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The Art Issue


“Pacific Octopus” Original ink on paper and watercolor created for this magazine cover by Desarae Lee

Please Enjoy Leinie’s Responsibly. ©2016 Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co., Inc., Chippewa Falls, WI


Because Cinco de Mayo lasts only one day, PacificSD presents

MAY 1 - MAY 31 Bars and restaurants across the city are teaming up to celebrate the second annual Margarita Month, offering their signature and supreme versions of San Diego’s original craft cocktail at a discount for the entire month of May. One margarita will be crowned the city’s best, and one margarita drinker will win a gift certificate to every participating venue — including all of the ones listed here and more to come. Try as many margaritas as you can throughout May, hashtagging #margaritamonth and your favorite venues along the way. Then join 1,000 people at the Grand Tasting Event on Saturday, June 11, at Horton Grand Hotel, where you can try all the margaritas in one place, meet and mingle with dozens of San Diego’s top bartenders, savor a smattering of tacos magnificos and take a swing at a piñata while rockin’ out to Mariachi mayhem.

Who makes San Diego’s best margarita? Don’t take it with a grain of salt. Sip, hashtag and cast your vote.





Particpating bars and restaurants (more to come):

ea c h

use logo in white

Grand Tasting Event location:


the b

editor’s note

The Writing’s on the Wall Image is everything, and talk is cheap... so I’ll be brief. Art is everywhere in San Diego, but you don’t have to go everywhere to see it.Just turn the page and enjoy this 10th annual Art Issue of PacificSD.

“Illuminations of My Mind” This photograph by Lucas Barbieri is an Editor’s Pic (sic) from the SEEN DIEGO photo contest. (See more contest winners on Page 44.)


David Perloff, Editor-in-Chief



beachin’ brunch

Weekends are

volume #10 issue #4 APRIL 2016

Egg-tra special on the



David Perloff C R E AT I V E D I R E C T O R

decadent brunch & build your own mimosas

Served Beachside


Catlin Dorset A S S O C I AT E E D I T O R



Brandon Hernández, Brandon Matzek, David Nelson, Sarah Pfledderer COVER ARTIST


Kate Auda, Michael Auda, Brevin Blach, Paul Body, Arlene Ibarra, Brandon Matzek



Scott Fisk (scott@pacificsandiego.com) MARKETING DIRECTOR

Alyson C. Baker (alyson@pacificsandiego.com) PROJECT MANAGER

Christopher English (english@pacificsandiego.com) ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE

Michael Christopher (mike@pacificsandiego.com) P R O M O T I O N S A S S I S TA N T

Daniela Ruz (daniela@pacificsandiego.com)

JRDN at tower23 pacific beach t23hotel.com

DRAFT south mission beach draftsandiego.com 18


619.296.6300 | pacificsandiego.com | @PACIFICSD Reach America’s Finest readers via print, web, social media, email, street team and events. Read, click, connect... BOOM!


B E A U T I F U L U. Aesthetic education and personal insights from the region’s top cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists

This special section is the first in a series of advice columns and anonymous Q&A sessions wherein San Diegans considering anything from chemical peels and Botox to breast augmentation and rhinoplasty can interact with the city’s most esteemed physicians — before going under the knife or needle. Medical experts Dr. Steven R. Cohen, Dr. Ahmad Saad, and Dr. Tracy Leong practice at FACES+ Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Skin & Laser Center in La Jolla, an internationally recognized aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery facility. Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery and Former Chief of Craniofacial and Plastic Surgery at Rady Children’s Hospital, board-certified plastic surgeon Steven R. Cohen, M.D., F.A.C.S., started and oversees the practice. These physicians will use this space to educate and interact with potential patients. This first presentation by the doctors also serves as their personal introductions. Future issues will get more into the nitty-gritty of advice based on examinations of emerging trends and cuttingedge research. For an in-person consultation with the city’s most esteemed aesthetic medical team, who’s combined Ivy League training spans from University of Pennsylvania to Yale and beyond, contact FACES+ at (858) 453-7224.

What’s the latest in Lipo? Recent advances in liposuction empower expert surgeons to be master sculptors able to redefine muscular contour. Employing the latest techniques in fat removal and fat grafting, we can reshape the human form, taking fat and regenerative cells from love handles, for example, and using them to enhance breasts, buttocks and lips. —Steven R. Cohen, MD I love the idea of new boobs, but hate pain. What should I do? For natural-looking breasts and an elegant silhouette with minimal pain and rapid recovery, the surgeons at our facility developed the Harmonie Breast Enhancement procedure. For select patients, we perform surgery under local anesthesia, making the procedure not only simple and safe, but also costeffective. I can’t promise the entire process will be absolutely pain-free, but, with recent advances, many patients have reported having virtually pain-free recovery with our approach. For before-and-after photos or to see what your new breasts might look like today, try the 3D Breast Simulator at www.facesplus.com. —Steven R. Cohen, M.D.

4510 Executive Dr., Ste. 200, UTC area 858.453.7224, www.FACESplus.com

Steven R. Cohen, M.D. Plastic Surgeon, FACES+ Former Chief of Craniofacial and Plastic Surgery, Rady Children’s Hospital Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery, University of California San Diego Craniofacial Surgeon, Fresh Start Surgical Gifts

I want healthy, glowing skin by summer without having to spend my bikini and yoga membership budget. Now what? Microneedling may be the answer to your dermatological prayers. It’s a great option for those who can’t afford the time and financial investment traditional laser treatments require. A pen-like device with fine needles is passed over the face, creating microscopic injuries in the top layers of the skin, triggering the body’s natural response of producing new collagen and elastin. In the days and weeks following the treatment, patients notice improved skin texture, as well as reductions in fine lines, acne, scarring, discoloration and pore size. Don’t be intimidated by the name. Microneedling is virtually painless (thank you, numbing cream) and takes only 10 to 15 minutes per treatment. Unlike laser treatments, microneedling can be done on all skin types and colors. Most patients experience 1 or 2 days of redness followed by glowing, rejuvenated skin for weeks to months. So, you can skip the lasers for now and get back to your downward dogs. Namaste! —Tracy Leong, M.D.

Tracy Leong, M.D. Director of Dermatology, FACES+ Fellow, American Academy of Dermatology Aesthetic Trainer, Allergan, Inc.

Should I get a nose job? Because the complex anatomy and mechanics of the nose are hypersensitive to minimal alteration, rhinoplasty (aka nose surgery) is a delicate procedure that requires absolute precision. Fractions of a millimeter make a world of difference when it comes to the face, so deciding whether or not to get a nose job should not be taken lightly. Having lived in six countries, learned to speak five languages and been blessed with the opportunity to experience global cultures firsthand, I’ve gained a fascination for how simple anatomical changes to the face can affect ethnic identity and individual personality. Helping patients improve their impressions of self while maintaining their ethnic and cultural identities is a moving experience for me, and one that requires careful consideration. So… should you get a nose job? I can do the work, but that decision needs to be yours alone. —Ahmad N. Saad, MD

Ahmad N. Saad, M.D. Plastic Surgeon, FACES+ Attending Plastic Surgeon, University of California San Diego


APRIL 2016



Brilliant artists discuss their work


Satisfying creative appetites with a broad palette of April gallery and exhibition openings

ON THE COVER: “Pacific Octopus” Original ink on paper and watercolor created for this magazine cover by Desarae Lee. (See story, page 58.) THIS PAGE: “Moth” by Desarae Lee. (See story, page 58.)




APRIL 2016

Life’s Cool.

DEPARTMENTS CURRENTS 32 Four.Sixteen Event calendar

52 Reel Cool April motion picture preview

42 Laughing Stock April stand-up roundup

54 Rock In It Spring styles where the beats boom

PULSE 44 Nice Shot! Nine thousand words’ worth of winning local photographs 50 Curtain Calls Performing arts preview

“Early Morning Flight” by Lauren Akenson. (See story, page 44.)



TASTE 72 Rolling in Dough Pizza purveyor presents pies, pasta, pizzazz

78 Will You Maui Me? An island-inspired love story 84 Meat Me for Dinner How to steak a claim for your next meal 86 Take it from the Tap A monthly taste of beer from here

GROOVE 92 Sounds Like a Plan April concert calendar 100 Take a Spin Upcoming EDM and DJ performances 102 Password-Protected Cracking the code to covert cocktails in Carlsbad LOVE 104 Flying High Romance takes flight after dark

[ P ro m otion ]

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this section do not necessarily reflect the views of PacificSD.



Living the Dream A positive spin on politics By Craig Sewing

It’s better to be part of the solution than to regurgitate the negativity with which the mainstream media floods our minds. As such, I’m sharing this positive message with the dream that it can spread across this great nation. This country is imperfect, but it’s also great, and we continue to improve. There is an American Dream, it ain’t dead, and everyone has a right to it. A quick reminder… the reason we have political debates on illegal immigration is because people in massive quantities want to get into this country, not out of it. There’s a reason for that. A quick reminder… despite our imperfections, the United States is the greatest force for good in the world. We set a record for becoming the world’s strongest economic power in the shortest amount of time in human history, and, when there’s global tragedy, we’re the first ones to write checks and send help. A quick reminder… our military volunteers to die for us and rarely gets thanked for it. A quick reminder… no matter your starting point in life, you can be anything and everything you want to be in the U.S.A. — if you’re willing to overstep any and every excuse. A quick reminder… despite the political rhetoric of “The War on Women,” other countries’ real war on women involves rape and murder simply for being of that gender and not covering your face in public. A quick reminder… while our police force is imperfect, it doesn’t come close to being as bad as the media sensationalizes. Most of our law enforcement protects the peace — for

minimal pay — risking their lives in the process. Further, when lines are crossed, there is a judicial system that wrongdoers must face, along with harsh public criticism. A quick reminder… despite media sensationalism on the topic, although we do have some moronic, racist people, we are hardly a racist society. A quick reminder… despite how social services are abused, we can be proud that, as a nation, we have financial safety nets in place for the disabled, unemployed, veterans and elderly. A quick reminder… there is no such thing as “government” money. Someone earned that money and paid taxes to the government, which then spent it on making our lives better. A quick reminder… people on welfare make more in this country than doctors do in other parts of the world. A quick reminder…three quarters of the world’s population has neither food in the cupboard nor a bed in which to sleep. A quick reminder… in many countries, the average human life-expectancy is less than 50 years. A quick reminder… in other countries, being homosexual is a crime punishable by death. We can and will improve as a country on these issues, but having a little perspective doesn’t hurt, either. The law is on the side of love now, and so are most rational people. A quick reminder… you can buy a house, and banks will finance you and allow you to leverage their money to build your own wealth — in a home you get to live in. A quick reminder… capitalism with the right regulation unleashes entrepreneurial DNA inherent in all of

us. Socialism does not diminish greed; it only empowers greed in politicians and demotivates citizens. Greed isn’t reserved for only the rich. To the contrary, there are plenty of broke greedy people, too. A quick reminder… every year we get to look forward to another award season, sports season, travel season, holiday season, you name it. If there is a season, U.S. citizens find a reason to celebrate it. A quick reminder… despite the rhetoric against millionaires and billionaires, most of these people earned their money by blazing trails and creating opportunities for others. They also shoulder more than 50 percent of the nation’s entire tax burden and fund an enormous amount of charities. Let’s err on the side of thanking them rather than insulting them with the “fair share” nonsense. A quick reminder… despite the ugly nature of politics, the arguing and the 24/7 news cycle replaying all of it, at least we live in a country that allows the conversation — and the choice to vote for change. Even if the politicians themselves have imperfections, we could be far worse off. A quick reminder… despite our imperfections as a nation, we live in the greatest country on the planet. Period. If you think that’s a biased view, consider the fact that I have the greatest Mom in the world — and I hope you say the same about yours. It’s ok to be proud of certain things, your country is one of them, and we should be able to agree on that. If not, quick reminder.... this country offers you the freedom to leave.

Speak out and join the conversation. Follow Craig Sewing on Facebook, Insta, Twitter and YouTube. Craig Sewing is a television and radio personality and consumer activist who confronts polarizing issues head-on. Forever focused on cutting through the media clutter, he states his views bluntly, making friends and enemies along the way. Tune-in to Sewing’s intriguing and sometimes controversial broadcasts on The American Dream every Saturday at 10 a.m. on Cox or Time Warner Channel 4, and on The Craig Sewing Show weekdays at 6 p.m. on KCBQ 1170-AM to hear his engaging and enlightening conversations with the region’s political, business and finance luminaries.

Follow Craig at Facebook.com/CraigSewing or on Twitter @craigsewing APRIL 2016 • PACIFICSANDIEGO.coM


[ P ro m otion ]

Featured Market:

Downtown 92101

Enjoy bay views from large private outdoor terrace at this wonderful 2 story loft. Features at this walk-up loft include expansive 18’ walls of glass, wood floors, granite counters, stainless appliances, power shades, custom glass doors & windows create private bedrooms. Amenities at Doma include spa, fitness, zen courtyard & fabulous roof-top deck with bay views. Just minutes from restaurants, shops, art galleries, the bay, Gaslamp & more.

