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Fall 2010

Kim Adam, and other Marin beautiďŹ ers, have designs on giving you the home of your dreams p. 8

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Window Warehouse

Soon to be known as Hudson Street Design Under new management with exciting changes in the works


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s of January 2010, Window Warehouse was purchased by Healdsburg Lumber Company, Inc., bringing along expansion plans, additional personnel and a full range of cabinets and millwork to complement the door and window product lines. Window Warehouse has been one of the largest, most comprehensive dealers of windows and doors in Marin County. The variety of windows is unmatched; from fiberglass, aluminum and vinyl to higherend wood, they’ve carried all the leading names in windows as well as a full range of interior and exterior doors. The knowledgeable sales staff members have been with the company an average of more than 20 years. Window Warehouse’s name will become Hudson Street Design (HSD) of Marin effective January 2011. This will be the second HSD location—the first one, in Healdsburg, has been in operation since 2003. Hudson Street Design will offer the fabulous selection of doors and windows already in existence from Window Warehouse, and in addition will provide a full range of kitchen and bath design services. An in-house designer is already available to work with homeowners, architects and contractors to find inspiring solutions for any

project. Hudson Street Design of Marin will have full access to the wide variety of products offered by the HLC family of businesses. One of these, Healdsburg Door and Sash Company, will be supplying pre-hung door systems for both exterior and interior use, closet packages and a full line of moldings and millwork. Additional sales staff has been hired to accommodate the growing business, enhancing the stable of well-informed employees. The Healdsburg Incorporated family of businesses includes Healdsburg Lumber Company, Gualala Building Supply, Healdsburg Door and Sash, and Hudson Street Design. Collectively the employees have more than 1,000 years experience in sales and service—making a strong foundation for Hudson Street Design of Marin. A plan is afoot to move the business into a showroom that is twice the size of Window Warehouse. At the new location, kitchen and bath cabinets will be on display and customers will be able to peruse plumbing fixtures, windows, doors, skylights, hardware for cabinets, doors and baths as well as garden statuary and fountains. Look for more information about the new location toward the end of this year. While Window Warehouse is transitioning to Hudson Street Design of Marin many services and products are available, so don’t hesitate to come in to experience great service and selection. Expect impressive things of this exciting addition to Marin’s choices for building materials. Window Warehouse (soon to be known as Hudson Street Design), 5776 Paradise Drive, Corte Madera. 924-8388.,,

Windows, Doors & Skylights Cabinets & Kitchen/Bathroom Design Services

UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP Recently purchased by Eric Ziedrich

from Healdsburg Lumber Company

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“We are committed to your satisfaction. Please stop by and see our wide array of products and services.”—Eric Ziedrich






0ARADISE$RIVEs#ORTE-ADERAs  MEMBERS OF Marin Builders Exchange - North Coast Builders Exchange Solano Napa Builders Exchange - Alamdea County Building Exchange - Build It Green



s pavers are becoming increasingly popular in patios and driveways, they are being embraced by homeowners for their durability and beautiful design possibilities. Using The Legacy Paver Group to design and install your The Legacy Paver Group paver project guarantees enhanced service and all their work is backed by a warranty. A creative design using high-quality The Legacy Paver Group materials ensures that provides superior design your driveway or patio and installation will have a unified look with your home and will augment both the value and appearance. When considering using pavers you should know that there are dozens of styles, sizes, colors and textures to choose from, and it can all be overwhelming. So, to get the most out of pavers, be sure to work with an experienced designer. Hayley Johnson, owner and chief designer of The Legacy Paver Group, has been designing paver installations for close to 10 years, and has worked with hundreds of homeowners, architects, developers and builders. You have probably seen some of her work, which includes Bay Street Plaza in Emeryville, Jack London Square Ferry Terminal in Oakland, and the 2009 HGTV Sweepstake Dream House in Sonoma. She has the knowledge and expertise to select a paver style and color or color blends to complement your home. In addition to the fantastic design pos-

Go with the design pros

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sibilities, using pavers instead of concrete has many advantages. First, pavers won’t crack the way concrete ultimately will, and there is no need for unsightly pressure joints, which break up a pattern in the overall design. Also, since pavers are modular, access to irrigation pipes, cables or roots is easy. Furthermore, pavers don’t require an extended cure time the way concrete does, so you are able to use your new driveway immediately. And bear in mind, using The Legacy Paver Group to design and install your project comes with a 10-year warranty, which is far more than most concrete contractors can offer. A paver driveway or patio should last through generations. To ensure the longest lifetime of your installation, be sure to choose a qualified and licensed installer. The secret to a quality installation, and 80 percent of the cost, is what is going on UNDER the pavers. Explains partner Sean Kaslar: “The lifespan of a new paver driveway or patio depends primarily on the base preparation and retaining edges. Incorrect base preparation and a weak retaining edge will drastically shorten the lifespan of your installation. This is where an unqualified, unlicensed bargain-installer will cut corners— right where you can’t see.” Setting pavers on the base is relatively easy; when the last of the sand is swept into the joints, the installation will look fabulous. But, if the base has not been properly prepared, slowly but surely the effects of the cut corners will start to materialize. Subtle at first, you will start to see the joints between the pavers spreading. Undulations in high-trafficked areas will appear. These are tell-tale signs of a poor installation and are extremely expensive to fix. The professionals at The Legacy Paver Group have spent the last 25 years perfecting their process, which is unlike any other, and they guarantee each and every installation with a 10-year warranty. When you start to plan that driveway or patio, call The Legacy Paver Group for an estimate. It’s free and you are under no obligation. Hayley assures us that any price lower than Legacy’s is for something less than they offer. And she guarantees that it will come back to haunt you. Legacy Paver Group, Santa Rosa. (707) 538-1071.

