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Reserve Champion Prospect Hog, Day 1. Shown by Kylie Gillard.

Reserve Grand Champion Market Hog, Day 1. Shown by Taylor Botehlo.

5th Place Hog Overall, Day 1. Shown by Jayce Souza.

4th Place Hog Overall, Day 2. Shown by Allison Stonebarger.

Farmers Warehouse — proud to distribute

StandAlone Feed Supplements!

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Bobby Maddox

CALIFORNIA..........................................................April 29 & 30

COLORADO............................................................April 29 & 30

TWO-DAY GRAD PROGRAM Modesto Junior College, Modesto, California PROFESSORS...Shane Geist, Marc Miranda, Callyn Hahn, Amanda Schnoor Blaine Rodgers, Dan DeMeyer

TWO-DAY GRAD PROGRAM Morgan County Fairgrounds, Brush, Colorado PROFESSORS...Josh Elder, Colby Taber, Bobby Strecker, Jarret Wagner, Britney Creamer, Brad Fasset

IDAHO..........................................................................JUNE 12

BLACKOUT JACKPOT...................................................March 24


How to Grow Hair and Fit the Perfect Back Leg Clinic & Fitting Contest TWO HOUR DEMONSTRATION Loveland, Colorado PROFESSORS...Callyn Hahn

Sullivan Supply West The Distinguished $20,000 Sullivan Supply/Stock Show U Scholarship Program. Eligible to any college student 21 years or younger and high school seniors. Applications online at and due March 15th.

Order Line: 1-888-914-5972 • Lodi, California




April 1, 2017


SILVEIRAS SARAS DREAM 5530 Champion Div. I Female 2016 National Jr. Angus Show

Shown By Case Wilson - Bowdon, Georgia

SILVEIRAS SARAS DREAM 4540 Res. Champion Senior Heifer 2017 National Western Stock Show Senior Champion Female 2016 NAILE Senior Champion Female 2016 American Royal Champion Div. I Female 2015 National Jr. Angus Show

preview the sale offering online Shown By Sonny Guess - Tulare, California

SILVEIRAS ELBA 4538 Sr. Heifer Calf Champion 2016 Western Nat’l Angus Futurity Jr. Show Res. Sr. Heifer Calf Champion 2016 Western Nat’l Angus Futurity Open Show

Marketing : M3 Marketing MATT MACFARLANE (916) 803-3113

RICK BLANCHARD // (559) 217.1502 DARRELL SILVEIRA // (559) 217.1504 GARRETT BLANCHARD // (559) 978.2778 MATT LEO // (209) 587.5838 KELSEY SCHOTT // (760) 877.8135


Kern County Fairgrounds Bakersfield, California

Preview: 2:30 p.m. Sale Time: 4:00 p.m.

Lamb & Goat Sale

APRIL 22nd, 2017

2016 Kern Co. Fair Champion Bred & Fed Market Goat. Shown by Romi Wattenbarger. Sired by Boots.

2016 Kern Co. Fair Middle Weight Champion Market Doe. Shown by Meagan Dewar. Sired by Boots.

2016 Harvest Moon Livestock Show Champion Goat, Days 1 and 2. Shown by Romi Wattenbarger. Sired by Boots.

2016 Kern Co. Fair Champion Grand Champion Market Goat. Shown by Starr Hibbitts. Sired by Boots.

2016 San Diego County Fair Champion Market Goat. Shown by Samantha Christensen. Sired by Boots.

We will have 15+ Wethers born late January to mid-February in this year’s sale. All wethers in this sale are out of our Hummel Livestock bred buck “Boots.”

2016 Harvest Moon Livestock Show Middle Weight Champion Market Goat, Day 1. Shown by Kalayla Bertrand. MARCH/APRIL 2017 Sired by Boots.

Maggenti Show


Michael Poncetta — 661-978-0955 4

Presented by

Lamb & Goat Sale We will have 35 Wethers and 5 elite Ewe Lambs that will be competitive at county, state and national shows. Breeds Include: Hamp, Suffolk, Dorset, Speckles, X-Breds and Natural Colored Lambs will be available for viewing the weekend of the 15th-16th, or in the evenings prior to the sale.

CLUB LAMBS Jason: 661-978-6946 • Scott: 661-201-6408 Home: 661-589-5669

April 22nd, 2017 Location: Kern Co. Fairgrounds Preview: 2:30 p.m. • Sale starts at 4 p.m.

: Also Maggenti Show Goats will have a great consignment of project goats!

Grand Champion Market Lamb, 2016 AV Fair. Shown by Shelby Larsen; sired by Karr Son.

Res. Champ. FFA Market Lamb, 2016 Kern Co. Fair. Shown by Sarah McClure; Sired by Karr Son.

Champion FFA Suffolk Market Lamb, 2016 Kern Co. Fair. Shown by Logan Colunga; sired by Insanity.

4-H Champion Dorset, 2016 Big Fresno Fair. Shown by Lauren Costa; sired by Trixter.

Champion FFA Natural, 2016 Tulare Co. Fair. Shown by Kelsey Swall; sired by Karr Son. Champion FFA Speck, 2016 Tulare Co. Fair. Shown by Amy Swall; sired by Royal.

Champ. FFA Market Lamb, 2016 Tulare Co. Fair. Shown by Kelsey Swall; sired by Karr Son.

Champ. FFA Suffolk, 2016 Calif. State Fair. Shown by Sarah McClure; sired by Insanity.

Grand Champ. Wether Dam, 2016 Madera Co. Fair. Shown by Taylor Curutchague; sired by Insanity

Champion FFA Suffolk, 2016 Tulare Co. Fair. Shown by Amy Swall; sired by Remi.

Champion FFA Dorset, 2016 Tulare Co. Fair. Shown by Lindsey Swall; sired by Trixter.

Champion Prospect Lamb, Day 1 and Reserve Champion Prospect Lamb, Day 2 at 2017 Western Bonanza. Shown by Shane Smith; sired by Cypher.

ADDITIONAL WINNERS Champion 4-H Speck, 2016 Kern County Fair Shown by Hadley Fannon; Sired by Karr Son Reserve Champion FFA Speck, 2016 Kern county Fair Shown by Bailey Furtado; Sired by Insanity

In this Issue... Features The Stock Show Kid............................................................... 10 All Around Kid: Sisters, Showmen and Simmentals — The Beins Sisters............................................................... 28-29 Mark Your Card!...................................................................... 36 Youth for the Quality Care of Animals: YQCA Basics............................................................................. 50

Departments Kathleen's Korner.................................................................. 14 CJLA Membership Form....................................................... 20 CJLA News and Info......................................................... 21-22 Hot Shots............................................................................ 18, 60 Show Results..........................................................34, 35, 38-41 Breeders Directory..............................................48, 49, 52, 53 Products & Services............................................................... 53 Upcoming Events.................................................................... 54 Advertisers Index................................................................... 58 Subscription Page.................................................................. 62


6 Representing Junior Showmen West of the Rockies




EDITOR For the past several years, we have all prayed for rain. Well, I think our prayers have been answered! Reservoirs, ponds, and creeks are filled to overflowing, which is really exciting to see as it means there will be more water later in the year. But I know all the rain has also brought flooding, mudslides, downed trees, and other damage in it’s’ wake.

P.O. Box 41430 • San Jose, CA 95160 (408) 888-2503 • Fax (408) 776-9811 Publisher & Managing Editor: Heidi Beljean — (408) 888-2503 Email:

In these times, it is good to rally and work together to help where needed, to help our neighbors and community recover and go forward. That is one of the best things about our agriculture family – we all pitch in together!

Production Manager & Art Director: William Crump — (662) 305-5434 Email:

As I write this, Spring is just around the corner. Grass is growing and flowers and trees are starting to bloom. Spring is a sign of all the activities that lie ahead. 4-H and FFA contests are in full swing, Jackpots are scheduled for every weekend, county fairs are starting up soon, sports practices and games fill many hours in the weekly calendars. Your minds and hands can be on overload when so much is going on. Not just for the juniors, but for parents too.

Instagram and Facebook Management: Kaela Cooper – Representatives: Jace Tarbelle Kaela Cooper Tiffany Carter

(559) 731-7910 (805) 835-1486 (530) 409-5143

Family time, where everyone is together, is hard to make happen. In the hustle and bustle of daily business, it’s easy to pass each other without taking time to interact. The time spent driving somewhere is a good time to catch up. Even if it is just to and from school or practice or meetings, be sure to talk, ask questions, share some laughs, and BE TOGETHER! Children need to know that mom and dad are there for them – their rock to lean on. And parents need that time with their kids – to hold them close and share in their lives. That is one exciting aspect of our junior livestock shows. Family, and extended family, friends, and teammates, sharing time together. It’s pretty special and those memories will last a lifetime.

Pacific Showcase limits its liability resulting from any and all errors, misprints and/or other inaccuracies in the advertisements and editorial content. The opinions or views expressed in all editorials are those only of the writer or persons interviewed and not the Pacific Showcase. Reproductions or other use of this magazine in whole or part of the contents without written permission of the editor is prohibited. Pacific Showcase welcomes readers contributions. Articles of interest, show results, sale results, and calendar dates are welcome and will be printed on space available. To have articles or pictures returned, include a stamped, selfaddressed envelope. Send all submissions to address above.

I have often talked about the opportunities that await our youth outside California at the major shows throughout the United States. About how being able to compete with some of the best in the business on those huge stages, is an experience that will help a person get better, expand their world, create new contacts and friendships, and open doors as they venture into the adult world. In the months ahead, you have all the Junior National Breed Association Shows for cattle, World Pork Expo and NJSA shows across the states, and it’s not too far out to think about those major fall shows – American Royal and Louisville. And from there its’ just a short leap to Arizona National and the National Western Livestock Show. If hitting the “majors” is something you would love to do, I suggest you talk to those you know who have been there. They can give you lots of tips and insights that will help you prepare, and tell you what it is like to go. I always say. “Broaden your horizons! Challenge yourself!”

Pacific Showcase is published bimonthly. It is mailed first class and third class bulk mail at Morgan Hill, California. Postmaster: send address changes to Pacific Showcase, P.O. Box 41430, San Jose, CA 95160. Subscriptions: (Bulk mail - one year - $25; two years - $45.) (First class - one year - $35; two years $65.) For processing of new subscriptions - please allow 4 to 6 weeks. For address corrections, send current mailing label along with new address to Pacific Showcase.

Time to Plan Ahead! The May/June 2017 Issue is our

Junior Nataionals and County Fairs Issue

This time of year also brings letters from colleges! Yes, for those seniors who are anxiously waiting to hear if they have been accepted – this is what you have prepared for since you were little. Tons of school work, applications, and hopes and prayers to get that letter from the college you dreamed of attending. I am so proud of each of you who are on the verge of the next level in your education and in your life. I have watched many of you from the time you attended your first show, seeing your success over the years, and becoming the fine young person you are today. Choose a college that will help you best prepare for a career you want some day. If you aren’t sure of the exact field you want to work in,

Give us a call!

408-888-2503 Friend us on Facebook and check us out on Instagram!


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COVER J and J Livestock was established in 2005 and is located in Galt, CA. We produce high quality show wethers and does that compete at all levels across the United States. We currently run 100 head of females and have some of the top genetics in the show wether industry. The past few years we have worked intensely to put those genetics to work and have created some highly competitive stock that has represented us very well at many national and local livestock shows. We maintain a close relationship with each of our buyers to ensure they reach their goals in and out of the show ring. We would like thank all of our customers for having a great amount of faith in our program and we look forward to the future. Upcoming sale dates will be posted on our website, Facebook and Instagram. Our next online sales are listed and all will be hosted by East Meets West Wether Sale - March 21, 2017 Light Em Up #2 Wether Sale - March 28, 2017 J and J Livestock Doe Kid Sale - April 10, 2017 J and J Livestock Wether Sale - April 24, 2017

Justin: 916-496-7644 Jennifer: 209-810-4425




Stock Show Kid

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It's a Big Deal!

All Breed Jackpot Cattle, Hog, Lamb & Goat Show

May 20th, 2017

Linn County Fairgrounds — Albany, Oregon

RING 1: Heifers, Steers, Showmanship RING 2: Breeding Gilt, Jackpot Hog, Showmanship RING 3: Jackpot Lamb, Showmanship, Jackpot Goat, Showmanship Executive Sponsor:

• CATTLE — $45.00 ENTRY FEE PAYOUTS: $1000 CHAMPION, $500 RESERVE • LAMB — $25.00 ENTRY FEE ($5 Pen Fee, Optional) PAYOUTS: $500 CHAMPION, $250 RESERVE

Coastal Farm & Ranch

• GOATS — $25.00 ENTRY FEE ($5 Pen Fee, Optional) PAYOUTS: $350 CHAMPION, $250 RESERVE

Download Entries at:

• JACKPOT HOGS — $25.00 ENTRY FEE ($5 Pen Fee, Optional) PAYOUTS: $500 CHAMPION, $250 RESERVE

For more information, contact: AMELIA STALLINGS 541-359-7275; JANELL JOHNSON 541-231-2837; MATT KENNEDY 541-737-1906;

It's a Big Deal!



