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Sole Mission: Victorville Church Shows Love with Shoes By Becky St. Clair


ince 2010, God’s Lighthouse (GL), the community service program at Victorville church, has adopted Lucerne Valley Elementary School in the small desert town of just over 3,000 residents, bringing socks and necessary larger items to three classrooms in the 425-student school. Over 80

percent of the students live below the poverty line in single-parent households. When a 10-year-old church member noticed a first-grader wearing a pair of adult shoes, he suggested a challenge: Give each student a pair that fit. “We knew God would figure it out,” recalled Jennie Peña, his mom and director of GL. Donations from church members over several months secured all 425 pairs of shoes, and the GL team set


God’s Lighthouse, a community service program at Victorville church, recently donated over 400 pairs of shoes to children in need at Lucerne Valley Elementary School.

up in the school’s cafeteria for the giveaway. “Most of the kids had never been in a shoe store before, and they had a blast trying on shoes,” Peña said. “They left standing at least a foot taller than when they walked in.” Tears came to her eyes as Peña recounted her own experience as a single mom, dealing with scarce food and nowhere to go. “God is so good to allow me the chance to give to others what He has given me,” Peña acknowledged. “It’s all by the grace of God.” For more information on God’s Lighthouse, contact Jennie Peña at or 909821-6027.

Faith & Fitness: Creating Community Outside the Church By Becky St. Clair

The Faith & Fitness monthly gathering at the Costa Mesa church provides an opportunity for church members and community members alike to socialize beyond Sabbath services.



pon returning to the church of her childhood in Costa Mesa, Sherry Peters was pleased to find the community and sense of belonging she longed for— and also the opportunity to provide that community for others. Peters established Faith & Fitness, a monthly outdoor activity event. “It’s an opportunity both for church members to socialize beyond Sabbath,” she explained, “and for friends and family who are uncomfortable in church to experience a spiritual community.” Activities include hiking, beach walks, exploring local parks, and picnics. They have summer plans for kayaking. “It’s also an opportunity for me to

show my friends who don’t practice any religion that we’re normal,” Peters admitted with a laugh. “I want to break the stigmas.” Faith & Fitness has brought together people of all ages: families, individuals, and older generations. Families from other churches have also attended. “On one low-tide beach walk, we came to some tide pools,” Peters recalled. “The kids weren’t

scared to jump around on the rocks and explore all the sea creatures they found, and their enthusiasm encouraged the adults to not care about getting wet. They got the grown-ups playing! This is exactly what I wanted from Faith & Fitness.” If you’re in the Costa Mesa area, follow @sdacostamesa on Instagram, or follow the Costa Mesa church Facebook page for information on upcoming Faith & Fitness events. J U LY 2019


Pacific Union Recorder—July 2019  

A Hymn to God the Father Wilt thou forgive that sin where I begun, Which was my sin, though it were done before? Wilt thou forgive that sin...

Pacific Union Recorder—July 2019  

A Hymn to God the Father Wilt thou forgive that sin where I begun, Which was my sin, though it were done before? Wilt thou forgive that sin...