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Making A Difference Being handicapped is not a life-sentence, but rather a life-style

April 2011


Spring Forward... Cindy Carpenter President and Founder

With a sense of personal dedication and commitment, it was with great pride to develop a Foundation for those young adults with Special Needs. After moving to Arizona in 1977, our population was at a mere million and there didn’t exist alot of services. Now, we live in a city with over 4 million people, ever evolving and prospering, but lacking in so many areas; yet we still have a void. Sure, the Valley has wonderful culture, shopping, residential and business opportunities, but we still have an emptiness in services and programs for the disabled. Hard to believe that we just got our first stand-alone children’s hospital not long ago. Those with Special Needs are an intricate part of our population and we need to continue to cultivate our community.

Board of Directors Cindy Carpenter President

Jim Carpenter


Vincent Burke Secretary

Pamela Covella, Esq. Counsel of Record

Rob Cimato Director

Benée Hilton – Spiegel Director

Melissa Lehman


Michael Pradia Director

Honorary Event Chairmen Tom Lehman PGA Tour Professional

Jon Flora, President Fry’s Food Stores

While Phoenix has historically displayed a depth of philanthropic giving, so has the charitable enthusiasm grown, and receptiveness to step up and participate. This definitely allows me to introduce and educate members of our community as to the need for programs such as ours. After all, providing for those with disabilities enables us to plant the seeds and build our roots paving the way for future generations to benefit. The individuals who serve on our Board of Directors have joined me in realizing a vision to make sure our program is sustained in the community. As they move about through their daily lives and become more entrenched in Cortney’s Foundation, they educate others in our community to bring to light that we must stay attuned and engaged. Their tireless efforts together with all our volunteers create an engagement of responsibility and inspire others to join in. Our recent Casino Event; “Let the Good Times Roll”, as well as our annual Golf Tournament, helps to create awareness of the necessity to care for others. In doing so, we continue our intertwined connection to see that the best of services are available and the only way to do that is through raising awareness. The path we take as a Foundation, and the program that benefits from reaching out, will leave a legacy for generations to come. As we move forward, our dreams can be real, they can be realized, and they can make a difference. I see this every time someone walks through the door at our program center; what you see are lives that are evolving and prospering because of our philanthropic efforts. My work is far from over, as I want to be able to reach as many with Special Needs as possible. I know that together we can do this; with fortitude, commitment and a full heart.

Our Program’s Value Statements • We focus on the desires, preferences, strengths and choices of each individual first and foremost. • We support the rights, worth and dignity of all individuals.

2nd Annual

LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL event Rave reviews are in!!! Our February 26th fundraising event, presented by Fry’s Food Stores appropriately named ‘Let the Good Times Roll’ was a huge success. This extraordinary annual event was held at a private airplane hangar in the Scottsdale Airpark, graciously provided by Set Jet. Due to the generous support and enthusiasm of all of our sponsors and attendees, the event raised approximately $50,000.00 for the Foundation. In addition to Fry’s Food Stores and Set Jet, generous donations and involvement from Hensley Co., Co-Sales Red Leaf Water, Coca Cola, Young’s Market, Jimmy Choo, Marc Center, Moda Fina Fine Jewelry, Molina Jewelers, Hot 97.5 Radio, Oakland A’s, Anaheim Angels, Adobe Paint, Aspen Construction, Richard & Sandra Jung, and Southwest Building Materials. Celebrity guest attendees included Tony Phillips, Dusty Baker, Ron Washington and others who were kind enough to spend time supporting Cortney’s Foundation. Over three hundred people attended this unique event and there was something for everyone to enjoy. Hosted by Nina D with Hot 97.5 FM, guests enjoyed a Texas Hold’em poker tournament, casino games, delicious food, a hosted bar, and live music from the very talented Static Band. In addition, Jimmy Choo provided a fashion show and retail boutique featuring their exclusive line of shoes, purses, and luggage accessories. Their models made a dramatic red carpet entrance from an Eclipse jet that had pulled up to the hangar, where they made their way across a stage and were welcomed by a very enthusiastic crowd. Great prizes were awarded to the final nine players at the poker tournament in addition to raffle prizes that were awarded throughout the evening. Bryan Larive Enterprise provided outstanding production and design for this amazing evening. The planning committee for “Let the Good Times Roll”, led by Michael Pradia at CDS Insurance, started meeting weekly in November. This dedicated group was determined to create a spectacular evening that would raise additional funds for Cortney’s Foundation. In doing so, the program can continue to sustain the exceptional services provided to Special Needs young adults. We extend our sincere thanks and applaud our committee members, volunteers, and sponsors for their efforts.

