visited three hangars. Two were crammed full of a variety of different aircraft ranging from planes of the Second World War and the first commercial passenger airliner to modern jet planes that only went out of service in 2006, as well as the ‘Fun and Flight’ exhibition from which we learnt about the science of aeroplanes. We also visited the Cold War hangar which taught us a lot about the Cold War, its causes, its consequences and the rivalry between the USA and the Soviet Union in space. Thank you to Mr Mullock for a very enjoyable and informative trip! Tom Hughes

Hill walking – Llangollen round “The best way to explore the rich history of Llangollen and the surrounding Dee valley is on foot. The easy-to-follow, way marked trail takes you on a fascinating historical circuit. Stroll along the leafy Llangollen Canal. Enjoy the tranquillity of Valle Crucis Abbey, and look down from lofty Castle Dinas Bran. Stunning views, beautiful countryside and a wealth of wildlife make this a memorable walk.” This year, our walk took us to Lllangollen and the beautiful walk described above. The weather was good, and we had a lovely day. Only having a small group meant that the boys could practise their map reading skills and lead us most of the way. Anything unfamiliar could be explained, and this led to the pace of walk being sedate and very amicable. When we got to Dinas Bran we had a go at finding a Geocache hidden nearby. Lots of ferreting about in the undergrowth sadly led to nothing. I am sure the cache had been moved, as we really did look everywhere. Better luck next time. Once up in the ruins of the castle, we had a good look around and imagined ourselves living in such a wonderful place. A slow meander led us back down to the valley and a stroll along the canal back to the bus. A lovely day. SAR Page 34

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Great Escape Two excursions took place to the Great Escape this year. I accompanied one of them and Mr Leese ‘volunteered’ to take the other. It was heartening to note that a number of the children were attending the camp for the second or even third time; a sure indicator of the success and value of this experience. A number of new challenges had been set up; for my money, the best of these was ‘Firefly’ – a team game played in the woods after the sun

has gone down which involves the children hunting by torchlight for lollipop sticks with reflective strips stuck on them. The children were as ever a credit to themselves, their school and their families. Packwood pupils, and their no-nonsense, get-on-with-it attitude have garnered an excellent reputation with the Great Escape Company. The only person to disgrace himself was Mr Leese who broke the all-time camp record on the ‘spider walk’…show off! NRJ

1Class theatre trip The children in 1Class went to Stratford-upon-Avon for their annual post-scholarship trip. During the day we went to a theatre workshop run by the RSC in which we acted out scenes from Shakespeare’s As You Like It which we saw later that evening. We also had a fascinating backstage tour around the recently improved Royal Shakespeare Theatre. In the sunny afternoon we visited Shakespeare’s birthplace and saw an original first folio, and also enjoyed actors interpreting their ‘Midsummer’s Night’s Medley’. Sam Bayliss reprised the family role of ‘Wall’ in Act 5 – the whole play lasting only a few minutes! Having arrived at Pizza Hut in time for Happy Hour, we warmed up for the evening performance with some drama games in the theatre gardens. The evening performance of As You Like It was a modern one with some high quality folk music. Orlando and Rosalind – surely one of the most demanding roles in Shakespeare – were particularly impressive. The carnival atmosphere of the ending lasted us the journey home to what was a highly fun and educational day. 1Class

Mulberry Alpacas Montgomery On the first Sunday of the summer term a small group visited the 17 alpacas in Knockin Heath. It was the first time Alex Barry had seen a real alpaca and he was amazed; he thought they looked like a mix between a zebra, a sheep and a giraffe! We met two alpacas on halters who let us stroke them and we could see how dense their fleece was. We then went to feed the rest of the herd. James Miles was the bravest and started feeding them by hand; he loved the hand massage the alpacas gave him – they have only bottom teeth and lovely soft lips!

The 2s began their trip up in the hills overlooking the Shropshire Marches and the border between England and Wales – a much-disputed area over the centuries and in September 1644 the site of the Civil War Battle of Montgomery.

Chloe had set up an obstacle course and she demonstrated it with her favourite alpaca, Ellie. It involved walking over sticks, climbing over flower pots and finally jumping over low jumps. Everyone had a go and all won a rosette!

In the afternoon we made our way down to the town and explored the remains of the castle. We stood on the battlements and imagined ourselves under siege by the Royalist forces before Parliamentarian reinforcements arrived from the north and emphatically defeated the king’s supporters on the fields in the valley below. With descendants of the Trevor family and the Myddelton family among the group, we were able to pose a mini-re-enactment featuring two of the main protagonists at the battle.

We looked at the alpaca fleece and Harry explained how alpacas get sheared and how their fleece is spun into wool. We saw lots of items made of alpaca wool, even including pillows and duvets. Then we made lots of woollen pom poms of various sizes.

We then all had the chance to explore the wonderful Old Bell Museum, which is full of treasures and curiosities from Montgomery’s past, including many civil war artefacts and a perfect scale model of the castle. CEH

Alex also loved the chickens and was happy to learn that the alpacas keep the foxes away by herding together and making a frightening screech. We can all sleep soundly knowing the alpacas are there! RE

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RS trip to Derby We all had a great time in Derby. We went to a mosque and we thought Islam was a very strict religion. We had to take our shoes off at the entrance then we went into the prayer hall and sat on the floor. It had a giant carpet and lots of pillars. The Muslim lady spoke to us about what it was like to live as a Muslim and all about what she and her family did every day. Then she told us about the hajj, their journey to Mecca, and about how they fast from sunrise to sunset at Ramadan. It was very interesting but we all thought it would be a difficult religion to follow. Afterwards we went to the Hindu temple and the same lady told us all about Hinduism. The temple was bursting with colour and

there were many lovely Hindu deities which we had learned about in our RS lessons. We saw Ganesh, the elephant god, Rama and Sita, Shiva, Brahma, the god with four heads, Vishnu the preserver, Lakshmi, god of wealth and good fortune and Saraswati the god of learning. We saw some Hindus coming in and offering fruit and foods to the gods and praying. We then went back to the Open Centre where we enjoyed dressing up for the Hindu wedding ceremony. Alice and Edward made a lovely bride and groom. We all loved the trip and really want to go again. Tom Kiel

Manchester Jewish Museum We had been studying Judaism for one and a half terms but nothing could have prepared me for what a synagogue would actually be like. When we rounded the bend and were standing in front of the building I caught my breath. Even from the outside the synagogue was beautiful. It was built in red brick with ornate patterns above the door and a decorative band around the building. As we entered, we all touched a mezuzah – it had a piece of scroll written in Hebrew rolled up inside the metal tube. We met a friendly Educational Officer called Mr Michaelson and we sat down while he explained about the synagogue. The inside was even more astounding. As we entered we passed the Bimah. It is a raised platform

where the Rabbi reads from the Torah scroll. Unusually there was an enormous stained glass window showing a menorah in it. With the light shining through, it looked like it was glowing. The most interesting place was the Ladies’ Gallery. As the name suggests it is a gallery high above the main part if the synagogue. There was a fantastic view from up there. Mr Michaelson gave us some challah bread to taste. It was actually quite nice. Jews eat challah bread on the Sabbath to show the day is special. The synagogue was very interesting and taught me lots of things. I hope you get the chance to go too. Anna Cowan

Bell-ringing in Liverpool We began our visit by climbing 109 rather dusty, dark steps to the top of the St Barnabas church tower from where we could see for miles – North Wales, both cathedrals in Liverpool, the Penny Lane… After admiring the view, we went back down into the room in which the bells themselves were housed. There is a full octave and there was much debate about how much they weighed and how they had been lifted up into the tower. Mrs Boutwood’s father had a wealth of information about the bells – having been in charge of the recent project to install them – and knew the answer to every question. Then, of course, we had to ring the bells. We had already heard the volume of a chiming bell close up; now we descended another level to the ringing chamber where we must surely have provided half an hour’s extreme either irritation or consternation to the people of Liverpool. No one was pulled up to the Page 36

ceiling, to some of the boys’ disappointment, but it was much more difficult than it looked. We also tried ringing some changes on a set of handbells; I think we had rather a way to go before we sounded anywhere near professional, but it was certainly good fun. SB

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Latin trip to Wroxeter 18 Common Entrance Latinists visited Wroxeter Roman City, south of Shrewsbury, to explore the ruins, the reconstructed Roman villa, and the museum in their quest to gather information towards writing an assignment. Wroxeter was the fourth largest city in Roman Britain and of significant importance at the time. It is best known for the largest free-standing Roman architecture in this country – the Old Work. The majority of the remains are of the bath complex. Blessed with terrific weather, the children got the very best from their morning on the site and produced some excellent written work drawing on what they had seen during their visit. JO

Chirk Castle The first thing we did when we got to Chirk was dress up as servants. The boys wore a waistcoat, a servant hat and a neckerchief. The girls wore a shawl, a bonnet and a skirt with an apron. After we dressed up we went to the Adam Tower. We looked at the garderobe (which is the loo) and we also went down a spiral staircase to the dungeon. After that we did a cannon drill. We had to pretend to clean the cannon, to load it and then fire it. We didn’t really fire it, we just shouted “Bang!” very loudly. Then we went to the Servants Hall and we made knot biscuits and tried out the servants’ type of bed called a palliasse. After lunch we looked at old-fashioned medicines including leeches and we made posies. Last of all we tried on Tudor costumes which were really funny – especially the boy costume which looked like a girl’s dress. We all had a great time. George Hughes

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Manchester United match On 5th December, 10 Packwood football fanatics accompanied by Mr Donaldson and Miss Evans set out to the ‘Theatre of Dreams’, better known as Old Trafford, to see Manchester United against Romanian team CFR Cluj, in the Champions League. We got our tickets and walked up the stairs before stepping out into the stands. I was

blown away by the sheer size of the stadium; There were several instances of supposed timeit seemed smaller from the outside. I now know wasting and feigning injury (which some fans just how big a 76,000 capacity stadium is. made vocally clear that they felt very strongly about), but Cluj deserved the win. As for the match itself, Manchester United had a frustrating time. Unable to pick a way through Manchester United is certainly not my favourite the Cluj defence, they had to play around them. team, but nevertheless I thoroughly enjoyed it. The final score was 1-0 to Cluj thanks to a Thank you to Mr Donaldson and Miss Evans fantastic, swerving strike from Luis Alberto. for a great trip. Tom Shaw

Shropshire Truck Show Mr Mullock and Miss Nimmo took a group of boarders along to the Shropshire Truck Show at Shrewsbury’s West Mid Showground in May. There was a huge arena with lots of events going on through the course of the day. We saw a man on a quad bike doing massive jumps off a ramp and onto a truck and bikes doing all kinds of tricks. One of

the best things was when they rolled a truck over and back onto its wheels again. We went round all the stalls seeing things we’d never seen before and wherever we went there was something amazing to see and do. It was great fun and I would love to go again! Ed Barry

Trip to Bosworth Field On a beautiful sunny day in June the 3s travelled to Bosworth in Leicestershire. Recent archaeological discoveries have shown that the actual battlefield is a mile or two away from the location of the excellent visitor centre but in no way did this detract from our experience. We were lucky enough to be shown around by our superb guide, Liz. She was engaging and knowledgeable and brought to life the story of that auspicious day in 1485 on which Richard III, the last English king to die in battle, was killed. The children took it in turns to carry the standards of the warring sides and to wear Richard’s crown – which by the end of our inspirational tour had become the crown of the first Tudor monarch, Henry VII. Liz pointed out significant areas of interest in the landscape – the church where Richard prayed before taking to the battlefield, the positions in which each of the armies were camped, the marshy area where Richard finally perished. We learnt about the deadly weapons of war – cannon, longbows and halberds – and re-enacted the main events of the battle. The children were able to share their knowledge too and answered every question accurately and enthusiastically. After our tour we enjoyed exploring the visitor centre. We just missed the chance to see the model of Richard III’s head produced following the recent discovery of his remains in a Leicester car park which was due to go on display at the museum later in June, but there was plenty more to see and do. The exhibits gave the background to the battle as well as detailing the events of the day in a video presentation and explaining the consequences of what happened. There was armour to try on including some incredibly heavy chainmail – it was hard to

believe knights rode and fought in this, and with a suit of armour over the top! We tested ourselves on the mechanical longbow to see how far we would have been able to fire arrows – few managed to draw back the string far enough to reach the maximum 240m distance. One of the most sobering things we saw was a display showing the gruesome tools of the barber-surgeon who would have tended the wounded. It seemed to us that surviving the treatment, let alone the original injury, would have been quite unlikely. The children clearly enjoyed their trip and at the end of our time at Bosworth all agreed it had been a hugely interesting, fun and educational visit. CEH

Super League Rugby Our trip to watch a Super League rugby game between Warrington Wolves and Bradford Bulls was a great success. We had a fantastic day out and were made to feel very welcome. The hospitality of the club was outstanding – we were given complimentary scarves on arrival, had excellent seats and even received a special mention on the PA system at half-time. It was good for the boys to see a different 'code' of rugby than they are used to and it was certainly an entertaining game with the Wolves winning 32-4. MAF

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Manchester Velodrome The National Cycling Centre in Manchester was Britain's first indoor Olympic cycling track, and since it opened in 1994, has become one of the world's finest cycling venues. 26 budding Chris Hoys and Victoria Pendletons were lucky enough to go and ride this famous track. After an initial briefing from our coach (who also coached a young Victoria Pendleton and Jason Kenny!), the group split into two and started sorting out their bikes. These are fixed wheel bikes, so no brakes! Each group went onto the track for about 20

minutes. They started with a few slow laps to get used to riding the unfamiliar bikes and then, when the coach thought they were ready, the children were allowed to go slightly higher on the track, starting with the inside blue section and then onto the wooden boards. For anyone who hasn’t seen how steep the bends are it is truly amazing. Everyone had a great time, some going faster and some slower depending on how confident they were, but all thought it was a really fantastic experience and came away with big smiles. SAR

History trip to Manchester and Chester Our trip started at Manchester Museum where we went to the Ancient World galleries. We had some challenges with clues to figure out. We saw Asru, a real Egyptian mummy, and we had to find some of her belongings including a kohl pot, which is what the Egyptians used to store their eye make-up, and her mirror. We went to a room where we could touch some of the artefacts and hold them. There was a block of clay with hieroglyphics on it and there was also an eye of Horus which we couldn’t hold but only touch with the back of our finger. After that we made a pyramid out of foam blocks. I made the bottom of it. After lunch we went to Dewa in Chester and we had a guide to show us round. First he made all the teachers our slaves! Then we

went to a galley and rowed in time to the drum beat of Grappus (the person who controls the rowing.) When we went through a door we saw a lot of stalls selling different things. There was a food stall, a bakery, a doctor and a blacksmith. In the food stall we learnt that the Romans used to eat roasted dormice and at the doctor’s we learnt how to treat a broken arm. After that we saw the Roman baths and Isabel had to pretend to clean Angus using a strigil. We went to an archaeological excavation and saw Post-mediaeval, Mediaeval, Saxon and Roman archaeology. Last of all we went to the hands-on room which was really fun. There were lots of things to do including firing a mini catapult at targets, trying on Roman armour, games to play and a makeyour-own underfloor heating model. Poppy Stephens

Midland Game Fair September is the month when a young man’s thoughts turn to the coming hunting and shooting season and the Midland Game Fair is the ideal venue for gundogs to meet old friends from the field and for their owners to do a bit of shopping for any little knick-knacks which one feels are essential for survival of the coming winter. Once again this proved to be a popular trip and, as well as the shopping, we enjoyed a huge range of displays and

demonstrations of everything that goes on in the countryside. Falconry, ferret racing, clay pigeon shooting and gundog displays proved to be the most popular activities. So another successful and enjoyable trip to the game fair which will hopefully inspire another generation of field sports enthusiasts. FRH

Art trip to Liverpool Tate After school exams were over Form 3 went on an Art trip to see the Chagall exhibition at Liverpool Tate. As we walked into the gallery we saw straight ahead of us a poster of one of Chagall’s most famous paintings, I and the Village. We spent the morning looking round other parts of the gallery and we were given sketch books to have a go at drawing some of the exhibits. The rooms were full of interesting sculptures and pictures. One sculpture was of

dogs made out of metal – they had magnets in them and they walked through lots of bottle lids. After lunch we saw the main Chagall exhibition which was on display in the galleries on the fourth floor. It was amazing to see so many fantastic works of art including some huge pictures which had been in a theatre in Russia and had been hidden during World War II. Five big pictures represented the Arts – there was writing, music, dancing and

poetry and the fifth showed a feast – this was a really interesting picture, half upside down and the other half the right way up. The teachers helped explain the art to us and as we were sketching Mr Dougan asked us to put our emotions and feelings down on the page. Before we left the Tate we visited the shop and were allowed to buy some postcards and sweets for the journey back to school. Sophia Bureau & Olivia Moir Page 39

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Humanities trip to Bavaria

Pupils in the 1s spent the week before the October half term enjoying a Humanities trip to Bavaria. As well as consuming vast quantities of cakes, pretzels and frankfurters they had the chance to visit many places of historical, geographical and cultural interest, as Mr Nogues’ blog reveals… On our first full day we went to the Allianz Stadium (home of the famous Bayern Munich). Everybody was very impressed with the outstanding architecture. Our guides looked after us very well and we visited not only the outdoor stands but also had the privilege to see the players’ locker room, the press area, and the tunnel where the teams make their way on the pitch, a bit like gladiators. We finished our tour by spending some money in the Megastore buying all sorts of souvenirs – hats were at the top of the list today, probably due to the cold weather. Then it was back on the bus to travel to Höchstädt to see the Battle of Blenheim battlefield and to visit the chateau. Agathe, our guide, was very impressed with our knowledge and gave us some great information which will be very useful for future History essays. Once back at the castle, we went inside and had a look at the brilliant museum. Our day started very early on Wednesday because of the long journey to Vienna. We stopped at a petrol station to have our breakfast of extra-large frankfurters and Page 40

a bread roll – a proper Germanic meal! The views were beautiful and we even had the luck to pass the lake which was used in the wedding scene in The Sound of Music. Once in Vienna, we made our way to the impressive Schönbrunn Palace where we enjoyed visiting the rococo rooms and admiring the opulent décor. We also had the chance to wander in the beautiful gardens and spent quite a bit of time in the Schönbrunner Irrgarten (maze) before setting off on a bus tour of the city. The monuments and buildings were very impressive and our very amusing bus driver entertained us all. We went to the

Spanische Hofreitschule (the Spanish Riding School) and saw the grand indoor arena and the stables where 72 horses are kept. We have a great number of riders in the group and they asked lots of excellent questions throughout the very informative tour. Afterwards, it was time to say goodbye to Vienna and head back to Munich. Thursday began with a bus tour of Munich before setting off for Berchtesgaden, the German ‘postcard area', according to our guide. En route, we passed Chiemsee Lake and the children took some time to work on their Geography projects by observing the

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landscape and settlements. We then went to have a look at the Berghof area, where Hitler had one of his houses, before setting off to the bunkers. It gave us a good idea of the scale of the work the Nazis had done to protect themselves. We were not far from the Eagle's Nest, another house high up in the mountains given to Hitler for his 50th birthday. He apparently only used it four times as he suffered from vertigo! We enjoyed some fresh air afterwards and went for a lovely walk in the wooded area. The autumnal colours were stunning and we were rewarded with a beautiful view at the top as the sun was just coming out. We walked back to our coach and then headed off to the salt mine at Bad Reichenhall. The visit was fantastic! Everybody had to put on a boiler suit and

then boarded a little train which took us on a good five minute journey inside the mine. We arrived in a very large room were the salt collecting process was shown to us through a laser show. To our surprise, we then had to go on a very long wooden slide to move to the next section. The experience was exhilarating and enjoyed by all, including the teachers! The rest of the exhibition was great and extremely well done. We used a slide a second time, crossed a salt lake whilst watching a stunning light show and took a funicular and the train back before making it back to the top. There was time for a quick visit to the gift shop before returning to our hotel for our last night before the journey home. What a trip – we have had the most wonderful time here! JN

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C L U B S & AC T I V I T I E S


Boys’ hockey

Basketball club included boys of varying abilities from Forms 5 and 6. We began with a focus on general ball skills, highlighting the best way to keep control of the ball whilst evading and changing direction. After the boys had developed skills to keep hold of the ball we then worked on the ways to deliver a pass to our teammates. With the skills to attack, we began looking at how to defend when we were not in possession of the ball. Adding both ingredients together, we were able to put our skills into practice against each other, playing many different forms of basketball. With small-sided and possession games the skills progressed and there were many competitive encounters. Whilst involved in the games, the boys picked up on the rules and began to understand how the game of basketball is played. The rule of no contact was a difficult one to get to grips with! Jack Yeoward and William Tate were some of the MVPs to look out for in the future. JM

Every Monday I was joined by a band of merry men on the AstroTurf and we alternated between skills weeks and game weeks. The beauty of such a surface is that skills can be picked up relatively easily and the learning curve is a quick one. By the end of the season we were showing some excellent stick work and a good knowledge of the rules. It is proposed that we introduce hockey in a more formal manner for the boys in their games sessions. We should because there is a wealth of talent at Packwood – a lot of which was on show every Monday! MAF



Canoe club

This has been another wonderful year for all the ballerinas and ballet dancers from both the Acorns and the Main School.

