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The Real Stand up Pouch for everything

The S-Pouch is a revolutionary stand-up pouch with a spout in the upper side of the bag, which differentiates the s-pouch from others and makes it so similar with the commonly used plastic bottle. As plastic bottles influence negatively the volume waste, the s-pouch made from flexible film will decrease waste volumes to the thickness of its film. With the same capability and function as the plastic bottle, the s-pouch is better printable and shapeable than the plastic bottle.





By adding a big spout (in reference to its bigger face), the s-pouch will look more like a plastic jar than a plastic bottle, therefore not only liquids can be filled, but also powder and granule. Using the basic s-pouch, we replaced the spout by a zipper, to maintain the flat base and the 95% filling capacity, the sipper is located in the top face of the bag, allowing the zipper to be opened as wide as the stand-up area. This makes the z-pouch the stand-up pouch with the widest zipper opening ever made in the history of packaging.

While pouring powder product from zipper stand-up pouch, powder always stuck inside zipper, leaving leakage on every usage, and zipper cannot performs well enough to protect product. Therefore by using the s-pouch for powder product, it can reach sealability and hygiene and also sustainability.

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S-pouch Liquid Upper spout position Width 100 mm

Width 120 mm

Height 155 mm 180 mm 200 mm

Volume 250 cc 300 cc 350 cc

Height 165 mm 195 mm 225 mm 255 mm 275 mm

Volume 400 cc 500 cc 600 cc 700 cc 800 cc

Width 150 mm

Width 170 mm

Height 190 mm 210 mm 230 mm 250 mm

Volume 800 cc 900 cc 1000 cc 1200 cc

Height 205 mm 220 mm 235 mm 265 mm

Volume 1100 cc 1200 cc 1300 cc 1500 cc



Larger spout size for granule & powder Width 120 mm 150 mm 170 mm 190 mm

Height 150 mm 205 mm 170 mm 230 mm 230 mm

Volume 4 oz 8 oz 12 oz 1 lb 2 lb


Side hand grip, jar shape Width 215 mm 250 mm

Height 250 mm 270 mm

Volume 2000 cc 3000 cc

Packing Technologies S.A. San JosĂŠ, Costa Rica TelĂŠfono (506) 4030 4729


Upper hand grip Width 190 mm 215 mm 250 mm

Height 260 mm 250 mm 300 mm 270 mm 330 mm

Volume 2000 cc 2200 cc 2500 cc 3000 cc 4000 cc


Downward spout position

Liquid Width 100 mm 120 mm

Powder / granule Height 55 mm 105 mm 150 mm

Volume 100 cc 150 cc 250 cc

Width 120 mm 150 mm 170 mm

Height 190 mm 210 mm 250 mm

Volume 4 oz 8 oz 12 oz

Our Advantages • Stand more perfect

• Variation of Spout / Fitment

To easily pour a product from the plastic pouch, a wide variation or custom designed of spouts, fitments and dispensers are available.

The S-Pouch, in contrast, has a tubular shape, due to the similar top and bottom gusset, making the two flat vertical panels of the pouch resting fully on the surface, resulting in a perfect stand up position. • Material reduction more than 18% = Cost Reduction For the same filling capacity the S-Pouch is smaller, reduces film material, and allows for up to 95% filling in comparison with the standard stand up pouch. • Upper spout position, smallest spout diameter 13 mm Adding extra space due to the upper gusset of the pouch, allowing for larger spout dimensions and a larger variety of spouts than ever been seen with stand up pouches. • More than 95% filling capacity = Space Reduction The tubular shape of the S-Pouch allows for filling to nearly full capacity.

Packing Technologies S.A. San José, Costa Rica Teléfono (506) 4030 4729

350 grams. Up side down S-Pouch with flip cap at the bottom for ready to use. Easy squeeze with silicon valve to prevent unnecessary drip from the opening hole, tomato ketchup will be squeezed out until last drop. Aluminum sealed on the cap opening for tamper evident protection.

Packing Technologies S.A. San JosĂŠ, Costa Rica TelĂŠfono (506) 4030 4729

Filling Revolutionary filling machinery with auto feeder is built in house in our factory, this unique filling machine special designed for S-Pouch ranges : S-Pouch, H-Pouch and J-Pouch. Two auto feeding conveyor, feed two pouches at once, but controlled separately. Varieties of capping methods, such as screw type, or snap in, according to different cap system, can be equipped in our filling machine.

Cap induction, date printing, marking, are also available.

or laser

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New Pouch Style for Food, Cosmetic, Cleaners, and Chemicals