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The naked truth

What’s wrong with Sausalito?! I was walking on Bridgeway this Sunday, when a stream of cyclists careened past me, one of which hit my shin with its pedal, nearly knocking me into the busy road. I’m 72 year... Kids see the darnedest things What parents need to know about the information sexting highway Read the full story here posted Friday, January 28, 20... Oma, sweet home New ‘Oma Village’ approach seeks community support for homeless Read the full story here posted Monday, January 31, 20...

I just read Amy Alkon’s Advice Goddess article in the Pacific Sun [Dec. 17] and I was moved by the bravery of your discussion about pornography. I think it takes real courage to be real and talk about things that push a lot of people’s buttons. I have very mixed feelings about pornography, but I appreciate anyone who is willing to look at long-held beliefs and prejudices. I’m sure you are going to get a lot more angry email about this so I wanted to write just to encourage Amy and say thank you to her for standing up and saying what she believes. I applaud. Charlie Rebich, Fairfax

Quick: Name one thing Fairfax and Alabama have in common! I’m the owner of Fur Family & Friends, a pet-sitting agency. I went to the Fairfax Town Hall to renew my business license, and was told that they couldn’t help me. “What? This is the town of Fairfax, right? Great. I want to pay my biz license bill.” “Sorry, we can’t help you.” They have outsourced their paperwork to a company in Birmingham, Alabama. Even the emergency info for the police department goes to this firm. I just thought that this was awkward; a sign of the times. Brian B. Bullard, Fairfax

‘Freedom can be messy,’ so can the facts... I realize letters should be as short as possible, but after seeing how much space you


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The Swiss military—we’d make these guys lock up their weapons, as well.

devoted to a letter about that silly “drunk Rudolf and Hermie” cover illustration... well, this is more of a hot-button topic and deserves some discussion. I usually try to ignore the ignorant or the hateful, but there has been so much drivel appearing in the letters section lately that I’m compelled to write for the first time. Your letter from Ann Troy [“Only Thing America No. 1 in These Days,” Jan. 21] contains the usual misleading statistic about gun ownership. According to U.N. figures, South Africa is actually number one in murders with firearms per capita with .72 per thousand people. Even Thailand and Costa Rica are higher than us, per capita. The U.S. is eighth with .03 per thousand. In a country as large as ours, it’s no surprise if we have more of anything in total numbers. But, hey! To a murder victim, what does it matter if it was a gun that did the deed? In

total murders, per capita, the U.S. ranks 24. Numbers one, two and three are Colombia, South Africa and Jamaica (one love, mon!). And to look to Michael Moore as a source for any truthful info... Well, watch Bowling for Columbine after you read the section on it in Hardy and Clarke’s book Michael Moore is a Big Fat Stupid White Man. It pays to be informed and see things from different angles. And to Ms. Troy and all other gun haters out there: If you are too timid/immature/ mentally unstable (fill in the blank) to own an adult tool such as a firearm, then you certainly should not. But your problems really do not apply to the more capable among us. If you think otherwise, then to be consistent you should get rid of your car the next time a drunk driver kills someone. After all, cars are too dangerous for anybody to own! Freedom can be messy. You may be quite willing to trade away other people’s freedoms in your search for utopian perfection, but you have no right to. (Hint: North Korea is supposed to have a very low crime rate. Send me a postcard when you get there.) And to address the old canard about how guns will somehow make people do bad things: The 6 million Swiss citizens own about 2 millions guns and about 600,000 machine guns. More than 200,000 attend annual marksmanship competitions. Yet violent crime is rare. Doesn’t apply to the U.S.? How about an example closer to home. In March 1982, Kennesaw, Georgia, passed a law requiring each head of household to own and maintain a gun. Despite the usual dire predictions, the crime rate dropped. In 2007, Kennesaw celebrated 25 years with not a single resident being involved in a fatal shooting—as a victim, attacker or defender. The town has grown more than five times in population and thrived. Golly! This doesn’t quite fit your gun-lovin’ nasty Southern cracker stereotype! Too bad. Please, folks—instead of repeating other people’s ignorance, be informed instead of merely opinionated. Touch base with reality once in a while to check what’s actually happening. It takes a mature mind to accept the fact that something can be true whether you like it or not. Eddie Katzman, Fairfax

Editor’s note: Thanks for taking the time to write, Eddie. We’re happy to see you come out against “repeating other people’s ignorance.”

Kennesawians have certainly done their part to discourage violence.

On that topic, I’m sure you’ll appreciate us calling attention to a couple of points in your letter. First is the correlation between armed Swiss people and the lack of violent crime. It’s not entirely accurate to suggest 6 million people own 2 million guns—as if a third of the population is brandishing firearms. Much of what weaponry the nation does have belongs to the Swiss army, which requires its 400,000 non-active soldiers to keep their arms at home under lock and key. You’re right though, Eddie, that some citizens do own guns. Switzerland has very strict gun-control laws, including tight rules about permitting and limiting those allowed to “carry” guns to those who can demonstrate a “need” to do so, such as security workers. We can all agree that such restrictions likely go a long way toward Switzerland’s low violent crime rates. As for your other comment about Kennesaw, Georgia’s 1982 ordinance requiring gun ownership, the highly publicized law was entirely symbolic. There’s even a clause in the small ordinance that exempts people for personal “beliefs” about gun ownership, essentially saying the law requires heads of households to own a gun—except those who don’t want to. In fact, according to the myth-busting website Snopes. com, as the population in the town has risen to its level of around 30,000 people today, gun ownership levels have likely decreased, assuming Kennesaw is in line with similar national trends. Which would imply that crime rates have decreased as gun ownership levels have decreased! Anyway, at least that’s what Snopes has to say...

At least one of us knows... I know what you’re doing, Jason. Keep doing it. Craig Whatley, San Rafael

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Train-a culpa SMART takes long, hard look at how it’s whistled out information by Pe t e r S e i d m a n


new management structure may be in store for the Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit District, reflecting the challenges and opportunities the agency is tackling on its way to getting trains rolling between Santa Rosa and downtown San Rafael in 2014. The possible administrative shift comes after the district’s general manager, Lillian Hames, announced Jan. 21 that after 10 years with the district she was departing, effective immediately. Hames, who came to the district with an extensive background as a transportation consultant, helped get a train system rolling in Portland, Oregon. After state legislation created the SMART special district, Hames was in the lead as the new agency created a conceptual design for the rail project, which backers envisioned running 70 miles from Cloverdale to Larkspur, with a parallel pedestrian and bike path. In 2008, after a number of failed attempts to pass sales-tax measures, the district went to the ballot again, and 69.6 percent of voters in Sonoma and Marin counties approved Measure Q, a quarter-cent sales tax designed to provide a major source of funding for the project. A press release announcing Hames’ departure states that she “has overseen the transformation of the agency from a relatively small planning operation to one that is preparing to begin construction this year on the largest

single public project ever undertaken in the North Bay.” In that statement is a clue to the possible future administrative alignment at SMART; and it explains, partially, why Hames chose to depart when she did. Although no one is speaking on the record about the details, the press release states that Hames said “after a decade of work on SMART, and with the project poised to enter the construction phase, it is a good time for her to pursue new opportunities.” She told one SMART board member more than a year ago that she saw a departure window between the time SMART secured rail cars and construction groundbreaking—which is now. David Heath, director of finance and administration, was named interim general manager. The SMART executive committee is set to meet this week to discuss a possible new top-level administrative lineup. Board members also say the time is right to take a new look at district planning and operations. Sonoma County Supervisor Valerie Brown is now chairwoman of the board. Marin County Supervisor Charles McGlashan is the vice chairman. They both serve on the executive committee, along with Windsor Councilwoman Debora Fudge and Barbara Pahre, who serves on the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District board. This committee is important because it 10 >

›› NEWSGRAMS Marin History Museum lays off director Merry Alberigi, longtime executive director of the Marin History Museum, is leaving the nonprofit she’s helmed for 14 years in what’s being called a “restructuring” move by the museum board. “This organization has undergone some tough transitions over the past six months,” said the history museum’s board president Carleton Prince. “We greatly appreciate Merry’s efforts in taking the museum this far and we know she will continue to be a strong supporter and advocate as we move forward.” Alberigi departs as the history museum struggles to find funding for its ambitious Marin Rocks project at 850 Fourth St. in San Rafael, a performance space and music museum celebrating Marin’s place in rock ‘n’ roll history. The sluggish economy has shackled the project’s fundraising goals—Marin Rocks’ opening date has been delayed multiple times and staff members have been cut along the way. Alberigi called her time with history museum “a tremendously rewarding experience.” “While it’s hard to leave,” she said in a press statement, “I’m proud to have played my part in growing the organization to this point and I have great confidence in the museum’s future.” MHM collections manager Michelle Kaufman will now take over managing dayto-day operations of both the Boyd Gate House—the museum’s primary exhibition space—and at the collections and research facility in Novato. Missing Terra Linda High teacher found dead Missing teacher Debra Schmitt was found dead the morning of Jan. 29. Police say they found the body of the 53-year-old Terra Linda High English teacher near a creek in her hometown of Ross. Schmitt had been missing since Jan. 19; investigators had not confirmed the cause of death, but issued a statement saying there was no indication of “foul play.” On Jan. 19, Schmitt, according to co-workers, was visibly upset while at work. That same day she is said to have left a “thank you” note for students, as well as keys behind in her classroom. She was reported missing after failing to arrive for work the next day. She was reportedly going through the initial phases of a divorce from her husband. She left behind one son, an eighth grader. Another ‘IJ’ publisher down The reeling Marin Independent Journal ship will look to a new captain to steer the daily out of its financial doldrums—as a “management reorganization” has reorganized publisher Matt Wilson out the door. While Wilson leaves to “pursue other opportunities,” as the paper reported Jan. 28, the IJ will be managed by new publisher David Rounds, who lives in Livermore and has served as publisher of the Contra Costa Times and the Oakland Tribune— which, along with the IJ, are among the 14 daily papers owned by the Denver-based MediaNews Group. Wilson is the latest to exit through a frequently revolving door for IJ publishers; Rounds, 60, will be the paper’s seventh publisher in the last 11 years. The shakeup comes only 10 days after former MediaNews chief exec William Dean Singleton was forced out of his leadership role in the company. 10 >



From the Sun vaults, Feb. 6-12, 1976

A most dangerous ‘game’


by Howard Rachelson

‘Pacific Sun’ tours sinister Synanon compound; everything A-OK, says paper... by Jason Walsh





BONUS QUESTION: Brigham Young, Mormon Church president, founder of Salt Lake City and governor of Utah, said the good thing about having 24 hours in a day is that there are eight hours for sleep, eight hours for work and eight hours for ... what?


Howard Rachelson, Marin’s Master of Trivia, invites you to a live team trivia contest every Wednesday at 7:30pm at the Broken Drum in San Rafael. Contact Howard at howard1@

²ÊWhen a woman arrives for her artificial insemination appointment, she’s focusing on conceiving a baby. It’s up to nurse practitioner Stacy Bischoff to take care of the rest of the details. Recently, Bischoff ’s autoclave stopped working three hours before a planned insemination, leaving her without sterile instruments for the procedure. She called a couple of doctors’ offices, but they couldn’t help. Finally, she talked to Steve Lazzareschi at Casad Surgical Supply in San Rafael and he kindly agreed to sterilize the instruments for her. Just in time, Bischoff had sterile instruments and was able to inseminate the patient. “Maybe if she gets pregnant and it’s a boy, she’ll name him Steve,” Bischoff said. We’re keeping our fingers crossed. Until then, Steve Lazzareschi, we’re naming you our Hero of the Week.

Answers on page 32


ing and exercising on command to handing Everything was completely over their life savings, swapping spouses and normal 35 years ago at the having vasectomies. sprawling Tomales Bay Dederich told the Sun why so many people compound where residents had come to Synanon—many staying for years ago shaved their heads and veryears and years. “Here criminals stop commitbally berated each other to ting crime, dope addicts stop shooting dope, the point of despair. Completely normal. whores become ladies,” offered the 63-yearThe Synanon drug rehab center was at the old. “Synanon just happens to be a better way height of its powers this week in 1976 when for people to live together.” Pacific Sun senior editor Alice Yarish toured Even to Yarish it was “clear that the exthe controversial Marshall commune that addicts feel happy, safe and useful.” boasted a 100 percent success rate in curing “It could very well be the role model,” she alcoholism—but only if concluded, “for a new, one pledged 100 percent humane and successful [relifelong obedience to habilitation] system.” megalomaniac Charles The Pacific Sun’s optiDederich, who founded mism, however, would not Synanon in 1958 after prove prophetic. While becoming disenchanted Synanon members put on with Alcoholics Anonya happy face to the media, mous’s lack of worldDederich was secretly dominating ambition. training a sinister legion By the time Yarish of “Imperial Marines” to entered the gates, nearly carry out his more malevoa thousand former adlent orders; when investidicts and adventuregators began looking into seeking “squares” had the group’s tax history, he signed up to live at The women of Synanon, 1976. re-established the orgaSynanon and adopt its nization as the Church of communal lifestyle of sharing, caring and vi- Synanon—and asked followers rhetorically, ciously haranguing. The grounds held a fleet “Who will be God?” of more than 400 vehicles, several boats and The following year attorney Paul Moseven airplanes. It had its own K-12 education rantz won a $300,000 judgment against the system for the 300 children who were taken “church” for kidnapping and imprisoning from their mothers and housed in a “hatch- a woman—in response, Dederich allegedly ery” from age 6 months. A college was being ordered two Imperial Marines to murder him planned. The only thing Synanon lacked was by hiding a de-rattled Diamondback snake in its own ’70s-style martial arts army—and Morantz’s mailbox. But the attorney survived some say Dederich was working on that. the venomous prick; Dederich fled to Europe, The writer made no bones about it—she but was subsequently arrested. When police was impressed. found him, he was reportedly passed out in “Synanon is a concept to reckon with,” bean alcoholic stupor. gan Yarish in her story “The Synanon Boom.” Morantz went on to make a name for “It is at once an incredibly self-sufficient himself battling cults of all types—he watched society within a society—its most important Synanon close its doors for good in 1991 after function, though, is that of changing the losing its tax-exempt status. (Dederich died in individual who has become mired in bad 1997 at age 83). These days Morantz, 65, rehabits from which he cannot alone extrisides in Pacific Palisades and still monitors the cate himself.” At Synanon, she wrote, such ebbs and flows of society’s cult mentalities. He a person changes through “huge doses says the post-9/11 and post-Bush administraof tender loving care intermingled with tion world is primed for another rise of cults strong authoritarianism.” in America—especially political ones. The “grease that makes the wheels turn,” “If you want to see what a cult is like just go she continued, was Synanon’s infamous to a political convention,” says Morantz. “The “game”—a form of attack therapy whose end justifies the means? Hey, the Republicans proponents described it more positively as aren’t going to let the president pass a law an exercise in absolute honesty. The “game” that’s going to let Democrats stay in office... is played as a group where, in turn, members they’ll sabotage it to the point to make sure are singled out and encircled by the others— they win the next election.” and then assaulted with insults, accusations, Adds Morantz: “How more cultish can you criticisms and mockery. Billed as a method be than that?” ✹ of instilling sobriety, Synanon leaders used Brainwash Jason at it as way to subjugate the already emotionally damaged addicts—many of whom were Blast into Marin’s past with more eventually trained to do everything from dietBehind the Sun at ››

1. The Marin County Board of Supervisors recently passed an upcoming ban on the use of what very common items, and imposed a 5-cent charge on the use of what similar items? 2. What 3,000 year-old floating baby shoots unsuspecting people with love-tipped arrows? 3. Which two U.S. presidents were distant cousins? 4. Give the title of these 2010 films, nominated for this year’s Best Picture Oscar. 4a. Title contains an animal name 4b. All about a man named George, and his problems 4c. Two films that relate to children 5. Silver is the traditional gift for what number wedding anniversary? 6. La Paz and Sucre are the two capital cities of what country? 7. Pictured, left: Identify these seven-letter words ending with a vowel 8. Can you name five chemical elements whose names begin with I or K? 9. What was the first Arab nation to make peace with Israel? 10. What month and date can be called the exact “middle day” of the year (in a nonleap year)?

² Members of the Marin Republican Women, Federated, register voters at shopping centers. Good stuff. However, when they attempt to sneak politics through the back door of public schools under the guise of an “Americanism Essay contest for Marin 11th graders,” we’re forced to give them a flunking grade. The essay topic: “What do you believe made Ronald Reagan the effective leader that he was, and why is he considered one of the best presidents in our lifetime?” Ladies, the kids you’re targeting with propaganda weren’t even born when Reagan was president. (Those of us who were aren’t sure the Iran-Contra scandal, banking deregulation and reluctance to fight the AIDS epidemic qualify him for best-president status.) We wouldn’t be so bothered about a pro-Reagan essay contest directed toward 16-year-olds in general, but to gear politically partisan history contests to schools crosses a line. Let the teachers assign the essays.—Nikki Silverstein

Got a Hero or a Zero? Please send submissions to e-mail Toss roses, hurl stones with more Heroes and Zeros at ›› FEBRUARY 4 - FEBRUARY 10, 2011 PACIFIC SUN 9

< 8 Train-a culpa

< 8 Newsgrams Mac Tully, president of MediaNews Group’s South Bay division, which includes the Mercury News, told IJ staff that Rounds would be a “real heavy hitter” in place of Wilson. “These moves reflect our desire to be as efficient as possible,” he said, according to an IJ report. The company would continue its emphasis on “local news,” the San Jose newspaperman added via memo to the Marin newsroom.

Planned Parenthood beds down in Mill Valley A brand spankin’ new Planned Parenthood clinic is set to open at 141 Camino Alto at the end of the month, giving birth to the first startup clinic since the national Planned Parenthood Federation pulled out of several Bay Area locations last July citing financial reasons. The Mill Valley clinic will be run by Planned Parenthood Shasta Pacific, a Concord-based group expanding its operations throughout the Bay Area. The 1,600square-foot facility will provide birth control, STD screenings, cancer screenings and, possibly later in the spring, medication-induced abortions. Similar-sized clinics, such as Golden Gate Community Health in San Rafael, served as many as 12,000 patients a year. SmartMeter moratorium defeated in San Anselmo Tie went to the SmartMeters last week when the San Anselmo Town Council stalemated over whether to place a moratorium on PG&E’s controversial radio-frequency-emitting digital energy readers. With Councilwoman Kay Coleman recusing herself from the vote due to her husband’s work affiliation with the utility, a proposed—and partly symbolic—ban on the wireless meters was defeated on a 2-2 vote—councilmembers Jeff Kroot and Ford Greene voted in favor of a moratorium; councilmembers Barbara Thornton and Tom McInerney opposed.—Jason Walsh

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deals with the district facts, figures, planning issues and operational details. “Charles McGlashan and I are meeting with staff to look at what needs we have, what kind of contracts and consultants we have, where the gaps are, if there’s a way we can reorganize, fill in people in a different way,” says Brown. “Whether we look for a GM, a CEO, a COO or whatever it is, we will make a recommendation to the board in February.” Brown and McGlashan are getting “some information under our belt in order to look at what we are going to recruit for,” adds Brown. McGlashan says committee members are looking at how the rail agency can run in the short term, “where an interim manager has to try to do three things extraordinarily well.” Heath is assuming responsibilities as general manager, finance director and operations chief. “Frankly,” says McGlashan, “that’s more than most mere mortals can do well all at the same time.” The executive committee and the full board are “carefully thinking about “who does what in those three critical roles,” he adds. “We have had good attention to operations,” McGlashan says. “We have struggled in making sure that we were proactive with respect to information management and board relations. And while we are gearing up for a huge funding moment” when SMART seeks bond funding, “we need to be working extremely closely with [the Metropolitan Transportation Commission].”