Handball is said to be the second most popular team sport in Europe and although the majority of the boys had never played the game before this year, they took to it with ease. George Stanford-Davis, Jack Yeoward, Joe Pattenden and Jago Ainslie, in particular, soon established slick moves and consistently created great scoring opportunities. All the boys took turns in goal and there were numerous great saves from the likes of William Gardiner and Henry Dickson. The boys really appeared to enjoy learning to play a new sport and it was great to see their understanding of the game improve significantly as the year progressed. CL

This year there was much more work on learning how to eskimo roll – with some success! Loris Pattinson managed to roll up, much to his amazement, on quite a few occasions. I am sure next year at Gordonstoun he will be given more of a chance to master this. Zak Nicholas and Ken Peerapairoj were also close to getting the right side up, and not many more sessions will also see them having success. The other notable occurrence during canoe club this year was a boat cracking because of frost damage. Good old duct tape came to the rescue. SAR

The large group of dancers from the Acorns, consisting of Lucy, Lulu, Catherine, Claudia, Bella and Freddie, have continued to follow the Primary grade of the RAD syllabus, developing excellent technique whilst displaying fantastic imagination, mime and musical interpretation in their own choreographed ballets. Sadly, we say goodbye to Freddie this year. As our only boy, he has manfully shouldered the duties of ‘prince’ and all other associated responsibilities, (luckily for him, we are not yet at the ‘lifts’ stage!) We wish him well and hope that other boys may be as brave and come and try the fitness and strength-giving aspects of our classes. Our ballerinas in the Main School, Rowena, Alice and Georgina, have made excellent progress with the Grade 1 syllabus and are all developing impressive technique which they are learning to combine with style and interpretation to produce delightful pieces. Annie Moody

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Aussie Rules football It was another fantastic Thursday evening season of Aussie Rules this year. We had a great bunch of boys who were able to develop their skills and understanding of Australia’s favourite game. The most memorable session came on a cold, wet and blustery evening – perfect conditions to get stuck into some ‘proper’ Aussie Rules. I would have forgiven the boys if they’d felt like the night off but I was delighted to be greeted with enthusiastic attitudes to go out and enjoy the weather. The likes of Ivor Fetherstonhaugh and Ollie Hall were superb and quickly picked up on the way the game is played. Dragon Dararattanarojna was also excellent, using his bulk to great effect as a defender. I have loved every minute of teaching this great game to such keen learners and hope they continue to ‘have a kick’ during break times throughout the rest of their time at school. Well done boys; it was fun! PFD

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C L U B S & AC T I V I T I E S

Ballroom dancing The autumn term offers any dancing enthusiasts in Forms 1 and 2 the chance to learn a variety of ballroom and Latin dances in preparation for the Christmas Ball. Each year a new combination of personalities create their own interpretations of the traditional and modern dances they are taught and delight in performing them to their peers. As in previous years, we practised a mixture of dances – the Waltz, Quickstep and Tango in the ballroom section and the Jive and Cha Cha Cha in the more up-tempo Latin style. For added variety and hilarity, some line dancing to the likes of Cotton Eye Joe and 5,6,7,8, by Steps, were also performed! The Packwood Ball is a very enjoyable event. The girls dress in beautiful gowns and the boys in the most extravagant waistcoats and bow ties they can find, before proudly posing for their photographs to commemorate the occasion! The children dance with their chosen partners and also individually, keen to impress the judges in the hope of winning a medal. They also enjoy the treat of a finger buffet and edible prizes for the best dressed. LW

Archery We had some newcomers to our Wednesday evening sessions as well as some old hands who had done archery last year. We started with the basics and pupils were taught the ‘Point of Aim’ technique, drawing to the eye and using the arrow to aim. The emphasis was on having fun and enjoying ourselves rather than on strict archery technique, although the safety rules were rigorously observed. Additional incentive was supplied by offering a sweet if you hit a Gold and, in some sessions, a secret colour of the instructor’s choice – if you hit the colour you got a sweet but you were not told what the colour was until after you had shot. The sweets were a bad move on our part as the pupils were too good – some weeks we ran out of sweets altogether. This year we introduced another form of archery – clout shooting. We did not have a clout flag handy so a plastic bottle of cola was placed at

100 yards for the younger pupils and moved back to 140 yards for the older ones. The idea of clout shooting is to land your arrow as close as possible to the flag. This is the way the mediaeval longbow archers trained for warfare, although they shot at distances between 240 and 300 yards. Thankfully nobody hit the cola bottle and I was able to drink it afterwards. In our championship competition, medals were awarded to the best archers in each group and a trophy awarded to the archer with the highest overall score. This year our overall champion was Will Tate. During our final session we had fun shooting at animal targets. There were three targets, small (hyena), medium (T-Rex) and large (Triceratops), with both the medium and large targets placed at distances greater than the pupils had shot before. It might be a fun shoot but we like to make it challenging. Dick Hilton

Group 1 Will Tate Anna Cowan Sybilla Hamilton Octavia Hamilton

262 202 188 187

Group 2 Scott Karnsuwan Keita Nakamura Suguru Gotoh Toby Turpin

229 213 170 Did not shoot

Group 3 Adam Pattenden Dragon Dararattanarojna Pun Vatayanonta Scott Nicholson

235 217 183 Did not shoot

Group 4 Owen Caroll Antonio Hernandez John Elliott William Brooke

216 201 184 183

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C L U B S & AC T I V I T I E S



The club met every Monday afternoon. The members were bright and quick. All had played before and were keen to improve their skills. They were mostly fascinated with the key part of the game, getting your opponent in check! Particularly impressive were the fast-improving William Goodall and George Stanford-Davis. RHC

This year the weather was kinder upon us croquet players. Indeed by the day of the tournament final only the most hardy ventured out to the Magnolia Lawn to witness a typically nail-biting final in the sultry heat. Tempers almost frayed when Scott Walker, one of the eventual winners, accidentally hit the post and was told by his opponents to return to the start. This I consider a rather silly ‘house’ rule and Scott, in partnership with Javier Garcia (surely our first Spanish winner?) went on to win the trophy. Ollie Hall and Sophia Price were worthy opponents who missed crucial shots towards the end. As ever the competition had attracted a good number of entries of all ages and skill levels. The croquet junior activity remains popular. I am always impressed by how quickly younger pupils pick up the rules, when taught the correct ones, merely by playing together and seeing what a tactically rewarding game croquet is. RAC


Quiz club

This was a particularly rewarding year for debating, crowned by winning the Malvern Prep Schools’ competition at the first attempt. We also enjoyed three school debates during the year, the most successful being a narrow defeat for the motion ‘This house believes that computer games are harmful’. It is always hard to find a motion which chimes equally well with junior and senior children; this was a subject on which all had an opinion backed by experience. We also debated whether we ‘should only kill animals that we intend to eat’ and finished off with a European balloon debate, won by Luke Williams making the most of his Norwegian descent.

This year we have had a select junior group coming along during activity time on a Tuesday afternoon to take part in a variety of quizzes. We always begin by catching up with national and international news by watching Newsround, and then we start on the quizzes.

For the Malvern competition, we took a talented team of four mixed couples from the 2s: Alfie Deahl and Imogen Downey (the eventual winners), Amelia Maunder and Maxwell Horler, Talullah Blackham and Freddy Williams and Natasha Carter-Motley with Piers Merison. The speakers had written prepared speeches on motions including ‘This house would go vegetarian’ and ‘This house would rather music were compulsory and sport optional’. Although it was our first year entering this competition, all our speakers impressed with their confidence in delivering speeches as well as combating questions from others. We were delighted when Alfie and Imogen were chosen for the final following their strong showing in the morning. Here they successfully opposed the motion ‘This house would allow teachers to smack pupils’ (!), having had only 15 minutes to prepare on their own. Well done to Alfie and Imogen in beating The Elms in the final and taking the cup from The Downs, who had won it the previous two years. Several talented top year debaters, including David Schofield and Sam Bayliss, left us for Shrewsbury, where I hope they continue to develop their confidence both in public speaking and in marshalling other speakers so well in their team. RAC

Page 44

This year we have looked at quizzes on dinosaurs, geography, pandas, flags, outer space and sweets, to name but a few! Hugo Davies and Freddie Oakley have had a lot of successes. However, they have been closely challenged by Euan Montgomery, Freddie Cox, James Pickering and Jack Yeoward. We play an interesting quiz style in our club – once you have won a point you have to beware because if you decide to play the next question you can lose it. Euan impressed us all with his technique and Hugo made us laugh by always deciding to play every question. It has been a fun way to spend the time and it has also been very informative. Did you know that all polar bears are left handed? The quiz clubbers do! RE

Badminton It has been another good year with some impressive players. In Form 5 Jago Ainslie, Jack Yeoward, Will Tate, James Pickering and Freddie Cox have demonstrated their sporting talent and sometimes their flying skills – Jago is quite keen at launching himself in a desperate attempt to hit the shuttlecock. In the Round the World games these five are frequently still there in the closing stages of the competition. William Waterhouse has been with us for several terms. He has persevered and his coordination has improved and his rallies have become longer. Edward Forde-Johnston joined us this term; he has improved quickly and is now enjoying playing games with his peer group. EAC

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C L U B S & AC T I V I T I E S

Gardening Another super summer term for the gardeners, who have been busy as ever, tilling, hoeing, seeding, weeding and watering for two months by the time July rolls around and the judging begins. Inspired by mums, dads and grandparents, this year some children had even been planting seeds at home to get a head start on the season, which indicates the children’s high level of enthusiasm for gardening. As usual there was great demand for garden plots, with about 50 children signing up for gardens this term, and who would have thought so much could be achieved in such a short time? The beginning of term was so cold but the keen gardeners persevered, and by the end of the term, the gardens were, as always, full of colourful blooms with many creative designs in evidence.

The designs have been very imaginative. Others have successfully combined flowers, soft fruit, herbs and vegetables to great effect. My thanks, as always, goes to the marvellous grounds staff who have kindly managed to install the trusty water tank to keep the ‘drought’ at bay. GML

The winning gardens for 2013: First prize: Third Middle Garden Anna Cowan, Poppy Stevens, Theodora Jarvis, Daisy Harker-Weston, Sybilla and Octavia Hamilton Second prize: Garden 3 Emily McParland, Daisy David, Alice Hughes, Freja Bedell, Tommy Jarvis, Georgie Nicholas Third Prize: Garden 11 AJ MacKinlay, Fred Dollar, Wilbur Blackham, Bobby Boyes, Henry Jones-Perrott, Freddie Greenwell, George Hughes, George Stanford-Davis Fourth Prize: Garden 10 Euan Montgomery, William Waterhouse, Freddie Cox, James Pickering, James Miles Fifth Prize: Garden 9 Fred Stephens, Orlando Williams, Jacob Jones

There has been much building of slate paths and ponds to attract wildlife, frog spawn etc.



The textiles junior activity has been very popular and very much enjoyed by the children. Every term they have had a different theme or project to work on. The main materials used were fabrics, buttons, sequins, ribbons, and fabric pens and paints to make and decorate bags, pencil cases, cushions, mini bunting and wall hangings amongst other things! We even made some tie dye Tshirts which was a lot of fun – splashing and splurging and then tying with rubber bands. We couldn’t wait until the following week to unveil the very colourful results. This year some old hands – Anna Cowan, Sophia Bureau, Georgiana Nicholas, Alice Hughes and Isabel Morris – were joined by newcomers Daisy David, Freddie Greenwell, William Waterhouse and Yatfei Lang who quickly got to grips with all of our activities. EN

Will your anchor hold in the storms of life? There and back again race There and back again x 3 race Most improved sailor award Most improved swimmer award! Most likely to cheat in races award!

Edward Peterson Oliver Keeling-Paglia Johnnie Peel Eliott Gilling-Smith Mr Weston

Well the weather certainly threw everything at us, but we few, we happy few, set our sails and turned our tillers across the open waters of Whitemere. I’m not sure whether it was the closequarter cries of “starboard”, the leaps from our Toppers towards the enemy, the desire to emulate Drake, Raleigh and Sir Ben Ainslie or the neat alliteration, but the nom de guerre, ‘Packwood Pirates’, just seemed to stick. Thursday afternoons will never be the same again. A huge thanks to Brian Johnson and John James at Shropshire Sailing Club and Sue Tuerena Outdoor Adventure for their friendly welcome, instruction and facilities; every child (and adult!) has learnt a great deal about sailing (and themselves). The experienced hands have developed their race technique and crewmanship. The first-timers are all now capable sailors and have a new passion. As ‘Associate Members’ Packwood pupils are welcome to visit the club over the summer. Huge thanks also to the Keeling-Paglia, Peterson and Warburton-Lee families and Big Orange Watersports for their support and enthusiasm in getting us all afloat! NW Page 45

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C L U B S & AC T I V I T I E S

Cookery This year there have been many interesting cookery activities at Packwood, from a gourmet lunch, sausage making, pudding club, pizza making and cupcakes to name a few. Pudding club was a sure-fire winner of an activity, to make some delicious puddings and then eat them afterwards; where could I go wrong?! Puddings on the menu were chocolate roulade, honey ice-cream and banoffee pie. By the end of the day there was not a morsel to be seen, but there were eight very contented children! Sausage making has become a very popular activity and one that I try to do at least three times a year. There is something very satisfying about making your own; we have all had the nasty pink ones with artificial colouring and flavourings that help to

disguise the lack of good quality pork or indeed just the lack of pork! All you need is some pork shoulder and belly, a small amount of rusk and some seasoning, herbs and of course skins and a little time! The children love making them and it’s a great skill to learn. A special mention goes to Amelia Tennant who mastered the art of linking sausages very quickly indeed! Putting up a poster that advertises a gourmet lunch is always going to attract a lot of attention, so it will come as no surprise that 38 children wanted to attend! Unfortunately space is limited in the cookery room so I had the hard task of narrowing the list down to eight. What fine chefs Oliver Bureau, Harry Myddelton, Sophia Price, Ollie Hall, Beth Cooper, Rosie Clarke, Kim Peerapairoj and Jorge Rengifo Melia turned out to be. With a little guidance they managed to produce a very fine lunch, so mums and dads, when it comes to needing some help in the kitchen over the holidays trust me, they are more than capable!

Their menu comprised chicken breasts wrapped in Parma ham and stuffed with Boursin, roast potatoes, buttered carrots and French beans followed by meringue nests filled with strawberry mousse, fresh strawberries and cream. Heston Blumenthal is always doing interesting things on the giant food front, so I thought we would do something similar. The children did really well considering the size of our ovens and the fact that it was all new for me too! We managed to make two giant Jaffa cakes which were very tasty! Budding bakers this time were Maxwell Horler, Marta Hernandez, Amber Gibbins, Amelia Maunder and Natasha Carter-Motley. JJ

International film club The intention of the club is to introduce children to high quality cinema that is educational in some respects as well as entertaining. This year has been no exception and the club’s members – chief among them, Ralph Furse as aesthetic consultant! – have again enjoyed a broad spectrum of films with a programme including: The Quiet Man: a 1952 romantic comedydrama film directed by John Ford and starring John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, Victor McLaglen and Barry Fitzgerald. Notable for its lush photography of the Irish countryside and the long, climactic, semi-comic fist fight between Wayne and McLaglen, the film was an official selection of the 1952 Venice Film Festival and is an interesting sideways comment on American/Irish connections. Gandhi: a 1982 epic biographical film dramatising the life of Gandhi, an Indian

lawyer and activist, who was a leader of the nation's non-violent, non-cooperative independence movement against British rule. Although a practising Hindu, Gandhi's embracing of other faiths, particularly Christianity and Islam, is also depicted. Silent Running: a 1972 environmentally themed science fiction film which concentrates on the idea that Nature is to be respected, nurtured and cared for. Singin' in the Rain: a 1952 musical comedy directed by Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen, starring Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor and Debbie Reynolds, and choreographed by Gene Kelly. The film is frequently described as one of the best musicals ever and is a light-hearted depiction of Hollywood during the transition from silent films to ‘talkies’, a time of revolution in the film industry.

Whistle Down the Wind: a 1961 British film, directed by Bryan Forbes and based on the Christian allegorical novel by Mary Hayley Bell. The plot follows the lives of three Lancashire farm children who discover a fugitive hiding in their barn. The bearded man, referred to as “Blakey” by the police, is mistaken for Jesus Christ by the children, who are influenced by stories they have recently heard at Sunday school. The fugitive makes no attempt to correct their mistake, especially when he discovers the eldest child is determined to protect him from discovery by the local police. La Vita è Bella: a 1997 Italian comedy-drama film directed by and starring Roberto Benigni. Benigni plays Guido Orefice, a Jewish Italian book shop owner, who must employ his fertile imagination to shield his son from the horrors of internment in a Nazi concentration camp. JL

Touch rugby The touch rugby activity is a chance for pupils to express themselves away from their usual games groups whilst still improving their basic skills. Unlike the contact form of the game, touch gives far more opportunity to get your hands on the ball and do what we all love doing – attacking. We have seen some excellent running rugby and a big improvement in the pupils’ spatial awareness and decision Page 46

making. The hardest thing to learn, when all you want to do is run, is the right time to pass. This takes years to master but this year’s group have progressed quickly. As with every year the competitive element has been a feature of the activity, with everyone trying their absolute best. Well done and keep practising! JM

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C L U B S & AC T I V I T I E S

Pizza making

Cupcake making

Pizza making continued to be an extremely popular Sunday activity. It always amazes me that, even if a child has never made a pizza before, it always looks – and tastes – really good! Pizza making will be back next term with a huge variety of toppings and a band of eager participants, as ever. GW

Mixing scrummy ingredients and baking cupcakes kept the happy bakers James Weir, Ed Barry and Amelia Ashworth amongst others with a very sweet tooth, busy on a Sunday. Chocolate fudge icing was the most popular as well as hundreds and thousands, chocolate chips and strands as toppings to decorate. They made six each and couldn’t resist eating most of them on the same day! EN

Cookie club Packwood pupils make me think of young birds in the nest – always demanding more to eat and keen to get the tastiest morsels. They have three meals a day plus morning break, little tea, late supper, tuck on Wednesdays and Saturdays and still they want more! Cookie club is therefore a popular option for the fast growing chicks. To keep the diet as varied as possible but high in energy they have prepared and baked Swiss rolls, brownies, chocolate chip cookies and gingerbread men

and they have made rocky road, chocolate crispies and pancakes. Pancake tossing was not always successful but quite entertaining. Some of the chicks were not very good at clearing up after themselves but with a little persuasion by the older ones the jobs were done. Beth proved to be very reliable and had obviously had outside coaching before joining the nest. EAC

Drama Drama at Packwood is always lively and funfilled, and the clubs are no exception. Over the year the children have done puppet shows, mime stories, stories to music, dressing up, improvising, making up stories from props, and acting out countless famous children’s tales. They have portrayed a vast array of weird and amazing characters in incredible and exciting imaginary places. If you walked past the front hall on a Tuesday you would not recognise the collection of children inside! Particularly good characters emerged from Tom Baines, Jack Goodall and Olivia Moir during Junior Activities. Some highlights were the ‘disastrous TV shows’ where we witnessed weather forecasts, nature programmes and DIY shows going horribly wrong, notably the disasters of Jacob Jones and Louis Graham, and one sunny evening we explored the grounds in search of buried treasure following carefully designed maps. Edward Barry chilled us to the bone with his rendition of ‘The Visitor’ during a voice workshop and Orlando Williams approached absolutely everything with enthusiasm and skill all year. The children have also played lots of drama games to develop team work, concentration and improvisation skills, whilst having lots of fun along the way.

Zumba A number of older students who have done drama for a few years opted to take LAMDA exams in the summer term. These London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts Exams in Acting are very enjoyable and challenging, and are recognised across the world. The higher grades also have UCAS points attached to them so these students are well on their way to achieving those. Packwood is now a registered centre and held its first session of exams on site, with brilliant performances from all 12 students. Lexie Samuel’s ‘Grand High Witch’ will stay with me for a long time, as will Natasha Carter-Motley’s gentle rendition of Juliet from Romeo and Juliet, and Amelia Peterson’s ‘Nursery School Teacher’. Well done everyone, and we look forward to the results after the summer. Martine Jones


Founded in 2001, Zumba Fitness is a global lifestyle brand that fuses fitness, entertainment and culture into an exhilarating dance-fitness sensation. Our Thursday afternoon Zumba activity exercise classes are “fitness-parties” that blend upbeat world rhythms with easyto-follow choreography. With the help of my trusted partners – Zumba Wii Fit and Just Dance 3 CDs, I take the girls through a series of energetic Latino dance steps – some of which resemble Salsa, Samba, Flamenco and line dancing – with the odd aerobic flourish mixed in. Zumba has become a popular choice with the younger girls because it offers a chance to let go and have a good old boogie with friends, wiggling our hips and waving our arms above our heads without anyone there to judge or laugh – except ourselves! It is not about getting all the steps right – it’s about moving constantly and having fun! LW

Throughout the past year a select few have enjoyed the experience of taking part in our Squash club. We have worked hard to perfect our technique and increase stamina resulting in some truly fantastic moments and some high intensity, fast moving games. Huge congratulations go to Harry Wasdell, whose elite ability in the squash court greatly contributed to him receiving an all-rounder scholarship to Shrewsbury School. Whilst Ivor Fetherstonhaugh and Tom Hughes both showed elements of a very high skill level, I can truly say that all children involved managed to greatly improve their individual games and demonstrate a real ability in this technically demanding sport. Thanks for a great year! RGJ Page 47

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C L U B S & AC T I V I T I E S

Judo Acorns: Once again the Acorns have been very active this year, with a good number attending and, as ever, keeping me on my toes. The children in this age group always want to know about the sport and are keen to learn. Their skills improved every week and, in particular, Lucy Oakley, Oliver Edwards and Edward Wagner put in a good effort each time. Results of this year’s Judo tournament: Gold Silver Harry Wasdell Ned Warburton-Lee Luke Williams Isabella Wythe Wilbur Blackham Freddie Cox George Stanford-Davis Edward Scott Robert Vick Harry Waterworth Owen Carroll Edward Don Zara Vickers Imogen Downey Lottie Hill-Trevor Sacha Sandbach Emily McParland Octavia Hamilton Genevieve Bright Daniel Richardson Sebastian Marmont William Goodall Lucy Clarke Liberty Clarke Angus Hill-Trevor AJ MacKinlay

Bronze Nick Yeoward, William Wheeler Jude Bedford, Edward Peterson Tom Bright, Bobby Boyes James Lewis Jac Evans, James Weir Francis McLaughlin Olivia Moir, Daisy Harker-Weston Sybilla Hamilton Zennor Harvey, Freddie Oakley Isabel Morris, Euan Montgomery Katie MacKinlay Alexander Barry

Throw of the tournament

‘Spirit of Judo’ award

George Stanford -Davis

Freddie Cox

Junior School: I look forward to this session as a number of children move up from the Acorns and join in with the slightly older players. Throughout the term William Goodall, Sebastian Marmont and Freddie Cox have given a good account of themselves. Middle School: This is where the judo really takes off, as the players are a bit older and most of them have been practising with me for a few years by this stage. I see some very good techniques being put into practice with good results, as reflected in this year’s medal table. Robert Vick, Owen Carroll and newcomers Octavia and Sybilla Hamilton all worked hard. Senior School: Again these sessions always show good Judo techniques and sportsmanship. The children are still keen to improve and gain high grades by the time they leave the school. Ned Warburton-Lee, Isabella Wythe and Nick Yeoward have been the top players this year. I wish all the school leavers the very best and hope that some of them will continue in the sport if they get the chance to do so. Roger Houston BJA 6th Dan

Mixed hockey

Mandarin club

Every year for two terms I wander down to the AWS to be met by a group of enthusiastic hockey players and I have to say that the club’s popularity has grown. By the end of each term I have always acquired several extra players as the ‘word has spread’ about the fun the pupils are having. The main difference that I have noticed over the years is that the gap between the girls and boys, in terms of skill level and ability is narrowing – the boys are getting better. In the past it was considered a bit of a laugh for the boys to try their hand at the sport. Nowadays, having played more hockey in their games sessions, they have found that their appetites have been whetted and they are quite serious about the sport; this is great news for me and for their future schools in which hockey is getting a much higher profile than it used to have. The sessions normally consisted of a game with teams picked on a variety of criteria, boys v girls, ones v twos etc. with me being allowed to play for the losing side only. There were occasions when I suffered a heavy loss at the hands of the ruthless opposition! The group always turned up in the right frame of mind – serious, because it can obviously be a very dangerous sport but also with a great sense of fun. Monday evenings were always a great ‘release’ after the rigours of academic life for the seniors. I look forward to next year! MAF

Students taking Mandarin this year have made a lot of progress, moving on from everyday greetings and the basics of learning Chinese characters to talking about sports, shopping and holidays. Llyr Heyward-Jones and David Schofield have studied almost one hundred characters, and others showing great promise are Lulu Bright and Amelia Maunder. Some students may look to take the Common Entrance exam next year, whilst Thomas Mercer may even be close to GCSE standard, having previously studied the subject while living in China. The highlight of the year was a cooking session when students were able to make "tangyuan", or sticky rice balls, to celebrate the Lantern Festival. Xuexi Zhongwen de xuesheng, jiayou! (Keep going, everyone who studies Chinese!) Barney Martin

Page 48

Fly tying It always amazes me that, although children find the dexterity and fine control needed for fly tying very difficult at first, they very quickly acquire the skills necessary to tie a simple fly. So after the first session of the term a child leaves with a fly which is a bit of a mess and has been mostly tied by me but the next week, the same child manages to tie something which is quite neat and which he has mostly tied himself. This year's group of children certainly seemed to enjoy their fly tying and I hope that some of them will continue with this absorbing and creative hobby. FRH

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C L U B S & AC T I V I T I E S

Pottery club

Scuba diving

Board games

After the success of last year, in the spring term we welcomed back Paul and Jane Phillips from Wanadive to lead more try dives. The first half of term was taken up with first timers who were keen to see what breathing underwater was like. We also had half a term of children who had enjoyed it so much last year that they wanted another go. This time they learnt new skills including entering and exiting the water safely, and buddy breathing. Once again all the sessions were a great success, and lots of children left the pool with big happy smiles. SAR

This year saw the return of Board Games as a popular junior activity. We had a good number of players join up and retire each Thursday to the quiet and comfort of the senior library for some old-fashioned gaming. The children are encouraged to bring in and introduce us to new games from home whenever possible, and it has been good to see even the youngest, such as Rowena Jones and Fred Dollar, teach the others their own favourites. The school itself has a good stock of classic games including Jenga, Guess Who and Blokus, a little-known variation on the famous Tetris. I have also introduced the children to some fast-moving card games such as, Pit, an old favourite. Many of these games are also shared with the dormitories, where we have successfully introduced a 1s’ Turn-off-the-TVand-play-games Night once a week. Here Werewolves, a variation of the student classic Mafia, has been almost too popular. I always worry though that, in its aim to kill off all players in secret, it could give the younger children nightmares. RAC

Clay pigeon shooting Besides the odd Sunday spent in the spinney blasting away at (and occasionally connecting with) clay pigs, we managed to fit in a lot more afternoons down on the shooting ground during the summer term this year. In all, well over 2000 cartridges were popped. Much to the Bursar’s delight, far fewer clays were used simply because the same ones can be recycled several times over! – this being especially the case when the coach is “demonstrating”. Clay pigeon shooting is a really popular sport at Packwood and allows many children, not all of whom are games players, to have a worthwhile and productive afternoon of activity and eventually enjoy their own moments of glory. The Sixes cup was hard fought again with Harcourt Clarkes eventually pipping Mannings Sodens for the top spot. NRJ