Market Update

(February 2016 data) # of homes for sale: 180 # of homes sold: 51 Highest price: $1,590,000 Lowest price: $205,000 Median home price: $419,000

Market Info

The downtown market is seeing a building of momentum after the typical holiday slow-down. Inventory remains very low especially in popular locations like Little Italy and The Marina District.  Bosa’s Pacific Gate has begun sales so there’s some opportunity in the ultra luxury high-rise arena.

Market Expert Chad Dannecker is broker and owner of Welcome to San Diego Real Estate. He runs a team that has proven time and time again that they are the go-to professionals for downtown real estate. If you do any research on downtown, you’ll quickly find welcometosandiego. com, Chad and his team’s website, and their five-star client reviews on Yelp, Google and Zillow.


@welcometosandiego, #welcometosandiego, @WelcometoSD, www.welcometosandiego.com

Chad Dannecker Welcome to San Diego Real Estate - Dannecker & Associates 875 G. St., Ste. 108, San Diego, CA 92101, 619.356.3099, WelcomeToSanDiego.com, chad@welcometosandiego.com

Featured Market:

Talmadge 92115

4454-4456 Estrella Ave San Diego 92115- Talmadge $579,000 - $599,000 2 houses on 1 lot in desirable Talmadge neighborhood! Both houses each with private garage and large fenced yards. Great investment opportunity or to live in one and rent out the other!

Market Update

Market Expert

Market Info

Melissa Tucci is the Official Real Estate Agent of the San Diego Padres. #1 ranked Century 21 agent in the nation, and ranked #2 worldwide. Tucci is a top producing professional and an experienced San Diego Realtor and Broker providing a superior level of informed, professional real estate services to buyers and sellers in San Diego County. She was also recently named Spotlight Agent in Zillow Nationwide and the Front Cover Winner of Top Agent Magazine’s November issue.

(February 2016 data) # of homes for sale: 28 # of homes sold: 2 Highest Price: $1,050,000 Lowest Price: $150,000 Median Home Price: $598,000

The market right now is very much in need of more inventory as the supply is down and the demand is up. We are seeing multiple offers and pricing going above the listing range. Now is the time to put your home on the market as the interest rates are very low and housing inventory is down 30%. It’s a great time to purchase as well due to the increase of price point and the continued low interest which creates a lower payment.

BRE # 01380034

Business Spotlight

Romeo and Julieta’s Wine Cafe

Since 2013, this charming wine bar has been nestled in the Talmadge neighborhood. The cafe features an extensive wine selection for all tastes and offers Eastern European inspired dishes in a romantic, warm atmosphere. 4715 Monroe Ave, San Diego, CA 92115, (619) 546-6919

Melissa Goldstein Tucci Century 21 All Service 1820 Monroe Ave., San Diego, CA 92116, 619.787.6852, MelissaTucci.com, Sold@MelissaTucci.com

[ P ro m otion ]

Street Smart Market Advice

Craig Sewing {CONSUMER Activist}

Craig Sewing’S

american dream on cox channel 4

monday-friday, 10:30am



Craig Sewing


ALSO LISTEN AT CRAIGSEWING.COM Twitter: @craigsewing, Facebook.com/craigsewing, Instagram: Craig_Sewing


follow craig


calendar 32 comedy 42

FOUR.sixteen APRIL event calendar By Catlin Dorset

ocean commotion

Campland on the Bay, Mission Bay sdcoastkeeper.org Oceanside folk rock trio The Barnwell Shift headlines this outdoor music festival, where partygoers can enjoy local beers along the bay to benefit San Diego Coastkeeper’s cleanwater efforts. cont. on page 34

Ryan W old t




CALENDAR cont. from page 32


4/4-6: vs. Los Angeles Dodgers (promotions: Taco Tuesday 4/5; College Night 4/6)

4/15-17: vs. Arizona Diamondbacks (promotions: First Responder Salute, Jackie Robinson Day, Party in the Park and African American Heritage Night 4/15; Padres Hat, S.D. Decal and 2016 Schedule Cling 4/16; Military Opening Day, Pony Day, Sunday Funday and KidsFest 4/17)


VinDiego NTC Liberty Station, Point Loma

vindiego.com Swirl, sniff and sip more than 300 wines at this fourth-annual festival featuring worldclass vino, top local chefs and their dining selections, live entertainment and more to benefit the San Diego Food Bank.


Goodguys Meguiar’s Del Mar Nationals Del Mar Fairgrounds good-guys.com Check out an enormous selection of hot rods, custom cars and vintage autos at the car show, and cheer for your favorites during the Nitro Thunderfest drag races.

4/19-21: vs. Pittsburgh Pirates (promotions: Comunidad Award and Taco Tuesday 4/19; Autism Awareness 4/20; College Night 4/21)

4/22-24: vs. St. Louis Cardinals (promotions: N ils N ilsen

BeerFest and Earth Day 4/22; Tyson Ross jersey t-shirt 4/23; Military Salute, Padres pet calendar giveaway, SDSU Day and KidsFest 4/24)


IRONMAN 70.3 California Begins at Oceanside Harbor

ironman.com Swim a 1.2-mile loop in Oceanside Harbor, bike 56 miles through Camp Pendleton, and then finish with a 13.1-mile run along the coastline to compete in this popular international triathlon event.

C os t i I osif / S h u t t ers t oc k . com


Carlsbad 5000 Grand Avenue and Harding Street, Carlsbad

runrocknroll.com Run a 5K or 20K course before enjoying post-race beers and a concert headlined by Betamaxx.


Chocolate Festival Maritime Museum of San Diego, Downtown

sdmaritime.org Build a chocolate pizza, learn about the history of the cocoa bean, and enjoy beers and wines paired with chocolates at this family-friendly event. cont. on page 36




CALENDAR cont. from page 34



La Jolla Concours D’Elegance Ellen Browning Scripps Park, La Jolla



See some of the world’s most expensive and exotic automobiles displayed above La Jolla Cove at this 12th annual event, which also features top-notch dining, shopping and more befitting this year’s “French Curves” theme.


The Neon Run Qualcomm Stadium, Mission Valley theneonrun.com Black lights illuminating neon liquids and powders blend with live musical performances to transform this 5K into a glowing nighttime festival.

Opening Day Block Party J Street and Sixth Avenue, East Village


Tour de Cure Del Mar Fairgrounds

eastvillagesandiego.com Join the crowd in the streets of East Village to enjoy live bands and DJs, food truck fare, and a beer garden before San Diego faces the Los Angeles Dodgers in the Padres’ first home game of the season.

diabetes.org Live music, organic beer and street tacos await competitors who complete this 15-, 29-, 62- or 100mile bicycle ride in support of the American Diabetes Association’s greater San Diego division.


Thunder from Down Under Sycuan Casino, El Cajon sycuan.com The muscled mates from down unda turn Magic Mike fantasies into reality during their sexy and interactive stage show.



ArtFest San Diego Botanic Garden, Encinitas sdbgarden.org Peruse and purchase works from local painters, potters and sculptors, and see iconic surf-culture automobiles at Saturday’s Classic Woodie Car Show (new this year).

R ac h el C o b b


4.9-10 Healthy Living Festival Del Mar Fairgrounds

healthylivingfestival.com With bathing suit season around the corner, it’s a good time to take advantage of the yoga classes, fitness tips, healthy-cooking demonstrations and more offered at this annual meeting of health-conscious humans. cont. on page 38

Decadent. Modern. Timeless.

Happy Hour (Bar Area) Sun - Fri 3 - 6pm $3 - $6 Select Small Plates & Bottled Beers $4 Draft Beer & Well Cocktails $4 Off Greek Wine Taco Tuesdays Happy Hour $3 - $6 Tacos Wine Thursdays (6 - 11pm) Half Off All Bottles of Wine Live Music Sundays (6 - 10pm)

Instagram.com/gaslampMeze Twitter.com/gaslampMeze Facebook.com/gaslampMeze








CUR R ENTS A l F ernande z

CALENDAR cont. from page 36


Campagnolo GranFondo Courses begin and end on India Street, Little Italy sdgranfondo.com Follow one of four cycling tours (all of which begin and end in Little Italy) before enjoying the Italian Pasta Fest, beer garden and complimentary massage at the finish line.


Fight Night at Parq Parq Restaurant & Nightclub, Gaslamp parqsd.com Watch live MMA action as amateur fighters face off in a cage in the middle of Parq Nightclub’s dance floor.



Fight for Air Climb One America Plaza,


Point Loma

WWE SmackDown Valley View Casino Center,



Climb San Diego’s tallest high-rise — all 657 steps of it — for a killer glute workout and to raise funds for those affected by lung disease, including San Diego Firefighters.

World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) biggest Superstars and Divas faux fight in Point Loma during this live performance, which will air Thursday, April 14, on the USA Network.


Coronado Flower Show Spreckels Park, Coronado coronadoflowershow.com Billed as “the largest tented flower show in the nation,” this annual affair features landscape designs, floral and horticultural competitions, live entertainment, and a beer and wine garden.


Taste of Hillcrest Several Hillcrest restaurants fabuloushillcrest.com Embark on an international culinary tour by way of this self-guided restauranttasting trek through Hillcrest.


EarthFair Balboa Park


This free, environmentally friendly celebration of conservation, organic gardening, alternative healthcare and all things green draws a crowd of 60,000 to Balboa Park. cont. on page 40






CALENDAR cont. from page 38


La Jolla Half Marathon Del Mar Fairgrounds

lajollahalfmarathon.com The second race in the Half Marathon Triple Crown Series challenges participants to complete a 13.1-mile course from the Del Mar Fairgrounds, through Torrey Pines and culminating in a finishline festival in La Jolla’s Ellen Browning Scripps Park.

G ene H y der


Lakeside Rodeo Lakeside Rodeo Arena



Mission Federal ArtWalk Ash and Grape Street, Little Italy

Behold the bareback bronco rides, broken hillbilly bones and beer-guzzling cowboys that bring the Wild West to East County each April.

artwalksandiego.org Nearly 400 visual and performing artists will show and sell across 17 blocks in Little Italy during this free two-day event. Meet the event’s featured artists and see their works in “Strokes of Genius,” page 58.


International Mobil Film Festival San Diego Innovation Center, Miramar




Adams Avenue Unplugged Adams Avenue, Normal Heights

Life In Color Valley View Casino Center, Point Loma



More than 150 bands and artists — including Anais Mitchell (pictured) — will perform on 25 stages spread along a two-mile stretch of Adams Avenue in one of the city’s most rockin’ weekends of the year.

Expect to be entertained by aerialists and acrobats — and EDMer 3LAU (pictured) — while being blasted by neon paint cannons at this paint party/rave.



Mingle with the filmmakers behind the 42 flicks shot exclusively on cell phones at this fifth annual film screening and red carpet event.

Knotty Barrel Gastropub 844 Market St, San Diego CA 92101 Knotty Barrel Gastropub 844 Market St, San Diego CA 92101

Knotty’s Game Room

ing mmon Board p Dar ts R Ti k & ckga uff le l o a o t H Ba Me Sh

COMING SPRING 2016 842 Market St, San Diego CA 92101



Laughing stock APRIL stand-up roundup Comedy curator: Catlin Dorset

4.1-2 Whitney Cummings “Can someone just explain: why do all balls look like they’re 150 years old? Can you put some sunscreen on that, please?” —Whitney Cummings on Whitney Cummings: Money Shot @ American Comedy Co., americancomedyco.com

M ic h ael S c h war t z

4.1-2 Adam Ray “My buddy texts me two days ago, ‘Hey man, whatcha doin’?’ I go, ‘Chillin’, just cooked up some baby back ribs.’ iPhone auto-corrects it to ‘Chillin’, just cooked up some baby black kids.’” —Adam Ray at Laugh Factory @ The Comedy Store, thecomedystore.com

4.3 Anna Akana

Ben j o A rwas



“Pitbull is legit one of my favorite artists, but I cannot condone the fiscal irresponsibility encouraged in ‘Time of Our Lives.’” —Anna Akana on Twitter @ American Comedy Co., americancomedyco.com

4.7-9 Al Madrigal

4.15-16 Sarah Tiana M andee Jo h nson

“That’s what a piñata inspires. It’s like, ‘Hey kids, let’s get your favorite cartoon character and let’s lynch his ass. And then we’re gonna all take turns beating the crap out of it until its guts come out. We can all scramble for its sugary entrails. Who’s with me?!’” —Al Madrigal on John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show @ American Comedy Co., americancomedyco.com

“I can’t live tweet the Oscars because I’m about to go on stage in Edmonton. But I’m sure @chrisrock killed it more than a cop in Ferguson.” —Sarah Tiana on Twitter @ The Comedy Store, thecomedystore.com F ran k ie L eal


4.14-17 Bill Bellamy “You can’t go to the zoo with a black momma. Like, ‘Momma, I wanna go over there and see that giraffe.’ [In momma’s voice] ‘Do you know that giraffe? Do that giraffe know you?’” —Bill Bellamy on Stand Up For Family @ American Comedy Co., americancomedyco.com

4.21 judd apatow “I’m like the weird guy in the house, because [my wife and daughters] have so many things in common that they can talk about. They talk about their hair and how to make the curl look right, and how to wax their eyebrows, and just I’m going, ‘Can you pop a zit on a testicle?’” —Judd Apatow on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon @ Balboa Theatre, sandiegotheatres.org

4.28-30 Dan Soder

4.16 Lily Tomlin “I have to go shopping. We’re running out of everything: cat food, fish food, ant spray, rat poison.” —Lily Tomlin as Violet in Nine to Five @ Balboa Theatre, sandiegotheatres.org

“Six weeks ago, I spotted a hipster. If you don’t know about hipsters, what they are is the human version of bed bugs. If you see one, there’s probably 40 more under your bed judging your music.” —Dan Soder on The Half Hour @ American Comedy Co., americancomedyco.com



pulse Nice Shot!