• BREEDING GILTS — $25.00 ENTRY FEE ($5 Pen Fee, Optional) PAYOUTS: $500 CHAMPION, $250 RESERVE



Online sale

<<< Selling Top Quality Steers & Heifers >>>

SALE Preview:


April 22nd

Johns Ranch 10:00a.m.-2:00 p.m. 27613 Ave. 196 | Strathmore, Ca 93267


SALE: Thursday,

April 27th Deron Johns: (559) 647-1611 Layton Johns: (559) 310-5579 Brett Johns: (559) 310-8687

2016 Tulare County Fair Res. Grand Champion

2015 California State Fair Res. Supreme Female

2016 Santa barbara County Fair Res. Supreme Champion Market Steer





Modern Marvels, Part 2

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Maine-Anjou Chimaine • Club Calf Steers Available Year-Round – Just Give Us a Call! Lou & Suzanne Seever 3687 Old Santa Rita Rd. Pleasanton, CA 94588 MARCH/APRIL 2017

Day – 925.463.3443 Night – 925.820.5392 Mobile – 925. 989.9069 14

Since 1980

Who What When

Don't miss this year's


806.499.3749 • 806.499.3759 fax 14200 FM 1062 - Canyon, Texas 79015 •

America’s Premier Youth Livestock Magazine since 1980 serving the Youth and those involved with the Junior Livestock Show Industry. With no added costs we’ll advertise your cattle, goats, hogs, lambs, show supplies, feed or trailers - whatever you have to sell we’ll get the word out to bring in the buyers. Besides our magazine we can also put together your brochures. Give us a call for all your advertising needs 806.499.3749.

June 17-18, 2017

24 hours a day / 7 days a week 365 days a year since 1980 on the internet and in our publication.

More details in the next issue of Pacific Showcase, and at our website —

Stanislaus County Fairgrounds — Turlock, CA


Nationwide with subscribers in 45 states, Canada and Mexico. Free distribution to all major livestock shows, numerous state fairs and dozens of jackpots and sales.

• Junior Gilt and Barrow Show • California Bred & Fed Division • Lots of Junior Activities • CPPA Annual Meeting and Banquet


Because you want to spend your hard earned advertising dollars with the BEST! It’s a smart move to advertise with the Purple Circle - we get the job done for the best prices! The Purple Circle serves as a showcase, a public arena, from which people from coast to coast can promote their livestock and products and to acknowledge 4-H and FFA exhibitors from other areas of the Country. You’ll also keep up to date with the latest trends and find what you are looking for by subscribing to Purple Circle.

Coming up in the May/June issue of Pacific Showcase!

"All Around" Kid This is for kids who play sports besides doing their livestock projects. Send a photo of them in their uniform and a picture of them showing their animal. • Please include the sports they play, the school they attend, the town they're from and the livestock they show... and of course their name! • Send photos by April 15th.

Send photos and information to:

Pacific Showcase

P.O. Box 41430 • San Jose, CA 95160

Or email them to -please put "All Around Kid" in the subject line of the email! 15


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Complete Family of Products

LubriSynHA is used by the best in the business. • 800.901.8498 LubriSynHA comes from team of experts who pioneer and develop safe all natural products for all animals. Animals cannot speak for themselves so we passionately strive to provide the highest and best standard of care. 16 MARCH/APRIL 2017



We love getting your Hot Shots photos! Have one to share? Send it to and put "Hot Shot" in the subject line!

Joe & Marlene Amaral

(209) 613-2333 "Genetics for the Competitive Exhibitor"

Show Heifers and Steers Available Year-Round.

Specializing in keeping your cattle on the right track for showring success!

3348 Zeering Rd. Modesto, CA 95358

E-mail: MARCH/APRIL 2017


831-623-4316 2345 Salinas Road San Juan Bautista, CA 95045



July 14 – July 30, 2017 (schedule subject to change)

Junior Beef, Sheep, Swine and Market Goats..... July 13-17 Featured Shows: Wether Dam Wether Sire Sheep Show, Western Regional Jr. Hampshire Sheep Show, Western Regional Junior Dorset Show, Market Heifer Show, Super Regional Jr. Shorthorn Show, All Other Breeds Beef, Hereford, Angus, Wether Dam Doe, and the Golden Opportunity Gilt Sale.

Open Beef I, Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Angora Goats, Jr. & Open Boer Goats, and Jr. & Open Pygmy Goats..............July 18-21 Featured Shows: Angus Show, AHA Regional Horned & Polled Hereford Classic, Charolais Show, Medal of Excellence Limousin Classic, All Other Breeds Show, Super Regional Shorthorn Show, Regional Standard of Excellence Brangus Show, Junior Boer Goat Show and ABGA show, Junior and Open Pygmy Goat Show, California Classic Pygmy Goat Show, National Nigerian Dwarf Goat Show, and the Emilee Hammon Nigerian Dwarf Goat Show.

Junior and Open Dairy Show............................... July 22-26 Featured Shows: Holstein Show, All California Brown Swiss Show, All California Jersey Show, Western National Guernsey Show, All California Milking Shorthorn Show, Golden State Nubian Specialty Show, and the Junior Nigerian Dwarf Goat Show.

Open Sheep, Open Swine, Longhorns, and Llamas & Alpacas....................... July 27-30

Featured Shows: World Qualifier Texas Longhorn Show, Western Regional Hampshire Show, Western Regional Oxford Show, Southdown Show, Wether Dam Wether Sire Show, Western Regional Montadale Show, Rambouillet Show, Columbia Show, Western Regional Dorset Show, Western Regional Dorper Show, Heritage Sheep Division, Wool and Fiber Sheep Show, Hampshire Swine, Yorkshire Swine, Crossbred Swine, and the Llama and Alpaca Shows.

Entry Deadlines All Junior Livestock Entries Due: June 14 • All Open Livestock Entries Due: June 21

Fur & Feathers ENTRY DEADLINES First day to submit entries....May 1 Junior Rabbits .................. June 14 Junior Poultry ................... June 14 Avian & Rabbit Bowl ........ June 14 Premier Exhibitor ............. June 14 Junior & Open Cavies....... June 14 Open Rabbits ................... June 14 Open Poultry ................... June 14 Cavy Bowl ........................ June 14 Cornish Meet.................... June 14 County Fair Best of Show ................... June 30

(schedule subject to change)

FUR & FEATHERS SHOW DATES All Junior Market Classes . July 12 Junior Rabbits .............. July 13-16 Junior Poultry ............... July 17-20 Junior & Open Cavies.... July 21-23 County Fair Best of Show Small Animal Showmanship ....... July 22 State Fair Master Showmanship.....................July 22 Open Rabbits................ July 24-27 Open Poultry .................July 28-30 DOG SHOW Dog Entries Due............... June 14 Dog Show Date................. July 22 Canine Bowl...................... July 22

All junior livestock (market, breeding, dairy and fur & feather) exhibitors are required to participate in a California State Fair approved Quality Assurance and Ethics Awareness Training prior to June 23, 2017. Go to to find out more information about the new online Quality assurance program, Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA).


Market animal DNA COLLECTION -

Process Allows Junior Exhibitors to Collect Their First Samples

Exhibitors wishing to enter their market animals (including market steers, market sheep, market barrows, market goats, wether dam does, crossbred gilts and wether dam wether sire sheep) in the Junior Livestock show at the 2017 State Fair must first register for the DNA Reservation and Collection online at Upon registration, the exhibitor will receive a collection kit to be used for the hair sample collection process. NO Market Animal will be eligible for official entry unless this sample is obtained and an official Market Registration Form has been completed. All samples will be collected by the exhibitor and a parent or leader (NO EXCEPTIONS). Your cancelled check and/or postage receipt will serve as your receipt. You will not receive notification from the California State Fair upon receipt of your sample. PLEASE NOTE: This process does not enter your animal into the 2017 California State Fair, it is only a part of the necessary requirements you will need for the market division. All animals are required to be officially entered by the owner, pay the entry fee and do so by the official entry deadline June 14, 2017. Failure to comply with the following deadlines shall result in disqualification for competition in the 2017 California State Fair. Parent/Leader/Advisor and Exhibitor must be present at time of collection. The deadlines for requesting kits and returning completed samples are as follows:




For additional information, contact us at: Or Write: California State Fair Livestock Department P.O. Box 15649, Sacramento, CA 95852 (916) 263-3149 Phone (916) 263-7903 Fax MARCH/APRIL 2017

Time to Sign Up for 2017!

California Junior Livestock Association Everyone is a Winner when they join CJLA!

How do you join?

Fill out this form and mail in with membership dues. Or... go to and follow the link to fill out the membership application and pay through PayPal.

Why should you join?

You are attending jackpot shows throughout the year so why not accumulate points too? Attend as many sanctioned shows as you want to. One or all - its up to you!

What will you get out of it?

As a CJLA member, you join a great group of young people who are dedicated to raising and showing livestock. From first level to advanced, there is a place for everyone! The CJLA believes all participants in this program are equally important - therefore it is our goal to recognize and reward every member for their hard work and achievements throughout the year. Points are tabulated from January through December. The annual Award Banquet is then held for members, their families, and CJLA supporters.

Jr. Memberships are accepted until

March 31, 2017.

Join by the first show you attend to start earning points. Points count once membership form and dues are received by CJLA. For more information, contact: Heidi Beljean - 408-888-2503 Mary Ann Bush - 831-905-5665

California Junior Livestock Association – Year 2017 Membership Application Name: _________________________________________________________________________________ Date of Birth: ________________ Parents’ Names_______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ City: ____________________________________ State: ____________________________________________________ Zip: _____________ County: ____________________________________________________________________________ Phone: __________________________ Email address:________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2nd Email (optional but recommended):___________________________________________________________________________________

I wish to participate in

(check divisions you will compete in):

_____ Mkt. Lamb Division (Age 9-19) _____ Steer Division (Age 9-19) _____ Heifer Division (Age 9-21) _____ Mkt. Hog Division (Age 9-19) _____ Mkt. Goat Division (Age 9-19) _____ Wether Dam Doe Division (Age 9-19)

FEES: Please enclose a check for: 1 Division ($50.00) 2 Divisions ($80.00) 3 Divisions ($110.00) 4 Divisions ($140.00) 5 Divisions ($170.00) 6 Divisions ($200.00)

Total Amt. Enclosed:____________

Next Year’s Shirt/Jacket Size (Circle One):

Adult Sizes:







NOTE: You must be 9 years old or older on January 1, 2017, to join. HEIFER DIVISION IS FOR REGISTERED HEIFERS ONLY.

Last Day to Join: March 31st, 2017. Points start once membership is paid. Mail this form with your check to: California Junior Livestock Assn. • P.O. Box 41430 • San Jose, CA 95160





The first few months of 2017 have zoomed by and the CJLA show season is in full swing! The first part of the year is always crazy hectic for us in the office as we prepared for the 2016 CJLA Award Banquet. On top of that, during the same time we put out an issue of this magazine and get going on the new year of CJLA! It takes lots of hours but somehow it all gets done. Whew!

CJLA members for everything YOU do to make this organization and this banquet a success. Every year we say we can’t do it without you… and that is the truth! We are constantly reminded about how much YOU care about our youth and this junior livestock industry! It’s a great feeling!

In this issue check out the attached Sanctioned Show List and also the Upcoming Events Section for updates. Pacific Coast Jackpot of Gold has cancelled their event for this year. There are still a lot of shows in the coming months all the way through the end of the year. Remember that your top eight shows count for year-end totals but the tie breakers for both division and showmanship are the number of shows you earned points at in that division. It often happens at the end of the year that placings change based on this tie-breaker rule! So keep on trucking and keep on showing! All the sanctioned shows and updates are also posted on the CJLA website calendar (www.

2017 memberships are pouring in and it is exciting to see so many new members joining! We have had many inquiries about how we get information out to everyone. We mainly send out E-Blasts with news, information, and point updates. We also post everything on the CJLA website and in each issue of this magazine. Due to the cost of postage, we only mail paperwork for year-end stuff unless there is a special instance where we need to get paper copies to all members. PLEASE be sure to read your EBlasts – if you are not getting any – let us know so we can doublecheck your email addresses! The next question is “When are points posted”? Points are recorded as show results are received. We tabulate point totals in groups of shows to coincide with each issue of Pacific Showcase. We also E-Blast and post on the CJLA website at the same time. We also realize the whole points system can be a little confusing so contact us if you have any questions at all and we will be more than happy to help you out! The CJLA Rule Book is posted on the website and we recommend everyone print a copy for your reference!

I think this is about all the news for now …… so go full speed into the weeks and months ahead! Set new goals and work hard to achieve them! Be sure to enjoy the journey along the way! Stay safe, and be sure to thank your crew that helps you get it all done. And say Thanks to those awesome people who work so hard to put on those shows you attend! CJLA Questions? Emails can be sent to or through the CJLA website:

About the Banquet! February 18th, 2017 was the date we recognized the 2016 members for their hard work and achievements over the past year. It was an awesome evening! In the next issue, we will have a complete feature on all the big news of that night, but right now we want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all our generous sponsors, donors, supporters, parents, families, and

Heidi Beljean: 408-888-2503 or (CJLA Info, Memberships, & Sponsorships) Mary Ann Bush: 831-905-5665 or (CJLA Rules, Points, & Shows)


(Show Information, including date, location and contacts, is also available on the CJLA Website - Sierra Winter Classic (2 Shows)............................................................Steer, Heifer

MJC Classic Jackpot Show.................................Hog, Lamb, Mkt. Goat, Wether Dam Doe

MJC Cattle Classic........................................................Steer, Heifer

Pacific Coast Jackpot of Gold (2 Shows)... **CANCELLED** ............... Steer, Heifer, Lamb, Hog, Mkt. Goat

California Classic.......NEW FOR 2017...................................Lamb Red Wave Classic Jr. Livestock Show.......... Steer, Heifer, Lamb, Hog, Mkt. Goat, Wether Dam Doe

Clash For Cash NEW FOR 2017 ..................... Lamb, Mkt. Goat, Wether Dam Doe The Spring Classic Stock Show (2 Shows)…………………..………….Steer, Heifer, Hog, Lamb, Mkt. Goat, Wether Dam Doe

Western Bonanza Jr. Livestock Show (2 Shows)... Steer, Heifer, Lamb, Hog, Mkt. Goat, Wether Dam Doe Orange Blossom Klassic (2 Shows)...............Lamb, Hog, Mkt. Goat

Calif. Jr. Angus State Fieldday & Preview Show................... Heifer

MUSD Spring Fling (2 shows).................................. Lamb, Mkt. Goat, Wether Dam Doe

Calif. Jr. Charolais Assn. Fieldday & Show............................ Heifer Southwest Regional Hereford Show....................................... Heifer

Cattlemen’s Jackpot.......................................................Steer, Heifer

Calif. Jr. Shorthorn Show........................................................ Heifer

Northern Exposure Spring Jackpot (2 Shows)... Steer, Heifer, Lamb, Hog, Mkt. Goat, Wether Dam Doe

Pork Spectacular..........................................................................Hog

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Your Make ow! N Plans

Watch our website for more details. Catalog available this summer!