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hen clients ask us about the added costs of LEED certification, we break it down into soft costs and hard costs. Soft costs include additional The “first costs” of time required by the LEED certification design team for documenting LEED credits and certification fees by the U.S. Green Building Council. In our experience, typical added soft costs for a custom LEED for Homes project may be in the range of $10,000 to $30,000 depending on the project team, design and builder. Added hard costs are included in the overall construction cost of the building and vary dramatically based on the design of the building and the contractors’ experience with LEED. According to the U.S. Green Building Council (www., added hard costs attributed to LEED certification range from nothing to 4 percent. Of far greater significance are the buildings’ architectural features and finishes chosen by owners. An enthusiastic contractor can help reduce added costs, compared to a risk-averse contractor. LEED

Michael Heacock Architects, LEED AP

Green home design

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is a design tool is that it keeps the project team focused on environmental goals while making design decisions. When cost cuts are needed, LEED helps the design team eliminate non-green elements and keep the good, green features. When everything seems green: Buy FSC certified wood, see Look for low or no VOC (volatile organic compound) paints, stains, caulking and adhesives at www. Find green cleaning products at For green school resources go to Michael Heacock Architects has completed eight LEED certified buildings, including six LEED Platinum homes and numerous other green schools, homes and commercial projects. Michael Heacock Architects, 43 Loring Avenue, Mill Valley. 845-5326.


Customer care is their No. 1 priority

Bellam Self Storage & Boxes, 24 Bellam Blvd, San Rafael. 454-1983.


Thank You, Marin for Voting for Us Again!

We feel fortunate for all the positive responses on our services, sta and building. Yes, we feel our building is alive with the positive energy form our tenants and customers and that enables us to concentrate on service. We thank you! “The facilities were safe and clean. I never worried about my belongings.â€? —E.McC. (Visit our website for more testimonials.)

Your Concerns...Our Solutions... The Best In Self Storage

0QFOEBZTBXFFLt&BTZ1BSLJOH 415-454-1983 #FMMBN#MWEt4BO3BGBFM XXXCFMMBNTUPSBHFDPN Near main Post Office, opposite Marin Square Shopping Center

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ot all self storages are created equal. Pacific Sun readers’ votes tell us that Bellam Self Storage stands above the rest. At Bellam Self Storage, their objective is to provide an unmatched level of personal service to fulfill all your storage needs. That commitment shows from the minute you walk in the door. Bellam believes in service and community. It is the only Certified Green and 100 percent solar powered storage facility in Marin. Installed in 2006, rooftop solar panels meet all their energy Bellam Self Storage & Boxes needs. Bellam has been a leader in San Rafael’s Clean Campaign. The Bellam team’s commitment to a clean, green environment is quickly Come visit to experience visible—the supreme service in a safe, facility is orgaclean environment nized, cheerful and spotless. Security is top-of-the-line at Bellam Self Storage. Each space is individually alarmed with your personal security code for the gate and your storage space. Bellam’s facility is fully staffed during all access hours. Bellam has a wide range of storage sizes—all immaculately maintained. The concrete building stays cool in the summer and dry in the winter. The staff offers great advice on how to pack, store, move or ship your belongings safely. On packing and shipping advice, Bellam’s Andree Jansheski wrote the book! (See Don’t Pack Me, page 17.) Bellam carries a full line of green packing, moving materials and boxes at the best prices. The full assortment makes your move convenient and seamless. Tour the facility to see why satisfied customers have voted Bellam the Best Self Storage in Pacific Sun’s Best of Marin.



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he inspiration for Kim Adam’s interior design business comes from many different aspects of her life—movies with historical settings, museum exhibits, nature’s colors and textures, travel, her yoga practice, sports and her family. Her vision is woven into the fabric of what makes a home with heart, which she Kim Adam Interiors helps clients discover in their project. This is what makes Kim an exceptional designer. She is the master weaver, bringing all the elements together, working with the arKim Adam Interiors creates chitect, contractor and lovely rooms to fit your life clients to ultimately create a space that reflects who lives there. During her first meetings with a client, Adam will go through the area under consideration with each person involved in the decision-making process. She asks what they want to keep and what they really like

A passionate sense of design


about their houses, and of course, what they can’t wait to get rid of. She observes the objects in their home, artwork and photos, the natural setting and architecture of the structure and even the style and color of clothing the clients are wearing. “You can tell a lot about what makes people comfortable from how they dress,” she says. After the initial consultations, a design concept is created. Adam likes to use humor when coming up with the idea: for example, a remodel in a French chateau-like house


Adams’ ‘Zebra Room,’ (facing page, top) is functional and durable for a client with four children, a vast improvement on the burgundy-couch ‘before’ version (below). Everything in the ‘Old Gentleman’s Library’ (top) is brand new; the room before (bottom) was a blank slate.

became “The French Baron Who Has Fallen on Hard Times”; “Young, Fresh, California, Vibrant” was the theme for a young family who had moved from the East Coast and was looking to liven up their home. Once the concept is agreed upon, then each

decision is viewed within that frame of reference to ensure that the end result echoes the original ideas and all parties are satisfied. Although Adam works with every room in the home, “the great room” represents the heart of the home. The kitchen/dining/family room combinations are still wildly popular in home design. “The open floor plan is here to stay,” says Adam, “people are more communal now.” From monitoring the kids’ homework and computer use to entertaining in a large, comfortable space, the “great room” continues to be the most lived-in place in a house. The benefits of a multifunctional area fit the busy lifestyle of most families; small rooms with a single purpose don’t work anymore. Adam designs all custom cabinetry for the great room herself. The kitchen should be laid out to match the needs of the homeowner, providing solutions for personal and lifestyle preferences as well as specific storage and technical cooking needs. Finding room for those sizable flat-screen TVs calls for a made-to-fit center to hold sound systems and corral that nest of cords. One thing she feels people often skimp on is the hardware for the cabinetry. She thinks of this as

Marin Home Design |



“the jewelry on the outfit” and believes it adds flair, personal style and a more finished look. It helps to make the space special. These personal touches, combined with a welcoming fireplace, good windows, utilizing the outdoors and incorporating the exterior views, window coverings that fit the design and are functional, as well as appropriate lighting for tasks and mood, all contribute to making a great room the heart of a home. Bringing all the elements together in a cohesive look is Adam’s specialty. “It’s the small things that make the biggest difference,” she says. Her favorite projects are those where she is brought in at the beginning, before the architect and contractor. That way the design concept is conceived from the get-go and windows, doors, even roofing materials are thought through carefully to ensure that the finished space will have a unified look. She The bath in the ‘French Baron Fallen Upon Hard Times’ design (left), looks plush indeed; the kitchen remodel below was for a home with a ‘Nantucket’ theme. The dark cabinets (next page) suit the kitchen of a serious cook who wanted the space to remind her of the Tadich Grill.

