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10 things we love about Vanuatu right now



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ON THE COVER FEATURES 20 LUX ISLAND TOYS Check out the ultimate Island toy, a car that drives on water. 22 CELEB CASH See what star power is doing for Vanuatu. 32 WE LOVE Find out the 10 things we love about Vanuatu right now. From the beaches to the cuisine, come and enjoy. 34 PEARLS OF WISDOM Grown up fashion - how to wear pearls. 56 OCEANFRONT UNDER 200K Learn how you can own waterfront property from as little as 200k in Vanuatu’s untouched paradise.




9 DESTINATION VANUATU Fast facts about travelling to Vanuatu. 11 ON LOCATION Travel to Tanna for a photoshoot with heat. 12 WE LOVE Find out the 10 things we love about Vanuatu right now. From the beaches to the cuisine, come and enjoy. 18

INSIGHT Culturally Speaking.


20 LUX ISLAND TOYS Check out the ultimate island toy, a car that drives on water. 22 CELEB CASH See what star power is doing for Vanuatu. 27 GO GREEN No longer just a humble shipping container, see these amazing homes. 28 ISLAND STYLE Add a little British Colonial style to your home.


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20 30 LIVE THE LIFE We interview a family who have made the seachange and relocated to Vanuatu. 32 THE BEST Find out the best diving spots in Vanuatu. 34 PEARLS OF WISDOM Grown up fashion - how to wear pearls. 36 LOCAL FINDS Fab finds in Port Vila. 38 TASTE Sweeten up with some tasty treats using local ingredients. 41 WINE TIME Enjoy the wines we are loving in Vanuatu now. 42 past.

HISTORY Letters from the

44 CAREER Tips to get the job and make the move to your island dream. 49

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53 V-FACTOR We look at the lighter side of life in Vanuatu. 54 EVENTS A calendar of local events. 56 REAL ESTATE Oceanfront property under 200K. 58 FOR SALE Properties for sale around town. 60 ABOUT TOWN A snapshot of the social happenings in Vanuatu. 62 DIRECTORY A guide to businesses around town. 65 WIN Enter to win 4 nights accommodations in Port Vila.



Leave your life behind....

Pack your bags and prepare for paradise...

We are so close... With flying times from Australia and New Zealand so small (34hrs) pop over for a short break...

Getting here is easy!! Air Vanuatu - the national air carrier flies from all major Australian/New Zealand cities. Pacific Blue (the Pacific Islands part of Virgin Blue) flies to Port Vila with their usual low fares. Air Calin and Air Vanuatu fly from Noumea, New Caledonia to Port Vila. Air New Zealand flies from Auckland to Port Vila three times a week. Air Pacific, with connections to the US and Canada flies from Nandi, Fiji to Port Vila. You can book directly on line with any of these airlines.

Voted “The happiest place on earth�




Welcome to the inaugural issue of Pacifique digital magazine. We are so excited and proud to be able to offer a look inside the “secret” that is Vanuatu. We plan to share it’s wonders, amazing experiences and exciting opportunities with you each month. Pacifique has all the visual impact of paper, enhanced by interactive elements like video and animated infographics. We can offer you a sneak peek into a far off tribe on the remote island of Tanna, fly you over the world’s most accessible volcano and show you how a car drives on water. To deliver this rich reading environment, we are using the latest in digital publishing technology. The year long effort, has allowed us to create an enhanced digital magazine with the same set of authoring and design tools as print media. To add to the experience the arrival of the ipad represents a grand experiment in the future of our magazine. Over the next few months, we’ll integrate social media and offer a variety of versions and ways to subscribe in digital form. We’ll learn through experimentation, and we will watch closely as our readers teach us how they want to use it. Pacifique will be delivered via e-mail and online, monthly in order for us to provide you with the most compelling—and most useful—information about Vanuatu. There is no finish line. Pacifique magazine is designed from the start as a compelling interactive experience. Have fun, and enjoy!!

Lime Media Limited PO Box 1511 Port Vila South Pacific, Vanuatu Email: Website: Reader/subscription enquiries: +678 545 2358 Publisher/Editor: Megan Williams Creative Editor: Matthew Drummond Art Art Director: Richard Efert Advertising Celia Johansson Creative Services Jacinta Tan Production Lime Media Limited Chief Executive Officer: Megan Williams Managing Director: Matthew Drummond Partners Hive Studios International Hive Studios Inc. Front Cover:






Visas are not required by nationals from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States of America and countries from the European Union. However travellers must be in possession of confirmed onward travel documents and have proof of sufficient funds for visit. Visas are valid for stays of up to 30 days. Nationals not referred to in the list above are advised to contact their Embassy to check visa requirements.


Foreign currency is readily transacted and the local currency unit is the Vatu. Travellers cheques or cash are easily converted into the local currency during your visit and can be exchanged when leaving at the airport. The banks will accept most major credit and debit cards and Goodies usually has the best rate for cash and travellers cheques in town.


Summer is from November to March, the average temperature is 28°C and it can be hot, wet and humid. Winter is from April to October with the temperature averaging 23°C. Sea temperature varies from 22 to 28 degrees making swimming enjoyable all year round.


The main languages are: Bislama, English and French. There are 115 ‘mother tongues’ in common use.


Predominantly Christian


220-230 volts AC, mainly three-point plugs in hotels.


Sydney - Port Vila = 3 hrs, 20 mins Melbourne - Port Vila = 4 hrs Auckland - Port Vila = 3 hrs, 45 mins


Vanuatu is not just a luxurious tropical paradise with warm breezes and gourmet experiences. It happens to be the home of several “bucket list” experiences that are Vanuatu’s best kept secrets: A shipwrecked luxury liner accessible in clear dive friendly waters; the world’s most accessible volcano on the Island of Tanna; a private island that holds a three story tree house; primitive villages still practicing ancient cultural ceremonies; and virtually uninhabited “screen saver” type beaches where there’s no one but you and the fish. The local’s welcome it’s tourists with open arms and wide smiles without the hawking type behaviour of so many other tourist destinations. Vanuatu is a place where you can feel safe, happy and free.




Tanna’s Mt Yasur put on a mighty performance, lending a warm glow to our shoot. More details on this shoot will be available in next month’s edition.