EIGHT thousand words’ worth of winning local photographs Behold the winners of SEEN DIEGO, PacificSD’s (occasionally) annual photo contest.

Popularity Contest (most likes on Facebook)

1st Place

“Pier into the Pacific” by Jessica Garcia PRIZE — $250 cash + $250 bar/restaurant gift certificates cont. on page 46



seen diego 44 performing arts 50 MOVIES 52 FASHION 54






photography cont. from page 44

Popularity Contest (continued)

2nd Place

“The PIERflection Series: Oceanside” by Jen Reyes PRIZE — $100 cash + $100 bar/restaurant gift certificates

3rd Place

“Lunch Break” by Angel Alvarez PRIZE — $100 bar/ restaurant gift certificates

Director’s Cut

(PacificSD’s Creative Director’s selection, as seen on page 24) Winner “Early Morning Flight” by Lauren Akenson PRIZE — $100 bar/restaurant gift certificates cont. on page 48






photography cont. from page 46

editor’s pics (dude-incharge’s favorite images)

“’Round Midnight” by Scott Murphy PRIZE — $100 bar/ restaurant gift certificates

“Don’t Look Down” by Jeff Morris PRIZE — $100 bar/restaurant gift certificates

“Inside Out” by Evgeny Yorobe PRIZE — $100 bar/restaurant gift certificates



See all the photos at seendiego.com.

Get 20% off tickets at SanDiegoGulls.com/PacificSD


April 2: vs. San Jose Barracuda – Bar Olympics, Pregame Tailgate & Sunglasses Giveaway April 3: vs. Stockton Heat – Family Day, Postgame Skate, Trading Card Giveaway (kids only) April 6 vs. Bakersfield Condors April 15 vs. Ontario Reign - $2 Beer Night April 16 vs. Ontario Reign – Fan Appreciation Night, Pregame Tailgate

Purchase tix and find more info at SanDiegoGulls.com/PacificSD PROMOTION


Using metal letters (which he salvages from antique aluminum signs or fabricates anew), hand-crafted vinyl stencils and paint, Scott Thornycroft creates art that tells three-dimensional stories. His commissioned works, which reflect his background in architecture, capture the essence, highlights and memories of their subjects’ life stories, creating personalized heirloom keepsakes. Learn how art can imitate — and immortalize — your life at thornycroftart.com.

Scott Thornycraft, artist • thornycroftart.com APRIL 2016 • PACIFICSANDIEGO.coM



performing arts

4/6-10 Coppélia San Diego Civic Youth Ballet 1650 El Prado, Ste. 209, Balboa Park 619.233.3060, sdcyb.org

curtain calls

San Diego Civic Youth Ballet stirs imaginations with this comical tale of a doll-maker and his lifelike creations that summon deception, jealousy and love in a small village.

APRIL performing arts preview By Sarah Pfledderer

4/9-5/15 Big River New Village Arts Theatre



2787 State St., Carlsbad 760.433.3245, newvillagearts.org

book by W I L L I A M H AU P T M A N

Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn unfolds onstage, with a young Huck and a runaway slave traversing the Mississippi River toward a better tomorrow.

music & lyrics RO G E R M I L L E R

directed by CO L L E E N KO L L A R S M I T H




4/9-5/8 Constellations The Old Globe 1363 Old Globe Way, Balboa Park 619.234.5623, theoldglobe.org When Marianne, a physicist, meets Roland, a beekeeper, their budding relationship opens up a universe of possibilities, revealing how life can change in an instant.

M ann y R o t en b erg

4/5-17 John Leguizamo: Latin History for Dummies La Jolla Playhouse 2910 La Jolla Village Dr., La Jolla 858.550.1010, lajollaplayhouse.org In his newest one-man show, the Emmy Award-winner uses satire to school audiences on 500 years of Latin history, from the Aztec and Incan Empires to World War II.

4/21-5/15 Rapture, Blister, Burn San Diego Repertory Theatre 79 Horton Plaza, Downtown 619.544.1000, sdrep.org After pursuing divergent careers and spending decades apart, grad school roommates reconnect, sparking a fire of feminism within themselves as they contemplate women’s lives (including their own) since the 1970s.



R osalie O ’ C onnor

4/12-24 Live Arts Fest 2016 White Box 2590 Truxtun Road, Ste. 205, Liberty Station 619.225.1803, sandiegodancetheater.org

With a theme of “CrossPollinating Dance: Diversity in Movement,” this 10-day dance festival celebrates a growing diversity in local dance artists thanks to San Diego’s proximity to the U.S.-Mexico border.

4/14 Aspen Santa Fe Ballet California Center for the Arts 340 N. Escondido Blvd., Escondido 800.988.4253, artcenter.org

4/16-24 Madama Butterfly San Diego Civic Theatre

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet exudes grace that dissolves the divide between contemporary and classical dance.

1100 Third Ave., Downtown 619.533.7000, sdopera.com Wrought with hope, devotion and betrayal, Puccini’s opera tells the story of a young Japanese girl who’s misguided into a marriage with a U.S. Naval officer.

4/29-5/15 Noises Off Welk Theatre San Diego 4/22-5/29 Dinner with Marlene Lamb’s Players Theatre 1142 Orange Ave., Coronado 619.437.6000, lambsplayers.org

Powder your nose and bring your manners — Parisian singer and movie star Marlene Dietrich is hosting a dinner party in 1938 with Europe’s finest socialites… and you’re invited.

8860 Lawrence Welk Dr., Escondido 888.802.7469, welkresorts.com This comedy-within-a-comedy centers around the opening night of Nothing’s On, a farce of a performance that’s bound to flop as its cast appears hopeless to pull its act together backstage.



GREEN ROOM Crime | Thriller Director: Jeremy Saulnier Starring: Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots, Patrick Stewart In theatres: April 1

the reel deal

April’s motion picture preview

After performing at a backwoods venue in Oregon, a small-time punk band witnesses a murder by white supremacists and find themselves in the skinheads’ crosshairs.

By Michael Benninger

MILES AHEAD If you gonna tell a story, come with some attitude.


Drama | Biography Director: Don Cheadle Starring: Don Cheadle, Emayatzy Corinealdi, Ewan McGregor In theatres: April 15

Watch your assets.

Comedy Director: Ben Falcone Starring: Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Bell, Peter

When a writer for Rolling Stone shows up on the doorstep of aging jazz legend Miles Davis, the illustrious trumpeter shares his history with the scribe as the two embark on an outrageous adventure to reclaim a stolen recording.

Dinklage In theatres: April 8 Bankrupt and jailed for a flagrant corruption scandal, a formerly filthy-rich businesswoman moves in with a onetime employee and plots her return to the top.

DEMOLITION Life: some disassembly required.

Comedy | Drama Director: JeanMarc Vallée Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Naomi Watts, Chris Cooper In theatres: April 8

b rian do u glas



A wealthy investor who, in the wake of his wife’s sudden death, busies himself by writing revelatory letters to a vending machine company finds his footing when a struggling customer service agent responds to his subtle cries for help.


In theatres: April 15


Fear your dreams.

Forced to flee his jungle home, an orphan raised by wolves embarks on an eyeopening adventure with the help of his creepy, crawly and cuddly companions.

Kitten, please.

Thriller | Horror Director: Mike Flanagan Starring: Kate Bosworth, Thomas Jane, Jacob Tremblay In theatres: April 8


j ames b ridges

MR. RIGHT They make a killer couple.

Action | Rom-Com Director: Paco Cabezas Starring: Anna Kendrick, Sam Rockwell, Tim Roth In theatres: April 8 Following a string of failed relationships, a young woman falls for a seemingly ideal man only to learn of his past life as a hitman and of his former employers’ mission to silence him for good.

LOUDER THAN BOMBS Break the silence.

Drama Director: Joachim Trier Starring: Gabriel Byrne, Isabelle Huppert, Jesse Eisenberg In theatres: April 8 Three years after his wife’s death, a single father and his sons still struggle to connect with each other, especially in light of new information about the events surrounding the mother’s tragic demise.

THE JUNGLE BOOK Fantasy | Drama Director: Jon Favreau Starring: Scarlett Johansson, Bill Murray, Idris Elba

Everybody’s back for a fresh cut.

c h u c k z io t nic k

A couple takes in an orphaned insomniac and quickly realizes that the boy’s sleeplessness spawns from the fact that his dreams — as well as his nightmares — take on a physical form when he finally catches some ZZZs.

Comedy Director: Malcolm D. Lee Starring: Ice Cube, Nicki Minaj, Cedric the Entertainer In theatres: April 15

More than a decade after the original flick, the crew from Calvin’s Barbershop continues to keep it real. But when the neighborhood grows more dangerous, the stylists take it upon themselves to turn things around.

CRIMINAL The mission is in the memories.

Mystery | Crime Director: Ariel Vromen Starring: Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman, Tommy Lee Jones In theatres: April 15 A jailed sociopath becomes the subject of an experimental CIA program as he absorbs the consciousness of a recently deceased agent who held critical information the Feds are determined to discover.

THE HUNTSMAN: WINTER’S WAR Fantasy | Drama Director: Cedric Nicolas-Troyan Starring: Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth, Emily Blunt In theatres: April 22

Action | Adventure Director: Peter Atencio Starring: Jordan Peele, Keegan-Michael Key, Method Man In theatres: April 29 When his beloved kitten is ganked by gangsters, a sensitive man works with his cousin to track down the cat-nappers by posing as a pair of nononsense thugs.

THE MEDDLER Drama | Comedy Director: Lorene Scafaria Starring: Susan Sarandon, Rose Byrne, J.K. Simmons In theatres: April 29 A lonesome, recently widowed mother moves from L.A. to the Big Apple to spend more time with her daughter. But when things get too close for comfort, Mom takes a step back and makes some friends of her own.

MOTHER’S DAY Come celebrate the mother of all holidays.

Comedy Director: Garry Marshall Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts In theatres: April 29 This feel-good flick features a trio of intersecting stories that revolve around mothers and their relationships with their children at various stages of life.

This prequel to the Snow White story focuses on two wretched and royal sisters striving to build the world’s deadliest army, which only the Huntsman and his one true love can stop. APRIL 2016 • PACIFICSANDIEGO.coM




Rock In It

Spring styles where the beats boom Photos by Arlene Ibarra While CRSSD Festival version 3.0 was rocking downtown’s Waterfront Park March 5 and 6, here’s what (and who) some of the thousands of electronic music fans in attendance were rockin’. cont. on page 56

Danielle G., 31 Born: Fullerton, CA Resides: Newport Beach, CA Describe your style: “Easy-f***ing-going.” Favorite local boutiques: Thrift stores, Nordstrom. Who are you wearing? “Rag & Bone pants, Converse shoes, and thrift store bag and shirt.”



NOT A GYM, A LIFESTYLE New Fitness Programs, Group Ex Classes and More.




Brooke B., 21

Fashion cont. from page 54

Born: Baton Rouge, LA Resides: Tucson, AZ Describe your style: “Statement pieces all day.” Favorite local boutiques: Nylon and Verge Girl (online). Who are you wearing? “Vintage top from North Carolina, vintage purse and waist kimono, Nasty Gal pants.”

Lo G., 32

Born: Washington D.C. Resides: East Village Describe your style: “Carefree, fun, mixed eras.” Favorite local boutiques: American Apparel, Flashbacks. Who are you wearing? “Ed Hardy shirt, vintage jacket, scrubs pants and Nike shoes.”

Andrew H., 29 Born: Detroit Resides: Denver Describe your style: “Whatever is fun.” Favorite local boutiques: Suitsupply. Who are you wearing? “Penguin shorts, Converse, Into the AM tank, CRSSD Fest umbrella.”

Lisa L., 27

Born: Seoul, South Korea Resides: Chicago Describe your style: “Boyish chic.” Favorite local boutiques: Nasty Gal. Who are you wearing? “Tobi top, Hollister shorts and Vans.”



Mems P., 27

Born: East San Diego Resides: San Diego Describe your style: “Very comfy.” Favorite local boutiques: Macy’s, Nordstrom, H&M. Who are you wearing? “Holy Ship! robe, Hurley shirt, O’Neill shorts and Adidas.”

Kelsey O., 30

Born: Carman, IL Resides: Downtown Describe your style: “Bohemian.” Favorite local boutiques: Pretty Please Fashion. Who are you wearing? “Vintage romper and boots.”

Amanda D., 24

Born: Dallas Resides: Las Vegas Describe your style: “Black on black, laidback.” Favorite local boutiques: Nordstrom, Tilly’s. Who are you wearing? Unknown.



