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Making A Difference Living with a disability is not a life-sentence, but rather a life-style

January 2012

Our Growth & Vision

Cindy Carpenter, President & Founder

Board of Directors Cindy Carpenter

President & Founder

Jim Carpenter


Vincent Burke Secretary

Benée Hilton – Spiegel Chairman of the Board

Laurie Blair Director

Rob Cimato Director

Melissa Lehman Director

Stephanie Lyons Director

Justin Ogburn Director

Michael Pradia Director

Staff Donnette Hermes

Chief Operating Officer

Circle Of Friends Tom Lehman PGA Tour Professional Jon Flora, President Fry’s Food Stores Tony Phillips Retired MLB Player Tara Hitchcock, Host TV Personality

As I sit at the beginning of a New Year, I not only look forward to what lies ahead for the future of Cortney’s Place, but also spend so much of this time reflecting. Together with the Board of Directors, and our Circle of Friends, I am overwhelmed at how much of a mark we have made in our community in just four short years since Cortney’s Place evolved. It has truly left me speechless. I am deeply touched by the outpouring of support from our business community as well as those who have given so much to our program from volunteers, sponsors, and staff, as well as every donation made to our program. Our heartfelt thanks to our many sponsors including: Fry’s Food Stores, Coca Cola, Hensley Beverage, Anheuser-Busch, Blue Bell Ice Cream, Alliance Beverage, and Pabco Gypsum to name just a few. It would take another newsletter just to express all the thanks to each and every one of you for all the ways you have helped us throughout the year. YOU are the reason why Cortney’s Place is what it is, YOU are the reason we are making a difference in so many lives, YOU are the reason why future generations will benefit, and YOU are the reason why our community will be more well- rounded by providing those with Special Needs inclusion, opportunity, and a rich full life. I thank you all. Our Fourth Annual “Play Like a Star” Golf Tournament was held on November 7th at The Country Club of DC Ranch and was a huge success. We are proud to report that approximately $150,000 was raised despite the rain, hail and lightening! With the help of Professional Golfers such as Tom Lehman, Duffy Waldorf, Kevin Streelman, and Michael Allen, the live auction was very exciting. Some of the items that created a frenzy included a handmade platter artistically completed by the students of Cortney’s Place, a photo of all past Ryder Cup Captains, signed by most, and a golf experience to play with Tom and Duffy at an exclusive course in Southern California with private jet transport. We also had a Half-Million Dollar Hole-in-One Contest, but unfortunately no one won… maybe next year! In some ways, without sounding trite, together we have awakened our community by bringing together ideology and putting it into action regarding our disabled population as they mature. With that, a silence has been broken, and we making great strides with all our efforts. I don’t want this momentum to ever slow down or be forgotten. I want us together to continue in this journey so that we will set a stage for the future. There are no limits when the commitment to sustain a much-needed program is supported. We also have some exciting news to share! Construction is underway to merge adjacent space with our current location, and expanding from 2500 sq. feet to 5500 sq. feet. As a result, we will have several new additions to our curriculum including therapy areas, designated art stations, additional computer labs and technology-based programs to enhance the potential of each and every student attending Cortney’s Place. One visit to our program center and I am convinced you will understand how these young adults can achieve new heights given the opportunities to which we are deeply committed. We would also like to welcome three new Board Members and look forward to their involvement: Justin Ogburn of Fry’s Food Stores, Laurie Blair of the Phoenix Suns, and Stephanie Lyons, a Marketing/Media Consultant. Thank you for making a difference.

Our Program’s Value Statements • We support each individual to actively participate in community enriched experiences as part

An Insight into Mother Nature Kay Moore, COO of Marc Center

It’s difficult to imagine, but every facet of daily life for an individual with Special Needs is a contest of strength, determination, physical and personal ability. Often times, as they grow and age, they are unable to understand the rapid aging process and what that entails. While those of us who are ablebodied can take steps to attend to our aging, or find comfort, these individuals often lack the cognitive ability to understand the process of bodily and behavioral changes.

The supportive staff and team who make up Cortney’s Place, are trained to be keenly aware as these changes present themselves and affect those individuals in the program. Because there are no steadfast guidelines, or benchmarks to establish milestones in which a family member or • We ensure that families are caregiver can follow, it’s even more difficult to predict exactly what our loved ones may face in their own personal aging and progression.

of his/her daily life.

actively engaged with the program in support of the individual.

•We provide individuals with a modern innovative environment providing stimulation in order to procure growth and development.

• We empower the individuals to have control

The concept of developmentally delayed doesn’t stop at age 22. This delay follows an individual for many years after 22, often resulting in some adolescent-type behavior occurring in their late 20’s or early 30’s as individuals begin to exercise and practice more independence. All of these can interrupt future independence, and social inclusion. We strive to be sensitized to all of the above for these individuals and their families as well. Cortney’s Place provides not only an educational outlet in order to track an individual’s progress, but we also take into account their personal aging and changes which occur. The medical health of those with Special Needs is much more fragile and complicated. Persons with a lifelong history of certain medications (e.g. psychotropic, anti-seizure., etc.) may be at a higher risk of developing secondary conditions such as osteoporosis as an example. So, with this in mind, the onset of these age-related changes may occur earlier in years, as well as the loss of sensory, cognitive and adaptive skill losses. There is an even higher prevalence of Alzheimer’s in adults with Down Syndrome and is likely to occur at an earlier age compared to that of the general population. But again, no steadfast medical rule of thumb to know when this onset can occur, because many of these aging issues are coupled with their underlying medical issues. It is up to us to explore and discover what is causing some of these changes, and we may find that it is not what we first thought. Staying aware, educated and open minded helps us to search and explore the possibilities. Cortney’s Place is devoted and attuned to the aging progress of their students; after all, it is our mission to see each individual reach their own personal potential. In doing so, we must be poised and aware at all times: this way, we can truly help to make a difference in their lives.

over their environment.