Things to love about Vanuatu right now.

When the sun goes down... We love the rich sunsets the Vanuatu tropical climate provides. The thermals of rising air creates multilayered cloud formations that catch several different grades of light. This results in skies that can contain significant amounts of yellow, red, pink, orange, purple and deep blue at the same time.

Winter is always green... The Vanuatu landscape is a virtual museum of living plants that attracts photographers, gardeners, botanists, scientists, and nature lovers from around the world. High year round productivity, and the lack of any need to adapt to harsh environments add to the rich specialisation that is unique to this incredible location.

It’s Kava time “Your head is affected most pleasantly. Thoughts come cleanly. You feel friendly...Never cross...You cannot hate with kava in you.” Tom Harrison, 1937. Vanuatu is the worlds largest producer of Kava. Kava is an age-old herbal drink that was believed to have been the beverage of choice for the royal families of the South Pacific. It is a member of the black pepper family. Kava’s active properties stem from the kavalactones found in its roots. Well known for it’s medicinal properties Kava is widely enjoyed across Vanuatu in social and ceremonial settings.

Swimsuits are always in fashion Vanuatu is blessed with a tropical climate all year round with temperatures averaging 29 degrees. Swimming, snorkeling, sailing and all other great swimsuit wearing activities can be enjoyed at all times of the year.

From the farm to the table... Vanuatu has been producing some of the world’s best organic beef for years and finds itself the star in culinary contests across the globe. The quality of Vanuatu beef is considered extremely high and comes from farms that are mostly chemical-free. Feeding hormones to cattle is illegal in Vanuatu and the title, “Organically Grown” is an official classification that is now bestowed on many cattle farms in Vanuatu. Visitors and locals alike can enjoy the robust, succulent vitality of Vanuatu beef, the “grass fed” way in supermarkets and restaurants around town.

Tax Friendly

Vanuatu has positioned itself as the most business-friendly nation in the region. It’s strengths are its relative political stability, largely untapped tourism industry and natural resources. It’s tax friendly (no income tax) status is a major draw card and not the least, its sobriquet as the country with the happiest people on earth!

Baby light my fire Mount Yasur, Tanna’s most famous attraction is regarded as the world’s most accessible active volcano. Over the centuries, ash rain has built up huge black sand dunes, creating a stark moonscape. Visitors can climb up to the crater rim, where they are treated to a magnificent display of fireworks.

ping container is the linchpin in our global distribution network of products. In the containers go toys from China, textiles from India, grain from America and cars from Germany. In go electronics, chocolate and cheese. While a number of resourceful people have converted shipping containers to makeshift shelters at the margin of society for years, architects and green designers are also increasingly turning to the strong, cheap boxes as source building blocks. Shipping containers can be readily modified with a range of creature comforts, and can be connected and stacked to create  modular, efficient spaces for a fraction of the cost, labor and resources of more conventional materials. Discover some of the exciting possibilities of shipping container architecture, from disaster relief shelters to luxury condos, vacation homes and off-the-grid adventurers. See what makes them green as well as cutting edge. Not just for resourceful squatters, container architecture is taking the world by storm. Recycled freight containers bring efficiency, flexibility and affordability to innovative green buildings, from small vacation cabins to movable cafes, schools and skyscrapers. Shipping containers offers a huge structural strength for a fraction of the cost of traditional house constructions. Because all the strength is contained in the structural elements, as a result the foundation design is simpler and less expensive, most likely all you need are concrete post under the container corners. ping container is the linchpin in our global distribution network of products. In the containers go toys from China, textiles from India, grain from America and cars from Germany. In go electronics, chocolate and cheese. While a number of resourceful people have converted shipping containers to makeshift shelters at the margin of society for years,

The “Happiest Place on Earth” Lonely Planet recently released its travel guide list of the world’s happiest places. Topping the list was Vanuatu, while Montreal in Quebec took second place. Lonely Planet said “...It was not surprising that Vanuatu appeared as the happiest nation, because the general idea of a happy life projects images of a hammock on a white-sandy beach.” Vanuatu is well known for its blue waters teeming with underwater life, scenic environments and lush vegetation.

Expat escapades Nothing sounds more exotic and glamorous than packing it all in and moving to another country. For the British, history has demonstrated that expatriation is practically hardwired into the cultural genetic code. If you’re daydreaming about the idea, or have even taken the first steps towards a goal of living abroad, you’re in good company. Expatriates have settled in Vanuatu from all over the world. Vanuatu’s expat community consists of approximately 2% of the overall population. The amazing family friendly lifestyle, glamorous social events, community atmosphere and incredible tax incentives offer a unique chance to live in paradise.

The biggest catch

Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu has been named by many a keen fisherman as the game fish capital of the South Pacific. The offshore waters have an international reputation for a chance to catch the “big one” as giant trevally, marlin, dogtooth, yellow fin tuna, sailfish and wahoo are in abundance. In the times of declining fish populations, Port Vila is one destination that offers first-class fishing opportunities.


Our beer is as unspoilt, pure and refreshing as Vanuatu itself. So if it’s refreshment you seek on a steamy South Pacific Day, then you say “Mi wantem Tusker”.


Photo: Anders Ryman

Culturally Speaking


argo cults first sprang up during World War II, when American troops flooded remote islands of the South Pacific by sea and sky. A lack of understanding from the locals about where the seeming unlimited supply of goods came from convinced them that these foreigners were from the “spirit world.” To try and lure Americans back, residents of these remote villages built docks and airstrips, and hoped that troops would return with their jeeps, planes, and canned food. After the war, cargo cults began dying down as American soldiers no longer occupied these small villages and the only outlet to modern life was through the occasional tourist. However, a few cargo cults still exist, mainly the relatively large John Frum Movement on the Island of Tanna in Vanuatu. This tribe’s main belief is the worship of some sort of European “God” that is often pictured in a G. I. uniform. Vanuatu devotees honor a ghostly American messiah, John Frum. It is believed this “messiah” or “god” will bring plane loads and ship loads of cargo as long as the tribe continues to worship and pray to John Frum (hence the name, cargo cult.) The first record of cargo cults started in the countries of Melanesia, in the western end of the Pacific Ocean. The first documented cargo cult was