Science club Oliver Bureau ran this year’s Science club and, as his lowly lab technician, I can honestly say that he did a pretty good job. He managed to get his group to launch rockets without injury to anyone or any of their rockets exceeding the 40,000 Km/h escape velocity required to get to space. The ‘time bomb’ activity went particularly well and made the point that explosives are best detonated at a time and distance determined by the person handling them. He also succeeded in not setting any

trees or cars on fire with outdoor hot air balloons, although I did consider that the balloon which caught fire and dripped melted polythene all over the Wykey field was not adequately covered by his risk assessment. On our one evening of astronomy Oliver expected high standards from his technician and, although all went well for a while, enabling us to see both our own moon and then a number of Jupiter’s moons, things began to go wrong when I tried to get the

This year the pottery club made many useful and interesting pieces of ceramic art. We began by making a crocodile pencil holder which was a real success once the children had glazed it green. All were given a chance to use the pottery wheel at least once, and everybody made a success of their pot, even if we had to rework it and the size was a bit smaller than intended! Many laughs were had when the pot became a bit wobbly and images of flying saucers were called to mind. Harry Waterworth waited patiently for his turn, and when it came he produced a super pot with a bit of help from me. Our output also included cream jugs, plates, cups, amphorae and useful containers for potpourri. Some were more successful than others but all showed the children’s enthusiasm and enjoyment of the medium of clay. Edward Barry made some excellent dragons, and a super hedgehog was crafted by Georgia Kannreuther. Harriet Haynes was one of the best, having done pottery club for several years, and she made some excellent pieces based on her own designs including a star shaped picture frame. Next year projects will involve designing and making house name plaques, planters for the garden and some Japanese style pots glazed using a wax resist design, amongst others. PRD

computerised telescope to point to the Andromeda Galaxy. Thankfully, realising that I had very quickly reached the limit of my expertise, Oliver took over at this point and demonstrated that it only needed the correct data to be put into the computer for it to magically start to swing round to exactly the correct point in the sky. Unfortunately at this point thick clouds spread across the sky proving that, although he has many talents, Oliver is not God and cannot control the weather. FRH Page 49

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C L U B S & AC T I V I T I E S

Mixed rounders A group of 7-11 year olds combined every Thursday to play mixed rounders. Some had played before (the girls) and some were completely new to the game (the boys) – so there was a real mix. Each week we varied the rules; sometimes we played points for getting to a post, sometimes we scored in rounders, and we even played individual challenges, competing for biggest hit, catch of the day and best allrounder. Suguru Gotoh transferred his baseball skills, Harry Waterworth his cricket and the girls turned into keen umpires, tweaking the rules and corrupting the play – the boys had not a clue! All in all, a great time was had by all. KLP

Jewellery club

Knitting club

The jewellery club for the seniors was very successful, with Natasha CarterMotley, Chloe Edwards, Phoebe Wasdell, Daisy Harker-Weston, Zoe Nugent, Ines Hernandez, Ana Gutierrez and Claudia Lobato all taking part every week. As the children became more familiar with using the special jewellery-making pliers and cutters, the results they achieved looked professional and ‘shop bought’. They made bracelets with ‘magic string’ using all sorts of materials including buttons, beads, wire, necklaces, and earrings, where they learnt how to cut, bend and loop the wire. We even made rings using memory wire and seed beads which were very effective. The mix and match of glass beads and pearl beads was very popular and the wide choice available made selection a challenge for some! Earrings were the most popular but the girls were very proud of all the items they made and often gave them as gifts to friends and family. EN

The winter term was an ideal time for working with wool and the knitting club had many opportunities to do just that. We started by making pom poms using a special pom pom maker. This comes in a variety of sizes and we used different colours and types of wool – Eva loved making these. We had a go at knitting with needles too and then we started French Knitting, using a bobbin. Sybilla made a great snake!

Yoga Yoga club proved so popular this term that we had to divide it into two groups. It was well supported by both boys and girls, many wearing their ‘onesies’. The club ran between 7 and 8.20pm in the hope that we could create a calm atmosphere before bedtime. Once the chatter and questions subsided (Owen Carroll!) we started the class with some breathing exercises such as the volcano breath

Page 50

The following week we made a scarf using the finger knitting technique. This was fun and fast and Ana and Octavia were particularly good at this. Finally we used our wool to make friendship bracelets which involved knotting the wool in a particular pattern. Chloe and Amelia Peterson caught on to this skill very quickly and produced some lovely, colourful work. We had lots of fun and lots of success, but that doesn’t mean that it was easy all the time – none of us will forget Claudia’s cry of “Problem! Problem!” Well done girls! RE

or alternate nostril breathing to create the right focus for ‘asanas’. This was followed by some more vigorous stretches, sun salutations, warrior poses, arm balances – brilliantly done by Marcus Woodhead – and headstands proved very popular, especially with Pheobe Wasdell. The children are very enthusiastic and seem to thoroughly enjoy themselves. A big favourite is the ‘dog and mouse tunnel’

game where they can race over the hills and through the forest! We always finish with relaxation where the children lie still and follow a guided visualization, often using the lavender eye pillows and their favourite blanket or pillow. Class is finished with the sounding of the singing bowl and the sleepy children often wake up to the smell of hot toast from the dining room. Emma Gittins

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C L U B S & AC T I V I T I E S

Wheelchair sports This club allows the children to experience life in a wheelchair and to explore the vast array of sports that are played by wheelchair athletes. Early weeks are spent getting used to the chair and how it moves. During later sessions the children had a go at Boccia, New Age Kurling, Polybat, wheelchair circuits, timed sprints and wheelchair basketball/ rugby. We have our very own wheelchair athlete at Packwood in the form of Tom ‘Rugby Extraordinaire’ Baines. I’d be lying if I said I was the leader in the sessions as Tom was the expert and he humoured me very well! This club is always popular and I’m glad that the children are able to have this wonderful opportunity and experience. KLP

Girls’cricket Last year the girls’ cricket was affected by the weather – this year the weather was excellent but numbers were somewhat depleted in our sessions due to several of the group being caught up in rehearsals for the Junior Play (all worth it though, because the performance was outstanding!) The girls generally come to the cricket activity with a good eye for the ball, picked up from their other sports, and so a lot of time was spent on bowling technique – a difficult skill to learn,

and we had some fun trying – by the end of the term they could get the ball ‘there or thereabouts’. The fielding was good and some of the batting, although a little ‘raw’, was also impressive. It is the intention to give cricket a higher profile on the girls’ games timetable and so it should as there was a lot of talent on show. Well done all! MAF

Table tennis club

Pop lacrosse

In a ‘first’ for the table tennis club this year, it was good to see two girls come along to our Monday evening sessions: Rosie Clarke and Kim Peerapairoj joined Tom Shaw, Jamie Channon, Roly Hancock and Suguru Gotoh. More girls next year please!

The pop lacrosse activity gives children lots of opportunities to improve the skills that they learn in lacrosse games lessons. Whether using a pop or field stick, soft or hard ball, there are lots of varieties in types of games that we can play. The greatest bonus is that it is always much faster, as we play on the AstroTurf, and with about 5-a-side, everyone gets plenty of practice. Our goals were suspended metal hoops about head height, so obviously, there were no goal keepers and the one-on-one defending strategy became very important (and when Isabel Morris is running in with the ball it has to be two on one!) We also realised the advantage of catching the ball. Who wants to run after it as it rolls rapidly for another 20 metres? The biggest motivational factor to play well and try hard at each session is to earn a performance point…we all know they add up to lots of treats at the end of the term! SD

Because of the siting of the tables and the fact that only two were available at a time in the Sports Hall games room, the club sessions tended to include table football and pool as well as table tennis. Most of those who attended were beginners, so it was encouraging to see the way in which they progressed over the course of the term, especially with services. As well as singles, we played doubles, ‘Round the World’ and ‘Kings’ and informal challenges took place every week, so that by the end of the term, everybody had managed to play each other on several occasions. My thanks to those who attended regularly and took part with great enthusiasm. KJW

Stage lighting club This year’s club consisted of Oliver Bureau, Edward Peterson, George Compston, Harry Myddelton and Harry Swinburne who have all worked hard to improve their technical know-how and have been an invaluable part of the year’s drama productions and concerts. During club sessions we learnt how to manually control and program the lighting board. We worked on the direction, focus, colouring and patching of the lights into the lighting board, how to cut the beam and

control it, the level of light needed to illuminate the stage without dazzling and how to check for coverage. We also learnt how to patch the various pieces of equipment used by the school into the sound board to generate sound effects and record sound, how to set up wired and wireless microphones and the patching of the theatre Tannoy system for back stage to control booth communication. For Bugsy Malone and The Emperor’s New

Clothes we used the sound board and computer to generate special effects, installed wired and wireless microphones. We positioned the lights between rehearsals and programmed the lighting board to automate the scene changes. The lunchtime and summer concerts involved positioning of the lights so that everybody on stage could be clearly seen but also taking into consideration the ability to read their sheet music without being dazzled. JB Page 51

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S P O R T: F O O T B A L L

Football 1st XI

The team was built around Archie Waterworth who controlled many games with his movement and dribbling skills in midfield, linking with our captain and super striker Caspar Massey. Out of the 56 goals we scored, 29 came from the Massey/Waterworth partnership (Caspar 19 and Archie 10). Conceding only 16 goals in the 11 matches played is another impressive statistic and the first choice back four of Ivor Fetherstonhaugh, Harry Wasdell, Luke Jackson and Sam Bayliss was tremendous in its defensive qualities and in setting up much of our attacking play. Our goalkeepers, Nick Yeoward and Robert Ford, also made good contributions in the games Page 52

played. Add to this some excellent wide players and a strong midfield of Daniel Humes and David Schofield; we had a team with quality all over the pitch. At times the boys played brilliantly, particularly when we passed the ball around quickly and used the width of the field. My favourite goal of the season was a superb Massey finish against Terra Nova. We knocked the ball around well to create the opportunity for Daniel Humes to pass perfectly for Caspar to take the ball in his stride, run through and smash the ball in the bottom corner of the net. Dominic Ainslie and Javier Garcia also scored superb goals from distance earlier in the season. The Foremarke games were a little frustrating when our usual excellent passing and movement did not provide us with the cutting edge against a very strong team.

Played 11 Won 8 Drawn 0 Lost 3 For 56 Against 16 v Shrewsbury High Prep(H) v Prestfelde (H) v Foremarke (H) v Shrewsbury U14C (A) v Wrekin College (H) v Foremarke (A) v Birchfield (H) v Yarlet (H) v Terra Nova (H) v Moor Park (A)

Won Won Lost Won Won Lost Won Won Won Lost

11 - 0 6-2 0-2 7-0 6-0 0-3 6-0 10 - 1 4-1 0-2

Packwood U12 v Shrewsbury High Prep(H)



Shrewsbury 6-a-side tournament - Semi-final v Yarlet Drawn 1 - 1 v Aldwickbury Drawn 1 - 1 v Priory B Won 3-1

Quarter-final As coach, I feel that everyone in the squad gave v Terra Nova Won 4-1 total commitment to the season and worked very hard on the practice grids. It was also great Semi-final v Priory Lost 0-6 reward that both Archie and Caspar were selected to represent the West Midlands IAPS North and Midlands Region regional side. A talented team must have a 6-a-side tournament leader. Caspar Massey took the captain position v Birchfield Won 5-1 very seriously and led the team by example. I v St Olave’s Lost 0-4 valued his opinion on team formations and will v Foremarke Lost 0-3 miss discussing tactics during the build up to v Westbourne Won 7-0 matches. I hope all the leavers continue to play v Terra Nova Lost 0-2 v Prestfelde Drawn 1 - 1 and enjoy the game in their next schools. I am sure they will look back on the season with fond memories. It’s encouraging for me that much of the squad will be back ready for selection next year. Well done boys!

Squad : Caspar Massey* (Capt), Nick Yeoward, Robert Ford, Archie Waterworth*, Sam Bayliss, Luke Williams, Harry Wasdell, Ivor Fetherstonhaugh, Edward Peterson, Fred Furnival, David Schofield*, Daniel Humes, Javier Garcia, Jorge Rengifo , Dominic Ainslie, Oscar Holt. PJP

*colours awarded

I hope the football season for the 1st XI will not be remembered for the cancelled matches and below par performance against Moor Park at the beginning of the spring term. It was such a shame that this talented group missed the last four games of the season due to the snow and freezing conditions. The autumn term was a vintage Packwood season for the boys which featured some excellent displays and impressive results both in the tournaments and regular fixtures. This was certainly one of the most effective and hard working prep school teams that I have been involved with. The team had lots of pace, skill, power and tremendous teamwork, proving too much for many of our opponents. The 10 goals we scored against a decent Yarlet side should have been a fitting end to the 2012/13 season. Sadly, the boys did not get the chance to come back strongly after struggling to compete with a well-organised Moor Park team just after the Christmas holiday.

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S P O R T: F O O T B A L L

2nd XI

Played 5 Won 3 Drawn 2 Lost 0 For 24 Against 11

Being in charge of this side was (A) Won 12 - 2 a real pleasure this term. I fully v Prestfelde v Foremarke (A) Won 4 - 2 expect the 2s who represented v Shrewsbury School (A) Drawn 3 - 3 the 2nd XI this year to make v Foremarke (H) Won 3 - 2 up the bulk of next year’s first v Terra Nova (A) Drawn 2 - 2 team. With a keen and skilful group of boys the season looked to be a very exciting prospect. What the side lacked in size and power they made up for in speed and energy. The first fixture against Prestfelde oozed talent and was an exhibition of fast-flowing football right out of Mr Phillips’s coaching manual. The team created chance after chance and the likes of Archie Mobbs had a field day. Always a tough place to go for a football fixture, Foremarke was going to be a big challenge. In the warm sunshine the team put on a real show that stunned the home side. Superb wide play from Swinburne and Elliott created early chances and the game was won by half time. Frank Morris acting as the general in the centre of midfield allowed Jorge to work his Spanish magic. Despite a valiant effort which deserved a lot more, the team were only rewarded with a draw against Shrewsbury U14s. The 2nd XI, shadowed by the Shrewsbury boys who used their size and power to push the team around, fought hard for every challenge. A narrow win on the return fixture against Foremarke

showed real resilience and needed a big effort from everyone involved. The season ended with a slightly disappointing result at Terra Nova where the team never really got going but they must be credited with keeping their unbeaten record intact. Well done boys on an enjoyable season! Team: Oscar Holt (Capt), Robert Ford, Rowan Pickstock, Ollie Hall, Alex Ainslie, William Holcroft, John Elliott, Frank Morris, Jorge Rengifo, Harry Swinburne, Linden Grigg, Archie Mobbs. JM

3rd XI Sadly, both scheduled fixtures after Christmas were called off due to the weather, so the season boiled down to just three fixtures: a great shame considering all the hard work the boys had put in during practice sessions and the improvement they had made as individuals and as a team. Perhaps the highlight of the season for me was the excellent draw away at Foremarke: despite the score line which suggests otherwise, it was an excellent game of football, with chances at both ends; indeed perhaps with a bit of luck, we might have even

sneaked a victory, but a draw was the fairest result in the end.

Played 3 Won 1 Drawn 1 Lost 1 For 4 Against 4 v Foremarke v Wrekin 2nd v Foremarke

(H) Lost 1-4 (A) Won 3-0 (A) Drawn 0 - 0

Squad: Felix Jebb, Ben Cowley, James Hinwood, Pun Vatayanonta, Thomas Mercer, Keita Umetani, Max Pickering, Jamie Channon, Adam Pattenden, Marcus Woodhead, Roly Hancock, Arthur Gell, Zak Nicholas, Jude Bedford, Scott Walker. KJW

4th XI This enthusiastic bunch of players made real progress through the season over a reasonable number of fixtures. It began inauspiciously with a convincing 0-3 defeat at Foremarke. We got revenge though back at home in a terrific 3-2 win: Zak Nicholas, Tom Shaw and Owen Carroll all hit the target in a tense game. We played out a thrilling 0-0 draw against Moffats on the 1st XI pitch and also managed to defeat Moor Park convincingly after a goalless first half. Sebastian Rathbone equalised calmly here after they had taken the lead; a cool Tom Shaw then scored another in a lovely goalmouth mêlée before Tom Hughes rounded things off with his one for the season. We took a 4th and 5th VII to Birchfield at the end of the season to make up numbers for them; here our As were well beaten by one or two classy players. Ours was a workmanlike team with few stars, occasional flashes of brilliance but plenty of hard-fought practice sessions in the winter sun against the 3rd XI. Well done all.

Played 5 Won 2 Drawn 1 Lost 2 For 7 Against 12 v Foremarke (A) Lost v Moor Park (H) Won v Birchfield (A) Lost

0-3 3-1 1-6

v Moffats (H) Drawn v Foremarke (H) Won

0-0 3-2

Team: Jude Bedford (Capt), Ned Moreau, Nat McAllister, Adam Pattenden, Dragon Dararattanarojna, Tom Hughes, Tom Shaw, Owen Carroll, Zak Nicholas, Sebastian Rathbone, Harry Myddelton, Arthur Gell, Max Pickering, Scott Nicholson. RAC

5th XI The mighty wallet of global brand ‘Packwood 5th XI’ had been put into action and, with international signings and a clutch of Bosman Ruling transfers, we awaited the season with excited anticipation. Sadly none of our usual local fixtures were able to field a 5th side anymore. Hoorah then to Foremarke for agreeing to the double header and to Wrekin’s seconds for giving us a game. We rose to all three occasions, with set pieces, ‘moves’, fine tactics and nobody was bitten. One passage of play does stand out above the rest: Away at Foremarke with Foremarke’s Headmaster refereeing. Ball drops to Foremarke wing who crosses to striker. Intercepted by ‘If-in-doubt-hoof-it-out-Bureau’ who blitzes the ball into the stratosphere, narrowly missing the Head.

Head makes a joke of it. Play continues. Repeat of actions only this time Bureau finds his mark! Head down. Bureau mortified! Crowd struggling to hold composure…

Played 3 Won 2 Drawn 0 Lost 1 For 5 Against 2 v Foremarke v Prestfelde v Wrekin 3rd XI v Foremarke v Moffats 1st XI

(H) (A) (H) (A) (A)

Won Won Drawn Won Lost

3-0 9-0 2-2 6-0 2-3

Squad: Ken Peerapairoj (Capt), Eliott Gilling-Smith, Ralph Furse, Llyr Heyward-Jones, Oliver Bureau, Alfie Deahl, Will Wheeler, Ned Warburton-Lee, Morton Moss, Loris Pattinson, William Brooke, George Compston, Ali Davies, Harry Griffiths, Scott Karnsuwan, Piers Merison, Freddy Williams, Johnnie Peel, Keita Nakamura. NW Page 53

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S P O R T: F O O T B A L L

Under 11A It was a difficult year for the Under 11A football side, coming up against some quality opposition throughout the season. It is always a challenge for players to keep getting themselves up for matches after successive losses but, to their credit, the boys kept on persevering. Our greatest triumph was our victory over a very good Birchfield outfit at home. After spending most of the game defending, our back line battled hard to keep the ball out of the back of the net. When we got the opportunity to

score we did so, and to come away with a victory after spending most of the game defending was a great feeling for everyone! As the boys keep on growing and developing there is no reason why they can’t turn their fortunes around in the years to come. Good luck! Team: Alfred Hughes (Capt), Jack Goodall, Jonty Bright, Patrick Norman, Harry Waterworth, Joe Pattenden, William Stanford-Davis, Edward Bayliss. PFD

Under 11B It was a tough season for the Under 11Bs but they maintained an excellent attitude and developed significantly as a team. I will particularly remember the numerous goalsaving nimble tackles made by Laurie Rathbone, the commitment and tenacity of Jacob Jones in defence, the calm effectiveness of Thomas Dix in goal and the great attacking spirit of Maxwell Horler and Oliver Holcroft. The team steadily improved as the season progressed and this culminated in a 7-1 win against Shrewsbury High; a great effort.

Played 7 Won 1 Drawn 2 Lost 4 For 18 Against 26 v Prestfelde (H) v Foremarke (A) v Old Hall (H) v Foremarke (A) v Birchfield (H) v Shrewsbury High Prep (H) v Moor Park (A)

Lost Lost Drawn Lost Lost Won Drawn

1 - 11 3-5 4-4 1-2 2-3 7-1 0-0

Team: Jacob Jones, Francis McLaughlin, Toby Turpin, Thomas Dix, Oliver Holcroft, Maxwell Horler, Laurie Rathbone, Edward Barry, George Clowes, Edward Bayliss CL

Under 11C The C team players were a keen bunch, all with Played 5 Won 1 Drawn 1 Lost 3 ability and the willingness to learn. They were For 6 Against 17 always competitive and gained some good (A) Lost 0-1 results. When not wanted by the B team, Henry v Prestfelde v Foremarke U10A (H) Lost 1-7 Dickson was our sprightly and brave v Old Hall (H) Won 5 -1 goalkeeper. At the back Edward Barry ‘The v The Ryleys U10A (A) Lost 0-8 Barrier’ was an awesome stopper, using his v Terra Nova (A) Drawn 0-0 brain well and developing his skill and control all the time. The dynamos of the team were Edward Don and Oliver Keeling-Paglia. They were not only capable of beating players but ran their socks off. Up front was young William Gardiner who showed us some silky skills and was our top scorer. He is certainly one to watch in the future. Squad: Fred Stephens, Laurie Rathbone, Henry Dickson, Alexander Barry, Ed Don, Oliver Keeling-Paglia, William Gardiner, George Clowes, Robert Vick. RHC

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Played 8 Won 1 Drawn 0 Lost 7 For 11 Against 34 v Shrewsbury High Prep (H) v Prestfelde (H) v Old Hall (H) v Foremarke (A) v Birchfield (H) v Terra Nova (A) v Shrewsbury High Prep (A) v Moor Park (A)

Lost Lost Lost Lost Won Lost Lost Lost

0-4 1-7 1-5 5-8 3-0 0-6 0-2 1-2

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S P O R T: F O O T B A L L

Under 11D

Under 9A

The Ds were always difficult to Played 5 Won 2 Drawn 0 Lost 3 beat and showed they were a For 9 Against 18 fighting force. George Weston v Prestfelde C (A) Lost 0 - 11 led the team as captain and v Foremarke U10B (A) Won 3 - 2 proved a tough and reliable v Old Hall (H) Won 4 - 0 keeper. Also vital to the v Foremarke U10B (H) Lost 1-3 success of the team was the v The Ryleys U10B (A) Lost 1-2 eager and forceful George Clowes, while Gus Ames could crack in the goals. They were a group of players that were improving all the time. Squad: George Weston (Capt), Gus Ames, George Clowes, Suguru Gotoh, Oliver Griffiths, Tom Kiel, Gregor Montgomery, Nathan Mielczarek, Will Shaw, Orlando Williams, Freddie Mathias. RHC

Played 5 Won 1 Drawn 0 Lost 4 For 11 Against 23

It has been a difficult season v Prestfelde (A) Lost 1 - 8 for the Under 9As. They have (A) Lost 2 - 6 nevertheless improved steadily v Birchfield (H) Lost 0 - 6 throughout the season and had v Terra Nova v Shrewsbury High Prep(H) Won 6 - 0 a fantastic match against v Moor Park (H) Lost 2 - 3 Shrewsbury High Prep in which their cohesion and hard work paid off. The player of the season has to be our super goalkeeper James Pickering, who made lots of decisive saves. I was also impressed by two younger players, George Hughes and William ‘Grub’ Goodall, who had a very positive impact on the team’s performance. I am looking forward to seeing them in action next term. Well done to all for their good spirit and great progress. Team: Jago Ainslie, Freddie Cox, James Pickering, Jack Yeoward, Seb Marmont, Will Tate, Will Goodall, George Hughes. JN

Under 9B & C and Under 8A & B Played 13 Won 2 Drawn 3 Lost 8 For 10 Against 37 U9B v Moor Park U9B v Terra Nova U9B U9B v Birchfield U9B U9B v Moreton Hall U9B v Prestfelde U9C v Terra Nova U8A v Birchfield U8A U8B v Birchfield U8B

(H) (A) (A) (A) (A) (H) (A) (A)

Lost 0-2 Lost 1-2 Lost 0 - 10 Drawn 1 - 1 Lost 0-7 Lost 1-6 Won 2 - 1 Lost 1-2

Birchfield U9B festival v Prestfelde B v Birchfield C v Birchfield D v Hallfield B v Birchfield B

Lost Drawn Drawn Lost Won

0-1 1-1 0-0 0-3 3-1

The results don’t really reflect how well we did this year. I feel the real winner was the number of boys who played in the matches. Every boy in Forms 5 and 6 played in at least one match.