Our BEST 0F Voter’s Guide 2011


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At a December meeting, SMART board members heard Robert Eyler, a Sonoma State professor and principal in Economic Forensics & Analytics, say the SMART sales tax forecast methodology is sound but the numbers may be a bit optimistic. At that same meeting, representatives from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) underscored the importance of SMART running to downtown San Rafael as a southern terminus in the initial operating segment. This would help SMART qualify for $22 million in Regional Measure 2 funds, which come from the 2004 hike in Bay Area state bridge tolls. Receiving the funds is contingent on SMART having an average number of housing units at its stations along the line, and San Rafael boosts that average. SMART had previously set the Marin Civic Center as the southern terminus while it sought federal funds to take the train to Larkspur. The federal funding never materialized. Plan B was extending the southern terminus to downtown San Rafael to qualify for the Regional Measure 2 funds. In the December meeting, MTC representatives presented a report stating that in order to qualify for the $22 million SMART would have to spend an additional $38 million to $46 million to extend the line to downtown San Rafael; and that reveals a “possible shortfall of $62 million to $125 million to build an initial segment from downtown San Rafael to Santa Rosa.” The total cost for the segment

was estimated at between $380 million and $395 million. In a construction industry symposium held in January to discuss the initial operating segment, the total cost for the segment was pegged at $425 million. Hames always underscored cost projections and revenue assumptions by saying there are â&#x20AC;&#x153;many moving parts and they keep moving.â&#x20AC;? As construction bids come in, for instance, costs can increaseâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; or decrease. And because SMART relies in large part on sales tax revenue, the agencyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s annual income ďŹ&#x201A;uctuates. Unfortunately, the agency got off the ground when the economic crisis hit, and sales tax revenue fell through the ďŹ&#x201A;oor. SMART critics have said from the beginning that the agency overestimated possible revenue from sales tax. But, says McGlashan, â&#x20AC;&#x153;in the world of prognosticating the future of economic growth, you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get to choose how youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re going to be wrong. The key thing is whether we are adequately hedging our bets so we know we can build a meaningful [initial] operating segment.â&#x20AC;? In a bit of bright news, he adds, â&#x20AC;&#x153;the state Board of Equalization says sales tax rose 5.25 percent last year, and our estimate says 3.5 to 4. â&#x20AC;&#x153; McGlashan says he and Brown will lead a new effort to dive into the details to â&#x20AC;&#x153;make sure we look under every rock for potential cost savings.â&#x20AC;? Brown says, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Lillian deciding to resign gives us an opportunity to rethink how we deliver [administrative] services.â&#x20AC;? Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also an important time to reassess the future because the tasks at SMART have changed from planning to construction and operations, and that requires a different set of administrative skills. In addition to assessing contracts and looking for potential cost savings, Brown and McGlashan will sit on an ad hoc transportation group of agencies that have a stake in SMARTâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s future. Along with the rail agency, representatives from the Sonoma County Transportation Authority, the Marin Transportation Authority and the SMART Citizens Oversight Committee will form â&#x20AC;&#x153;an advisory coordinating group that will help us make some decisions,â&#x20AC;? according to Brown. The idea behind the effort, says McGlashan, is to create â&#x20AC;&#x153;a short, intenseâ&#x20AC;? exchange of information and ideas. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be a long cumbersome process, but SMART does want to bring some key players from those other agencies into a room, so we can ďŹ gure out how we can get this initial operating segment funded.â&#x20AC;? McGlashan credits MTC commissioner and Marin Supervisor Steve Kinsey with â&#x20AC;&#x153;blowing the whistleâ&#x20AC;? in November, when Kinsey called for an MTC review of SMART funding and construction projections. â&#x20AC;&#x153;He made clear he didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t understand well enough the funding approach and the decisions that SMART was making,â&#x20AC;? says McGlashan. â&#x20AC;&#x153;As a result, our ability to work together as a region after a pretty bumpy start has become signiďŹ cantly better.â&#x20AC;? Even rail line supporters became frustrated with the continuous trickle of bad ďŹ nancial news. Part of that was a result

of the release of information as it became availableâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;without stepping back occasionally and taking a wide-angle shot. With all the challenges involved in creating a railroadâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;where numbers change, economies decline, economies expandâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;savvy public relations can facilitate building community support. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I think it is important to communicate with the public,â&#x20AC;? says Brown. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The public has had some questions about whether they have received all the information, the right information and where the information has come from. I think that our objective is to provide that for them.â&#x20AC;? Marin Supervisor Judy Arnold is one of the SMART board members who has said the board received inadequate information on which to base important votes. Whether a delay in disseminating information was more a matter of perception or reluctance on the part of SMART staff to distribute information before it was irrefutably conďŹ rmed is debatable. But perception can become reality. And constant attacks from critics may have forced a bunker mentality that exacerbated the situation. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Perhaps in the past, because they went through a tough campaign, they were very worried what critics would sayâ&#x20AC;? about ďŹ nancial information that tended to be constant and negative, says Arnold, who praises Heath for being forthcoming. â&#x20AC;&#x153;That is the way to do it. Had that happened when we went from $150 million shortfall to $350 million shortfall, and had we been very open with the public and kept everyone apprised every month, I think there wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be the outcry there has been.â&#x20AC;? SMART spokesman Chris Coursey says the minutes of the board meetings, and extensive agenda packets, prove that SMART was releasing information in a timely manner. However, reading and asking questions to reach a full understanding of all that information was and is a daunting task. Arnold says Hamesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; departure, appointing a new interim general manager and current board membersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; interest in digging into district ďŹ nances, all bode a stronger role for the board. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I believe we feel the need to be much more accountable and need to make policy decisions instead of staff.â&#x20AC;? Arnold thinks SMART has an opportunity to make what amounts to a cultural adjustment. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I am very hopeful going forward. And I think that of necessity, this board had better be very involved and ask the tough questions, and I believe we are going to get the answers in a timely manner.â&#x20AC;? Larkspur Councilwoman Joan Lundstrom, who sits on the SMART board representing the Marin County Council of Mayors and Councilmembers, says the time is right for the SMART board to reassess its relationship with SMART administrative staff. â&#x20AC;&#x153;This is a discussion we need to have. I believe itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s our responsibility to take a fresh look.â&#x20AC;? â&#x153;š Contact

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N E E R G G N I W FLO Dietrich Stroeh the boat ashore


. Dietrich Stroeh is something of a legend in Marin. In fact, the Pacific Sun named him Marinite of the Year in 1977. But it wasn’t accolades Stroeh was seeking—it was water. As general manager of Marin Municipal Water District, Stroeh was responsible for delivering this basic necessity to county residents. Unfortunately, Marin’s weather gods must have spent too much time hot-tubbing while trying to “find themselves” during 1976-77, because the rain failed to fall. Although Stroeh has discussed the drought—and his part in procuring and protecting the water supply—and its impact countless times, he is patient and affable as he answers our questions. He has so many interesting anecdotes and so much knowledge about water issues, it would take pages to do him justice. But we couldn’t talk about water without getting his take on it, yet again. ●

The man who steered MMWD through the ’77 doldrums weighs in on today’s water wars by Car o l I nke llis

tion is really sprouting up all over the place. There are a lot of agencies that are reclaiming their wastewater and using it for irrigation purposes.... And San Diego is in the process of completing a major desal plant. Is desal a controversial issue for San Diego residents like it is here? Well, most people really don’t know where their water comes from anyway. They don’t have the various people like we do up here, the coalitions of environmental groups and other groups that are concerned with that...

Four years ago you told the Sun that What is the biggest issue we face by 2020 the state’s population is prohere in Marin? [Chuckles] It’s the same jected to exceed existing water supplies issue that’s been there all along; that is, if a and we hadn’t done repeat of the ’76-’77 anything yet to dedrought occurred. velop new water Are we ready to resources. Has anyhandle that? I think thing changed? the Marin MuniciWell, there’s been pal Water District a huge movement is in some ways in in the water conserbetter shape because vation field... in the they’ve done a lot of last five years. Many studies on desal. But agencies have very, they won’t be able to very comprehensive build it if a drought water conservation all of a sudden hits. programs. Marin It takes a couple of Municipal [Water years to build these District] has a trethings. So there’s mendously comprestill the problem of hensive program. how are we going to They were so sucbe able to survive cessful that I think Stroeh’s tenure as manager of the MMWD was chronicled something like that. it surprised them in the 2006 book ‘The Man Who Made It Rain,’ written by The scary part is, [as of October, the former Pacific Sun reporter Michael McCarthy. and it’s historically district was $2.5 true, that there’ve been droughts in the million in the red due, partly, to decreased usage]. North Marin County Water District past a heck of a lot longer than two years. has done a lot of work on their efficiency They know this by tree rings—there was a programs. Farmers, ranchers, they’re chang- 200-year drought between 1100 and 1300. ing over to drip irrigation, starting to be That could happen. And we’re not ready more efficient in water usage and irrigation for it. practices. So we could handle another twoIt’s happening.... And wastewater reclama12 PACIFIC SUN FEBRUARY 4 - FEBRUARY 10, 2011

year drought, but not a long one? Probably two-year, maybe even a fiveyear modest drought. And I have said, kind of laughingly, that I can see where in 50 to 75 years in the state... we’re going to be allocating water; you get so much per day per person and that’s it. And people can survive, especially with the efficiencies nowadays in place. And agencies are going to have to combine their supply systems. In the Central Valley... if we have an earthquake there and lose the delta, we’d lose some of the levees, we could have 25,000, up to a million people out of water in the state. People talk about this stuff... then it gets into politics and everybody starts screaming at each other... If we get into a major drought there’s going to be some major cutbacks. In ’77 we created a rationing program... 46 gallons per person per day. And it worked, too, because it was all geared to economic reality. If you went over your allocation you paid... Obviously, then, money is a huge motivator to get people to do what they’re supposed to do... Oh, yeah. What’s really rather interesting, at least one person in a family became a meter reader. We had 170,000 meter readers here. They had block parties, they really took it to heart. [Neighbors] would meet up Friday night, have a glass of wine... and see who had the smallest usage for the week. Since there were allocation quotas... I call it the most democratic [approach] because, sure, you’ve got a small amount of water per person... but you could use it any way you wanted, whether to water the roses and not take a shower, use paper plates.... And people made it happen... it just amazed me. There’s concern about the invasive plants taking over the watershed. How does that affect our water supply? The invasive plants don’t. There’s a lot of

invasive plants up there; and I know they’ve got quite an eradication program. I think it’s more [that there] are those who want native plants. Some in the San Geronimo Valley are upset over the steps being taken to protect the creekside along Lagunitas Creek. What effect does that have? Now along Lagunitas Creek and the fishery, I see where the water district is doing a tremendous amount of work trying to enhance the salmon runs and steelhead runs. But that really has very little to do with water supply itself, other than the amount of water being released from Kent Lake to satisfy that. Kent Lake was raised in 1980 for water supply. Somewhere along the line in the next decade, the state came along and said you can’t use that water, it has to be used for fisheries; so they lost blocks of water... Another piece of this whole business about water is that there are so many competing interests for it: fisheries, farmers, ranchers, consumers, industry, whitewater rafters, recreationists and on and on and on. These competing interests need to work together to satisfy all their interests, Desalination seems to be a real political issue. Yes. Basically, there are people [on both sides]... If the water’s taken from the ocean that’s one thing, versus the bay; the bay itself is a recipient of all the rivers coming into it, and all the “goodies” that are in that water from hormones to birth control to drugs, the list goes on and on. The argument always is that we can treat it and all that stuff is taken out. There’s still some question about that. I’m not an expert on that, but in the reverse osmosis program those ions could possibly get through.... It takes the salt out, sure, but that’s a pretty good size particle. Then the other is the brine that comes off of that, the byproduct. They say—they being the water district and their experts—they can pour it back into

the bay, but I don’t know, I question that. So, there’s issues with that. We don’t know if the water’s going to be healthy, but it’s the energy costs, which are unbelievably high. I think once we see a cheap energy source of some sort, I figure we’ll see more desal plants built on the coast, because that’s where the water is... The water is colder and harder to treat from the ocean, whereas the bay is warmer and those few degrees seem to make a big difference. There are arguments for and against and there’s a group that says you ought to build more reservoirs, a group that says everybody ought to just reduce their water usage. When I give talks, I say one of the things we ought to eliminate in this state is all lawns. We don’t need them. It’s an Eastern attitude. Back East they get rain... all year long, so they have green grass. What about the Russian River and the water we get from there... Actually, Marin Municipal gets 25 percent of its water from the Russian River and North Marin gets 80 percent [from there]. So it’s a lot of water. Here again, it’s working with all the contractors [who get] water from the Sonoma County Water Agency and if they would all work together, they could manage that whole system... But you’ve got six, seven, eight contractors that feed off that system; you also have the whole fishery issue up there. During the infamous drought, there was a plan for a pipeline on the Richmond Bridge to bring water from the East Bay. What happened to that? Oh! [laughs] Well, I had it worked out with the Metropolitan Water District in Southern California to borrow water resources from East Bay Municipal Utility District in Alameda [so that] if the district ever needed to, we could tap into that system. The [water district] board at that time said... we don’t need to worry about that now. Then I left in 1980, and they... sold the pipe. It all went down the toilet, so to speak and it just disappeared and was actually sold to someone else for their pipeline. I also had at the same time, in 1980, 5,000 acre-feet of water from Lake Sonoma that we could have gotten for $1 an acre-foot and held it, forever. The board said we don’t need to do that, we can always get it some other time. That was so shortly after the drought. Seems shortsighted. Well, this is a democracy and politics are part [of it]. Yet again... A reader has contacted

Lake Lagunitas is the oldest lake in the Mt. Tam watershed—it was built in 1873.

us about water issues, specifically, he’s wondering why the district doesn’t pipe water from one reservoir down to a lower reservoir; aren’t we losing too much water to runoff if we don’t? People have said that we ought to deepen the reservoirs... but you don’t gain that much during a dry period because you only get so much rainfall. They say, so when you do get a lot of rain you could hold it. That’s been studied; you gain a little, but not much. Marin Municipal works very heavily at “conjunctive use” between all the reservoirs.... [And] one lake won’t get more rainfall than another. Soulajoule actually does, they can use that water during a drought period, they can pump from there up through a tunnel and drop it down into Nicasio Reservoir and take it for drinking water. [MMWD has begun work on getting more water from its reservoirs. Two new pumps that will access more water are now in place in Alpine Lake. More reservoir rehab is in the offing.] We recently had an article that referred to San Quentin, and it made me wonder, does the water district supply San Quentin? Yes, one of the biggest water users. That’s what I wondered. Do they conserve? Well, it was so funny during the ’76-’77

drought. The cons took it upon themselves— because the showers were turned on in the morning then turned off at night—they turned the showers off during the day.... Instead of watering all that ice plant that’s around San Quentin with fresh water, they were using saltwater. So, what could be done [now] very simply is to retrofit with low-flow toilets, showerheads, etc. That would save a lot of water. But during the drought they were very instrumental in helping. Are we more aware of climate change because we notice the changes in the weather... No question in my mind that Marin County, North Bay people really do notice. In the Central Valley? I doubt it. Southern California, they may somewhat. This whole weather thing... it’s like this year we get all this rain and everybody says oh boy, oh boy, the reservoirs are full and in great shape... If this La Nina takes hold, and it looks like it might, we don’t get a lot more rain in February, March, April, people start using water more aggressively, then we’re back in the same place we were before. Now what does that really mean to the average person, whether they’re worrying that their house might be under water ... I don’t know. People talk about it, but what are they doing about it? Nothing. You can’t do anything about it This weather stuff is really interesting. In

’76 the board asked should we cloud-seed [human manipulation of cloud condensation to cause precipitation] and get more rain that way? I said, let’s think about this: so much rain drops on the west side of Mt. Tam and only drops on the east side. So if we seed a cloud coming across, what would happen if it didn’t go where we wanted it, it went to Novato or up to Napa and dumped all its water. So, it was decided it wasn’t a good idea. How else have things changed? Marin Municipal and North Marin are really getting into reclaimed wastewater. MMWD is talking about taking a line clear over to Peacock Gap golf course; they already serve McInnis Park and a lot of the highway stuff and in Lucas Valley. North Marin has a whole system [for reclaimed wastewater] at Valley Memorial Park Cemetery, Fireman’s Fund. That’s going to make a big difference. What about individuals doing rainwater catchment? There again, getting back to the districts. Each one—at least North Marin does—has a rainwater system by which they show you how to build and use it. There are rebate programs...there are all kinds of programs to help people. ✹ Rain on Carol’s parade at Comment on this story at






This year’s water-themed Geography of Hope conference will make a splash with its first film festival, plus lit events and appearances by Annie Sprinkle and El Radio Fantastique.

A ripple of ‘Hope’ The Stegner-inspired art and lit conference dips its pen into water by Dani Bu rlison


hose with quick and easy access to the 850 miles of coastal California often imagine, as they stare out to the sea in awe, a bottomless reservoir of unscathed tides pushing and pulling for miles into underwater valleys. Freshwater streams appear to have sprung from holy conceptions, housing endless spawning pools and croaking frogs that captivate even the most logical and scientific minds with childlike wonder as they watch them flow west to the Pacific. Here, there is always enough safe water to drink. There is always access to this magical element that helps our food grow. And it will forever be a fresh place to submerge when the sun beats down and sends us scrambling for cool relief. “What better location to hold a waterthemed event,” Geography of Hope co-founder Steve Costa points out over breakfast in Point Reyes Station. “We have so much water here!” And he’s right. The water in and around Point Reyes is as rich and varied as the com14 PACIFIC SUN FEBRUARY 4 - FEBRUARY 10, 2011

munities that depend so much on it. Aside from the obvious proximity to the vast Pacific Ocean, the Point Reyes National Seashore is home to lagoons, estuaries, creeks, ponds and miles of untamed wetlands. This habitat makes it easy to forget that the planet is experiencing an overwhelming water crisis. It is in this biologically abundant community that Steve Costa became inspired by the words of the late author and environmentalist Wallace Stegner: “We simply need that wild country available to us, even if we never do more than drive to its edge and look in. For it can be a means of reassuring ourselves of our sanity as creatures, a part of the geography of hope.” Motivated by the simplistic and heartfelt beauty of this statement, Costa decided to create the first Geography of Hope conference in 2008, which focused on rural living. Today, he’s working diligently on another engaging and thought-provoking event for 2011—this year’s conference revolves around all things water. It also now includes a film festival and art shows in addition to

the literary conference. Co-sponsored by Costa’s Point Reyes Station biz, Point Reyes Books and the Tomales Bay Library Association, Geography of Hope works closely with Marin Agricultural Land Trust and Marin Organic. Several local businesses offer discounts on purchases and accommodations for festival attendees as well, keeping things as local as local can be. “Geography of Hope really celebrates this place and who we are as a community,” says Costa. “Its purpose is to provide an intersection of place and community, using the arts as a form of expression.” According to the event’s Outdoor Art and Film Festival coordinators John Mueller and Jane Sullivan, there is very little emphasis on water-soaked doom and gloom in the activities they have planned. “We wanted to share participatory, interactive art,” says Mueller of the 10 outdoor public art installations that will be popping up throughout Point Reyes Station at the end of the month. “We want to provoke people to think and engage in conversations with each other.” Mueller and Sullivan have included a variety of Marin and Sonoma County artists in the public art portion of the festival, including sculptor David Best, who has received international attention for building—and burning down—his immense temples at Black Rock City’s annual Burning Man Festival. For this event, however, Best won’t be building a temple, but will instead create a contemplative space with a water-themed sculpture he is currently constructing at his Petaluma ranch. Sullivan, who worked with the Santa Cruz Film Festival for eight years, brings an eclectic and bilingual approach to the films she has selected for the festival. The films are not limited to preachy documentaries, but instead provide alternative and creative ways of thinking about the importance of water in our lives in both literal and metaphoric ways. Along with both short and feature-length screenings, Sullivan has organized panels with filmmakers, including special guests such as “sexuality advocate” Annie Sprinkle, activist and performance artist Reverend Billy and an afternoon of film and Jungian analysis of water themes in film. “We want to provide a space for participants to hear and share stories and points of view about individuals that have made, and continue to make, a difference,” says Sullivan. “What’s more inspirational than that?” Throw some live music in from Marin’s El Radio Fantastique and this is sure to be one of the most mind-bending and perspective-shifting weekends Point Reyes has ever experienced. But the fun and intrigue doesn’t stop at the end of February’s film festival. In March, Geography of Hope holds a weekend of literary events that include field trips to area water sources, local organic meals and panel discussions along with intimate conversations with authors who write from their scientific, spiritual and poetic voices on the subject of water.

Included in the literary conference—which is co-chaired by award-winning poets Robert Hass and Brenda Hillman—is Bay Area writer and Mother Jones magazine’s environmental correspondent Julia Whitty. Deep Blue Home: An Intimate Ecology of Our Wild Ocean, Whitty’s latest book, shares an up-close and personal look at the life rarely seen beneath the ocean’s ever-threatened tides. Though Whitty’s expertise lies in all things ocean, she points out that the fate of the sea is affected by the quality of freshwater right here. “We live in an enormous agricultural zone,” she says from her Sebastopol home. “The fresh water carries pollutants and accelerators [fertilizers] into the ocean. And the underwater issues continue to grow with climate change.” Still, Whitty remains positive and in alignment with the heart of Geography of Hope’s philosophy. “There is an aura of fatalism that makes people turn away. We all need to stay open and awake and take heart to the phenomenal accomplishments we’ve made and the problems we’ve solved.” Event organizers estimate that the local economic impact of Geography of Hope will be a positive one, with nearly $100,000 flowing into Marin County’s economy, and that the awareness raised will contribute to further the preservation and restoration of West Marin’s ecosystem. But what does a local event have to do with reclaiming water safety and awareness on a global level? One can dream that with the success of creative, grassroots events like Geography of Hope, ripples are sent out as examples and reminders of what is possible when perspectives shift and priorities are rearranged—sending waves of positive change all the way from the remote, lush oasis of Point Reyes to the rest of America and beyond. It all starts with a ripple. ✹ Refresh Dani’s email at

GEOGRAPHY OF HOPE Tickets for the following events can be purchased at Point Reyes Books or online at •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Film Festival: Feb. 25-27; $100 for the weekend’s events. Tickets for individual screenings also available. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Literary Conference: March 18-20; $250 includes field trips, conference and local organic meals. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Art Installations: Feb. 24-May 31; free •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Gallery Shows: Dance Palace: Feb. 16-March 28 Gallery Route One: Feb. 25-April 3 Marty Knapp Photo Gallery: March 18-20 Toby’s Gallery: March 4-29

Call for a free information package (415) 482-8109

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A Night on the Nile

Saturday, February 12 2011 Marin Civic Center Hall 10 Avenue of the Flags San Rafael

Log on or Call for tickets: or 415.883.6222

Presented by Brayton Pucell

All Proceeds BeneďŹ t: North Bay Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Center Sunny Hills Services The Godmothers of Timothy Murphy School at St. Vincentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s School for Boys Whistlestop FEBRUARY 4 - FEBRUARY 10, 2011 PACIFIC SUN 15

FLOWING GREEN Prometheus, unbottled! Water titan Peter Gleick bestows water knowledge to humankind... by J u l i e Vad e r


And all that’s r. Peter H. Gleincreased? ick, co-founder Oh yeah, all and president that has increased. of the Pacific Institute How much is due for Studies in Develto the fact I wrote opment, Environthe book and how ment, and Security in much is due to the Oakland, is the go-to fact that there’s just guy for information more and more about global water attention being paid issues and research. to the bottled water He received a Macindustry—I think Arthur Fellow (“Geall those things are nius Award”) in 2003, related. and was elected to the National Academy As you may of Sciences in 2006. know, the quesHe is the author and Gleick helped found the Pacific Institute in 1987, with a tion of whether co-author of several mission to create a healthier world and promote sustainor not to build scientific papers and able communities. a desalination books, including the recently published Bottled and Sold: The plant is a hot topic in Marin. Care to jump Story Behind Our Obsession with Bottled into the fray? I’m not opposed to desalination. I’m not Water, which explores, in an entertaining way, the true costs and forces promoting a big fan of it—[but] it has a critical role to play. I just think we need to be really careful those ubiquitous plastic bottles. about when we build it, where we build it, Gleick (rhymes with “quick”) not only how we build it. speaks in full, thoughtful sentences and paragraphs, he refuses to speculate when In, for instance, Marin County? he doesn’t know the facts. He’s coming to I think Marin County is having a difficult Marin this spring to deliver the keynote address at the Marin Conservation League’s debate about it. Marin County on the one hand is vulnerable to water shortages—it annual dinner. needs to think about a reliable supply. But the We tapped his thoughts about bottled water, the desalination controversy and the particular plant that’s been proposed is going to be extraordinarily expensive. Really, really misinformation campaign against climate expensive. Especially if built properly, with all change. the environmental safeguards it ought to be ● ● ● ● built with. And at that point you have to ask: What has the reaction been to your Will the same money buy me a different water book about bottled water? alternative where I can improve conservation That’s a tough question. I think the reacand efficiency? I don’t think that question’s tion I’ve gotten has been great. The reaction been fully answered in Marin. I don’t think has been that there’s an enormous interest it’s been fully answered in San Diego, which is in bottled water growing over the past few where another plant [is proposed]. And that years, and I think there were interesting stories one’s going to be a lot cheaper. and an interesting history about advertising and about disappearing water fountains and Why is Marin’s so expensive—is it locaabout weird bottled water claims—there’s tion, location, location? been interest in all of that. I don’t know. It’s land, it’s where the plant is situated... I don’t honestly know and I don’t Why did you describe it as a tough have a good answer for that. But it’s going to question? be expensive. Even the proponents argue it’s It’s a tough question because I’m not going to be expensive.... [So] I’d want to be sure how you’d measure interest. Is it book shown that a plant will be appropriate. sales? Is it the number of phone calls and letters I get or invitations to speak or calls Should desal be a last resort? from the media? No, not a last resort... it should be compared 16 PACIFIC SUN FEBRUARY 4 - FEBRUARY 10, 2011

on an equal basis with all the other alternatives and then, if it’s cheaper than the other alternatives, then the other alternatives should be a last resort. It should be looked at honestly as an economic and environmental option.