“Even though many of these cargo cults have disappeared, the john Frum movement still remains strong.”

known as the Tuka Movement, which began in Fiji in 1885. These cults envied the foreigners’ supplies as they were usually unable to obtain the same material goods easily because of difficult trade (their remote location) or conventional traditions. Even though many of these cargo cults have disappeared, the John Frum Movement still remains strong. Every year during the month of February, villagers at Sulphur Bay, Vanuatu, parade in old fading US army uniforms with wooden

weapons. They march with “USA” painted in bright red on their bare chests. In the background, the, “Stars and Stripes” wave from a large flagpole. During February, the villagers celebrate and worship their almighty “leader.” The official day of “John Frum” is held annually on February 15th. February 15th gains it’s significance being the day when villagers raised the United States flag for the first time. This celebration is held every year in hope that their continued homage to the USA will lead to a return of their “messiah.” The hope is that this celebration may entice another delivery of “cargo.” As one of the longest lasting cargo cults, The Vanuatu cult is especially unique and is a prime example of how human misinterpretation can lead to an entire population changing their cultural identity.

Left, below: The American’s used Vanuatu as a staging ground for the war against the Japanese. Below: Marching to the “Stars and stripes.”

An American G.I. in Vanuatu




ave March, founding father of WaterCar, Inc, has been building vehicles & boats since 1976 when he opened his collision fix facility in Fountain Valley, California. Since that time, he has fixed and re-built thousands of vehicles which is now one of the most important and most highly respected collision mend facilities in the business. Perfect for an afternoon drive into the crystal waters of Havannah Harbour or to simply pop over to Hideaway Island for dinner, the “Python” produced by WaterCar, Inc is the ideal island toy for those who literally have everything. In the 1990’s, Dave March noticed that design specs between automobiles and boats were being shared. Ship manufactures were using light-weight high performance automotive-type engines and auto makers were incorporating light marine-type composite bodies and frames. corrosion resistant. This gave March the idea of developing high-spec cars that might

be driven on the water. As a result the WaterCar was born. Dave’s vision was to see high-performance vehicles operate on water as spectacularly as his cars performed on land. Not impressed by previous amphibious cars that just floated around, March believed he was capable of creating an amphibious vehicle that could reach high road speeds on the water. Sure to draw all types of attention ( bikini- clad, and otherwise ), WaterCar is selling the Corvette-powered, completely assembled Python for a cool $200,000 USD. The Python is the speediest, highest-performing amphibious auto ever built. The Python jets along at sixty miles per hour on water, and on land accelerates from zero to sixty in 4.5 second’s. WaterCar Inc exports it’s vehicles internationally. More information can be found at Below: The watercar performs on water as well as it does on land.

Cate Blanchett can be found enjoying breakfast by the water in Port Vila.

Photo: Pixmac


Celebrity Cash

Guy Sebastian loved Vanuatu so much he can’t wait to return.


anuatu is coming of age. Once in the shadows of it’s famous South Pacific neighbours it seems celebrity cash and star power is helping fuel the latest property grab from savvy investors. Vanuatu has been host recently to many a celebrity including the iconic fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg who described Vanuatu as, “the most beautiful place [she had] ever seen in [her] life.” In 2004, Vanuatu was chosen by the producers of the American TV Program ,“Survivor” as the location for its “Survive The Islands Of Fire” reality TV series. Since that time, Vanuatu’s amazing locations have become favourite filming spots for both National Geographic and Discovery Channel’s many documentary productions. Here lately, more and more stars have purchased property in Vanuatu. A recent visit from Steve and Rose Jacobs had them scoping out property and Cate Blanchett’s purchase in Havannah Harbour has everyone rethinking this tropical paradise. With celebrity guests like Diesel, Darryl Braithwaite, Christine Anu, Wendy Matthews, Guy Sebastian and Celebrity Gardner Jamie Durie it is likely that the recent buzz won’t die down any time soon! Celebrity visitors and it’s recent top spot as, “The happiest Place on Earth” have fuelled publicity about Vanuatu. The word is out. Vanuatu is hot.

Jamie Durie notoriously partied it up at the local nightclubs in town.

Photo: Pixmac

Diane Von Furstenberg described Vanuatu as, “the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my life...”


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GO GREEN Built around California’s notoriously stringent construction codes, De Maria Design’s Redondo Beach Container House is sleek and contemporary, barely hinting at the recycled and sustainable nature of the house.

Photo: Andre Movsesyan / DeMaria Design


ould you live in a shipping container? You might just want to after reading this article. Invented more than five decades ago, the modern shipping container is the linchpin in our global distribution network of products. In the containers go toys from China, textiles from India, grain from America and cars from Germany. The humble shipping container is no longer just a means for transporting goods but an exciting possibility for the future of eco friendly housing construction. While a number of resourceful people have converted shipping containers to makeshift shelters at the margin of society for years, architects and green designers are increasingly turning to the strong, cheap boxes as source building blocks. Shipping containers can be readily modified with a range of creature comforts, and can be connected and stacked to create modular, efficient spaces for a fraction of the cost, labor and resources of more conventional materials. Not just for resourceful squatters, container architecture is taking the world by storm. Recycled freight

containers bring efficiency, flexibility and affordability to innovative green buildings, from small vacation cabins to movable cafes, schools and skyscrapers. Shipping containers offer huge structural strength for a fraction of the cost of traditional house construction. Due to the fact that all the container strength is held in the structural elements, the foundation design ends up being simpler and less expensive. We are yet to see this concept used in a residential setting in Vanuatu, however it is already being seen in several commercial instances around town with a beach side bar and a fully fitted out flower shop utilising container construction. Environmentalists have embraced these designs, applauding the eco friendly nature inherent in this type of build. Other fans are advocates for affordable-housing with research suggesting the use of containers in residential and commercial construction equals to about half the cost of the conventional per square foot costs of a regular house build.