Squad: Hugo Davies, Freddie Oakley, Daniel Richardson, Alexander Barry, Fred Dollar, AJ MacKinlay, James Miles, Euan Montgomery, William Waterhouse, Freddie Greenwell, George Hughes, James Lewis, George Stanford-Davis, Jamie Warburton-Lee, Wilbur Blackham, Thomas Bright, William Goodall, Henry Jones-Perrott, Edward Scott. SAR

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S P O R T: R U G B Y

Rugby 1st XV Played 12 Won 12 Drawn 0 Lost 0 For 429 Against 87 v Bromsgrove v Moor Park v St Mary’s Hall v Abberley v Ellesmere v Corbet School v St Mary’s Hall v Terra Nova

(H) (H) (A) (H) (H) (A) (H) (H)

Isle of Man Tour: v Abberley v Castle Rushen High School v King William’s Final: v Abberley

The forwards have set a solid platform for us all season, with Jude Bedford and Edward Peterson both proving immoveable in the set scrum, yet effective with ball in hand. Sam Bayliss in the vital role of hooker is an excellent striker of his own ball – and pincher of a good deal of the opposition’s! – and very busy around the pitch. Robert Ford in the second row has grown not only physically, but also in confidence as the season has progressed and he has proved an ever-increasing threat going forward, whilst his second row partner Scott Walker scrummaged solidly and looked useful with ball in hand. A vote of thanks is due here to Ned Warburton-Lee who stepped very ably into Scott’s shoes during the latter’s injury layoff and acquitted himself well. The back row trio proved to be a significant thorn in most opposition’s flesh. Ivor Fetherstonhaugh is a busy, speedy and skilful attacking blindside flanker, though not one who shirks his defensive duties. Harry Wasdell has been simply outstanding on the open side: first to every breakdown, winning indecent amounts of opposition ball on the floor and reliable defensively. Luke Williams continues to blossom as a no.8: powerful, aggressive runner, ever-improving hands and determined in defence; he was quite a handful for the opposition all season. The half-back berths were always in safe hands with David Schofield and Archie Waterworth. David is a probing and powerful no.9 and has provided very good service to Archie and his backs all season. At fly-half, Archie has all the qualities required: vision, good distribution skills, excellent feet and the ability to exploit a gap. In the centre, Nick Yeoward made powerful breaks, and has good ball skills and sound defence, whilst the more experienced Caspar Massey has decimated opposition back lines with his sheer pace and aggressive running: our leading try scorer by some distance. On the wing, Harry Swinburne looked impressive and is a determined runner who will have gained valuable experience for next year at the same level. Dominic Ainslie has shown a clean pair of heels too, and he has improved the defensive side of his game latterly. At full-back, Daniel Humes, though a year young still, proved to be very effective on the counter-attack and put his handling and ball skills to good use. Until his injury, Javier Garcia was really beginning to develop a better understanding of the game, and showed also that his basic skills were improving all the time.

38 - 17 45 - 7 45 - 14 40 - 5 24 - 22 53 - 0 29 - 5 50 - 0

Won Won Won

28 - 0 22 - 0 12 - 0


43 - 17

not always the case – as well as in the match situation, and their determination to succeed has been palpable from the outset. There has, I believe, been another factor which has added a steely determination to our season, and that is the presence of Luke Williams as captain. In his own performances, he has never taken a backward step, but he has also galvanised his team into action, kept encouraging even when the going was tough (last few minutes against Ellesmere!) and above all led by terrific example. Even though ineligible for the 7s tournaments, he gave his best in every practice, and even offered to come to an away tournament though it meant giving up the whole of his Sunday. Luke and the rest of the squad can be delighted with their season. Many thanks to them for all their hard work and commitment. Squad: Luke Williams* (Capt), Jude Bedford*, Sam Bayliss*, Edward Peterson*, Scott Walker*, Robert Ford*, Harry Wasdell*, Ivor Fetherstonhaugh*, David Schofield*, Archie Waterworth*, Nick Yeoward*, Caspar Massey*, Harry Swinburne*, Dominic Ainslie*, Javier Garcia*, Daniel Humes*, Ned Warburton-Lee*. KJW

2nd XV The 2nd XV endured a difficult opening to the season, losing their first match heavily. To their credit the boys soon developed a wellorganised defence and built an attacking spirit which enabled them to gain numerous hard fought victories.

Played 9 Won 5 Drawn 0 Lost 4 For 236 Against 180 v Bromsgrove U12A v St Mary’s Hall v Abberley v Corbet School v Prestfelde 1st XV v St Mary’s Hall v Terra Nova v Foremarke 1st XV v Birchfield

(H) (A) (A) (H) (H) (H) (A) (A) (H)

Lost Won Lost Won Lost Won Won Lost Won

0 - 56 50 - 0 14 - 32 31 - 25 12 - 21 17 - 15 50 - 5 25 - 26 37 - 0

All of the boys gave their best and deserve much praise. Particularly worthy of mention: Fred Furnival for his consistently colossal work rate; relentlessly tackling boys twice his size and, with the ball, using his terrific agility to great effect; Ned Warburton-Lee for his tenacious driving runs and copious crunching tackles; and Frank Morris and Ollie Hall for their fearless attitudes. I thoroughly enjoyed coaching the boys this year; they developed significantly as a team.

Team: Adam Pattenden, Alex Ainslie, Piers Merison, Zak Nicholas, Oliver Bureau, Ali Davis, Oscar Holt, Linden Grigg, Frank Morris, Freddie Furnival, Freddy Williams, Morton Moss, Ollie Hall, James Hinwood, Marcus Woodhead, Rowan Pickstock, A season built on teamwork, then, and team spirit, which is so important Keita Umetani, Ned Warburton-Lee, Dragon Dararattanarojna, at any level. All the boys have shown a fantastic attitude towards training – Johnnie Peel, Ned Moreau CL Page 56

*colours awarded

In terms of results, this has been a most satisfying season, with the team not only winning all their matches, but scoring an average of 35 points in doing so. It is difficult to pick out particular highlights, but the victories away at St Mary’s Hall, and home to Bromsgrove and Ellesmere were all memorable for different reasons along with our mini-tour to the Isle of Man where we were hosted regally by King William’s College as well as winning the tournament.

Won Won Won Won Won Won Won Won

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S P O R T: R U G B Y

3rd XV As usual a squad approach was taken to matches in the Second Game. Everyone who wanted to represent the school got the chance and overall the results were impressive. Beefy stalwarts in the shape of Johnnie Peel, Eliott Gilling- Smith, Jamie Channon, Roly Hancock and Ralph Furse were supported by some very talented newcomers; names which spring to mind in this category include Dragon, Max Pickering, William Brooke, Will Wheeler and John Elliott. Hopefully next year’s First Game will welcome some of my truly talented youngsters from this year. Top amongst these will be Ned Moreau, Felix Jebb, Nat McAllister, Archie Mobbs, Freddy Williams, Scott Nicholson, Ben Cowley and Arthur Gell. The squad was ambitious, hardworking and fun; the results speak for themselves with us only really coming unstuck when we were caught cold early season by a very large, well-drilled Bromsgrove team. Squad: Johnny Peel, Eliott Gilling-Smith, Jamie Channon, Roly Hancock, Ralph Furse Max Pickering, William Brooke, Will Wheeler, John Elliott, Dragon Dararattanarojna, Ned Moreau, Felix Jebb, Nat McAllister, Archie Mobbs, Freddy Williams, Scott Nicholson, Ben Cowley, Arthur Gell. NRJ

Played 4 Won 3 Drawn 0 Lost 1 For 144 Against 79 v Bromsgrove v St Mary’s Hall v Abberley v Corbet School

(H) (A) (A) (H)

Lost 0 - 50 Won 50 - 15 Won 50 - 0 Won 44 - 14

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S P O R T: R U G B Y

4th XV

Under 11A XII

Played 2 Won 0 Drawn 1 Lost 1 For 24 Against 85 v Bromsgrove v Moor Park 2nd

(H) (H)

Lost 0 - 61 Drawn 24 - 24

I thoroughly enjoyed coaching the 4th XV this season. After a shaky start in our early match against Bromsgrove, we improved considerably over subsequent weeks. Playing against Bromsgrove a week into our season was always going to be a tough prospect, given that they had been playing since the beginning of the term. The group rapidly improved on the basic skills of passing, tackling and running with the ball. However, the main reason our performance improved so dramatically was that we were organised in defence and our set plays were effective. After lots of work on the training pitches the boys seemed to grow in confidence and the uncertainty of previous games vanished as we improved significantly in what turned out to be our final match against Moor Park. Team: William Brooke, Owen Carroll, Jamie Channon, Alfie Deahl, John Elliott, George Compston, Harry Griffiths, Roly Hancock, Llyr Heyward-Jones, Tom Hughes, Scott Karnsuwan, Archie Mobbs, Harry Myddelton, Keita Nakamura, Loris Pattinson, Ken Peerapairoj, Seb Rathbone, Thomas Shaw, Pun Vatayanonta, Will Wheeler. PJP

This group of boys never gave an inch, especially the pack, which was usually dwarfed by the likes of the Abberley and Bromsgrove heavies. Their organisation and the speed at which they played was often what caught out the opposition. Games sessions were as ferocious as the matches themselves with boys being scraped off the floor at the final whistle.

Played 9 Won 6 Drawn 0 Lost 3 For 256 Against 129

A winning start to the season against Wolverhampton Grammar School and v Wolverhampton Grammar (H) Won 60 - 0 v Magdalene House (H) Won 48 - 21 travelling Magdalene House gave the team a v Bromsgrove (A) Lost 5 - 28 real confidence boost and they showed the v Moor Park (A) Lost 7 - 35 attacking flair and hard running they were v St Mary’s Hall (H) Won 56 - 0 capable of. Two very stern tests were to follow v Abberley (H) Lost 7 - 33 but all credit to this group of Packwood boys v Prestfelde (A) Won 26 - 7 who gave everything they could and defended v Terra Nova (A) Won 35 - 5 wholeheartedly. Both Bromsgrove and Moor v Old Hall (A) Won 12 - 0 Park had some very athletic boys but the Colts matched them for skill and determination. In the match against St Mary’s Hall, great performances from Harry Waterworth dancing and darting from scrum half with the controlled and able Jack Goodall at fly half helped earn a good win. Abberley was a tough game with the team just lacking in size and power to cause the opposition any real problems. However Jonty Bright, as ever, led from the front and gave as good as he got and more. He was a superb captain who played the game on and off the field in the right manner. The last three fixtures were the most pleasing of the season. Against Prestfelde, who were big and dangerous, the team was full of energy and running, which caught the opposition napping in the early stages. Super work from the quick and destructive Edward Don and William Stanford-Davis gave the backs quick ball all day. The Terra Nova fixture was a physical encounter with the forwards in dominant mood. Our turn-over man Robert Vick-theNick was devastating all season but particularly in this game. Old Hall was a frustrating day but credit to their defence; we had around about 98% of possession but just couldn’t score. I think the start of the sevens season had affected our mentality. Overall a pleasing season and one in which I hope the boys learnt a lot, I know I did! I wish the boys well for next year and the challenge of senior rugby. Well done! Team: Jonty Bright (Capt), Robert Vick, Edward Don, Toby Turpin, William Stanford-Davies, Harry Waterworth, Jack Goodall, Maxwell Horler, Patrick Norman, Francis McLaughlin, Edward Barry, Laurie Rathbone. JM

Under 11B XII When I were a lad… I read a book called ‘The Tunnel’ by Eric Williams; it is the prequel of his more famous ‘Wooden Horse’ WWII escape story. The Amazon blurb describes it as the tale of a handful of men who demonstrated that nothing “can suppress the determination, ingenuity and courage of those who are driven to try.”

Played 6 Won 5 Drawn 0 Lost 1 For 202 Against 73 v Bromsgrove v St Mary’s Hall B v Abberley B v Prestfelde B v Terra Nova B v Old Hall B

In my mind nothing encapsulates the true spirit of the odd shaped ball game than the tunnel. Not the escape route, but the formation of two lines of players applauding their opponents at the end of matches. Win or lose, you humbly congratulate your opponents on their game, you thank them for the 40(80) minutes of hell they’ve just unleashed upon you and you return to ‘normal life’ forever friends and comrades in a great sport. Both tunnels apply to this ugly mob. I was proud to be their coach and ref and look forward to watching them all play for the 1st XV in the years to come…

Page 58

(A) (H) (H) (A) (H) (H)

Lost 5 - 56 Won 54 - 0 Won 17 - 10 Won 28 - 7 Won 52 - 0 Won 46 - 0

Team: Oliver Keeling-Paglia (Capt), Jacob Jones, Will Shaw, George Weston, Alfred Hughes, Nathan Mielczarek, Gregor Montgomery, Joe Pattenden, Edward Bayliss, Gus Ames, Oliver Holcroft, Jac Evans, Oliver Griffiths, Fred Stephens, George Clowes. NW

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S P O R T: R U G B Y

Under 11C XII

Under 9A

The Under 11C team has had a tough year on the rugby pitch. This does not mean that the boys didn’t try hard, just that they were beaten by better teams. Lots of the boys were new to rugby and will hopefully have learnt lots from their experiences. The delight on their faces when they scored a try was fantastic and really bonded the boys together. I look forward to seeing a lot more delighted faces many more times next year. Squad: Suguru Gotoh, Kit Warburton-Lee, Patrick Crowe, George Clowes, Gregor Montgomery, James Weir, Oliver Griffiths, Orlando Williams, Henry Dickson, William Gardiner, Freddie Mathias, Tom Kiel, Thomas Dix. SAR Played 4 Won 0 Drawn 0 Lost 4 For 27 Against 152 v Bromsgrove U10B v Abberley v Prestfelde v Old Hall

Under 9B

(A) (A) (A) (H)

Lost Lost Lost Lost

The mighty Under 9s had an outstanding year in their rugby. It all started off with a big win against St Mary’s Hall at home and, from then on, the side never looked back. The boys threw the ball around superbly towards the end of the year and it was great to see them really starting to ruck over the ball properly in the contests. The side can be very proud of their efforts this season, and I am expecting big things from their future years here at Packwood! Team: Jack Yeoward (Capt), James Pickering, Freddie Oakley, William Tate, Alex Barry, Sebastian Marmont, Jago Ainslie, Freddie Cox, Angus Hill-Trevor, James Miles. PFD Played 5 Won 4 Drawn 0 Lost 1 For 175 Against 75

0 - 45 15 - 25 5 - 35 7 - 47

v St Mary’s Hall v St Mary’s Hall v Birchfield

(H) Won (H) Won (H) Won

50 - 10 20 - 15 35 - 0

v Prestfelde v Terra Nova

(H) Won (A) Lost

30 - 5 40 - 45

Played 4 Won 3 Drawn 0 Lost 1 For 135 Against 90

The Under 9B team scored an impressive number of v Prestfelde (H) Won 40 - 15 tries in a handful of games. Edward ‘The Flier’ Fordev St Mary’s Hall (H) Won 35 - 25 Johnston stood out, happy to run around opponents v Terra Nova (A) Lost 30 - 35 and rarely failing to reach the try line. The most v Birchfield (H) Won 30 - 15 memorable try of the season, however, must go to speedy young William Waterhouse who, from a barely onside position, ripped the ball out of an opponent’s hands and ran in to score. There were tries as well for fearless Alex Barry, an enthusiastic Fred Dollar and hardworking AJ MacKinlay. All the boys began to master the basics of tackling, passing and rucking over the ball by the end of a season; it is a shame to hear that the laws will be pared back even further for next season. Team: Daniel Richardson (Capt), AJ MacKinlay, Fred Dollar, James Miles, Hugo Davies, Alexander Barry, Edward Forde-Johnston, Euan Montgomery, William Waterhouse, Jago Ainslie. RAC

Under 8 The Under 8s played Played 2 Won 2 Drawn 0 Lost 0 one late season match For 50 Against 0 each at Birchfield. U8A v Birchfield (A) Won 30 - 0 The change to touch U8B v Birchfield (A) Won 20 - 0 rules suited us with lots of quick players and plenty of others with the stamina to keep going in what is usually a fast-flowing game. In the A fixture Wilbur Blackham looked hard to stop when running round opponents and was given great support throughout by Edward Scott and Bobby Boyes. All of them scored tries. Will Goodall, a terrific side-step on him, also scored, as well as Georges Hughes and Stanford-Davis. There was no shortage of Packwood volunteers to make up the necessary numbers for the B fixture straight afterwards: Tom Bright and Freddie Greenwell scoring as well as two more for the tireless Edward Scott. The boys were always well-motivated at training and a pleasure to work with; I look forward to seeing what they achieve as they move onto more complete versions of rugby higher up the school. Team: Wilbur Blackham, Bobby Boyes, Tom Bright, William Goodall, Freddie Greenwell, George Hughes, Henry Jones-Perrott, Edward Scott, George Stanford-Davis, Jamie Warburton-Lee. RAC

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S P O R T: R U G B Y

1st VII With a mixture of conflicting dates and cancellation due to the inclement weather, the Sevens season was reduced to just three tournaments. At the Packwood tournament, we encountered perfect conditions, however, and played well to win the group and ensure a quarter-final meeting with St Olave’s: the 29-0 victory over our traditionally strong northern opponents was undoubtedly the high point of our afternoon. After a rather stuttering display in the semi-final against overnight guests, King William’s, Isle of Man, we came across a determined and committed side in Sedbergh in the final, and were always second best, making too many elementary errors at crucial points and never being allowed to play the controlled Sevens seen in earlier matches. With Robert Ford unavailable at Terra Nova, we lacked some pace and aggression and never looked comfortable on the ball or in defence; consequently we were left to reflect on a disappointing afternoon, which saw us make our exit rather limply at the semi-final stage. And so we set off for Rosslyn Park: our final destination in this short but intense period of Sevens. Despite a weather forecast to the contrary, we played in foul conditions all afternoon, but managed still to win our group with victories against Rokeby, Hereford Cathedral Choir School

and Mowden. The Packwood tournament Runners-up bye round pitted us Terra Nova tournament Semi-final against Dulwich Rosslyn Park, National Schools Sevens Last 16 Prep, and despite going three scores behind at half-time, we were able to score twice in the second half and exert considerable pressure on a side who had not conceded a point in their group and who subsequently went on to reach the final, having squeezed past us 15-10: an excellent display from our squad which was at that time depleted by injuries and extremely tired from their efforts on the increasingly heavy pitches. As well as the boys, I would like to thank Mr Chris Leese for all his help and support, and also the wonderfully hardy bunch of parents, relatives and friends who gave us such a boost at Rosslyn Park in particular, and the other tournaments, and were unflagging in their backing for the whole team, yet always displayed the right spirit on the touchline. Squad: Edward Peterson, Ivor Fetherstonhaugh, Harry Wasdell, Robert Ford, Dominic Ainslie, Sam Bayliss, David Schofield, Daniel Humes, Harry Swinburne, Nick Yeoward, Caspar Massey, Freddie Furnival. KJW

Under 11 VII With the weather causing the cancellation of both Moulsford and Caldicott tournaments the number of Sevens matches played this term was far fewer than usual. This group of players tried very hard to make the transition from the ‘go forward – make contact’ 12-a-side game to the ‘less contact is good – keep the ball alive’ 7-a-side way of playing. The squad was keen to learn and tried very hard to put the game plan into practice. In the Packwood tournament a tactical decision to go for the plate instead of facing the likes of St Olave’s and Mouslford looked to have worked. Sadly in the final the team let slip a small lead and King Henry VIII School took the honours. There was a similar story at The Downs where the squad showed that they were capable of playing well, but only after conceding the first few games. Some excellent running by Francis McLaughlin and quick feet from Harry Waterworth inspired the team to the plate semi-final, but again the silverware eluded us. The final tournament at Terra Nova was a pleasing way to

Page 60

cap off the season. With Packwood Tournament Plate runners-up a round robin format the The Downs Tournament Plate semi-finalists squad rallied and put in Terra Nova (10 a-side) Tournament 3rd some fine performances. Led by the captain Jack Goodall who kept spirits high, the side produced some excellent play. Alfred Hughes ran his body into the ground, Edward Barry carried the ball superbly and Jonty Bright spilt his lungs onto the pitch for the team and the school. A very good effort against some very good opposition, and plenty to work on for the future! Squad: Jack Goodall (Capt), Robert Vick, Edward Don, Toby Turpin, William Stanford-Davis, Harry Waterworth, Jonty Bright, Maxwell Horler, Francis McLaughlin, Edward Barry, Laurie Rathbone, Gus Ames. JM

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S P O R T: H O C K E Y

Hockey Senior Girls

U13 v Shrewsbury High School (H) U12 v Shrewsbury High School (H)

Won Won

3-2 4-0

1st VII v Foremarke v Moor Park v Ellesmere v Moreton Hall v Moor Park v Queen’s, Chester v Abberley

2nd VII v Foremarke v Moor Park v Terra Nova 1st VII v Ellesmere v Moreton Hall v Moor Park v Queen’s, Chester v Abberley

(A) (A) (A) (H) (A) (H) (H) (A)

(A) Lost 1 - 8 (A) Lost 0 - 4 (H) Drawn 1 - 1 (A) Won 4 - 0 (H) Lost 2 - 3 (H) Lost 0 - 3 (A) Lost 0 - 2

Lost Won Lost Won Won Drawn Won Lost

1-3 4-1 1-3 4-2 5-0 2-2 4-0 0-4

Shropshire Under 12 County Tournament Winners

The results alone do not tell the full story of the senior girls’ hockey this season. Perhaps a better judge would be any of the parents who witnessed the first game against Foremarke and then could compare it with the final display against Abberley. The difference was enormous. The term ‘rabbits in headlights’ comes to mind when I think of the first time we got together and it was all a little too jolly, Yes, there was a fair amount of skill on show at times but no aggression, no desire. However things improved; we started to realise what our roles required and some of the younger ones were beginning to come out of their shells. Amelia Maunder, Ellie Mason, Freya Beasley, to name a few, were playing with more urgency and Amelia Ashworth and Georgia Bibby were starting to control the midfield. Things were looking up! Perhaps our best yardstick for the entire season was Moor Park who this year had, by the school’s own admission, an absolutely fantastic

hockey side. We lost 4-0 in the first game, 3-2 in the second and then drew with them in a tournament. There were two key factors to our improvement – aggression and self-belief. At the start of the term we were simply too nice; by the last game we were quite frightening! The Under 12s in the team can be a particularly unpleasant bunch and this played a major role in their success in both the county and regional tournaments. The seconds were used as a ‘nursery’ for the firsts and several girls got a taste of what it was like to play at the senior level. Rosie Simpson, Phoebe Wasdell and Talullah Blackham will certainly be knocking on the door next season. Well done to all those in Form 1 who are moving on to new schools. Make sure you all keep playing as hockey has so much to offer for many years. As for those stepping up to the ‘top level’ then this year should have proven to be a steep learning curve and a good grounding from which to hit the new season with all guns blazing. I am already looking forward to it! A special ‘well done’ to Millie Shaw, Amelia Maunder, Rosie Simpson, EllieMason, Lottie Clarke, Amelia Ashworth, Georgia Bibby and Annabel Robertson who were chosen to represent the county, especially to the last three who were also invited to train with the Midlands squad. Hockey at Packwood is going places! 1st team: Georgia Bibby* (Capt), Annabel Robertson*, Ellie Mason*, Sophia Price, Amelia Tennant*, Millie Shaw*, Freya Beasley, Amelia Ashworth*, Amelia Maunder*. 2nd team: Lottie Hill-Trevor, Alice Shone, Talullah Blackham, Isabella Wythe, Lottie Clarke*, Beth Cooper, Molly Bruce, Rosie Simpson*, Phoebe Wasdell, Amelia Peterson, Natasha Carter-Motley. MAF

*colours awarded

Played 17 Won 7 Drawn 2 Lost 8 For 36 Against 38

U13 county squad members

Page 61

Packwoodian 2012-13 pps 52-90 160913_Layout 1 16/09/2013 17:55 Page 12

S P O R T: H O C K E Y

3rd VII The thirds tried really hard with Played 6 Won 4 Drawn 0 Lost 2 their hockey and made pleasing For 7 Against 9 progress throughout the season. v Foremarke (A) Lost 0-4 Coached by Mr Ford, the girls v Moor Park (H) Won 4-0 had a chance to try and play in v Moor Park (H) Won 1-0 several positions in practices. v Queen’s, Chester (H) Lost 0-5 Also in matches we sometimes v Bromsgrove (H) Won 1-0 played with a large squad to give v Abberley (A) Won 1-0 more people a game. Our strongest opposition turned out to be Foremarke and Queen’s, Chester. Although we went down by a few goals, the girls never gave up fighting for the ball and trying to do their best. We had some pleasing score lines against Moor Park and very encouraging wins against Bromsgrove and Abberley – all major hockey schools. Several of the girls had the opportunity to captain the team as the captaincy was rotated. Team: Pip Vickers, Beth Cooper, Laura Whittingham, Isabella Wythe, Rosie Clarke, Claudia Lobato Jiminez, Amelia Peterson, Lottie Hill-Trevor, Phoebe Wasdell, Lexie Samuel, Sybilla Hamilton, Kim Peerapairoj, Chloe Edwards, Octavia Hamilton, Sophie Barlow, Imogen Downey. GW

4th VII

Under 11A

Although all the score lines went against the fourths the games gave a chance for every girl in the top two year groups to play in a match. Some of the girls were new to hockey at the beginning of the autumn term and made good progress to enable them to play in the matches. Well tried girls. Team: Natasha Carter-Motley, Amber Gibbins (Capts), Ines Hernandez, Eliza Beckett, Chloe Edwards, Theodora Jarvis, Daisy Harker-Weston, Zoe Nugent, Ana Gutierrez, Romy Grigg, Kim Peerapairoj, Sybilla Hamilton, Octavia Hamilton. GW

Team: Georgia Kannreuther, Louisa Jarvis, Eliza Rosselli, Sacha Sandbach, Sophia Bureau, Olivia Moir, Zara Vickers, Harriet Haynes, Lily Freeman-Attwood, Freya Cox. KLP

Played 3 Won 0 Drawn 0 Lost 3 For 0 Against 17 v Foremarke (A) v Magdalene House U11A (H) v Queen’s, Chester (H)

Page 62

Lost Lost Lost

My brief to the girls at the start of the season was that Played 9 Won 2 Drawn 1 Lost 6 results are merely the product of a match; what I really For 14 Against 21 wanted was to see individual development and team V Foremarke (H) Lost 0-2 progression. These girls were genuinely very talented, v Queen’s, Chester (H) Lost 0-4 keen and eager and the sort of players you can mould v Birchfield (A) Drawn 2-2 and develop. Louisa ‘Wizzy’ Jarvis in goal was agile, v Magdalene House (H) Lost 0-3 and not afraid to take the hits and will make the step up v Moreton Hall (H) Won 5 - 0 to senior hockey without breaking sweat. Eliza Rosselli, v Moor Park (A) Lost 1-3 new to the game, showed great strength in her runs from v Terra Nova (A) Lost 1-2 defence and with further nurturing could become a very v Lyndon Prep (A) Won 1 - 0 talented player. These are just a couple of examples of v Birchfield (H) Lost 4-5 the breadth and depth in this squad. Ignore the results – they tell only half the story; these girls are ‘rough diamonds’ that are waiting to be polished!

