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Endowment Fundraising Goal: $20 Million


Giving to Pacific University is an excellent way to impact the quality of education. While all gifts to Pacific contribute to the high-caliber of education, research and outreach—endowments are particularly meaningful as they offer a dependable, perpetual source of funding to support students. The investment made in Pacific with the creation of an endowment makes a difference in the lives of our students, faculty and staff. An endowment enhances their education, research, daily work, future contributions to society and academic excellence.

GIFTS SUSTAIN OUR UNIVERSITY Without question, endowments are the most advantageous source of funding for the University. An endowment ensures perpetual funding by careful investing, and spending only a percentage of fair market value. Endowments assure sustained excellence for generations to come in good economic times and bad. Endowment dollars provide a steady, consistent and permanent source of income. Consistent funding allows the University to plan with certainty. Endowments may be established to support such endeavors as student scholarships, study abroad initiatives, professorships, endowed chairs, equipment and library needs or excellence funds. These funds enable Pacific to direct support to areas of greatest promise or need, to seize timely opportunities and to meet the specific interests of donors.



GIFTS SUSTAIN YOUR LEGACY One of the advantages of creating an endowment is the freedom to choose how your investment will support the University. You can see the impact your gift makes year in and year out. Endowments inherently have a profound impact because of their longevity. Your gift will help Pacific sustain support in the area of your choosing for generations to come. Endowments are an excellent way to honor someone special to you, or permanently memorialize a loved one. Once you have created an endowment, your gift becomes part of Pacific’s heritage and tradition. In fact, friends and family may also choose to support this fund too, because they know how special it is to you. You, your family and Pacific University have the opportunity to enjoy a long relationship built around something that you value.

ESTABLISHING AN ENDOWMENT Most individuals are pleasantly surprised to learn how easy it is to establish an endowment at Pacific. The fundraising professionals at the University will guide you through this process. n

Endowed funds may be created with a minimum of $25,000 payable over five years, or through a future gift (a bequest) from your estate.


By developing guidelines for your endowment, you can assure that your wishes and the needs of the University are mutually agreed upon. These guidelines can be personalized to recognize the unique interests and intent of your gift, as well as to create the opportunity to name the endowment after you, in honor of your family or in memory of someone special.


Once an endowment is established, a portion of the investment income is available for spending, while the remainder is added to the principal to grow the fund over time and safeguard against inflation. The current endowment spending policy allows Pacific to spend up to 4.75 percent of the average fair market value of the endowment each and every year.


With your gift or pledge to create an endowment, you will automatically be eligible for recognition in one of Pacific’s distinguished donor societies, which acknowledge outstanding contributions to Pacific University.


Growing the scholarship endowment is critical to meet the financial needs of current and future students.


Student Support Attracting an academically talented and diverse student body is no easy task. Financial aid, in the form of scholarships is the most important tool in recruiting the best and brightest students to Pacific’s programs. Providing spectacular programming and research support to our students is equally important in demonstrating to prospective students how Pacific will have an impact on their lives.

SCHOLARSHIPS The steady increase in the quality of students entering Pacific, as evidenced by high school class standings, scores on standardized tests and awards and honors received, demonstrates that Pacific represents a highly competitive academic opportunity to outstanding prospective students. At both the undergraduate and graduate levels, there are many opportunities to support these students. But private higher education is an expensive endeavor, and tuition does not cover the full cost of a Pacific education. Nor do families who are attracted to the benefits of a small private institution like Pacific always have the resources to pay the costs themselves. As a result, Pacific relies on financial aid to enable talented students to achieve their academic aspirations. Today, over 97 percent of Pacific’s overall student body receives some sort of financial assistance, and for many of these students, grants and scholarships are a substantial portion of their overall financial aid package. Federal and state programs offering aid have failed to keep pace for educational assistance. This means that Pacific


University must vastly increase its amount of

regional colleges & universities

donor-supported financial aid in order to continue

Reed College


to attract and retain an academically superior and

Whitman College


with the actual student and parent requirements

geographically and culturally diverse student body.