ISLAND DREAMING Images of times gone by, that evoke long lazy afternoons.


ritish colonial style has become very popular in the last few years; mahogany furnishings, bamboo and rattan, and such design elements as ticking stripes, leather and wicker have invaded our homes. However, many consumers have no idea what British colonial style is, or where it came from. Yet this style has an interesting story to tell. At one time, the saying was, “the sun never set on the British Empire.” Under Queen Victoria, the British colonised the world, from India to the West Indies and many places in between. Stationed overseas for years, British citizens melded the traditional furnishings from home with the craftsmanship of the locals they governed. A collection that spanned the globe demonstrated the wealth and well-travelled sophistication of the returned expatriate. British expatriates were influenced by the climate and customs of the places they visited. The English also adopted fabrics, such as lighter cottons and linens in the tropical places they were grown. Linen or mattress ticking slipcovers covered the heavy furnishings and protected them from the dust that filtered in through open windows in the heat. Interiors in the tropics were light and airy, punctuated by the occasional floral chintz or mahogany chest from England. British colonial style encompasses a wide range of design. It appeals to our sense of the exotic, of adventure, and of romance — a home decorated in the true British colonial style adds an air of romance and sophistication to today’s casual lifestyle.





restore and relax YOUR HAIR IS OUR BUSINESS, THUS YOUR BEAUTY RADIATES Creative and artistic. We only give you the best for any occasion that will have you feeling like a celebrity.


Unit 8, Level 1 The Vila Mall, Port Vila Vanuatu

(678) 23701



Left to right: Jett, Dane, Tiffany, Willow, Brock and Nash.

LIVE THE ISLAND LIFE Tiffany, Dane and their four children decided to escape the stress of city life on the Gold Coast and throw all caution to the wind.


Had you been thinking of moving overseas for some time?


How did you end up moving to Vanuatu?

We hadn’t really contemplated moving overseas, however had sometimes entertained the thought. We had talked about moving hypothetically to places like the Cayman Islands, UK, USA, Dubai or Singapore. We had never thought about Vanuatu as an option, as we never knew it as anything more than a tourist destination.

We had been invited to Vanuatu to spend Christmas 2009. We took up the offer, and had a wonderful three week holiday. In

that time, Dane was up with a prospectiv established law firm At this stage, the another country with and taking three boy not that attractive to talks regarding an em for Dane continued, appealing and some eventually thought,


What do you Vanuatu?

The best thing abou is the time we have Before the move, Da

s lucky enough to meet ve employer, from an m in Port Vila. e idea of moving to h a ten month old baby ys out of school was o me. However, as mployment opportunity , the idea became more ewhat adventurous. We “Let’s give it a go.”

u like about living in

ut living in Vanuatu to spend as a family. ane was busy flying

interstate on a Sunday night or early Monday morning and mostly didn’t return until Friday night or Saturday morning. If he was home, there was always preparation for work lurking in the background. The weeks blurred as I struggled to run a household and look after four children’s very busy schedules. When we were all together as a family, everyone was too exhausted to enjoy and value our time together. Dane is home almost every night now to have dinner with his family, and spend every weekend experiencing new and exciting family adventures. It’s also a bonus to be able to have a lot of household help and a gardener, which allows us more time to enjoy our hobbies.

I have, for example been taking five star cooking classes with a local chef and have also rediscovered my passion for scuba diving. New golf clubs have encouraged lessons and of course there is always time for coffee with the girls. It has also been a privilege to now have the time now volunteer at the children’s school; Port Vila International.


Would you recommend other families make the move?

Vanuatu is not for everyone, but if you have a keen sense of adventure and are prepared to take some risks, moving to Vanuatu could be the best thing you ever do. It definitely has been the right decision for us.





oasting some of the world’s best preserved marine ecosystems, Vanuatu is prized by scuba divers for its incredible underwater diversity. Amid clear warm water and abundant marine life scuba divers can experience caves, swim-throughs, walls, lava towers, fantastically elaborate wrecks, coral mazes, grottoes and overhangs, plus more. Holding the distinguished position of being able to offer the world’s largest accessible wreck dive Vanuatu offers divers the S.S. President Coolidge. The Coolidge was a first-class luxury liner pressed into service as a U.S. troop transport ship in 1941 . On her first trip to Vanuatu, she hit a friendly harbour mine and was completely submersed within an hour. Today, the bow of the 654-foot ship rests at 55 feet, her stern at 220 feet. A favourite among divers is, “The Lady.” At 145 feet, divers glide inside the superstructure and enter what was the smoking room. A porcelain statue of an Elizabethan lady and her horse adorns the fireplace mantle greeting it’s visitors with grace and a time of luxurious ocean travel once past. The S.S. President Coolidge is located on the Island of Espiritu Santo. Unlike many other dive sites named for their formations or marine life, places like Million Dollar Point have a story all their own. At the end of WWII, the American military offered it’s used military and construction equipment to the British at 10 cents on the dollar. Assuming the equipment would simply be left behind, the British refused, hoping to get it for free. While attending a luncheon hosted by the Americans, the British watched in horror as U.S. troops dumped thousands of tons of equipment into the ocean. Each piece of machinery is now home to various ocean creatures. For something a little more “kitch” Vanuatu has the world’s first and only underwater post office located at Hideaway Island, approximately 20 minutes drive and a short boat ride from Port Vila. The Post Office is 50 meters offshore and just three meters below the surface. Since opening in 2003, the underwater post office has received an estimated 100,000 visitors. Vanuatu dive sites offer an experience for everyone. Avid snorkelers to experienced divers will understand why these amazing diving spots regularly feature in lists of the top diving spots in the world.

PEARLS OF WISDOM No longer Nanna’s favourite, pearls have made a comeback in a big way. Most recently Lanvin’s return to the pearl on the catwalks of Paris and their appearance in Sex and the City 2 has reignited a lust for these jewels of the deep. A vintage look that is gaining popularity as a contemporary fashion trend.

If large jewels aren’t your thing, why not try a pearl cuff bracelet on for size.

Pearl jewelry is becoming more and more affordable due to the fact that cultured pearls are becoming more readily available.

