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Three ways software can solve common co-packing shop floor problems By Scott Johnson, Director, Customer Solutions, Nulogy

or contract packers and manufacturers, managing the day-to-day shop floor is no easy task. Relying on manual processes for managing the various, complex areas of their operation – from production tracking to profitability analysis to quality control – poses constant risks for costly errors and wasted personnel hours. Co-packers and contract manufacturers often put up with these time-consuming processes, unaware that these inefficiencies are stifling their ability to grow as businesses. Luckily, the solution to this dilemma already exists. By utilising purpose-built software platforms to digitalise shop floor operations and replace obsolete, manual workflows, contract suppliers gain the freedom and flexibility to pursue more profitable growth opportunities. Here are three specific areas where software can relieve production floor issues for contract packers and manufacturers: Traceability It has become much more common for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brand customers to expect their contract supplier partners to have a digital solution in place in order to track and trace lots in real time throughout the production process. Manually tracking lot codes is an antiquated solution that can no longer keep up with


the speed of today’s market. A digital solution can fulfil the real-time traceability requirements that brand customers will expect, by frictionlessly tracking the consumption of lot codes and expiry dates for each pallet produced, and enabling comprehensive, lightning-fast responses to customer audits and recalls. Performance monitoring Upon completing a new project, it can be challenging to quickly assess production performance and profitability targets. If this information is not captured directly on the shop floor through a digital solution, however, staff can spend an inordinate amount of time manually compiling the data needed to understand the actual performance on your production floor. This lag prevents co-packers and contract manufacturers from making necessary real-time adjustments on underperforming projects. A digitalised shop floor can realise faster performance insights by digitally monitoring real-time production performance and tracking unexpected downtime, as well as being able to quickly compare the expected costs versus actual costs, without needing to manually compile information. Responding to demand changes Agility and flexibility are necessary to deliver superior service to FMCG |

brand customers. It is important to quickly respond to changes in demand, an increase or decrease in order quantity, updated due dates, and more. It can be challenging, however, to quickly respond with accurate updates to your production schedule and changes to material requirements, especially when dealing with multiple systems to pull the relevant information. A digital solution can address this issue by maintaining real-time, accurate inventory updates within scheduling and planning solutions, as well as enabling updates to a production schedule based on real-time production progress from the shop floor. Learn how software can further accelerate business growth Purpose-built software for contract packers and manufacturers can unearth operational blind spots that threaten to hamper business growth and equip businesses with the tools and capacity needed to win new business in this resurgent market. Begin your digitalisation journey at

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