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It’s always time to say “cheese” at Cafe Chloe

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Choice cheeses to-go After much deliberation, Katie Grebow and Cafe Chloe’s bartender, Nicolae Stefan, provided this list of top-shelf cheeses and paired wines. Most of the cheeses can be purchased from the restaurant’s primary supplier, Venissimo Cheese Shop, with locations in East Village, Hillcrest and Del Mar (Venissimo’s prices shown).

Chef Katie Grebow, window-shopping at Venissimo Cheese Company

Cafe Chloe 721 Ninth Avenue, East Village 619.232.3242, cafechloe.com Venissimo Cheese Shop 871 G Street, East Village, 619.358.9081 754 W. Washington Street, Hillcrest, 619.491.0708 2710 Villa de la Valle, Del Mar, 858.847.9616, venissimo.com 54

pacificsandiego.com | DECEMBER 2010

Cravanzina, Italy ($23/lb.): soft-ripened sheep, goat and cow’s milk [pair with Primitivo or Pinot Grigio] Curé Nantais, France ($29/lb.): semisoft, washed-rind cow’s milk [pair with Beaujolais or Vouvray] Etorki, France ($27.50/lb.): semi-soft sheep’s milk [pair with Navarra] Grayson, US ($28.50/lb.): semi-soft, washed-rind raw cow’s milk [pair with Pinot Noir or Chardonnay] La Peral, Spain ($25/lb.): semi-soft blue cow and sheep’s milk [pair with Alvarino] Mahón Reserva, Spain ($24.50/lb.): firm, natural rind raw cow’s milk [pair with Tempranillo Rueda] Nevat, Spain ($29.50/lb.): semi-soft goat’s milk [pair with Priorat] Saint Agur, France ($26/lb.): soft doublecrème blue cow’s milk [pair with Red Bourdeax or Pinot Noir]

Sally Jackson Guernsey, US ($29.50/ lb.): semi-soft, chestnut leaf-wrapped raw cow’s milk [pair with Pinot Noir] Schloss, US ($22/lb.): semi-soft, washed-rind cow’s milk [pair with Rioja, Pinot Noir or Gewurtztraminer] Serra da Estrella, Portugal ($33/lb.): soft, natural-rind raw sheep’s milk with milk thistle [pair with Garnacha] Speziato al Tartufo, Italy ($29/lb.): semisoft, clove-dusted, truffle-infused cow’s milk [pair with Sangiovese] Taleggio, Italy ($17.50/lb.): soft, brushed-rind, raw cow’s milk [pair with Super Tuscan or Gavi di Gavi] Timanoix, France ($75/lb.): semi-firm, brandy-brushed cow’s milk with walnut [pair with Red Burgundy or Brandy] Tomme Brûlée, France ($36/lb.): semifirm ,burnt-rind, raw sheep and goat’s milk [pair with Rhone]

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Pacific San Diego Magazine, December 2010 Issue  

Pacific San Diego Magazine, December 2010 Issue

Pacific San Diego Magazine, December 2010 Issue  

Pacific San Diego Magazine, December 2010 Issue