STOCK SHOW: October 11-15, 2017 Rodeo: October 13, 14, 20 & 21

Schneider, Stock Show Manager 415-404-4142 • E-mail:

Great sponsorship opportunities are available! Call for details!

For more information: Vanessa


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Oktoberfest Boer Goat Jackpot Show....................................... Mkt. Goat, Wether Dam Doe

Surf n Turf Jackpot Show .....BACK FOR 2017! .................. Steer, Heifer, Lamb, Hog, Mkt. Goat, Wether Dam Doe

CNHA Hereford Classic Jr. Jackpot Show.............................. Heifer

Grand National Stock Show.......... Steer, Heifer, Lamb, Hog, Mkt. Goat, Wether Dam Doe

Harvest Moon Jackpot Show (2 shows).................................. Steer, Heifer, Lamb, Hog, Mkt. Goat

Spotlight On Quality Jr. Shorthorn Show.............................. Heifer

Angus Days............................................................................... Heifer

Northern Exposure Jr. Cattle Show (2 Shows).............Steer, Heifer

Holiday Classic (2 shows)..............................................Steer, Heifer

Rolling Hills Boeranza (4 Shows)....... Mkt. Goat, Wether Dam Doe

Editorial continued from page 8 choose a college that has different areas of your major and then challenge yourself. I have seen many posts from kids who have gotten into their college of choice! What a great time in your life – enjoy it!!

In the next issue of Pacific Showcase, we are featuring the “All Around Kids” section. If you play sports and show livestock, we want to hear from you. Check out the ad in this issue to see what you need to send in, and when the deadline is.

Just last month we had our annual CJLA Award Banquet. We will be publishing the complete results and photos in our next issue, but I just wanted to Thank all our sponsors for believing in the CJLA and supporting the organization. And Congratulations to all the winners, a huge thanks to our caterers, and to all the wonderful people who show up every year to help put on this great event for the kids! 2017 is looking to be a record year with more members than ever. If you are interested in joining to earn points this year, you have until March 31st to do so. Time is running out so don’t delay. If you have any questions, let us know. And be sure to check out our Upcoming Event section in this issue to see what’s happening in the months ahead!

I think this is about it for now. Don’t forget to let us know if you move so we can update your mailing information, send in those candid photos for our HotShot section, and let us know of news, shows, or events we can add to our upcoming events schedule.


Until next time, enjoy the green on the ground and the blue in the sky! It’s Spring!


Heidi Belje 22

Here are a few winners sold in our April and May sales last year!


Keep Coming from

Supreme Champion, Redwood Empire Fair. Shown by Russell Fansler.

Reserve Supreme Champion, Redwood Empire Fair. Shown by Garrett Dailey.

Supreme Champion, Klamath County Fair. Shown by Noa Taipin.

Reserve Supreme Champion, Klamath County Fair. Shown by Kai Taipin.

4-H Champion, Oregon State Fair. Shown by Noa Taipin.

Reserve Supreme Champion, Oregon State Fair. Shown by Jillian Worley.

Reserve Supreme Champion Napa Town & Country Fair. Shown by Mardi Rodgers.

Reserve FFA Champion, Oregon State Fair. Shown by Kai Taipin.

Reserve Supreme Champion, Yuba Sutter Fair. Shown by Levi Foster.

FFA Champion, Yuba Sutter Fair. Shown by Kyle Emery

Reserve Grand Champion, Lassen Co. Fair. Shown by Jordan Smith.

Reserve FFA Champion, Intermountain Fair. Shown by Ruilly Horta.

Supreme Champion, Tulelake County Fair. Shown by Gonzalo Ramirez.

Reserve MARCH/APRIL Grand Champion,2017 Benton Co. (Oregon) Fair. Shown by Emmitt White.

2017 SPRING SALES: Sales are located at the farm: 2260 Lurline Rd. in Colusa, CA

4/8 5/13

Selling Mid-January through early February pigs

Preview starts at 11 a.m. â&#x20AC;˘ Auction starts at 1 p.m.

Selling February and March pigs

Preview starts at 11 a.m. â&#x20AC;˘ Auction starts at 1 p.m.

Photos of sale lots will be posted to the website one week before each auction. We will host a Facebook live preview before each sale. Nationwide delivery always available, including Northwest and southern California. Sale day phones:

Russell (530) 681-9811, Brian Anderson (620) 515-3348, James Purkey (805) 709-3011


We will also host an online sale on June 1st via to offer our mid-March through early April set!

Now offering semen on a dozen of the nation's most elite herd sires. Please visit our webpage for details!

Mark & Sandy Ottenwalter 2260 Lurline Ave., Colusa, CA 95932 Mark: 530-681-9799 Herdsman: Russell Pedrett, 530-681-9811 Cody Meek: 530-681-9814


Come Take a Look At What We Have To Offer!!! Hogs that Perform on Feed and in the Show Ring!

Don't be left holding the Red Ribbon — Join the Team that shows Genetics that Achieve their Goals!

— The Best of Both! —

Paul Fernandes • (209) 608-2697 • Hogs Available Year-Round (for all of your Fair needs!)


• Breed Selection


• Show Pigs ~ Semen ~ Seedstock

(Ceres, CA)

for April 15, 2017 LAMB SHOW Starts at 1:00 p.m. GOAT SHOW CASH entries day of show Butte County Fairgrounds


Supreme Champion Lamb & Supreme Champion Goat


$500 $500

Watch Facebook for more information CONTACT: MATT PERKINS DENISE MAYO 530-798-9281 661-978-1364 MARCH/APRIL 2017

Supreme Champion Ewe & Supreme Champion Wether Dam Doe

Buckles & Additional Cash Awards! 24

Futurity Show to follow, for lambs bought in sale. Buckles and cash will be awarded!

PREV IEW 8:30 a.m. SALE T IME 10 a.m.

APRIL 15th, 2017


Reserve 4-H Champion, 2016 Yuba-Sutter Fair. Shown by Reagan Martinez.

Supreme Champion Lamb at Silver Dollar Fair, Chico. Shown by Tyler Wilkerson.


Mayo Club Lambs A.A. Cover Club Lambs C&E Club Lambs Fly'N' Club Lambs

• • • •

Dillabo Club Lambs Pagliaro-Bohan Club Lambs Perkins Family Club Lambs Ranchview Livestock 25


Denise Mayo 661-978-1364 Matt Perkins 530-798-9281 Email: mattperkins1997 MARCH/APRIL 2017


Jackpot Show

May 12-14

added purse Grand Champion Steer & Heifer



Sponsored by

added purse Reserve Champion Steer & Heifer

5th Annual Tony Nicoletti Memorial Sponsored by NB Ranches

Judge: Nick Fitzsimmons, Perry, OK Siskiyou Golden Fairgrounds,

1712 Fairlane Rd., Yreka, CA • (530) 842-2767 All Entries (online & in office) will be accepted April 3 - May 11, 2017 till 5pm Please visit:

Call us for Spring Lambs!



33383 7th Standard Road • Bakersfield, California

Fred Ansolabehere - 661-342-2626 • Lance Carter - 661-342-0278 On the web at MARCH/APRIL 2017


Follow us on Facebook!

Another Great Year for

Fresno State's

We would like to thank and congratulate all the participants at the 2017 show!

Congratulations to these Supreme Winners!

Supreme Champion Heifer Shown by Jared Schmidt

Supreme Champion Market Hog Shown by Reagan Rodgers

Supreme Champion Market Goat Shown by Hailey Shepps

We would like to THANK these sponsors for making the Red Wave Classic such a success... Special Thanks to our Major Sponsors,

Farmers Feed and Sullivan Supply! • • • •

Supreme Champion Market Lamb Shown by Kathryn Baine

Supreme Champion Market Steer Shown by Davey Dorr

AA Acres, Sanger Big Jim’s Cattle Service, Wilton BKJ Stockers, Exeter Brem Club Lambs & Show Goats, Strathmore • The Bush Family, San Juan Bautista • California-Nevada Jr. Hereford Association

• CHK Cattle Company, Wyoming • Colburn Cattle Company, Visalia • Cowfoto, Arroyo Grande • Cowgirl Glitz, Fresno • Coy Hoof Trimming, Clovis • Dal Porto Livestock, Brentwood • Dietz Club Lambs, Merced

• Dry Creek Cattle Co., Prather • DT Cattle Company, Chiloquin, Oregon • Estes Show Lambs, Sanger • Evans Feed & Livestock Supply, Madera • Farao Club Lambs, Gustine • Fresno Livestock Commission Co., Fresno • Gambril and Associates, Oakhurst • Geist Cattle Company, Madera • The Giacomini Family, Bishop • Hacienda Angus, Selma • The Hay Company, Sanger • Hedrick’s Chevrolet, Clovis • Hyder’s Hay Service, Terra Bella

Supreme Champion Wether Doe Shown by Sydney Edwards

• J & J Livestock, Galt • The Kerlee Family, Denair • La Brucherie Land & Livestock, Madera • Larry & Elise Layne, Sanger • Courtney Lemenager, Sutter • Leo Bros. Show Steers, Snelling • M&M Livestock, Winton • The Matthews Family, Madera • McDougald Ranch, Friant • Erin & William Miller, Texas • Brady & Katie Otto, Galt • Pacific Showcase, Morgan Hill • Pedretti Ranches, El Nido • Person Cattle Company, Clovis • Peterson Club Lambs, Nipomo • Prudential Ag. Investments, Fresno

• • • • • • • • • • • •

The Rocha Family, Los Banos Rodgers Livestock, Sanger Rustic Daisy Boutique, Fresno Silveira Bros., Firebaugh Small Town Genetics, Denair Stuhaan Cattle Corporation, Tulare Swaner Ranch, Orland Toledo Ranches, Visalia Travel Shoppe, Fresno Tri T Farms, Visalia Valentine Herefords, Hanford Wenstrand’s Heartfelt Herefords, Lake Isabella

For more information about Fresno State's Animal Science Department:

John Cordeiro: 559/278-2804 • Amanda McKeith: 559/278-4331 Brad Mendes: 209/765-7143 • Randy Perry: 27 559/278-4793



By Nicola Freeman

Sisters, Showmen and Simmentals â&#x20AC;&#x201D;

The Beins Sisters

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Aribella receiving a handshake for the win.




California Steer & Heifer

4 Breeds — 1 Junior Field Day Stanislaus County Fair

Dates: May 27th-28th

Angus Preview Show/Field Day

Charolais Field Day

(Turlock, CA)

Hereford Field Day

Shorthorn Field Day

NOTE: No Commercial Heifer Show this year. Additional Events:


Angus Contact: Amanda Leo 209-483-8507 or Charolais Contacts: Lori Woodcock — 559-323-1650; Erica Bianchi — 408-804-3153 Hereford Contact: Ed Hartzell — 209-604-9526 Shorthorn Contact: Krista Vannest — 209-602-1146

Sanctioned Breed Shows

Competition and fun combined in one weekend!

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Congratulations to all of the 2017 Western Bonanza Supreme Champions

Supreme Steer A

Supreme Steer B

Supreme Female A

Davey Dorr

Brody Leo

Payton Rodgers

Supreme Female B

Supreme Lamb A

Will Ward

Madison Woods

Supreme Lamb B Shane Smith



the 34th annual Western Bonanza Junior Livestock Show | Paso Robles, CA

February 16-18, 2018 See you next year!