COMING IN APRIL Pacific Institute co-founder Peter Gleick will present the keynote address at Marin Conservation League’s Annual Dinner on April 15 at the Key Room at Hamilton Field. Tickets go on sale in February. Visit

Your first-ever Climate Change B.S. Awards [see sidebar] were an eye opener to the misinformation surrounding climate change. But how else do we combat the rising tide of stupidity as it relates to climate change? Polls show fewer people “believe” in it than did a few years ago. I think the polls are ambiguous. I’m not convinced by the polls. There has been some very good work at Stanford analyzing that. I’m not sure there’s been a real significant change in who believes what. But it’s also true that not as many Americans believe that the issue of climate change is a serious problem... there’s a disconnect between what we think we know as scientists and what we seem to be

able to convince the American people to believe.

Why is it so hard to get certain people to listen to the experts? I think there are two problems: One is a basic level of lack of awareness about science overall. That’s part of the problem. But another part of the problem is that there’s a very explicit effort by a very small but well-funded group— what I call the climate deniers—to confuse, especially, policymakers. And you may have noticed they were largely the target of the B.S. Awards. They’re promulgating bad science. They’re not convincible. They don’t care what the science is. Their job, and it’s literally a job, is to misrepresent. I think the battle is one of education. And I’m not convinced we’re going to be successful in time. That doesn’t sound very encouraging... I’m pessimistic in part because we’ve

2010 Climate B.S. of the Year Award On Dec. 30, Gleick and colleagues at the Pacific Institute issued their first-ever Climate Change B.S. Awards to five nominees who have shown exceptional devotion to a campaign of misinformation. The awarders emphasize that B.S. is short for “bad science,” but don’t discourage other interpretations. This is a shortened version—for the original see, which is complete with annotations and references (they are scientists, after all). —JV •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Fifth Place. Climate B.S. and misrepresentations presented by Fox “News.”There are many examples of bad science, misrepresentations, omissions of facts and distortions of climate reality coming from Fox “News” (far too many to list here). •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Fourth Place. Misleading or false testimony to Congress and policymakers about climate change.While Congress held more hearings in 2010 on climate change than in recent years, these hearings elicited some astounding testimonies submitted by climate deniers and skeptics filled with false and misleading statements about climate science. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Third Place. The false claim that a single weather event, such as a huge snowstorm in Washington, D.C., proves there is no global warming. Record snowfall is not an indicator of a lack of global warming, as has been pointed out in the scientific literature and many, many rounds of Congressional testimony. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Second Place. The claim that the “Climategate” emails meant that global warming was a hoax, or was criminal, as some tried to argue. In fact, it was none of these things. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• THE 2010 CLIMATE B.S. OF THE YEAR AWARD goes to the following oft-heard examples of B.S.:“There has been no warming since 1998” [or 2000, or...],“the earth is cooling,”“global warming is natural,” and “humans are too insignificant to affect the climate.” Such statements are all nonsense and important for the general public to understand properly. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Be forewarned: All of these and similar bad arguments will certainly be repeated in 2011. It is long past time that this bad science is identified, challenged and shown to be the B.S. that it is.

FLOWING GREEN already wasted 20 years. The science is better now, admittedly, but it wasn’t that bad 20 years ago. And the longer we wait the more difficult it’s going to be to adapt to climate change.

The celluloid faucet

How do you see it playing out in California? We are going to have higher sea levels, so even if storms don’t get worse, the storm surge from higher sea levels will get much more damaging. We have a pretty cool map on our website that shows potential effects. [] Without a doubt climate change is going to be very damaging to the state of California. We’re especially vulnerable. We have a very long coast. We have a vulnerable water system. We have very sensitive agriculture, sensitive to heat and rainfall.

by Jason Wals h

What makes our water system so vulnerable? First of all, because we’re very dependent on snow for storage during the winter. And snow is very vulnerable to rising temperatures. And we’re sort of at the limit of our water supply. We’re basically using all our sustainable water—some would argue we’re using too much—so even modest changes are going to be felt very widely. Do you think 50 years from now this will still be the topic—or do you see anything else on the horizon? Oh, it will certainly be the topic. But the conversation will be a little different! The topic’s going to be “Why the hell didn’t we do anything in 2010 when we really knew this was a problem? We waited too long.” I’m sure you hear this a lot: What can ordinary people do? Lots of things. First of all, understanding where we get our own water and how we use water is the first step toward making things better. That’s one thing. It comes from the tap, right? [Laughs] It doesn’t come from the tap. It comes from the Russian River, or the Eel River or the Sierra Nevada. It comes from, in California, some very special places. The more we know about where it comes from the more likely we are to protect it. The more we know about how we use it, the more likely we are to use it carefully. I think it’s important that people get involved in local water politics. Marin wants to build a desalination plant? OK, that’s a perfectly reasonable thing to consider, but I think Marin residents should learn about what that means, what it’s going to cost, what the alternatives are and play an active role in making those decisions. So local water politics are always, always an important thing... ✹ Give Julie a splash at

Hollywood history is just dripping with great plots about water!

“Either you bring the water to L.A. or you bring L.A. to the water”—sinister land baron Noah Cross (John Huston) in Chinatown


and irrigation and water supply aren’t solely topics for planning commission meetings, water district projects and documentary submissions to environmental film festivals. The value of potable H20 systems has been a central story mover in several of Hollywood’s greatest films. On the surface, water issues may not sound as ominous a plot device as advancing Nazi armies or invaders from Mars but, as these notable movies prove, things can get pretty darn unstable when folks start getting thirsty. Here are seven Hollywood movies about water:

Chinatown (1974) Murder and incest battle irrigation pipes for prominence in Robert Towne’s lauded screenplay—and the aqueducts steal the show. John Huston plays real estate magnate Noah Cross, who’s got his hand on the Los Angeles water-flow lever— dumping valuable fresh water into the Pacific in order to further parch drought-weary valley farms and then buy them up for a song. Jack Nicholson is detective Jake Gittes who figures out just enough of the scam to become the unwitting dupe who not only fails to save the city of angels, but the girl as well. Gittes asks Cross what control of the water system can possibly buy him that he can’t already afford—to which Cross replies: “The future, Mr. Gittes. The future!” The Grapes of Wrath (1940) The droughtravaged Oklahoma Dust Bowl is what sets the wheels in motion of the Joad family’s ’26 Hudson ‘Super Six’ sedan, as the optimistic family of 12 heads off for the greener pastures of California after greedy bankers rob them of their scorched-earth farms. But the land o’ plenty turns out to be a land o’ pity, as more nefarious capitalists take advantage of the plight of migrant families at every stop on the way. The John Steinbeck novel ends with a flood, a stillborn baby, and its mother, Rose o’ Shar’n, breast-feeding a dying man too weak from hunger to feed himself. John

Ford’s famous film version chickens out on the novel’s unforgettably grim conclusion and finishes things off after Tom Joad (Henry Fonda) leaves to become a union organizer— vowing that “wherever there’s a fight so hungry people can eat, I’ll be there”—and Ma Joad declares victory over “rich fellas” because “we’re the people.” Lifeboat (1944) Eight British and American civilians find themselves sharing a lifeboat with a German sailor on the Atlantic during WWII after a German U-boat and British vessel destroy each other on the open sea. Fresh drinking water soon becomes the sole commodity on their 12-by-5-foot raft—with one passenger hiding away a flask of liquid gold all to himself. Leg amputee William Bendix takes to saltwater with predictably dire consequences. Whether you’re a proponent of desalination plants, or would prefer Marin maintained its potable water supply through aggressive conservation efforts—Lifeboat is a sobering reminder that even we so close to the Pacific Ocean shouldn’t take our drinkin’ water supply for granted.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975) One of the lasting symbols of Ken Kesey’s famous book, and the film version by director Milos Forman, is the dilapidated hydrotherapy console in the middle of the mental ward that McMurphy (Jack Nicholson) fails to budge, after betting the other patients he can lift it and hurl it through a grated window to escape. That water fixture serves as the movie’s visual metaphor for the useless, outdated modes of “treatment” Nurse Ratched (Louise Fletcher) and her ilk use to control and suppress the patients; it also stands as a liquid embodiment of lives contained and stifled. When, in the famous final scene, the powerful Chief (Will Sampson) hoists the console and heaves it through the window, water cascades throughout the ward while the patients escape to freedom. In Kesey’s story about freedom of movement, thought and expression in all their forms, ugly and beautiful—water and man are as one.

Dr. Strangelove (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb) (1962)Nuclear annihilation may be the primary threat to humankind after Air Force Gen. Jack D. Ripper (Sterling Hayden) initiates a hydrogen bomb attack upon the Soviet Union, but most people forget why he did it: water supply. The deranged Ripper believes the Communists are devising a plan to leak massive amounts of fluoride into the American water system in order to “sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.” He explains to Capt. Mandrake (Peter Sellers) that the result will leave Americans with a constant feeling of post-coital fatigue, which leaves most fans of the movie asking themselves—where do we get our hands on some of that fluoridized water?! Lawrence of Arabia (1962) After being dispatched to World War I-era Arabia (in the territory that would be carved into Iraq) to assist the Arabs in their revolt against the Turks, British Lt. T.E. Lawrence (Peter O’Toole) gets his first taste of the locals when tribal leader Sherif Ali (Omar Sharif) executes Lawrence’s Bedouin guide for drinking at a well without permission. This cold-blooded murder-forwater moment is a small but important scene in David Lean’s epic that perfectly illustrates Lawrence’s—and the West’s—failure to distinguish Arabs as a whole from their individual tribal loyalties. It’s the very White Man’s Burden mentality that led to the ill-conceived carving up of the post-Ottoman Middle East by British forces and, of course, to the Bush administration’s disastrous attempts at nation building in the more recent past. Waterworld (1995) It’s always been unclear whether Waterworld was trying to be selfimportant (the hero is simply known as “the Mariner,” just so we know the screenwriters read Coleridge as undergrads) or whimsical (the last surviving oil tanker turns out to be the Exxon Valdez—hilarious, no?)—and in the end settled comfortably into the realm of a pretentiously long-winded action movie about the future Earth covered completely by water. But for all its faults, it was one of the earliest “blockbuster” films to take climate change seriously—seriously enough to predict the melting of the polar icecaps and the potentially disastrous rising of sea levels as a result. You think An Inconvenient Truth gave you nightmares about global warming? A decade prior, Kevin Costner envisioned us growing gills and drinking our own urine as a result of our addiction to CO2s. ✹ Shower Jason with comments at FEBRUARY 4 - FEBRUARY 10, 2011 PACIFIC SUN 17

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Siamese dream Arun Thai, a dawning of deliciousness in Bel Marin Keys by Jason Walsh


t the bottom of Arun Thaiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Boulevard depend almost entirely on a menu is written this exciting tale: steady stream of regulars from the 700A Thai king, under siege from resident waterfront community and the his enemies near the Chao Phraya Riv- 9-to-5ers populating the industrial area er, prays to Buddha to watch over him on weekdays. The restaurants have to through the night. As his foes close in, win over the locals with good food at the kingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s demise seems imminent. But good prices to stand any chance at surlo and behold, good olâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Siddhartha viving. Lunch spots such as Forks & Fincomes through in the clutchâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;the king gers and Michaelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Sourdough and dinlives to see daybreak and escape from his ner destinations like Aurora Ristorante insurgents. need to impress if only to rise above At the spot on the their off-the-beaten-path river where the king location. prayed to Buddha was And, like those Bel ARUN THAI built one of Bangkokâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Marin mainstays, Arun 385 Bel Marin Keys Blvd., Novato. 415-883-8017.Open most famous landThai does impressâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;espefor lunch Monday through marks, Wat Arun, or cially in unexpected ways. Fri 11am-3pm, dinner every â&#x20AC;&#x153;temple of the dawn.â&#x20AC;? Its ambience, for instance, night 5-10pm. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also where Arun is most unlike other CaliThai gets its name. And fornia Thai restaurantsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a fitting one, bewhere gold-plated singha cause Marinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s newest lions stand guard while ceSouth Asian restaurant, too, is hidden ramic elephants mix with wood-carved away along the waterâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s across from Buddhas to create the faux-exotic look the San Pablo Bay irrigation channels in so typical of suburban world-cuisine the heart of Bel Marin Keys. And those restaurants. Arun Thaiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s got a smatterfortunate enough to seek it out it will ing of thatâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;a cool wood-carved scene feel that Buddhaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been watching over of villagers and pachyderms on the them as well. Chao Phraya greets guests at the frontâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; Bel Marin Keys is perhaps Marinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s but mostly its design is simple and foremost â&#x20AC;&#x153;hidden gemâ&#x20AC;? restaurant ar- tasteful. Each wall of the main dining eaâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;almost by necessity. Many county room has its own muted colorâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;purple, residents have never even been to the green, red, etc.â&#x20AC;&#x201D;and the medium-low tiny community east of Novato, or its lighting is a noticeable contrast to the warehouse-heavy industrial park. With- glittery sheen of so many South Asian out a lot of ravenous out-of-towners curry houses. The overall effect is modcoming through, the handful of cafes est and serene. The food has nothing to and restaurants along Bel Marin Keys be modest about, thank goodness. We



Marinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s newest Thai pad for pad Thai.

kicked off the meal with the tender tod mun fish cakes ($6.50), deep fried in a zesty curry paste, and a table order of tom yum ($9.50), the lemon-grass soup staple of many Thai housesâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;its tangysavory broth, laden with tomatoes, onions, mushroom and shrimp, made for a nice contrast with the sweet coconut paste of the cakes. Our starters had us off on a good start. For entrees we went with a musamun lamb ($14), a dish of green curry ($7.95), a plate of barbecued pork ($9.95) and, from the seasonal specials menu, a duck curry ($14). This quacker concoction proved the table favoriteâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;the duckâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s red coconut curry flew in perfect formation with its accompanying pineapple and sweet basil. (When the veggies and meat were all gone, we wound up spooning the plateâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s remaining curry sauce onto our table riceâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;we couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get enough.) A very close second was the lamb in musamun, a peanut-and-brown-sugar curry often Thank you for shopping and dining locally. Your patronage makes a major difference to our fine area retailers.

served with beef; we thought the strong flavor of lamb served the bold curry better. Our order of green curry with pork wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t as big a hit as the duck or lambâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; the mild spinach sauce just didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have the kick of the duck curry or the tom yum, nor the savory-sweet richness of the musamun. Still, for the most part, you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t go wrong with Arunâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s curriesâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;but also try their barbecue. Our pork plate, featuring a medium-size cut marinated in garlic, made for a flavorful Atkins-diet change of pace from all the curry and rice starches on the table. We left Arun Thai feeling as if weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d just discovered the newest â&#x20AC;&#x153;hidden gemâ&#x20AC;? restaurant in Marin. It deserves a wider discoveryâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;even if the creeks of the San Pablo Bay are a far cry from the Bangkok shores of the Chao Phraya. â&#x153;š Contact Jason at jwalsh@paciďŹ

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CELEBRATE YOUR SWEETHEART So many chefs offer Valentine’s Day menus of luxury foods considered exotic (and supposedly erotic) there’s not enough space here to list them. The most important advice for those with a date for Feb. 14 is to reserve right this minute; tables are booked far in advance for the romantic evening... If you’re weary of the usual chocolates and roses combo there are alternative gifts to consider. Take a trip to Powell’s Sweet Shoppe in Novato (879 Grant), an atmospheric emporium stacked from floor to ceiling with confections and candies sure to trigger memories. Of course they have Valentine specials, those sentimental tokens we all recall from grade school days, but look for quirky treats in retro wrappings as well. Make up a basket of them to go along with a bouquet of bright, springlike blossoms (415/898-6160)...SusieCakes in Bon Air Center, Greenbrae created this year’s bakery hit, Sweetiepies—heart-shaped, double-crusted hand-held cherry pies. There’s also another winner, a heart-shaped red velvet cake for two, with personal inscription available. Conversation hearts, those “motto” candies everyone loves, are replicated in cookies, also personalized (415/461-2253)...Visit the Civic Center Farmers Market on Sunday and fill a basket with beautiful fruits and flowers to surprise someone on Monday. Need something sweeter to add? How about golden honey, or a crystal jar filled with ruby-red jam? LOSE THE WINTER BLAHS Time is of the essence to take advantage of winter specials at local restaurants. It’s worth acting fast to find appealing meals, some at equally appealing prices. In honor of its 10th birthday, Marche aux Fleurs in Ross is giving back to its guests with signature dishes at their 2001 prices (a 15-20 percent discount on current charges) Feb. 8-10 and 15-17. Reserve at 415/9259200...Dining hours make a difference and

years count, too, at Yankee Pier in Larkspur. For those over the age of 65, a $19.50 prix-fixe menu includes choices of chowder or salad, entrees of shrimp Louis salad, blackened fish tacos, fish and chips or steamed Manila clams, and butterscotch pudding dessert, with coffee or tea. This offering is good for lunch, 11:30am-2pm, or dinner, 5-6:30pm. 415/9247676...Right up the street in the Tavern at Lark Creek, February’s Dungeness Crab Festival is in full swing. Live crabs are brought in daily for seasonal dishes ranging from classic steamed crab to chef Aaron Wright’s crab salad with ruby grapefruit, avocado and baby greens with sesame. Menu changes daily during this annual salute to our regional beauty. 415/924-7766. BEER UP... SF Beer Week is almost here, a huge party sponsored by San Francisco Brewers Guild: all regional kinds of suds paired with foods (even ice cream and chocolate). North Bay beers will be among them, with two events right in the county. Here’s a rundown of happenings showcasing Marin brews, some with special menus: Feb. 13 (5-midnight) Beers Over the Bridge with local brewers, Mill Valley Beerworks; Feb. 15 (4-10pm) Firkins and Franks and Beers from the North Bay at Public House, Willie Mays Plaza; also Feb. 15 (noon to midnight), Botanical Beer Night at Mill Valley Beerworks; Feb. 16 (6-11pm) Beer & Soul Pairing at Church Key on Grant; Feb. 17, Beer Dinner (5-midnight) at Cafe Marie on Stockton—Italian and Brazilian foods paired with beers from Moylan’s; Feb. 18, Beer Dinner (8-midnight) at B3 in the Mission, featuring Marin Brewing Company beers. Complete information on dozens of events is available at Beer Week seems the appropriate time for pioneer Brendan Moylan to be observing his 50th birthday at Beer and a Shot, a big bash at Stillwater Distillery, Foundry Wharf in Petaluma Feb. 18. Barrel selections of Moylan’s Whiskey will be served along with ales and lagers from Moylan’s and Marin Brewing Company. Tour the distillery; toast the man, 1-5pm. (611 Second St., Petaluma) BULLETINS: Sea Thai Bistro in Corte Madera is now open for lunch (415/9278333)...Grazie! Cafe Italiano in Novato closed Jan. 15...Osteria Stellina, Point Reyes Station, serves up its popular lasagna for $20 on Tuesdays with live music, 6:30-8:30pm. (415/663-9988) ✹