“The Artist” by Desarae Lee

Brilliant artists discuss their work More than a dozen blocks in Little Italy will close to vehicular traffic April 30 and May 1, making way for foot-traffic to the nth degree, as the 32nd annual Mission Federal ArtWalk fills the streets with hundreds of artists, and thousands of art lovers and buyers. In advance of the event, ArtWalk’s eight featured artists — selected from a roster of nearly 400 — spoke with PacificSD about their work and creative approaches.* One of these artists, Desarae Lee, created an original work for the cover of this magazine, offering a tangible glimpse into one of the city’s cultural rites of spring. artwalksandiego.org *To leave ample space to display the artists’ works, only excerpts from the interviews are included here. Read the complete interviews at pacificsandiego.com.

Desarae Lee

Birthplace: Whittier, California Place of residence: Salt Lake City, Utah DesaraeLee.com How do you describe your art and/or genre? People tell me my art is whimsical and dark. I think of it as surrealist, meaning I try to keep my conscious mind out of what I’m creating. I guess if it comes across as whimsical and dark, those are the things that are lurking inside of my subconscious. What does being a featured artist in the Mission Federal ArtWalk mean to you? I’ve been doing the Mission Federal ArtWalk San Diego for a number of years and I’ve always loved my experience there. The people who come



to this show are knowledgeable and thoughtful about art. Being a featured artist means that I might get the chance to talk to more people and to share what I’m about with a wider audience. It is also flattering to be acknowledged by an organization that I respect. If you could meet and learn from any artist, living or dead, who would you choose? Picasso is the artist I would most want to meet. Whatever that “it” is that separates the genius from the rest of us, he had “it” in abundance. I would love the chance to learn from him.

“Metamorphosis II” by Desarae Lee



Dave Ness

Birthplace: San Diego Place of residence: Point Loma DaveNessPhotography.com

How do you describe your art and/or genre? If I say “photography,” most people already think they know what it will look like: crisp, accurate representations of a beautiful scene. And, yes, I do have some of those, but my style for the past few years has been more impressionistic. I find scenes that have a calming voice and then I think about how I could capture the scene, not in a perfectly representative fashion, but in a way that captures the mood and feeling. Sometimes that means I move the camera while it’s capturing the scene, creating blur and resulting in an impressionistic image. Other times, I choose a time with soft light and use a long shutter speed to blur moving items, creating a painterly feeling. My work is definitely not typical photography. The number one comment I get from people viewing my work is, “These look like paintings; are they really photographs?” And to clarify, the techniques I use are all in the camera and the way in which I capture the image, not by using post-processing software. What does being a featured artist in the Mission Federal ArtWalk mean to you? Well, of course, it’s an honor to be featured. It is particularly special because the Mission Federal ArtWalk was my first big show, in 2010. So, to have started at this show and to now be featured feels like a nice milestone. My first time showing, I had a 10-foot-by10-foot booth and I was positioned next to a featured artist. He was a nice guy and was patient enough to answer any question I had. I remember being in awe of the pieces he was selling and how he had developed his artistic skills. I think about him often as I’ve worked to develop my artistic skills.


Deanna Rae Cummins

Birthplace: Southern California Place of residence: Alta Loma, California TheRaeCollection.com

How do you describe your art and/or genre? I express through a realism style, although I do not prefer a hyper-realistic finish with every last intricate detail filled out to render a 3D photograph. My focus is on those parts of the animal that help tell an emotional story. By using écorché, an age-old technique for studying anatomy, I find my work expresses a tangible complexity gone unnoticed when viewing the living creature. Accuracy is important, although emotion and storytelling would never be sacrificed to render what already exists. What does being a featured artist in the Mission Federal ArtWalk mean to you? It is always an honor to be a featured artist, as the Mission Federal ArtWalk seeks to connect communities, cultivate new artistic talent and create a better quality of life for all through cultural enrichment through art. I find it an inspirational opportunity to be part of an organization that seeks such riches in culture.

If you could meet and learn from any artist, living or dead, who would you choose? I think it would be a painter who is successful in creating similarly calming and beautiful snippets of nature, then understand why they paint it the way they do. I’d want to know how they select the colors and how they use light. You see, we photographers must work with what is really in the scene.

If you could meet and learn from any artist, living or dead, who would you choose? I have an affinity for our great masters — Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Degas, et cetera — who continue to offer great opportunities of study through the work they have left for our enjoyment.

FROM TOP: “River Calm” and “Winter Leaves” by Dave Ness.

“Poise #4” by Deanna Rae Cummins


Irina Negulescu Birthplace: Constanta, Romania Place of residence: College Area Negulescu.com

How do you describe your art and/or genre? While I focus mainly on the female figure, my work is less realism than it is expressionism. I like to create my own idea of an enhancement of an image or scene — through technique, perspective and color — in order to embellish the moment captured. Even when painting other subjects [including] seascapes and children, I like to try to capture more of my own emotion about the scene than true-to-life accuracy. It just feels much more liberating. What does being a featured artist in the Mission Federal ArtWalk mean to you? I have been part of the Mission Federal ArtWalk many times, and there is certainly a bit more excitement to being chosen as one of the featured artists. It challenges the artist a bit more than usual, as you certainly want to represent the event well, putting your best foot forward, if you will. The increased exposure is certainly appreciated, and the Mission Federal ArtWalk staff has always been wonderful, so the chance to work more directly with them is always a delight. If you could meet and learn from any artist, living or dead, who would you choose? I have many favorite artists, and with years they multiply, but a particular one that stuck with me is Renoir. He celebrated beauty and light in his art, as well as in his life. Of all the impressionists, he was the only one interested in painting people and their emotion. Probably because of him, I do not use black on my palette. He believed that shadows were reflections of the objects surrounding them, therefore black was nonexistent. Some years back, while I was working on an important, large commissioned piece, I had a Rollerblade accident, and my hand was in a cast for a few months. I remembered the story of how Renoir strapped his brush to his arthritic, paralyzed fingers and continued his work. I did the same and it worked. I would have loved to meet and learn from him in person. “Sweet Serenity” by Irina Negulescu



“Mellow Matt” by Leslie Pierce

Leslie Pierce Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York Place of residence: Golden Hill ArtistLesliePierce.com

How do you describe your art and/or genre? I am an inventive, original, contemporary artist who enjoys blurring the distinctions between abstract and figurative, and adventuring in merging media. What does being a featured artist in the Mission Federal ArtWalk mean to you?



Being a featured artist in the Mission Federal ArtWalk 2016 is an honor and it gives me the fantastic opportunity to reach more people. I never tire from talking about art or creating new art, so come by and chat for a spell. I also will be doing live painting demos during the fair. If you could meet and learn from any artist, living or dead, who would you choose? Robert Rauschenberg, because he was and is still the most inventive and pure 100-percent-artist who painted, created performance art, was one of the very first to use multiple image silk-screening in his art, invented the combine and never let being broke discourage or stop him from painting. He was a creative genius who crossed over bounds, deeply cared about things and who was very approachable, generous, humble and lived the definition of “life is art” and “art is life.”

“Winter” by Lynden St. Victor

Lynden St. Victor Birthplace: Tucson, Arizona Place of residence: Carlsbad StVictorDiaries.com

How do you describe your art and/or genre? I have no idea. Surrealist, I guess. I just start working on a piece with a story in mind and stand back and look at the result and say, “Oh, that’s what it’s going to look like.” What does being a featured artist in the Mission Federal ArtWalk mean to you? It’s both an honor and a responsibility. I’m sure I’m not the only artist to feel this — there is pressure to present the best of your work and to create something especially unique, while at the same time acting like you deserve this recognition. If you could meet and learn from any artist, living or dead, who would you choose? Mark Ryden, because he’s alive. Dead ones don’t talk much… or eat much, for that matter, so I guess I could pay for the lunch.

“Black Dahlia” brooch pendant by Theresa Kwong

Theresa Kwong Birthplace: Hong Kong, China Place of residence: San Mateo, California TKMetalArts.com

How do you describe your art and/or genre? My jewelry work is sculptural and dimensional, composed of light and airy curves, with visual movement. Anticlastic raising is a metal-forming technique based on the hyperbolic paraboloid, like a saddle or Pringles potato chip. I use various hammers to slowly coax thin sheets of metal into strong but delicate-looking organic forms. I prefer working directly with metal to form and construct my jewelry, ensuring their uniqueness. My work is available as very limited production or one-of-a-kind pieces, all handmade by myself in my home studio. What does being a featured artist in the

Mission Federal ArtWalk mean to you? It is a tremendous honor to be selected as a Mission Federal ArtWalk featured artist, and to have an opportunity to share my aesthetics with others is a privilege. It is an approval of my work and an encouragement for me to continue in doing what I love. If you could meet and learn from any artist, living or dead, who would you choose? I am lucky to have learned anticlastic raising from the esteemed goldsmith Michael Good. It would be equally enlightening to learn from the architect Félix Candela, whose buildings are also based on the hyperbolic parabola.



Sarah Stieber Birthplace: San Diego Place of residence: North Park AdelmanFineArt.com

How do you describe your art and/or genre? I call my vibrant figurative painting style “Electric Realism.” I aim for my work to show an amplified and electric depiction of human experiences. Consistent themes I explore in my paintings are mindfulness, resilience and personal transformation.



What does being a featured artist in the Mission Federal ArtWalk mean to you? I am honored to have been chosen as a featured artist for Mission Federal ArtWalk. Being a featured artist has opened the door to exciting new opportunities for artistic expression and collaboration. I’m so excited to premier at Mission Federal ArtWalk the first ever #ElectricRainProject performance piece on the main stage, which will be a collaboration with PGK dance company. I am also thrilled that my painting “Fish Out of Water” will be featured on the event poster.

This support has encouraged me to revisit my fascination with water and create a new body of water-themed paintings. If you could meet and learn from any artist, living or dead, who would you choose? Beyoncé. I’m so inspired by how she has tapped into so many art forms — music, film, set design, dance — and how she bravely expresses emotional vulnerability and fierceness in her art. I also respect how she has creatively championed feminism and racial equality while maintaining mass appeal.

FROM TOP: “Electric Rain Project” and “Long Hair Don’t Care” by Sarah Stieber.



ARTS DESIRE Satisfying creative appetites with a broad palette of April gallery and exhibition openings By Sarah Pfledderer

4.1-5/15: “50 to Watch”

The Studio Door 3750 30th St., North Park 619.255.4920, thestudiodoor.com Returning for a second year, this regional exhibition spotlights San Diego’s top visual artists, whose work is also displayed in a national publication by the same name. “Arizona Jack” by Cathy Carey 66


4.1-5.29: “In Style with Tile” Women’s Museum of California 2730 Historic Decatur Rd., Ste. 103, Liberty Station 619.233.7963, womensmuseumca.org As part of the “15th Annual Mosaic Arts International Exhibition” (comprised of this show and one at Valencia Gallery in Liberty Station), the museum celebrates established and emerging mosaic artists. “Millennium” by Atsuko Laskaris

4.1-6.5: “An Archaeologist’s Eye” by Katherine A. Schwab Timken Museum of Art 1500 El Prado, Balboa Park 619.239.5548, timkenmuseum.org A visual and performing arts professor resurrects architecture of the Parthenon through drawings, offering a glimpse inside the famous temple once inhabited by ancient Greeks. “Parthenon West Pediment” by Katherine Schwab

4.2: “Forces of Nature” by Sierra Colt and Brady Willmott

GETTING THE PICTURE A peek inside ongoing museum exhibitions By Sarah Pfledderer

Mingei International Museum Now through July 10: “Asafo Flags from Ghana” See 37 flags that once flew as representations of rivalry between military organizations known as Asafo in Ghana, but which now commemorate peaceful, ceremonial occasions in the West African country. mingei.org

Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCASD) Now through July 4: Do Ho Suh Take a tour of Do Ho Suh’s New York apartment as MCASD is transformed into a maze-like installation of the artist’s living quarters, fashioned with fabric swaths and stainless steel. mcasd.org

TPG2 1475 University Ave., Hillcrest 858.354.6294, tpg2.net Two tattoo artists display their latest oil paintings.

Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA) Now through May 29: “Seeing is Believing?” Explore the origins of photography and unanswered questions surrounding the art form, and its global and historical influences. mopa.org

“The Guitarist” by Sierra Colt

“Totem, Mexico” by Flor Garduño

Now through May 29: “Trilogy” by Flor Garduño In the black and white photography for which she’s renowned, Mexican photographer Flor Garduño conveys three principal themes, which she’s carried throughout her career: mythical animals, fantastic women and silent natures.

4.2-8.2: “Brueghel to Canaletto” The San Diego Museum of Art (SDMA) 1450 El Prado, Balboa Park 619.232.7931, sdmart.org See 40 still life and landscape paintings by 17th-century Dutch, Flemish and Spanish artists.

”Still Life with Fruit, Olives and Chinese Porcelain” by Florisvan Dyck

Now through December 31: “America’s Cathedrals: Photography and the National Parks” Timed for the National Park Service’s centennial, MOPA pulls from its permanent collection images that illuminate the importance of photography in the path toward preserving the country’s natural treasures. APRIL 2016 • PACIFICSANDIEGO.coM


4.8: “Sirens” by Jared Lazar Visual Shop 3776 30th St., North Park 619.501.5585, visualshopsd.com See original works that incorporate elements of surf/ skateboard culture and graffiti/street art to portray a slice of SoCal life.