Supreme Hog A and B

Supreme Market Goat A

Supreme Market Goat B

Lucia Abreu

Hailey Abrahams

Maddy Cummings

Supreme Wether Dam Doe A

Supreme Wether Dam Doe B Katie R Matsumoto

Supreme Champion Bred & Owned

Kaela Cooper

Abigail Colburn






Grand Champion Market Beef Shown by Lillie Skiles (Dalhart, TX)

Reserve Grand Champion Market Beef Shown by Mikala Grady (Grandview, TX)

Junior Beef Showmanship Champion Shown by Aven Horn (Anson, TX)

Intermediate Beef Showmanship Champion Shown by Kassidy Bremer (Fullerton, NE)

Senior Beef Showmanship Champion Shown by Mills Meier (Stonewall, TX)

Grand Champion Market Hog Shown by Christon Watson (Whitesboro, TX)

Reserve Grand Champion Market Hog Shown by Mikala Grady (Grandview, TX)

Junior Hog Showmanship Champion Shown by Lacie Logan (Atlanta, IN)

January 7-22, 2016 • Denver, Colorado Photos Not Available: • Intermediate Lamb • Senior Goat Showmanship Champion: Showmanship Champion: Lydia Straka (Yukon, OK) Jessica Barker (Pueblo, CO) Intermediate Hog Showmanship Champion Shown by Madelyn Harrison (Hamilton, OH)

Senior Hog Showmanship Champion Shown by Eleanor Borba (Atascadero, CA) Junior Lamb Showmanship Champion Shown by David Vetter (Bennett, CO)

Grand Champion Market Lamb Shown by Toree Fraze (Comanche, TX)

Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb Shown by Madison Rule (Hawarden, IA)

Senior Lamb Showmanship Champion Shown by Kamden Urban (Gotebo, OK)

Junior Goat Showmanship Champion Shown by Ava Shroyer (DeGraff, OH)

Grand Champion Market Goat Shown by Ava Shroyer (DeGraff, OH)

Reserve Grand Champion Market Goat Shown by Tara Hummel (Cabery, IL)


Intermediate Goat Showmanship Champion Shown by Jayci Mekelburg (Eckley, CO)




February 11-12, 2017 â&#x20AC;¢ Fresno, California

Supreme Champion Market Steer Shown by Davey Dorr

Reserve Supreme Champion Market Steer Shown by Ashley Weimer

Supreme Champion Heifer Shown by Jared Schmidt

Reserve Supreme Champion Heifer Shown by Will Ward Supreme Champion Market Lamb Shown by Kathryn Baine

Supreme Champion Market Hog Shown by Peyton Rodgers

Reserve Supreme Champion Market Lamb Shown by Sydney Edwards

Reserve Supreme Champion Mraket Hog Shown by Kyler Vernon

Grand Champion Futurity Lamb Shown by Shane Smith

Supreme Champion Market Goat Shown by Hailey Shepps

Reserve Supreme Champion Market Goat Shown by Star Hibbits

Reserve Champion Futurity Lamb Shown by Falynn Gragnani

Grand Champion Wether Doe Shown by Sydney Edwards

Grand Champion Futurity Market Goat Shown by Sydney Edwards

Reserve Champion Futurity Market Goat Shown by Gabby Vering

Reserve Champion Wether Doe Shown by Katie Matsumoto

Check us out on Facebook and Instagram! Follow us as we update regularly with news and photos from around the stock show scene! 35



By Brad Mendes

Judge these hogs! The official placings and a sample set of reasons will be provided next issue.

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California Exhibitor Highlights from Arizona National and National Western Stock Show Each year many families travel from California to Phoenix, Arizona and then on to Denver, Colorado to compete on the national stages of the Arizona National Livestock Show and the National Western Stock Show. We want to say congratulations to every exhibitor for their hard work and accomplishments, and recognize the following for their wins in showmanship and market divisions!

Arizona National

Mikenzi Meyers – Clovis: Champion Senior Swine Showman

Garrett Lloyd – Woodland: Reserve Champion Intermediate Swine Showman

Carly Castello – Tracy: Champion Middlewt. and Reserve Supreme Champion Mkt. Goat

Marissa Smith – San Jose: Reserve Champion Middlewt. Mkt. Goat

Madison Woods – Gustine: Champion Ltwt. Blackface Mkt. Lamb

Wyatt DeBusk – Paso Robles: Champion Berkshire Barrow

Declan Kellogg – Loomis: Champion Hampshire Barrow

Tyler Wilkerson – Paso Robles: Champion Senior Sheep Showman

Sydney Edwards – Wilton: Reserve Champion Senior Sheep Showman

Genna Andrade – Gustine: Champion Hereford/Tamworth Barrow

Garrett Bowe – Madera: Champion Junior Goat Showman

Killee Gillard – Atwater: Reserve Champion Duroc Barrow

Jake Richardson – Meadow Vista: Champion Intermediate Goat Showman

Nicole Rider – Madera: Reserve Champion Intermediate Goat Showman

Alexandra Castello – Tracy: Reserve Champion Senior Goat Showman

National Western Stock Show

Danna Staberg – Lemon Cove: Reserve Champion Showman- Jr. Prospect Steer Show

Eleanor Borba – Atascadero: Champion Senior Market Swine Showman

Madison Bayne – Bakersfield: Reserve Champion Ltwt. Blackface Mkt. Lamb

Pacific Showcase does something every year to honor these Seniors.

1– Just send their senior picture AND a picture when they first started showing. 2– Write their name, the town they're from, the name of the high school they're graduating from, the college they are attending, the major they've chosen, and the species they showed — on a piece of paper and send them in to: Pacific Showcase P.O. Box 41430, San Jose, CA 95160

Deadline to send pictures in is June 15th. We will be featuring these pictures in the July/August issue.

You can also send the photos and information by email to

Also, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you want the pictures back.

Please put "Graduating" in the subject line!

* Thank You for Participating. * 37



Arizona National Livestock Show


December 27, 2016 — January 1, 2017 • Phoenix, Arizona

Supreme Champion Market Steer Shown by Mikala Grady (Grandview, TX)

Reserve Supreme Market Steer Shown by Colton Payne (Rosharon, TX)

Grand Champion Heifer Shown by Brittany Hefner (Springville, CA)

Reserve Grand Champion Heifer Shown by Alex Vieselmeyer (Amherst, CO)

Grand Champion Prospect Market Steer Shown by Autumn Gilbert (Tucson, AZ)

Reserve Champion Prospect Market Steer Shown by Kaityn Humeumpeta (Parker, AZ)

Grand Champion Prospect Feeder Steer Shown by Ethan Drager (Haskell, TX)

Reserve Champion Prospect Feeder Steer Shown by Mayce Cooler (Alamagordo, NM)

Supreme Champion Gilt Shown by Grace Jacobsen (Geneva, NE)

Reserve Supreme Champion Gilt Shown by Alexis Hernandez (Colusa, CA)

Grand Champion Market Barrow Shown by Susan Brugman (Bushland, TX)

Reserve Champion Market Barrow Shown by Cheyenne Murdock (Gilbert, AZ)

Showmanship Champions Beef Showmanship:

Swine Showmanship:

Sheep Showmanship:

Goat Showmanship:

Junior Champion Stiles Patin (Thorndale, TX)

Junior Champion Caitlyn Seamons (Preston, ID)

Junior Champion Bailee Amstutz (Richwood, OH)

Junior Champion Clay Brillhart (Fort Scott, KS)

Intermediate Champion Brittany Hefner (Springville, CA)

Intermediate Champion Hallie Landry (Jeanerette, LA)

Intermediate Champion Makensie Goggin (McLoud, OK)

Intermediate Champion Johnna Stottlemyre (Luther, OK)

Senior Champion Alexis Cavenee (Yuma, AZ)

Senior Champion Mikenzi Meyers (Clovis, CA)

Senior Champion Tyler Wilkerson (Paso Robles, CA)

Senior Champion Erin Johnson (Galt, CA)



National Swine Show Coming To Paso Robles Event Center

The 2017 National Junior Swine Association Western Regional show has been relocated to the Paso Robles Event Center. The show will be held Nov. 30-Dec. 3, 2017. The show will include purebred Duroc, Hampshire, Landrace and Yorkshire barrows and gilts, as well as crossbred barrows and gilts. Youth will participate in showmanship, skill-a-thon and sweepstakes contests, as well as a Barn-Yard Olympics event. Entry is open to NJSA members in all 50 states. “We are honored to host this significant and important livestock event for youth from throughout the nation,” said Michael Bradley, California Mid-State Fair CEO. For more information, contact Kaley Bontrager, NJSA Director of Ju-



nior Activities at 765-463-3594. About the National Junior Swine Association: The National Junior Swine Association (NJSA) is the largest youth livestock organization in the country. The NJSA was established in 2000 for youth, ages 21 and under, who have an interest in the Duroc, Hampshire, Landrace and Yorkshire breeds of swine. The NJSA offers youth a variety of opportunities to reach their potential through leadership conferences, scholarship programs, and national and regional junior shows featuring numerous educational contests. For more information about the NJSA, visit: The 2017 California Mid-State Fair runs July 19 through July 30. This year’s theme is “Come One, Come All…”

Arizona National Livestock Show Grand Champion Ewe & Champ. Wether Dam Shown by Madison Rule (Hawarden, IA)

Supreme Champion Market Lamb Shown by Brantlee Cox (Glencoe, OK)

Reserve Supreme Champion Market Lamb Shown by Adam Thompson (Maryville, MO)

Reserve Champion Ewe & Res. Champ. Wether Dam Shown by Adam Thompson (Maryville, MO)

December 27, 2015 — January 1, 2016 Phoenix, Arizona

Supreme Champion Market Goat Shown by Johnna Stottlemyre (Luther, OK)

JUDGES: • Beef: Dr. Daniel Hike (Sadorus, IL) • Sheep: Jimmy Davis (Walters, OK) • Goats: Keaton Dodd (College Station, TX) • Swine: Warren Beeler (Caneyville, KY) and Kane Causemaker (Atkinson, IL)

Reserve Supreme Champion Market Goat Shown by Carly Castello (Tracy, CA)



Supreme Champion Steer Shown by Codey Sullivan

Jan. 28-28, 2017 • Modesto, CA • Judge: Miles Toeynes

Reserve Supreme Champion Steer Shown by Payton Rodgers

Supreme Champion Heifer Shown by Payton Rodgers


Reserve Supreme Champion Heifer Shown by Clayton Cardoza




February 17-19, 2017 â&#x20AC;¢ Paso Robles, CA

Supreme Champion Steer, Show A; Res. Supreme Steer, Show B. Shown by Davey Dorr

Reserve Supreme Champion Steer, Show A Shown by Tatyana Bullock

Supreme Champion Steer, Show B Shown by Brody Leo

Supreme Champion Female, Show A Shown by Peyton Rodgers

Reserve Supreme Champion Female, Show A Shown by Heather Welcher

Supreme Champion Female, Show B Shown by Will Ward

Reserve Supreme Champion Female, Show B Shown by Brittney Hefner

Supreme Champion Bred & Owned Female Shown by Abigail Colburn

Reserve Champion Bred & Owned Female Shown by Dawson Dal Porto

Supreme Champion Hog, Shows A & B Shown by Lucia Abreu

Reserve Supreme Champion Hog, Show A Shown by Taylor Botehlo

Reserve Supreme Champion Hog, Show B Shown by Jacob Jasper

Supreme Champion Lamb, Show B Shown by Shane Smith

Supreme Champion Lamb, Show A Shown by Madison Woods

Reserve Supreme Lamb, Show B Shown by Sydney Edwards

Reserve Supreme Lamb, Show A Shown by Elizabeth Baine

Supreme Champion Market Goat, Show B Shown by Maddie Cumming

Supreme Champion Market Goat, Show A Shown by Hailey Abrahams

Reserve Supreme Champion Market Goat, Show B Shown by Chancelynn Johnson

Reserve Supreme Champion Market Goat, Show A Shown by Chancelynn Johnson





February 17-19, 2017 • Paso Robles, CA Supreme Champion Wether Dam, Show B Shown by Katie Matsumoto

Supreme Champion Wether Dam, Show A Shown by Kaela Cooper

Reserve Supreme Champion Wether Dam, Show B Shown by Sydney Edwards

Reserve Supreme Champion Wether Dam, Show A Shown by Mattie Cumming

Continued from page 29

making her own mark in the show ring, with a solid footing rooted in family, sisterly love and a dedication the cattle industry.

there is so much to be learned and gained from showing and raising cattle,” she said. “Each time I attend a Regional, or a National Classic, state show, I learn, grow and gain knowledge,” she added. Aribella feels the same way about showing and believes it's a great way of life. “One of the best things about showing is all the new people we have the opportunity to meet,” she said.

The Northern International Livestock Expo, (NILE) in Billings, Montana, is just one of the many show rings in which the Beins sister exhibit their Simmental cattle.

With Maddy heading off to college in the fall, Aribella will hold the lead rope and continue the showing tradition. However, she won’t be alone as her sisters both will be close by and on the sidelines cheering their youngest sister on. The road to showing will continue, with Aribella

Highlights from the Ring in 2015 National Western Stock Show – Denver, Colorado • Grand Champion Purebred Cow/Calf Pair (AJSA) Western Regional Classic – Bozeman, Montana • Champion Purebred Female • Champion Percentage Female AJSA National Classic – College Station, Texas • 3rd Overall bred and owned Purebred female • 18th Overall bred and owned Purebred female • 14th Overall bred and owned Percentage female • 16th Overall Owned Percentage female Utah State Fair – Simmental Show • Grand Champion Female • Grand Champion Bull • Reserve Champion Bull • Numerous Class and Division winners

North American Livestock Exposition (NILE) • Grand Champion Jr. AOB Bull • Reserve Champion Jr. AOB Bull • Spring Calf Division Champion Female

North American Livestock Exposition (NILE) – Billings, Montana • Grand Champion Simmental Heifer, Open and Junior Show • Reserve Champion Heifer, Junior Show.

