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Making A Difference Being handicapped is not a life-sentence, but rather a life-style

July 2011


A Vision For The Future...

Cindy Carpenter

President and Founder

Did you know there are approximately 16,000 Special Needs adults living at home and receiving no services in Arizona?

Board of Directors Cindy Carpenter President

Jim Carpenter


Vincent Burke Secretary

Pamela Covella, Esq. Counsel of Record

Benée Hilton – Spiegel Director

Rob Cimato


Melissa Lehman Director

Michael Pradia Director

Circle Of Friends

Five years ago, when I pondered Cortney’s future as an adult with Special Needs, I had no idea how enormous the numbers were in our community. Given the statistics which are mind-boggling, makes me all the more driven to see that the mission of Cortney’s Foundation will live on for generations to come. With that in mind, a key ingredient is to secure and sustain the program. Sustainability for Cortney’s Foundation will be defined by our ability to go beyond the fundraising events and look to a foundation of resources and endowments. As you will read in this issue, the Program Manager reports of reductions in State and Federal funds and changes to our financial capacity, oftentimes not in our control. Regardless of the reduction in funding, we need to continue to grow with our rising population right at our own back door. As reported by Marc Center (a collaboration with Cortney’s Foundation), that despite the need, the legislature cut our budget by more than 10% for the current year and is poised for a comparable reduction again. Huge cuts have a dramatic impact - yet we continue to serve the same amount of people (or more) at less cost. Sustainability is defined by caring members of our community who want to leave a legacy. Sustainability means that Young Adults with Special Needs in our community will have a future and purposeful life.

Tom Lehman PGA Tour Professional

Sustainability means you want to make a difference.

Jon Flora, President Fry’s Food Stores

Sustainability means you can make the difference.

Tony Phillips Retired MLB Player

On behalf of Cortney’s Foundation, we appreciate you embracing the same care and concern for our future.

Tara Hitchcock, Host “Good Morning Arizona” 3TV

Our Program’s Value Statements • We support each individual to actively participate in community enriched experiences as part of his/her daily life.

• We ensure that families are actively engaged with the program in support of the individual.

•We provide individuals with a modern innovative environment providing stimulation in order to procure growth and development.

• We empower the individuals to have control over their environment.

An Overview of Commitment Terry Wideman, Program Manager

Due to our current economic landscape which changes local resources for the program, and cuts in the state budgets; we MUST be advocates to make sure none of this impacts the Special Needs community which we serve. With the support from our community, families and friends, we are determined to provide services without ever compromising the integrity or quality of our program. As Program Manager, I look to operating our program in an efficient manner with continued focus and commitment on meeting our individuals’ needs as our number one priority. One of our greatest strengths is our ability to adapt to these changing times without impacting the quality of services. As a matter of fact, Cortney’s Foundation in May of 2009 was reduced by 10% of state funding for each individual in our program, and potentially, we are looking to a 5% cut effective October 2011. All cuts challenge us to look to manage efficiently areas such as transportation, food, & utilities while sustaining the fundamental principals of our program. In addition, we have creatively found ways to draw upon the community activities which are free or donated to our program such as plays, museums, baseball games, Fry’s cake decorating , cooking demonstrations, and Scottsdale Fire Department Home Safety Program just to name a few. Drawing upon community resources are a key ingredient which help to reduce costs without impacting quality. Each part of our programming, which is translated into a planned monthly calendar for our program attendees, enhances their lives and helps them to reach their individual potential. Even with the challenges, we have seen significant growth in our program in the last year. The number of families requesting services continues to add to that challenge and we must be aware of the increase in our community’s need. Many astonishing things can happen when we come together with one common goal “to make a difference in someone’s life.” As we look to the future, our organization is committed to our fundamental mission.

A Board Member’s Perspective By Melissa Lehman

There are many programs and worthwhile charitable organizations that I have been involved with over the years in our community. I have always believed in giving back, and I have • We create a positive and always believed in “being an inch wide and a mile deep” with nurturing environment where the people in my life and with the things I believe in. While it is easy to get spread so thin by the numerous good things individuals are treated with that compete for my time, it would be easy for me to miss out on that which, to me, is best. Being an inch wide and mile compassion. deep with Cortney’s Foundation is what I have chosen to do because I believe in it and best for me to support. • We focus on the desires,

preferences, strengths and choices of each individual first and foremost.

My husband has asked me more than once to put into words why it is that I feel the way I do about Cortney and Cortney’s Foundation. It has caused me to really think it through and become very clear on just why I do. The simple reason is that everyone, including those with Special Needs, should have the opportunity to maximize their potential and reap the contentment and positive self image that comes with achieving that. I don’t want Special Needs adults to be forgotten, overlooked, or short-changed in any way in our community. It is my passion to do all that I can do in my sphere of influence, and as much as is possible as a Board Member to make sure these individuals have a sustainable program offering education and important life skills now and for future generations to come.