4.2-10.2: “Mingei of Japan” Mingei International Museum 1439 El Prado, Balboa Park 619.239.0003, mingei.org Glimpse rarely seen textiles, folk paintings, pottery and other Japanese folk-art treasures. “Wrapping Cloth (Furoshiki)” by unknown artist

“Cephalopod” by Jared Lazar

4.9-5.7: “Stray Voltage” by Casey Weldon Distinction Gallery 317 E Grand Ave., Escondido 760.707.2770, distinctionart.com

A Portland-based artist presents 20 acrylic paintings that depict mysterious glowing lights.

4.9-6.5: “Xanadu” by Gloria Muriel Sparks Gallery 530 Sixth Ave., Downtown 619.696.1416, sparksgallery.com See new works portraying goddesses and deities from Mayan, Hindu and other cultures around the world.

“Humbug” by Casey Weldon



“Queen Maya” by Gloria Muriel

New Americans Museum Now through May 29: “I Want the Wide American Earth: An Asian Pacific American Story” The Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center’s traveling exhibit examines how Asian Pacific Americans have influenced and been influenced by U.S. history. newamericansmuseum.org

Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA) Now through May 1: “Luminous” by Deanne Sabeck In this showcase of her sculptures, artist Deanne Sabeck lets her art’s viewers manipulate blinds and shutters to draw their own visual conclusions of light and darkness. oma-online.org Now through May 29: “Street Art Reinterpreted” by Bill Rastetter Photographer Bill Rastetter layers snapshots of graffiti and street art, some of which he captured in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to create a mashup of art and activism. Now through June 12: “Light Sentences and Light Traps” by Laddie John Dill This exhibit is a coming together of three installations: “Light Sentences,” incandescent vertical tubes; “Light Plains,” fluorescent lights among sand mounds; and “Light Traps,” aircraft aluminum wall pieces. “Headlight Child” by Marjorie Nodelman

4.11-23: “Inner Dimensions” by Jeremy Sicile-Kira

Space 4 Art 325 15th St., Downtown 619.269.7230, jeremysvision.com Artist Jeremy Sicile-Kira suffers from nonverbal autism and synesthesia, the latter of which is akin to a blurring of the lines between senses. His neurological processing enables/forces him to see letters, words and emotions in color, which brings vibrant life to this collection of his paintings of people he’s met and places he’s visited. “The Beautiful Colors of James Van Praagh and His Spirit” by Jeremy Sicile-Kira

4.16-30: “Art Exonerated” Alexander Salazar Fine Arts 1040 Seventh Ave., Downtown 619.531.8996, alexandersalazarfineart.com San Diego-based art dealer Alexander Salazar, whose father was a victim of gun violence, presents a collection of art created by prison inmates. “Clown Series” by Estrada R.

Now through June 26: Marjorie Nodelman See figurative pop art and works in surrealism by“HEADLIGHT late painter and sculptor CHILD #2” 1980, 7’-3”X6’-9’, OIL & ENAMEL ON CANVAS, 2 SECTIONS Marjorie Nodelman, who CANVAS RE-FRAMED & RE-MOUNTED BY FREDwas LANZ a driving PAINTING SURFACE RESTORED BY ELLEN IRVINE, force in launching the art scene in PAINTING SAVED & STORED SINCE 1992 BY DAVID DYE COLLECTION OF MARJORIE & ROBERT NIEDRINGHAUS downtown San Diego. Now through July 24: “A Dual Retrospective” by Robin Bright and Tom Driscoll Two San Diego artists’ creations and careers meld into a single exhibit that spotlights Driscoll’s sculptures, which comprise discarded remnants of marine instruments, and Bright’s collection of structures involving materials such as foam, resin and metal. APRIL 2016 • PACIFICSANDIEGO.coM


4.16-7.3: “Recurring Dream” by Gay Lasher Visions Art Museum 2825 Dewey Rd., Ste. 100, Liberty Station 619.546.4872, visionsartmuseum.org A Colorado-based artist used six digital manipulations of an image of a young man walking into a house to stitch together a collection of colorful quilts.

4.29-5.1: Art Alive 2016 San Diego Air & Space Museum Now through January 2017: “Da Vinci: The Ultimate Innovator” See replicas and physical representations of Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings and inventions including the bicycle, hang glider and helicopter. sandiegoairandspace.org

San Diego Automotive Museum Now through May 27: “British Invasion” See James Bond’s Aston Martin and other popular and unusual cars exported from the U.K. to the U.S. beginning in the 1950s. sdautomuseum.org

San Diego Museum of Art (SDMA) Now through October 11: “Ferocious Bronze” See 28 wildlife sculptures by Arthur Putnam (1873- 1930), a celebrated California sculptor who created works using the lost-wax bronze-casting process. sdmart.org

San Diego Museum of Man Now through February 2017: “BEERology” Take one down, pass it around and tap into the artifacts and often odd stories behind the origins of craft brewing across cultures. (Beer not included.) museumofman.org Now through TBD date: “Cannibals: Myth & Reality” Get a taste of cannibalism in this long-term exhibit, offering surprising insight into those with appetites for their same species.

San Diego Natural History Museum (theNAT) Now through September 5: “Whales: Giants of the Deep” Sperm whale skeletons, whalebone treasures, a blue whale heart replica and other interactivities bring the world of whales to the surface. Dive in! sdnhm.org



“Recurring Dream 2” by Gay Lasher

“Colorforms in Colorspace #12” by John Sennhauser; floral interpretation by Apua Garbutt

The San Diego Museum of Art (SDMA) 1450 El Prado, Balboa Park 619.232.7931, sdmart.org Spring into the 35th celebration of Art Alive, SDMA’s annual fundraiser featuring more than 100 floral interpretations of works from the museum’s permanent collection.

4/30-8/28: “Best of Nature” San Diego Natural History Museum 1788 El Prado, Balboa Park 619.232.3821, sdnhm.org Amateur and professional photographers from around the world submit their landscape and nature-centric imagery for judging in this annual competition. (A 2015 entry seen here.)

“Sunrise Flight” by Carol Parker

4/29-9/4: “Brush and Ink” The San Diego Museum of Art (SDMA) 1450 El Prado, Balboa Park 619.232.7931, sdmart.org Travel through time, from the 15th century to present day via this exhibit of Chinese ink paintings, scrolls and fans — and contemporary works by Chinese artist Pan Gongkai, the show’s curator. “Old Man with Gourd” by Qi Baishi




DINING OUT 72 what’s cooking 84 beer 86

Rolling in Dough Pizza purveyor presents pies, pasta, pizzazz By David Nelson | Photos by Kate and Michael Auda On the ground floor of a downtown building that looks good enough to eat, a row of visual cues suggests that the artfully designed space could be seen as one big pizza box. Make that a BIGA pizza box, since the equally artful new BIGA Cucinato A Legno occupies these highrising premises in the Samuel Fox Building on Broadway at Sixth. cont. on page 74

BIGA’s Diavola pizza.






cont. from page 72

ungry patrons may rush to the back-ofthe-room counter to place orders, not noticing the racks of potted herbs, the bins of firewood, the pair of tiled ovens and the bustling open kitchen. Taken as a series, these elements represent the requirements essential to building great BIGA pizzas, the Naples-style pies that star on a menu also flush with Northern Italian specialties cooked in flame-heated ovens. The savory spectacle seems right at home in the beautiful 1929 building, constructed to house one of San Diego’s most distinguished clothiers. It helps to know that biga is the sourdough starter that Neapolitan pizzaioli (pizza makers) use to ferment dough that eventually is cucinato a legno (baked in wood-fired ovens). The local chef/ restaurateur most mindful of this is Tae Dickey, a 37-year-old raised in Maryland. He owns a prestige degree from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, and one day realized that making biga means making dough. Dickey desired a classy space not surrounded by downtown watering holes, and the long-empty showroom in the Fox structure — which is fronted with elegant iron-work, huge windows, lacy terra cotta friezes and stylish tiles — was the answer. To brush a contemporary overlay onto the Roaring Twenties interior, Dickey contracted Point of Departure Architecture. The firm emphasized the light that pours through two virtual walls of windows by white-washing the columns between them, placing a single olive tree near the center of the dining room, and paneling the wall above the kitchen with rich wood. At one end, a marquee-like BIGA is cont. on page 76 spelled in glowing lights. It’s on Broadway.

CLOCKWISE (from top right): Fresh-baked bread at BIGA; burrata with truffle cream and pea tendrils; Italian pork cuts; BIGA’s Chicory salad with a warm egg; inside downtown’s new BIGA; housemade mozzarella; Kohlrabi Gratin.







CLOCKWISE (from top left): BIGA’s milk-braised pork; potted herbs inside BIGA; pizza fritta; BIGA chef and restaurateur Tae Dickey.

cont. from page 74

“Dickey’s distinctive cuisine arrives on plates as design-focused as BIGA.”


Dickey’s distinctive cuisine arrives on plates as design-focused as BIGA. A man who knows what he wants (and how to sell, given the diner-friendly price-point), Dickey insists on top-notch ingredients, many produced inhouse. The letters “HM” repeat across the menu, describing “house made” mozzarella and Italian sausage, both sensational. Even the simplest and most traditional of the pizzas, the Margherita, is lavished with the creamy mozzarella. Surrounded by a handsomely puckered rim of dough, which Neapolitans call “the frame” and typically ignore, the cheese is studded with a few oven-blackened basil leaves and set above just enough perfectly flavored sauce, made from fancy San Marzano tomatoes, of course.

are surprises like pappardelle Alfredo, tossed table-side until the pasta is creamy with butter and Parmesan. The wood-roasted all-natural hangar steak is exquisite, as is deluxe, made-to-order warm mozzarella doused with sophisticated truffle cream. Gently priced but beautifully prepared cuisine is a novelty on the Southwest corner of Sixth and Broadway, and Dickey dictates an environment that matches the fare. There is not a single television monitor in the restaurant, and there never will be, he says. “If guests want TV, they can go to a sports bar,” Dickey says. “I want guests to focus on the food.”

“I hit with salt and fat,” says Dickey, describing the effects he wrings from all-purpose Italian bacon called lardo. On his gnudi, or “naked” cheese ravioli (there is no pasta), he pours intensely green, very herbal pesto that he specifies “is true Genoa-style, smooth and silky.” There

BIGA 950 Sixth Ave., Downtown 619.794.0444, bigasandiego.com




Mon-Fri 3-7pm 1/2 Off All Drinks & Appetizers

$15 Bottomless Mimosas 10am-2pm • Live Music On Sundays 619.230.8606

401 G St






SDCM corporate executive chef Brian Redzikowski.

Will You Maui Me?

An island-inspired love story By David Nelson | Photos by Kate and Michael Auda Chef Brian Redzikowski has his eye on greener pastures thanks to The Grass Skirt, the SDCM group’s newest beach-area hospitality venture. Recently named SDCM corporate executive chef, Redzikowski will also preside over the under-construction Good Time Poke, which, along with The Grass Skirt, replaces the former Good Time Charlie’s on Grand Avenue in Pacific Beach. A “hidden” tiki bar accessible through a secret entrance, The Grass Skirt is likely to become a prime hideout, offering Polynesian-esque drinks and chow that wowed your great-grandparents’ generation. In fact, the nostalgic genre is enjoying such a strong resurgence that another tiki joint is also in the works in the neighborhood. cont. on page 80 78





2 4 H O U R S A D A Y

The most important meal of the day...

served at all hours of day and night.


Brian’s 24’s Waffle Cristo — ham, turkey and melted cheddar cheese between two halves of a bacon waffle, sprinkled with powdered sugar. Served with sweet potato fries and warm maple syrup on the side.






DINING OUT cont. from page 78

ABOVE: Patio dining at P.B.’s Firehouse. BELOW: Kobe beef sliders at Firehouse.

“T he minimalistic environment and laser focus on fresh fish at Good Time Poke by day,” says Redzikowski, “will pose a stark contrast to the otherworldly experience to be had inside The Grass Skirt, which will serve Asian-Hawaiian dishes at night.” After the new place starts rocking, the chef will spend the bulk of his time at Kettner Exchange (KEX), the Little Italy flagship of SDCM, whose growing empire includes P.B.’S FIREHOUSE American Eatery + Lounge; Vin de Syrah and Analog in Gaslamp; and Devil’s Dozen, the wickedly creative donut den adjacent to KEX. cont. on page 82





DOWNTOWN LOCATION 1007 5th Avenue #101 San Diego, CA 92101

8280 Mira Mesa Blvd. Ste. E San Diego, CA 92126


6 19 . 2 3 4 . 0 6 2 8


4646 Convoy Street #106A San Diego, CA 92111


(Entrance is on Broadway & 5th Ave.)

Experience Seafood The Way It Should Be.


DINING OUT cont. from page 80

“I want to get the whole culinary team together on the same page and under the same umbrella, so it won’t be like one restaurant is better than the others,” says Redzikowski of his new post. “I’m lowkey; I try to do my thing.” One of these things was revamping the FIREHOUSE menu. “We switched the menu to the seasonal approach of Kettner Exchange,” Redzikowski says. “The food reflects the beach. It’s sort of upscale bar food.” (As in Chicago-style mini hot dogs that bark three to a plate.) Redzikowski grew up around New York state, graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and learned to love New York City while cooking at Le Cirque 2000. When invited to prepare two stylish dinners at the James Beard House, a Manhattan prestigious culinary landmark funded by selling tickets to



dinners made by top chefs, he jumped at the opportunity. “It took a lot of money and a lot of time,” he says of an experience that lasted nearly a week. “We took five significant people from the KEX kitchen and we had full houses for our dinners.” One was themed around seafood from Canada’s rich Skuna Bay, and the Friday finale featured the creative fare served at KEX. “My biggest thing was showing NYC and its diversity of food to my cooks,” Redzikowski says. “I love New York.” The Grass Skirt and Good Time Poke — coming late 2016 910 Grand Ave., Pacific Beach thegrassskirt.com

ABOVE: Firehouse’s Lox Sandwich LEFT: Mini Chicago Dogs.