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loves working with contractors and tradespeople and says she always learns something new. When asked about common design pitfalls, such as appropriate groupings for a mantel or hanging artwork, she says many people are stumped by these challenges. Mantel groupings often contain too many mismatched little things that give a cluttered impression. Go big and use less is Adam’s recommendation, and make sure the objects have an underlying commonality. Pictures are frequently hung too high and seem to be floating on a wall, rather than being part of the room. Photo groupings should have similar frames. Consistency throughout a house contributes to a more comfortable, balanced feeling. Adam believes “Invention and good design arise out of the need to solve a problem.” These principles guide her interior design business and enable her to assist clients in creating homes with heart that truly reflect who they are. Kim Adam Interiors, Marin County. 456-7848.

Cover: Interior by Kim Adam, Photograph by Robert Vente Marin Home Design Art Director: Gabe Lieb Graphic Designers: Gwen Aguilar, Beth Allen, Brindl Markel, Michelle Palmer, Missy Reynolds Advertising Director: Linda Black Display Sales: Elisa Brooks, Linda Curry, Helen Hammond, Ethan Simon, Rich Winston Traffic Coordinator: Amanda Deeley Writer: Brooke Jackson Proofreaders: Julie Vader, Carol Inkellis

Pacific Sun 835 Fourth St. Suite B (entrance on Cijos St.),San Rafael, 94901 Telephone: (415) 485-6700, Fax (415)485-6226 E-Mail: ©2010 Embarcadero Media Company

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hether you are purchasing a new home or planning to make upgrades to your current home, Redwood Credit Union (RCU) can help take the stress out of financing your purchase or project. With a variety of loans Redwood Credit Union for any purpose—from fixed or adjustablerate mortgage loans to personal loans and lowrate credit cards—RCU will work with you to find the best terms and payments to meet your unique needs. Redwood Credit From banking to loans, Union has been providRedwood Credit Union ing trusted local finanhas it all cial solutions for the North Bay since 1950. As a financial cooperative, RCU’s focus is not on profit, but on serving your best interests and returning value through highly competitive rates on loans and deposits, and lower and fewer fees for services. RCU is also committed to financial education and offers a variety of

Solutions for all your financing needs

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helpful resources—from budgeting assistance to free seminars and online articles—to help you make the most of your money. RCU provides traditional financial services such as checking, savings and certificates, home and auto loans, credit cards, online services and access to more than 28,000 fee-free ATMs nationwide. In addition, the Credit Union offers financial planning and investments, small business services, a full line of insurance services and an auto locating and purchasing center so that you can take care of all your financial needs under one roof. Anyone who lives, works or owns a business in the North Bay or San Francisco is eligible to bank with Redwood Credit Union. If you are ready to experience a new way of banking, visit Redwood Credit Union online or in person to learn how RCU can help you reach your financial goals and dreams. Redwood Credit Union, 1010 Grant Avenue, Novato, and 209 Third Street, San Rafael. (800) 479-7928,


heir motto is “Providing the Foundation for a Well-Built Community” and that’s exactly what the members and staff at Marin Builders Association aspire to do. Providing a myriad of services to both construction businesses and the community, MBA supports and promotes an ethical, green building industry that is actively involved in shapMarin Builders Association ing policy for the future. This year, Marin Builders Association is the new face of the Marin Home and Garden Expo. They are excited to share sustainable lifestyle expertise with both visitors and exhibitors, making the Expo Providing service to the a one-stop-shopping construction industry experience for a wide and the community selection of buying and learning opportunities. There will be displays and seminars designed to raise awareness of green building technologies and responsibly planned environments in an uplifting atmosphere. The event will have food, entertain-

Hosts of Marin Home and Garden Expo

Marin Builders Association, 660 Las Gallinas Avenue, San Rafael. 462-1220. INFO@MARINHOMEGARDEN.COM WWW.MARINHOMEGARDEN.COM (415) 507.1537

Marin Home Design |


ment and engaging fun for the entire family. Many of the members of the MBA will be involved with the Marin Home and& Garden Expo both as exhibitors and planning committee members. Along with Pacific Expositions, the event producer, they comprise “Your Home Team”. The Home Team of the Marin Home and Garden Expo look forward to creating an exciting and dynamic Marin Home and Garden Expo on June 4 and 5, 2011. Please feel free to contact them if you would like to take part in Marin County’s own complete home and garden event. The Marin Builders Association is a group of professionals committed to encouraging excellence in the construction industry while contributing to the well-being of the community and the environment. By participating in community projects and hosting the Marin Home and Garden Expo, MBA is giving back to the residents of Marin County. Sharing knowledge, providing professional services and participating in community outreach, Marin Builders Association is constantly working toward the enhancement of the construction industry.

Photo Credit: Henley Photography



Top Left: Ted Van Midde III, Oliver Dibble, Steve Bajor, Jeff Mertel, Dave Trahan, Jack Vermeulen – Bottom Left: Klif Knoles, Casey Mazzoni, Erma Murphy, Steve Cerami, Paula Krause, Kaity McGrath – Missing: Deanne Clough, Jeff Grady



t Cabana Home, they know what it means to have a busy household, with all the caveats that can lead to regarding furnishings. These days, having museum-quality pieces is not practical with pets, kids and the indoor/ outdoor living prevalent in Marin. At the same time, no one wants to live with stained upholstery and scuffed wood. That’s why the Cabana Home team at Cabana Home works individually with each client to create an environment that fits their lifestyle. By exploring all the options, from furnishings to window coverings to rugs, their designCustom environments to fit ers are able to work the California Lifestyle one-on-one to craft rooms that are as beautiful and comfortable as they are practical - both inside and outside. Outdoor furnishings have changed dramatically, and now there are so many options that provide homeowners with all the tools to make relaxing rooms outside. It’s not unusual in Marin to cook, eat and relax outside as much as inside. Cabana Home has an extensive fabric library with textiles suited for the out of doors. They are beautifully woven and designed, yet water and stain resistant—making them as ideal for outdoor use as for indoor use. Custom window cover-