Christmas Classic Jackpot Show – Tremonton, UT • Supreme Female

Aribella’s Winnings 2016-2017

Maddy’s 2016 Winnings: USU Aggie Classic • Champion Heifer AJSA Western Simmental Classic • Reserve Champion Purebred Heifer Rocky Mountain Jackpot Show Series Finale • Supreme Heifer • Overall High Point Winner • Overall Champion Senior Showman Utah State Fair • Champion Simmental Female • Calf Champion


AJSA Western Regional • 4th Overall Percentage Heifer Rocky Mountain Jackpot Show Series Finale • Reserve Champion Heifer • Champion Overall Jr. Showman Utah State Fair • Reserve Champion Bull North American Livestock Exposition (NILE) – Billings, Montana • Division Champion Heifer 2017 National Western Stock Show • Grand Champion Cow/Calf Pair • Class Winner (with calf)





FRESNO STATE’S 2017 RED WAVE LIVESTOCK JUDGING CAMP Thursday August 3rd - Saturday August 5th (Accelerated Camp) Saturday August 5th (Rookie One-Day Camp)

Location: Fresno State Campus ACCELERATED CAMP includes meals, dorm, t-shirt, judging packet and will focus primarily on advancing reasons skills ROOKIE CAMP (one-day) includes meals, t-shirt, judging packet and will focus on basic evaluation

**Adults are welcome to stay at a prorated price but we will NOT have a seperate adult camp

DON’T MISS OUT! SPACE WILL BE LIMITED! Be looking for more information in the next Pacific Showcase or at our Facebook page (Fresno State Livestock Judging Team). For more information contact: Brad Mendes Phone: (209)765-7143 Email:



Kick Back and Relax in Holbrook, Arizona!

JULY 22nd, 2017


Navajo County Fairgrounds 404 East Hopi Drive Holbrook, AZ 86025

Nationally recognized Pig, Sheep, Goat & Cattle Judges! 100% cash payouts, buckles, banners and lots of prizes!

Pre-entries are recommended. All entries due by June 22nd, 2017. Early weigh-in Friday from 5:00–7:00 p.m. Saturday weigh-in from 7:00 – 8:30 a.m.

SHOWS START AT 9:30 a.m. Limited entries available: 100 lambs, 100 goats, 100 cattle, 200 pigs. Go to our Facebook page — Route 66 Classic Jackpot Show — to get your entry forms! Entries are $40 per animal. Adobe Inn 615 West Hopi Drive Holbrook, Arizona 928-524-3948

STEVE LACKEY – 928-210-2118 RUSTY DESPAIN – 928- 587-5641 TOM NASSER – 480-628-8282


For RV accommodation, please contact Jme Baloo, Navajo County Fair & Rodeo. Phone: 928-524-4757

Shavings will be available at show. Hog trailer parking spots available for $40 (subject to availability). NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2016

Breeders Directory To include your listing, call Heidi at 408-888-2503 or William at 662-305-5434

Cattle Breeders


• 5-R Way Ranch Show Cattle Sheree Ryan (661) 245-3884 (H); (661) 619-5246 (C) Frazier Park, CA Email: Website: (Show Steers & Heifers – Sold Private Treaty Year Round)

• Alto Herefords

Larry Alto Family 7803 Myrtle Ave., Eureka, CA 95503 (707) 443-4727 (Bulls, Heifers, Steers)

• AWE Cattle Co.

Mike Wolfe (916) 704-5832 Adam Wolfe (916) 704-4799 11950 Sarayah Lane, Herald, CA 95638 Email: (Club Calves & Show Heifers – Crossbreds & Shorthorns)

• Backer Cattle Co.

Nick Backer (916) 531-0908 Elk Grove, CA Email: (Show Steers & Heifers)

• Bennett Land & Cattle

Mike, Marti, Casey & Brooke Bennett P.O. Box 549, Ducor, CA 93218 (559) 534-2396 (Reg. Shorthorns & Herefords; X-Breds; Steers & Heifers)

• Bigelow Farms

Matt Bigelow (559) 647-2817 PO Box 43, O’Neals, CA 93645 (Reg. Shorthorn - Breeding & Show Steers)

• Brocco Show Cattle

Ron, Justine & Audra Brocco 1189 Solano Ave., Sonoma, CA 95476 (707) 996-6224 (Show Heifers & Steers)

• CC Cattle Co.

Jodi Carbett: (760) 217-9999 Jacqui Cloutier: (951) 235-8774 19474 Jurupa Ave., Bloomington, CA 92316 Email: (Show Steers & Heifers – private treaty)

• Clevenger Cattle Company

Sam Clevenger 2680 Hwy. 46 West, Paso Robles CA 93446 (805) 305-3417 Email: Website: (Club Calves & Show Heifers)

• Colburn Cattle Co.

Ron, Lisa, Tyler, Ryan & Wyatt PO Box 568, Five Points, CA 93624 (559) 269-3175 (Club Calves, Reg. Maines, Reg. Shorthorns)

• Coy Cattle Co.

Bryan, Shari, Travis and Tyler Coy (559) 298-9757 Travis: (559) 392-8772 Email: Website: (Club Calves – Steers & Heifers; available year-round)


• D-B Club Calves

• Irwin Cattle

• Poncetta Farms

• J/4 Cattle Company

• R&R Farms

Paul, Terr & Shelby Irwin Paul's cell: (707) 974-5678 Terri's cell: (707) 695-1620 Dixon, CA Website: Email: (Show Steers & Heifers)

David Sr. & David Brown 1560 Ellenwood Rd., Waterford, CA 95386 (209) 602-8745 (Club Calves)

• Dillabo Livestock

David & Jeanette Dillabo 5127 Pennington Road, Live Oak, CA 95953 (530) 695-9322 (Shorthorn & Angus – Steers & Heifers)

Joe & Marlene Amaral - (209) 538-1540 3348 Zeering Rd., Modesto, CA 95358 E-mail: (Show Heifers & Steers)

• Double E Hay & Cattle

Ed & Eric Bright 16120 Buchanan Hollow Rd. Le Grand, CA 95333 Ed (209) 389-4060; Eric (209) 761-6607 (Chi-Maine, Short, Angus, X-bred)

• James Bright/Leo Bros.

James Bright (209) 761-9833 Matt Leo (209) 587-5838 7953 Le Grand Rd., Merced, CA 95340 Website: Email: (Reg. Herefords, Shorthorns, Angus, Chi-Maines and Xbred Show Steers)

• Fair Cattle Co.

Todd Fair 5731 N. Hickman Rd., Denair, CA 95316 (209) 667-9220; (C) (209) 648-8240 Email: Website: (Club Calves & Show Heifers)

• Johns Cattle Co.

Deron, Karen, Layton, and Brett Johns 27613 Avenue 196, Strathmore, CA 93267 Deron (559) 647-1611; Layton (559) 359-6843 (Show Steers & Heifers, Market Heifers, Breed Heifer Prospects)

• G/M Cattle Company

Kevin & Stacey Griffith P.O. Box 283, 3434 Rock Creek Rd Copperopolis, CA 95228 (209) 785-3013; (209) 610-7616 cell Email: Website: (Show Steers)

• K2 Show Cattle

Kyle Long 8081 Olive Branch Way Valley Springs, CA 95225 (C) (209) 728-7414; (H) (209) 920-4093 Email: Website: (Purebred Shorthorns & Short.-Maine X — Steers & Heifers)

• Geist Cattle

Gary & Linda Geist (559) 674-4117 Shane, Kimberly, Kendall & Kayden (559) 674-4174; (C) (559) 363-4117 16540 Road 31, Madera, CA 93636 (Reg. Maines, Club Calves)

• L/S Show Cattle

• Gonsalves Ranch

Valerie & David Last Valerie: (760) 224-2980 Kelsey Schott (760) 877-8135 12296 Lilac Hill,Valley Center, CA 92082 Website: Email: (Show Steers & Heifers)

Joey, Kristy, Riley & Reese Gonsalves; Mike Gonsalves 7243 Maze Blvd., Modesto, CA 95358 (209) 526-3006; Mike - (209) 578-3252 (Reg. & Commercial Angus, Club Calves)

• Grimsley Cattle & Goats

• M2 Cattle Co.

Austin Grimsley (831) 207-7564 P.O. Box 1009, Tres Pinos, CA 95075 Email: Website: (Club Goats & Purebred Seedstock)

Mike Rivas (559) 285-2467 Woodlake, CA (Show Steers & Heifers)

• M&M Livestock

• Hartill Cattle Co.

Martin & Stacey Machado (209) 652-6946 P.O. Box 24 8171 N. Buhach Rd. , Winton, CA 95388 (Club Calves, Heifers)

Todd Hartill (530) 755-9495 247 Wildwood Rd., Arbuckle, CA 95912 Email: (Show Heifers & Club Calves – Simmentals, Angus, Shorthorn and Crossbreds)

• Morrell Ranches

• H.A.V.E. Angus

Barry, Carrie & Bailey Morrell 5640 County Road 65, Willows, CA 95988 (530) 934-2047 (H); (530) 218-5507 (C) Email: (Reg. Hereford Show Heifers & Steers, and X-Bred Show Steers)

Mel & Darrell Hansen - Windsor, CA (707) 838-4463 Jim & Karen Vietheer - Wilton, CA (916) 687-7620 (Angus Heifers & Bulls)

• Hildebrand Hay and Cattle

• Newton Cattle

John & Danya Hildebrand Jarred, Darcie and Jase Hildebrand (707) 349-6502 or (707) 272-1450 9301 Busch Lane, Potter Valley, CA 95469 Email: (Purebred Herefords, Show Steers & Heifers)

J Newton (559) 284-9115 27390 Sales Creek Rd., Clovis, CA 93619 Email: (Club Calves & Res. Breeding Show Heifers)

• Noble Cattle Company

• Imhof Cattle Co.

Chad Noble 28679 Mtn. Rd. 120, Porterville, CA 93257 (559) 788-0659 (Reg. Shorthorns & Club Calves)

Frank Jr., Haley & Andrew Imhof P.O. Box 174, Sunol, CA 94586 (925) 600-7735 (h); (925) 580-2245 (c) (510) 377-9556 Email: (Club Calves, Show Heifers, Bulls)


David & Michael Poncetta 10454 Wible Road, Bakersfield, CA 93313 David: (661) 978-3320; Michael: (661) 978-0955 Email: Email: (Show Heifers & Steers, Bulls, Seedstock – Shorthorns, Angus & Crossbreds) Bob Ross (408) 221-3023 P.O. Box 20668, San Jose, CA 95160 (Reg. Hereford Genetics - Show Heifers, Bulls, Embryos, Semen)

• Radiant Reds

Megan Shepherd P.O. Box 97, Bella Vista, CA 96008 (916) 705-1582 Email: Website: (Red Angus Show Heifers, Steers & Bulls; Crossbred Show Heifers & Steers)

• Red River Farms

Michael Mullion - (760) 464-3906 Bob Mullion - (760) 861-8366 13750 West 10th Ave., Blythe, CA 92225 Email: (Purebred & Percentage Simmentals – Bulls, Heifers & Steers)

• Reis Livestock

Tony, Mary, Nathan, Natalie & Nicole Reis 648 Cowee Ave., Gridley, CA 95948 (530) 682-0317 (H); (530) 682-0305 (Nathan’s Cell) (Charolais Heifers, Bulls & Steers; X-Bred Heifers & Steers)

• Rockin S Ranch

Ric Schultz (559) 281-2244 17554 S. Chateau-Fresno Ave. Riverdale, CA 93656 Email: Website: (Club Calves, Angus Show Animals)

• Rodgers Livestock

Blaine & Melissa Rodgers 2399 N. Riverbend Ave., Sanger, CA 93657 Email: Website: (C) (559) 314-4630; (H) (559) 287-6619 (Club Calves)

• Schnoor Sisters Cattle Co. Amanda, Kirbe and Sydney Schnoor 11564 Ave. 26, Chowchilla, CA 93610 (559) 665-1991 (Show Steers & Heifers; Reg. Angus Cattle)

• Seever & Son Cattle Co.

Lou Seever 3687 Old Santa Rita Rd., Pleasanton, CA 94588 (M) (925) 989-9069; (Day) (925) 463-3443 (N) (925) 820-5392 (Maines, Chimaines, X-Breds – Show Steers & Heifers)

• Shasta College Farm

B.J. Macfarlane 11555 Old Oregon Trail, Redding, CA 96003 (530) 242-7564 Email: (Club Calves, Show Heifers)

• Silva Cattle

Randy & Rhonda Silva 37378 Rd. 20, Kingsburg, CA 93631 (559) 897-0311; (559) 288-3856 (cell) Email: Website: (Reg. Maine Heifers & Club Calves)

• Wagner Livestock, LLC

Jeff & Nicole Wagner 11149 Shelton Rd., Linden, CA 95236 (Rch) (209) 887-2291; (Cell) (209) 351-0351 Email: Website: (Charolais & Angus Heifers; Show Steers)

• Ward Cattle Co.

Frank & Christina Ward (530) 204-7124 Orland, CA Email: Website: (Show Steers & Heifers, Angus Bulls)

• Wheeler Cattle

Toby & Jessica Wheeler 1125 Penman Springs Road Paso Robles, CA 93446 (805) 801-2460 (C); (805) 226-9913 (H) Email: Website: (Club Calves, Show Heifers and Bulls)


• Brumley Farms

Don, Skeeter, Kari, Brooke & Bryce Brumley P.O. Box 239, Orovada, NV 89425 (775) 272-3152; (C) (209) 479-0287 (Reg. Herefords - Heifers, Bulls & Steers)

• Genoa Livestock

Michelle Coker 640 Genoa Lane, Minden, NV 89423 (775) 782-3336; (916) 207-1142 (cell) Website: (Registered Hereford Show Heifers, Steers, Bulls. Visitors always welcome!)

• Bianchi Club Lambs

Karen Bianchi 13500 Valley Home Rd., Oakdale, CA 95361 (209) 847-0694 (Club Lambs,Wether Sires)

• Stateline Cattle Co.

Doris Gallup (541) 891-5443 Malin, OR Email: (Crossbred Club Calves; Reg. Angus – Heifers & Bulls)

• Brem Club Lambs

Jim & Pam Brem 19387 Rd. 248, Strathmore, CA 93267 (559)568-0358 (Club Lambs)

• Traynham Ranches

Brad & Buckley Cox 1881 Brophy Rd., Eagle Point, OR 97524 (541) 840-5797 or (541) 826-3650 Website: Email: (Angus, Maine influenced & Shorthorn Cattle; Steer & Heifer Prospects available)

• Teixeira Cattle Co.