Pile necklaces or bracelets on thick and embellish with grosgrain, velvet or metal chains or use removable clasps called enhancers to add or remove pendants at whim. Diamonds and pearls such as the Canturi Cubism earrings (Charlotte wears the bracelet from the same collection in the SATC 2 trailer) are seriously breathtaking, or look to the elegant simplicity of a pearl or two adorning your hand. Whether it’s champagne, black or white, select a colour that works with the jewels you already own and don’t be afraid of irregular shapes that can add an organic edge. Play with costume pieces before investing big dollars to be sure you buy the right thing when you go real. For the contemporary fashionista the old rules of only wearing pearls in the daytime are out the window. For those with a Petite frame, wear your pearls on your sleeve by cascading bracelets down your wrist. Pop in a cuff, bangle or watch to give it your personal

stamp. For the more athletically inclined, draw the eye up to your face with pearl drop earrings. For women usually referred by a certain fruit, go big with baubles around the neck and down the chest or look to a perfectly placed brooch and those blessed with an ample bosom, keep your pearls small and short at the neck or shift the focus to a big bauble on your hand. Larger frames, look for multistranded pearls of different diameters and lengths. Drape them over your chest and team them with fine-metal chains.

Sarah Jessica Parker in pearls.

Photo: Pixmac


his classic opaque gem has intrigued and captivated for centuries, from the 2000-yearold pearl necklace belonging to a Persian princess found in a sarcophagus, to the seed pearls of the Victorian era and most recently Lanvin’s return to the pearl on the catwalks of Paris. Fictional fashion icon Carrie Bradshaw reignited a lust for pearls (and lots of them), which are no longer just Nanna’s favourite, when, in a nod to Coco Chanel (who, incidentally, built a brand on the allure of the pearl), donned them in SATC. Given the pearl has swarmed the recent runways as arm, neck and ear candy, who doesn’t want a piece of the action? But be warned, pearls are an investment piece that come with a hefty price tag - unless, of course, you’re prepared to go faux, which is OK too. As always, your jewelry should be a reflection of your personal style. A simple string of pearls is classic, Moroccan inspired chandelier drops are exotic and a strong statement piece is slick.





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6 5 7


9 10


A slice of poached pear and a shaving of coconut makes for a wonderful and tasty accent!

Sweeten Up TIP Try it with a sweet whipped cream and shaved coconut icing!

Coconut Pannacotta Ingredients

125ml milk 175ml thickened cream 300ml coconut cream 120g sugar 1 vanilla bean 2 leaves gelatin

bean in a stainless steel pot over low heat until warm. Do not boil. Allow to infuse for 30 minutes then rewarm. Soak gelatin in cold water. Squeeze out excess water and stir into coconut mixture until dissolved. Pour into 125ml moulds and chill until set. Turn out to serve with tropical fruits.

Place milk, cream, coconut cream, sugar and split vanilla

Local Coconut Cake Ingredients

4 cups of grated coconut 250 grm unsalted butter 8 whole eggs 2 cups castor sugar 2 cups of self rasing flour Method In a bowl using an electric mixer whisk sugar and


butter until light and creamy. Then add the eggs one by one into the butter and sugar mix making sure that you mix the eggs through thoroughly. Using a metal spoon mix the flour and grated coconut into the above mixture. Butter and flour a round or square medium size baking tin and pour the mixture into it and then place into pre heated oven. Cook for 1 hr and 15 minutes @ 130 degrees celsius. Decorate as

A view to dine for

La Tentation Restaurant is the perfect place to relax. Located on the harbour front in the heart of Port Vila town, we offer a wide range of fresh cuisine to tempt the taste buds. Our chef has created a menu to suit just about everybody's tastes... even the kids. Open 6 days a week for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Fine dining from Monday to Saturday. Bookings are encouraged and we look forward to making your dining experience a memorable one.




WINE TIME Gewurtztraminer spices it up...

Gewurztraminer is a cold-climate grape used in the production of white wine. Though not universally popular, it is often used as an early wine to teach people how to recognize different varietals through taste, because of its distinctive smell and taste. The main aroma from Gewurztraminer is one of fresh lychee fruit. This scent is very noticeable and pleasant to most people. The grape exhibits other spice as well – the name derives from the German word Gewurtz, which means ‘spiced’. Villa Maria is available at select restaurants and outlets in Port Vila.

Villa Maria Private Bin Gewürztraminer 2008 Zealand

Floral accents, colorful spices

Classic Smoked Salmon ·       8 ounces cream cheese ·        2 tablespoons milk ·        1 teaspoon lemon juice ·        1 teaspoon dill weed ·        4-5 drops Tabasco sauce ·        8 ounces Alaskan lox, nova or kippered smoked salmon ·        16 slices cocktail-size rye or pumpernickel bread ·        1/2 small red onion, thinly sliced, soaked for 15 minutes in cold water ·        2 tablespoons capers, drained ·        1 lemon, split lengthwise and thinly sliced ·        fresh dill weed for garnish Cream together the first 5 ingredients. Put the herbed cream cheese in a small serving bowl in the center of a serving platter and arrange the smoked salmon and bread slices. Garnish with red onion, capers, lemon slices and dill.

Gewurtz Gourmet Pair with strong flavours, try it with these matches. Saute’ed or terrine foie gras, smoked oysters, salmon and mild blue cheeses.

See salmon recipe...


Bound for the Islands M

Bound for Vanuatu (then known as the New Hebrides) Maggie Whitecross Paton wrote a series of letter’s to her sister which were later published. Arriving in Vanuatu in 1866, Maggie and her husband John Paton set up a mission on the Island of Tanna...These are her letters.

y heart always fills, when I think of the great distance there is now between us, and how long it may be before we meet again! I began first actually to realize it, when being towed out, on the Sabbath morning we left Liverpool. I could only bury my face in the pillow, and almost groan your name over and over. By the time we got up, we were out of sight of land, until in the afternoon we sighted the Welsh coast. It was a lovely day, and the villages near the shore shone so pretty and clean, though the land itself looked rocky and barren.

... I think I described to you, here leaving, our dear little cabin. We found it very comfortable indeed ; the more so, as for convenience Captain Ellis allowed us to get on deck by the “ companion “ that led up from the bath-room, communicating with his room and ours. He is a fine specimen of the thorough English gentleman, and has been exceedingly kind to us during all the voyage. So has every other Officer, especially Mr. Friend, the first mate, who did everything for our comfort that he could possibly think of. I have been so engaged, since coming to Sydney, that I could

FROM 1894

Left: The Whitecross Paton family. Maggie Whitecross, bottom row, second from the left. Right:: Sketches from the New Hebrides. Far right: John Paton.