I’m in a race with time — I never have enough of it. —Beth Allen, art director

For what? —Julie Baiocchi, traffic coordinator

I’m blonde. —Missy Reynolds, designer

I’m too busy. —Gina Channell-Allen, publisher

I swear I didn’t get it. —Cynthia Nguyen, business administrator

I’m blonde. —Michelle Palmer, graphic designer

Wherever I go there I am. —Linda Black, advertising director

I’m blonde. —Bob Correa, sales

My car broke down. —Dani Burlison, writer

I work with a bunch of blondes. —Jason Walsh, editor

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Is William a misunderstood romanticâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;or a lying cheat? The envelope, please... t long last, I bring you the voting results from the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Is William Lying or Simply Misunderstood?â&#x20AC;? poll. It didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t take three months to count the ballots, but I got busy doing some of my favorite things. Like rereading the latest John Gray book and celebrating the 12 days of Christmas. Anyway, since itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been a while, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll refresh your memory about the events leading up to the vote. I wrote about my attractive friend Kim quitting after a poopy date with a man who accused her of breaking his toilet. After the column ran, a reader, William, sent an email claiming heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a great guy and requesting that I introduce him to Kim. He included a link to his proďŹ le. She liked what she saw and promptly plunked down $60 to rejoin the dating site, believing she should provide William the opportunity to view her proďŹ le and photos. With my prodding, she sent him a message through the siteâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s system. A few days passed with no response from William. Kim was hurt, thinking he found her unattractive. (Trust me, sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not.) I emailed him to ask what happened. Apparently, William found the woman of his dreams and committed to her. Twenty-four hours prior, he was listed on Match. Now, heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s practically married. I let William know that I didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t believe him. He continued emailing to assure me he was one of the good guys. Doubting that, I asked friends to weigh in. Women thought he was lying, but men stuck up for him. So I brought the question to you, asking that you peel back the layers, analyze the issues and determine whether William is a lying loser or a misunderstood man. Thank you to all who cast a ballot. I know youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re eager to learn the results, but ďŹ rst Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d like to share a few of the responses I received. Mike H. poked through both chads, so his vote didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t count. Still, I thought he got half of it right: William is BOTH a lying loser AND a misunderstood man. William probably read your column about Kimâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s misfortune. Dangled in front of his eyes was this beautiful, intelligent woman who had only one faultâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;no man! William responded to your article much like someone might respond to a late night TV ad for some indispensable kitchen tool. That is why I feel he is a misunderstood man. But, he is also a liar. He probably has a productive social life with abundant attention from the other sex, but like all other red-blooded horn dogs, he sniffs around. Well, Mike, that dog donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t hunt. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not canines and we possess the ability to exercise

self-control. William ought to keep his sniffer where it belongs. If I could, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d neuter him. An enlightened reader, Bobby F., wrote: William is a liar because at ďŹ rst he presents himself as an adult capable of a deep and lasting connection when he canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t even make a date. William is a liar because he insists he is one of the â&#x20AC;&#x153;goodâ&#x20AC;? ones, considerate of womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s feelings, yet he wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t truly available to date Kim and, in essence, was cheating on someone else. Kim is lucky because William showed right at the beginning he lacks an essential ingredient for a long-term relationship. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re right, Bobby. Kim dodged a bullet. I feel bad though, because I handed William the gun when I agreed to facilitate an introduction. Paul G. successfully whittled down this messy situation to its core issue: While the web opens up all kinds of options for meeting that special someone, you still canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t predict chemistry over a computer or even the phone. How many of us would have met our spouses, partners, lovers, if weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d only had the experience of â&#x20AC;&#x153;meetingâ&#x20AC;? them online? Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s easy to dismiss someone if they donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t perfectly match your home version of The Dating Game and thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s always someone new to peruse and pursue. Internet dating has its fans. My cousin met his lovely wife through an online service. Yet Paul, married for more than 20 years, makes a vital point. Like a kid in a candy store, our antagonist ďŹ nds the dating siteâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s inventory overwhelming. Grow up, William. Jane F., a 63-year-old, writes that William is a player. She should know, because sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s used Internet dating services for a few years now. Admitting sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s picky, she struggles to ďŹ nd the right man. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Most single guys my age are nearly dead, one way or another,â&#x20AC;? Jane says. Another Jane, Jane N., gets my vote for the best response: I think it should be obvious that William is a made-up person who works for After Kim canceled her membership, they discovered through you that they could get Kim to cough up $60. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m an old geezer and I would never trust anyone thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s out there on the web. OK, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll no longer leave you in suspense. With the results carefully tabulated and certiďŹ ed by the gals on the hill, I give you the consensus: William is a misunderstood liar who is actually a nonexistent man conceived by a ruthless corporation to steal Kimâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s money. P.S. The truth is that almost everyone, male and female, thought that William lied. I love being right. â&#x153;š Email:

Offer Nikki some helpful advice on TownSquare at â&#x20AC;şâ&#x20AC;ş paciďŹ

â&#x20AC;şâ&#x20AC;ş THAT TV GUY FRIDAY, FEB. 4 Grease Sing-a-Long Why isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t this on the LOGO gay network? Oxygen. 7pm. Speed 2: Cruise Control In the sequel to the speeding bus epic, Sandra Bullock is aboard a cruise ship and this time the bomber has wired the ship to explode if Isaac doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t stop watering down the drinks. (1997) TNT. 9pm. Standup Showdown Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s like professional wrestling for comedians. Instead of breaking a chair over your opponentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s head, you steal a line from his act. Comedy Central. 9:30pm.

by Rick Polito

come back in six months. A&E.10pm.

TUESDAY, FEB. 8 The Biggest Loser T o n i g h t â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s e p i sode has a special Va l e n t i n eâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s D a y theme. The producers gave everybody a heart-shaped box of chocolate, but one chocolate in each box is filled with maggots. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s one way to break the habit. NBC. 8pm. Pioneers of Television Looking back at the early days of childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s television, SATURDAY, FEB. 5 including Romper Drool A woman acciRoom, Captain Kangadentally kills her aburoo, Mr. Rogers and the sive husband and then â&#x20AC;&#x153;Marlboro Cigarettes takes off on a crossAdventure Hour.â&#x20AC;? country trip with her KQED. 8pm. best friend and the Love/Lust & the Little corpse. Think â&#x20AC;&#x153;Thelma Black Dress A look and Louiseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Weekend at the ubiquitous but at Bernieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s.â&#x20AC;? (2009) undeniable appeal LOGO. 5:30pm. of the LBD. In some When Vacations Spokesman for Big Cotton, Tuesday at 8. states, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s considered Attack If weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve â&#x20AC;&#x153;entrapment.â&#x20AC;? Sundance Channel. 10pm. learned anything from train-wreck TV, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t go to air shows; bad things happen.â&#x20AC;? Travel Channel. 10pm. WEDNESDAY, FEB. 9 Nova ScienceNow Saturday Night Live Dana Carvey is the Researchers discuss the natural intelhost tonight. Theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re giving him a blanligence of animals? Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not sure of the ket, a rocking chair and a cane to shake at practical applications of the research. Your the whippersnappers. NBC. 11:35pm. catâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not going to do your taxes anytime soon. And nobody has room for a dolphin SUNDAY, FEB. 6 Road tank. KQED. 11pm. to the Super Bowl Is The Tonight Show six hours of pre-game That Ricky Martin? We show enough for you? thought heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d been Are you sure you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t sentenced to 20 years want to rent Rudy and of matinees at Konocti Brianâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Song and wake Harbor. NBC. 11:35pm. up at 4am for egg nachos? Fox. 9am. Super Bowl Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the THURSDAY, FEB. 10 Pittsburgh Steelers Gangland Tonightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and the Green Bay gang is â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Mongol Packers. And somehow Nation.â&#x20AC;?You have to that became the bigwonder if they test margest news story of the keted that.Were there day. Fox. 3pm. focus groups? What Glee The kids take on Soon weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be making another run, Friday at 9. gang names did they Thriller, Michael Jackreject? Spike TV. 8pm. sonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s scariest video that wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t a deposi- Rocky IV In the fourth film, Rocky travtion. Fox. 7:30pm. els to Russia where he ends the Cold War by showing the Soviets the futility of opposing a superpower with such MONDAY, FEB. 7 House Cuddyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mom a well-developed upper body. (1985) checks into the hospital in a special AMC. 8pm. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Mom! Your spleen is embarrassing me!â&#x20AC;? Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern episode. Fox. 8pm. Do you really have to travel all the way Somebody Told Me About... Carla to Madagascar to eat bugs? Theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve got Bruni We talk about the academic achievement gap but nobody ever talks bugs here. Travel Channel. 10pm. â&#x153;š about the Hot First Lady gap. Sundance Critique That TV Guy at Channel. 8:30pm. Heavy Tonightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s guy only weighs 431 pounds. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s svelte for Obesity TV. Give Turn on more TV Guy at him a Pizza Hut debit card and tell him to â&#x20AC;şâ&#x20AC;ş paciďŹ







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The winter’s heating up... February? More like rock-uary! by The Space Cowb oy


f January was any indication of what 2011 is going to be like musically in the North Bay, then we are in for a rockin’ year folks. George’s Nightclub in San Rafael is now firing on all cylinders, Sausalito’s Seahorse has a full music calendar, Fairfax’s triple threat of 19 Broadway, Peri’s Bar and the Sleeping Lady is bustling every night of the week, the Woods in Mill Valley is being remodeled in preparation for a spring reopening—and the best news I have heard in a long time is that Fourth Street Tavern has been taken over by longtime bartender extraordinaire Alexis Walker, who has grand plans for the spot. West Marin community radio station KWMR presents its annual Sweethearts of the Radio Feb. 12 at the Point Reyes Dance Palace. This year’s show will feature Jane Selkye and Chris Kee (Waybacks/Jim Campilongo), Grammy-nominated multi-instrumentalist Barbara Higbie (Montreux) and com-

poser Katrina Krimsky, virtuoso roots musicians Eric and Suzy Thompson and bluegrass professor Jack Tuttle and his very talented daughter Molly. Doors open at 7pm, show starts at 8pm. Don’t miss this amazing array of performers coming out to benefit a great cause. February offers three CD releases of note. The first occurs Thursday, Feb. 3, as Jay “Buckaroo” Bonet, inventor of “drunkabilly,” returns home from seven months of touring Spain to play George’s with his band Los Tres Borrachos as they celebrate the release of their new album, All I Wanna Do. The show will feature special guest vocalist Asun Barasona (from Spain) and drummer D.C. Carter. Then, on Feb. 11 at Fairfax’s 19 Broadway, Calmodee, featuring members of Alphabet Soup, Surreal, Mofessionals and Vinyl, will release the group’s debut EP First Born, which contains a standout track featuring Oakland’s legendary Too $hort. Also on the bill that night will be Boli-

We love ‘Buckaroo’ Bonet, but believe us—he didn’t invent drunkabilly...

Eliza Rickman will rock the knedliky this Friday at Vladimir’s Czech Restaurant.

nas’s Dubstep Squad, featuring Jason “Mac Marley” Glavis and DJ Omatic, as well as super-hot up-and-coming Jamaican singer Norrisman! Finally, on Friday, Feb. 18, Prawnsong recording artist Gabby La La will release her new album, I Know You Know I Know. The 8pm show at the Mystic Theatre will feature her “merry musicmakers,” some top-secret special guests (wink wink) and opening bands Odd Bird and Forrest Day. A portion of the proceeds will go to Petaluma’s Cypress Summer Camp, which supports children with autism and other disabilities. The good folks at Murphy Produc-

tions continue to bring slammin’ shows to San Rafael’s Palm Ballroom at the Seafood Peddler Restaurant. This month they will host none other than The Mother Hips with opener Nicki Bluhm on Friday, Feb. 4; David Nelson Band featuring Pete Sears and Barry Sless for two nights, Feb. 11 and 12; and the ever stellar Tommy Castro Band Friday, Feb 25. Please visit their website,, for more info and to buy tickets. After a successful Northwest tour in 2010, West Marin’s El Radio Fantastique will play two local shows this month. Friday, Feb. 4, they will cram into Vladimir’s Czech Restaurant in Inverness, along with the unique and haunting singer/songwriter Eliza Rickman, for a very special show that will be filmed as part of an upcoming documentary on the band. Then on Friday, Feb. 18, they will make their Rancho Nicasio debut. If you have not seen this band, make sure you do as soon as possible. Every Saturday at Sausalito’s No Name Bar you can now treat yourself to the musical hijinks of The Taters (Joe Tate, Cole Tate and Ronnie “Rotate” Walter) from 6-9pm—free. On Saturday, Feb 12, Peri’s Bar will host a multiband bill as part of the S.F. Bluegrass Festival. With Jesse McCollum as booker, Smiley’s Schooner Saloon in Bolinas is getting some great bands: Jimbo Trout and the Fish People Feb. 4, Honeydust Feb. 11 and Sage Feb 12. More February picks: Chrome Johnson at Peri’s Saturday, Feb 26; Monophonics at Rancho Nicasio Saturday, Feb. 19; Elliott’s Evil Plan and Cup of Joe Valentine’s Day Bash at 19 Broadway on Friday, Feb. 11; Maria Muldaur’s special V-Day party at George’s Friday, Feb. 11. Petty Theft at Silo’s in Napa Saturday, Feb. 5. ✹ Got a hot tip for The Beat? Email me at Tune up to the Marin music scene at



And the WiNNERS are...

The official Pacific Sun Oscar Contest —are you up to the challenge?


ollywood isn’t known for its “part threes.” Sure, Toy Story 3 and Godfather III didn’t completely cast a pall over their heralded forebears. But for every Return of the King, there’s a K-9: P.I., Porky’s 3: Revenge and Dr. Dolittle: Tail to the Chief. Still, Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence notwithstanding, we’re confident the third installment of the Pacific Sun Oscar Challenge will be our most successful yet. Here’s the challenge: Select a winner in all 24 categories, and if you can correctly pick more than our on-staff movie experts—we’ll announce our predications in the Feb. 25 issue—you’ll win tickets for two to a film at the Christopher B. Smith Rafael Film Center. But that’s not all! Whoever gets the highest total out of all entries will receive a 2011 Gold Star membership to the California Film Institute, which includes discounts on regular screenings (two $5.50 tickets per membership all year!) and more. (Only one entry per person. Deadline for entries is Feb. 23, 5pm.) —Jason Walsh

Leading Actor


❏ Javier Bardem in “Biutiful” ❏ Jeff Bridges in “True Grit” ❏ Jesse Eisenberg in “The Social Network” ❏ Colin Firth in “The King’s Speech” ❏ James Franco in “127 Hours”

❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏

Supporting Actor

Costume Design

❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏

❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏

Christian Bale in “The Fighter” John Hawkes in “Winter’s Bone” Jeremy Renner in “The Town” Mark Ruffalo in “The Kids Are All Right” Geoffrey Rush in “The King’s Speech”

Black Swan Inception The King’s Speech The Social Network True Grit

Alice in Wonderland I Am Love The King’s Speech The Tempest True Grit

Leading Actress


❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏

❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏

Annette Bening in “The Kids Are All Right” Nicole Kidman in “Rabbit Hole” Jennifer Lawrence in “Winter’s Bone” Natalie Portman in “Black Swan” Michelle Williams in “Blue Valentine”

Black Swan The Fighter The King’s Speech The Social Network True Grit

Supporting Actress

Documentary Feature

❏ Amy Adams in “The Fighter” ❏ Helena Bonham Carter in “The King’s Speech” ❏ Melissa Leo in “The Fighter” ❏ Hailee Steinfeld in “True Grit” ❏ Jacki Weaver in “Animal Kingdom”

❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏

Animated Feature Film ❏ How to Train Your Dragon ❏ The Illusionist ❏ Toy Story 3

Art Direction ❏ Alice in Wonderland ❏ Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 ❏ Inception ❏ The King’s Speech ❏ True Grit

Exit through the Gift Shop Gasland Inside Job Restrepo Waste Land

Documentary Short ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏

Killing in the Name Poster Girl Strangers No More Sun Come Up The Warriors of Qiugang

Mail in this ballot or... Save paper: Cast your votes online at ›› Foreign Language Film

Live Action Short Film

❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏

❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏

Biutiful Dogtooth In a Better World Incendies Outside the Law (Hors-la-loi)

Makeup ❏ Barney’s Version ❏ The Way Back ❏ The Wolfman

Music - Original Score ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏

How to Train Your Dragon Inception The King’s Speech 127 Hours The Social Network

Original Song ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏

”Coming Home” from “Country Strong” “I See the Light” from “Tangled” “If I Rise” from “127 Hours” “We Belong Together” from “Toy Story 3”

Best Picture ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏

Black Swan The Fighter Inception The Kids Are All Right The King’s Speech 127 Hours The Social Network Toy Story 3 True Grit Winter’s Bone

Animated Short Film ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏

Day & Night The Gruffalo Let’s Pollute The Lost Thing Madagascar, carnet de voyage (Madagascar, a Journey Diary)

The Confession The Crush God of Love Na Wewe Wish 143

Sound Editing ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏

Inception Toy Story 3 Tron: Legacy True Grit Unstoppable

Sound Mixing ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏

Inception The King’s Speech Salt The Social Network True Grit

Visual Effects ❏ Alice in Wonderland ❏ Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 ❏ Hereafter ❏ Inception ❏ Iron Man 2

Adapted Screenplay ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏

127 Hours The Social Network Toy Story 3 True Grit Winter’s Bone

Original Screenplay ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏

The Kids Are All Right Another Year The Fighter Inception The King’s Speech

Film Editing ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏

Black Swan The Fighter The King’s Speech 127 Hours The Social Network

Save Postage! Cast your votes online at www.pacificsun. Name ___________________________________________________________________________ Address _________________________________________________________________________ Phone __________________________________________________________________________ E-mail __________________________________________________________________________ Mail to: Pacific Sun/Oscar Contest, 835 Fourth Street, Suite B, San Rafael, CA 94901

DEADLINE: ---------------Entries must be received by Feb. 23, 2011 ---------------One entry per person ---------------Pacific Sun picks will be announced Feb. 25, 2011

WALK THE RED CARPET For contestants who wish to compare their picks with ours on the Big Night, we recommend the California Film Institute’s Oscar Night America, where guests can tally their ballot via live telecast in the Rafael’s main theater, win raffle prizes, bid in a silent auction and eat like a star. Feb. 27, doors open at 3:30pm. $55 general; $40 CFI members; memories—priceless. Call 415/526-5841 or check out films/1490.html.


â&#x20AC;şâ&#x20AC;ş THEATER

A Hansberry in the sun Searchable Movie Reviews & Local Movie Times are only a click away

ACT looks at â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Raisinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; from the other side of the septic tank by Le e Brady

â&#x20AC;şâ&#x20AC;ş paciďŹ







MODERN MASTERPIECE .â&#x20AC;? -Matt Holzman, NPR

â&#x20AC;&#x153; BRAVO



Sweaty HOA bigot, Karl, mimes the difference between the races.

-Peter Travers, ROLLING STONE



WINNER BEST ACTOR JAVIER BARDEM CANNES FILM FESTIVAL $"!"68"06<:14.9#.=:$#$ &1:0(6;8) #6 ' 

Cinemark #$!(!( San Rafael 800/FANDANGO 932# ##!!#!(!!"$!#"&#" " # """!"$#$ " #

### "!"($!!  #$!&#($$"##( !!""#%#( '#! (


vaudeville performers Wilmurt and Christopher Kuckenbaker move about a bare stage, trying on costumes and using trunks, boxes and ladders to build a show. Wilmurt is frustrated by Kuckenbakerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s jokes and he hates her insistence on songs. This tension is the drama of The Companion Piece, and it is never resolved, but as the two move through the huge space in a dance with ladders, we can see how it might work, and we realize how important it is to have a creative partner. If we have any doubt about that, we only have to watch Jake Rodriguez who, as a single, opens and closes the show with exactly the same routine. His jokes and mannerisms are practiced but we see him walk offstage a failed comic who needs a companion to spice up his act.


CT is offering a double dose of last. Karl, the homeowners associationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s drama with Clybourne Park, and designated bigot, gets the biggest laughs audiences who bring along mem- due to Richard Thieriotâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sweaty delivories of A Raisin in the Sun get even more ery. He is a fool and fun to watch as he good medicine for their money. Bruce keeps signing to everyone on stage while Norris puts the â&#x20AC;&#x153;playâ&#x20AC;? into playwright: his deaf wife, Betsy, just looks confused. His satirical look at Betsy gets a lot of our contemporary laughs too, but societyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s skin-deep those are sometolerance is sharp what uncomfortNOW PLAYING enough to leave ra- Clybourne Park runs through Feb. 20 at able. As the drama zor burns. Although American Conservatory Theater, 415 slowly builds, we Geary St., S.F.; 415/749-2228, the first act feels like discover the old-fashioned drason Bev and Russ The Companion Piece runs through Feb. ma, director Jonaare selling their 13 at Z Space at Theater Artaud, 450 than Moscone makes house, and why he Florida St., S.F.; 800/838-3006, both acts worth hates his neighbors watching. enough to sell it to Next to Normal runs through Feb. 20 at The play opens the Curran Theatre, 445 Geary St., S.F.; a colored family. on designer Ralph 888/746-1799, (That would be the Funicelloâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s spot-on Youngers from Lorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;50s suburban living raine Hansberryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s A room full of packRaisin in the Sun. ing boxes. Rene Augesenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bev flutters Playwright Norris began as an actor through like a June Cleaver housewife, and he knows how to write dialogue but she brings a hopeful charity that that an actor can get his mouth around. keeps her character from parody, just as And ACTâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s company of actors makes it Anthony Fuscoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s layer of rage and pain theirs. But it is Fusco and Augesen and, informs his sullen husband, Russ. We in the second act, Thieriot, who give us know there are things about these two the story beneath the fun. that will break our heart. It is OK to â&#x2014;? â&#x2014;? â&#x2014;? â&#x2014;? laugh at Francine (Osmoze Idehenre), Audiences want a story, a product, but Z their black maid, and her husband, Al- Space director Mark Jackson in his enterbert (Gregory Wallace), since we know tainment (conceived by Beth Wilmurt) from our history that they will laugh gives us an evening of process. Wannabe




Next to Normal relates in song the lives of a suburban household with a bipolar mother who keeps her family off-kilter as she fights her madness with razors, electric shock treatments and pills. Alice Ripley brings her Tony Awardwinning performance here, and it is a stunning one. Her songs rock with pain and she gives them a guttural harshness that comes from some dark place we donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to know. Ripleyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Diana gets support from her husband, Asa Somers, her neglected and angry teenage daughter, Natalie (Emma Hunton), and Curt Hansen as the son who embodies his motherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s madness.