0-6 0-3 0-8

Packwoodian 2012-13 pps 52-90 160913_Layout 1 16/09/2013 17:55 Page 13

S P O R T: H O C K E Y

Under 11B/Under 10 Played 14 Won 6 Drawn 5 Lost 3 For 53 Against 28 v Shrewsbury High School v Bromsgrove v Birchfield v Lyndon Prep v Moor Park v Terra Nova v Moor Park v Moreton Hall v Shrewsbury High School v Birchfield v Queen’s, Chester v Foremarke v Lyndon Prep v Foremarke

(H) (H) (H) (A) (H) (H) (A) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H)

Won Drawn Won Won Drawn Lost Lost Won Drawn Won Drawn Lost Won Drawn

4-0 4-4 6-1 6-0 3-3 1-2 1-2 5-0 4-4 6-0 2-2 1-3 6-3 4-4

Wow! What a fantastic set of statistics! The Under 11Bs and Under 10 girls have certainly had a very busy and productive season, during which they have demonstrated the ability to listen and learn. Hockey is a swift and challenging game so training concentrated on the fundamentals of passing, receiving, dribbling and tackling. Emphasis in the practices focused on correct footwork and balance to allow strong ball control and accurate stick handling. Among the Under 11Bs there were many who were new to the game and so the old hands had to step in and lead by example. Lily FreemanAttwood showed good drive and strength on the ball and Anna Cowan showed in the game against Lyndon that she can play in new positions and make an impact. Six impressive wins were carved out over the term and the combination of Georgiana Nicholas and Emily McParland in attack certainly proved to be a winning formula

with 33 goals accumulated in these games alone, whilst Tommy Jarvis and Alice Hughes played their part in defence with a mere four goals conceded. Five fiercely contested draws and three narrow defeats rounded up a very impressive season. It’s been a pleasure coaching such a positive, determined and enthusiastic group. The girls practised hard and tried their very best in every match – they were a credit to themselves and to Packwood. Squad: Tommy Jarvis, Alice Hughes, Antonia Nelson, Seren Pattinson, Anna Cowan, Lily Freeman-Attwood, Olivia Moir, Harriet Haynes, Sophia Bureau, Daisy David, Freja Bedell, Georgiana Nicholas, Emily McParland, Eva Miera. KLP & LW

Under 9/Under 8 It’s been an excellent Played 7 Won 5 Drawn 2 Lost 0 year for the Under 8 For 26 Against 9 and Under 9 squad v Bromsgrove (H) Drawn 2 - 2 who achieved an v Shrewsbury High School U10B (H) Won 5 - 3 outstanding unbeaten v Birchfield (A) Won 5 - 1 run – many of them in v Lyndon Prep (A) Won 6 - 1 their first ever season v Terra Nova (H) Won 2 - 1 of hockey. Games v Birchfield (H) Won 6 - 1 sessions focused on v Terra Nova (H) Drawn 0 - 0 skills and match practices. The girls increased their knowledge of tactics and the rules of the game. They practised passing, tackling, shooting and set pieces and all their efforts paid off with some great results. We had strong defending from two Under 8s, Genevieve Bright and Lucy Clarke, who played in every game, and at the other end of the pitch Isabel Morris, Eliza Blackham and Poppy Stephens were consistently good shooters. The most improved player of the season was Emily Keeling-Paglia who was new to the game in September but progressed strongly and played very effectively on the wing, covering huge distances and setting up many of the team’s goal scoring opportunities. Squad: Emily Keeling-Paglia, Isabel Morris, Poppy Stephens, Eliza Blackham, Honor Grigg, Alice Marshall, Genevieve Bright, Lucy Clarke, Zennor Harvey, Georgina Kenyon, Liberty Clarke, Bea Grigg, Rowena Jones, Katie MacKinlay. KE Page 63

Packwoodian 2012-13 pps 52-90 160913_Layout 1 16/09/2013 17:55 Page 14

S P O R T: N E T B A L L

Netball 1st VII This has been a Played 3 Won 0 Drawn 0 Lost 3 disappointing For 24 Against 35 season for many v Shrewsbury High School (A) Lost 5 - 7 reasons. Illnesses v Foremarke (H) Lost 8 - 14 and poor weather v Wrekin (A) Lost 11 - 14 saw many of our fixtures cancelled, Sedbergh Tournament 6th resulting in the Shropshire U13 County Tournament 3rd in group deflating statistics Cheltenham Ladies’ U13 Netball Tournament above. The team was not without skill or determination and the statistics don’t offer a true reflection of how talented some of this year’s players are. Whilst the results are not as good as in previous years, it should not detract from what was still an enjoyable season; one where the promise shown in training had little opportunity to materialise in match situations. The matches against Shrewsbury High School and Wrekin College were fiercely contested games which could have easily gone our way had we kept our nerve and converted our attacking drives. Foremarke proved more serious opposition and made us play the best netball of the season. We held our ground for seventy five per cent of the game but Foremarke found our weaknesses and took the final quarter from us convincingly. The tournaments we entered were very challenging with some exceptionally talented teams competing. As a coach, to witness such a standard of play at this young age is very inspiring and it was a great experience for the girls – they may have left with few winning results but what they learnt from these events is something they will take forward with them to their future schools. The Sedbergh and Shropshire County Tournaments also provided a platform for next season’s up and coming players. Ellie Mason, Lottie Clarke and Annabel Robertson were selected to accompany the squad and performed superbly.

friendships towards others. Netball is very much a team sport and I am pleased with the way the girls support and encourage one another to achieve their best. Despite the disappointments, much fun and laughter has been shared, usually thanks to ‘Shoney’, and many happy memories collected. I extend my special thanks to Amelia Tennant for her supportive captaincy throughout the season. Team: Amelia Tennant (Capt)*, Sophia Price*, Alice Shone*, Millie Shaw*, Georgia Bibby*, Amelia Maunder, Issy Wythe*, Talullah Blackham. LW

So, results aside, this has been a thoroughly enjoyable netball season. It has been rewarding to see the girls working well during lessons, trying hard to learn and improve their skills. All should feel very happy with their own achievements and performances. It has been a pleasure coaching them and accompanying them to represent the school and I know how much they have enjoyed the tournaments we have competed in. Their behaviour has been exemplary and they have shown great sportsmanship and

The reason we played so few matches is that the snowy weather got the better of us in the first half of the term. With little practice we got off to a slow start and we were beaten by Shrewsbury High quite convincingly. This did not deter us but just made us more determined to do our very best for the rest of the season. This was certainly borne out with our match play against Wrekin and our performance in the Under 12 tournaments. The first tournament was held at Bromsgrove where nine teams competed in a round robin making for a very hectic, but nevertheless enjoyable day. We played really well and won six out of our eight games. We were pleasantly surprised when we were announced as runners-up and presented with silver medals. We also picked up more medals at the Packwood tournament where we finished third after narrowly missing out in the Page 64

Played 2 Won 1 Drawn 0 Lost 1 For 27 Against 24 v Shrewsbury High v Wrekin College Bromsgrove U12 Tournament Packwood U12 Tournament

(A) Lost 5 - 18 (A) Won 22 - 6 Runners-up 3rd

semi-final to Shrewsbury High by one goal. We played a very settled squad and I’m sure that helped us achieve a lot. Ellie Mason, Freya Beasley and Phoebe Wasdell shot consistently well to score many goals. The centre court players, Lottie Clarke, Amelia Ashworth and Rosie Simpson, played some really skilful netball and Annabel Robertson and Zoe Nugent battled hard in defence, occasionally assisted by Talullah Blackham and Amelia Maunder. Together they made a very good team. Well done girls. Team: Ellie Mason, Freya Beasley, Lottie Clarke, Amelia Ashworth, Annabel Robertson, Rosie Simpson, Zoe Nugent, Phoebe Wasdell, Amelia Maunder and Talullah Blackham. GW

*colours awarded

2nd VII

Packwoodian 2012-13 pps 52-90 160913_Layout 1 16/09/2013 17:56 Page 15

S P O R T: N E T B A L L

3rd VII It has certainly been a Played 3 Won 1 Drawn 1 Lost 1 challenging season; poor For 20 Against 30 weather and ill health v Foremarke (H) Drawn 7 - 7 jeopardized a lot of our team v Wrekin (A) Lost 7 - 19 practices and fixtures were v Bromsgrove (H) Won 6-4 lost. Opportunities were few and far between for the girls to perform on a competitive level but, when they did, they rose to the challenges and did a fine job. This year we had a particularly strong group of girls keen to play for the 3rd VII so team selection was always a difficult task. As a squad the girls coped well with the changes in personnel and positions, approaching each game with a determined and positive attitude. They trained very hard and had great team spirit even when things were going against them. Netball is very much a team sport and I am pleased with the way the girls supported and encouraged one another to achieve their best. Thank you for all your hard work this term. Don’t forget the skills you have been taught; keep practising them so that you are ready for the next netball season, be it at Packwood or your senior school.

Team: Chloe Edwards, Lexie Samuel, Kim Peerapairoj, Natasha Carter-Motley, Molly Bruce, Phoebe Wasdell, Amelia Peterson, Pip Vickers, Claudia Lobato Jiminez, Kim Peerapairoj, Rosie Clarke, Lottie Hill-Trevor, Sophie Barlow. LW

4th VII The 4th VII enjoyed a very positive and successful season. Congratulations! It is notoriously difficult to make fixtures for the 4th VII so to have secured three competitive games was an achievement in itself and, as the statistics above show, the girls did an excellent job representing themselves and Packwood. Two super wins against formidable opponents are testament to the hard work and ability of the squad. They were a great bunch of girls who were always willing to try their hardest and just go out there and give it their ‘best shot!’ I really enjoyed working with each and every player and I thank them for their efforts.

Played 3 Won 2 Drawn 0 Lost 1 For 23 Against 22 v Terra Nova v Wrekin v Bromsgrove

(A) Lost (A) Won (H) Won

0 - 15 19 - 6 4-1

Team: Imogen Downey, Sybilla Hamilton, Octavia Hamilton, Amber Gibbins, Romy Grigg, Daisy Harker-Weston, Eliza Beckett, Ana Gutierrez Colomer, Theodora Jarvis, Sophie Barlow, Lottie Hill-Trevor, Laura Whittingham LW

Under 11A The weather was not Played 3 Won 3 Drawn 0 Lost 0 on our side this season For 17 Against 2 and we lost plenty of v Lyndon Prep (H) Won 3-1 matches to rain and v Foremarke (H) Won 5-0 severe frosts. However, v Birchfield (A) Won 9-1 when we did get to play, the results speak for Prestfelde Tournament Semi-finalists themselves –unbeaten! The girls worked hard to develop their individual skills and the set pieces became more assured and were the difference between us and our opponents. Choice of pass, timing of pass and daring to think outside the box all made for exciting court play. Special mention to Freya Cox who had a tremendous season and played practically anywhere, and also to Georgia Kannreuther who was a star turn as shooter – safe hands! In defence, Eliza Rosselli held her nerve and only two goals were conceded all term. These girls are clearly able and the step up to senior netball will see them continue to flourish. The future looks exciting – well done! Team: Georgia Kannreuther (Capt), Freya Cox, Zara Vickers, Sacha Sandbach, Sophia Bureau, Olivia Moir, Eliza Rosselli, Lily Freeman-Attwood. KLP Page 65

Packwoodian 2012-13 pps 52-90 160913_Layout 1 16/09/2013 17:56 Page 16

S P O R T: N E T B A L L

Under 11B

Under 10

This season we had some new Played 3 Won 2 Drawn 0 Lost 1 girls, some of whom had not For 12 Against 4 played before– I like a challenge! (H) Won 6 - 0 This crop of netballers was great v Lyndon Prep v Foremarke (H) Won 4 - 1 to work with and the difference v Birchfield (A) Lost 2-3 in their play from the start to the end of term was remarkable. Individually, they grew in confidence and their skills base widened. They started to gel on court and were stringing together great passes and movement. Their results were promising and with the switch to senior netball they now have a good foundation upon which to build. Good luck girls! Team: Harriet Haynes, Anna Cowan, Seren Pattinson, Olivia Moir, Sophia Bureau, Sacha Sandbach, Lily Freeman-Attwood, Antonia Nelson. KLP

Under 9/Under 8

Played 4 Won 3 Drawn 0 Lost 1 For 23 Against 19 v Bromsgrove U10C (H) v Terra Nova (A) v Lyndon Prep (H) v Prestfelde (A)

Won Won Lost Won

12 - 2 5-3 3 - 12 3-2

Under 10 Packwood Tournament 3rd

It has been a positive season for the girls, during which their skills have gone from strength to strength. Daisy David in particular made great progress with her attacking skills and there was consistently good shooting from Eliza and Alice which helped us to win three out of our four matches. The girls only came unstuck against a very strong team from Lyndon Prep but still persevered until the final whistle. It’s been a pleasure coaching them and I am sure they will continue to develop next year. Team: Tommy Jarvis, Emily McParland, Georgiana Nicholas, Alice Hughes, Freja Bedell, Daisy David, Eliza Blackham, Isabel Morris. KE

With many girls new to Played 8 Won 6 Drawn 1 Lost 1 the sport this season it For 29 Against 11 fell to the old hands in U8 v Birchfield (H) Won 3-0 Form 5 to lead the way U9 v Birchfield (H) Lost 1-4 in games sessions and 9-1 in matches. The season U9 v Bromsgrove U10D (H) Won (H) Won 5-3 started on a high for the U9 v Lyndon Prep Under 8s with a great Birchfield Under8/Under 9 High Five Triangular Tournament win in their first match Won 2-0 against Birchifeld. They U8 v Birchfield Won 3-0 really came together as U8 v Prestfelde U9 v Birchfield Won 4-1 a team and with their U9 v Prestfelde Drawn 2-2 confidence high they never looked back, Birchfield Under 9 Tournament 4th going on to win the rest of their games. Despite losing their first game the Under 9s made great progress as the term went on and were unbeaten thereafter. Poppy Stephens developed well as a shooter and Alice Marshall demonstrated some good defending skills. All of the girls in the team improved their understanding of the game and I wish them well as they move up to the Under 10s. Squad: Isabel Morris, Emily Keeling-Paglia, Poppy Stephens, Honor Grigg, Alice Marshall, Eliza Blackham, Lucy Clarke, Liberty Clarke, Genevieve Bright, Zennor Harvey, Rowena Jones, Bea Grigg, Georgina Kenyon, Katie MacKinlay. KE Page 66

Packwoodian 2012-13 pps 52-90 160913_Layout 1 16/09/2013 17:56 Page 17

S P O R T: L A C R O S S E

Lacrosse Under 13 Played 17 Won 9 Drawn 3 Lost 5 For 124 Against 55 v Withington Girls’ v Bedford Girls’ School v Berkhamsted v Cheltenham Ladies’ v Queen’s, Chester v Withington Girls’ U14 v Moreton Hall v Prestfelde v Queen’s, Chester

(H) (A) (A) (A) (A) (A) (A) (H) (A)

Won Lost Lost Lost Won Drawn Won Won Won

13 - 1 2-9 6-8 6-8 14 - 3 6-6 13 - 1 15 - 3 10 - 0

Berkhamsted London Tournament v Benenden Drawn v Berkhamsted Drawn v Abbot’s Hill Won v Queen Margaret’s York Won v Godstowe Lost v St Swithun’s Lost

7th 3-3 1-1 10 - 0 4-1 4-5 1-3

Shropshire County Tournament Winners v Moreton Hall Won 7-1 v Prestfelde Won 9-2

On our tour to the south, Bedford gave us a great exhibition of how to expose weaknesses, particularly any hesitation or lack of speed! The following day we gave Berkhamsted a run for their money, only losing narrowly. They too taught us how to contest every ball and play hard. The Sunday tournament that followed was a toughie. In the morning, two draws and a win saw us progress to a very competitive afternoon playoff. Here all three opponents were seriously strong! We finished in a creditable position and had grown in skill and experience. Our baptism of fire was complete after playing away against Cheltenham Ladies’. Our downfall was slack cradling and not cutting at speed for the ball. It was too easy for our opponents to anticipate our play. The advantage they had when playing downhill in the first half led to several quick goals and it was hard for us to claw back from 2-6, though our second half was played at a sharper pace (yep, speed really matters!) and was much better. At Queen’s all this experience was displayed with a confidence and speed that had not existed until now. Some first class goals were scored in a sensationally satisfying game! Our next match was against Withington’s Under 14s. We had a strong first half (Sophia played very well), and we were 4-2 up. But weakness

in defence (without Issy) and players holding on to the ball a little too long in attack brought tension into our play and Withington levelled the game. A good result nonetheless, against an Under 14 side. Three very satisfying wins followed. At Moreton in December, a great improvement in several of the girls’ play was noticeable, Millie in particular. Her injection of pace and drive really livened things up. Rosie’s stickwork and availability around the goal was especially good. Kim was always handy to retrieve from the back line. The game against Prestfelde was also won in spectacular style. Amelia had confidence restored after a back injury, Ellie’s play had become more influential with each game and Molly took on a big role in defence. Then came our second match against Queen’s. We gave everything we had! The tighter they marked us, the better our play became. All this was due to our girls’ self-belief and ability to catch harder, faster and longer throws, all the while travelling at speed. Georgie was at her most superb; Lottie and Freya were also good in midfield. Laura played a tidy game. Beth and Alice did very little wrong.

were selected for midfield, Millie and Rosie as attacks. Congratulations to them all. Our accomplished play and two convincing wins made us county champions. Well done girls! It was thoroughly deserved and a fitting end to a very worthwhile season – a season in which so much experience was gained and in which there were some truly spectacular and memorable moments. I conclude with grateful thanks: to Sophia for her leadership as captain; to our matrons and kit-ladies; Phil Mold and our groundsmen; kitchen staff and picnic makers; and a large gang of parents, who have travelled with us, cheered us along every inch of the way and followed our progress. They, and I, know how much fun we have had! Team: Sophia Price* (Capt), Pip Vickers, Alice Shone, Beth Cooper, Molly Bruce, Laura Whittingham, Isabella Wythe*, Freya Beasley, Georgia Bibby*, Amelia Tennant*, Ellie Mason*, Millie Shaw*, Rosie Clarke, Kim Peerapairoj, Lottie Clarke. SD

Moreton and Prestfelde put out substantially improved sides at the County Tournament at the end of the season. Here players were selected for the Under 13 Shropshire squad. With this in mind, the ball carriers often wanted to prove themselves; however, sensible passing prevailed and a good structure of spacing, then cutting, in attack helped us notch up good goals. Our defence worked strongly together, and only a few goals were scored against them. Competition for county selection was tough but Pip had a great trial in goal to earn her place, as did Issy in defence. Georgie, Amelia, Ellie and Lottie

*colours awarded

Our first game of the season against Withington was a real confidence-giver, a match that enabled us to play with fluency, and reminded us of the important game strategies that were needed to bond us tightly as a strong team. The season’s fixtures were set up to stretch and challenge as well as teach us how first class teams operate. Very few more “comfortable” matches lay ahead!