John and Heather Teixeira; Allan and Cee 855 Thousand Hills Road, Pismo Beach, CA 93449 (805) 595-1416 (Club Calves and Show Heifers)

Jed & Brandi Asmus 5750 E. Harney Lane, Lodi, CA 95240 (530) 304-0389 (Club Lambs)

Lee and Glenda Stilwell 14043 Algoma Rd., Klamath Falls, OR 97601 (541) 884-4881 (H); (541) 892-8966 (C) Email: (Limousin and Angus Seedstock, Project Steers and Heifers)

• Sunnyday Shorthorns

Alpha & Sherri Gipe (209) 358-9377 6885 West Oak Ave., Merced, CA 95340 (Registered Shorthorn Show Heifers, Bulls, Steers — X-Bred Steers)

• Asmus Club Lambs

• Country Inn Cattle Co.

Jim, Kristi, Bobby & Shyann Mattes PO Box 22, O’Neal’s, CA 93645 (559) 276-5704; Barn (559) 868-3323 (Reg. Angus & Shorthorns, Club Calves)

Shane Strickler (530) 570-6634 7253 County Road 24, Orland, CA 95963 (Show Steers, Heifers, Bulls)

Fred Ansolabehere Jr.; Lance Carter 33383 7th Standard Road Bakersfield, CA 93314 Fred (661) 589-5521; Lance (661) 342-0278 Website: (Dorsets, Suffolks, Hampshires, Club Lambs)

Tommy, Cara & Jonwyn Ayres 1863 Wards Creek Rd. Rogue Rover, OR 97537 (406) 531-6130 Email: Website: (Herd with Butt, Body & Balance. Specializing in Backdrop Finders)

• Spring Valley Land & Livestock

• Strickler Livestock


• Ayres Angus

• Simon Cattle

Faris Simon: (209) 769-8427 Layne Simon: (209) 769-8429 Barn: (209) 374-3429 Catheys Valley, CA Email: (Steers & Heifers Available Year-Round)

• Ansolabehere/Carter Club Lambs

• C&E Club Lambs

Kimmelshue Family (530) 345-4456 E-mail: Wilkinson Family (530) 891-4964 Durham, CA E-mail: (Show Lambs,Wether Sires & Dams)

• Chico State Sheep & Goat Unit Dr. Celina Johnson, Faculty Supervisor 311 Nicholas C. Schouten Lane Chico, CA 95928 (530) 898-6024 Email: Website: (Sheep and Goats)


• Top Hat Simmentals

Chris & Allison Beins Family (435) 257-0654 11945 N 3400 W, Deweyville, UT 84309 Website: Email: (Show Heifers & Steers, and Bulls – Purebred and Percentage Simmentals)

• Image Club Lambs/ Layne Suffolks

Dan & Marlys Layne (Scott, Keri & Stacy) 3113 North Ave., Modesto, CA 95357 (209) 632-8623; (209) 549-7849 (Club Lambs, Reg. Suffolks)

• KR Club Lambs

Robbie Rowlett 10960 Carrisa Hwy., Carrisa Plains, CA 93453 (805) 610-4235 (C) (Show Lambs)

• Labrucherie Land & Livestock Bob & Leslie Labrucherie (559) 673-4332 or 675-0663 9671 Road 28 1/2, Madera, CA 93637 (Club Lambs,Wether Sires and Dams)

• Leventini Club Lambs

Mike Leventini Sr.; Mike Leventini Jr. 624 South Indiana Ave., Modesto, CA 95357 Mike Sr. (209) 529-2774 Mike Jr. (209) 634-7262 (Club Lambs,Wether Sires & Dams)

• Lopez Club Lambs

Don, Marcia & Andrea Lopez 15913 Hwy. 160, Isleton, CA 95641 (916) 777-5911 E-mail: (Club Lambs)

• Maddux Ranch/ Outlaw Club Lambs

Harry, Jan, Todd, Nikki Maddux 2675 E. Westfall Rd., Mariposa, CA 95338 (209) 966-4942 (Blackface, Dorset, Specks, Southdowns – Club Lambs)

• Mayo Club Lambs

Don & Denise Mayo 1844 McDonald Ave., Live Oak, CA 95953 (530) 695-1555 (H); (661) 978-1364 (C) Email: (Club Lambs & Wether Sires)

• Cummings Club Lambs

• Merced College

• Damar Farms, Inc.

• Del Petersen Club Lambs

• Modesto Junior College

Sheep Breeders

• Estes Show Lambs

Bob & Joanne Cummings 4115 Vineyard Dr., Paso Robles, CA 93446 (805) 239-2635 (Club Lambs & Wether Sires)

Washington 710 N. Thompson Road, Nipomo, CA 93444 (805) 478-7963 Email: (Hampshire, Suffolk & X-Bred Club Lambs – Wether Sires)

Randy & Debbi Repp 3001 Pennington Road, St. John, WA 99171 (509) 648-3885 Email: (Shorthorn Show Heifers & Steers)

Hop & Debbie; Ryan & Mona Lisa 1375 N. Academy Ave., Sanger, CA 93657 (559) 301-3241 Email: Website: (Show Lambs)


• Farao Club Lambs

Jaime Farao; Frank Farao 28803 Gun Club Road, Gustine, CA 95322 Jaime: (209) 854-1033; (209) 777-1033 Frank: (805) 934-2097; (805) 354-2317 (Club Lambs, Breeding Stock)

• Abatti/Wills Club Lambs

Steve/Tina P.O Box 869, Denair, CA 95316 (760) 554-0424 (C); (209) 669-1410 (H) Email: (Club Lambs, Rams & Ewes)

• Fly'n Club Lambs

• Ahart Club Lambs

Todd, Erin and Bryce Peters; Sandy Parker Todd: (530) 713-3499 2377 Hale Rd., Marysville, CA 95901 Email: Facebook page: Fly'n Club Lambs (Club Lambs, wether sires and dams, available year-round)

Greg and Mary Ahart 7 Carvel Place, Sacramento, CA 95835 (916) 928-9336; Greg’s Cell: (916) 396-2333 Mary’s Cell: (916) 612-1241 Email: (Club Lambs,Wether Sires and Dams)

Jaime Farao 3600 M. Street, Merced, CA 95348 (H) (209) 854-1033; (C) (209) 384-6299 Email: (Show Lambs) Marleise Boyd 435 College Ave., Modesto, CA 95350 (209) 575-6210; (209) 581-1972 (C) Email: (Show Lambs)

• Morino Brothers Club Lambs Dan & Celeste Morino (209) 838-7208 Paul & Carri Morino (209) 599-3168 25053 Dove Road, Escalon, CA 95320 (Club Lambs,Wether Sires & Dams)

• Nicewonger Club Lambs

John & Carol Nicewonger 6706 Lon-dale Rd., Oakdale, CA 95361 (209) 847-8976 Email: (Club Lambs)

• Nunes Club Lambs & Project Goats

Ernie & Judy Nunes 190 Walker Road, Petaluma, CA 94952 (707) 762-7135 (Club Lambs, Project Goats)

• Pavletich Club Lambs

Scott, Annette, Jason & Courtney 17324 Rosedale Hwy, Bakersfield, CA 93312 (661) 589-5669 (Club Lambs)

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YOUR PATH BEGINS HERE. Coming in March 2017: A New Way to Earn Your Certification Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) is a national, multi-species quality assurance program for youth ages eight to 21. This unique program promotes food safety, animal well-being and character awareness. With YQCA, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll discover what it takes to be an informed producer, consumer and employee of the agriculture and food industries. Best of all, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll earn a YQCA certification to show in select shows starting in June 2017. Learn more about YQCA and how to enroll at

• Perkins Family Club Lambs Matt Perkins (530)798-9281 12236 Robinson Road Gridley, CA 95948 E-mail: (Club Lambs)

• Reedley College Agriculture & Natural Resources David Lopes 995 N. Reed Ave., Reedley, CA 93654 (559) 683-0319 Email: Website: (Club Lambs)

• Riverbend Southdowns

Dean & Nomie Kautz 5619 Chico Ave., Kingsburg, CA 93631 (559) 897-5470 (H); (559) 859-5230 (C) Shelbi Kautz (559) 859-2249 Email: Website: (Registered Seedstock, Club Lambs)

• Schlegel Club Lambs

Bruce Schlegel (408) 823-9434 Morgan Hill, CA Email: Website: (Club Lambs)

• Shadow Oaks Ranch Club Lambs Jim Clayton 1084 W. Prosperity Ave., Tulare, CA 93274 (559) 688-7645; Cell: (559) 901-5990 Email: Website: (Club Lambs)

• Shining Star Club Lambs

Paul & Ginny Strametz 702 McMahon Rd., Hollister, CA 95023 (831) 634-1044; (831) 801-1715 (C) Email: (Quality Club Lambs)

• Siebert Genetics

Jeffrey & Nancee Siebert 19235 W. Ave. C, Lancaster, CA 93536 (H) (661) 724-2441; (C) 805) 358-3716 Email: Website: (Club Lambs, Southdowns & Club Pigs)

• Snyder Club Lambs

Dustin, Hilary, Skottlynn & Holland Snyder 6353 Road 8 1/2, Firebaugh, CA 93622 (559) 659-2512; (C) (559) 706-9540 Email: (Club Lambs,Wether Sires & Dams)

• Spring Creek Ranch Club Lambs Stornetta Family (Steve, Diana, Stefanie, Dawn & Tori) 4901 Gravenstein Hwy. North Sebastopol, CA 95472 (707) 823-7516; (707) 490-2607 (Club Lambs)

• Spring Valley Land & Livestock Jim, Kristi, Bobby & Shyann Mattes PO Box 22, O’Neal’s, CA 93645 (559) 276-5704; (B) (559) 868-3323 (Club Lambs)

• Sunrise Sheep Company

Gypsy, Gary & Calder Keene 13736 Lambuth Road, Oakdale, CA 95361 (209) 613-7015 E-mail: Website: (Club Lambs,Wether Sires and Dams)

• Warntjes Livestock

Nick Warntjes (209) 481-3763 Oakdale, CA Email: Website: (Club Lambs,Wether Dams & Sires)


• Zeigler Club Lambs

• High Class Genetics

• Shasta College Farm

Swine Breeders

• Loin Eye Hog Farms

• Small Town Genetics

• M.B. Show Pigs

• Triangle L Farms

Steve & Cindi Zeigler (760) 445-2162 2126 Boundary Ave., Ramona, CA 92065 Website: Email: (Hamp & Suffolk Cross — Club Lambs)

J.D. Ferrero - (707) 540-5595 Tami Ferrero - (707) 217-7573 826 Colleen Drive, Windsor, CA 95492 Email: (Show Pigs, Seedstock)


Josh, Clarice & Kayleigh Luis 14545 East Donahue Ave., Ripon, CA 95366 Email: (Yorks, Hamps, X-Bred — Show Pigs)

Mario & Michele Buoni 10400 Old River Rd., Bakersfield, CA 93311 (661) 397-8940; (661) 201-3042 (c) (Hamps, Durocs,Yorks, Chesters, Spots – Show Hogs)

• Nasser Show Pigs

Tom, Tyler, Carson and Cole Nasser Queen Creek, Arizona Tom: (480) 628-8282 Tyler: (480) 282-7325 Email: Website: (Crossbred & Purebred Showpigs available year-round)

James Backman 2812 N. Hickman Rd., Denair, CA 95316 (209) 620-4106 (c) Email: (Yorks, Hamps, Durocs, Show Pigs)

Paul J. Fernandes, Jr. 4362 Esmar Rd., Ceres, CA 95307 H (209) 664-0309 • M(209) 608-2697 Email: (Yorks, Hamps, X-breds)

B.J. Macfarlane 11555 Old Oregon Trail, Redding, CA 96003 (530) 242-7564 Email: (X-Breds,Yorks & Durocs — Show Pigs)

• Modesto Junior College

John Mendes 435 College Ave., Modesto, CA 95350 (209) 575-6205 Email: (Breeding Stock, Project Pigs, Semen Sales)


• Malay Show Pigs

Earl – (775) 945-0381 Paul – (775) 316-0395 3405 Upper Valley Rd., Lovelock, NV 89419 Website: (Show Pigs and Seedstock)

• Moench Farms

Wilbert & Dennis Moench 24701 Ave. 106, Terra Bella,CA 93270 (559) 535-4347 (Hamps,Yorks, Durocs, X-Bred • Breeding Stock & Project Pigs)

• A+ Showpigs

Steve Shaffstall (661) 406-5111 Mojave, CA Email: Check us out on Facebook (Hamps, Exotics & Yorks – Show Pigs & Seedstock)

• No Limit Genetics, LLC

Larry, Adam and Rex Mendonza 5720 Woodland Avenue, Modesto, CA 95358 Larry: (209) 605-9903 • Adam: (209) 602-6106 Rex: (209) 988-1751 Website: (Year Round Show Pigs & Seedstock)

• AAA Elite Genetics

Heather, Andrea & Amanda Thomas Kathy & Alyssa Sankey Colusa, CA 95932 (530) 218-1968 Email: (Project Pigs,York & Crossbred Seed Stock)

• Ottenwalter Show Pigs

Mark & Sandy Ottenwalter 2260 Lurline Ave., Colusa, CA 95932 (530) 458-5700 (o); (530) 681-9799 (m) (Show Pigs, Seedstock)