Seamless indoor/ outdoor living

ings, awnings, pillows, upholstery and even umbrellas can be made up with fabrics of your choosing, making for a one-of-a-kind look. Cabana Home showcases furnishings to suit every room of the house. Lighting, decorative accessories and even pieces for the garden are available to purchase from the showroom floor. Top name brands, such as Baker and Janus et Cie Outdoor, share the showroom with Visual Comfort lighting, antiques from Europe and much more. Since their mission is to design an environment to suit the lifestyle of the customer, all pieces can be customized in dimensions and finishes. In-house interior design services are available as well as color consultations to help with interior and exterior colors. Nowhere else in Marin can buyers get this type of personalized service and value for the money. They are proud to showcase local artists whose works complement the inventory of the store. At any time, Cabana Home is exhibiting work from three or four local artists, displaying both limited-edition prints as well as original works. Come visit the Cabana Home store in downtown Mill Valley to see for yourself the incredible selection of sophisticated yet comfortable home furnishings. The store brings together everything that symbolizes the California lifestyle: natural beauty, incredible scenery and a relaxed elegance with products that are as practical as they are stunning. Cabana Home, 238 E. Blithedale, Mill Valley. 383-0201.



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oint Richmond Self Storage oers aordable, all ground-level, easy-access storage units eight minutes from San Rafael, located just across the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. A free move-in truck is available for new customers moving in. Point Richmond Self Storage provides professional resident on-site management, electronicgated access, 24-hour state-of-the-art security, individually alarmed units, video surveillance Point Richmond Self Storage and a ďŹ re-protection system. You can rest assured knowing that your belongings will be safe and secure. The folks at Point This locally owned and Richmond Self Storoperated business is age are committed to committed to customer being the most prosatisfaction fessional, aordable, convenient and secure storage solution in the area. Point Richmond Self Storage oers the best access hours around, with electronic gated access available for customers from 5am to 10pm, 365 days of the

Drive a little, save a lot!

paciÄ |


year. The building is constructed of sturdy steel and concrete, designed to protect your valuable possessions. Point Richmond Self Storage is also installing solar power, which is expected to provide close to 100 percent of its energy needs. At Point Richmond Self Storage, customer service is their number-one priority, evidenced by professional on-site management, extended access hours, a free move-in truck, push-carts and automated online bill-pay. For your convenience the storage units are all ground level with a wide range of drive-up units, along with boat and RV storage, at competitive prices. The facility managers can oer customer guidance regarding the appropriate unit sizes and packing materials. Newly built in late 2008, Point Richmond Self Storage is located just minutes from Marin o of I 580. With competitive pricing, outstanding security and customer care, please consider Point Richmond Self Storage for all your storage needs. Point Richmond Self Storage, 300 West Ohio Avenue, Point Richmond. 877/786-7024 or 415/453-7867.

The perfect affordable unit for your storage needs Whether you need to store boxes, furniture or business inventory, Point Richmond Self Storage has room for your belongings & SOLAR POWERED L! RA CARBON-NEUT



MENTION THIS AD AND SAVE PaciďŹ c Sun customers receive 25% OFF the ďŹ rst four months of rental— We have a wide variety of sizes to suit your needs. ,i>Â?ĂŠ ĂƒĂŒ>ĂŒiĂŠœ“iĂŠ-ĂŒ>}ˆ˜}ĂŠEĂŠ,i“œ`iÂ?ˆ˜}ĂŠUĂŠ/ÂœÂœĂŠĂ•VÂ…ĂŠ Â?Ă•ĂŒĂŒiĂ€t " ,ĂŠ"" ĂŠ/,"1Ê£ÓÉΣÉÓ䣣

Drive a Little, Save a Lot! Located in Point Richmond only 8 Minutes from San Rafael



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  s 34/2  7/HIO!VENUEs0T2ICHMOND

Don’t Pack Me

Packing and organizing guide Great advice from a professional! By Andree Jansheski and Marsha Heckman


Check it out at

Orde r Online !

Moving? Packing? Storing?

“Everything you’ll need to know in one practical, comical delightful book…” “It’s totally charming.” —Ann H. “I really enjoyed the book-especially the cartoons-and your personal interactions with your customers-truly. The book is interesting-practical and very useful.” —Bill J. “I loved your book!” —Tom L. “It’s a homespun book, cleverly written.” —Roberta G. “Your book is gorgeous. It’s colorful, humorous, informative, well illustrated, and easy-to-read.” —Leigh R.

Don’t Pack Me! How to Pack Everything Else


Marin Home Design |

oving? Know anyone who is? Few things in life are as discombobulating as moving. Like a root canal, it may be necessary but it’s mostly a relief when it’s over. Now there’s help. Storage and packing professional Andree Jansheski at Bellam Self Storage, the awardwinning storage facility, shares two decades of storage experience in Don’t Pack Me, a fun and handy guide to packing and moving. Don’t Pack Me is an inviting little book that steers you through the packing process with helpful strategies and survival tips to keep you sane and organized during your move. It does so with straightforward advice, gentle humor and a charming collection of moving and packing cartoons. The book is peppered with touching true-life vignettes from people whose packing stories illustrate the range of emotions and circumstances we strive to safely encapsulate in bubble wrap and cardboard. Complete with organizing and inventory forms, and suggestions for lifesaving moving supplies, Don’t Pack Me is the first step to stress reduction during your move. Pick it up early in your process to avoid re-inventing the wheel. This handy book also makes a great gift for the footloose in your family.