Page 67

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S P O R T: L A C R O S S E

Under 12

Under 12/Under 13B Played 2 Won 0 Drawn 0 Lost 2 For 3 Against 18 v Prestfelde U12A v Moreton Hall

The Under 12 lacrosse team has had a cracking Played 5 Won 5 Drawn 0 Lost 0 season. The girls have worked superbly as a team For 47 Against 7 and have put all the skills they’ve learnt into their v Withington (H) Won 7-1 games. They started off with a great match against v Cheltenham (A) Won 6-2 Withington, showing off their ability around the goal v Withington (A) Won 8-2 producing some superb shots. With excellent v Moreton Hall (A) Won 12 - 2 midfield play from captain Amelia Ashworth the v Queen’s, Chester (A) Won 14 - 0 team went on to a very good win. In the game Packwood Tournament Winners against Cheltenham the girls really started to show off their skills and knowledge of the game. They had been working hard in practice sessions on their stick work and tactics and there was some excellent play from Talullah Blackham in midfield and attack. Throughout the season the girls grew into very tactical, team-spirited lacrosse players and achieved three more comfortable wins. The toughest game was the rematch against Withington when they found themselves playing a very defensive first half.Amelia Peterson was the key player, stopping many goals being scored and getting herself into great positions on the pitch. A change of game plan at half-time led to a second half of mature and productive play. Annabel Robertson stepped up her game and played an excellent second half. At the Packwood tournament the Under 12s had a fantastic day, despite the bitter chill, winning every game with ease and having no goals scored against them. They showed how much they had improved throughout the season and they proved to themselves how well they can play. Pheobe Wasdell shone tremendously in the tournament, scoring some superb goals and setting up many others. Team: Amelia Ashworth (Capt), Talullah Blackham, Rosie Simpson, Phoebe Wasdell, Annabel Robertson, Amelia Peterson, Chloe Edwards, Lottie Hill-Trevor, Amelia Maunder, Lexie Samuel, Sophie Barlow, Imogen Downey, Natasha Carter-Motley. BN

Page 68

(A) Lost (H) Lost

1 - 12 2-6

Throughout the season the girls worked hard at developing their game and despite some tough matches showed great team spirit and improving skills. They started off with a match against Prestfelde Under 12A team – they found themselves struggling, but to their credit, they fought to the end, learning a huge amount. Before their game against Moreton Hall the girls had improved greatly in training and despite losing 2-6 they attacked superbly, just struggling to put the ball in the back of the net! The girls finished the season off with the Packwood tournament. They made a great effort in every game, their opponents had to work very hard to score against them and our attacks had some unfortunate near misses with some shots on the goal bouncing off the post. However, it was a glorious moment when we actually scored! Most of the play involved defending, and our girls learnt lots about double-teaming, covering each other’s opponents and tactical positioning. There was some fantastic play from all of the girls. Team: Romy Grigg, Lottie Hill-Trevor, Zoe Nugent, Sophia Bureau, Louisa Jarvis, Harriet Haynes, Eliza Rosselli, Georgia Kannreuther, Theodora Jarvis, Sybilla Hamilton, Octavia Hamilton, Daisy Harker-Weston, Ana Gutierrez Colomer, Freya Cox, Sacha Sandbach, Zara Vickers. BN

Packwoodian 2012-13 pps 52-90 160913_Layout 1 16/09/2013 17:56 Page 19

S P O R T: L A C R O S S E

Under 11 Our few more years of Played 4 Won 4 Drawn 0 Lost 0 experience at playing the For 29 Against 11 game were obvious in most v Cheltenham Ladies’ U12B(A) Won 8 - 0 of our matches this season. v Moreton Hall (H) Won 4 - 2 Our confidence, better stick v Prestfelde (H) Won 10 - 8 work and game strategies v Moreton Hall (A) Won 7 - 1 gave us a very good win at Cheltenham. However, things to improve on kept us mindful of further targets. At Moreton our better spacing and cutting around the goal made it easier and safer to shoot. The decision about when to double-team an opponent and then get back to a one-on-one situation was a challenge against Prestfelde. They gave us a strong game on our AstroTurf. A string of lovely passes helped us score well in our return fixture against Moreton. I had a real feeling that our girls were beginning to understand what they had to do, without panicking! We passed the ball sooner and stick work was more reliable. Our defence anticipated the play and worked together well. As always, we still needed to un-muddle the play around our goal areas, but hey, four wins out of four games was pretty good! Team: Seren Pattinson, Anna Cowan, Louisa Jarvis, Harriet Haynes, Olivia Moir, Georgia Kannreuther, Eliza Rosselli, Sacha Sandbach, Zara Vickers, Lily Freeman-Atwood, Freya Cox, Antonia Nelson, Sophia Bureau. SD

Under 10 Our first game Played 2 Won 1 Drawn 0 Lost 1 playing on a full For 8 Against 6 sized pitch with a v Prestfelde (A) Lost 4-5 hard ball against v Moreton Hall (H) Won 4-1 Prestfelde was loaded with challenges but we were pretty quick learners and soon worked out some double-teaming and how to drive hard with the ball. The whistle blew as we were about to level the match, but the game had given us lots to think about! We were all certainly ready the next time when Moreton brought their Under 11s for a first match experience. Our good picking up was a huge advantage and helped us to win a lot of possession and drive up into attack. The ball travelled up and down the pitch and tested our defence, but not much got past them! It was a very good team effort. Once we gain more confidence and better stick work, we will be happier to pass the ball. Then the real game begins! Team: Freja Bedell, Alice Marshall, Emily McParland, Honor Grigg, Tommy Jarvis, Isabel Morris, Georgie Nicholas, Eliza Blackham, Alice Hughes, Poppy Stephens, Daisy David, Eva Miera , Emily Keeling-Paglia, Honor Grigg. SD

Under 9 Isabel and Eliza were Played 2 Won 1 Drawn 0 Lost 1 overpoweringly For 15 Against 16 good for the As, Under 9A v Prestfelde (A) Won 13 - 3 and gave lots of Under 9B v Prestfelde (A) Lost 2 - 13 confidence to their team. As the others’ picking up improved, they began to contribute well to the goal scoring. Our work in defence was safe and steady, restricting Prestfelde to only three goals. Our teamwork was a thrill to see. Well done girls! Our Bs had an uphill battle, having to play the same squad that the As had played. Nevertheless they kept working hard to ecstatically score two superb goals in the second half. They had some truly golden moments to be very proud of. Unfortunately our spring term return game had to be cancelled due to snowy weather. Under 9A team: Poppy Stephens, Emily Keeling-Paglia, Lucy Clarke, Eliza Blackham, Isabel Morris, Alice Marshall, Honor Grigg. Under 9B team: Lucy Clarke, Liberty Clarke, Georgina Kenyon, Katie MacKinlay, Genevieve Bright, Zennor Harvey, Rowena Jones, Bea Grigg. SD

Page 69

Packwoodian 2012-13 pps 52-90 160913_Layout 1 16/09/2013 17:56 Page 20

S P O R T: C R I C K E T

Cricket 1st XI

As with previous Packwood teams the 2013 version continued our incredible success in the tournaments. The U12s winning both the Donald Carr Trophy and the Bunbury Cup in some style were obvious highlights of the season. The performances in the Wrekin 6-a-side and Abberley 8s tournaments were also impressive. The boys really pushed very strong Shropshire and Clifton College (Durban, South Africa) teams all the way in very close finals. The boys played very purposeful, positive cricket all season and there have been so many performances that have really made a difference. After around 15 years where no 1st XI player scored a century, we had three this year from different players. Robert Ford started it off with a superb hard-hitting 100 against Wrekin which effectively won us the game. Next up was a classy 100 from Daniel Humes in the rain-affected game at Shrewsbury High Prep. Finally, a high quality innings from Fred Furnival in the Bunbury Cup semi-final against Birchfield really showed the depth of our batting. Captain Archie Waterworth joined Robert, Daniel and Fred with impressive 30+ averages for the season. Archie certainly led the side by example, setting very high standards in the field and claiming the most wickets for the 1st XI with 12. The bowling department was a real team effort with lots of boys contributing very well, but performance of the season must go to Nick Yeoward with his astonishing hat trick and four wickets in the over to wrap up the game in quick time against St Mary’s Hall. There were many highlights during the term but our success was built on a real team effort. David Schofield, Dominic Ainslie, Caspar Massey and Harry Wasdell all made significant improvement with their performances. David in particular proved to be very useful by scoring quick runs or taking important wickets just when the team needed some inspiration. I wish the leavers future successes on the cricket field at their new schools and am excited at the prospect of the current U12s progressing further in 2014. Squad: Archie Waterworth* (Capt), Daniel Humes*, Oscar Holt, Robert Ford*, Fred Furnival*, David Schofield*, Nick Yeoward, Archie Mobbs, Dominic Ainsley, Harry Wasdell, Luke Williams, Caspar Massey, Frank Morris. PJP Page 70

Played 13 Won 8 Drawn 0 Lost 3 Abandoned 2 v Yarlet Packwood


69 for 5 158 for 2

Won by 89 runs

v Wrekin College Packwood


118 for 6 183 for 5

Won by 65 runs

v St Mary’s Hall Packwood


93 all out 94 for 2

Won by 8 wkts

v Moor Park Packwood


v Foremarke Packwood


155-3 152-9

Lost by 7 wkts

v Birchfield Packwood


93 for 6 94 for 3

Won by 7 wkts

v Aysgarth (Jet 2nd round) (A) Packwood

150 for 6 112 for 5

Lost by 38 runs

v Shrewsbury School U14B (H) Packwood

103 for 5 151 for 5

Won by 48 runs

v Abberley Packwood


103 all out 116 all out

Won by 13 runs

v King William’s Packwood


66 for 9 153 for 1

Won by 87 runs

v S. Anselm’s Packwood


41 all out 45 for 6

Won by 4 wkts

Shrewsbury High Prep Packwood


0 for 0 rsp 152 for 5


v Sedbergh Packwood


137 for 5 120 for 9

Lost by 17 runs

52 for 2 rsp Abandoned

U12 Bunbury Cup


Repton Donald Carr Trophy U12 8-a-side Tournament


Wrekin 6-a-side Tournament


Abberley 8-a-side Tournament


*colours awarded

After the disappointments last year mainly due to the poor weather, 2013 proved to be a memorable season for so many reasons. The 1st and U12 XIs played three times as many matches compared to last year, enjoyed lots of success in the tournaments entered, an excellent record in all matches played and an amazing set of individual performances in all areas of the game.

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S P O R T: C R I C K E T

2nd XI

Played 9 Won 8 Drawn 1 Lost 0

After last summer's rain, just having a full season of fixtures was a blessing. On top of this, this talented squad of boys won eight matches and only drew the ninth in failing to take the final Foremarke wicket. The tone was set in our first match at St Mary's Hall where Caspar Massey claimed the two wickets needed off the final over, including one off the final ball, to force a win. Other highlights included five wickets for Felix Jebb against Shrewsbury boys two years his senior in a typically disciplined spell of fast bowling. Captain Ivor Fetherstonhaugh also took five against both Prestfelde and Abberley, including a hat trick with his wonderfully attacking leg spin. He also blossomed early on as a batsman scoring 50 at St Mary’s Hall, whilst Harry Swinburne and Ollie Hall both hit classy half centuries against S. Anselm’s. The highlight of the season in a terrific team effort was surely Frank Morris' blitzkrieg century at Foremarke; even the opposition stopped

v Wrekin College Packwood

(A) 89 for 8 (25 overs) 192 for 5 (25 overs)

Won by 103 runs

v St Mary’s Hall Packwood

(A) 76 all out (22 overs) 131 for 6 (Fetherstonhaugh 50)

Won by 55 runs

v Foremarke Packwood

(A) 137 for 9 189 for 0 (Morris 102)


v Shrewsbury U14C (H) 31 all out (Jebb 5 for 13) Packwood 111 for 5 (18 overs)

Won by 80 runs

v Abberley Hall Packwood

(H) 52 all out (Fetherstonhaugh 5 for 4) 54 for 1 Won by 9 wkts

v Prestfelde Packwood

(H) 52 all out (Fetherstonhaugh 5 for 10) 91 all out Won by 39 runs

v Oswestry Packwood

(H) 69 for 4 (20 overs) 71 for 3

v S. Anselm’s Packwood

(A) 60 all out 208 for 2 (Hall 64*, Swinburne 50*) Won by 148 runs

v Sedbergh Packwood

(A) 125 for 8 (25 overs) 157 for 9 (25 overs)

Won by 7 wkts

Won by 32 runs

to admire the hard hitting which included an extraordinary 22 fours. He also starred in running out batsmen with direct hits from various parts of the outfield! Mention should go also to Luke Williams' unplayable balls and hard hitting, Sam Bayliss' very tidy keeping and some timely slogging from Edward Peterson when required. Well done to the other 2s too, who more than held their own and have gained excellent experience at this level for next year. Team: Ivor Fetherstonhaugh (Capt), Harry Swinburne, Ollie Hall, Frank Morris, Edward Peterson, Alex Ainslie, Sam Bayliss, Luke Williams, Felix Jebb, Owen Carroll, William Holcroft, Rowan Pickstock, Jamie Channon. RAC

3rd XI

Played 4 Won 3 Drawn 1 Lost 0

The boys in the 3rd XI this year were a real credit to the school and to themselves. This group was a pleasure to teach and produced some excellent cricket. The depth of talent was quite extraordinary and the competition for places was fierce. It was an unbeaten season but there were definitely highs and lows along the way. High points like when Bedford and Grigg had to score a single off the last ball to secure a draw against Foremarke, or Nicholas’ captain’s knock against St Bede’s scoring 50 retired. Not to mention some of the fielding with catches from Woodhead, run outs by Hancock and wicket keeping by Garcia that would have put any Spanish goalkeeper to shame. The boys did pick up a few things along the way especially the tactics of the ‘timed game’. Away at St Mary’s Hall they learnt the hard way that it doesn’t matter how many runs your opponents have got, you’ve got to get them all out!

v St Mary’s Hall Packwood


v Foremarke Packwood

(H) 123 for 3 123 for 5

v Abberley Packwood


v St Bede’s Packwood


138 for 6

Winning draw Drawn

143 for 5

Won by 5 wkts

167 for 4 (Nicholas 50 ret)

Won by 6 wkts

All in all a very enjoyable and entertaining term of cricket where the weather only spoilt proceedings occasionally. Well done boys! Team: Zak Nicholas (Capt),Roly Hancock, Keita Umetani, Javier Garcia, Marcus Woodhead, Ben Cowley, Tom Hughes, Oliver Bureau, Harry Mydddelton, Jude Bedford, Linden Grigg, Scott Walker. JM

4th XI Although the fourths Played 3 Won 1 only played three v Foremarke (H) matches this term, Packwood an impressive total of (H) seventeen boys played v Abberley Packwood for the team. Some excellent cricket was v Moor Park (A) Packwood played there were plenty of memorable moments and individual triumphs.

Drawn 0 Lost 2 111 for 5 110 for 9 dec Lost by 5 wkts 51 all out 56 for 0

Won by 10 wkts

108 91

Lost by 17 runs

For me, the highlight was Ned Moreau's catch of a firmly driven ball over his head at silly mid-off. What made this so remarkable was the fact that Ned's hands were firmly in his pockets when the ball was struck! Mention should also be made of James Hinwood's plucky innings of 22 against a strong bowling attack at Moor Park, Thomas Mercer's four wickets and two catches in the same match, Eliott

Gilling- Smith's fine 28 not out against Foremarke, Nat McAllister's consistently reliable batting and bowling and Piers Merison playing very sportingly but not too competently for Abberley when they were a player short. Even more important than these individual performances was the excellent spirit in which all the matches were played and the support and encouragement from parents on the boundary. Many of those who played will be here next year and I am sure that the experience they have gained will stand them in good stead at whatever level they play in the future. Squad: Nat McAllister, Thomas Mercer, Johnnie Peel, James Hinwood, Freddy Williams, Alfie Deahl, Eliott Gilling-Smith, Ned Moreau, John Elliott, Arthur Gell, Piers Merison, Oliver Bureau, Keita Nakamura, Adam Pattenden, Max Pickering, Scott Nicholson, Ali Davies. FRH Page 71

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S P O R T: C R I C K E T

5th XI The 5th XI have been a Played 1 Won 0 Drawn 0 Lost 1 keen bunch all term. v S. Anselm’s (H) 113 for 5 Sadly their first fixture Packwood 101 for 7 Lost by 12 runs against Moffats had to be cancelled due to the elements, which was a real disappointment. Still they practised hard and were always eager for more cricket. The depth of cricket in the seniors this year has been very impressive, with boys like Keita Nakamura and Llyr Heyward-Jones, the 5th XI were strong.

In the only match of the term, the team faced a 3rd XI outfit from Foremarke in the 20/20 format. The Packwood boys played good cricket and were very unlucky to lose. A good knock from Llyr and some tight bowling from Pun put Foremarke under a lot of pressure. Let’s hope for more cricket next summer term! Team: Ned Warbuton-Lee, William Brooke, Llyr Heyward-Jones, Morton Moss, Ken Peerapairoj, Dragon Dararattanarojna, Thomas Shaw, Antonio Hernandez Sanchez, Pun Vatayanonta, Keita Nakamura. JM

Under 11A Played 11 Won 5 Drawn 2 Lost 3 No result 1

After losing all but one player from last year’s side, this year was always going to be a steep learning curve for such an inexperienced team. The boys showed how hard work, dedication and having a willingness to improve can pay off, and ended the season with a very impressive win-loss record. Jack Goodall, the team’s only experienced player from last year was appointed as captain early on, and didn’t disappoint, showing a real tactical awareness throughout the term. All of the boys can be very proud of how they have conducted themselves, improved and performed this season in what will go down as being a very successful one for the group! Some individual highlights for the season include: Stanford-Davis’ battling 32 against the county Under 11 side; Jack Goodall’s 45 against Old Hall; Harry Waterworth’s 25 not out and one for 11 against Birchfield; Alfred Hughes’ aggressive 38 against an impressive Moor Park side; Toby Turpin’s two wickets in his first two overs of the season; Fred Stephens smashing 26 off 12 balls against Old Hall; Joe Pattenden’s fielding, all season, especially his two full length dives to save four against Shropshire; Tom Dix’s excellent bowling to win Packwood the game against St Mary’s Hall; George Weston’s Man of the Match three wicket, two catch haul against Oswestry; Jac Evans’s eye-catching 31 to go with his brilliant on-hand pick-ups; Frankie McLaughlin’s 26 on his debut against North East Wales. It has been a very enjoyable season for me to have such an enthusiastic group of boys. I have had an absolutely fantastic time coaching them and wish them every success in the future. Team: Jack Goodall (Capt), William Stanford-Davis, Francis McLaughlin, Harry Waterworth, Toby Turpin, Alfred Hughes, Jac Evans, Joe Pattenden, Fred Stephens, George Weston, Thomas Dix, Oliver Holcroft. PFD

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v Yarlet Packwood

(H) 100 for 9 136 for 4 (Stanford-Davis 46)

Won by 36 runs

v St Mary’s Hall Packwood

(H) 36 all out 142 for 6 (Goodall 48)

Won by 106 runs

v Foremarke Packwood

(H) 114 for 7 113 for 5 (Evans 31)

Lost by 3 wkts

v Birchfield Packwood

(A) 93 for 5 138 for 3 (Stanford-Davis 50 ret) Drawn

v Abberley Packwood

(A) 81 for 1 77 all out

Lost by 9 wkts

v Oswestry Packwood

(H) 35 for 6 36 for 4

Won by 6 wkts

v S. Anselm’s Packwood

(H) 74 all out 142 for 5 (Goodall 51 ret, Stanford-Davis 50 ret)

Won by 68 runs

v Shrewsbury High Prep (A) 49 for 5 Packwood 118 for 1 (Stanford-Davis 51 not out, Evans 39 not out)

No result

v Brambletye Packwood

(H) 47 all out 48 for 1

Won by 9 wkts

v Old Hall Packwood

(H) 83 for 6 116 for 8 (Goodall 45)


v Moor Park Packwood

(A) 124 for 0 123 all out (Hughes 36)


Sedbergh 6-a-side

Plate winners

Malvern 8-a-side Tournament


Wrekin 6-a-side


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S P O R T: C R I C K E T

Under 11B The Under 11Bs have played very well this season, perhaps exceeding expectations. The improvement they made between their first match and the last was excellent. The team has consistently demonstrated very good fielding skills and the boys soon learnt the importance of maintaining a competitive run rate by running hard between the wickets. Perhaps the best indication of how they developed was against Old Hall where they had 127 runs to chase. They kept their nerve and reached their target with four overs to go – a great effort. A few notable performances: Frankie McLaughlin’s 35 not out against Old Hall and his 31 against S. Anselm’s; also against S. Anselm’s there were unbeaten 30s for

Played 8 Won 5 Drawn 0 Lost 3

Maxwell Howler, George Clowes and Jonty Bright and, versus Prestfelde, a superb four wickets for five runs also from Jonty Bright. The Prestfelde game was arguably the highlight of the season – chasing 97 runs we had lost eight wickets and were staring at defeat when Jacob Jones won the match with a four followed by a mighty six through mid-wicket. The boys deserve much credit for a very good season.

v St Mary’s Hall Packwood

(H) 34 all out 35 for 2


v Foremarke U10A Packwood

(H) 73 for 5 71 for 7 dec


v Birchfield Packwood

(H) 51 all out 160 for 1


v Abberley Packwood

(H) 100 for 2 99 for 7


v Birchfield Packwood

(H) 96 all out 98 for 7


v S. Anselm’s Packwood

(A) 60 for 6 168 for 2


v Shropshire U10 Packwood

(H) 101 for 5 96 all out


v Old Hall Packwood

(A) 127 128 for 4


Team: George Clowes, Francis McLaughlin, Gregor Montgomery, Edward Don, Patrick Norman, Edward Barry, Jonty Bright, Maxwell Horler, Laurie Rathbone, Jacob Jones, Edward Bayliss, Henry Dickson, George Weston, Will Shaw, Oliver Holcroft. CL

Under 11C Played 2 Won 0 Drawn 0 Lost 2 v Foremarke Packwood

(A) 164 for 4 123 all out (Rathbone 25 not out) Lost

v Abberley Packwood

(A) 73 for 8 72 all out


With the scheduled Moffats match cancelled due to the weather, the season came down to just two fixtures. In the first against Foremarke, the opposition was simply too slick in every department, and this being our first game, we did not respond to the challenge of keeping runs down in the field quickly enough. Consequently our opponents gained a firm grip on the game in the early stages but, having said that, a spirited stand between youngsters Laurie Rathbone and Will Shaw helped us finish in a respectable position. The Abberley game as the score suggests was a thriller, with us falling short by one run on the last ball of the game. For the rest of the season, the boys have practised hard as well as playing a variety of games against internal opposition, and it is good to see how their skill levels and knowledge of the game have improved as a result. Squad: Robert Vick(Capt), Tom Kiel, Patrick Crowe, Will Shaw, Orlando Williams, Laurie Rathbone, Oliver Griffiths, Nathan Mielczarek, Freddie Matthias, Gus Ames, Oliver Keeling-Paglia, Suguru Gotoh, James Weir, Will Gardiner, Patrick Norman KJW

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S P O R T: C R I C K E T

Under 9A What a fantastic group Played 6 Won 4 Drawn 0 Lost 1 of cricketers we have at Abandoned 1 this school, not only in (H) terms of their skill level v Oswestry Packwood Won by 80 runs but also in their ability v Abberley (H) to listen and learn and Lost by 1 run to represent Packwood Packwood v S. Anselm’s (H) in such a mature and Won by 131 runs polite manner when in Packwood a school match. v Birchfield (A) Won by 93 runs At Under 9 level things Packwood are no different. It is a v Shrewsbury High Prep (A) great age group to Packwood Abandoned coach as there is so v Moor Park (H) much to learn – Packwood Won by 61 runs fielding positions, cricket etiquette, bowling and batting technique – the list is endless. We play paired cricket which has its pros and cons. The good thing about it is that everybody gets to bat and bowl, however, the downside is that the loss of a wicket can be devalued as the team lose just five runs which can affect shot selection. That said, the majority of our batsmen played the game as if they were playing ‘proper cricket’ and at one stage of the season we hadn’t lost a wicket for two and a half games! We have bowled well throughout the season, not trying to bowl too quickly – if you bowl straight something happens. We fielded superbly with some excellent catches being taken and we batted diligently, letting the wide balls go, playing the good balls sensibly and hitting the poor deliveries.