Willamette University


The total size of the endowment is important, but it

University of Puget Sound


is only a piece of the bigger picture. It is important to

Lewis & Clark College


Linfield College




George Fox University


consider the number of people who are supported by the endowment to fully understand how well it can be leveraged to support the financial needs of a comprehensive university like Pacific. The endowment per student ratio provides a meaningful


“I think of the classroom as an extension of home. Home is a place that is nurturing; it’s a place where you look forward to going. A prerequisite to effective pedagogy is active engagement in research. The two should be tightly linked.” —Krishnan Ramaya Chair of the Business Department


way to do this—and also to compare endowments to those of our competitors. For example, some universities have smaller endowments than Pacific but can provide more financial support on a per-student basis. When considering regional competitors, Pacific’s endowment suffers by comparison. This means that we are more tuition dependent, making the University vulnerable to downturns in the economy. It also means that we are not able to provide as much financial support and are less able to recruit the best and brightest students and faculty to our campuses.

RESEARCH INITIATIVES Over the last ten years, student research has become an increasingly important part of the University’s curricular offerings. Summer research alongside faculty mentors in the College of Arts & Sciences is commonplace. Forty students and 20 faculty members are now regularly participating in research over the summer months. Much of this rigorous research is funded through outside grants. Support from granting agencies will help us ramp up research on the undergraduate campus, versus just sustaining it. Pacific must establish donor-supported endowments to fund this research in perpetuity. Within the graduate and professional programs, several faculty are also conducting research, often with students. It is critically important to not only perform this research to remain familiar with one’s area of expertise, but also to contribute to the intellectual capital of the University. Supporting and expanding the University’s research capacity is a top priority of the University’s overall mission.

Faculty and Program Support Central to a superior education are the faculty scholars who teach students how to excel in the classroom and laboratory. While Pacific has achieved great success in attracting outstanding faculty to our programs, we must be increasingly attentive to growing the endowment to effectively attract and retain future faculty and to support their scholarship.

ENDOWED DEANSHIPS, CHAIRS AND PROFESSORSHIPS Great teachers are the heart and soul of a great education. Pacific’s faculty are comprised of world-class researchers, gifted visionaries, engaging lecturers and dedicated mentors. Our faculty creates and sustains strong academic programs, and draws outstanding students into their programs.


Opportunities for endowed faculty and administrative positions within the University are viewed as both an incentive and reward for outstanding contributions. Endowed positions allow the University to recruit highly sought-after faculty and administrators and ensure the support of his/her pursuits in the classroom or laboratory. These endowments also provide recognition for past and future contributions to the academic community. This is a unique and exclusive distinction that will further a faculty member’s area of study while encouraging research and scholarly activity.


Endowments that support programs and special

scholarship support

of important, instructional, research and public

initiatives at Pacific ensure the long-term viability

Full-Tuition $600,000 Half-Tuition $300,000 Two $5,000 Scholarship Awards Per Year $200,000 Five $1,000 Scholarship Awards Per Year $100,000 Merit or Need-Based Award > $25,000 Program/Research Fund > $25,000 faculty and program support

Deanship Program/Division Chair or Center/Institute Director Chair Professorship Visiting Lecturer Program Fund


service activities that make the University a preeminent institution. Whether you wish to provide eager students with opportunities for cultural exploration and enrichment or faculty researchers with advanced equipment for research, program endowments offer a means to make a difference for a specific endeavor. Program endowments provide enhanced resources that will allow the University to strategically fund and expand its outstanding variety of programs and go above and beyond

$2,000,000 $1,500,000 $500,000 $150,000 > $25,000

current educational initiatives. WITH A ROBUST ENDOWMENT we free up operational dollars, permitting the University to effectively reallocate its resources to the area of greatest need.


make a difference






Campaign for Pacific 503-352-2211 Pacific University Office of University Relations 2043 College Way Forest Grove, OR 97116

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Endowment - Campaign for Pacific  
Endowment - Campaign for Pacific  

The scholarship endowment is the financial foundation of the University. Growing the scholarship endowment is critical to meet the financial...