Let The Good Times Roll Event Sponsors Presenting Sponsor: Royal Flush Sponsor: Co-Sales Red Leaf Water Hensley Company Four of a Kind Sponsor: Coca Cola Young’s Market Facility Sponsor: Set Jet, LLC Underwriting Sponsors: Anaheim Angels Oakland A’s Marc Center Table Sponsors: Adobe Paint Aspen Construction Richard and Sandra Jung Southwest Building Materials Supporting Sponsors: Moda Fina Fine Jewelers Molina Fine Jewelers

Let the Good Time Roll Committee Members: Event Chair: Michael Pradia Event Co-Chair: Rob Cimato Event Logistics: Vince Burke Sponsor Chair: Justin Ogburn Production Chair: Kui Mi Oh Poker Chair: Matthew Jung MLB Chair: Tony Phillips Marketing Chair: Tyler Ludwig

Emcee: Logistics: Hot 97.5 Jimmy Choo: Registration:

Nina D Lisa Riley Lizz Tonn Drew Smith Michelle & Joe Erickson

Volunteers: Alfredia Brown Debbie Lainhart Charles Richardson Gina Richardson Patricia Sterling Jeannine Weindorf

Our Program’s Value Statements • We support each individual to actively participate in community enriched experiences as part of his/her daily life. • We ensure that families are actively engaged with the program in support of the individual. •We provide individuals with a

An Overview of Commitment Terry Wideman, Program Manager

From the inception of developing a program and plan for Cortney’s Foundation, I believe an important component is to have a variety of socialization objectives in their daily calendar. Providing this in a program will give our students an opportunity to practice a much needed skill for their lives. As a result, I have witnessed firsthand, individuals’ lives being changed from their involvement with this program which stresses this fundamental and important key factor. Unique to our program, our students are given many opportunities to practice socialization skills such as: following directions, making choices, asking and responding to questions, problem solving, motor skills, helping peers, and teamwork. They are applying and using these skills when participating in their daily activities such as: daily discussion, menu planning, cooking, computers, science projects, reading, money management, exercise, arts and crafts, music therapy, social role playing, games, and home maintenance. In turn, these skills are further reinforced in our programs which are part of our community inclusion such as attending a movie, grocery shopping, visiting a cultural event or going to the zoo just to name a few. .

In community outings which our students participate in, social skills are taught in “real life” situations for example: going to the movies teaches individuals several environment skills: planning and organizing, communicating, making decisions, ordering food providing stimulation in and drinks, using money skills to purchase items, asking for assistance to be seated, and using appropriate social behavior at the movie. The goal is to have order to procure growth fun, but at the same time individuals are using their newly acquired skills, which and development. will enable them to access and live in their community to their individual potential. modern innovative

• We empower the individuals to have control over their environment. • We create a positive and nurturing environment where individuals are treated with compassion.

Our staff are seasoned and dedicated to support our Special Needs student in order to maximize their independent living skills. We are acutely keen on seeing that everyone has an opportunity; looking forward to personal attainment and accomplishment through mastering skills. In doing so, their lives can be full, happy, and safe. Socialization is a key ingredient for this achievement, one in which we are deeply committed.

It’s Complete Our very own Snoezelen Room!

Our Program’s Value Statements • We encourage individuals to build relationships with family, peers, friends, and community. •We support and encourage individuals to discover new interests and activities and to try new skills. • We celebrate selfworth and individualized accomplishment. •We maintain an ongoing awareness of the evolving individual needs of those with disabilities.

On behalf of the Foundation, we are pleased to share our very exciting news that The Snoezelen Room has been completed and installed at the program center. To say how thrilled we are is simply an understatement! All of the components which make up our new sensory integration room are usable for the students as we speak. We are so VERY excited about this new dimension for our program , and as a footnote: this makes us the only day program in the state to offer access to a Snoezelen Room. The Snoezelen Room incorporates equipment and materials that offer a broad range of sensory experiences. It is specifically designed to offer individuals with Special Needs the opportunity to exercise choice, by bridging cognitive, perceptual, behavioral, physical and other limiting conditions to provide a sense of empowerment. Our staff will soon participate in a comprehensive training session led by a certified Snoezelen Occupational Therapist who will instruct them on the use of the equipment and materials that make up this unique sensory environment. The young adults at the Foundation center have already begun to explore some of the activities in the room such as; the bubble tubes, fiber optics, interactive panels, and the motion-activated GestureTec light. A student can wave a hand, blink an eye, or sweep their foot and make a virtual pond ripple right before their eyes or play a game of hockey. The use of this room is more valuable than one can imagine. Each part of the activities offers a full range of multi-sensory benefits including relaxation, stimulation, cause/effect, visual stimulation , as well as the freedom of choice. A warm thank - you again to our generous donor who made this Snoezelen Room possible. We love every inch of the possibilities here!!!!