Gimme gimme shock treatmentâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;suburban angst in â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Next to Normal.â&#x20AC;&#x2122;

In the course of the evening, even this family works through to a faintly hopeful ending. But it is a harrowing experience and, like Rent and Spring Awakening, the pounding rock score only makes the darkness more visible. â&#x153;š Contact Lee Brady at

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s your movie, speak up at â&#x20AC;şâ&#x20AC;ş paciďŹ


Friday February 4 -Thursday February 10

Movie summaries by Matthew Stafford

● Another Year (2:09) Mike Leigh dramedy follows a close-knit group of friends over the course of four seasons. ● Barney’s Version (2:12) A tapestried look back at the life of a lovable doofus-mensch (Paul Giamatti); Dustin Hoffman costars as his papa. ● Beneath Hill 60 (2:02) Stirring true tale about a group of Australian miners dispatched to the Western Front during WWI to defend an underground labyrinth. ● Biutiful (2:27) Oscar-nominated Mexican drama stars Javier Bardem as a small-time hood struggling to raise his children in a hostile world. ● Black Swan (1:43) Darren Aronofsky’s gripping drama about a driven prima ballerina (Natalie Portman) facing an uncertain future. ● Blue Valentine (1:54) A married couple on the brink try to rekindle those old feelings with a night of bittersweet passion. ● Boy (1:27) The life of a Maori lad in 1980s New Zealand is turned upside down when his long-estranged father reappears, brimming with surprises. ● The Company Men (1:53) After top execs Ben Affleck, Tommy Lee Jones and Chris Cooper lose their cushy corporate jobs, they embark on a potentially amusing odyssey of self-actualization, life coaching and menial labor. ● The Dilemma (1:58) Vince Vaughan spies buddy Kevin James’ wife out with another man and tries to uncover the truth in Ron Howard’s slapstick comedy. ● The Fighter (1:54) Biopic of “Irish” Mickey Ward stars Mark Wahlberg as the street-smart world champion boxer and Christian Bale as his brother, trainer Dick Eklund. ● From Prada to Nada (1:47) Two snooty 90210 girls are left penniless when their father dies and have to adapt to a new life in gritty East LA. ● The Green Hornet (1:48) Seth Rogen stars as the newspaper tycoon/undercover crimefighter, battling LA’s number-one gangster with considerable help from his chauffeur, Kato. ● The Illusionist (1:20) Hand-drawn French cartoon (with a script by Jacques Tati) follows an aging magician and his young charge as they tour the Scottish Highlands. ● Inception (2:28) Christopher Nolan’s Oscar-nominated sci-fi thriller stars Leo DiCaprio as an outlaw adept at the art of stealing thoughts and secrets. ● The Ipcress File (1:49) Michael Caine stars as Len Deighton’s bespectacled secret agent Harry Palmer, the gritty Cockney flip side of James Bond. ● The King’s Speech (1:51) True tale of George VI of England, a reluctant, ill-prepared sovereign who turns to a cutting-edge speech therapist to cure his nervous stutter. ● Made in Dagenham (1:53) Miranda Richardson, Rosamund Pike and Sally Hawkins star in the true story of a group of female factory workers at Ford’s London assembly plant who led the fight against sexual discrimination and reflected the upheavals of the Swinging Sixties. ● The Mechanic (1:40) Remake of the Charles Bronson actioner stars Jason Statham

as a cold-blooded assassin out to avenge the murder of his old mentor. ● National Theatre London: Fela! Bill T. Jones’ groundbreaking, Tony-winning musical bio of musician-activist Fela Anikulapo-Kuti is presented live from England’s National Theatre. ● National Theatre London: King Lear (3:00) Derek Jacobi stars as Shakespeare’s aging, deluded, tragic monarch. ● No Strings Attached (1:50) BFFs Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher embark on a guilt-free, no-expectations, nonromantic sexual relationship and love every minute of it. ● Nuremberg (1:20) Long-lost 1948 U.S. government documentary follows the Allies’ top prosecutors as they build their case against Nazi war criminals. ● 127 Hours (1:33) James Franco stars in the true story of a trapped rock climber whose only escape is to amputate his own arm; Danny Boyle directs. ● The Rite (1:52) An American seminary student in Rome gets more than he bargained for when he signs up for an exorcism class at the Vatican! ● The Roommate (1:33) Thriller about a fun-loving college freshman and her grim, judgmental, homicidal roommate. ● Sanctum (1:43) A crew of deep-sea divers get trapped in an underwater cavern with only two days’ worth of oxygen and supplies. ● The Social Network (2:00) Caustic Aaron Sorkin-David Fincher biopic of computer nerd Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, history’s youngest billionaire and “friend” to many (500 million at last count). ● Super Bowl XLV Catch the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers in bonecrunching combat, live from Arlington on the big, big screen. ● Tangled (1:32) Disney musical version of the Rapunzel story in which the extensively tressed princess breaks out of her castle with a little help from a wanted bandit, a gang of thugs and an extremely dependable steed. ● Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls (1:24) Affectionate look at Linda and Jool Topp, a wildly successful yodeling lesbian sister act out of New Zealand. ● Tron: Legacy Legendary video game genius Jeff Bridges has to fight his way out of the cyberkinetic universe he’s been imprisoned within for the past two decades. ● True Grit (2:08) The Coen boys bring Charles Portis’s classic novel to the big screen with Jeff Bridges as drunken one-eyed triggerhappy U.S. Marshal Rooster Cogburn. ● Waste Land (1:38) Oscar-nominated documentary about artist Vik Muniz and the beauties he unearths from a massive Brazilian landfill. ● The Way Back (2:13) Amazing true story of a group of WWII POWs who escape from a Siberian gulag and embark on a thousand-mile trek across mountain and desert; Peter Weir directs. ● Yogi Bear The pic-a-nic-lovin’ grizzly saves Jellystone Park from real estate developers with a little help from Ranger Smith and, of course, Boo-Boo. ✹

›› MOViE TiMES 127 Hours (R) ★★★ Century Regency 6: Fri-Sat 12, 2:35, 5:10, 7:45, 10:20 Sun-Thu 12, 2:35, 5:10, 7:45 CinéArts at Marin: Fri 4:40, 7:20, 9:50 Sat 2:05, 4:40, 7:20, 9:50 Sun 2:05, 4:40, 7:20 MonThu 5, 7:30 Another Year (R) CinéArts at Sequoia: Fri 4:10, 7, 9:50 Sat 1:20, 4:10, 7, 9:50 Sun 1:20, 4:10, 7 Mon-Thu 4:10, 7 Barney’s Version (R) ★★★ Century Regency 6: Fri-Sat 1:25, 4:45, 7:55 Sun-Thu 1:25, 4:45, 7:55 ❋ Beneath Hill 60 (Not Rated) Rafael Film Center: Thu 7 Biutiful (R) ★★1/2 Century Regency 6: Fri-Sat 12:20, 3:40, 7, 10:15 Sun-Thu 12:20, 3:40, 7 Black Swan (R) ★★★ Century Regency 6: Fri-Sat 1:50, 4:35, 7:30, 10:10 Sun-Thu 1:50, 4:35, 7:30 Blue Valentine (R) ★★★★ Century Regency 6: Fri-Sat 1:15, 4:10, 7:05, 9:55 Sun-Thu 1:15, 4:10, 7:05 ❋ Boy (Not Rated) Rafael Film Center: Wed 7 The Company Men (R) ★★1/2 Century Northgate 15: 11:55, 2:20, 4:45, 7:25, 9:55 The Dilemma (PG-13) Century Northgate 15: 11:45, 5:10 The Fighter (R) ★★1/2 Century Larkspur Landing: Fri 7:15, 10 Sat-Sun 11:10, 1:50, 4:30, 7:15, 10 Mon-Thu 6:50, 9:35 Century Northgate 15: 11:30, 2:10, 4:55, 7:35, 10:25 From Prada to Nada (PG-13) Century Northgate 15: 11:25, 1:55, 4:35, 7:15, 9:45 The Green Hornet (PG-13) ★1/2 Century Larkspur Landing: Fri 5, 7:45, 10:25 Sat-Sun 11:30, 2:15, 5, 7:45, 10:25 Mon-Thu 6:30, 9:15 Century Northgate 15: 2:25, 8:10; 3D

= New Movies This Week

showtimes at 1:10, 4:10, 7:10, 9:50 Century Rowland Plaza: 1, 4, 7, 9:45 The Illusionist (2011) (PG) Rafael Film Center: Fri 4:30, 7, 9 Sat-Sun 2:15, 4:30, 7, 9 Mon-Thu 7, 9 Inception (PG-13) ★★★1/2 Lark Theater: Fri-Sat 8:30 MonWed 7 Thu 4 ❋ The Ipcress File (Not Rated) Rafael Film Center: Tue 7 (introduced by novelist Tony Broadbent) The King’s Speech (R) ★★★1/2 Century Cinema: 1:15, 4:10, 7:10, 10 Century Regency 6: Fri-Sat 1:35, 4:25, 7:15, 10:05 Sun-Thu 1:35, 4:25, 7:15 Century Rowland Plaza: 1:05, 4:05, 7:05, 9:50 CinéArts at Sequoia: Fri 4:55, 7:35, 10:10 Sat 2:15, 4:55, 7:35, 10:10 Sun 2:15, 4:55, 7:35 Mon-Thu 4:55, 7:35 Made in Dagenham (R) ★★1/2 Lark Theater: Fri-Sat 6:15 Sun 12:30 Mon-Tue 4:30 Wed 2:30 Thu 1:30 The Mechanic (R) ★★ Century Northgate 15: 12:25, 2:55, 5:25, 7:55, 10:15 Century Rowland Plaza: 12, 2:35, 5:15, 7:35, 10:05 National Theatre London: Fela! (Not Rated) Lark Theater: Thu 7 National Theatre London: King Lear (Not Rated) Lark Theater: Sat 1 No Strings Attached (R) Century Northgate 15: 12:05, 1:15, 2:35, 3:45, 5:15, 7:45, 10:20 Century Rowland Plaza: 11:50, 2:30, 5:10, 7:55, 10:30 CinéArts at Marin: Fri 4:30, 7:10, 9:45 Sat 1:55, 4:30, 7:10, 9:45 Sun 1:55, 4:30, 7:10 Mon-Thu 4:45, 7:20 Nuremberg (Not Rated) Rafael Film Center: Fri 4:45, 6:30, 8:30 Sat-Sun 2:45, 4:45, 6:30, 8:30 Mon-Thu 6:30

The Rite (PG-13) Century Larkspur Landing: Fri 7:30, 10:10 Sat-Sun 11:25, 2:10, 4:45, 7:30, 10:10 Mon-Thu 7:05, 9:45 Century Northgate 15: 11:50, 2:30, 5:05, 7:40, 10:30 Century Rowland Plaza: 11:45, 2:25, 5:05, 7:50, 10:35 ❋ The Roommate (PG-13) Century Northgate 15: 12:20, 2:50, 5:20, 7:50, 10:10 Century Rowland Plaza: 11:30, 2:10, 4:50, 7:30, 10 ❋ Sanctum (R) Century Northgate 15: 11:20, 1:50, 4:20, 7, 9:30; 3D showtimes at 12:30, 3, 5:30, 8, 10:30 Century Rowland Plaza: 11:40, 2:20, 5, 7:45, 10:25 The Social Network (PG-13) ★★★1/2 Rafael Film Center: Fri 4:15, 6:45, 9:15 Sat-Sun 1:45, 4:15, 6:45, 9:15 MonThu 8:30 ❋ Super Bowl XLV (Not Rated) Lark Theater: Sun 3 Tangled (PG) ★★★ Century Northgate 15: 12:10, 2:40, 5, 7:20, 9:40 ❋ Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls (Not Rated) Rafael Film Center: Mon 7 Tron: Legacy (PG) ★★1/2 Century Northgate 15: 6:40, 9:25 True Grit (PG-13) ★★★ Century Larkspur Landing: Fri 5:20, 8, 10:30 Sat-Sun 11:50, 2:35, 5:20, 8, 10:30 Mon-Thu 6:45, 9:25 Century Northgate 15: 11:40, 2:15, 4:50, 7:30, 10:05 Century Rowland Plaza: 11:25, 2, 4:35, 7:15, 9:55 CinéArts at Marin: Fri 4:20, 7, 9:40 Sat 1:45, 4:20, 7, 9:40 Sun 1:45, 4:20, 7 Mon-Thu 4:55, 7:40 ❋ Waste Land (Not Rated) Lark Theater: Fri-Sat 4:20 Wed 5 The Way Back (PG-13) Century Northgate 15: 6:50, 10 Yogi Bear (PG) Century Northgate 15: 11:35, 2, 4:25

Showtimes can change after we go to press. Please call theater to confirm schedules.

›› THEATERS CinéArts at Marin 101 Caledonia St., Sausalito • 331-0255 CinéArts at Sequoia 25 Throckmorton Ave., Mill Valley • 388-4862 Cinema 41 Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera • 924-6505 Fairfax 9 Broadway, Fairfax • 453-5444 Lark 549 Magnolia Ave., Larkspur • 924-5111 Larkspur Landing 500 Larkspur Landing Cir., Larkspur • 800-326-3264 Northgate 7000 Northgate Dr., San Rafael • 800-326-3264 Playhouse 40 Main St., Tiburon • 435-1234 Rafael Film Center 1118 Fourth St., San Rafael • 454-1222 Regency 80 Smith Ranch Rd., Terra Linda • 479-5050 Rowland 44 Rowland Way, Novato • 800-326-3264

Michael Caine stalks Swinging London in ‘The Ipcress File,’ at the Rafael Tuesday.


SUNDiAL ] [ Highlights from our online community calendar— great things to do this week in Marin

F R I D AY F E B R UA R Y 4 — F R I D AY F E B R UA R Y 1 1 Pacific Sun‘s Community Calendar

Artists contemplate their place in the universe—natch!—in Chekhov’s ‘Seagull’ this month at Marin Theatre Company.

Check out our Online Community Calendar for more listings, spanning more weeks, with more event information.

Live music 02/04: Dave Blakey Duo Jazz standards. 7-10pm. Saylor’s Restaurant & Bar, 2009 Bridgeway, Sausalito. 332-1512. 02/04: Moonlight Rodeo Original rootsrock Americana. 4:30-7:30pm. Lagunitas Tap Room, 1280 N. McDowell, Petaluma. 637-2496. 02/04: Sophisticated Standards With Phillip Percy Williams, vocals; Judy Hall, piano. 6:309:30pm. Free. Mcinnis Park Club Restaurant, 350 Smith Ranch Road, San Rafael. 244-2665. 02/04: The Fabulous Flesh Weapon, Flanelhed, Hillbilly Strike Force Snotty pop and rock. 8:30pm. $10-15. George’s Nightclub, 842 Fourth St., San Rafael. 226-0262. www. 02/04: The Mother Hips Rock. 9pm-midnight. $20-30. Palm Ballroom, Seafood Peddler, 100 Yacht Club Dr., San Rafael. 389-5072. www. 02/05: Agent Chaos, The Session Rock covers. Reggae. 9pm-1am. Free. Brown’s Binyerd, 1019 1st St., Novato. 02/05: Caribbean Dance Party With CRB. 8-11:45 p.m. $8 Presidio Yacht Club, Travis Marina, 679 Sommerville Road, Sausalito. 215-7196.

02/05: Charles Wheal Blues. 7-10pm. Saylor’s Restaurant & Bar, 2009 Bridgeway, Sausalito. 332-1512. 02/05: Circus Moon Dance music. 10pm-1am. Free. Finnegan’s Marin, 877 Grant Ave., Novato. 327-8107. 02/05: Jazzgitan Jazz. 2 p.m. Iron Springs Pub, 765 Center Blvd., Fairfax. 485-1005. 02/05: Meklit Hadero Jazz, soul diva. 8-10pm. $22-26. Osher Marin Jewish Community Center, 200 N. San Pedro Road, San Rafael. 444-8000. 02/05: The Edge Original classic rock/reggae with Lorin Rowan and Jimmy Dillon. 9pm. $15-20. George’s Nightclub, 842 Fourth St., San Rafael. 226-0262. 02/05: The Rancho Allstars Dance music. 8:30pm. $12. Rancho Nicasio, Nicasio. 662-2219. 02/06: Erika Alstrom with Dale Alstrom’s Jazz Society Classic swing and jazz standards. 1-3pm. Free. 19 Broadway Niteclub, 17 Broadway, Fairfax. 459-1091. 02/07: Blue Monday Jam Jesse Kincaid, Jerome Phillips and Gail Muldrow host. 8-11pm. Seahorse, 305 Harbor Dr., Sausalito. 331-2899. 02/08: James Moseley Trio Jazz, R&B. 7-10pm. Panama Hotel, 4 Bayview St., San Rafael. 457-3993.

BEST BET The Mother of all jam bands THE MOTHER HIPS band was birthed from humble musical beginnings. First, in the early 1990s, groovy hippie kids would peer through clouds of thick pot smoke in living rooms scattered around Chico State’s campus, dancing and twirling to the rootsy jam-band tunes. Next came parties and community concerts in local parks. Eventually, the child-bearin’ Hips! Friday at the Palm Ballroom in the band graced stages with such Them’s Seafood Peddler, San Rafael. legendary acts as Johnny Cash and Wilco. Today, nearly two decades after their emergence out of the small-town music scene, the Mother Hips continue to expand their large and diverse fan base throughout the country. With seven successful albums and few personnel changes (bassist Isaac Parsons left the band in 2002), they’ve managed to grow and alter their musical style while remaining loyal to their initial, fan-grabbing sounds. Luckily for Marin residents, their latest tour makes a stop in San Rafael, sharing classic favorites as well as songs off their latest album, Pacific Dust. Join the hip-shaking groovy good time on Friday, Feb. 4, at the Palm Ballroom, 100 Yacht Club Dr., San Rafael. 8pm. $20-$30. 415/389-5072.—Dani Burlison 28 PACIFIC SUN FEBRUARY 4 - FEBRUARY 10, 2011

02/08: Noel Jewkes Quartet Jazz. 7-10pm. No cover. Sausalito Seahorse, 305 Harbor Dr., gate 5, Sausalito. 945-9016.

02/09: Dick Fregulia’s Bill Evans Tribute Trio Jazz. Dick Fregulia, piano; Piro Patton, bass; Bill Moody, drums. 7:30-10:30pm. Free. Caffe DiVino, 37 Caledonia St., Sausalito. 331-9355.

02/10: Big Tree, One Hundred Flowers Pop/jazz. 8pm. $10-15. George’s Nightclub, 842 Fourth St., San Rafael. 226-0262.

8-11pm. $10. The Barge, 300 Napa St., Sausalito. 388-8059. 02/11: The Linda Imperial Band 8:30pm. $12. Rancho Nicasio, Nicasio. 662-2219. 2/11: Bombshells and Rockstars “Lovers Rock and Valentines Ball.” With Elliot’s Evil Plan, Cup O’ Joe, 8pm. $15. 19 Broadway, 17 Broadway, Fairfax.


02/10: Wanda Stafford With Si Perkoff and Hal Solin Jazz. 7-10pm. No cover. Panama

02/05: Ali Akbar College 2011 Winter Series Concert Gurkirat Singh, tabla; Wallace

Hotel & Restaurant, 4 Bayview St., San Rafael. 457-3993. 02/11-12: David Nelson Band Americana/ Jam band. 8:30-11:30pm. $25-35. Palm Ballroom, Seafood Peddler, 100 Yacht Club Dr., San Rafael. 389-5072. 02/11: Em K Extreme guitar solo. 7-10pm. Saylor’s Restaurant & Bar, 2009 Bridgeway, Sausalito. 332-1512. 02/11: Maria Muldaur “Valentines Show.” 9pm. $20-25. George’s Nightclub, 842 Fourth St., San Rafael. 226-0262. 02/11: Mindy Canter and The A List Jazz, pop.

Harvey, vocals; Arjun Verma, sitar; Nilan Chaudhuri, tabla. 7pm. $12-15. Ali Akbar College of Music, 215 West End Ave., San Rafael. 454-6372. 02/05: Kodo Japanese taiko. 8pm. $20-50. Marin Veterans’ Memorial Auditorium, 10 Avenue of the Flags, San Rafael. 499-6800 .

Kodo pounds its way into Marin Center this Saturday at 8pm.

02/06: San Domenico’s Orchestra da Camera “Women in Music Benefit Concert.” Proceeds benefit scholarship fund. 3pm. $25. Bettye Poetz Ferguson Hall, San Domenico Music Conservatory, 1500 Butterfield Road, San Anselmo. 258-1921.

02/06: Shinya Abe and San Francisco Sym-

phony Musicians Chamber music. Part of the

Rafael. 451-8119.