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aving a kitchen remodeled can be a daunting undertaking. The layout, material choices and details from small to large can feel overwhelming. Ken Ryan takes the stress out of the transaction. With 30 years of experience in building, cabinetmaking and kitchen design, Ken knows the process from the ground up and is uniquely qualified to assist in design and material selection for your kitchen project. When Ken started in the business 30 Kitchens by Ken Ryan years ago, oak was the cabinet material of choice and every counter was made of Formica. As design trends have changed, Service and style to so have the choices for fit any budget the consumer. Cabinets have more sophisticated storage systems, counter materials include ecofriendly choices and appliances come in both free-standing and built-in. Knowing what will work in a given space is part of what makes Ken Ryan an excellent designer. With his background in building and engineering, he knows how the wiring, plumbing and process of the job will work. He can take that overwhelming feeling out of the transaction by breaking it down into steps. Before the remodel starts, he and the client look over floor plans, purchase materials and organize as many details as possible so the job runs smoothly and seamlessly. Choosing the proper materials to fit the desires of the client and the kitchen space is one of Ken’s specialties. After interviewing 10

Remodels with ease

cabinet manufacturers across the country, Ken became the dealer for four of these. “I design and sell from the heart. I live locally and my name is on the business so I only sell cabinetry that I believe in.” In addition to the modular lines, Ken has a manufacturing facility to engineer custom, furniture-grade cabinetry. Clients can choose all custom, all modular or a mixture, depending on their budget and lifestyle. Homeowners often think they can’t afford a store like Kitchens by Ken Ryan. When their kitchen needs to be remodeled, they visit a large chain store and get far less service from possibly, inexperienced personnel. However, Ken can compete with prices from the large chain retailers and still provide outstanding service too. At the other end of the spectrum, clients planning their dream house often feel they have to go to an overpriced designer who has the right intentions, but usually does not have the accumulated building expertise and background to execute the plan that the customer has envisioned. Ken is a high-end designer who can work with you and your budget to get the right design for your home. Ken can apply his design expertise and building knowledge to accommodate even the most exclusive and luxurious kitchen remodels. What sets Ken Ryan apart is he listens to what the client wants, creates a design that works and follows it through in a very organized way to ensure a successful installation. Kitchens by Ken Ryan, 715 Grant Ave., Novato. 897-3800.


hen Creative Energy started up their business 35 years ago, they sold redwood hot tubs that could be solar heated. This was revolutionary at the time. Today Creative Creative Energy Energy still sells hot tubs and solar energy systems and is making waves by carrying the best products at the cutting-edge of their industries. In addition, they sell fireplaces, stoves and saunas to take care The oldest hot tub dealer in of all your heating the county offers all kinds and soothing needs. of ways to warm your bones Since 1975, and your home Creative Energy has been leading the way in hot tub sales and service in Marin. They carry only Hot Spring Spas, the No.1-selling brand in the world. With a proven saltwater sanitizing sytem, Hot Spring delivers clean, therapeutic water without any added chemi-

Hot tubs, fireplaces, solar and more

cals. These spas are the most energy efficient on the market and CE offers them in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit any budget. And they can set up a solar system to power not just your hot tub but your entire home. Sunpower PV Solar systems is the No. 1 installer of residential solar in the country and Creative Energy is proud to sell, install and service their systems to homeowners in Marin. Their technicians have been in the solar industry for 30 years and have been factory trained. The panels themselves are black and low profile so they blend in with roofing materials. The sales staff at Creative Energy will do free home solar assessment and share their expertise about the advantages of switching to solar energy. In addition to hot tubs and solar systems, Creative Energy carries home sauna systems as well as a wide range of fireplaces and stoves. They are proud of all the support they get from their loyal customers and are still going strong after 35 years in San Rafael. Creative Energy, 3815 Redwood Highway, San Rafael. 472-7727.

Creative Energy În£xÊ,i`ܜœ`ÊÜÞ]Ê->˜Ê,>v>iÊÊUÊ{ÇӇÇÇÓÇ

w w w . c r e a t i v e e n e r g y. c o m

Spacial Design

Creative ideas, individualized service Custom designs for kitchen, bath and home office


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pacial Design prides itself on providing clients with a beautiful and functional space. Their vision is to offer individualized design and project management services for people that are remodeling or building new kitchens and baths. Attention is placed on the clients’ needs, incorporating organizational systems and quality products in the design so that clients can cook, live and work in the most efficient way possible. Susan Lund, owner of Spacial Design, began her career as a space planner and project manager in the Store Planning and Architecture Department at Nordstrom. This experience honed her exceptional skills at working with and between the different partners on a project. At Spacial Design, she and her colleagues can take a project from consultation to completion, and anywhere in between. She is passionate about the design process being a team approach between client, designer, architect, engineer and contractor. Before Susan and her designers meet with a client, they first send a detailed nine-page Needs Analysis asking everything from “are you righthanded or left-handed?” to “how many cooks will work in the space?” The insight gained from the client’s needs allows Spacial Design to produce a customized plan that suits their lifestyle. From there, clients receive two or three initial floor-plan choices, product and material selections, CAD drawing sets for bid and permits, detailed specifications and a jobsite binder for the contractor, subcontractors and the clients. When choosing materials, Spacial Design utilizes the buying power from the SEN Design Group to offer the latest products and materials in the marketplace, with outstanding value to the customer. Eco-friendly options is just one of the many services in which Spacial Design is proficient. Recently, a homeowner wanted a kitchen remodel to be completely ecofriendly (sustainable). Spacial Design used

only FSC certified lumber and a formaldehyde-free finish for the cabinetry, counters made of concrete, a recycled-glass backsplash and an induction cook top, which is 84 percent more efficient than gas. Another specialty service offered by Spacial Design is a complete storage plan. Their team will work with the client to determine the best storage options for an existing space. They will make the most of every inch of storage available with optimum results so that life is easier and everything is organized. Spacial Design has a wide selection of cabinetry that will fit the client’s needs, from semi-custom to furniture-grade. All lines have been vetted by Spacial Design to ensure they meet design and durability standards. Currently, many of these lines are offering amazing discounts from 5 to 40 percent off on their finishes or the entire order. If you’ve been on the fence about a remodel, now would be a great time to take advantage of unprecedented savings. Serving Marin, Sonoma and San Francisco for over 12 years, Spacial Design creates one-of-a-kind designs, provides personal service, is skilled at offering sustainable options and is excited about the process of creating uncommon spaces. Spacial Design, 524 San Anselmo Ave., Suite 146, San Anselmo. 457-3195. www.




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23 “You know you have an amazing kitchen when you can’t ďŹ gure out what you love best about it. Is it how beautiful it is? Or how functional? Or the fact that it’s as green as can be? Or is it the details like the two-tiered, multicompartmentalized utensil drawer or the instant hot water? Needless to say Susan Lund is a wizard and we’re thrilled with Spacial Design’s work.â€? —Ellen O.