Our Program’s Value Statements • We encourage individuals to build relationships with family, peers, friends, and community.

•We support and encourage individuals to discover new interests and activities and to try new skills.

• We celebrate selfworth and individualized accomplishment.

•We maintain an ongoing awareness of the evolving individual needs of those with disabilities.

•We support the rights, worth and dignity of all individuals.


STRIKES A CHORD WITH CORTNEY’S FOUNDATION by Julie Murillo One day a week, the students of Cortney’s Foundation have enjoyed and benefited from music therapy with Julie Murillo, MT-BC, since the facility opened its doors in 2008. Music Therapy is highly effective with cognitive, sensory and motor impairment, and is a non-pharmacological approach to learning, healing, coping, and change, with well documented results. Music provides concrete, multi-sensory stimulation and gives those with Special Needs a unique variety of experiences in a developmentally appropriate and successoriented manner. Regardless of whether a student in the program is verbal or non-verbal, music therapy emits responsiveness through exchanges such as smiles, eye contact, and gestures. All of which contribute to provide reassurance, and reinforcement – necessary to development and individual growth potential. While functioning levels vary among individuals at Cortney’s Foundation, the young adults remain as active participants in all aspects of the therapy session, which includes the use of instruments such as small hand percussions, choosing a song, hand signals such as thumbs up and a variety of interaction to the music. There is a measurable sense of progress and personal achievement resulting from the music portion of the weekly program. Following are just a few examples of how the young adults at Cortney’s Foundation have benefited: • • • • • • • • • • •

Improved cognitive and communication skills Improved environmental and body awareness Increased motivation Decreased inappropriate behaviors Improved motor functioning and perceptual motor skills Increased vocal fluency and physical speech skills Improved sensory processing and integration Increased involvement and participation Improved group behaviors Increased emotional awareness and appropriate emotional expression Improved self-esteem, sense of accomplishment,sense of independence and control

As impressive as all that might sound, each student ultimately is having a grand time! With music therapy, at the very least, we’re improving quality of life and bringing measurable joy to these individuals… no doubt we’re doing something right!

Calendar Highlights

Our students enjoy a wide variety of activities at Cortney’s Foundation, and we pride ourselves in drawing upon the many resources available in our community. Each activity, celebration, demonstration, or outing contribute to the fullness of life and inclusion for our students. Highlights included: Attending the play at Valley Youth Theater: Alexandra and the Horrible, Terrible , No good, Very Bad Day

•We support each individual to achieve their highest level of personal independence.

• • • •

Cracker Jax Amusement Park Fry’s Cake Decorating Class Event Paradise Valley Mall and viewing the movie ‘Hop’ Saghuaro Lake Desert Belle Cruise and Lake Tour.

• • • • • • •

Arizona Science Center Mexico Cultural Day Bass Pro Shop visit and lunch Fry’s Grocery Store Tour Fire Station Ringling Brothers & Barnum Baily Circus Diamondbacks Baseball Game


Our Annual Golf Event November 7th

Visit our website at for details.

Check Out Cortney’s Foundation Providing Special Lifeskills fo Special Adults

Issue: 3 July 2011

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A Donor’s Commitment Changes Lives...... I am a co-Trustee of a small local Charitable Trust. In this capacity, I have learned a great deal about the tremendous work that many Arizona based charities provide. A number of years ago I was introduced to Cortney’s Foundation by my wife, Cheryl . She and our standard poodle, Teddy, were providing pet therapy services to Chaparral High School where Cortney was enrolled. Cheryl learned through her visits of Cindy Carpenter’s efforts to establish a facility to provide an environment where individuals who had aged out of the public school system could be stimulated to learn and grow. In 2007, Len Miller and I visited the facility selected by Cindy and the Board of Directors of Cortney’s Foundation when it was in the drywall stage. We spoke to Cindy and learned of her vision and passion. We decided to provide a small amount of funding to assist in the construction process. At that point in time, the economy was doing well and the Trust had a small amount of discretionary funds that we distributed to charities with whom we had not had an established relationship. Our thought was that Cortney’s Foundation was a good choice for a one-time contribution. Later that year Cindy invited us to visit the newly opened facility. We were amazed at the transformation of the premises from the cold and dreary shell space into the warm, inviting and welcome atmosphere that greet clients and visitors today. Upon seeing the smiles and the joy in the faces of Cortney’s clients and hearing of the programs and services that were being provided, we knew that we had made the right decision in providing funds. We found a new organization to add to our favored charities list and continue to fund the programs of Cortney’s Foundation. We applaud the Board, employees and volunteers for creating a program center which truly raises the bar for providing services and growing opportunities for the physically and mentally disabled.

-Daniel C. Shufelt, CPA

What is Cortney’s Foundation?

Cortney’s Foundation 7000 E. Shea Blvd. Suite #1430 Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Cortney’s Foundation is dedicated to providing physically & mentally challenged persons an array of opportunities through education and programs for life.

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