• A One Show Pigs

Russ Miller 125 Sutherland Dr., Auburn, CA 95603 (530) 277-7375 (Specializing in Black Exotic and Hamp Show Pigs)

• Panero Farms

Rhys & Jeanine Panero - (209) 838-7570 (H) 11935 S.Van Allen Rd., Escalon, CA 95320 E-mail: (Showpigs and breeding stock)

• Bar-One Swine Farm

Wes Barone 5675 S. Pedersen, Reedley, CA 93654 (408) 981-4881 (Hamps,Yorks, Durocs – Show Pigs & Semen)

• Pork Palace

Randy Jones 1503 S. Hwy. 101, Gaviota, CA 93117 (805) 350-1459 (Cell.); (805) 688-0337 (Home) E-mail: (Show Pigs Available)

• Cy Hawkins Showpigs

Cy Hawkins 2299 Zumwalt Rd., Williams, CA 95987 (530) 473-2264 (H); (530) 701-8298 (C) Email: Herdsman - Jerrod Parriott (530) 933-9330 Email: Website: (Breeding Stock — Hamps, Duroc, X-Breds, Project Pigs)

• Seaver Show Pigs

• Golden State Genetics

Jerry Seaver - (530) 458-2026 4209 Hwy. 45, Colusa, CA 95932 (Hamps,Yorks, X-Breds – Show Pigs)

Rachelle Bailey 445 S. Blaker Rd., Turlock, CA 95380 (209) 277-2509 (cell); (209) 656-9550 (Office) Email: (Hamps,Yorks, Durocs, Landrace, X-Breds; Breeding Stock, Show Pigs, Semen)


• Milliron Showpigs

Don & Geri Milliron (c) (541) 279-3616; (h) (541) 728-6364 900 NW Pershall Way, Redmond, OR 97756 Email: Website: (Show Pigs, Seedstock & Semen)

Market Goats


• Brem Show Goats

Christian (805) 835-1812 Chris (805) 391-0930 4340 Ramada Drive, Paso Robles, CA 93446 Email: Website: (Show Hogs & Seedstock – Yorks, Hamps, Durocs & Crossbreds)

Allan Rios (209) 617-7987 2736 W. Chamberlain Rd., El Nido, CA 95317 Email: Website: (Show Pigs & Seedstock Supplier)

Ed, Sharon & Logan 12107 Meadows Rd., White City, OR 97503 (541) 826-1416; (541) 944-1549 (cell) Email: Website: (Club pigs, seedstock and semen)

• Reedley College Agriculture & Natural Resources

• Salinas River Genetics

• Generation X Farms

• Krische Family Swine

• Ariaz Mtn. Ranch

David Lopes - (559) 683-0319 995 N. Reed Ave., Reedley, CA 93654 Email: Website: (Duroc,Yorkshire, X-Breds — Breeding Stock & Club Pigs)

Dion Ashurst - (760) 427-0468 Brock Ashurst - (760) 427-0464 Herdsman: Chandler Ryan - (805) 423-4644 Email: Website: (Hamps, Durocs,Yorks & X-Breds; Show Pigs & Seedstock)


• Power House Farms

Nathan Copp (Los Banos) 2129 S. 10th St., Los Banos, CA 93635 H: (209) 827-0460; C: (559) 280-0119 (Show Pigs & Breeding Stock)

• Desert Show Pigs


Pat Ariaz 1904 State Hwy. 132, La Grange, CA 95329 (209) 969-4307 (cell); home: (209) 852-9606 Email: (Fullblood & percentage does & wethers) Jim and Pam Brem 19387 Rd. 248, Strathmore, CA 93267 (559) 568-0358 (Show Wethers & Does)

• Bush Show Goats

Dan and Mary Ann Bush 2345 Salinas Rd., San Juan Bautista, CA 95045 (831) 623-4316; (831-905-5665 (C) Email: (Show Wethers & Percentage Does)

• Del Sol Goats

Vince & Pam Sola; Tony & Emily Coito P.O. Box 190, Tipton, CA 93272 (559) 901-1781 Email: Website: (Show wethers, Full Bloods and % Does)

• Flying S Livestock

Jack, Sarah, Nicole & Jared Smith P.O. Box 81505 Bakersfield, CA 93380 (661) 399-0507 Email: (Show Wethers)

• Grimsley Cattle & Goats Austin Grimsley - (831) 207-7564 P.O. Box 1009, Tres Pinos, CA 95075 Email: Website: (Club Goats & Purebred Seedstock)

• HJ Boer Goats

Kyle & Stephanie Jefferson - (209) 840-8214 16972 Seidner Ave., Escalon, CA 95320 Email: Website: (Show Wethers and Does)

• JC Boer Goats

Julie Carreiro - (831) 297-2216 5300 San Felipe Rd., Hollister, CA 95023 Phil Lopez - (707) 695-1075 Email: Website: (Fullblood boer goats & market wethers; artificial insemination services)


• Jones Show Goats

• UC Davis Goat Facility

• Maggenti Show Goats

• White Rail Ranch

Randy Jones - (805) 350-1459 1503 S. Hwy. 101, Gaviota, CA 93117 Email: (Show Project Goats)

Jan Carlson Dept. of Animal Science, Davis, CA 95616 (530) 752-6792 Email: (Project Wethers and % Boer Does)

Michael Poncetta - (661) 978-0955 1742 Renfro Rd., Bakersfield, CA 93314 Email: (Show Wethers, Percentage Does)

Chuck & Judy Kaye 22819 Avenue 124, Porterville, CA 93257 (559) 788-1085; (707) 548-1486 (cell) Email: (Club Goats, % Does)

• Moonstone Ranch, Inc.

Bruce & Rebecca Cogswell - (661) 393-2457 Bakersfield, CA 93308 E-mail: Website: (Club Goats, % Does)

• Willoughby Show Goats

Patrick Willoughby - (805) 801-0743 Nipomo, CA Email: Facebook: Willoughby Show Goats (Show Wethers)

• Radiant Reds

Megan Shepherd - (916) 705-1582 P.O. Box 97, Bella Vista, CA 96008 Email: Website: (Fullbloods, Percentages and Wethers)

• Wilton Boer Goat Ranch

10064 Collings Road, Wilton, CA 95693 Website: (916) 687-8030 Email: (4-H/FFA project wethers, FB show and breeding stock. Offering black genetics.)

East of the Rockies • Hummel Livestock

Dale Hummel (815) 405-4111 Craig Benoit (815) 383-9727 3980 N. 1500 E Road Cabery, IL 60919 Email: Website: (Club wethers; Commercial & % does)

Breeders Directory Listings are also posted on the Pacific Showcase website at no additional charge! Get your name in the magazine and on the web year-round for one low price!

• Shasta College Farm

B.J. Macfarlane 11555 Old Oregon Trail, Redding, CA 96003 (530) 242-7564 Email: (Percentage Does,Wethers)

Call 408-888-2503 to find out how.

• Staz A Fraz Ranch

Mark & Julie Stasinowsky (916) 655-3160 P.O. Box 641, Pleasant Grove, CA 95668 Email: (Project Mkt. Goats, FB & % Boer Goats)

Products & Services

• Gator Auction Co.

Col. Geoff Gates - (559) 977-1318 Clovis, CA Email: (Specializing in all classes of Livestock)

BUILDINGS • Webb & Son

Deron & Karen Johns, Lic. No. 335463 678 N. Plano St., Porterville, CA 93257 Phone: (559) 784-2951; Fax: (559) 782-1804 Deron Johns: (559) 647-1611 Kari Rivera: (559) 306-7010 (Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural, Institutional Construction. Fairgrounds Construction, Show Barns, Sale Facilities, Equestrian Arenas, Metal Buildings)

FEED COMPANIES • ShowMaster Feeds

Cargill Animal Nutrition, Cargill Inc. P.O. Box 369, Stockton, CA 95201 (209) 982-4632 Website: (“Nourishing Animals Through Successful Partnerships”)


• Live Wire Products Inc.

(530) 432-8028 10187 Commercial Ave., Penn Valley, CA 95946 Email: Website: (Permanent & Temporary Fencing for all your livestock needs; Livestock Scales, Handling Equipment and much more!)


• Photos by Tracy

Tracy Bjornestad — Photographer (530) 339-0165 P.O. Box 2368, Flournoy, CA 96029 E-mail: (Livestock & Special Events Photography)

• Bob May Livestock & Hauling

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• Hometown Insurance Services Randy Jones (805) 688-6418 1571 Mission Drive, Solvang, CA 93463 Email: Website: (Farm, Ranch, Life, Health, Business, Auto & Livestock)


• Leading Edge Supplements (Thrive for the Drive)


Kristen Andersen (707) 695-2812 Email: (We carry many of the Top Livestock Supplements and Show Supplies)

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Tom & Carrie Moxon Shop: (541) 826-1958; Cell: (541) 944-9960 P.O. Box 1092, Eagle Point, OR 97524 Email: Website: (Specializing in custom sterling, gold and exceptional ranch jewelry)

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Denese Luthi (925) 726-9870 Email: (Tubes for Lambs and Goats, and custom jams for Dogs; Canvas Covers)






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ARIZONA (pg. 57)Apr. 29 (pg. 47)July 22 July 29 Aug. 19-20 Oct. Dec.

High Country Elite Show Pig Sale (Navajo County Fairgrounds, Holbrook) Route 66 Classci Jackpot Show (Navajo County Fairgrounds, Holbrook) Safford SAILA Show (Graham County Fairgrounds - Safford) Sonoita SAILA Show (Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds - Sonoita) Parker Livestock Show (CRIT Fairgrounds - Parker) Buckeye SAILA Show (Yuma County Fairgrounds - Yuma)

CALIFORNIA Northern Exposure Spring Jacket 
(Rolling Hills Casino Equestrian Center - Corning) Ottenwalter Showpig Sale #3 (at the farm – Colusa) Small Town Genetics Champion Drive Sale #3 
( Light ‘em Up #2 Wether Sale (hosted by: Colburn Cattle Online Sale (at Angus Live) Silveira Bros. Fall Born Heifer Sale ( TCA Classic Steer & Heifer Show (Roseville Fairgrounds) 23rd Annual MJC Spring Classic Hog, Sheep & Goat Jackpot 
 (Agriculture Pavilion - MJC West Campus - Modesto) Apr. 8 West Coast Show Lamb Sale 
 (Del Petersen Sheep Ranch – Nipomo) (pg. 23)Apr. 8 Ottenwalter Showpig Sale #4 (at the farm – Colusa) (pg. 17) Apr. 8 Nasco Showing & Grooming Clinic (at store in Modesto) (pg. 9)Apr. 10 J and J Livestock Doe Kid Sale ( (pg. 25)Apr. 15 Sutter Buttes Invitational Lamb Sale (Butte County Fairgrounds - Gridley) (pg. 24)Apr. 15 Clash for Cash Lamb and Goat Show (Butte County Fairgrounds - Gridley) (pg. 4-5)Apr. 22 California’s Elite Lamb & Goat Sale (Kern County Fairgrounds, Bakersfield) (pg. 12)Apr. 22 John’s Cattle Co. Preview to Online Sale (at Ranch – Strathmore) (pg. 9)Apr. 24 J and J Livestock Wether Sale ( (pg. 12)Apr. 27 John’s Cattle Co. Online Sale (SC online sales) Apr. 29-30 Essential by Farmers Spring Show 
 (Tehama Co. Fairgrounds - Red Bluff) (pg. 1)Apr. 29-30 Sullivan’s Stock Show University Two-Day Grad Program (Modesto Jr. College Pavilion, Modesto) (pg. 26)May 12-14 Tony Nicoletti Memorial Jackpot Show (Siskiyou Golden Fairgrounds - Yreka) (pg. 23)May 13 Ottenwalter Showpig Sale #5 (at the farm – Colusa) (pg. 29)May 27-28 California Steer & Heifer Field Day (Stanislaus Co. Fairgrounds - Turlock) (pg. 23)June 1 Ottenwalter Showpig Online Sale (at June Stateline Spectacular Jackpot Show (Tulelake-Butte Valley Fair - Tulelake) (pg. 15)June 17-18 Pork Spectacular (Stanislaus Co. Fairgrounds - Turlock) (pg. 19)July 14-30 California State Fair (Sacramento) Aug. Surf n Turf Jackpot (San Benito Co. Fairgrounds - Hollister) Fall Octoberfest Boer Goat Jackpot Show 
 (Stanislaus Co. Fairgrounds - Turlock) (pg. 22)Oct. 11-15 Grand National Rodeo, Horse & Stock Show 
 (Cow Palace - San Francisco) “Spotlight on Quality” Shorthorn Jackpot 
 (Amador Co. Fairgrounds - Plymouth) Oct. 28-29 Nov. 4-5 Northern Exposure Jr. Cattle Show (Location TBA) Nov. 19 CNHA 16th Annual Hereford Classic Jr. Jackpot Show 
 (Placer Co. Fairgrounds - Roseville) Nov. 18-19 Harvest Moon Jackpot Show 
 (Kern County Fairgrounds - Bakersfield) (pg. 63)Nov. 30-Dec. 3 NJSA Western Regional Hog Show (Paso Robles Fairgrounds) Dec. 2-3 Rolling Hills Boeranza (Rolling Hills Casino Equestrian Center - Corning) Dec. 2-3 Angus Days (Stanislaus Co. Fairgrounds - Turlock) Dec. 9-10 Holiday Classic (Kern County Fairgrounds - Bakersfield) Mar. 18-19 (pg. 23)Mar. 18 (pg. 61)Mar. 19 Mar. 28 (pg. 31)Mar. 29 (pg. 3)Apr. 1 Apr. 1 (pg. 42-44)Apr. 1