Guest Concert Series. 3pm. $10-18. Angelico Hall, 50 Acacia Ave., San Rafael. 257-0128.

Through 02/20:â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Mark Chatterley: New Worksâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Features large scale ceramic sculptures

02/10: Songs of the Soul: Sufi Poetry and Music Concert With Taneen Sufi Music Ensemble. 7-9pm. $8-10. Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Hanlon Center for the Arts, 616 Throckmorton Ave., Mill Valley. 388-4331. 02/11: Cabaret dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Moulin Rouge style song and dance with Moana Diamond, Danny Slomoff and the Chez Kiki Orchestra. 8pm. $20-28. 142 Throckmorton Theatre, Mill Valley. 383-9600. Through 05/02: Winifred Baker Chorale All are welcome to sing Faureâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;Requieumâ&#x20AC;? and Schubertâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;Mass in E Flatâ&#x20AC;? with the chorale. Rehearsals are every Tuesday evening. Performances on April 29 and May 2. 6:30-9:30pm. $30, for music. Angelico Hall, Dominican University, 50 Acacia, San Rafael. 485-3579.

Dance 02/10: Kalanjali Dance Company Bharatanatyam classical Indian dance performance. 7-8:30pm. Free. Civic Center Library, Room 427, 3501 Civic Center Dr., San Rafael. 499-6058.

02/11: Russian National Ballet Theatre "Sleeping Beauty." Tchaikovsky. 8pm. $20-65. Marin Veteran's Memorial Auditorium, 10 Ave of the Flags, San Rafael. 499-6800.

Comedy 02/06: Mark Pitta's Anti-Superbowl Comedy Party Comics from Las Vegas, S.F. and L.A. The fun will "kick-off" at 4pm. $20-23. 142 Throckmorton Theatre, Mill Valley. 383-9600.

Theater/Auditions Through 02/13:â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Doubtâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Ross Valley Players present John Patrick Shanleyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s award winning play. See website for showtimes. 8-9:30pm. $15-25. Marin Art and Garden Center, 30 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Ross. 456-9555. Through 02/20:â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Seagullâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; By Anton Chekhov. New version by Libby Appel. See website for showtimes. $15-53. Marin Theatre Company, 397 Miller Ave., Mill Valley. 388-5208.

placed throughout the garden terraces surrounding the gallery. 10am-5pm. Free. A New Leaf gallery|sculpture site, 23588 Highway 121, Sonoma. 707-933-1300. Through 02/25: Edythe Bresnahan Paintings by the former art dept. chair at Dominican University. 10am-5pm. Art Works Downtown, 1337 Fourth St., San Rafael. 451-8119. Through 02/26:â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Go Figureâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Marin Arts Council exhibition celebrates the human body with figurative art in various mediums. 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday. 11am-6pm. Free. Marin Arts Council, 906 4th St., San Rafael. 666-2442 . Through 02/27:â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Four Greek Windowsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Photography of Greece by Norm Catalano, Richard D. James, Glenn Steiner and Rose Steiner. Reception 4-7pm Sun., Feb. 13. 10am-5pm. Free. Maurice Del Mue Galleries, San Geronimo Valley Community Center, 6350 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., San Geronimo. 488-8888, ext.252. Through 02/27: Peter de Swart Sculpture. Lukas Felzmann, photography; Tom Soltsz, plein air paintings. 1-5pm. Free. Bolinas Museum, 48 Wharf Road, Bolinas. 868-0330. Through 03/12:â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Can Doâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Artworks made from cans or reference â&#x20AC;&#x153;canâ&#x20AC;? in some way draws attention to issues of waste and recycling. Free. Falkirk Cultural Center, 1408 Mission Ave., San Rafael. 485-3328.

Through 05/30:â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;California Landscapesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Robbie Collins, paintings. Reception 5:30-7pm. Sat., Feb. 5 . Free. Book Passage, 51 Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera. 927-0960.

02/04:â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Art of Loveâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Reception With original mixed media works by Minna Nix. 7-9:30pm. Free. Minna Nix Fine Art Gallery, 1215 2nd St., San Rafael.

02/06-02/26: Open Craft and Sculpture exhibit Three dimensional works group exhibition. 11am-4pm. Free. Marin Society of Artists Gallery, 30 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Ross. 454 9561. www. 02/11-13:â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Marin Mastersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Six Marin artists will display their new works. 6-8pm Feb. 11; 10am-6pm. Feb. 12; 10am-2pm Feb. 13. Free. The Outdoor Art Club, 1 West Blithedale Ave, Mill Valley. 388-9886.

02/11: REDception! Downtown San Rafael 2nd Friday Art Walk Features red food, drinks and art. Come dressed in red! 5-8pm. Free. Downtown, Fourth St., San Rafael. 451-8119. Through 02/08:â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Old Hero Songâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Photography exhibit and book release by Miguel Farias. 10am5pm. Art Works Downtown, 1337 Fourth St, San

4/7%2/&0/7%2 !.%6%.).' WITH !$!-#!2/,,!

FEB 3 FEB 4 FEB 13


FEB 19

+%..9'â&#x2122;Ľ 7!2

FEB 24


MAR 12 MAR 19 MAR 20 MAR 26 MAR 27

!.$4(%2/9!,#)49"!.$ !,7!93

0!439#,).% !.%6%.).'/&#,!33)#

,),94/-,). '2%4#(%.7),3/. ")'"!$ 6//$//$!$$9 4!*-!(!,








Anti-Superbowl Comedy Party Mark Pitta & Friends


Mark Pitta & Friends Stand Up Comedy every Tuesday


Cabaret dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour An Evening of European Cabaret Moana Diamond, Danny SlomoďŹ&#x20AC; and the Chez Kiki Orchestra


Tom Rigney and Flambeau Blazing Cajun and Zydeco two-steps, funky New Orleans grooves, Boogie Woogie piano, and heartbreakingly beautiful ballads and waltzes


Funny Valentine Craig Jessup with Ken Muir at the Piano

Talks/Lectures 02/04: Business Breakfast with Senator Mark Leno â&#x20AC;&#x153;New Governor, New Legislature - Can California Be Saved?â&#x20AC;? 7:30-10am. $25-30. Embassy Suites, 101 McInnis Pwy., San Rafael. 485-6257.

Â&#x201E; Â&#x160;

Music, Dining, Dancing... Fun!

02/11: An Evening with Novelist Elizabeth Rosner Award winning author of â&#x20AC;&#x153;Blue Nude.â&#x20AC;? 5:30-7pm. $5-7. Marin Arts, 906 4th St., San Rafael. 666-2442.





McNearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Dining House Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x2022;Â&#x2DC;VÂ&#x2026;]Ă&#x160;Ă&#x2022;Â&#x2DC;VÂ&#x2026;]Ă&#x160; Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2DC;iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160; +]Ă&#x160;*>Ă&#x192;Ă&#x152;>]Ă&#x160;-Ă&#x152;i>Â&#x17D;]Ă&#x160;ÂŤÂŤÂ?iĂ&#x160;*Â&#x2C6;i

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Only 10 miles north of Marinâ&#x20AC;?

02/04: James Kugel â&#x20AC;&#x153;In the Valley of the Shad-


Just a quick, scenic, 45 minute drive from Marin!

ow: The Authenticity of Religious Belief and What Matters Most in Our Lives.â&#x20AC;? 1pm. Free. Book Passage, 51 Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera. 927-0960.

02/04: Phil Cousineau and Contributors â&#x20AC;&#x153;Beyond Forgiveness: Reflections on Atonement.â&#x20AC;? 7pm. Free. Book Passage, 51 Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera. 02/05: Belva Davis Davis talks about her memoir â&#x20AC;&#x153;Never in My Wildest Dreams: A Black Womanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Life in Journalism.â&#x20AC;? 2pm. Free. Book Passage, 51 Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera. 02/05: Zachary Mason â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Lost Books of the Odysseyâ&#x20AC;? reimagines Homerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s classic. 7pm. Free. Book Passage, 51 Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera. 02/05:Dr. Louann Brizendine Founder of the first clinic in the country to study gender differences in brains discusses â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Male Brain.â&#x20AC;? 4pm. Free. Book Passage, 51 Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera. 02/07: Elizabeth Bard â&#x20AC;&#x153;Lunch In Paris: A Love Story, with Recipes.â&#x20AC;? 1pm. Free. Book Passage, 51 Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera. 927-0960.

02/08: Literary Luncheon with Susan Vreeland â&#x20AC;&#x153;Clara & Mr. Tiffany.â&#x20AC;? Noon. $55, includes lunch and autographed book Book Passage, 51

Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x2030;{Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;nÂŤÂ&#x201C;Ă&#x160;`Â&#x153;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;fĂ&#x201C;ÂŁĂ&#x160;U ÂŁnÂł Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160; Â?iVĂ&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2C6;V>

" -*,/",Ă&#x160;Ă&#x160;

i>Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;, Ă&#x160; ,"7 -/  Ă&#x160;EĂ&#x160;," Ă&#x160; , ,"Ă&#x160;/ Ă&#x160; - "Ă&#x160; - 1/->Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x2030;xĂ&#x160;UĂ&#x160;Ă&#x2021;ÂŤÂ&#x201C;Ă&#x160;`Â&#x153;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;fÂŁĂ&#x2C6;Ă&#x160;U ÂŁĂ&#x2C6;Âł Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;*Â&#x153;ÂŤĂ&#x160;,Â&#x153;VÂ&#x17D;Ă&#x2030;Â?Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;,Â&#x153;VÂ&#x17D;

THE LOST BOYS /Ă&#x2022;iĂ&#x160;Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x2030;nĂ&#x160;UĂ&#x160;nÂŤÂ&#x201C;Ă&#x160;`Â&#x153;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;fĂ&#x201C;Ă&#x17D;>`Ă&#x203A;Ă&#x2030;fĂ&#x201C;Ă&#x2C6;`Â&#x153;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;ÂŁnÂłĂ&#x160; Â&#x201C;iĂ&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;V>Â&#x2DC;>Ă&#x2030;,Â&#x153;Â&#x153;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x192;,Â&#x153;VÂ&#x17D;Ă&#x2030; Â?Ă&#x2022;iĂ&#x192;

  Ă&#x160;, *1-Ă&#x160;" 9""


Buckaroo Bonet

plus Los Tres Borachos & Friends [LATIN ROCKABILLY]

The Fabulous Flesh Weapons plus ďŹ&#x201A;anelhed plus Hillbilly Strike Force [ROCK/POP]

The Edge

[ROCK/REGGAE] Comedy Wednesdays: Dennis Blair plus Patrick Jaye & Friends [COMEDY]

Big Tree

plus One Hundred Flowers [POP]

Maria Muldaur â&#x20AC;&#x201C; a Valentine Show [ROOTS/BLUES]

Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x2030;ÂŁÂŁĂ&#x160;UĂ&#x160;nÂŤÂ&#x201C;Ă&#x160;`Â&#x153;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;fÂŁÂ&#x2122;>`Ă&#x203A;Ă&#x2030;fĂ&#x201C;ÂŁ`Â&#x153;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;ÂŁnÂłĂ&#x160;UĂ&#x160;Ă&#x2022;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x17D;Ă&#x2030;>Â&#x201C;Ă&#x160; >Â&#x2DC;`

,Ă&#x160; -" ½-Ă&#x160; / 9Ă&#x160;1 6 ,- *1-Ă&#x160;" 9""

->Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x2030;ÂŁĂ&#x201C;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;Ă&#x2021;\Ă&#x17D;äÂ&#x201C;Ă&#x160;`Â&#x153;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;fĂ&#x201C;ÂŁ>`Ă&#x203A;Ă&#x2030;fĂ&#x201C;Ă&#x2C6;`Â&#x153;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;U Ă&#x201C; ÂŁ ÂłĂ&#x160; *Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x17D;Ă&#x160;Â?Â&#x153;Ă&#x17E;`Ă&#x160;/Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;LĂ&#x2022;Ă&#x152;iĂ&#x160; >Â&#x2DC;`

HOUSE OF FLOYD 21 Petaluma Blvd. N., Petaluma (707) 765-2121 purchase tix online now!

HAPPY HOUR WED-SAT 5PM-7PM $4 DRINK SPECIAL 842 4th Street San Rafael, CA 94901 Tickets: (877) 568-2726 All shows 21 & over


Ann Hathaway MD 25 years in medical practice

Men & Women Do You Have... Low Libido, Erectile Dysfunction, Low Energy, Low Mood, Low Motivation, Brain Fog or Decreased Muscle Mass? You may have TESTOSTERONE DEFICIENCY. Come in and get tested. Bioidentical testosterone is available.


Follow us on twitter! Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana 6 School Street Plaza, Ste. 215, Fairfax

(415) 256-9328 open 7 days and 5 nights

SAT 2/5

Lunch & Dinner Sat & Sun Brunch

Reservations Advised!



. * 12345  !$ & !  6763634/




!"#  !$ "$ %   "& #!  ' 

""$ !  ! '  '(

Meklit Hadero

Jazz Club Evening with a rising star.

SAT 2/12

Dholrhythms of Non-Stop


Performance then join in & dance.

# )* $   

#& $ !      

  )&  ) !+  #! ! 

 , -






   " #


THURS 2/17 Yippee: A Journey to Jewish Joy (movie) with Director

Paul Mazursky


SAT 2/26

- "- ,  

Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca


" )* $  


  #&! 8!


415.662.2219 0/5)&508/426"3&t/*$"4*0 $"





Stockholm syndrome THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNETâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S NEST is emphatically not a stand alone, and newcomers who start with this procedure-heavy wrap-up to the Millennium Trilogy might wonder what all the fuss is about. The rest of us will be transfixed. As everyone who saw Tattoo and Fire knows, there are still some very bad eggs holding down respectable jobs in those high-ceilinged Stockholm offices, and some nasty relics of our A hair-raising scene from part three. Cold War past still live comfortably at the end of country roads. Of supreme importance, though, are the couple of personal debts to be collected by the dark and dangerous Lisbeth Salander. Sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hospital-bound, recovering from the gunshot wounds that nearly did her in, facing a trial for attempted murder and the prospect of being committed to the same asylum that wrought her childhood horrors. Mikael Blomkvist is incommunicado and struggling to publish a special issue on the Section conspiracy, whose depth and extent is just becoming clear to him, as the threats against Millennium grow more lethal. To undercut the political impact its release might bring, some crooked Swedes cook up a lurid little scandal to take Blomkvist down before the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s media. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Wag the Dog all over again.â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Richard Gould

Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera. 927-0960. 02/08: Michael David Lukas â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Oracle of Stamboul.â&#x20AC;? 7pm. Free. Book Passage, 51 Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera. 927-0960. 02/09: Sarah Blake Editors Elaine Petrocelli and Amy Einhorn will join the author of â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Postmistress.â&#x20AC;? 7pm. Free. Book Passage, 51 Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera. 927-0960. 02/10: David Vann â&#x20AC;&#x153;Caribou Island.â&#x20AC;? 7pm. Free. Book Passage, 51 Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera.

02/10: Why There Are Words Literary Reading â&#x20AC;&#x153;Maybe.â&#x20AC;? With Lauren Alwan, Lucy Jane Bledsoe, Katherine Ellison, Frances Lefkowitz, Meg Pokrass, Jackqueline Luckett. 7-9:30pm. $5. Studio 333, 333 Caledonia St., Sausalito. 331-8272. 02/11: Dr. Elliot Aronson â&#x20AC;&#x153;Not by Chance: My Life as a Social Psychologist.â&#x20AC;? 6pm. Free. Dominican University, Angelico Hall, 50 Acacia Ave., San Rafael. 835-1020.

Film Events 02/07-10: Mostly British Film Festival 7pm. $10.25 Smith Rafael Film Center, 1118 Fourth Street, San Rafael, CA 94901. 454-1222. 02/07: Monday Night at the Movies â&#x20AC;&#x153;Stardust Memories.â&#x20AC;? (1980). Woody Allen. 7:30-9pm. Free. Mill Valley Public Library, 375 Throckmorton, Mill Valley. 389-4292. 02/08:â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Somethingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Gonna Liveâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Part of the Tiburon International Film Festival. 6-7:30pm. Free. Bay Model Visitor Center, 2100 Bridgeway, Sausalito. 332-3871. bmvc/index.html

Community Events (Misc.) 02/05: New Village School Open House Free childcare. Please RSVP. 10am-noon. Free. New Village School, 100 Ebbtide Ave. Suite 144, Sausalito. 289.0889.


02/06: Super Bowl XLV Big Screen HD Viewing Party 3-7pm. $10-20. Lark Theater, 549 Mag-

415.444.8000 s MARINJCC.ORG

nolia Ave., Larkspur. 924-5111.

02/07: â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Maine 2 Marin: Close the Death Chamberâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Rally to close the death chamber at San Quentin. 5-8pm. Free. West Gate - San Quentin, E. Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Larkspur. 233-2049. 02/5: Fourth Annual Crab Feast Childcare available. 6:30pm. $20-30. Unitarian Universalist Congregation, 240 Channing Way, San Rafael. 479-4131.

Wednesdays: Lunchtime Duplicate Bridge If you need a partner call Leona. Bring lunch. 10:30am-2:30pm. $5 per session Pickleweed Park, 50 Canal St., San Rafael. 453-1430.

Kid Stuff 02/08: Parent and Child Cooking Class. 5pm. $65 per team. In The Kitchen Culinary, 300 Turney St., Sausalito. 331-8766. 02/10: Storytime With Phil and Jeremey the Juggler Afternoon Valentineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day program for the whole family. Phil Sheridan will present a special Valentine story followed by 6 year old set favorite, Jeremy the Juggler. 3:30-5pm. Free. Sausalito Public Library, 420 Litho St., Sausalito. 289-4121.

Wednesdays: GreenPlay - Sustainable Outdoor Play in Tiburon Weekly nature education classes for 6-11 year old children at the Richardson Bay Audubon Center. 3:30-5pm. $25 per class. Richardson Bay Audubon Center, 376 Greenwood Beach Road, Tiburon. 264-2828.

Outdoors (Hikes & Bikes) 02/05: Captivating Cataract Trail Assist with trail maintenance. Rain or shine. Involves a fourmile hike. 9am-2pm. Marin Municipal Water District, Cataract Trailhead on Bolinas-Fairfax Rd just past Alpine Dam, Fairfax. 250-5656. â&#x153;š

Don't forget to submit your event listings at â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;

Sun Classified

MARiN’S FREE CLASSiFiED WEB SiTE Combining the reach of the Web with print ads reaching over 80,000 readers!


PLACE AN AD: ONLiNE: E-MAiL: PHONE: 415/485-6700 Log on to, day or night, and get your free ad started immediately (except for employment and business ads) online. You automatically get a one-line free print ad in the Pacific Sun. So, the next time you have an item to sell, barter, give away or buy, get the perfect combination: a print ad in the Pacific Sun, and unlimited free web postings. The publisher waives any and all claims or consequential damages due to errors. Embarcadero Publishing Co. cannot assume responsibility for the claims or performance of its advertisers. Embarcadero Publishing Co. reserves the right to refuse, edit or reclassify any ad solely at its discretion without prior notice. is a unique Web site offering FREE postings from communities throughout the Bay Area and an opportunity for your ad to appear in print in the Pacific Sun. BULLETIN BOARD


115 Announcements

425 Health Services help for

PREGNANT? CONSIDERING ADOPTION? Talk with caring agency specializing in matching Birthmothers with Families nationwide. LIVING EXPENSES PAID. Call 24/7 Abby’s One True Gift Adoptions 866-413-6293 (Void in Illinois) (AAN CAN) ART STUDIO AVAILABLE Join our artist coop in San Anselmo. 415/414-4448

HAIR PULLERS & CSP sufferers

This agonizing “habit” & inability to stop can be excruciating. I can help. Teen and Adult Trich/CSP Groups & Individual Therapy

Economy got you down? Information Wanted! Daniella Muller da Silva is looking for her former husband Eric Lamont Jeffreis. If anyone knows of his whereabouts, please come forward as it is an important family matter.(719)494-5257. Thank you.

Claudia Miles, MFT 415.460.9737 Lic# mfc38418 WWW.CLAUDIAMILES.COM

Dentistry for

MidLife Valentine Singles Party Miracle Mile Grand Opening!

130 Classes & Instruction HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA! Graduate in just 4 weeks!! FREE Brochure. Call NOW! 1-800-532-6546 Ext. 97 http://www.continentalacademy. com (AAN CAN)

Watercolor Classes

• Private or Small Group • Beginners or Continuing • Learn A LOT! • Supportive and Welcoming • 381-3335

infants, children & adolescents

Martin Sinai Rayman, D.D.S.

912 Grand Ave, Ste 202 • San Rafael 459.1444 •



a life of fulfilling intimacy

Clinical Sexologist MA, PhD Board Certified 415.453.6218

133 Music Lessons

430 Hypnotherapy

Violin and Fiddle for All Ages!

Thea Donnelly, M.A. Hypnosis, Counseling, All Issues. 25 yrs. experience. 415-459-0449.

135 Group Activities CITP Marin Invites New Members Eckhart Tolle Community of Marin Eckhart Tolle Support Group Singles Black & White Ball


SEEING ON LY PA RT OF AN AD? GO TO: Select Category Click on ad to get the whole picture!