• We create a positive and nurturing environment where individuals are treated with compassion.

• We focus on the desires, preferences, strengths and choices of each individual first and foremost.

In support of Cortney’s Place Brad & Lisa Berry

As neighbors and friends of the Carpenters, we have come to know first hand the daily needs and activities of a Special Needs child/young adult. And we have also witnessed the Carpenter’s lives through the years as they have adapted with every challenge. While we are blessed with three healthy children, who have and continue to go through the normal rigors of school and beyond, our lives are truly touched by the Carpenter’s efforts. With Cortney’s Place they bring together a fuller and richer community by attending to those young adults who comprise our disabled population. It was no surprise that Cindy and Jim developed Cortney’s Place (formerly Cortney’s Foundation). We knew from the start that we would support them with whatever they needed from us and help to raise awareness with other members of our community. We have enjoyed being supporters of their annual Golf Tournament (a sell-out every year!), and jumped in to volunteer as well. We hold a strong belief that education and growth is for everyone, and Cortney’s Place does just that. The program provides a much needed foundation in order to accomplish everyday tasks and life skills. There are so many facets of the program; and as a matter of fact, we proudly display a framed painting in our home done by some of the students. We feel very blessed to be able to support Cortney’s Place and look for future generations to benefit from this footprint.

Our Program’s Value Statements • We encourage individuals to build relationships with family, peers, friends, and community.

•We support and encourage individuals to discover new interests and activities and to try new skills.

• We celebrate selfworth and individualized accomplishment.

•We maintain an ongoing awareness of the evolving individual needs of those with disabilities.

•We support the rights, worth and dignity of all individuals.

•We support each individual to achieve their highest level of personal independence.

Food For Thought

Sel Shuster, Certified Holistic Nutrition Specialist In order for the young adults in our program to achieve personal goals and function at their own optimal level, we are proud to incorporate a *Healthy Cooking and Nutritional Program at Cortney’s Place. This is an integral part of having a successful day: giving way to the blend of a healthy mind and body. The importance of healthy choices and education about nutrition helps with physical attributes such as better digestion, oral health, good concentration and development of a well rounded healthy lifestyle. Healthy Cooking is a daily part of our curriculum; it’s a program encouraging the students to eat healthy foods. Everyone enjoys the opportunity to go to Fry’s Food Stores with the meal plans and shopping lists prepared as a group with the staff. It’s a wonderful time where the individuals can choose foods for the meals using photos of food and recipes. They learn about the nutritional value of the various foods and become more aware of the choices they are provided with. So many of the young adults can participate in the actual preparation of the meals, smoothies, salads, and sandwiches. Fresh fruit and vegetables are an important part of our meal planning which promotes clean blood and good blood flow. All the attendees need to drink water not only for thirst, but also for hydration and there is a strong emphasis on such. Our smoothies are made with unsweetened almond milk and fresh fruit, which satisfy a sweet craving, but with more healthful results! We make fresh dips such as Hummus and Tahini; and use an all time favorite – avocado. All of these have no added sodium or oils and utilize the ‘good fat’ ideology. In addition, Quinoa, a complex carbohydrate and protein is a part of our meals, as are so many other nutritionally sound foods. Cortney’s Place is home away from home; where everyone feels welcomed, loved, accepted and understood. Thoughtful nutrition adds to the fullness and enrichment of their daily lives. As a Nutritionist, I love coming to Cortney’s Place and feel that through the instruction provided, they will make healthier food choices when faced with options. And at day’s end when I leave Cortney’s Place, I feel happy knowing they have been provided with an incredible environment which promotes success and personal achievement. * The Healthy Cooking And Nutritional Program benefit from funds received by The Jewish Youth Philanthropy. We appreciate their graciousness and generosity.

Mark your calendars for Let The Good Times Roll!

Cortney’s Place deeply appreciates the support of all who made our

4th Annual Play Like a Star Golf Tournament a huge success! Presenting Sponsor

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Issue: 5 Spring 2012

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A glimpse of our 4th Annual Play Like a Star Event

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What is Cortney’s Place?

Cortney’s Place is dedicated to providing physically & mentally challenged persons an array of opportunities through education and programs for life.

Supportive Thoughts & Sentiments “ It was our pleasure to support the (golf) event, and I want to commit Crescent Crown in a bigger sponsorship role next year. After learning more about the organization and witnessing the passion and energy that the Carpenters along with Fry’s puts behind Cortney’s Place, how could you not want to do more to give these Special Needs adults a place to go to have a more fulfilling life.”

-James ‘ Bubba’ Moffett, Jr., President Crescent Crown Distributing

“I got the sense that golfing was just a very small reason why people supported yours and Cindy’s event. Let me know of other opportunities to support your efforts throughout the year.”

-Ryan Lucchetti, President & CEO Pabco Building Products

“ I will forever be changed by Cortney’s Place. The visit opened my eyes and made me realize how important programs like Cortney’s Place are and how special it is to be involved.” -Tori Rosenblum, Senior from U Of A Completing research on programs for the disabled

Your Support Makes All the Difference!

Cortney's Place Spring 2012  

Cortney's spring 2012 newsletter filled with stories and pictures from our wonderful non-profit serving special needs adults in Scottsdale.

Cortney's Place Spring 2012  

Cortney's spring 2012 newsletter filled with stories and pictures from our wonderful non-profit serving special needs adults in Scottsdale.