What’s COOking

Meat Me




ational Garlic Day is April 19, and I’m celebrating with a slab of reverse-seared steak glistening with garlic-infused compound butter. First, let’s talk about the meat. The reverse-sear method starts with a seasoned steak cooking in a low oven until the internal temperature hits 125°F. After a brief rest, the steak is then seared on a smoking-hot cast-iron skillet for just 45 seconds per side. Surrounded by a gloriously golden crust, the finished steak is tender and medium-rare from top to bottom. Cooking the steak in the oven first helps break down the fat and connective tissue, resulting in a steak that’s both melting and juicy. The time spent in the oven also dries out the surface of the meat, which helps to achieve a perfectly even sear. As long as you’ve got a meat thermometer (preferably instant-read), this method really is foolproof. Elevate this steak to the next level with a compound butter infused with parsley, garlic, chive, lemon and black pepper. As the butter melts on the hot steak, the flavors permeate the surface of the meat. The combination of golden crust and garlic butter will surely induce a yum face. This recipe can easily scale up for 2 to 4 people. Simply cook all the steaks on one baking sheet, and then sear in two cast-iron pans. The compound butter recipe below will make enough for 8 large rib-eye steaks.

for dinner How to steak a claim for your next meal Recipe and photos by Brandon Matzek E as y

ecipe folloRw me!

Reverse-Seared Steak with Garlic Herb Butter Ingredients For the butter: 1/2 cup finely chopped Italian parsley 2 tbsp. finely sliced chives 2 cloves garlic, grated or minced (1 tsp.) 1 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil 3/4 tsp. kosher salt 1/4 tsp. freshly ground black pepper 1 stick (1/2 cup) unsalted butter, at room temperature 1 tbsp. lemon juice For the steak: 1 (1 1/2-inch thick) boneless rib-eye steak Kosher salt Freshly ground black pepper

Process Compound Flavor. Place parsley, chive, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper in a food processor, pulsing several times until herbs are well combined and finely chopped. Add the butter and lemon juice, and process until well combined. Scrape butter onto parchment paper, then roll into a tight log, twisting the ends to seal. Chill for 2 hours before serving. Reverse Sear. Preheat an oven to 250°F. Season steak generously with kosher salt and black pepper, then place on a baking sheet fitted with a rack. Roast in the oven until an instant-read thermometer reads 125°F for medium rare (45 55 minutes). Let rest for 5 minutes. Preheat a cast iron skillet over medium-high heat while the steak rests. The skillet should be smoking hot. Sear the steak in the hot skillet until deeply golden on both sides (about 45 seconds per side). Let rest for 10 minutes. Serve with slices of garlic herb butter.





Take It from the tap A monthly taste of beer from here

By Brandon Hernández



ill Batten was an integral cog in the AleSmith machine for well over a decade, ascending to the rank of Senior Brewer at the Miramar interest. When AleSmith moved to a new, much-larger facility, it handed the keys to its original brewery to worldfamous Danish gypsybrewer Mikkel Borg Bjergso to open Mikkeller Brewing San Diego. They also handed over Batten to Bjergso to ensure the new Mikkeller beers (produced as part of a creative partnership between Bjergso and AleSmith’s owners) will be great from the get-go when that longawaited newcomer to San Diego’s sudsscene opens on the weekend of April 15.

meet your maker




You go way back in San Diego’s brewing history. Tell us about your many Brewmaster Q&A years in the industry. with Bill Batten I got into homebrewing Head Brewer, Mikkeller in the fall of 2001. After getting the brewing bug, I Brewing, San Diego started looking into getting number three. I also helped out into the professional brewing industry. I on brewing and packaging days until 2004, started volunteering at AleSmith under its when I began brewing on AleSmith’s original 15-barrel system while also doing sales, original owner and, when current owner Peter Zien purchased the company in 2002, I was events, festivals and spreading the good word hired on as a sales rep, becoming employee about craft beer. In 2008, I got to assist with

removing the original system and installing the current 30-barrel system still in use today. During my time at AleSmith, I was able to help develop processes and recipes, and be part of an amazing staff that made the company what it has become today. cont. on page 88

Over 30 tastes from around the world


30 PRE-SALE « $35 EVENT DAY fabuloushillcrest.com






BEER cont. from page 86

meet your maker


What are some of the key differences and similarities between AleSmith and Mikkeller Brewing San Diego? When it comes to similarities, there will be an obvious focus on quality and process. As far as differences, the beers that we will be making are out of a completely different book. While they are balanced and similar to the AleSmith profile, the overall character is much more assertive than the beers brewed by AleSmith and will have more range of yeast character based on the different strains that we will be using at Mikkeller Brewing San Diego. When will Mikkeller Brewing San Diego open and what sort of beers can visitors expect? We are working on an opening date of April 16. We have been working on the final recipe formulation for our American Pale Ale, IPA and porter, which have been available around town, for the grand opening. We are working on other recipes that will be unveiled at the time of our opening as well. Our goal is to have upwards of 18 different beers on tap for the opening, including one-off variants. What are some of your favorite San Diego County breweries and beers? AleSmith, of course, and its Speedway Stout, IPA and Nut Brown ale; Societe for the Bachelor single-hop IPA series and The Pupil IPA; Monkey Paw for its Muriqui double IPA and Sweet Georgia Brown; and Fall with its 2 a.m. Bike Ride coffee stout served on nitro. Mikkeller Brewing Company 9368 Cabot Dr., Miramar mikkeller.dk



do me a flavor New beers to cheers

Frankenstout It’s alive! Or rather, they’re alive! “They” being the 96 yeast strains that went into this monster of a beer. Typically, one or maybe two yeast strains are used to ferment a beer, but with this tall, dark, outlandish imperial stout, the mad scientists at Beeramar-based White Labs (the world’s No. 1 yeast-production company) dared to see what would happen if they pitched all their yeast varieties simultaneously and let them battle for supremacy. The result is a bold, complex brew with more personality than Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde put together. White Labs, 9495 Candida St., Miramar, whitelabs.com

Easy Up Pale Ale It took 21 years to get their beers into a can, but Coronado Brewing finally offers its core brews in snazzy aluminum emblazoned with an updated iteration of its iconic mermaid logo. But that’s not the only first this seaside stalwart is celebrating. Believe it or not, CBC has never packaged a pale ale… until now. Botanically bolstered by Cascade and Mandarina Bavaria hops, it’s piney, citrusy and as perfect as the can it comes in is for San Diego’s sunny season. Coronado Brewing Co., multiple locations, coronadobrewing.com cont. on page 90

Ocean Views...

restaurant & wine bar

as far as the eye can sea.


Outstanding oceanfront dining in the heart of Del Mar. Since 1968.

Poseidon on the beach 1670 Coast Blvd., Del Mar | (858) 755-9345 | poseidonrestaurant.com



Come celebrate Winesdays


DOWNTOWN (EAST VILLAGE) 906 Market St. San Diego, CA 92101

50% off wines all day/night


HILLCREST 3761 6th Ave. San Diego, CA 92103

every Wednesday








@blueicevodkausa APRIL 2016 • PACIFICSANDIEGO.coM





cont. from page 88

What’s new in brew or coming soon

Burning Beard Brewing

let’s go to the hops

Established under the name Promethean Brewing, this upstart company rebranded around the beerindustry’s most fashionable facial accessory, touching down in El Cajon right when the community needed it most. In January, URBN St. Brewing closed, leaving the city with a gaping hole that is now being ably filled by Burning Beard’s Dankness (IPA) and Darkness (imperial stout), as well as lighter numbers such as a Pilsner-style lager, low-ABV Belgian table-beer, hefeweizen, pale, porter and coffee-infused stout. 785 Vernon Way, El Cajon, burningbeardbrewing.com

Culver Beer Company Also playing the name game is this business, which originally aimed to be its community’s namesake suds-factory behind the moniker Palomar Brewing Company. A last-minute change had to be made, but Culver’s beer recipes remain intact. First drafts include an 8% ABV Belgian-style blonde called Tiger Ride, a Mosaic-hopped saison dubbed Strange Ways, an Irish stout and two red ales — a traditional variety called The Culver and a version steeped with cherries, apricot and almonds going by Amaretto Red. 2719 Loker Ave. West, Carlsbad, culverbeer.com

APRIL beer events

April 9 Craft Brew Circus The I-15 Brew Festival and Orange County Food, Wine and Music Festival have combined forces and are taking their show on the road, starting in San Diego. It’s two festivals rolled into one to provide more bang for your buck. Liberty Station, 2171 Dewey Rd., Point Loma, craftbrewcircus.com



April 23 CityBeat Festival of Beers Spend a day sipping local ales and lagers while supporting the San Diego Music Foundation at this legit fest in the hipster heart of beer-geek central. Lafayette Hotel, 2223 El Cajon Blvd., North Park, sandiegomusicfoundation.org/beerfest

Brandon Hernández is a native San Diegan with a fervent passion for craft beer and the talented individuals who produce it. He is the author of Complete Guide to San Diego Breweries, Marketing Manager for AleSmith Brewing Co. and contributes beer-centric content to national and San Diego-based publications. The first publication for which he ever wrote about beer was PacificSD. Follow him on Twitter: @sdbeernews and @ offdutyfoodie.



Bikes Boards and Brews Local breweries paired with local restaurants





GROOVE Ellie 4.23 Goulding

@ SDSU’s Viejas Arena, as.sdsu.edu

D av id R oemer


Indie pop artist Elena Jane “Ellie” Goulding rose to fame in 2012, when her single “Lights” reached No. 2 on Billboard’s “Hot 100” chart. The 29-year-old Londoner has enjoyed even more success with her subsequent hits “Burn” (2013), “Something in the Way You Move” (2015) and “Love Me Like You Do” (2015), which was recorded for the film Fifty Shades of Grey and scored a 2016 Grammy Award nomination in the “Best Pop Solo Performance” category. (Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” won the trophy.) Among other stops the singersongwriter will make during her North American tour (in support of her new album Delirium, which dropped in November) are two Friday nights in Indio, where Goulding will perform at the Coachella Valley Music Festival just before LCD Soundsystem takes the stage. cont. on page 94


sound decisions 92 spin cycle 100 bartender 102


sound decisions


cont. from page 92

APRIL CONCERT calendar By Catlin Dorset

@ Soda Bar, sodabarmusic.com Hardcore punk foursome on its 30-year Anniversary Tour.

Alt. rocker on a one-month acoustic tour throughout the U.S.

4/1: Tyler the Creator

Chris Brown is featured on this R&B artist’s recent single “Player.”

@ Harrah’s Resort SoCal, harrahssocal.com These alt. rockers are writing songs with Elton John for their forthcoming fifth album, due out later this year.

4/2: William Singe @ Observatory North Park, observatorysd.com In 2015, this pop singer left boy band The Collective to pursue his solo career.

@ Humphrey’s Concerts by the Bay, humphreysconcerts.com

@ The Irenic, casbahmusic.com

@ House of Blues, hob.com

4/2: The Killers

4/5: Tori Kelly

4/1: Peter Murphy

tinashe S mall z & R as k ind

Sounds Like a Plan

4/1: Sick Of It All

In February, Victoria “Tori” Kelly received a “Best New Artist” Grammy Award nomination. Fellow pop artist Meghan Trainor took home the golden gramophone.

4/6: Tank

4/8: Fonseca

@ Music Box, musicboxsd.com

@ House of Blues, hob.com

Chris Brown, Drake and Busta Rhymes are a few of the artists with whom this R&B artist has collaborated.

Latin pop artist on the road to promote his recent album, Conexión, which dropped in October.

4/7: Amon Amarth

4/9: Kem

@ House of Blues, hob.com

@ Valley View Casino Center, valleyviewcasinocenter.com

Swedish death metal foursome touring through June.

4/7: Man Overboard @ SOMA, somasandiego.com These pop punk bandmates plan to go on hiatus after their eightstop tour wraps mid-April.

@ Observatory North Park, observatorysd.com

4/6: Kip Moore

4/7: Elvis Costello

@ Pechanga Resort & Casino, pechanga.com

@ Balboa Theatre, sandiegotheatres.org

Tyler Gregory Okonma, aka Tyler the Creator, is a mid-20s rapper out of L.A.

This country singer-songwriter dropped his sophomore album, Wild Ones, in August.

Rolling Stone ranked this new wave rocker at No. 80 on its “100 Greatest Artists” list.


Stevie Wonder played the harmonica featured in this R&B singer’s 2005 song “You Might Win.”