240 Furnishings/ Household items Bunkbed - $300 OLD WHITE WICKER DESK WITH DRAWE - $300

245 Miscellaneous 1926 Classic Yacht - $125K NEW BLK PUMPS SZ 9 SUNDANCE $21 RED HEMP JEAN JACKET Sundance $21 Yoga Life Tees FREE HD FOR LIFE! Only on DISH NETWORK. Lowest Price in America! $24.99/mo. for OVER 120 CHANNELS! PLUS-$550 Bonus! Call Today, 1-888-904-3558 (AAN CAN)


440 Massage Therapy

Valentine's Day

Someting S ometing Special For Her Professional P rofessio i nall Massage Massage with Hot Tub b or Sauna

Shibui Gardens Spa 19 Tamalpais, San Anselmo • 457-0283

450 Personal Growth Dynamic Readings and Healings Gina Crystal as seen on TV and heard on the radio offers Dynamic Readings and Healings that can be Life Changing. Sessions are available by phone or in person. Gina travels often to the Bay area if you prefer your session in person. For more information call Gina at 916-4214130. TRANSFORMATIONAL COUNSELING Gloria Wilcox 479-HOPE

455 Personal Training

fitness defined 25% off for new clients

deirdra rogers 415.218.6783




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seminars AND workshops 2/17 SINGLES WANTED Tired of spending weekends and holidays alone?

Join with other singles in nine-week coed group to explore what’s keeping you single, learn intimacy skills and meet other singles. Group meets for nine Thursday evenings. 7:30-9pm. Starts Thursday, Feb. 17. Space limited. Also, Women’s Group and Coed Intimacy Groups for both single and partnered/married, as well as individual and couples sessions. Central San Rafael. For more information, call Renee Owen, LMFT#35255 at 415/453-8117.

To include your seminar or workshop, call 415/485-6700 x 303.


628 Graphics/ Webdesign

550 Business Opportunities Bookkeeper needed In Search of a bookkeeper. Qualifications: -Excellent computer skills -Thorough knowledge of Simple Accounting and Quickbooks -Internet-capable -Quick learner -Ability to work under pressure -Proven ability to handle sensitive and confidential information -Ability to work independently as well as part of a team -Strong verbal and written communication skills -Strong organizational skills -Ability to perform several tasks simultaneously -Would work only 3 days;Mondays,Wednesdays & Fridays -Maximum of 2hrs during work days -$1200 per month( i.e $300/wk) Only qualified and interested applicants reply to: quartzcharles@yahoo. com

Financial Freedom Unlock Your Earning Potential & Redefine Success

Home-Based Business Opportunity Odette M. Boyd • 415-578-8651 ACN Independent Rep

Need a Mobile Professional or Remote Assistant?

Administrative • Executive • Management, Editing • Data Analysis • Research

560 Employment Information

707.373.1294 •

$$$HELP WANTED$$$ Extra Income! Assembling CD cases from Home! No Experience Necessary! Call our Live Operators Now! 1-800-4057619 EXT 2450 (AAN CAN) MOVIE EXTRAS earn up to $150/day to stand in backgrounds of major film. Experience not required. CALL NOW! 1-888-664-0062 (AAN CAN) Paid In Advance! Make $1,000 a Week mailing brochures from home! Guaranteed Income! FREE Supplies! No experience required. Start Immediately! www.homemailerprogram. net (AAN CAN)


HIRE IRENE NOW! Organize – Don’t Agonize! Professional Organizer Publicity Pre-Tax Organization Professional Shopper Personal/Virtual Assistant SUSAN 415.267.6150 HI RENOW!

657 Online/Websites A GREAT WEB PRESENCE can open a lot of doors

Local help with websites & blogs Call Suzanna 312-0101 or email

624 Financial

695 Tours & Travel


Private Money Available Will loan on California Real Estate Investment Properties

Rates as low as 9.99% Call Today (415) 850-0711 CA DRE License # 01354670

645 Office/Home Business Services


Travel Agents CAN save you time and money. If you use the right one. 1204 Fifth Ave, San Rafael (415) 454-4932 FEBRUARY 4, 2011 – FEBRUARY 10, 2011 PACIFIC SUN 31

HOME SERVICES 715 Cleaning Services ADVANCED HOUSE CLEANING Licensed. Bonded. Insured. Will do windows. Call Pat 415.310.8784 All Marin Housecleaning Licensed, Bonded, Insured. Will do Windows. Ophelia 415-717-7157 415892-2303 E&L CLEANING SERVICES Since 1992. Lic./Bonded/Insured. We also do windows. Excel. refs. Call Lilian @ 415-845-9446.

745 Furniture Repair/Refinish FURNITURE DOCTOR Ph/Fax: 415-383-2697

748 Gardening/ Landscaping YARDWORK LANDSCAPING â?&#x2013; General Yard & Firebreak Clean Up â?&#x2013; Complete Landscaping â?&#x2013; Irrigation Systems â?&#x2013; Commercial & Residential Maintenance â?&#x2013; Patios, Retaining Walls, Fences For Free Estimate Call Titus 415-380-8362 or visit our website CA LIC # 898385

dig your garden

Baldo Brothers Landscaping & Gardening Full-service landscaping & gardening services. 415-845-1151

751 General Contracting NOTICE TO READERS >It is illegal for an unlicensed person to perform contracting work on any project valued at $500.00 or more in labor and materials. State law also requires that contractors include their license numbers on all advertising. Check your contractorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s status at www.cslb. or 800-321-CSLB (2752). Unlicensed persons taking jobs that total less than $500.00 must state in their advertisements that they are not licensed by the Contractors State License Board

AFFORDABLE DECKS Kitchens â&#x20AC;˘ Baths General Remodels â&#x20AC;˘ Additions Carports â&#x20AC;˘ Concrete

Tom Daly Construction

Free Estimates

3 8 3 .6122

Excellent References Lic. # 593788

B 7 D : I 97 F ;   : ; I ? = D   9E D I K BJ7J? E D

Sandell Construction Co.

:hek]^jJeb[hWdj97DWj_l[ FbWdjIf[Y_Wb_ij

Remodels & Additions Kitchen, Bath & Home Repair Concrete â&#x20AC;˘ Drainage â&#x20AC;˘ Decks Retaining Walls â&#x20AC;˘ Seismic

(415) 491-4755 Since 1990 Masonry â&#x20AC;˘ Decking Fencing â&#x20AC;˘ Tree-Trimming Maintenance â&#x20AC;˘ Yard-work Hauling â&#x20AC;˘ Irrigation Drainage

Free Estimates Local References 415-927-3510



Over 30 Years of Service in Your Area. Licensed, Insured & Bonded.

Many References Custom Construction Foundation to Roof, Remodel & Repair

IRIS IRRIGATION Repair Installation Lic # 916897

Low Volume, Automatic Drip System, Local References, Landscaping, Maintenance


Woods Construction Kitchen â&#x20AC;˘ Bath â&#x20AC;˘ Decks â&#x20AC;˘ Fences Remodels/Additions â&#x20AC;˘ Concrete 415-999-2752 Lic # 738100

Lic No. 725759

Design â&#x20AC;˘ Masonry â&#x20AC;˘ Irrigation Colorful Deer Resistant Planting 925-9734 â&#x20AC;˘ Free Estimate

YARD CLEARING Gardening, Hauling, Fire Break, etc. Tree Service Call Patrick

415-479-9269 Pacific Slope Tree Company David Rivera. Lic./Bonded/Insured. 415258-8568.

757 Handyman/ Repairs HOME MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR Carpentry â&#x20AC;˘ Painting Plumbing â&#x20AC;˘ Electrical Honest, Reliable, Quality Work 20 years of experience

Rendell Bower 457-9204 Lic. #742697

Only a one-liner?

32 PACIFIC SUN FEBRUARY 4, 2011 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; FEBRUARY 10, 2011



Handyman Services

Carpentry, Electrical & Plumbing 30 yrs Exp. References Free Estimates â&#x20AC;˘ Lic. 639563 C. Michael Hughes Construction

995 Fictitious Name Statement

(415) 297-5258 Jimâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Repair Service EXPERT REPAIRS Appliances






Small Handyman Jobs 30 Years in Business â&#x20AC;˘ Lowest Rates


â&#x20AC;şâ&#x20AC;ş TRiViA CAFĂ&#x2030; ANSWERS From page 9

:=1/B7=< :=1/B7=< :=1/B7=<

48 Woodland Ave., San Anselmo

767 Movers KIRKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S CARRY ALL MOVERS Moving Marin 1 box at a time since 1989! Lic. & insured (CalT181943). Tel.415-927-3648. Cell: 415-4970742.

REAL ESTATE 801 Apartments/ Condos/Studios San Rafael, 1 BR/1 BA - $1200 San Rafael, 1 BR/1 BA - $1225 San Rafael, 2 BR/1.5 BA - $1600

809 Shared Housing/ Rooms ALL AREAS - ROOMMATES.COM Browse hundreds of online listings with photos and maps. Find your roommate with a click of the mouse! Visit: http:// (AAN CAN)

>OQWTWQAc\ 1ZOaaWTWTSRaWabVS ^ZOQSb]^]abg]c` O^O`b[S\b]`V][S T]`aOZS]``S\b


1. Plastic bags and paper bags 2. Cupid, the god of love 3. Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt. 4a. Black Swan 4b. The Kingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Speech (about King George VI) 4c. Toy Story 3 and The Kids are All Right 5. 25th anniversary 6. Bolivia 7a. Tornado 7b. Sequoia 7c. Zamboni 8. Iron, Iodine, Iridium, Indium, Krypton 9. Egypt 10. July 2; there are 182 days before it, 182 days after it BONUS ANSWER: for recreation (which meant rebuilding, voluntary activityâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;but not idleness)


825 Homes/Condos for Sale AFFORDABLE MARIN? I can show you 50 homes under $300,000. Call Cindy@ 415-902-2729 Christine Champion, Broker Free Homes to Qualified Buyers Space rent $1750. Homes from $5,000. Clubhouse/pool/jacuzzi. Contempo Marin San Rafael. Details @ 415-4796816 &

840 Vacation Rentals/Time Shares 6br! MarinVacationHm-Sleeps20-Vu 650/nt-950

860 Housesitting ENGLISH HOUSESITTER Will love your pets, pamper your plants, ease your mind, while youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re out of town. Rates negotiable. References available upon request. Pls Call Jill @ 415-927-1454

MULTIPLE DOGS WORSHOP Having two or more dogs in your home can be double the fun, and double the challenge! Learn how to set yourself up for success. $35. February 13, 2 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 4pm. To register, call 415.506.6280 or visit

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 125696 The following individual(s) is (are) doing business as MULBERRY CLASSROOM, 70 SKYVIEW TERRACE BLDNG C, SAN RAFAEL, CA 94903: MULBERRY CLASSROOM, 70 SKYVIEW TERRACE BLDNG C, SAN RAFAEL, CA 94903. This business is being conducted by a corporation. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein on June 1, 2007. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of Marin County on December 23, 2011. (Publication Dates: January 14, 21, 28; February 5, 2011) FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 125707 The following individual(s) is (are) doing business as IPRINT TECHNOLOGIES, 980 MAGNOLIA AVE. #5, LARKSPUR, CA 94939: MTS PARTNERS, INC., 980 MAGNOLIA AVE. #5, LARKSPUR, CA 94939. This business is being conducted by a corporation. Registrant has not yet begun to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of Marin County on December 28, 2011. (Publication Dates: January 14, 21, 28; February 5, 2011) FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 125724 The following individual(s) is (are) doing business as ZOLLNER PRECISION CHIROPRACTIC AND WELLNESS INC., 4380 REDWOOD HWY. #B6, SAN RAFAEL, CA 94903: ZOLLNER PRECISION CHIROPRACTIC AND WELLNESS INC., 4380 REDWOOD HWY. #B6, SAN RAFAEL, CA 94903. This business is being conducted by a corporation. Registrant has not yet begun to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of Marin County on December 30, 2011. (Publication Dates: January 14, 21, 28; February 5, 2011) FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 125694 The following individual(s) is (are) doing business as MIT OUT SOUND; M.O.S., 1801 FIFTH AVE., SAN RAFAEL, CA 94901: REN KLYCE, 802 EVEREST CT., MILL VALLEY, CA 94941. This business is being conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of Marin County on December 23, 2010. (Publication Dates: January 21, 28; February 4, 11, 2011) FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2011125835 The following individual(s) is (are) doing business as MOON HILL VINEYARD; BURNING BENCH CELLARS, 275 NICASIO VALLEY ROAD, NICASIO, CA 94946: DAVID H MEASE, 275 NICASIO VALLEY ROAD, NICASIO, CA 94946. This business is being conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of Marin County on January 18, 2011. (Publication Dates: January 21, 28; February 4, 11, 2011) FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 125750 The following individual(s) is (are) doing business as LOGAN BIOTECH, 383 PINEHILL RD. APT. D, MILL VALLEY, CA 94941: RICK HOLMES, 383 PINEHILL RD. APT. D, MILL VALLEY, CA 94941. This business is being conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein. This

890 Real Estate Wanted Frfx fixer wanted -1 story small

Use the Pacific Sunâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s online marketplace to hunt for everything from apartments to garage sales to jobs to...

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2011125769 The following individual(s) is (are) doing business as STONE CONSULTING, 2500 DEER VALLEY ROAD APT. 224, SAN RAFAEL, CA 94903: SUEZEN STONE, 2500 DEER VALLEY ROAD APT. 224, SAN RAFAEL, CA 94903. This business is being conducted by an individual. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein on January 1, 2011. This statement was filed with the County ClerkRecorder of Marin County on January 10, 2011. (Publication Dates: January 14, 21, 28; February 5, 2011)

171 Bel Marin Keys Blvd., Novato


PUBLIC NOTICES CONTINUED FROM PAGE 32 statement was filed with the County ClerkRecorder of Marin County on January 5, 2011. (Publication Dates: January 21, 28; February 4, 11, 2011) FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2011125749 The following individual(s) is (are) doing business as MYETRAVELPLAN, 34 FLEMINGS CT., SAUSALITO, CA 94965: MICHAEL WALL, 34 FLEMINGS CT., SAUSALITO, CA 94965. This business is being conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of Marin County on January 5, 2011. (Publication Dates: January 21, 28; February 4, 11, 2011) FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 125755 The following individual(s) is (are) doing business as HEALTH & WEALTH, 211 BELVEDERE DR., MILL VALLEY, CA 94941: ALEXANDER MALSAYLO, 211 BELVEDERE DR., MILL VALLEY, CA 94941. This business is being conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of Marin County on January 5, 2011. (Publication Dates: January 21, 28; February 4, 11, 2011) FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 125765 The following individual(s) is (are) doing business as WELLNESS THAI MASSAGE, 607 SAN ANSELMO AVE., SAN ANSELMO, CA 94960: SAOVANEE CONLEY, 5640 CARLOS AVE., RICHMOND, CA 94804. This business is being conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of Marin County on January 7, 2011. (Publication Dates: January 21, 28; February 4, 11, 2011) FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2010125722 The following individual(s) is (are) doing business as COLLABORATIVE CONSULTING, 521 BROWNING ST., MILL VALLEY, CA 94941: LORI PETERSON, 521 BROWNING ST., MILL VALLEY, CA 94941. This business is being conducted by an individual. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein on May 1, 2010. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of Marin County on December 30, 2010. (Publication Dates: January 21, 28; February 4, 11, 2011) FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 125816 The following individual(s) is (are) doing business as COMPASS ECONOMICS; HAVEMAN ECONOMIC CONSULTING, 35 TWIN OAKS AVE., SAN RAFAEL, CA 94901: JON HAVEMAN, 35 TWIN OAKS AVE., SAN RAFAEL, CA 94901. This business is being conducted by an individual. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein on January 13, 2011. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of Marin County on January 13, 2011. (Publication Dates: January 21, 28; February 4, 11, 2011) FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 125852 The following individual(s) is (are) doing business as KODAMA CONSULTING; KODAMA STUDIOS, 204 BUNGALOW AVE., SAN RAFAEL, CA 94901: KODAMA STUDIOS LLC., 204 BUNGALOW AVE., SAN RAFAEL, CA 94901. This business is being conducted by limited liability company. Registrant has not yet begun to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of Marin County on January 18, 2011. (Publication Dates: January 28; February 4, 11, 18, 2011) FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 125760 The following individual(s) is (are) doing business as HIPP KITCHEN, 821 B ST., SAN RAFAEL, CA 94901: TOM HERNDON, 600 MILLER AVE., MILL VALLEY, CA 94941. This business is being conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of Marin County on January 6, 2011. (Publication Dates: January 28; February 4, 11, 18, 2011) FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 125867 The following individual(s) is (are) doing busi-

ness as PERUVA AUTO REPAIR, 121 VERDI ST., SAN RAFAEL, CA 94901: LUIS ARCOS, 121 VERDI ST., SAN RAFAEL, CA 94901. This business is being conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of Marin County on January 20, 2011. (Publication Dates: January 28; February 4, 11, 18, 2011) FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2011125942 The following individual(s) is (are) doing business as MANGA HERO, 817 MISSION AVE., SUITE 1A, SAN RAFAEL, CA 94901: JONATHAN LIN, 915 FREMONT ST., MENLO PARK, CA 94025. This business is being conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of Marin County on January 27, 2011. (Publication Dates: February 4, 11, 18, 25, 2011) FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2011125954 The following individual(s) is (are) doing business as MARIN PROFESSIONAL WOMEN’S NETWORK, 824 5TH AVE. STE. A, SAN RAFAEL, CA 94901: ROSE G KUNTZ, 33 WATERSIDE CIR., SAN RAFAEL, CA 94903; KRISTI FRLEKIN, 7 OAK CREST CT. UNIT F, NOVATO, CA 94947. This business is being conducted by an unincorporated association (g) other than a partnership. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein on October 1, 1986. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of Marin County on January 28, 2011. (Publication Dates: February 4, 11, 18, 25, 2011) FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 125955 The following individual(s) is (are) doing business as E&J PROPERTIES, 73 MARTENS BLVD., SAN RAFAEL, CA 94901: EUGENE MAFFGI, 73 MARTENS BLVD., SAN RAFAEL, CA 94901; JAME MAFFGI, 3012 BELL MARIN KEYS BLVD., IGNACIO, CA 94905. This business is being conducted by a general partnership. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein on February 5, 2001. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of Marin County on January 28, 2011. (Publication Dates: February 4, 11, 18, 25, 2011) FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 125973 The following individual(s) is (are) doing business as TREAD LIGHT TRAVELS, 530 SAN GERONIMO VALLEY DR., SAN GERONIMO, CA 94963: TREAD LIGHT INCORPORATION, 530 SAN GERONIMO VALLEY DR., SAN GERONIMO, CA 94963. This business is being conducted by a corporation. Registrant has not yet begun to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of Marin County on January 31, 2011. (Publication Dates: February 4, 11, 18, 25, 2011) FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 125833 The following individual(s) is (are) doing business as BACKYARD BOOGIE, 1609 4TH ST., SAN RAFAEL, CA 94901: JAMES HAYES WALSH III, 238 MERRYDALE RD. #10, SAN RAFAEL, CA 94903. This business is being conducted by an individual. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein on April 1, 2011. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of Marin County on January 14, 2011. (Publication Dates: February 4, 11, 18, 25, 2011)

997 All Other Legals NOTICE OF PETITION TO ADMINISTER ESTATE OF: TIMOTHY MCMAHAN, AKA TIMOTHY MALTZAHN. Case No. PR-1006514. To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, contingent creditors and persons who may otherwise be interested in the will or estate, or both, of TIMOTHY MCMAHAN, AKA TIMOTHY MALTZAHN. A PETITION FOR LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION AND AUTHORIZATION TO ADMINISTER UNDER THE INDEPENDENT ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES ACT WITH LIMITED AUTHORITY has been filed by: KAREN MALTZAHN in the Superior Court of California, County of MARIN. THE PETITION FOR LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION AND AUTHORIZATION TO ADMINISTER UNDER THE INDEPENDENT ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES ACT WITH LIMITED AUTHORITY requests that KAREN MALTZAHN be appointed as personal representative to administer the estate of the decedent. THE PETITION requests the decedent’s will and codicils, if any, be admitted to probate. The will and any codicils are available for examination in the file kept

by the court. THE PETITION requests authority to administer the estate under the Independent Administration of Estates Act. (This authority will allow the personal representative to take many actions without obtaining court approval. Before taking certain very important actions, however, the personal representative will be required to give notice to interested persons unless they have waived notice or consented to the proposed action.) The independent administration authority will be granted unless an interested person files an objection to the petition and shows good cause why the court should not grant the authority. A HEARING on the petition will be held in this court as follows: January 18, 2011 at 8:30 a.m. in Dept: H, of the Superior Court of California, Marin County, located at Superior Court of California, County of Marin, 3501 Civic Center Drive, San Rafael, CA. IF YOU OBJECT to the granting of the petition, you should appear at the hearing and state your objections or file written objections with the court before the hearing. Your appearance may be in person or by your attorney. IF YOU ARE A CREDITOR or a contingent creditor of the decedent, you must file your claim with the court and mail a copy to the personal representative appointed by the court within four months from the date of first issuance of letters as provided in section 9100 of the California Probate Code. The time for filing claims will not expire before four months from the hearing date noticed above. YOU MAY EXAMINE the file kept by the court. If you are a person interested in the estate, you may file with the court a Request for Special Notice (form DE-154) of the filing of an inventory and appraisal of estate assets or of any petition or account as provided in Probate Code section 1250. A Request for Special Notice form is available from the court clerk. Attorney for Petitioner: Isidoor Bornstein Esq. SBN 4008, Bornstein Law Office, 100 Larkspur Landing Circle, SUITE 110, Larkspur, CA 949.9. (415) 461-3401. (Publication Dates: January 14, 21, 28, 2011) NOTICE OF APPLICATION TO SELL ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. Date of Filing Application: December 23, 2010. To Whom It May Concern: The Name(s) of Applicant(s) is/are: ELIO GARCIA SANCHEZ, ALVARO VALLE HERNANDEZ. The applicants listed above are applying to the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to sell alcoholic beverages at: 927 LINCOLN AVE., SAN RAFAEL, CA 94901. Type of license(s) Applied for: 41 â “ ON SALE BEER AND WINE â “ Eating Place. (Pacific Sun: January 14, 21, 28 2010) ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR CHANGE OF NAME SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA FOR THE COUNTY OF MARIN. No. CIV 1100181. TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Petitioner HILARY NICOLE OLMSTEAD filed a petition with this court for a decree changing names as follows: HILARY NICOLE OLMSTEAD to HILARY NICOLE GOODMAN OLMSTEAD. THE COURT ORDERS that all persons interested in this matter shall appear before this court at the hearing indicated below to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name should not be granted. Any person objecting to the name changes described above must file a written objection that includes the reasons for the objection at least two court days before the matter is scheduled to be heard and must appear at the hearing to show cause why the petition should not be granted. If no written objection is timely filed, the court may grant the petition without a hearing. NOTICE OF HEARING: March 9, 2011, 8:30AM, Dept. K, Room K, Superior Court of California, County of Marin, 3501 Civic Center Drive, San Rafael, CA 94913-4988. A copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE shall be published at least once each week for four successive weeks prior to the date set for hearing on the petition in the following newspaper of general circulation, printed in the county of Marin: PACIFIC SUN. Date: January 12, 2011 /s/ FAYE D’OPAL, JUDGE OF THE SUPERIOR COURT (Pacific Sun: January 21, 28; February 4, 11, 2011) ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR CHANGE OF NAME SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA FOR THE COUNTY OF MARIN. No. CIV 1100125. TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Petitioner JIMMY RAY MCCULLUM filed a petition with this court for a decree changing names as follows: JIMMY RAY MCCULLUM to JIMMY RAY STANFIELD. THE COURT ORDERS that all persons interested in this matter shall appear before this court at the hearing indicated below to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name should not be granted. Any person objecting to the name changes