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s more people are telecommuting and running a small business from home, we all need more space. The typical household has an extra bedroom which has been converted to a home office, craft room, exercise room and media room. As we have more uses, there is less ... room. The biggest challenge we face is the functionality of these multipurpose rooms ... it is often ruined by a large, static rectangle known as the ... BED. Did you know that a queen-size bed occupies about 33-plus square feet of valuable floor space? This makes it difficult to comfortably use the room for anything else. In these modern times, you deserve to have more space in your place. The simple solution to this is an old idea made new: the modern Murphy bed. The Murphy bed was invented in San Francisco by John Murphy and first produced in 1918. The concept was innovative: a bed that folds into a dressing closet, freeing up preWallbeds “n” More cious floor space. It was a hit, and Murphy later moved to New York and his product was sold nationwide. Fast forward to the modern Valuable space-saving era, and the concept is solutions for the home much improved, and reoffice and guestroom named as the “wallbed.” The modern wallbed is easily raised and lowered with powerful and safe lifting mechanisms adjusted to your comfort to gently guide the bed into the open or closed position. Our team of professional installers attach the wallbed to the studs in the wall, never to the floor or to

Functional Comfort

a closet door as they did in the old days. The wallbed can be conveniently moved to another room or home, leaving your floor intact. Another innovation is the complete integration of home office systems. You can add desks up to 9 feet in length, and select from a wide range of cabinetry and shelving. We can even build out media centers, bureaus, and, if the room is lacking closet space, we can add armoires for hanging clothes. A modern wallbed system from Wallbeds “n” More is an attractive, affordable and functional solution for creating multi-functional space without the cost of a contractor! We offer standard and customized solutions to fit any space. The furniture is beautiful, and is available in both modern and traditional designs. There are a multitude of finishes to choose from, including cherry, maple, chocolate, cinnamon, whitewash, sunset and natural, to name a few. We can also color match to your existing furnishings, complementing any decor. We build our furniture from a variety of woods including, alder, birch, oak and cherry. Most mattresses can be used, and we also sell the Kathy Ireland line of Therapedic mattresses, which are comfortable, high-quality and affordable and made in Burlingame, Calif. In fact, most of our products are made right here in California, to the highest industrial standards. If you want to expand your useable space, then visit us. Our showroom is open M-F 9am-5pm, and by appointment. Wallbeds “n” More is the largest distributor of wallbeds on the West Coast. Wallbeds “n” More, 701 De Long Ave., Suite H, Novato. 827-1876.

A New Home Office with an Integrated Guest Room …is Less Than You Think!

THE HIDDEN DESK BED For just under five thousand dollars you can have, as shown above, a spacious birch wood desk with almost 14 square feet of workspace, and three additional pieces for storage; an armoire, a bookcase, and a hutch. Or as shown below, a queen size Murphy Bed with armoire, bookcase, and desk system with hanging files. All of our products are available in a variety of wood types, designs, and colors to match any décor. Marin Home Design |



701 De Long Ave., Suite H, Novato

(415)-827-1876 We provide free in-home consultation and design services to help you get the most out of your space. Custom solutions available

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tudio D has been creating harmony and balance in Bay Area homes since 2003. Founding owners Gail Dunnett and Johanna Meise set out on their mission to help clients stage and design their homes from a little warehouse in Sausalito and a pink garage in Noe Valley. The designers’ vision and hard work has lead to a multi-channel, bi-coastal staging, retail and design firm with the recent addition of a studio in New York City’s West Village. Staging homes for the real estate industry is one of Studio D’s core businesses, but the residential sector isn’t their sole focus. Gail and Johanna also provide design services for property development clients and commercial businesses such as apartment buildings and boutique hotels, new home models as well as investors looking to turn a property quickly. At any one time they could have 50 to 100 properties staged in the areas they service: Marin, the East Bay and San Francisco. All stagings are provisioned from their San Francisco warehouse, brimming with a wide variety of the latest classic and contemporary home furnishings. If required, they can also work as consultants or even provide “staging-to-go” for the customer who

just needs fillers and wants to buy furniture to take with them when they move. Statistics show that staged homes sell for 10 to 15 percent more than a vacant home and will considerably cut the time a home is on the market. Properties need to be transformed quickly, affordably, with a minimum of fuss, and the end result has to accurately reflect the clients’ desired ambience. Time is often of the essence and turnaround time is key. These needs are well understood by Gail and Johanna and their talented team. The “D” team is passionate about what they do and they pride themselves on being able to work, under often manic conditions, to produce the desired results for their clients. This passion has led to a large portfolio of satisfied customers. The unique skill set that has made Studio D successful in the staging industry has lead to a flourishing interior design business for homeowners and developers. In the time it takes some traditional designers to choose pillows to go with a sofa, the Studio D team has made over an entire house, stylishly and affordably. Gail, Johanna and the staff at Studio D believe that one’s living environment should encompass all that warms and excites the heart. It is clear that this sentiment is reflected in their work and their designs to the fullest extent. Studio D Staging Warehouse: 1545 Minnesota St., San Francisco. 695-1430. Studio Location: 2184 Sutter Street, San Francisco. 346-9694. NYC Studio Location: 131 Perry St., New York. 212/229-2141,

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wo local remodeling professionals, Chris Chapek and Steve Andre, are providing design/build remodeling services for people who have neither the time nor the expertise to act as designer and general contractor for their remodeling projects. Their company, Alliance Custom Builders (ACB), is the alliance of a talented designer, an experienced builder, a pool of gifted tradespeople and you. This partnership can create the remodel of your dreams. Alliance Custom Builders Traditional remodels involve an architect, interior designer, contractor and various subcontractors all trying to communicate with the client. The design/build process keeps it simple, Creative design, timeless with a single point of materials and lasting communication from craftsmanship—ACB’s ACB, who creates the guiding principles design and manages all the moving parts of the project. This cuts down on stress and ensures that details about all aspects of the remodel are clear. Clients can let the project unfold before them and actually enjoy the process. Alliance Custom Builders are experts at creating specialty spaces. They can design and fabricate one-of-a-kind features that will make your home unique and personal. Their expertise has recently led