4/10: Steve Vai @ Humphrey’s Concerts by the Bay, humphreysconcerts.com Guitarists Steve Vai, Zakk Wylde, Yngwie Malmsteen, Nuno Bettencourt and Tosin Abasi are on the Generation Axe: A Night of Guitars tour. cont. on page 96

third eye blind

@ Observatory North Park, observatorysd.com



S t ep h en A l b anese

Alt. rock quintuplet most known for its hits “Jumper” (1998), “SemiCharmed Life” (1997) and “How’s It Going to Be” (1997).


Check your watch… it’s time to get rumming By David Nelson / Photos by Arlene Ibarra This summer, when a virtual tsunami of tiki bars sweeps through San Diego, Ashley Marsh will be riding the crest… with bottles of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum in her hands. As ambassador for a brand that honors tattoo artist Sailor Jerry, as 20th-century legend Norman Collins nicknamed himself, Marsh does cool stuff. “It’s a pretty awesome job, I’m not going to lie,” says the East-Coaster-turnedSan-Diegan. “I get to travel to amazing locations and teach people about Norman Collins and the 92-proof rum that bears his name.” Collins set up shop in Honolulu’s Chinatown in the 1930s, and for decades thereafter catered to sailors and other tough types with body-inkings that, for their time, were memorably in-your-face. Had she lived during his reign, Marsh might have been a customer. “I like rum and tattoos,” she says, revealing tastes that likely helped her become Sailor Jerry brand ambassador for high-line distiller William Grant & Sons. “I’ve been in the liquor industry for 13 years and I’ve done everything you can do. Being the brand ambassador is the most sought-after job, and I got it.” The job will keep her busy as new tiki bars open in Little Italy and Pacific Beach in coming months. “Tiki is all about Hawaii, and Sailor Jerry is made for the craze,” Marsh says. “It’s a bold rum, made the old-school way

as a nod to the sailor tradition of spicing rum.” Among many Sailor Jerry cocktails is one called The Tiki, which blends the liquor with fruit juices, a splash of sour milk mix and Curacao. Like Collins’ tattoos, it’s a pretty in-your-face drink. As Marsh puts it, “The overall feeling of Sailor Jerry is that we try to be a little more bad-ass, a little more outside the lines. Our rum represents the lifestyle inspired by Norman Collins.” Ashley Marsh on Instagram: @TheOriginalAshe Sailor Jerry on Instagram: @SailorJerry sailorjerry.com

Sailor Jerry Rum brand ambassador Ashley Marsh is riding high on her new gig at Harbor Town Pub, home of delightful Sailor Jerry tiki cocktails.


sound decisions


cont. from page 94

4/10: The Darkness

4/14: Blackberry Smoke

@ House of Blues, hob.com

@ Belly Up Tavern, bellyup.com

These hard rockers from across the pond are best known for their 2003 hit “I Believe in a Thing Called Love.”

These southern rockers have opened for ZZ Top, Lynryd Skynyrd and Zac Brown Band.

@ Belly Up Tavern, bellyup.com Country act out of Burleson, Texas.

4/13: CHVRCHES @ Observatory North Park, observatorysd.com

4/14: Steve Miller Band

@ House of Blues, hob.com Punk rock outfit out of San Francisco.

@ Humphrey’s Concerts by the Bay, humphreysconcerts.com

Ben G arcia

4/11: Casey Donahew Band


On April 8, Chicago, N.W.A., Steve Miller and others will become the newest members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

4/15: The Summer Set

4/16: Carnifex

@ The Irenic, irenic.com

@ SOMA, somasandiego.com

Pop rockers on the road to promote their recent album, Stories For Monday, which drops April 1.

The Fallbrook-founded death metal quintet plans to release a new album this summer.

In June, this alt. electro trio will perform during the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Tennessee.

4/15: Steve Miller Band

4/14: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

4/15: Black Stone Cherry

@ Observatory North Park, observatorysd.com

@ House of Blues, hob.com

4/15: Beach House

In 2009, these hard rockers opened for Nickelback’s Dark Horse tour.

@ Observatory North Park, observatorysd.com

Norteña singer and accordionist who performs en español.

These indie pop musicians will perform on Sunday nights of the Coachella Valley Music Festival.

@ House of Blues, hob.com

In 1997, this Grammy Awardwinning hip-hop group took home the golden gramophone for its hit single, “Tha Crossroads.”

@ Pechanga Resort & Casino, pechanga.com See 4/14 listing.

4/16: Celso Piña @ Music Box, musicboxsd.com

4/17: Shinedown Hard rock foursome most known for their 2008 charttopper “Second Chance.”

4/17: James Bay @ Humphrey’s Concerts by the Bay, humphreysconcerts.com In February, this indie rock singer-songwriter received three Grammy nominations: “Best Rock Song,” “Best Rock Album” and “Best New Artist.” cont. on page 98

D y lan R e y es


MIAMI HORROR @ Belly Up Tavern, bellyup.com

Grand Theft Auto V features this indie electronica band’s song “Sometimes.”





PLEASE ENJOY MILAGRO RESPONSIBLY. Milagro Tequila, 40% Alc./Vol. (80 Proof) ©2016 William Grant & Sons, Inc. New York, NY.





sound decisions cont. from page 96

4/21: Parachute

@ Balboa Theatre, sandiegotheatres.org

@ House of Blues, hob.com

Norah Jones is this sitar player and classical musician’s halfsister.

Alt. pop trio most known for 2009’s “She Is Love.”

4/17: Foals @ Observatory North Park, observatorysd.com

4/21: Parov Stelar @ Observatory North Park, observatorysd.com

In September, this alt. rock group’s new album, What Went Down, peaked at No. 58 on the “Billboard 200” chart.

In 2014, this electro swing producer remixed “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love,” featuring Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett.

4/18: Protoje

4/22: Andy Mineo

@ Belly Up Tavern, bellyup.com

@ House of Blues, hob.com

Singer-songwriter Oje Ken Ollivierre, aka Protoje, is a Jamaican reggae artist.

This hip-hopper is a deacon at a Washington Heights church (in NYC), where he and his family reside.

4/19: Silversun Pickups @ Observatory North Park, observatorysd.com These alt. rockers perform both Saturdays of the Coachella Valley Music Festival, which is headlined by Disclosure, Ice Cube and Guns N’ Roses (on those specific nights).

4/22: Jo Dee Messina @ Moonlight Amphitheatre, moonlightstage.com Country songstress best known for hits “Heads Carolina, Tails California” (1996), “Bye, Bye” (1998) and “My Give a Damn’s Busted” (2005), among other chart-toppers.

@ House of Blues, hob.com

On February 4, this indie rock band dropped its seventh studio album, I Don’t Think It Is.

N atalie Bisignano

4/17: Anoushka Shankar

say 4.23 anything 4/22: Deerhunter

4/29: Immortal Technique

@ Observatory North Park, observatorysd.com

@ Observatory North Park, observatorysd.com

Indie rock foursome hailing from Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg and this rapper were among those featured in Ice-T’s 2012 documentary, Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap.

4/23-24: Pepe Aguilar @ Pechanga Resort & Casino, pechanga.com In 2012, ranchera singersongwriter Pepe Aguilar received star No. 2,474 on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

4/27-28: La Ley

4/30: Flatbush Zombies @ Observatory North Park, observatorysd.com On March 11, this hip-hop group dropped its debut album, 3001: A Laced Odyssey.

@ House of Blues, hob.com This Chilean rock group’s moniker translates to “the law” in Spanish.

4/20: Wild Nothing @ The Casbah, casbahmusic.com Indie pop outfit kicking off its Life of Pause world tour on this night in America’s Finest.



@ Brick by Brick, brickbybrick.com Sisters Alexia and Anissa Rodriguez, and Caleb Clifton compose this metal rock trio.



ImperialBeachCA.gov/FiestadelMar | Facebook.com/FiestadelMar



Rosarito Beach Comes to Imperial Beach!









take a

4/1: Nervo

4/2: Brody Jenner

4/15: Feenixpawl

@ OMNIA San Diego, omnianightclub.com

@ Parq, parqsd.com

@ Bassmnt, bassmntsd.com

The Hills reality-TV-star-turnedDJ Brody Jenner will spin alongside L.A.-based turntablist Devin Lucien.

In March, this house music duo released its new single, “Everything I Needed” featuring Strange Talk.

@ Bassmnt, bassmntsd.com

4/2: Matthew Koma

4/15: Myon & Shane 54

In 2013, this dubstep DJ released a remix of Jay Z’s “Dirt Off Your Shoulders.”

@ Bassmnt, bassmntsd.com

@ OMNIA San Diego, omnianightclub.com

Tiësto, Hardwell and Zedd are a few of the artists with whom this electro artist has collaborated.

Tove Lo and Seven Lions teamed up with these Hungarian EDMers on the 2014 single “Strangers.”

4/7: Seven Lions

4/21: Chocolate Puma

@ OMNIA San Diego, omnianightclub.com

@ OMNIA San Diego, omnianightclub.com

Aussie twins Miriam and Olivia Nervo compose this EDM duo.

S P I N EDM & Upcoming DJ performances in Dorset By Catl

4/1: Brillz

4/1: Dosem @ Bang Bang, bangbangsd.com

Techno house producer out of Girona, Spain.

In March, this electro musician dropped his Creation EP.

4/8: MOTi @ Bassmnt, bassmntsd.com Timo Romme, aka MOTi, is a house music producer out of Amsterdam.

4/8: Armin van Buuren @ OMNIA San Diego, omnianightclub.com In May, trance DJ Armin van Buuren will kick off his Embrace world tour.

4/8: Thomas Gold @ Cake, cakenightclub.com This tech house musician’s remix of Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain” has garnered more than 15 million views on YouTube.

4/9: Vicetone @ Bassmnt, bassmntsd.com

4.29 dada life

@ OMNIA San Diego, omnianightclub.com

Electro house Swedes known for their love of bananas and champagne.

DJ Mag ranked this progressive house twosome at No. 50 on its 2015 “Top 100 DJs” list.

4/9: Sander Kleinenberg @ Bang Bang, bangbangsd.com Justin Timberlake, Madonna and Daft Punk are just a few of the bigname artists for whom this Dutch house DJ has remixed tracks.



Gaston Steenkist and René ter Horst head this house act known by many aliases including Zki and Dobre, Jark Prongo, The Good Men and Chocolate Puma.

4/22: R3hab @ OMNIA San Diego, omnianightclub.com Calvin Harris, Lady Gaga and Madonna are among the many artists for whom this electro producer has remixed tracks.

4/22: Paris Blohm @ Bassmnt, bassmntsd.com Los Angeles-native progressive house remixer.

4/23: Michael Woods @ OMNIA San Diego, omnianightclub.com In May 2015, techno producer Michael Woods remixed Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money.”

4/23: UZ @ Bassmnt, bassmntsd.com Diplo says this trap DJ’s beats are “drunken energy sub bass and cartoon horn stabs that make my stomach feel weird and my feet shuffle.”

4/28: Mako @ OMNIA San Diego, omnianightclub.com Classically trained Alex Seaver and veteran DJ Logan Light compose this progressive music duo.

4/30: 3LAU @ Valley View Casino Center, lifeincolor.com EDMer 3LAU headlines Point Loma’s annual Life In Color festival, which also features performances by DJs Audien and Grandtheft.



Password-Protected Cracking the code to covert cocktails in Carlsbad By Michael Benninger | Photos by Paul Body


estled along North County’s coastline, tucked away under one of downtown Carlsbad’s oldest buildings, rests a stylish speakeasy called The Charles Kenneth. Named after the owner’s grandfather, and with a rich history dating back to the Prohibition Era, this hidden spot offers no outdoor signage, making it a challenge for first-timers to find. Even those who manage to locate the door are required to utter the day’s password in order to gain entry. Inside, guests won’t find IPAs or mixed drinks with cutesy names. What they will find are exquisitely crafted cocktails — served up by one Abraham Jimenez. A San Diego native who grew up in Fallbrook, Jimenez manages this historic and nolonger-secret spot. PacificSD: Whereabouts do you live? ABRAHAM JIMENEZ: I live in Carlsbad and love it. There’s a growing food and cocktail scene here in North County, with new places opening all

the time. It’s great to see how much the drinking culture has grown and evolved. How did you end up behind the bar at The Charles Kenneth? About seven months ago, I got a phone call from a friend who was running the bar, letting me know he was moving. He suggested I meet with the owner, chef Rob Ruiz. We hit it off and, after a few conversations, he offered me the position. Where else have you worked around town? I’ve had the good fortune to work at some great bars with some of the best bartenders in the city. Before The Charles Kenneth, I was working at Juniper & Ivy in Little Italy under the guidance of Eric Johnson. When I got started down there, I thought I knew a thing or two about a thing or two, but was quickly humbled. I cut my teeth there, and it was an experience I’m truly grateful for. How does one go about gaining entry into The Charles Kenneth? Finding the bar is an adventure in itself. All of our business is word-of-mouth, and new guests

ABOVE: The Charles Kenneth bartender Abraham Jimenez mixes up the Continental cocktail. LEFT: Inside Carlsbad’s The Charles Kenneth.