›› STARSTREAM by Ly nd a R ay

Week of February 3-9, 2011

ARIES (March 20 - April 19) Your ruler (rambunctious Mars) joins forces with the playful Sun this weekend. Creative juices are flowing and your energy level may be off the charts. Consider this your invitation to act like a kid, no matter how old you are. On Monday, an encounter with an authority figure could spoil your mood. Try not to let your emotions get the better of you. Meanwhile, you and your sweetie are getting real about your future. TAURUS (April 20 - May 19) Your ruler (pleasure-loving Venus) has entered the goal-oriented sign of Capricorn. Figure out what will make you happy and start working on a way to accomplish that. Some of you may have a desire to see Paris in the springtime, some to sign up for a sensuality retreat with your sweetie, some are hoping to connect with an exotic lover. The rest of you are simply hoping to have the best seat at the Super Bowl party. GEMINI (May 20 - June 20) The year of the Rabbit begins this week. Since this Chinese zodiac cycle brings calmer nerves and easy negotiations, you feel like relaxing. In truth, you should take advantage of the creative motivation in your chart right now and work on expressing your inner artist. Hey. The Rabbit goes on for 12 months. The dynamic connection between the Sun, Mars and Saturn only lasts a few days. Create now. Relax later. CANCER (June 21 - July 21) Luscious Venus has joined passionate Pluto in your relationship house. You are ready to rev up your intimate life. If you’re looking for love, you should notice your increased popularity. In spite of the pileup of planets in the rather abrupt sign of Aquarius, you are slowly strengthening your ability to withstand insensitive criticisms and confrontations. This will come in handy if you are at a Super Bowl party where everyone else is rooting against your team. LEO (July 22 - August 22) Fiery Mars ignites your desire to be special this week. If you have an opportunity for self-promotion, go for it now. Meanwhile, negotiating Mercury just entered your relationship house. If you and your sweetie have something to hash out, it might be easier to agree on Tuesday. If you’re trying to end a union, you could now do it with finesse. Meantime, everyone expects you to bring the expensive booze for the Super Bowl party. VIRGO (August 23 - September 21) Whatever lessons you’ve recently had to learn regarding handling your finances can be useful this week. Feel free to schedule an appointment with your tax accountant. Also, your work environment offers more security and your efforts should be significantly appreciated. As for your weekend, it’s definitely a plus in the romance department. So, whether your wallet is full or empty, your heart is definitely content. LIBRA (September 22 - October 22) Your ability to put things into balance comes into play this week as the lively celestial trio in your house of entertainment competes with a planetary emphasis on responsibility. There is fun to be experienced and work to be done— it’s just a matter of finding enough time in the day. Meanwhile, the recent study about the value of meditation hits home as your ruler (peaceful Venus) occupies the sector of your chart ruling emotional well-being. SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21) Life has been too serious for too long. Take a break this week when sociable Venus provides ideas for lightening up your interactions with those in your immediate environment, and jovial Jupiter makes work seem more like fun. Meantime, you continue to encounter people from your past who could have an exciting influence on your present. If you see an old pal’s name on your caller ID, answer the phone. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 20) You’re in the mood to stay home Friday and Saturday, but Sunday is another story. Thanks to the Moon and your ruler (lucky Jupiter) in your gambling house, you’re in a betting mood. Fortunately, many Super Bowl parties are happening and I’m sure you can find one that will take your wager. As for the remainder of the week, your negotiating skills are impressive. Go ahead and shop for those new skis. CAPRICORN (December 21 - January 18) Venus, the planet bestowing charm, good taste and elegance, has entered your sign where she will remain for the rest of the month. Not only does this do wonders for your relationships, it also can be invaluable if you want to change your hairstyle or go shopping for new clothes. Expect to feel torn between your professional and personal responsibilities on Monday and Tuesday. It’s not easy being responsible, is it? AQUARIUS (January 19 - February 17) Are you ready for some action? This week you share your zodiac celebration with the Chinese New Year and the Super Bowl. Everyone is in a party mood. Feel free to stick birthday candles in the pizza if no one remembers to bake a cake. As for your upcoming year, expect to be sexy, daring and even more rebellious than usual. What’s next? Hmm. Maybe the cover of People? PISCES (February 18 - March 19) The mushy Moon in your sign makes Friday and Saturday perfect for cuddling with your sweetie or flirting with a potential lover. (Doing both is not recommended for obvious reasons.) Super Bowl Sunday starts out on the right note, but doesn’t work out exactly as planned. On Wednesday you realize that there may be potential for a profitable partnership with one of your pals. Love, sports, friends and money. Sounds like a great week. ✹ Email Lynda Ray at or check out her website at FEBRUARY 4, 2011 – FEBRUARY 10, 2011 PACIFIC SUN 33

›› ADViCE GODDESS® by Amy Alkon


I met a guy online, and after two four-hour phone conversations, he declared he felt a “deep connection.” We had a romantic date, during which he made repeated declarations of his feelings. The next morning he sent a somewhat angry text, observing that I’d logged in again on the dating site, and while I didn’t owe him anything, he found it odd. This led me to (stupidly and prematurely) proclaim him “the total package” for me and say I wouldn’t see anyone else. He stopped responding several days later. Weeks later, I got a strange phone call, and thought it was him. It wasn’t, but he asked me out. Our date was great, but he kept taking a half-day to return texts. He claimed he’d just been busy at work, but I don’t think expecting a response before six hours pass is being overly needy. I heard nothing from him until two weeks later, when I mass emailed my new cell number. We had another date, and he asked for exclusivity, and even said he wouldn’t mind if I got pregnant. The next day, we sent friendly texts, but he again stopped responding. Now, I’m ending it for sure, but I’m reticent to date anyone else for fear this will happen again.—Bitten


When you and the man in your life are talking about having a child, there are certain basic questions you need to ask yourselves, and they should be things like “Can we afford this?” and “Who will stay home with the kid?” not “Have we had a third date?” I see so many red flags here, it’s hard to tell whether I’m being asked to give advice or send birthday greetings to Chairman Mao. There are two kinds of people who have four-hour phone conversations with near strangers, and they are airplane passengers who forgot to charge their iPad and people who are not merely looking for love but desperate to find it. The latter waste no time in proclaiming their “deep connection.” Emotionally healthy adults might get caught up in a moment (or hours of them), but they’re generally mindful that you find out who people are by observing them—in person, over time—to see whether what they say matches what they do. (Text this guy if you’re pregnant. He may or may not get back to you.) Your problem isn’t who you date but who you are: a girl who needs love way too much to be in a position to land any. You can really, really want love, and be really, really sick of putting a bowtie on your cat and pretending you’re on a date. If you aren’t driven by neediness, you understand that an appropriate post-first-date text is “Hope to see you again soon!”—not “I’ve been monitoring your Internet activity and I couldn’t help but notice that you aren’t acting in a manner befitting a loving and faithful wife.” Only when you work on yourself to the point where you’re OK being alone are you ready to look for somebody else. Go looking prematurely, and there surely will be another guy like this one—one who right away says stuff like “I can’t bear to have you away from my side,” and before you know it, is showing you that he’s a man of his word by chaining you to his water pipe.


A friend basically called dibs on a guy we were talking with at a bar, whispering to me right away that she found him really cute. I was bummed, but backed off. We all exchanged emails, and vowed to hang out when he’s back in town. He emailed me, and we’ve been writing a lot, and have lots in common. I confessed this to my friend, and she seemed surprised and jealous. Now, he’s coming back—just to see me. Did I overstep friendship boundaries? Should I cancel?—Guilt-ridden


The first one to remark on how glorious the sunset is doesn’t get to take it home. The same goes for some cute guy at a bar. You’ve got to appreciate the male way of doing things. They’ll get into a fistfight over a woman and then buy each other a beer; women get into a whispering game about a guy and then won’t speak to each other for 20 years. When your friend remarked on this guy’s looks, that was your cue to say, “Omigod! I’m into him, too!” Canceling now isn’t the answer. It’ll only make you resent your friend. If she truly is a friend, she’ll want you to be happy. She did try to pull a sneaky on you, but she ultimately knows that admiration isn’t the fast track to possession—assuming her typical reply to “Cute dress!” isn’t “Unzip me, and it’s yours.” ✹

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PUBLIC NOTICES CONTINUED FROM PAGE 33 described above must file a written objection that includes the reasons for the objection at least two court days before the matter is scheduled to be heard and must appear at the hearing to show cause why the petition should not be granted. If no written objection is timely filed, the court may grant the petition without a hearing. NOTICE OF HEARING: February 22, 2011, 8:30 AM, Dept. K, Superior Court of California, County of Marin, 3501 Civic Center Drive, San Rafael, CA 94913-4988. A copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE shall be published at least once each week for four successive weeks prior to the date set for hearing on the petition in the following newspaper of general circulation, printed in the county of Marin: PACIFIC SUN. Date: January 11, 2011 /s/ FAYE D’OPAL, JUDGE OF THE SUPERIOR COURT (Pacific Sun: January 21, 28; February 4, 11, 2011) STATEMENT OF NON-RESPONSIBILITY: “I, Dean G Patyk for D.P. Builders Lic. #434041 and Charles C. Berger for Vision Builders sole proprietorship Lic. #698906 (contractors) hereby and declare that we acted as general contractors under the name of D/P/ Builders and Vision Builders sole proprietorship, J.V. at 39 Caledonia for Matts’ Place, Matts’ Place LLC., Plate Shop and Sean Ivery as an individual (Client/Tenant) starting on or about August 2, 2010 and competed 80% of the project for Permit #B09-680. The Contractor(s) have withdrawn from the work at the above address and vacated the premises due to consecutive non-payment(s) as of on or about November 5, 2010. NO WORK BY CONTRACTOR HAS GUARANTEE OR WARRANTY. The contractors(s) hereby affirm and declare that no work performed by the contractor any and all warranties and or guaranties, written or implied for property damage, labor, and work by subcontractors, materials or and all workmanship typically extended to the client and Building Owners are hereby and forever null and void and do not apply. The contractor(s) further declares and affirms that they are not responsible for any debts and or obligations to subcontractors, material(s) or other incurred liabilities on or by Matts’ Place, Matts’ Place LLC., Sean Ivery project after November 5, 2010 or their affiliates, contractors, workers or others. Any and all work done by others after the vacation of the contractors has been done without his knowledge or control.” Pacific Sun: January 21, 28; February 4, 11, 2011 NOTICE OF PETITION TO ADMINISTER ESTATE OF: GAIL LEE BEATRICE. Case No. PR-1100381. To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, contingent creditors and persons who may otherwise be interested in the will or estate, or both, of GAIL LEE BEATRICE. A PETITION FOR PROBATE has been filed by: CHRISTOPHER M. BEATRICE in the Superior Court of California, County of MARIN. THE PETITION FOR PROBATE requests that CHRISTOPHER M. BEATRICE be appointed as personal representative to administer the estate of the decedent. THE PETITION requests authority to administer the estate under the Independent Administration of Estates Act. (This authority will allow the personal representative to take many actions without obtaining court approval. Before taking certain very important actions, however, the personal representative will be required to give notice to interested persons unless they have waived notice or consented to the proposed action.) The independent administration authority will be granted unless an interested person files an objection to the petition and shows good cause why the court should not grant the authority. A HEARING on the petition will be held in this court as follows: Febraury 22, 2011 at 8:30 a.m. in Dept: H, Room: H, of the Superior Court of California, Marin County, located at Superior Court of California, County of Marin, 3501 Civic Center Drive, San Rafael, CA. IF YOU OBJECT to the granting of the petition, you should appear at the hearing and state your objections or file written objections with the court before the hearing. Your appearance may be in person or by your attorney. IF YOU ARE A CREDITOR or a contingent creditor of the decedent, you must file your claim with the court and mail a copy to the personal representative appointed by the court within four months from the date of first issuance of letters as provided in section 9100 of the California Probate Code. The time for filing claims will not expire before four months from the hearing date noticed above. YOU MAY EXAMINE the file kept by the court. If you are a person interested in the estate, you may file with the court a Request for Special Notice (form DE-154) of the filing of an inventory and appraisal of estate assets or of any petition or account as provided in Probate Code section 1250. A Request for Special

Notice form is available from the court clerk. Attorney for Petitioner: DOUGLAS W. HOLT ESQ., PO BOX 2106, SONOMA, CA 95476; (707)939-1100. (Publication Dates: January 28; February 4, 11, 2011) ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR CHANGE OF NAME SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA FOR THE COUNTY OF MARIN. No. CIV 1100424. TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Petitioner CHERYL LYNNE A. HILL POLOMO filed a petition with this court for a decree changing names as follows: CHERYL LYNNE A. HILL POLOMO to LYNNE ANNE POLOMO. THE COURT ORDERS that all persons interested in this matter shall appear before this court at the hearing indicated below to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name should not be granted. Any person objecting to the name changes described above must file a written objection that includes the reasons for the objection at least two court days before the matter is scheduled to be heard and must appear at the hearing to show cause why the petition should not be granted. If no written objection is timely filed, the court may grant the petition without a hearing. NOTICE OF HEARING: March 7, 2011, 9:00 AM, Dept. L, Superior Court of California, County of Marin, 3501 Civic Center Drive, San Rafael, CA 94913-4988. A copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE shall be published at least once each week for four successive weeks prior to the date set for hearing on the petition in the following newspaper of general circulation, printed in the county of Marin: PACIFIC SUN. Date: January 24, 2011 /s/ LYNN DURYEE, JUDGE OF THE SUPERIOR COURT (Pacific Sun: January 28; February 4, 11, 18, 2011) NOTICE OF TRUSTEE’S SALE: YOU ARE IN DEFAULT UNDER A DEED OF TRUST DATED 12/20/06. UNLESS YOU TAKE ACTION TO PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY, IT MAY BE SOLD AT A PUBLIC SALE. IF YOU NEED AN EXPLANATION OF THE NATURE OF THE PROCEEDING AGAINST YOU, YOU SHOULD CONTACT A LAWYER. On 2/23/11 at 9:30am ALBERT E. CORDOVA, Attorney at Law, as duly appointed Substituted Trustee under and pursuant to Deed of Trust dated 12/20/2006, recorded on 5/23/07 as Instrument No. 2007-0032061 in the Official Records of Marin County, CA, executed by: GREGG A. MARTIN & KATHERINE O. MARTIN, jointly and severally as Trustors to CHICAGO TITLE COMPANY, a corporation, as Trustee for KEVIN Oâ ™KEEFE, as Beneficiary. Will sell at public auction sale to the highest bidder for cash in lawful money of the US, cashierâ ™s check drawn on a state or national bank, a cashierâ ™s check drawn by a state federal credit union, or a cashierâ ™s check drawn by a state or federal savings and loan association, savings association, or savings bank specified in Section 5102 of the Financial Code and authorized to do business in this state, all payable at the time of sale: In front of Room 113, Marin County Civic Center, 3501 Civic Center Dr., City of San Rafael, County of Marin, State of CA 94903. All right, title, and interest conveyed to and now held by him as Substituted Trustee under and pursuant to said Deed of Trust in the property situated in said County and State described as: COMPLETELY DESCRIBED IN SAID DEED OF TRUST. The street and other common designation, if any, of real property described above is: 119 Surrey Lane, San Rafael, CA 94903, Assessorâ ™s Parcel # 175-412-35. The undersigned Trustee disclaims any liability for any incorrectness of the street address or other common designation, if any, shown herein. The property heretofore described is sold â œas isâ ù. The sale will be made, but without covenant or warranty, expressed or implied, regarding title, possession, condition or encumbrances, including fees, charges and expenses of the Substituted Trustee and of the trusts created by said Deed of Trust, to satisfy remaining principal sum of the Note(s) secured by said Deed of Trust. The total amount of the unpaid balance of the obligation secured by the property to be sold and reasonably estimated costs, expenses and advances at the time of the initial publication of the Notice of Sale is: $358,749.10. This sum represents the reasonably estimated sums due under the note secured by the Deed of Trust. The amount may be greater on the day of sale. If the Substituted Trustee is unable to convey title for any reason, the successful bidder’s sole and exclusive remedy shall be the return monies paid to the Substituted Trustee, and the successful bidder shall have no further recourse. The name of the beneficiary is KEVIN O’KEEFE. His address is care of the Marin County Public Guardian 20 N. San Pedro Rd., Suite 2014, San Rafael, CA 94903. The undersigned was appointed and substituted as Trustee under the above Deed of Trust by a substitution date 1/5/2010 and recorded on 2/11, as Instrument No. 2010-0007131 in

the Official Records of Marin County, CA. The representative of the beneficiary under said Deed of Trust heretofore executed and delivered to the undersigned a written Declaration of Default and Demand for Sale, and a written Notice of Default and Election to Sell. The undersigned caused said Notice of Default and Election to sell to be recorded in the county where the real property is located on 2/1/10 as Instrument No. 2010-0005030 in the Official Records of Marin County, CA. In compliance with CA Civil Code 2923.5 ( c ) the trustee declares: that he has contacted the borrower(s) to assess their financial situation and to explore options to avoid foreclosure; or that it has made efforts to contact the borrower(s) to assess their financial situation and to explore options to avoid foreclosure by one of the following methods: by telephone, by US mail; either 1st class or certified; by overnight delivery; by personal delivery; by email, by face to face meeting. FOR SALES INFORMATION: ALBERT E. CORDOVA, as Trustee, 1101 Fifth Ave., Suite 200, San Rafael, CA 94901; 415-457-9656. STATEMENT OF FACT : I, Edward Laughlin Spencer, am Executor to the EDWARD LAUGHLIN SPENCER Estate as Witnessed by my Sole Ability to Personally Obtain a CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH and Do Hereby Give Legal, Lawful, Public and Actual Notice of The Same - Hereby and Herein. By: executor Edward Laughlin Spencer, of my own right. nation California. general post-office. county Marin. Spencer Province. United States Minor Outlying Islands. STATEMENT OF WITHDRAWAL OF GENERAL PARTNER. The undersigned hereby certifies that he/she has withdrawn on the date shown as general partner from the conduct of business under said Fictitious Business Name. File NO. 201129. The information give below is at is appeared on the fictitious business statement that was filed at the County Clerk-Recorder’s Office. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME(S): SAN RAFAEL HYDROPONICS, 1417 4TH ST., SAN RAFAEL, CA 94901. FILED IN MARIN COUNTY ON: 1/26/10, UNDER FILE NO. 2010123057. REGISTRANT’S NAME(S): MARK SCHAEFER, 1160 MCCLELLAND DR., NOVATO, CA 94945 This statement was filed with the County Clerk Recorder of Santa Clara County on January 21, 2011 (Pacific Sun: February 4, 11, 18, 25, 2011) ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR CHANGE OF NAME SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA FOR THE COUNTY OF MARIN. No. CIV 1100583. TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Petitioner SARAH JANE HIGGINS filed a petition with this court for a decree changing names as follows: SARAH JANE HIGGINS to SARAH JANE WASHBURN. THE COURT ORDERS that all persons interested in this matter shall appear before this court at the hearing indicated below to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name should not be granted. Any person objecting to the name changes described above must file a written objection that includes the reasons for the objection at least two court days before the matter is scheduled to be heard and must appear at the hearing to show cause why the petition should not be granted. If no written objection is timely filed, the court may grant the petition without a hearing. NOTICE OF HEARING: March 15, 2011, 9:00 AM, Dept. L, Room L, Superior Court of California, County of Marin, 3501 Civic Center Drive, San Rafael, CA 94913-4988. A copy of this ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE shall be published at least once each week for four successive weeks prior to the date set for hearing on the petition in the following newspaper of general circulation, printed in the county of Marin: PACIFIC SUN. Date: February 1, 2011 /s/ LYNN DURYEE, JUDGE OF THE SUPERIOR COURT (Pacific Sun: February 4, 11, 18, 25, 2011)


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