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by Howard Rachelson


1. Pictured, right: Writer Robert Louis Stevenson referred to what part of San Francisco as the “hill of palaces”? 2. What kind of ground covering derived its name from the U.S. space program? 3. Ludwig van Beethoven died before completing symphony number what? 4. What two countries in Africa, whose names begin with the same letter, were formerly known as Northern and Southern Rhodesia? 5. Pictured, right: What body of water separates England and France? 6. What is the humorous nickname for one end of the humerus bone? 7. The first license plates on motor vehicles showed up in 1893, in what country? 8 Teen idol Justin Bieber became a superstar after being discovered where? 9. Pictured, right: What is the fastest land animal—capable of running 70 mph? 10. The word “antihistamine” comes from Greek words— the prefix anti-, and histamine, meaning what?



BONUS QUESTION: The largest food item ever made was prepared for Bedouin feasts in the following way: cooked eggs stuffed into fish, the fish stuffed into chickens, the chickens stuffed into a roasted sheep’s carcass and the sheep stuffed into what? Send your best trivia question (with your name and hometown) to howard1@triviacafe. com; if your question is used in the ‘Pacific Sun,’ we’ll give you credit!


▼The good news is that Marin County Juvenile Court abandoned its twisted idea of displaying juvenile suspects in glass boxes during court appearances. The bad news is that court officials still don’t get why people were upset about the plan. While excuses were made that it was a cost-cutting measure and for increased safety, they seemed to forget we were talking about children. Save a few bucks or save a child’s dignity? C’mon. The warped plan made national news. We’re embarrassed Marin even considered the idea, which would have been a dismal failing of our juvenile justice system. —Nikki Silverstein

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▲Many peace officers are heroic. Marin County Sheriff ’s Deputy Jim Mathiesen was extraordinarily so. Mathiesen, 49, was killed Tuesday morning in Petaluma while protecting a family friend. The deputy visited the home of his friend to provide advice about death threats she was allegedly receiving from her ex-boyfriend. While there, the unarmed deputy was allegedly shot to death when the ex-boyfriend arrived with a gun. Mathiesen, a nine-year veteran of the department, is survived by his wife and two children. We honor the memory of Deputy Mathiesen and his heroism.

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by Rick Polito

FRIDAY, JULY 22 Captain America In the 1992 version, the superhero’s shield is only slightly larger than his cell phone. (1992) SyFy. 6pm. A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up Timmy Timmy Turner is now 23 and must decide if he is ready to grow up or stay perpetually immature. Or he could just go to graduate school. (2011) Nickelodeon. 7pm. Mega Disasters In“Earthquake in the Heartland,”we learn the potential for a seismic disaster in the Midwest, and how they could blame it on Obama. History Channel. 7pm. Hooters International 2011 It’s a lot like any other swimsuit competition, but they have to carry a tray of chicken wings and a pitcher of Pabst Blue Ribbon. Spike TV. 9pm.

gy has finally allowed us to check out and bag our own groceries, thus acquiring the skills for a job we are effectively eliminating. History Channel. 7pm.

TUESDAY, JULY 26 Marie Antoinette“Let them eat cake”isn’t enough any more. Now it’s“Let them eat cake but only if they work overtime to pay for health insurance and please cut our taxes so we can buy enough campaign ads to make them think it’s what’s best for them.”(2006) Sundance Channel. 5:55pm. Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Cut More than 1,000 women try out for the squad.The winners get to go on the road with the team and pose for posters.The losers go back to carrying chicken wings and pitchers of PBR. CMTV. 9pm. Frontline A look at“The Pot Republic,”California’s marijuana growing region, also known as “the Emerald Triangle,”“the Bud Werewolf? We thought this was a VHI ‘Behind the Scenes’ Belt”and“Everything North of on Loggins & Messina! Santa Rosa.”KQED. 10pm.

SATURDAY, JULY 23 Teen Wolf Michael J. Fox had just finished Back to the Future and was at the height of his fame when he chose to make this movie about a high school basketball player who turns into a werewolf. Apparently it was this curse of the werewolf that caused him to sign on to Doc Hollywood and Life with Mikey. (1985) KOFY Channel 20. 8pm. The Shawshank Redemption Tim Robbins plays a prisSaturday, 8pm. oner unfairly sentenced to life in WEDNESDAY, JULY 27 Sons of prison who keeps alive a spirit of Guns They are making a special gun to honor hope in the face of violence, brutality, cruel American Chopper.The red states are having inhumanity and a really nasty tuna casserole an orgasm right now. Discovery Channel. 9pm. on Wednesdays. (1994) AMC. 8pm. Toddlers and Tiaras It’s bad enough that Ghost Adventures It seems the tunnels little girls are being forced to dress up for under Sacramento are haunted by ghosts beauty pageants.Tonight, sisters are competwho couldn’t afford the Bay Area. Travel ing in a pageant. It almost sounds like Greek Channel. 8pm. mythology, as if the winner is going to get a scholarship and the loser will be fed to the SUNDAY, JULY 24 Why Planes Crash: Brace Kraken. TLC. 10pm. for Impact Pilots and passengers who surLegend Quest Some guy who watched the vived crashes talk about their experience. It Indiana Jones movie too many times leads turns out nobody got to use the seat cushion a team of investigators around the world as a flotation device. MSNBC. 7pm. Same Name This new show finds people looking for legendary artifacts, including the real Ark of the Covenant, King who share a name with a Arthur’s Excalibur and the celebrity and then have that Mayan doomsday calendar. person trade places with his/ The legendary artifact you’ll her namesake. Tonight it’s be looking for is the remote a guy named David Hasselcontrol. SyFy Channel. 10pm. hoff.We’re waiting to find out if there’s somebody named THURSDAY, JULY 28 Sweet Lady Gaga working in a HallHome Alabama It’s like The mark Card shop somewhere. The patron saint of the Tea Party, Bachelorette, except it’s set in CBS. 9pm. Tuesday at 5:55pm. the South. Instead of giving Bar Rescue In this reality a rose to her chosen suitor, show, a nightclub consultant she tucks a shotgun shell in the pocket of his travels the country helping struggling bars overalls. CMT. 7pm. make a profit.This is the bastard who took Troy An invading army finds itself endlessly away the free peanuts. Spike TV. 10pm. bogged down in the Middle East. (2004) SyFy. 8pm. MONDAY, JULY 25 Die Another Day James Bond takes on another maniac super criminal Jersey Shore: From the First Fist Pump If you watch closely, you can see it’s all a movie with too much money and a lot of free time. set. It turns out there really is nobody that stuThis guy has a space-based laser weapon pid. MTV. 10pm. ✹ capable of incinerating objects from orbit or at least giving beachgoers a really dark tan. Critique That TV Guy at (2002) SyFy. 6pm. Turn on more TV Guy at Modern Marvels Examining the history of ›› the supermarket industry and how technoloJULY 22 - JULY 28, 2011 PACIFIC SUN 9

Pacific Sun Weekly 07.22.2011 - Section1  
Pacific Sun Weekly 07.22.2011 - Section1  

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