Calendar Highlights Our program calendar hosts lots of activities which are as special and distinctive as we are! We take advantage of as many opportunities as possible to get out into the community in order to experience variety and assortment as well as working on individual goals of the students. In addition, we share many celebrations and activities at the program center, all of which yield to our commitment to find meaningful and distinctive ways for individual success. Highlights include: • • • • •

A Celebrity Baseball Game Picnic at Chaparral Park Stuffington Bear Factor Valentines Day Party at Cactus Park Field trip to Cerreta Candy Company

• • • •

Out of Africa at Camp Verde Museum of Natural History Irish Cultural Day Festival of the West Excursion

Pet Therapy

Bringing lots of love and hugs together! - Fran Wiesenberger From the moment the front door chimes at the program center, and I walk in with my dog Riley a member of the volunteer pet team through Pets on Wheels of Scottsdale, we hear the enthusiastic voices and anxious calls of excitement. While our visits to Cortney’s Foundation are once a week and a staple routine of the calendar; each and every visit is a special one, always joyful and celebratory. Pets on Wheels is an important and integral part of the therapy program for those with Special Needs. Dogs such as Riley, who are trained in socialization techniques and handling, increase the feelings of care, and responsibility; they help to reduce a fear of animals, assist in motor control, coordination and improve the bonding capability. As a service dog, Riley gives way for an experience that is non-judgmental, non- threatening and increases emotional potential. I knew that my Riley was capable of giving and providing those with Special Needs a depth of unrestricted love. She is very well aware and trained to be attuned to their needs, apparatus, and environment. Riley happily obliges as she walks according to their individual pace whether alongside a wheelchair or at a stationary position. At the Foundation center, the water bowl is always in place knowing that Riley will get thirsty as she performs her job and treats are readily at hand to reward her for being such a wonderful companion upon her visits. Riley is quick to greet each one of her buddies at the center with lots of licks and is equally receptive with all the hugs she receives from the students. She is often given commands along the way and always rewarded with more hugs and praises. When it’s time for her special wheelchair rides for those who are confined, she happily finds a comfy spot on their lap while they guide her around the rooms, halls, and special areas. At playtime, we take out her favorite toys and the students throw them around for Riley to retrieve. Riley however, usually tires much before they do! For those less enthusiastic, I gently encourage them to pet her while she sits on my lap in order to help overcome their fears and apprehension; and it doesn’t take long before they are engaged with Riley who has gained their trust and love. Other students just can’t get enough time with her… always snuggling with her on the floor, petting, feeding her treats and brushing her. Regardless of any student’s disabilities, needs or individual capabilities, Riley gives everyone love, affection and genuine attention. This relationship is so very important to build trust and friendship on every level. We are very honored to be part of the program for Cortney’s Foundation, and look forward to our visits for many, many years to come.

SAVE THE DATE : Our Annual Golf Event November 7th

Play Like A Star

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Issue: 2 April 2011

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Straight From the Heart............................. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see my daughter Tara, happy and her ticket to happiness is Cortney’s Foundation. The program has so much to offer, it keeps Tara stimulated and excited as she loves going to the plays, movies, sporting events, museums, and art shows just to name a few. In addition, there are so many educational programs at the facility center, which keep her growing, working on all the necessary life skills and socialization skills as well. The computer time, board games, cooking program, arts and crafts, all contribute to Tara’s development. She even has a boyfriend at Cortney’s and while he may not know it, this makes Tara feel extra special! The facilities at the program center are simply awesome – the caring staff, and the other students round out an environment conducive for learning. Tara likes to help those less capable, which gives her a great sense of worth. She has a very exciting, busy and fun filled week. This just thrills me and gives me such joy and peace of mind to know Tara is happy and safe. This is ultimately a parent’s dream and what a parent of a Special Needs individual hopes for. As a result, our lives are fuller, enriched and blessed by Cortney’s Foundation. -Donna Gamaly

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