Design and remodeling specialists

to more exterior projects that extend a home’s living space to the outdoors. Depth of knowledge in products, materials and construction techniques keeps ACB ahead of the pack when it comes to giving accurate advice. The team at ACB has the proficiency and experience to narrow the options to the most appropriate for the situation, simplifying the selection process and saving the client time and stress. They feel their best client is a knowledgeable one, so they share what they know to enable the customer to make informed decisions. In this economy, customers want to stay on budget more than ever, so knowing all the costs right from the start is a huge advantage. Being both designer and contractor allows ACB to know the true project costs before construction begins, leading to realistic project expectations and peace of mind. With all the design decisions and specifications made up-front, ACB is able to offer a set cost for producing a project. Alliance Custom Builders have been providing start-to-finish design/build services for nine years and would like to talk to you about your remodeling dreams. Visit their website today to view their incredible portfolio of work. They take great pride in their list of satisfied homeowners who are enjoying their “Alliance” remodels. Alliance Custom Builders, P.O. Box 2028, Novato. 893-0408.

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oving can be a very stressful time in life. Thank goodness the professionals at Johnson and Daly are here to handle all the details. In business for 30 years, their expertly trained Johnson and Daly Moving and Storage movers and coordinators are equipped to do whatever it takes to ensure your move goes according to plan. Johnson and Daly started with two men and a pickup truck in 1979. Now, with 45 employees and 24 trucks, Johnson and Daly is a name they move an estimated you can trust to get the job 7-10 households and ofdone with integrity at a fices daily. Their movers reasonable price are dedicated and have gone through extensive training in packing, loading, driving and unpacking before working on any moving jobs. Most have been with the company for an average of 10 years and love what they do. This type of quality employee can be rare in the moving industry and it is what makes Johnson and Daly Moving

Moving your home or office to its destination

and Storage a cut above the rest. Another advantage J&D has is their storage facility; at over 150 thousand square feet it is the largest in this area. Every move is different and often unforeseen circumstances can cause snags. The pros at J&D are committed to finding a fair outcome for all parties should a problem arise. Their priority is making sure the customer is happy. Johnson and Daly is in business for the long term and willing to stand by their estimates. They operate on the company pledge of “Integrity, Dependability, Value”. Committed to assuring their customers have a good moving experience, Johnson and Daly Moving and Storage are located right here in Marin. Whether your move is around the block or around the world, contact Johnson and Daly and let the professionals handle it. Johnson and Daly Moving and Storage, 110 Belvedere Street, San Rafael. 491-4444.

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eal Goods Solar wrote the book on solar technology, no kidding. Back in the 1970s, when sun power was in its infancy, Real Goods sold the first retail solar panel in the United States. Through their nonprofit Solar Living Institute, Real Goods Solar they have trained many of the professionals in the solar industry today. And they continue to be one of the leaders in this business as innovations take solar energy to higher levels. Real Goods Solar has led Being on the cuttingthe way in solar living edge of solar power for over 30 years enables RGS to offer the latest in technological advances. One of the most exciting of late is the microinverter, which is able to convert DC power to AC power on the roof, maximizing power output, even in shade conditions. Real Goods Solar is able to offer Bay Area customers unparalleled customer service and installation customization. Their longevity in the business has outlasted the 30 year warranties that came

Pioneers in sustainable living

with the first solar systems. This is a reassurance to customers that they will stand by their products and are in the industry for the long haul. Real Goods Solar upholds their vision, which is to ensure a healthy future by reducing the human ecological footprint. They are proud of their commitment to make solar mainstream through the sustainable products offered in their catalog, solar installations and education from the Solar Living Institute. By going solar with Real Goods, consumers are buying a secure investment which will yield thousands of dollars in savings while providing clean energy for their home. According to sales manager Jennie Dito, “We’ve lead the way for over 30 years, and we continue to pioneer in new directions.” The success of Real Goods Solar is based on the long list of their satisfied customers. Real Goods Solar, 27 Simms Street, San Rafael. 888-56-SOLAR (76527).

~ Elaina Serotte, Certified Financial Planner Mill Valley, CA

Full-Service Solar Design & Installation Customized for Your Home 888.56.SOLAR

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“Going solar with Real Goods was the best investment we’ve ever made!”



ave you every walked into a kitchen that felt “just right?” Sure, it had great appliances, but there was something more— something about the color and the flow that captured your imagination. Chances are you were responding to the choice of tile the designer made. From the floor to the countertops to the backsplash—tile can make or break the design of a great kitchen. Therese Brown, showroom manager at Ceramic Tile Design Ceramic Tile Design in San Rafael, puts it this way: “I always remind people that when they cook it’s the backsplash they’ll be CTD is leading the way in looking at, so this is sustainable surfaces where the ‘art’ should be. Make it worth looking at for a long time. That doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. There are so many choices for tile—from glass mosaics to handpainted travertines—that having what you truly love and inspires you is easy to achieve.” Winner of the Pacific Sun’s 2010 Best Tile and Stone category, Ceramic Tile Design makes choosing tile a delight. Their enormous showroom offers choices for every taste, from modern to classic, and bright colors to subtle hues. They display thousands of items representing factories through-

The choice in tile

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(Left) IceStone slabs made from recycled glass and concrete are at the heart of this “Green” kitchen design. (Top right) This kitchen uses hand-made tiles from Pratt & Larson to achieve a look perfect for any cottage kitchen. (Bottom right) A stone mosaic in the “Tatami” pattern from New Ravenna gives this kitchen backsplash a unique appeal.

out the US and abroad and stock a large selection of products in their San Rafael warehouse. A visit to Ceramic Tile Design is definitely a departure from the big-box stores. Steve Cerami, president and CEO, notes that, “In order to distinguish ourselves from everyone else, we take risks with new and more exciting tiles. One of the ways I know we’re offering truly distinctive products is by the passionate responses they receive from our customers.” It’s refreshing to note that, long before other companies jumped on the bandwagon, Ceramic Tile Design made a point of being “green.” CTD is a Certified Green company and lives the philosophy, but, more importantly, they offer a wide selection of green products for floors, walls and countertops. As members of both the USGBC and Build it Green, many of their in-house design staff members carry certification in one or both of these organizations. Ceramic Tile Design is also a stocking distributor for what they call “The Four Tops”, the leading green products for counters and other surfaces: IceStone Durable Surfaces, PaperStone, Squak Mountain Stone and Trinity Glass. With these products and CTD’s other green offerings, it’s easy to create a green, eco-conscious home. If you haven’t visited Ceramic Tile Design recently, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Be prepared to enjoy a huge selection of beautiful, unique tile in stone, ceramic, glass, metal, wood, porcelain and durable surfaces, plus the best in recycled and renewable products. Ceramic Tile Design, 846 W. Francisco Blvd., San Rafael. 485-5180.

