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Mike Sherbakov, 30

Founder and CEO, Karuna Towels Born: Moscow, Russia Resides: Solana Beach PacificSD: Describe (in 30-ish words) your business. MIKE SHERBAKOV: Karuna towels are high-quality, eco-friendly towels used for yoga. Contributions from purchases fight malaria by providing long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets throughout villages in Africa. Describe (in 30-ish words) your business goals. I will continue to create, partner and align with socially driven companies and organizations; $5 million in revenue from projects and one million lives impacted by 2020.

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Natalie Susi, 30

Founder, Bare Organic Mixers Born: Havertown, Pa. Resides: University Heights PacificSD: Describe (in 30-ish words) your business. NATALIE SUSI: Bare Organic Mixers are organic, low-calorie, glutenfree cocktail mixers that are made with only juice, water and organic agave nectar. They are perfect for making healthier, fresh-tasting cocktails that are less than 150 calories. Describe (in 30-ish words) your business goals. With Bare Organic Mixers, my goal was to create a product that would give consumers, especially women, the opportunity to indulge in the little things in life, like cocktails, guilt-free. angel ina S ereno



August 2015  

The Entrepreneur Issue — sit down with the city's leading restaurateur on the eve of his $15 million restaurant opening and meet dozens of o...

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