It is so pleasing to watch a team at this age change quickly between overs, know their positions, back up the throw etc. They are on a very steep learning curve and have been very impressive. To mention individuals would perhaps be a little unfair because the season has been very much about a team effort and all the boys have played their part. We even selected a different captain for each game. However, don’t be surprised to see many of the names below cropping up time and again in future magazine reports. Well done all on an excellent season! Squad: Jago Ainslie, Wilbur Blackham, Freddie Cox, Hugo Davies, William Goodall, Angus Hill-Trevor, George Hughes, Sebastian Marmont, Euan Montgomery, Freddie Oakley, James Pickering, George Stanford-Davis, William Tate, Jack Yeoward, Louis Graham, Tom Bright. MAF

Under 9B The boys were an enthusiastic Played 2 Won 2 Drawn 0 Lost 0 bunch. They were keen to v Birchfield (H) improve their cricket skills and Packwood Won by 53 runs were fast learners. I was v S. Anselm’s (H) particularly pleased with the Packwood Won by 134 runs improvement in their bowling technique, with most having achieved this basic skill by the end of the season. The Bs played two matches and won both well. Henry Jones-Perrott was a key bowler and batsman, while Fred Dollar and Freddie Greenwell could hit the ball hard. Their fielding was particularly impressive in their last match. Squad: Alexander Barry, Bobby Boyes, Tom Bright, Fred Dollar, Freddie Greenwell, Henry Jones-Perrott, James Lewis, James Miles, Dan Richardson, Edward Scott, Jamie Warburton-Lee, William Waterhouse. RHC

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S P O R T: R O U N D E R S A N D G I R L S ’ C R I C K E T

Rounders and Girls’ Cricket

1st XI Girls’Cricket The 1st XI cricket team only had Played 1 Won 1 Drawn 0 Lost 1 one match which was early in v Abberley (H) 277 the season against Abberley. 201 Lost by 76 runs Unfortunately, we had very little Packwood time to practise and prepare ourselves and we were up against a team who had been playing cricket as their major sport. However, we did not disgrace ourselves; we bowled well on the whole and did our best with the batting. Well tried girls. Team: Millie Shaw (Capt), Sophia Price, Beth Cooper, Amelia Ashworth, Georgia Bibby, Lottie Clarke, Ellie Mason and Alice Shone. GW

1st IX Rounders The 1st IX rounders squad had Played 2 Won 1 Drawn 0 Lost 1 great depth in their batting this For 271⁄2 Against 20 year. Usually we excel in the v Prestfelde (H) Won 17 - 81⁄2 field but I think all the extra 1 v Moor Park (A) Lost 10 ⁄2 - 111⁄2 cricket and tennis sessions meant that their ‘eye’ was in. The fielding wasn’t too bad either, but catches did go begging. Our triangle of Ellie Mason, Freya Beasley and Lottie Clarke drew compliments from visiting coaches and they’ll be back next season to stir up more chaos. Alice Shone moved her field well and was an outstanding captain. We lost our second match by only one rounder but with most of the squad still around for next year we really will be a match for Moor Park. Team: Alice Shone (Capt)*, Amelia Tennant *, Millie Shaw*, Georgia Bibby*, Ellie Mason, Freya Beasley, Lottie Clarke, Talullah Blackham, Annabel Robertson, Amelia Ashworth. KLP

Page 75

*colours awarded

This year we have moved away from having rounders as the major girls’ sport and we are instead trying to give the girls more cricket, tennis and swimming. The following reports are an amalgamation of the summer sports programme and should also be viewed alongside the tennis and swimming articles and results to give a full overview of the sports and fixtures played.

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S P O R T: R O U N D E R S A N D G I R L S ’ C R I C K E T

2nd XI Girls’ Cricket/2nd IX Rounders This year the girls Cricket: had a chance not only Played 2 Won 0 Drawn 0 Lost 2 to play in rounders v Abberley (H) 259 matches but in Packwood 242 Lost by 17 runs cricket matches too. v Moreton Hall (A) 156 In rounders we had a Packwood 114 Lost by 42 runs really mixed set of results. When we Rounders: played well we Played 3 Won 1 Drawn 1 Lost 1 played very well, for For 441⁄2 Against 24 example in our first v Moor Park (H) Won 141⁄2 - 41⁄2 match against Moor v Abberley (A) Lost 18 - 71⁄2 Park. However, our v Moor Park (A) Drawn 12 - 12 game suffered at times from unfortunate mistakes particularly in the fielding. This was evident against Abberley – we never quite got to grips with the long barrier! In the final match against Moor Park we took a mixture of second and third team players and ended up with a commendable draw. The usual rounders line-up for the seconds was Rosie Clarke who bowled reliably throughout the season, Laura Whittingham whose accuracy at backstop was very good, Sophia Price at first post who caught the ball with commendable coolness, Amelia Peterson who played at second post consistently well, Molly Bruce at third post whose performance was sound at times, Amelia Maunder at fourth post who improved as the season progressed and the deep field was made up of Isabella Wythe, Phoebe Wasdell, Beth Cooper, Rosie Simpson and Kim Peerapairoj who

all contributed with some accurate throwing. The captaincy was rotated amongst the senior girls who all did an exceptional job – thank you. In the cricket, although relatively new to the sport, the girls picked up the skills of batting and bowling remarkably quickly. They lost both matches against teams who perhaps had more experience of cricket, particularly Abberley. However, our girls gave a pleasing account of themselves and did their best. Well done girls. Team: Rosie Clarke, Laura Whittingham, Sophia Price, Amelia Peterson, Molly Bruce, Amelia Maunder, Isabella Wythe, Beth Cooper, Phoebe Wasdell, Rosie Simpson, Kim Peerapairoj, Pip Vickers, Natasha Carter-Motley, Annabel Robertson, Freya Beasley, Eliza Beckett. GW

3rd IX Rounders The thirds had a great Played 6 Won 3 Drawn 1 Lost 2 season of rounders. For 77 Against 68 Sadly due to some (H) Lost 91⁄2 - 131⁄2 unfortunate weather a v Moor Park v Abberley (A) Won 181⁄2 - 10 couple of our games v Moreton Hall (A) Won 16 - 141⁄2 had to be cancelled, v Adcote (H) Drawn 11 - 11 however we managed v Bromsgrove (A) Lost 12 - 14 to get six games v Foremarke (H) Won 10 - 5 played producing some good results. Our losses were to some tactical teams – however, we very much held our own and always gave them a run for their money. The team was very consistent with outstanding work at backstop from Sophie Barlow, teaming up with Ana Gutierrez Colomer at first post. Our bowler was Natasha Carter-Motley who was incredibly reliable and a huge asset in the batting side of the game too, scoring the most rounders in the season. We have had some excellent fielders including Lottie Hill-Trevor who supported the deeps with her superb arm and reassuring back up by Imogen Downey at second post with a safe pair of hands. Kim Peerapairoj has been a huge part of the team with her mature captaincy, superb tactics and consistent batting. Well done girls, it’s been a great pleasure.

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Team: Kim Peerapairoj (Capt), Sophie Barlow, Natasha Carter-Motley, Ana Gutierrez Colomer, Imogen Downey, Amber Gibbins, Lexie Samuel, Lottie Hill-Trevor, Claudia Lobato Jiminez, Pip Vickers. BN

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S P O R T: R O U N D E R S A N D G I R L S ’ C R I C K E T

Under 11A Rounders It was a promising start Played 7 Won 3 Drawn 0 Lost 4 to the season; fair For 66 Against 58 weather and a group of v Moor Park (Triangular) (H) Lost 21⁄2 - 41⁄2 very enthusiastic girls v Adcote (Triangular) (H) Won 61⁄2 - 1 eager to get stuck in! v Prestfelde (H) Won 151⁄2 - 8 We started the term v Abberley (H) Lost 7 - 10 focusing on the core v Moor Park (A) Lost 111⁄2 - 121⁄2 skills of throwing, v Brambletye (H) Won 10 - 7 catching and batting. v Foremarke (H) Lost 13 - 15 Once these had been Moor Park U11 Tournament 3rd established we were Rugby School U11 Tournament Plate finalists able to develop the tactical side of the game, concentrating on decision making and effective fielding. This stood us in good stead for the first fixture of the season – The Moor Park U11 Rounders Tournament. This proved to be a very pleasing debut for the girls, despite the rain and accompanying thunder doing their best to defeat us! The rest of the term fell foul to the unpredictable and infuriating English weather with fixtures, tournaments and valuable games lessons lost. The girls were desperately disappointed but even more determined to make the most of every opportunity they did get to play. Thankfully, we managed to salvage some of our calendar fixtures which included hosting a touring team from Brambletye. The girls were impeccable ambassadors both on and off the pitch and I’m sure they left a lasting, positive impression on our visitors. Our final match against Foremarke was a fantastic exhibition of

our grit and determination. Despite the final score, it was by far our most impressive performance of the season and showcased the fielding and batting prowess of the team. It has been an enjoyable journey through the term with highs, lows, laughter and frustration all playing a part. The girls should be proud of what they have achieved through many hours of practice and a lot of determination. Their skills improved immensely throughout the term and have prepared them well for the challenges of senior rounders next year. Team: Sophia Bureau, Louisa Jarvis, Zara Vickers, Georgia Kannreuther, Freya Cox, Eliza Rosselli, Harriet Haynes, Sacha Sandbach, Olivia Moir, Lily Freeman-Attwood, Antonia Nelson. LW

Under 11B/Under 10 Rounders The Under 11B/Under Played 7 Won 6 Drawn 0 Lost 1 10 rounders squad has For 81 Against 48 enjoyed a very positive 1 1 and successful season. v Moor Park (Triangular) (H) Lost 3 ⁄2 - 5 ⁄2 1 1 v Terra Nova (Triangular) (H) Won 3 ⁄ 2 - 1 ⁄2 They are an 1 v Prestfelde (H) Won 17 ⁄ 2 - 14 enthusiastic and v Abberley (H) Won 121⁄2 - 101⁄2 talented crop of girls v Birchfield (H) Won 11 - 5 who have played with v Moor Park (A) Won 111⁄2 - 4 great determination v Foremarke (H) Won 211⁄2 - 71⁄2 and flair throughout Packwood U10 Tournament Runners-up the term and thoroughly deserve their outstanding results. Despite the tiresome English weather, we only lost a couple of calendar fixtures. This afforded the squad the opportunity to perfect throwing, catching and batting skills in a competitive environment. The hours spent practising such skills paid dividends as the statistics testify and paved the way for the girls to progress to learning the tactical side of the game. The very first Packwood Under 10 Rounders Tournament was the perfect finale to the season and a fabulous event enjoyed by everyone. The girls played exceptionally well, their only defeat at the hands of Shrewsbury High

School, and were thrilled to be presented with their silver medals. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the girls this term and found it extremely rewarding watching them develop into such promising players. I very much look forward to working with them again next year. Team: Emily McParland, Georgiana Nicholas, Freja Bedell, Alice Hughes, Daisy David, Marta Hernandez Sanchez, Antonia Nelson, Anna Cowan, Tommy Jarvis, Seren Pattinson. LW

Under 9/Under 8 Rounders The weather put a dampener Played 4 Won 2 Drawn 0 Lost 2 on the girls’ rounders season For 521⁄2 Against 431⁄2 with many games sessions v Moor Park (H) Lost 11 - 171⁄2 and matches being cancelled v Prestfelde (H) Won 171⁄2 - 71⁄2 because of the rain. In their few v Birchfield U10/9 (H) Won 13 - 6 opportunities to play, they v Moor Park (A) Lost 11 - 121⁄2 always tried hard to put the skills they’d learnt into practice and achieved some success – most notably against a more experienced team from Birchfield made up of Under 10 and Under 9 players. They were very unlucky to be narrowly beaten in the second Moor Park match where rain stopped play. Every girl had the opportunity to represent the school in at least one of the matches and by the end of the term all of them were regularly making contact with the ball resulting in many scoring rounders for the team.

Squad: Emily Keeling-Paglia, Isabel Morris, Poppy Stephens, Eliza Blackham, Honor Grigg, Alice Marshall, Genevieve Bright, Lucy Clarke, Zennor Harvey, Georgina Kenyon, Liberty Clarke, Bea Grigg, Rowena Jones, Katie MacKinlay. KE Page 77

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S P O R T: R I D I N G


Packwood One Day Event

Show Jumping

The Packwood One Day Event was held on the first Sunday of the autumn term when perfect weather and a very positive Dressage judge helped make for a most enjoyable afternoon.

Packwood’s riding team enjoyed a very successful weekend at Southview in September in the regional qualifying competition for the National Schools Equestrian Championships. In the Arena Eventing, Packwood teams won both the 80cm and the 90cm classes and there were individual wins for Sophie Barlow in the 70cm class and Lily Freeman-Attwood (90 cm). Further excitement followed in the very closely contested Show Jumping classes. After plenty of drama and nail-biting moments, there were team wins for Packwood riders at 70cm and 80cm. The icing on the cake was supplied by Lily who achieved individual qualification at both 80cm and 90cm.

There was a particularly strong and competitive Novice class, where Amelia Ashworth was just edged out of the top spot by Eliza Rosselli. There were also class wins for Scott Walker (Open) and Gregor Montgomery (Beginners). The fun was held in a good cause too, as during the course of the afternoon we were able to raise a significant sum of money for Riding for the Disabled – many thanks to all who contributed and to all the young riders, parents and helpers who helped to make it such a successful event.

The Nationals took place in October at Addington Manor in Buckinghamshire and Packwood competed in six of the eight classes. The 75cm Show Jumping class saw some drama and tension when one of the ponies lost a shoe in the ring leading to elimination. Eliza Rosselli, Sophie Barlow and Jonty Bright rode brilliantly to keep the team in with a chance and, after the second round jump off, they managed to secure seventh place. In the 85cm Show Jumping, Scott Walker (riding beautifully despite having 10 stitches in his leg!), Ned Moreau, Sophie Barlow and Lily Freeman-Attwood managed to go one better and brought home sixth place rosettes. Further success followed for this group in the 85cm Jumping with Style class when the team finished second, Reserve Champions to Cranleigh, and Lily was also second in the individual standings. There was individual success for Sophie too who finished sixth in the 75cm Jumping with Style – and she was very close to doing even better as just three time faults cost her three places. With most of these riders still at Packwood next year, we are now going to be looking for a Championship win and really putting ourselves on the riding map. Back at Southview over the early May Bank Holiday weekend the riding team took part in the tenth annual Inter Schools Show Jumping Competition – an event at which Packwood is the only school to have been an ever-present competitor. The children were placed in two of the three different events they entered, success only eluding them in the challenging 2'9" class. The team win of the day came in the 2'3" class for Jac Evans, Jonty Bright, Lily Freeman-Attwood and Eliza Rosselli with Lily again excelling as the individual winner of both the main class and the warm up class, in which Jonty was second. Further success followed for Lily, Sophie Barlow and Amelia Ashworth who finished third in the 2'6" class. The riding year ended on a high at the Shropshire County Show Jumping competition at Netley Hall in early June when the teams qualified to be Shropshire’s representatives at the National Championships this coming October at both 70cm and 80cm. AJR

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S P O R T: S I X E S AT H L E T I C S 2 0 1 3 / R I F L E S H O O T I N G

Sixes Athletics 2013 The late April hosting of the Sixes Athletics at Senior and Under 11 levels provided some memorable performances yet again. Harcourt/Clarkes won the senior event with 37 points and McFerran/Wilsons won the Under 11 event with 24 points. The overall winners were Bradshaw/ Boyces who won the Miriam Heard Cup for the second year running. Congratulations to Caspar Massey who won the 100m final in the IAPS Athletics event. Caspar also represented the school at the National event in Birmingham. Well done! PJP

Rifle Shooting Rifle shooting continues to be very popular and my records show that over a hundred children have visited the range this year. Shooting takes place in junior activities and in breaks on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I have been particularly pleased with the number of children in years 3 and 4 who have shot and that more girls have shot this year. There have been two competitions each term, one for unsupported shooting and one with the front of the gun rested. This is important because the guns are quite heavy and it allows the younger children to compete on equal terms with the older, stronger ones. Children can also shoot for PSRA certificates and a large number of second class and first class certificates were awarded this year.

Marksman certificates were awarded to Keita Umetani, Sam Bayliss, Ken Peerapairoj, William Brooke, Tom Baines, Alfie Deahl and Kim Peerapairoj. The two top shots of the year were Ned Warburton -Lee who won the Jenkins cup for the highest score and Zak Nicholas who won the Croydon cup for the best average. I hope that they and the other leaving shots will continue to enjoy shooting at their next schools and it is good to know that there are plenty of keen and able shots coming up the school to take their place. FRH Page 79

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S P O R T: C R O S S C O U N T R Y / G O L F

Cross Country It has been a transition year for the cross country team, as predicted after such a successful 2011-12 season. We have been a bit unlucky in terms of fixtures too as most of the races were during exeat weekends and very few runners were available. Despite having a small number of runners, we entered our usual races: the Royal Shrewsbury Prep Schools’ Hunt, the Nationals at Malvern and the competition at Shrewsbury High Prep. Luke Williams performed strongly in all three of them, especially in the Hunt (8th) and at Shrewsbury High (2nd). Robert Ford was a fabulous asset by stepping in at the last minute to help the team. Well done. Congratulations also to Harry Wasdell and Archie Waterworth for their great input throughout the season. The relay at Shrewsbury High in which we finished second will live long in the memory. All the runners gave of their very best, especially James Hinwood, who ran his lap very quickly with only one shoe after losing it in the mud at the start of the race. Chapeau! I am already looking forward to next year. We have some very promising boys and girls coming up including Georgiana Nicholas and Emily McParland who had a taste of competition at the Nationals this year and who I hope will be racing more in the coming terms. Furthermore, Packwood will be a new venue for the Cross Country Young Athletes Shropshire League on 20th October. The team won the Under 13 boys’ competition last year and I hope that we will be able to get our name on one of the shields in the near future. JN

Golf This year we changed the date of the parent/pupil competition, and as a result had far more people taking part. A really mixed entry, in terms of boys and girls and age, was lovely to see and there was a good deal of banter amongst the players. Some excellent play meant that the Stableford points were extremely close. There had to be a winner however, and this year it was Daniel Humes, with David Schofield and Jac Evans in joint second. Well done to all. In the school competition, a small group of seniors was won by Tom Hughes, and in the juniors Orlando Williams just edged out George Hughes, with a very promising looking Henry Jones-Perrott in third. SAR Woosnam Cup (Senior Boys)

Tom Hughes

Junior Cup

Orlando Williams

Page 80

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S P O R T: F E N C I N G

Fencing It has been another outstanding year for an outstanding bunch of children. Thanks to all of the parents and staff that have helped make it all possible. Goodbye to our leavers… Captain Issy Wythe, Vicecaptain Scott Walker, Georgia Bibby, Millie Shaw, Alice Shone, Roly Hancock, Eliott Gilling-Smith, Harry Wasdell, Ned Warburton-Lee … Well done, hope to see you all fencing again soon, so long and thanks for all the pizza! NW 2012 August Yana Shemyakina (UKR) & Ruben Limardo (VEN) won Olympic Epee Golds Kim Ji-Yeon (KOR) & Áron Szilágyi (HUN) won Olympic Sabre Golds September Packwood Fencing Club and Activities restarted with 74 fencers aged 7-13 October Wrexham/Packwood match (H): seniors lost, juniors won November Cocks Moors Woods Epee, Birmingham: 10 medals including three champions: Oliver Holcroft, Louisa Jarvis, Scott Walker LPJS Packwood: 74 entries, Edward Don – Silver December Elite Epee Oundle 1: William Holcroft – last 16, Oliver Holcroft† – Silver Bibby Bowl Sixes trophy: Mannings/Sodens

March British Fencing Referee Course at Packwood

May GB Championships, Sheffield: Ben Cowley – 33rd Adam Pattenden – 31st Issy Wythe† (U14) – 28th Scott Walker† (U14) – 22nd Edward Don – last 16 Louisa Jarvis† – quarter-finalist James Hinwood – Bronze

Packwood Epee Cup: Nine medals including two champions: Emily McParland, Oliver Holcroft

Packwood Sporting Experience: fencing session

Midlands Air Ambulance presented with cheque for £338 raised by Packwood fencers

June English Championships, Hatfield: Oliver Holcroft† (U11) – Bronze William Holcroft† (U13) – 11th Edward Don – 21st James Hinwood – 35th

Elite Epee Oundle 2: William and Oliver Holcroft – last 16)

Wrexham/Packwood match (A): seniors lost, juniors won. April GB Team Championships, London: Under 13A: Scott Walker, Roly Hancock, Ned Warburton-Lee,William Holcroft† – quarter-finalists Under 13B: James Hinwood†, Ben Cowley†, Adam Pattenden† – quarter-finalists Under 11 Boys: Edward Don, Alfred Hughes, George Weston, Oliver Holcroft† – Bronze Under 11 Girls: Louisa Jarvis, Freya Cox, Harriet Haynes, Emily McParland† – Bronze Shakespeare’s Swords Sabre Open: Jacob Jones – Silver LPJS Warwick: Jacob Jones, Freja Bedell, Tommy Jarvis, Adam Pattenden – last 16

Bill Hoskyns Open Boys’ Epee: William Holcroft – Silver July Duel-in-the-Sun: 104 entries, Issy Wythe – Champion

year young

February West Midlands Epee: 10 medals including two champions: Emily McParland, Ben Cowley

2013 January West Midlands Sabre: Jacob Jones† – quarter-finalist, Keishi Oyama (Old Packwoodian) re-selected for Japan

Page 81

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S P O R T: S W I M M I N G


Bell Cup for swimming standards


Prosser Cup for Sixes swimming


Long Freestyle


Sprint Freestyle


Genevieve Bright

George Stanford-Davis Genevieve Bright*

It’s been another very successful year in the swimming pool with some great team successes and many individual achievements, not least by every child from Acorns to Under 10s all of whom have achieved an ASA swimming award.


Will Tate

Freddie Cox

Will Tate/Seb Marmont*

U 10

Emily McParland

Will Stanford-Davis

Emily McParland

U 11

Zara Vickers

Zara Vickers

Zara Vickers

The swimming team started off the season with the Prep Schools’ County Gala where we finished a close third having been pipped to second place by just one point. Alfred Hughes swam particularly well winning nearly all of his races and the Under 11 relay team were unbeaten on the day. Genevieve Bright and Liberty Clarke were taking part in their first gala and both girls put in great performances. There were two other galas this term including a triangular match against Moreton Hall and Oswestry which the Packwood swimmers won in emphatic style, never finishing outside the top two and amassing an outstanding 245 points in total. The Under 9s – Eliza Blackham, Freddie Cox, Will Tate, James Pickering and Seb Marmont – had a great day winning all but one of their events. The rest of the term was devoted to training for the Aquathlons and working towards achieving swimming standards. Congratulations to the school record breakers, Genevieve Bright, Pip Vickers and to Will Tate and Seb Marmont who achieved a Packwood first by setting a joint record in the Under 9 sprint freestyle.

U 12 Susie Li

Susie Li

Amelia Ashworth

U 13 Keita Umetani

Pip Vickers

Pip Vickers*

As well as swimming at Packwood the team trained every Thursday evening throughout the year at Shrewsbury School’s 25m pool. These extra sessions gave the children the opportunity to work not only on their strokes but also on their speed, stamina and race technique. During the summer term the swimmers registered times for the regional rounds of the IAPS swimming championships and at the end of the year they were all timed for the ASA National Schools Speed Swim Awards. Freya Cox achieved one gold award, Zara Vickers and Freddy Williams both achieved two golds and there was an outstanding performance by Pip Vickers who achieved four golds, one in each of the four strokes! Page 82

*setting a new Packwood record

The term culminated with the closely contested Sixes relays – the noisiest event in the Packwood sporting calendar. Mannings/Sodens emerged victorious after Robert Ford scuppered his chances of winning the event for McFerran/Wilsons by getting himself tangled up in the lane rope! My very grateful thanks to Ally Onions, Nick Weston and our everreliable bus drivers Phil Mold, Kate Parry and Lea Willis for all their help and support throughout the year and without whom none of this would have been possible. KE

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This is the second year that Packwood have competed in Aquathlon events and the children are now more familiar with these competitions. They have built on the experience they gained last year and have achieved some good results. The season started with Shrewsbury Aquathlon where Packwood was the only school to enter, all other competitors coming from Triathlon clubs. Despite their relative lack of training compared to the children from the clubs, all of Packwood’s entrants finished in top 10 positions with Will Tate and Alfred Hughes coming a very creditable second boy in their respective age groups and Freddie Cox a very close third, only 10 seconds behind Will. At Wrekin College the success continued amongst a much larger and more competitive field comprised of schools and Triathlon clubs and with up to 48 entries in each age group. Run concurrently was the Primary schools Aquathlon challenge and some great individual performances helped Packwood to top spot in the Tristar 2 Boys’ event and a very close second (by only one point) in the Tristar 1 Boys’. Will Waterhouse, in particular, had a great day achieving a personal best time in his swim. In the girls’ events Millie Shaw competed strongly and Freya Cox put in an exceptional performance, especially in her run where she overtook three other

Shrewsbury Aquathlon results Tristar 1

Will Tate Freddie Cox Seb Marmont Will Waterhouse

2nd 3rd 4th 8th

Tristar 2 Boys Alfred Hughes Edward Bayliss

2nd 5th

Tristar 2 Girls Freya Cox


Wrekin College Aquathlon Tristar 1

runners, to help Packwood to third place in the Tristar 2 Girls’. Finally, this year saw the inaugural Packwood Sixes Aquathlon in which children from each year group in the main school combined their running and swimming skills to represent their Six. This was a great event which saw many take part in an Aquathlon for the first time and after all the points were totted up was won by Mannings/Sodens. Congratulations to all!