“So I opened my locket in a quiet corner, and had a good cry”

not settle to letter-writing; and now (January 18th) we are arranging to go off in the Day spring to Adelaide, passing round, however, by Hobart Town and Launceston. Mother and I are a little timid about sailing again, as we had a month’s very severe sickness at the commencement of our late voyage. Indeed, our dear Mother did not quite get over it, all the way. We lived almost entirely on deck, only going down when absolutely necessary; and we, at least I, got to be very fond of the sea life, though, alas, woefully subject to the dreaded sickness. We had sometimes almost to be carried on deck, and lay there the whole day our meals being brought up to us, when we could face them at all! Having sighted land only twice namely, St. Antonio and Trinidad we reached Sydney on December 27th, 1864, after a very smooth passage of ninety-five days, enlivened by two somewhat

severe but very brief gales. We entered the Heads about six o’clock in the evening. The Bay is beyond any- how I could give you any idea of it, when Mr. Mitchell (the gentleman about whom J. H. wrote to us, and who has been such a friend) up asked what I thought of it. I told him that I was wondering how I could find language to describe it to my sister at home. He answered: “ Tell her, it is indescribable, to attempt it would only be to murder it. It must be seen to be understood. I must add, I am quite of that opinion. To me, however, at that moment, it suggested only Loch Lomond on a larger and grander scale. But the hills are covered with gum trees; and magnificent houses and monuments are studded here and there, high among the trees, and far along the shore. It seemed like Fairy Land, with the pure and wondrous atmosphere. We had a lovely peep at Sydney, just as the sun was setting behind

the spires; but, for the time at least, I had no inclination to enter the land of strangers, however fascinating. How different had it been dear old Scotland! So I opened my locket in a quiet corner, and had a good “ cry “ as I gazed once more on your beloved likeness. How often have I looked at it, during the voyage; and two or three times I have caught myself passing my fingers lovingly over it, when too dark to have another look. We have been staying with Dr. and Mrs. Moon, very good and very kind friends. I must tell you what we saw in Sydney by the next mail, but the most pleasant thing I met with there was your precious letter. How I did devour it ! Kiss your darlings. Tell them they are never out of my mind. Your ever affectionate sister, MAGGIE WHITECROSS PATON


SMOOTH MOVE Essential Tips for Relocating

So you have secured a great position, with a great company, with a great package. What’s the hitch...It’s overseas.

Explore: Give your loved ones and yourself some confidence before the move. Explore the country, take a look at the schools and neighbourhoods and get acquainted with the local people and the culture. Travel Light: No matter whether it is just you, or your whole family, the key to an easy initial transition is to travel light. Many rental properties can come furnished and storage is not always an option. Either purchase your furniture upon arrival or give yourself some time to decide what it is you may really need. Essentials: A great idea to keep everything secure is to use a web space to store as much of your life as possible. Scan your passports, birth certificates and any other essential documents online and off site. Research: Experts agree, an employee you should research the destination as much as possible. It’s tempting, but don’t rely on your organisation for every single bit of information. Connect: Finding people, whether locals or expats, who are connected is important. They can typically help out with basic information and have insider tips that may make your transition much easier.

Expectations: Manage them, give yourself some time to settle in, understand that the standard of living may be very different to what you are used to. Make new friends and become part of the community. This does not happen overnight but when it does your sure to feel right at home. Register: Register you and your family with your local Embassy or High Commission. In case of emergency, they will know where to find you. Support: Get the support of your friends and family. Relocating overseas can be a challenge. The problems you may have when your life is calm and settled in a place you know and are comfortable may very well be magnified under the stresses of moving.

“You don’t want to risk being landed with a double tax bill on your return home.”

Cont’d... Moving: Is your employer picking up the tab? Your move can add up to thousands of dollars with container shipping costs, flights and other incidentals. Make sure you have the details down before you sign on the dotted line.

Contact a local person and ask questions about the community. Do apartment and house rentals accept pets? Are vet facilities available? Is animal care affordable? Are there kennels where you can leave your pet while you’re away? What’s the local attitude towards pets?

Currency: Make sure you are clear on what currency your salary or contract is paid in. Will it be the local currency or the currency of the country you are currently living in? You can win or lose on conversion so don’t get caught out on the back end.

3. Come up with a Timeline: To import a pet, most countries require a stringent sequence of medical tests. The timing of each stage is extremely important, and failure to adhere exactly may result in headaches and extra costs.

Health: Health insurance is a must for anyone thinking of relocating. Certain countries may or may not have a healthcare standard you are used to. If not, make sure your plan covers your extradition if necessary. Taxes: Certain countries require you to still pay local taxes even after relocating abroad. Check if your company has a tax equalization policy. Consult with an external accountant who specialises in International taxes. You don’t want to risk being landed with a double tax bill on your return home. Layoffs: Make sure you are protected. You don’t want to move your life to be told...”We just don’t have a position for you anymore.” In the event of layoffs ensure you understand the terms of getting you and your stuff home. If you are considering moving your pet overseas, here are some basic guidelines to follow: 1. Check with the Consulate: Rules vary greatly in different countries regarding the import of animals, and these regulations often depend on your country of origin. First, determine if you can bring your pet at all. In some countries, certain species of dog and cat are accepted, while others are not. For a preliminary idea of a country’s regulations, refer to, although information on this site is general only. Refer to the country’s consulate for recent official requirements. 2. Assess the Living Environment Abroad:

4. Meet with the Vet: Schedule an appointment with a vet experienced in preparing animals for overseas travel. That person may already be familiar with the procedures, which lightens your burden to ensure they are done properly. Discuss your pet’s overall health and age as well as potential problems with moving abroad. 5. Contact Airlines: Airlines have different regulations for transporting animals internationally. Contact a representative directly to clarify specific issues or concerns. It’s also important to know that rules for transporting your pet may change at different stops on the travel itinerary. 6. Find a Pet Carrier: Ensure you have the proper animal carrier for an international flight. Many airlines require the carrier to be approved by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). In some cases, you may be able to rent one directly from the airline. In any case, an airline representative can explain exact dimensions needed based on the species and size of your animal. You should expect to pay considerable transport, handling and holding fees. 7. Focus on the Details: Once you start the complicated process of expatriating your pet, follow the directions exactly. Don’t remain confused by a requirement; speak to someone who can clarify. The consequence of making a mistake, even a small one, can be costly and frustrating. Keep multiple copies of the documentation. Set aside money for unexpected fees and problems you might encounter along the way. Finally, have a backup plan in the event you can’t move your pet as planned.