usually come with someone who’s already been. We have an Instagram account, @ TheCaptainCharlesKenneth, where we post the daily password. If you’re not a fan of social media, you can call or text 760.450.8139 anytime for more info. We’re not hiding, but I feel that when people seek us out and make the effort to find the bar, it means they actually want to drink here. Where do you like to grab a drink when not working? If I’m drinking here in Carlsbad, I usually go to the Compass. The bartenders there are all friends of ours. If I’m really drinking, I make

my way over to the Golden Tee, because it’s one of the last great dive bars left in San Diego. And, if I’m heading down south, I usually make it a point to see Matt Fallows at Little Italy’s Prep Kitchen and Jacob Cumiford at the Brew Project. Do you have any nicknames? I don’t have any nicknames and prefer to go by Abraham. I get called Gabe a lot, and it bugs the shit out of me. What’s something most people don’t know about you? I’m a romantic and hopelessly in love with

my wife. Rumor has it The Charles Kenneth helps others find love. That true? We encourage romance at The Charles Kenneth, so if you see a guy or gal you would like to be introduced to, just ask one of the bartenders, and they will happily assist you. The Charles Kenneth 2978 Carlsbad Blvd., Carlsbad 760.450.8139 Twitter: @_charleskenneth Instagram: @thecaptaincharleskenneth




blind date


Romance takes flight after dark By David Perloff | Photos by Brevin Blach Matchmaker: Jessica Pelligra


s the sunset paints the sky, London and Andrew prepare to have their minds (and the rest of their bodies) blown a few feet above terra firma. The two met on a blind date that began half an hour ago and are now cruising in an Epic Limo headed to iFly, the new indoor skydiving facility in Mission Valley. Before they arrive, let’s review the pre-date interviews. PacificSD: Where are you from and where do you live now? LONDON: Originally from Orange County and currently living in Cardiff. ANDREW: I am from Chicago, lived downtown for over 12 years and I currently live in Little Italy. What do you do for a living? LONDON: I’m the Digital Director at Be Social PR, a lifestyle, fashion and beauty communications agency located in Solana Beach. I’m inspired every day by our team and the creative work we get to do. ANDREW: I am a professional trader, author and currently am the CEO of AlphaShark.com, an options-education trading firm. What do you do for fun? LONDON: Hang at the beach, blog, do yoga and Pilates, bike around, grab or make food, drinks with good company, plan weekend getaways, stage Instagrams… anything that involves hanging with friends and unwinding. ANDREW: Workout, read, write, going out with friends, but most importantly, spending time with my puppy. What are you best at? LONDON: Going with the flow, for the most part. ANDREW: I would consider myself a Top Five educator of



teaching traders about equity options. What do you suck at? LONDON: Texting back. And math. ANDREW: I suck at golf. What are you looking for in a date, physically and/or otherwise? LONDON: A fun sense of humor, laidback attitude and a nice face. ANDREW: I am looking for someone who is smart but also intelligent, driven and passionate. Most importantly, we must be able to communicate well. Describe your special brand of sex appeal in five words or less. LONDON: Sex eyes. ANDREW: Blonde, petite, tan, good teeth, in great shape. [Editor’s note: is Andrew describing himself or his ideal woman?] What do you like least about yourself? LONDON: I can easily forget to unplug and maintain perspective after a long day. ANDREW: I have too much energy. I am always looking for the next best thing and never happy with what I currently cont. on page 106 have.



03 Phase #

Client: Miller Coors File: CL_Logotype_Stacked_CMYK Project: Brandmarks Artworker: SH/JN


19 March 2015

Printed colours:

CL Red

CL DK Gray




blind date cont. from page 104

Rate yourself on a scale from one to ten for looks. LONDON: Eight. Maybe nine on a good day? ANDREW: For my age, twelve. In general, eight-point-five. Rate yourself on a scale from one to ten for personality. LONDON: Nine-point-five. ANDREW: I’m the wrong guy for most girls, but the right guy for the right girl. I’m very likable, but often confrontational. What’s your biggest fear? LONDON: Three would be losing the people I love, getting kidnapped and losing my phone without it being backed up. ANDREW: Never having a family and children.



What traits could your date exhibit that would be dealbreakers? LONDON: Pessimistic, unmotivated, arrogant, immature and inconsiderate. ANDREW: Any girl who smokes, swears like a sailor or can’t keep up with me drinking. Fill in the blanks: I want my blind date to be “blank” and “blank.” LONDON: Fun and spontaneous. ANDREW: I want my date to be hot as hell and even more fun. Will the night end with a kiss, something more or something less? LONDON: I could be into a

kiss, if we were feelin’ it. ANDREW: Depends on how much I like her, but I give it an eighty-seven-percent chance of at least a kiss. What’s the most important thing in the world? LONDON: Kindness and happiness. ANDREW: Finding my better half, my partner and my equal. THANK YOU! Epic Limo 858.270.LIMO (5466) epiclimo.com iFLY San Diego 2385 Camino Del Rio North, Mission Valley 619.432.4359, iflyworld.com

When they arrive at iFly, London and Andrew head inside, change into jumpsuits and watch a preflight training video while other indoor skydivers practice freefall inside a vertical wind tunnel. With some prodding, London agrees to fly first. Assisted by an instructor who controls her flight as she gains her balance, she manages to fly alone within moments of stepping into the chamber. After about 15 minutes, it’s Andrew’s turn. He, too, accomplishes unfettered flight (sans instructor Brandon’s supporting hands) with apparent ease.

cont. on page 108


blind date cont. from page 106

Walking on Air

And looking for common ground


nce back in civilian clothes, London and Andrew head to Waypoint Public in North Park, where they talk and laugh over beers and food for about an hour. Next, they jump back into the limo for the quick ride to Park & Rec in University Heights. When they arrive 15 minutes later, they’re wearing different clothes. Hmmm… After heading inside and ordering a round of drinks, the couple is split for mid-date debriefings. PacificSD: How’s it going so



far? LONDON: Really well. ANDREW: I would say well. What were your first impressions? LONDON: He is pretty cute; not my type, usually, but pretty cute. He seemed ready to have fun with it and make it a good time. ANDREW: I thought it was a very unique and interesting name, and she laughs a lot, so I like that. Is this the type of person you’d normally date? LONDON: Not normally. He’s a

little “City Boy” for me. ANDREW: Probably not. A little too young, a little too green. What do you think of the way your date is dressed? LONDON: He’s dressed really well. Again, kinda “City Boy” with the belt and watch, but dressed well. We had an outfit change. ANDREW: Like a six-point-five

out of ten? It’s appropriate, but it’s not my style. How was the iFLY experience? LONDON: I expected to get motion sick and I didn’t. It was a lot of fun and went by faster than I thought it would — super fun. ANDREW: I thought it was awesome and really fun. I’d definitely go back. cont. on page 110


blind date cont. from page 108

What did you think of Waypoint Public? LONDON: The vibe was really comfortable and laidback, but still fun and bustling. Everything we ate was really good. I want to go back. ANDREW: It was a great time. We did shots and had some great mixed drinks as well. What did you have to eat and drink there? LONDON: Lost Abbey Avant Garde Ale to drink; and then we shared the pretzel bites with IPA beer cheese to start — soooo good; a burger, I forget which one, I made him choose; and the grilled cheese and tomato basil soup. Super filling, but worth it. ANDREW: We split a burger



and the grilled cheese. We also got the pretzel bites, which were real good. I usually never eat like that, but, when in Rome. What’s the most attractive thing your date has done so far? LONDON: Piggyback-carry me to the limo after Waypoint Public. ANDREW: She laughs a lot, and I talk a lot, so that’s a pretty good combination. I think our chemistry, personality-wise, is way better than my physical attraction to her. How about the least attractive thing? LONDON: He kinda hustled the limo to where we were; we

got lost a bit. A little edgy and impatient with getting to where we are. ANDREW: I don’t think she’s done anything that’s unattractive. What would your parents say if you brought your date home? LONDON: They would be into him, I think. He’s not who I usually go for, so my mom would be a little surprised, but they would like him. ANDREW: They’d probably ask her twenty-one questions and be like, “Too young, too green.” Rate your date on a scale from one to ten for looks. LONDON: Eight-ish. ANDREW: Six and three quarters.

How about for personality? LONDON: Eight-ish. ANDREW: Eight. Do you want to kiss your date now? LONDON: Yeah. ANDREW: Already did. It was in the limo; it was pretty nice. It’s been a very good date. Does your date want to kiss you? LONDON: Yeah, I think so. ANDREW: Yes. THANK YOU! Waypoint Public 3794 30th St., North Park 619.255.8778, waypointpublic.com cont. on page 112

FREE 1/8th

(Call for free, legal, discreet delivery and receive complimentary 1/8th with first $50 purchase. Purchase reserve ounces for only $265 each with this ad.)


San Diego’s upscale marijuana dispensary. POINT LOMA CO-OP • 3452 HANCOCK ST. • SAN DIEGO, CA 92110 • 619.574.0415 • PLPCC.ORG


blind date cont. from page 110

Rec Yourself

When the sky’s the limit, memories can be cloudy


nside Park & Rec, when their cocktails, shots and tater tots arrive, London and Andrew are finally left alone to enjoy the rest of their evening away from the camera crew. The next morning, we call to see what we missed.

How was Park & Rec? LONDON: Darker and louder [than Waypoint Public], in a good way. We didn’t explore the outdoor area much, but it looked really cool. ANDREW: I don’t remember it very much, but I think it was fun. What did you have to eat and drink there? LONDON: A few, mostly tequila, cocktails. I was really full by that point, but tried to nibble. They brought out some gourmet tater tots, which were really good. ANDREW: More drinks. They had some great specialty drinks. Where did you go and what did you do for the rest of the evening after Park & Rec? LONDON: Picked up champagne and hung out in the lobby at Andrew’s place. ANDREW: After the date was over, we stopped at a liquor store and bought a bottle of champagne and drove around. It was great getting to know her a little better. Describe the experience in the limo. LONDON: I had a nice solo ride down from North County to relax and get a little buzz going. It was fun. And the driver, Juan, was really nice all night. ANDREW: That was the best part, because we got some alone time. When did you get home? LONDON: 2-ish. ANDREW: 12:30-ish. Was there a kiss or romantic exchange? LONDON: Yeah, there was a kiss. ANDREW: There was a romantic exchange, obviously. How and when did the date end? LONDON: It was getting late for a school night, so I headed out around 1:30. ANDREW: Since we only had the limo until midnight, we finished the champagne at my place. And then, as a gentleman, I called her an Uber that took her up north. Fill in the blanks. I wish my date had a bigger “blank” and a smaller “blank.” LONDON: Bigger muscles — just kidding — and a smaller number of flashy Instagram photos. The Rolex collection is quite impressive, though. ANDREW: I wish my date had a bigger… nothing I can think of and a smaller ass. cont. on page 114




blind date cont. from page 112

What’s the funniest thing that happened during the date? LONDON: Probably getting suited up and into the really attractive goggles and helmets for skydiving, then trying to talk with earplugs in. ANDREW: I don’t remember anything too funny. The date basically consisted of me talking the whole time and London laughing.


but our personalities meshed and we got along very well. Will there be a second date? LONDON: Maybe if I bumped into him downtown. The Leoplus-Leo combo isn’t exactly ideal. Plus, I think he’s moving soon. ANDREW: It’s possible. We live very far apart.

What was the best part of the date? LONDON: I don’t know, I laughed a lot the whole night. ANDREW: The limo ride after we left Park & Rec. I can’t get into too many details, but that is one for the ages.

What’s one thing your date really should know before going on another date? LONDON: It might be better not to mention your spray tan and ex right off the bat. ANDREW: To not try to keep up with my drinking, because I am tough competition.

What was the worst part? LONDON: Being too full to eat as many tater tots as I would have liked. That was a huge bummer. ANDREW: I think I was expecting her to be a little hotter,

What could have made this date better? LONDON: If we had a little more in common. But, overall, he was a gentleman and really sweet. He made it fun, and we


had a good time. ANDREW: I was attracted to her, but if I had to say anything, maybe a little hotter and a little older. She was a little “green.” What did you learn about yourself last night? LONDON: I need a lot more practice before becoming a professional skydiver. ANDREW: I have known this for a while: when I can talk, it’s game over. Doesn’t matter if it’s an interview, date or business meeting. THANK YOU! Park & Rec 4612 Park Blvd., University Heights 619.795.9700, parkandrecsd.com AFTERMATCH: Last night’s blind date had its ups and downs. London and Andrew had a romantic connection, a limo-

based affair Andrew characterized as “one for the ages,” which was an obvious up. But Andrew gave London a “six and three quarters” for looks and said she was “too young, too green,” which is kind of a downer… unless you’re Kermit the Frog. London said, “He’s a little ‘City Boy’ for me,” then revealed wanting to kiss him (having already done so), despite perhaps preferring a more covert sprayon hue. While the concept of these two as a couple probably wouldn’t fly, their story may still have a happy ending: Andrew has rediscovered a fondness, dare we say love, for himself. “I have known this for a while,” he said. “When I can talk, it’s game over.” “Blonde, petite, tan, good teeth, in great shape.” For any single guy or gal out on the town, three or four outta five ain’t bad… unless you’re talking about skydiving.


San Diego’s new luxury cinema and dining destination. A high energy social hub for craft coffee, artisan pastries, elevated cuisine, premium spirits and sophisticated wines.

THE LOT La Jolla 7611 Fay Avenue La Jolla, CA 92037 858.777.0069 thelotent.com

THE LOT Liberty Station 2620 Truxtun Road San Diego, CA 92106 619.566.0069 WHERE THE NEIGHBORHOOD PLAYS.

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