NEVADA (pg. 45)June 1-3

Treasure Valley Classic Jackpot Show (Homedale)

May 27

Magic Valley Classic (Gooding)

June 3-4

Stateline Swine Showcase (Boise)

June 3-4

Les Bois Spring Classic (Boise)

June 9-11

Idaho Jr. Hereford Assn. State Show (Bruneau)

June 9-10

Southern Idaho Extravaganza (Twin Falls Co. Fairgrounds - Filer)

June 11

Small Town Showdown (Twin Falls Co. Fairgrounds - Filer)

(pg. 1)Apr. 29-30

Sullivan’s Stock Show University One-Day Grad Program (Bruneau)

June 15-17

Idaho Jr. Beef Expo (Filer)

June 17

Treasure Valley Swine Spectacular 
 (Western Idaho Fairgrounds - Boise)

June 24

Eastern Idaho Beef Showdown (Blackfoot)


4th Annual Kootenai Classic Clinic & Jackpot 
 (Kootenai Co. Fairgrounds - Coeur D’Alene)

July 1

Silver Spurs Blowout (New Plymouth)

July 8

Independence Ring (Rigby)


Twin Falls Co. Fair/Open Mkt. Steer & Breeding Cattle Show 
 (Twin Falls)


Oregon’s Best Show Pig Sale 
 (Polk County Fairgrounds – Rickreall) Umpqua Valley Jr. Classic 
 (Douglas County Fairgrounds - Roseburg) Southern Oregon Junior Classic (Central Point) Oregon Junior Livestock Expo (Linn County Fairgrounds - Albany) North Coast Junior Classic (Clatsop County Fairgrounds - Astoria) Champions Choice Lamb Camp (TBA) Stockman Spring Classic (Canby) High Desert Livestock Expo 
 (Deschutes Co. Fair & Expo - Redmond) Desert Storm Jackpot (Jefferson Co. Fairgrounds - Madras) Mid Columbia Jr. Livestock Show (Tygh Valley) Mt. Hood Classic Jackpot Show (Mt. Hood) Klamath Jackpot (Klamath Falls Fairgrounds) Pacific International Jr. Livestock Show (Prineville) Oregon State Showdown (Salem) Cascade Spectacular All Breeds Jackpot Show 
 (Deschutes Co. Expo Center - Redmond)

UTAH Apr. 8 Apr. 21-22 June 9-10 July July 20-22 Nov. Dec.

USU Aggie Classic Jackpot & True Blue Jackpot Show (Logan) Sevier Valley Spring Classic (Richfield) Dino-Mite Classic Jackpot Show (Vernal) The Double Down Lamb Jackpot (Heber) Days of ‘47 Youth Livestock Expo 
 (Salt Lake City - the new RMJSS Finale) RMJSS Fall Kick-Off (Spanish Fork) Christmas Classic (Tremonton)

WASHINGTON Apr. 20-22 May 2-6 Nov. 4-5

NW Regional Hereford Show (Puyallup) Spokane Jr. Livestock Show (Spokane Interstate Fairgrounds) Western Showcase Heifer & Steer Jackpot 
(Grant Co. Fairgrounds - Moses Lake)

OTHER (pg. 9)Mar. 21 (pg. 45) Mar. 25-26 (pg. 45) Mar. 25-26 (pg. 9)Mar. 28 (pg. 7)Mar. 30 (pg. 7)Apr. 13 (pg. 45) Apr. 21-22 (pg. 45) Apr. 21-22 (pg. 45) Apr. 28-29 (pg. 45) Apr. 28-29 (pg. 45) Apr. 28-29 (pg. 1)Apr. 29-30 (pg. 1)Apr. 29-30

Eastern Idaho Summer Classic (American Falls)


Nugget All American Show Sale (Reno)

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Golden Triangle Preview (Great Falls) Missouri River Royal (Fort Benton) Mountain Magic Junior Classic (Bozeman) Hi-Line Preview (Havre) Russell Country Classic (Stanford) Golden Triangle Jackpot (Great Falls) Helena Jackpot Show (Helena) Kirk Stierwalt Fitting Clinic (Stephensville or Lolo) Champions Choice Lamb Camp (TBA) Yellowstone Classic (Billings) Mt. Junior Beef Expo (Lewiston) Western Ranch Spectacular (Billings) Fred Everson Memorial Livestock Jackpot (Lolo) Montana Royal Jr. Livestock Show (Kalispell) Muddy Boots Jackpot (Glendive) Bronze Bonanza at Big Sky Country State Fair (Bozeman) Montana State Fair Jr. Livestock & Open Shows (Great Falls) Montana Fair Open & Jr. Jackpot Shows (Billings) NILE (Billings)

May 6-7 June 7-9

East Meets West Wether Sale ( Midwest Elite Show & Sale (Indianapolis, IN) Premier 10 (Indianapolis, IN) Light Em Up #2 Wether Sale ( Heimer Hampshires Online Sale ( Heimer Hampshires Online Sale ( Oklahoma Black & White Show & Sale (Chickasha, OK) Oklahoma Corporation Sale (Chickasha, OK) National Southdown Show & Sale (Richmond, IN) The Midwest Elite Shropshire Show & Sale (Richmond, IN) The Midwest Elite Slickshorn Show & Sale (Richmond, IN) Sullivan’s Stock Show University Clinic & Fitting Contest (Loveland, CO) Sullivan’s Stock Show University Two-Day Grad Program (Morgan County Fairgrounds – Brush, CO) Champions Choice Lamb Camp (Ohio) World Pork Expo (Des Moines, IA)

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Cheyenne Murdock 2016 AZ National Grand Champion Barrow

Ashley Contessa 2016 AZ National Reserve Champion Chester Barrow

Hannah Rigirozzi 2016 AZ National Champion Spot Barrow

Noa Taipin 2016 AZ National Reserve Champion Cross Barrow

Kyle Odell 2016 AZ National Reserve Champion Middle Weight Cross Gilt

Brooke Cox 2016 AZ National Reserve Div I Light Weight Cross

Levi Foster 2016 AZ National 1st in Class & 4th Overall Hamp

Brianna Cebollero 2016 AZ National Reserve Champion Poland Gilt

Noa Taipin 2016 AZ National Champion Duroc Gilt

Alexis Hernandez 2016 AZ National Reserve Grand Champion Gilt

Alia Rodgers 2016 AZ National Grand Champion Cross Gilt

Alia Rodgers 2016 AZ National Reserve Champion Chester Gilt

Alia Rodgers 2016 AZ National Reserve Champion Hamp Gilt

Colton Payne 2016 AZ National Reserve Grand Champion Market Steer

Morgan Rogers 2016 AZ National Reserve Champion Berk Gilt

Declan Kellogg 2016 AZ National Champion Hamp Barrow

Declan Kellogg 2016 AZ National Reserve Champion Spot Gilt

Levi Stauffer 2017 National Western Champion York

Garrison Straka 2017 National Western Reserve Poland

Madelyn Harrison 2017 National Western Champion Lightweight Cross

Rachel Rumsey 2017 National Western Reserve Champion Lightweight Cross

Ben Montoya 2017 Fort Worth Livestock Show Grand Champion Commercial Gilt

Kendon McAlister 2017 Fort Worth Livestock Show Grand Champion MaineTainer

Jodi Toler 2017 Fort Worth Livestock Show Champion Landrace Gilt

Travis Hamilton 2017 SE Regional Grand Champion Purebred Gilt

Pierce Woodruff 2017 SE Regional Reserve Grand Champion Purebred Gilt

Nolan Barney 2017 SE Regional Reserve Champion Bred & Owned Hamp Gilt

Pierce Woodruff 2017 SE Regional 3rd Overall Duroc Gilt

Show Feed Specialist Krisha Geffert – 307-760-0327

CLAIM YOUR AWARD Had a champion or reserve champion at a recent show and fed ShowTec feeds? Submit your Livestock Youth Award application to be recognized and claim your award. Contact Laura Meyer at 217-231-2749 for an application or visit us online at 866-666-7626 •





3rd Annual

High Country Elite Show Pig Sale




SALE STARTS at 1:30 P.M.

404 E. Hopi Drive Holbrook, AZ

Preview at 10 a.m. • O.H. Kruse will conduct a Selection and Nutrition Clinic at 11 a.m.

Sold at the 2015 High Country Elite Showpig Sale – Grand Champion, Navajo County 2015.

Mid-January to late March litters, perfect for Coconino, Navajo, Gila, North Gila, Apache, Cochise, Graham, Greenlee, Santa Cruz, Yavapai Counties and the Arizona State Fair.

We will have many litters sired by KILL THE LIGHTS!

Sold at last year's High Country Elite Showpig Sale – Grand Champion, Navajo County 2016.

Tom Nasser 480-628-8282 Tyler Nasser 480-282-7325 Carson Nasser 480-612-2858 Rusty Despain 928-587-5641

This year's sale will also feature lambs for sale from Guest Consignors SCOTT SHOW LAMBS

Contact any of us with any questions regarding the hogs coming to the sale!



Vet will be onsite for CVI for pigs going out of state, AZ Dept. of Ag for inspections, and Despain Enterprise for all your feed! 57




ADM Alliance Nutrition...................... 55

Johns Cattle Co.................................... 12

All Around Kid..................................... 15

Kruse Perfection................................... 56

Ansolabehere/Carter Club Lambs....... 26

Loin Eye Hog Farm.............................. 24

Associated Feed and Supply Co.................42, 43-44 (insertion)

LubriSyn............................................... 16

Bio-Mos......................Inside Front Cover California Jr. Angus Assoc................... 29 California Jr. Charolais Assoc............. 29 California Jr. Hereford Assoc............... 29 California Pork Producers Assoc......... 15 California Jr. Shorthorn Assoc............. 29 California Pork Producers Assoc......... 15 California Pork Spectacular................ 15 California State Fair............................ 19 California Steer & Heifer Field Day................................... 29 Cal Poly Western Bonanza.............32-33 CJLA Membership Form..................... 20 CJLA News & Shows......................21-22 Clash for Cash...................................... 24 Colburn Cattle.................................30-31 Dan Bush Hoof Trimming................... 18 Essential Feeds.........Inside Front Cover Evans Feed & Livestock Supply, Inc............................ 58 Farmers Best Feed....Inside Front Cover Fresno State......................................... 27 Fresno State Livestock Judging Program.................................. 46

Maggenti Show Goats............................ 4 Nasco..................................................... 17 Nasser Show Pigs................................. 57 Nutrena......................Inside Back Cover OH Kruse Grain & Milling.................. 56 Oregon Jr. Livestock Expo................... 11 Ottenwalter Showpigs......................... 23 Oxy-Gen................................................ 13 Pavletich Club Lambs............................ 5 Pork Palace........................................... 58 Purple Circle Magazine....................... 15 Red Wave Classic................................. 27 Route 66 Classic Jackpot Show........... 47 Seever & Sons Cattle Co...................... 14 Showbloom............................................ 56 Show-RITE Show Feeds........................ 44 (Insertion) Showtime Feeds........Inside Front Cover Silveira Bros........................................... 3 Small Town Genetics............................ 61 Stand Alone Feed......Inside Front Cover Subscription Form................................ 62 Sullivan Supply...................................... 1 Sunglo Feeds.............Inside Back Cover

Gist Silversmith..................................... 9

Sutter Buttes Invitational................... 25

Graduating........................................... 37

The Showtimes..................................... 58

Grand National.................................... 22

Tony Nicoletti Memorial Show............ 26

Grow & Shine......................................... 2

Weaver Leather Livestock................... 59

Heimer Hamps....................................... 7

Willoughby Sales.................................. 45

Hummel Livestok.................. Back Cover

Youth for the Quality Care of Animals.................................... 51

J/4 Cattle Co......................................... 18 J & J Livestock................. Front Cover, 9

Zymice........................Inside Front Cover

We combined Top Females with the Best Boars in the States and got Competitive Show-Quality Hogs. We are constantly enhancing our program with Top Genetics.

Come see Hamps, Yorks, Durocs & X-Breds • Show Pigs • Seedstock what the Palace Holds (Gaviota, CA) for you.... (805) 350-1459 (C) (805) 688-0337 (H)





Patent Pending Design

I N N O VAT I O N M AT T E R S . • Evenly distributed glare-free LED chute lighting provides great visibility for clipping and fitting • Easily adjust the angle of your lighting by simply rotating the light up or down and locking it securely in place


• Elevated Indirect Light System brightens your entire space while reducing shadows and blind spots • On/off bracket easily secures to chute and locks in place • Bracket and light easily disassemble for transport

Quality. Heritage. Innovation. Commitment.

59 #morethanthebanner NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2016 DAL020617DR-1

We love getting your Hot Shots photos! Have one to share? Send it to and put "Hot Shot" in the subject line!



T.E.A.M. Small Town Together Everyone Achieves More

Champion Prospect at Western Bonanza, Show A Reserve Champion Prospect at Western Bonanza, Show B Champion Prospect at the Red Wave Classic Exhibited by Hannah Seymore â&#x20AC;˘ Sired by Brown Sugar Sold as Lot 8 in our January online sale

Serving the Nation's Showpig Enthusiasts!

SMALL TOWN GENETICS 2812 N. Hickman Road Denair, CA 95316 James - 209-620-4106 John Anderson - 209-678-7206 Email:

We proudly use and recommend


This is the first pig purchased from us by the Seymore family. Thank you guys for being part of the Small Town Family!

Call or text to book an appointment and become part of the

Small Town TEAM!


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2017 Mar/Apr Pacific Showcase  
2017 Mar/Apr Pacific Showcase  

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