Will Tate Freddie Cox Will Waterhouse

Tristar 2 Boys Alfred Hughes Freddy Williams Frankie McLaughlin

6th 8th 38th 7th 10th= 10th=

Tristar 2 Girls Freya Cox


Tristar 3 Girls Millie Shaw


Primary schools Aquathlon challenge Tristar 1 Boys Tristar 2 Boys Tristar 2 Girls

2nd 1st 3rd

Packwood Sixes Aquathlon McLaughlin Shield Mannings/Sodens

Clearly swimming is only half of the Aquathlon and I am very grateful to Mr Nogues for all his help with the running training – and for giving up so many of his Sundays to help me and accompany the team. Thank you also to the parents for their support and commitment. KE Page 93 Page 83

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S P O R T: T E N N I S

Tennis Girls Played 5 Won 3 Drawn 1 Lost 1 For 31 Against 15 v Rydal Penrhos v Moor Park v Moreton Hall v Birchfield v Shrewsbury High School Repton Tournament

(H) Won 8-0 (H) Lost 3-6 (A) Won 9-4 (H) Drawn 2-2 (A) Won 9-3 U12 semi-finalists

The girls showed strength within their teams to lose only one of the five matches played. The top couples often had challenging opponents, but the success of other pairs supported them really well. We started with a comfortable win against Rydal Penrhos but then were fairly well beaten the following week by Moor Park. Despite the loss, the match taught us to be more confident about our strokes and to toughen up our play! Moreton Hall’s Under 13 first pair was very good and defeated all three of our pairs. However, we “steadied the ship” against the others, and our play and confidence improved as the afternoon progressed. The Under 12s also gained in confidence, playing accurate and precise tennis. The Under 11s made their debut, and had a friendly 2-2 draw against Birchfield. Louisa and Eliza achieved two wins and had a particularly nail-biting and credible

6-5 success against their own pair. There were plenty of thrills at the Repton Tournament where all three girls’ pairs had good, challenging matches, and put in strong performances. Congratulations in particular to Freya Beasley and Phoebe Wasdell for reaching the semi-finals. Finally, we took six pairs to Shrewsbury High School, and although our first and second pairs were well challenged, all our others won their matches and there was plenty of strength down the order. Now doesn’t that look good for next season! Squad: Amelia Tennant, Rosie Clarke, Sophia Price, Alice Shone, Millie Shaw, Molly Bruce, Eliza Beckett, Annabel Robertson, Freya Beasley, Natasha Carter-Motley, Amelia Maunder, Ellie Mason, Phoebe Wasdell, Lottie Clarke, Louisa Jarvis, Eliza Rosselli, Sophia Bureau, Harriet Haynes. SD

Boys Played 5 Won 2 Drawn 1 Lost 2 For 22 Against 19 v Moor Park (H) Won 8-1 v Birchfield (H) Lost 3-5 v Prestfelde (A) Drawn 4-4 v Shrewsbury School (H) Won 6-2 v Shrewsbury School U15 (A) Lost 1-7 Repton Tournament U13 semi-finalists

Some superbly competitive tennis has been played this season. In our first match we were a decisively stronger team than Moor Park, however we were also frustrated by our lack of consistency. Birchfield brought a very good team and our Under 13 pairs did well to draw while our Under 11s, despite valiant efforts, lost 1-3. We had, as always, some great fun at Prestfelde where the Under 13s were unlucky to lose narrowly and the Under 12s played superbly, once their serving improved! In the Shrewsbury School match we welcomed back many Old Packwoodians for a very competitive, yet fun (and slightly noisy) afternoon! The games were closely matched, Ollie and Freddie’s rubber in particular which lasted almost an hour! There was tumultuous cheering (and relief) when they won the final point. Shrewsbury’s Under 15s gave us some tough competition a few weeks later. The Repton Tournament was a great and Page 84

memorable day with all three of our boys’ pairs putting in fantastic performances. Many congratulations go to Luke and Keita, who, with consistent, strong tennis (and nothing flash!) reached the semi-finals of a very big line up of 23 pairs. Well done boys! I am looking forward to next season already. This year’s Under 12s are promising, and have gained valuable experience. They have learnt much about the mental strategies of the game, as well as the tactics. Thank you for some thoroughly enjoyable afternoons and some superb rallies, that have really made me jump up and down and cheer! Squad: Luke Williams (Capt), Keita Umetani, Ivor Fetherstonhaugh, Archie Waterworth, Harry Wasdell, Dominic Ainslie, David Schofield, Zak Nicholas, Frank Morris, Daniel Humes, Ollie Hall, Freddie Furnival, Jac Evans, Toby Turpin, Jonty Bright, Harry Waterworth, Alfred Hughes, George Clowes. SD

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S P O R T: T E N N I S

Juniors As our children rise up through the ranks from Under 8s, Under 9s, Under 10s to Under 11s they develop their play according to the red, orange and green Mini Tennis levels – the bounce of the balls, the size of the courts and the racket size increase as they progress. It is a great programme that builds skills and confidence. Mrs Lambkin has done a fine job with her Mini Tennis lessons, and I have been delighted to organise some matches. Two girls and two boys took part in an Under 9 indoor tournament at the Marches School. They played on badminton sized courts with a sponge ball. They had superb rallies with opportunities for them to apply all the tactics of the proper game, and yet still have time to make the strokes and cover the court. Despite Louis Graham having to drop out with a sickness bug (leaving only three scores to count) our team came third overall. A few weeks later we had a fun afternoon of play with Ellesmere College – may I thank Mrs Sarah Clarke very much for her help with this event. Here we had red, orange, green and yellow (full sized, proper tennis) games which clearly really worked for our children as their confidence was obvious. Our Under 9s won 8-1, our Under 10s won 3-1 and our Under 11s drew 2-2. I have no doubt that next year we shall build on these junior tennis games and hopefully play more matches as more schools also develop their Mini Tennis.

Squad: Freddie Oakley, Isabel Morris, Eliza Blackham, Liberty Clarke, Lucy Clarke, William Goodall, Tom Bright, Freya Cox, Sebastian Marmont, Jack Yeoward, Louis Graham, Tom Kiel, Thomas Dix, Oliver Holcroft, Edward Bayliss. SD

Page 85

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Old Packwoodian News Tom James visit In January we were delighted to welcome back to Packwood double Olympic gold medallist – and former pupil – Tom James MBE to officially open the school’s newly resurfaced all-weather pitches. Tom was part of the winning men's coxless four rowing crew at the London 2012 Olympic Games last summer and he also won Gold in the same event in Beijing in 2008. His visit to the school began with a special assembly during which pupils watched video clips of his medalwinning Olympic races. Tom also answered questions from the children and talked to them about his rowing career and Olympic experiences – and the enormous amounts of food he has to eat while training! Afterwards everyone was very excited to have the chance to see the medals up close as he toured each of the form rooms to show them to the children. A ribbon-cutting ceremony followed as Tom officially opened the pitches and unveiled a plaque to mark the occasion. He then tried out the new surface for himself, taking part in a brief hockey session with some lucky pupils. CEH

Old Packwoodian Sponsorship Fund Tennis competition At Packwood we regularly receive requests from our alumni to sponsor them for fantastic feats of courage and determination that they are undertaking to raise money for a huge number of very good causes. Until now we have never had a ‘pot’ to draw funds from in order to be able to sponsor them so we have decided to create the Old Packwoodian Sponsorship Fund. Each year we intend to host various functions to raise money for the fund which we will then be able to pass on to causes which the Old Packwoodian Association committee consider worthy recipients. On Friday 21st June we hosted a ladies’ tennis competition as the first of these fundraisers. This was attended by a number of parents, Old Packwoodians, parents of Old Packwoodians and people who were completely new to the school. Luckily the weather stayed fine for most of the day and we had a morning of very exciting tennis, a delicious lunch followed by an entertaining final on the grass court! It was a very enjoyable day and one that we will definitely be repeating next year so, dust off your trainers and get practising! FB

Page 86

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Old Packwoodian Cricket match Take a mixture of Old Packwoodians from across the ages, Old Packwoodian parents, current Packwoodian parents, a bat, a ball and a member of staff to umpire (thank you very much Richard Herzog). Stir them all together and set them in the glorious surrounds of the Wykey pitch on a hot, sunny Sunday afternoon in June and you have the recipe for a great afternoon’s entertainment. Thanks almost entirely to Charlie Clarke and his vast array of Packwood connections the two teams were loosely split into a ‘Cherry Hill’ team and a ‘Pure Packwoodian’ team. With players ranging in age from 16 to almost 60 and a similar range of competitiveness, there were some very entertaining moments on both sides with Rupert Harvey and Patrick Phillips proving equally hard to shift on either side. As with all great games, a result came in the last over with the ‘Pure Packwoodians’ narrowly snatching victory. As everyone indulged in a few pints of Shropshire Gold afterwards and discussed the game over curry and poppadoms the catches got better, the run-outs faster and the batting averages enormous – a great day! Keep an eye on the OP Facebook page for the next match… FB

Engagements Nicolas Heard (1989) to Philippa

Births To Harriet Taylor (née Erskine) and Steve a son, Zachary

To Emily Baker (née Erskine) and Jonny a son, Theo

To Edward Lowe and Olivia, a son, Charles

Obituaries Douglas Kydd Douglas first came to Packwood in September 1968 as a Science and Mathematics master and very quickly the Kydd family became an integral part of the Packwood community. He and his wife Diana moved up to Shropshire from Henley-on-Thames and their eldest daughter, Elizabeth, started at Packwood straightaway as one of the first girls. She was followed in time by their other two children, David and Helen. He was a very highly regarded schoolmaster, and is fondly remembered by all the children he taught at Packwood over the years. It was a great loss to the school when he left in December 1982. He is equally fondly remembered by his colleagues in the staff common room who have described him as “a delightful colleague who constantly amused his fellow members of staff”.

Edward Pease-Watkin wrote, “Douglas joined the staff at Packwood as the school’s first full time Science Master. Before his arrival, the School had been very well served by Science staff from The Priory School in Shrewsbury who were free to come to the school on Saturday mornings. Douglas was the ideal appointment as he was a scientist born and bred and immensely enthusiastic about every branch of the subject; Physics, Chemistry and perhaps most of all, Biology, because of his innate love of all animals. He was able to communicate this love for his subject to all his pupils and it was not long before Science became a subject of major importance in the school.

Douglas was highly qualified, having taken a degree in Botany and Geology at Worcester College, Oxford, and with the experience behind him of being a Senior Scientific Officer at The Grassland Research Institute. He was on the staff from 1968 to 1982, when he retired to have more time for his horses which he loved, his plants, his garden and the West Felton Church which he served for many years as a Church Warden, and where a fine and moving Memorial Service was held for him.”

Page 87

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News of Old Packwoodians 1960 Andrew Killick has retired from teaching Classics at Yarm School and is enjoying the chance to travel.

1984 Adam and Justin Fletcher are both well and their children are all keen and good at games.

1968 Henry Curteis now has two sons aged five and 10 months.

Georgiana Seigneur (née Hopkinson-Woolley) is married to the Real Tennis professional at Leamington Spa and is now much involved with the running of the club.

1969 Richard Montagu left Algeria before the attack on the oil depot. He now travels often to Erbil, the capital of the autonomous region of Kurdistan. 1971 Hugh Curteis has twin girls of 16 who play football for Liverpool. 1974 Richard Jebb now lives at The Lyth and has accepted the chairmanship of the Old Packwoodian Association.

1985 Robin Bennett is engaged with more building work, converting listed farm buildings into three houses. 1986 Roos Allsop is now working with the MOD in Plymouth at a specialist medical centre. Stephen Brown is still very busy writing, being the MC for friends’ weddings and doing some adult teaching and translation work.

Sophie Jebb is still fully engaged at Clare College.

Nigel Crewe-Read remains in the army with two jobs within the MOD.

1975 Anthony Barnett has had a busy year at his architectural company developing business in India and managing prestigious design projects. He now lives on a hillside overlooking the Wharfe Valley in Yorkshire.

Julie Bowdler is now living in Teddington and quite enjoying being back in the UK. She has a son, Essien who was born on Christmas Eve 2011. She is in touch with Susan Underhill (1986) who lives near Bicester and has two sons. She does marketing for the Bodleian Library in Oxford. Her brother Richard (1986) is married and living in Bristol and has two sons, the eldest is at Clifton College Prep school. Julie has also been in touch with Natasha Vaughan-Jones (1986) who is teaching in Brighton, and has two young sons. She is also in touch with Sophie Amphlett (1986) who has a son and is living near Chicago.

Hugh Bickerton is still living in Ireland. 1977 Nicholas Barnett is still flying most weekends but finding it very cold in an open cockpit. David Bickerton is Managing Partner at Clifford Chance. 1979 Jonathan Waterhouse and his brother Andrew (1986) are both now successfully running the family business. 1980 Peter Brown and his brother, Nicholas (1984) are in business together. Mark Crewe-Read is on the staff at MGS. Verity Kerfoot has been visiting Matthew (1978) and Benjamin (1984) from New Zealand. They are all well. Ben Mowll was invited to become the GB steward for the Royal Society of Marine Artists which is a considerable honour. Andrew Jebb works as a barrister and travels regularly. James Skelton is now working as Group Finance Director at Selfridges. 1982 Guy Anstiss met up with Edward Pease-Watkin at the Memorial Service for John Marshall, School House housemaster at Rugby and ex-Packwood Governor. He is still working in the construction industry. Mark Anstiss is still a superintendent working as the Staff Officer to the Hong Kong Commissioner of Police. Josh Mowll and his wife have moved from Holland to Switzerland. He is still working on a novel and is a full partner of Furley Page, Canterbury’s legal office. Richard Hopkinson-Woolley is still in commercial property with Berwin Leighton Paisner.

Sam Boyes (née Stephens) is now Master of the South Shropshire Hounds and lives near Chirbury. Her son, Bobby is at Packwood. David Makinson is still working for the Cabinet Office but, thanks to the wonders of the Internet, living in Nefyn, South Wales and commuting three days a week. He has two daughters aged five and three. Fiona Stewart (née McDonald) was appointed to a high profile job as a consultant at the Royal Marsden Hospital, specialising in patients with lung cancer. 1987 Charles Griffiths is an actuary, now living in Bermuda with his wife and two boys aged three and one. He is running Mercury Capital out there and enjoys the lifestyle. Euan Lee is still working in finance as head of the risk department of a London bank. 1988 Myles Allsop and his wife, Anna work hard in the City. They have three children aged seven, five and eighteen months. Emma Hawksley continues to enjoy her nursing and has become very much involved with good works for Trinity Church. Belinda McCall returned to work in August as a Consultant Physician at Lewisham. She has two children, Imogen (10 months) and Arabella (three). 1989 Oliver Dew is involved with the installation of ground effect heating systems. Kirsty McDonald now has two children, Juniper and Alexia. Nicolas Heard married Philippa in April 2013. They knew each other as very small children growing up in Abu Dhabi and have finally got together 30 years later. James Pargeter sent Edward Pease-Watkin a beautiful photo of himself, his wife and delightful twins.

Page 88

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O L D PA C K W O O D I A N S 1990 Will Lee is now in Melbourne, Australia. Olivia McCall has had a very busy year with her Italian fashion house but has recently taken a different job as Executive Fashion Director for ‘In Style’ magazine. 1991 Gareth Lee is still in Los Angeles working in Corporate Finance. Iona McCall has two children aged two and a few months. Thomas Rowley now lives in Harrogate and is still in corporate finance with the firm Dow Schofield and Watts. He and his wife now have three children. Miriam Heard is married to a Chilean philosopher and spends half the year in Chile and the other half in Paris. She has on-going film and theatrical projects. 1992 Emma Fanning’s final eight weeks working for UNICEF was cut short when terrorists invaded Eastern Kivu and captured Goma. 1993 Alexander Dew teaches part time at the LSE and is working towards a doctorate in Leadership. He already has two Masters Degrees from Bath and LSE. Charlotte Hawksley had a worrying time health-wise but still managed to take and pass her final Registrar’s exams so that she will soon be able to apply for Consultant posts. 1994 John Henry Carter captained Oxford to a second memorable win over Cambridge in the 2012 varsity match. Andrew Rowley covered the Olympics for BBC Radio London which was a wonderful opportunity. 1995 Simon Rowley is with Great Portland Estates leasing property in the City. He and his wife have recently had their first child. 1996 Theresa Heard is married to a German and lives in Dubai. Recently they drove through Iran and Turkey to the UK. From there they went on to the North Cape/Norway and back to Dubai through Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan. 1999 Jenny Diggle (née Caudwell) is now an airline captain for Ryanair based in Stansted. She got married last year. 2000 Andrew Erskine has completed his training as a lawyer which has included a six month posting to Dubai. 2002 George Cavendish has opened a restaurant next to Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury called ‘Glutton Club’ which is going from strength to strength. Trip Advisor has received some glowing reviews.

2005 Jo Allan has received some fantastic reviews for his acting in various productions at Oxford. He has just finished his second year reading English. Henry Bridge has spent the third year of his Trinity Dublin degree course at UCD in California having to make the difficult decision at weekends whether to head for the beach or up to the mountains to ski. Kitty Cavendish is at Oxford Brookes reading French and Publishing Media. Alasdair Dougan spent the second semester of his Manchester University year at university in Barcelona improving his Spanish and having a fantastic time. 2006 Georgina Hackett has spent the second year of her course at Exeter in Cairo which she has thoroughly enjoyed. She had a great time riding around the Pyramids with Rosie McAlpine. 2007 Tom Marshall has done exceptionally well with his rowing. Since leaving Shrewsbury last year he has been rowing for the Royal Chester Rowing Club and has secured a place in the GB Under 23 squad. He is now training in Germany with Ruderclub Hansa Dortmund but is off to Sydney in January to compete at the Australian Youth Olympic Festival. In September he will take up a place at Princeton. Alex Thorn is at Magdalene College, Cambridge to read Engineering from October 2013. Christopher Williams has a place to read Human Sciences at St John’s College Oxford. He got As in all his A Levels – Physics, Maths, Biology and GPR and has had a very varied gap year working at Nuclear Engineering Services, travelling round Europe, learning music production and mixology, and attending a French language school in Biarritz. 2008 Ed Cavendish is at Shrewsbury College of Arts and Technology as he really wanted to return to Shropshire from Stowe and didn’t want to do A levels. Edward Elcock has an offer to read Natural Sciences at Cambridge. Seren Kell has an offer from Oxford to read Biochemistry. Judah Rand has an offer to read Engineering Science at Oxford. 2009 Keishi Oyama is now fencing sabre for Japan. 2012 Andrew Tudor has had a superb first year at Malvern. He played a key role in the rugby team and has excelled in debating. He has also had his name added to the academic roll of honour.

Page 89

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Governors & Staff Governors Mrs L Lewis LLB Chair Dr J Dixey MD FRCP Mrs F J Humphreys W A Johnston Mrs C Mostyn-Owen MA

D R Stacey R G Tovey Cert Ed (Oxon) Mrs M T Price J J Knight J M Ollier

Teaching Staff Clive Smith-Langridge BA, QTS – Headmaster Sally Smith-Langridge BSc, Dip RSA – Headmaster’s wife Nick Jones BEd, Cert Ed – Deputy Head, Biology Sue Rigby BA, PGCE, Dip SpLD – Head of LS, Deputy Head, Latin Sarah Boutwood BA, PGCE – Director of Music Roy Chambers MEd, BA, PGCE – Head of English Richard Cowley BA, PGCE – Head of Maths Elizabeth Crawley BA, PGCE – Head of Packwood Acorns, Girls’ Housemistress Elspeth Cumpston BSc, PGCE – Maths Elizabeth Dobson MA – Assistant to Director of Music Paul Donaldson BSc, Dip PHE – Maths Paul Dougan MA – Head of Art Sue Draper BEd – Lacrosse, Athletics Roz Edwards BEd – Head of RS Kelly Evans – Teaching Assistant, Swimming Coach Martin Ford BEd – Maths, i/c New Children Catherine Hammond BA – History, Librarian Richard Herzog BEd – Head of Science Jean Herzog BA, PGCE, Dip SpLD – Form 6, LS Sam Hughes MA, BEd – English Jo Lambkin BA, MCIL – French Geraldine Lee Cert Ed – French, Latin, RS, Second Hand Uniform Christopher Leese BA, PGCE – Form 6 Emma Middlemiss BEd – Acorns James Mullock BA, PGCE – Geography Beth Nimmo – Teaching Assistant, Girls’ Games Helen Nogues BA, PGCE – Head of CDT, French, Spanish Jerome Nogues BA – Head of Modern Languages, i/c Day and Foreign Pupils Allison Onions – Boys’ Houseparent Jonathan Onions BA, PCGE – Head of Classics, Boys’ Housemaster Kate Parry BEd – Head of PE Paul Phillips BSc, PGCE – Head of Boys' Games, Science Anthony Rigby – CDT Stephen Rigby BA, PGCE – Head of IT, i/c Timetables Chantal Swain – Girls' Games, Acorns Nicola Tomlins BEd – Acorns Ken Webster Cert Ed – English Nick Weston MA, PGCE – Head of History Gail Wilkinson BA, PGCE – Head of Geography Leanne Willis – PE, Games, Teaching Assistant

Matrons Ali Banks RGN – Head Matron Sarah Barton – Girls' Head Matron Caron Lane – Deputy Head Matron Sue Heath Sue Perry

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M Turner MA Mrs SA Rosser BEd Mrs AG Mackeson-Sandbach RC Morris

Learning Support Staff Tina Simms BA, PGCE, RSA Cert SpLD Jane Cooke BA, RSA Cert SpLD Etsuko Koshika BA, JFL Jo Kapella BSc, PGCE, Dip SpLD

Visiting Staff Edward Roberts-Malpass – Trumpet, Trombone Olga Lewis – Piano Harry Percy – Percussion Roy Johnson – Saxophone, Clarinet Jan Lumley – Flute, Clarinet Jane Hadwick – Piano John Arran – Guitar Dawn Jaffray – Singing Roselinde Glossop – Piano Katherine Joyce – Percussion, Piano Bethan Roberts – Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon Jane Magee – Cello, Double Bass Jayne Robinson – Violin Steve Welti – Tennis Mike Markham – Tennis Barney Martin – Mandarin Rod Jones – Football/Cricket Dick Hilton – Archery James Davies – Golf Martine Jones – Drama Roger Houston – Judo Annie Moody – Ballet Natalie Prudence – Street Dance Kate Semple – Gap Student Chris Dunn – Gap Student

Administrative Staff Brian Welti – Bursar & Clerk to the Governors Natalie Shaw FCCA – Assistant Bursar Linda Champion – Payroll Caroline Dougan – Headmaster’s Secretary Helen Cooper – Assistant Secretary, Second Hand Uniform Fiona Bridge – Assistant Secretary and OP Society Secretary Jeremy Bayliss – IT Technician Jane Jones – School Uniform, Pastoral

Left to right from back row down Back row: Zak Nicholas, Isabella Wythe, Jamie Channon Row 2: William Wheeler, Ralph Furse, Roly Hancock, Ken Peerapairoj, Edward Peterson, Morton Moss Row 3: Harry Wasdell, Eliza Beckett, Javier Garcia, Millie Shaw, Sophia Price Row 4: Jude Bedford, Tom Hughes, Scott Walker, Caspar Massey, Ned Warburton-Lee, Eliott Gilling-Smith, Luke Williams, Llyr Heyward-Jones, Tom Shaw, Oliver Bureau, Dominic Ainslie, David Schofield Row 5: Rosie Clarke, Pip Vickers, Linden Grigg, Johnnie Peel, Ivor Fetherstonhaugh, Archie Waterworth, Kim Peerapairoj, Molly Bruce, Loris Pattinson, Beth Cooper Front row: Georgia Bibby, Amber Gibbins, Sam Bayliss, Amelia Tennant, Mr Smith-Langridge, Mrs Smith-Langridge, Robert Ford, Alice Shone, Keita Umetani, Laura Whittingham

The 2013 Leavers

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Packwood Haugh School Ruyton XI Towns, Shrewsbury Shropshire SY4 1HX Telephone 01939 260217 Fax 01939 262077

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The Packwoodian 2012-2013  

The Packwoodian is the annual publication which details the wide range of subjects, activities and events at Packwood Haugh School in Shrops...

The Packwoodian 2012-2013  

The Packwoodian is the annual publication which details the wide range of subjects, activities and events at Packwood Haugh School in Shrops...

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