For more information or to donate artwork please email:





Friday 22nd October 2010


5.30pm viewing


BRED Bank bldg

7.00pm auction

Port Vila International School

All proceeds from this fundraising evening support PVIS to increase student opportunities and facilities

Volcanic Earth Organic Skin Care

A sanctuary

for organic healing

We offer an ALL NATURAL skin care range with zero chemicals, synthetic colourings, artificial preservatives or toxins that also reflects the tried and tested methods of the Vanuatu ancient culture. Now you too, can learn about the significant healing properties of pure Tamanu Oil, the anti-aging benefits of organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and the cleansing, purification and exfoliating qualities of volcano products such as volcanic ash and volcanic pumice, combined with the sensuous scents of pure Frangipani, Vanilla and Sandalwood. Our natural skin care products are ethical Bio products that respect the skin’s natural rhythm, with unique formulas containing organic Bio ingredients and 100% natural fragrances. Discover for yourself why VOLCANIC EARTH’s cosmetic, organic bath and body products, aromatherapy, natural remedies and other organic body care products are sought after by people from around the globe! H e a d O f f i c e : P O B o x 1 6 4 2 P o r t Vi l a - Va n u a t u Te l : ( 6 7 8 ) 7 7 4 6 11 2 We b : w w w. v o l c a n i c e a r t h . c o m E m a i l : e n q u i r i e s @ v o l c a n i c e a r t h . c o m


an organic wellspring


WWW... Our pick for this month’s must see websites

ALL YOUR MAGAZINES ONLINE Whether you live on an Island or not, it’s never been easier to get a copy of your latest magazine. Zinio enables the ability to shop for, search inside, read, share and save digital content in new ways and on many devices. With over 50,000 digital magazines and books, including all your favourites , is the largest online newsstand in the world.

HAVE YOU EVER WISHED FOR A PRODUCT BUT THEY WON’T SHIP INTERNATIONALLY? allows shoppers outside the USA to purchase products online from other sites, have the products sent to a California address, and then shipped outside the country. How does it work? First go to any American website, find your product, open the “My American Shopper” order form and voila! Your items will be shipped to you anywhere in the world.

Style - Elegance - Luxury

R o s s i Vi l l a g e P o r t Vi l a , Va n u a t u Te l : + 6 7 8 2 7 9 7 4 l u x _ b o u t i q u e @ l u x v a n u a t u . c o m





Body Therapy



Head and Hair

Hands and Feet

Beauty Therapy

Wedding Packages

Special Events

Clear the mind, cleanse the body and soothe the soul at Vanuatu’s finest spa, the Lotus Day Spa and Tea House. Set amongst tropical gardens with a bamboo border is a romantically restored French Provincial home. Lotus harmonises it’s treatments with the stunning natural surrounds and offers a unique and peaceful setting to be pampered and polished to perfection.

Call Us Today +678 28811 Rue Bougainville; Opposite the Catholic Cathederal

[ OUR BEER ] *’





Actual Email ha


From: <name withheld> Date: 13 March 2010 1:34:04 PM To: Bukura residents Subject: BEWARE CAR THIEVES BUKURA Hi Everyone,

Somebody tried to steal our Musso car off our front lawn last night. The dogs next door appeared to have scared them off. For some reason my wife left the car unlocked. The wiring was ripped out and we had to have a mechanic sort it out this morning. Bukura

And Then... From: <name withheld> Date: 15 March 2010 12:59:30 PM To: Bukura residents Subject: car thief Bukura False Alarm Hi Everyone, We caught the “car thief” that we thought broke into our car the other night. The dashboard wiring was disturbed again this morning so I looked carefully under the dash and saw what looked like a crab. I eventually pulled it out and it turned out to be one of the largest land crabs I have ever a lobster. My darling wife and her friends were crabbing along the road the other night and put the bucket of crabs in the car. Obviously one escaped. I have taken this “thief” down to the police station and they will lock it up in N0.6 until it confesses. Cheers





SEPTEMBER 01 - 04 Vanua Lava Festival Banks Islands

OCTOBER 04 - 06 Walarano Naversa Mini Arts Festival Malekula Island

SEPTEMBER 05 Vanuatu Game Fishing Dogtooth Competition Efate SEPTEMBER 05 Devil’s Point Super Stage Rally Race - Efate SEPTEMBER 08 Tanna Trail Tanna Island SEPTEMBER 09 - 13 Lalinda Mini Art Festival Ambrym

OCTOBER 20 Fest Nalenga Stringband Festival Port Vila - Cultural Centre OCTOBER 21 - 23 Fest Napuan Music Festival Port Vila - Cultural Centre OCTOBER 24 Zion Gospel Music Festival Port Vila - Cultural Centre OCTOBER 22 - 26 World’s Greatest Shore Dive Festival - Santo

Photo: www..vanuatu-hotels,vu


Live your dreams...

Here is your chance! Waterfront property for less than 200K.