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Martin and Harris Appliances

KitchenAid® appliances have helped chefs create cherished culinary memories for generations, and now is your opportunity to bring tradition home. Visit our showroom today.

Essential customer service Keeping Marin in appliances for more than 50 years


Receive a

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Rebate on 3 select appliances

Rebate on 6 select appliances Up to a

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600 Rebate on 5 $



select appliances Receive a



Rebate on select Cooking appliances purchased as part of this promotion

Rebate on 4 select appliances Receive up to a



MasterCard® Prepaid Card by mail with purchase of select KitchenAid Brand appliances*

Offer Valid October 1–December 31, 2010

2158 4th St., • San Rafael • 454-2021 www.martin-hariris .com *See store for Rebate Form with complete details and qualified models. Only valid at participating KitchenAid Brand retailers. Rebate in the form of a KitchenAid Brand MasterCard® Prepaid Card by mail. ®Registered trademark/™Trademark/the shape of the stand mixer is a registered trademark of KitchenAid, U.S.A. ©2010. All rights reserved. To learn more about the entire KitchenAid Brand line, please visit Cards are issued by Citibank, N.A. pursuant to a license from MasterCard International Incorporated. MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated. This card can be used everywhere Debit MasterCard cards are accepted. STM-10267 WPAW

hen you’re in the market for a new appliance, look no further then Martin and Harris. Locally owned and operated, the M&H sales and service team will find the right machine to fit your lifestyle, budget and needs. Whether it be cooking, refrigeration or cleanup, Martin and Harris carries a wide selection of top brands at competitive prices. What sets them apart from the competition is their knowledgeable sales staff as well as a service team that is committed to delivery, installation and repair. Long-term employees is one of the keys to success at Martin and Harris. Their sales staff has been with M&H for over 20 years and the folks in the service department have worked there for more than 30 years. To stay abreast of changes in the latest technology in kitchen and laundry products, the service team goes to trainings several times a year. Martin and Harris will not only sell you the best appliance for your needs but can handle any repair that surfaces down the road from a committed team of trained professionals. Once your new appliance has been selected and purchased, it will be delivered and installed by experienced personnel. Rest assured that your new products will arrive safely and will be installed properly for a stress-free experience. Once installed, the new appliance will be tested to make sure it works correctly then all packing materials as well as your old appliance will be taken away. And Martin and Harris services most major brands so should you have a problem in the future, they are just a phone call away. Come in today to Martin and Harris Appliances: the local source for competitive prices with knowledgeable in-store professionals available to help every step of the way. Martin and Harris Appliances, 2158 Fourth St., San Rafael. 454-2021.

Heavenly Greens

Lawns made perfect Sustainable alternative to grass installed by a company you can trust


Heavenly Greens, 370 Umbarger Road, San Jose. 866-724-TURF (8873).

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oing green is easier than ever when you install an artificial lawn. Not only is it good for the environment, but it’s easy to maintain, makes economic sense and looks and feels like real grass. In fact, these new products from Heavenly Greens look and feel so real you won’t believe your eyes However, one thing to keep in mind is that not all artificial turf products are the same quality or materials. Heavenly Greens is the only distributor in northern California that exclusively offers FieldTurf, the world’s leading artificial-turf. There are many impostors but only one FieldTurf. Don’t be fooled into using an inferior product. FieldTurf recently introduced their new MaxxFlow product line specifically designed for the residential and commercial turf market. This new product has a proprietary type of backing that can drain up to 95 gallons of water an hour. Combined with the latest coating and tufting technologies there are environmental benefits unlike any other turf on the market, and it comes with an industry-leading 15-year warranty. Heavenly Greens has been installing artificial turf systems in the Bay Area since the company started in 2001. Today, with more than 7,000 turf projects installed, Heavenly Greens has become the go-to installer for companies such as Google, Lockheed Martin, Kaiser Permanente, YouTube and, more recently, the Santana Row shopping center in San Jose. There are numerous advantages with an artificial turf system. Not only is this type of product environmentally responsible, cost effective and durable—it’s one of those home improvement projects that can actually pay for itself. By installing a FieldTurf system you eliminate the constant need for watering (customers report a 70 percent reduction on their yearly water bills), which, in turn, eliminates runoff of harmful chemicals and fertilizers. It also reduces the need for mowers and converts your yard to usable area all year long. For dog owners, the gain is even bigger— imagine no more muddy paws and finally an end

to brown dead lawn that during winter becomes a complete unusable mess. Heavenly Greens is the turf choice for hundreds of dog facilities through the Bay Area, including the Marin Humane Society, Humane Society of Silicon Valley and the soon-to-be-completed Peninsula Humane Society. It is possible to have a beautiful lawn and a dog! The product itself is nontoxic and completely safe for pets and children. The turf itself is soft, nonabrasive and very strong, with each blade of grass having its own spine to stand up. Installations are available with or without sand and rubber infill, and the grass itself comes in solid green or a three-tone color pattern. For golfers, Heavenly Greens builds customdesigned putting greens using a specially patented FieldTurf surface designed just for putting greens. This professional-grade product can take chips from as far away as 150 yards out and play accurately. Stimpmeter readings and ball speed can be adjusted to all levels of play with the unique sand and rubber infill system. Installing the green of your dreams will provide a challenge for years to come and allow for unlimited practice time. Heavenly Greens has installed over 5 million square feet of FieldTurf, more than all their competitors in Northern California combined. The company is proud to have saved Northern Californians more than 1 billion gallons of water since they started. If you are exploring the world of artificial turf products, you owe it to yourself to check out Heavenly Greens. They can arrange a free consultation in your home, or stop by their showroom in San Jose to see these products for yourself.


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