Aerial view of Port Vila


he answer is simple, as Mark Twain famously said, “buy land, they’re not making it any more”. Well, there is a lot of truth to that, especially in Vanuatu. Balmy breezes, unbelievable beaches, fantastic financial incentives, the utter escape from the mad dash of the “real world”, and a permanent flip-flop lifestyle - these are just a few of the reasons more and more affluent individuals are choosing to live in paradise. There is something restorative about the beach; the sand, sun and the sea the have the power to revive us, even after long hours of working and months of cold weather back home. Whether you enjoy splashing in the surf, sunning on the shore, or simply listening to the waves from the terrace of your villa while relaxing with a cool drink, beach living is about as blissful as it gets. Vanuatu is blessed with some of the finest beaches in the world. Only hours away from most

major Australian and New Zealand cities, these beaches offer the added bonus of being easily accessible. For many, it’s a simple choice to own a vacation home or retire to a beach in paradise. Not only are the Vanuatu beaches easy to reach (yet worlds away from reality), but they offer tax friendly financial incentives to make living in paradise more desirable than ever. Value and fun for the buck are definitely in Vanuatu, but what you’ll quickly see when you get here and get to know the lay of the land, is that the best places to hang your hat, flip flops and hammock are going to be gone within the next two or three years. Each year, more people find out about just how cool this place is and the good stuff will never be cheaper than it is today. It really is hard to go wrong in Vanuatu. Where else in the world can you buy 1 acre of superb oceanfront land, less than 10 minutes from an

international airport, and fully protected from large ocean waves by a reef, for less than $200,000? The same land in nearby Australia would be priced in the millions. With its sweeping coral formations, Vanuatu is the backdrop for many a great photograph and those who take up residence on the beach can enjoy this constant â&#x20AC;&#x153;screen saverâ&#x20AC;? of natural beauty. Vanuatu enjoys the vibe of a chill, beach town that is slowly turning into a cosmopolitan escape. Here are a few suburb snapshots: Tassiriki - Renowned for its close proximity to schools, lagoons, Port Vila township, and good quality homes. Tassiriki is a popular choice with expatriate families. Houses in this area range from AUD $230,000 AUD - AUD $1.8 million. Development sites start at AUD $94,000.

low millions. Homes range from AUD $400,000 - AUD $900,000. Land begins at AUD $60,000 AUD. Bukura/Devils Point - An established suburb located about 20 minutes from the CBD and 12 minutes from the airport. Known for its waterfront vistas, private beaches and amazing reefs, Devils Point is popular with expatriates and those looking for room to move with most blocks over an acre in size. Homes start from AUD $475,000 - AUD $900,000. Waterfront land ranges from AUD $125,000 +.

Bellevue - An up and coming suburb popular with executive expatriates due to its stunning hilltop views of the lagoon, cool breezes, close proximity to the local international school and CBD (within 5 minutes drive). Several homes are currently under construction, with values expected to be in the

!"#$%&'$() $*+,-./$0121.3

4-.5-'56+$0#-/1.3$7#-,$8+'-'#$%3#.9:$;#&21.3$!"#$<(5.'&:$;1.9#$=>>? !"#$%"&'(&&)%*+,%-%.&/'012%"1)3% =98'%>561?%>1)<1'<% % % B&6$%CDEFG%HIDJK%%L1M$%%CDEFG%HIDHF N9O56&$%%CDEFG%EEIJPIQRCDEFG%EEEHKHE

% %

(((45/61)70890&8':4;< 0890&8':@;1)<1'<429A4;<

Mystique Si at Rainbows End Bukura, Devils Point Rd - Vanuatu



Jack Dihm

Property Consultant

Mystique Si at Rainbow’s End - As natural as a breath of fresh air

First National Vanuatu PKF House, Lini Highway Port Vila, Vanuatu + 678 29014 + 678 5550099

Mystique is French for Magic, Si is Bislama for Sea and Rainbow’s End is just that!!! Situated on the popular Devil’s Point Road is this unique 6 year old residential property. On a massive waterfront lot this residence has been home to a local artist for the past 6 years. Residence consists of a large open plan living area, expansive undercover entertaining areas, kitchen, 3 bedrooms downstairs of which one is fully self contained, 2 downstairs bathrooms with the main bedroom located on a mezzanine floor with own WC. High Cathedral-styled ceiling. Manicured gardens and natural artwork throughout the property. 30 metre water frontage with own rock pool, no chemicals. Zoned Rural Residential. Medical issues have forced the owner to sell. Reluctantly the owner will look at all offers around AUD $475,000. The property is now URGENTLY for sale at well under current market price.

Lifestyle Business For Sale

$AUD 598,000 plus SAV

EASILY managed Retail Garden Centre and Nursery (â&#x20AC;&#x153;Ground Forceâ&#x20AC;?) for sale in Vanuatu - a tropical island paradise and tax haven (no income tax) only 2 hours flying time from Brisbane, Australia (3 hours from Sydney). It has been owned by the current husband and wife proprietors since September, 2006 who, even though only low daily management input is required, are reluctantly selling. IMAGINE owning a business that is essentially run by a well-trained team, most of whom have been with the

company for a number of years therein leaving you to devote your time to other interests and activities (such as reading a good book in the shade of a palm tree while enjoying a gin and tonic or a cold beer or two!). All this in a country where the minimum wage is just 1,200 vatu a day (equivalent to about $AUD 15 a day)! The business consists of two main road locations on a total land area of 14,033m2. One location serves as the principal retail centre (Ground Force) while the other (known as Prima Gardens) is undergoing development as a propagation facility, plant storage facility and botanical showcase. The majority of current staff have been employed in the business since 2006/7. There is HUGE potential for business revenue expansion through the addition of other garden products, increasing plant rental sales and the continued development of the Prima Gardens property into a botanical showcase and ultimately - a favoured destination for local residents and tourists alike.

For more information: Contact: Phil Manhire (ph) +678 27726 (mob) +678 555 2654

ABOUT TOWN 30 years of Independence and Vanuatu Race Week brought out the international guests and expats for an amazing week of parties, balls and fun: 1. Louisa Pittar, Dimitri Politis, Govenor General of Australia, Quintin Bryce, Helen Politis 2. Maddy Brown 3. Trophy time at the races 4. Kate Rasmusson, Steve Jacobs, Deb Rasmusson 5. Vanuatu Military Band 6. Bred Bank Race Day Sponsorship 7. Tiffany Thornburgh, Alison Brown 8. Tim & Kristine Merrick 9. Fashions on the Field 10. Megan Williams & Matthew Drummond 11. Race Day 12. Unknown, Alison Brown.

PACIFIQUE DIRECTORY AIRLINES Air Vanuatu Head Office - Tel: 25111 Air Vanuatu Domestic: 23848 Pacific Blue/Virgin - Tel Air Caledonie - Tel: 22895 South Pacific Travel - Tel: 22836 Surata Tamaso Travel - Tel: 22666 Unity Airlines - Tel: 24475.

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Confessions of a tax haven Ssshh...

Residents of Vanuatu - Email us your confessions. All information will be kept anonymous.


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