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Special Valentine Indulgences F O R T H E M O N T H O F F E B R U A RY


You bring the roses... we’ve got the chocolate covered. G I F T C A R D S AVA I L A B L E




• W W W. C ATA M A R A N S PA . C O M


Micha Photo by

t able of


el Elins


10: A Shot at Love Cookie “Chainsaw” Randolph discusses Cupid’s history of targeting athletes.


12: Peer Goggles Geena the Latina gossips about celebs dating celebs and star gazing in San Diego.

14: Now Showing Don Quixote, America’s best belly dancers, the Russian National Ballet, an indie-style skate documentary and Iran’s sexual revolution.


17: Heartbreaker A passion for fashion with model and actress Nicole Lenz.


24: Ice Man Katy Perry (Details Page 46)

Whether he’s on the air or in the rink, NBC 7/39 news anchor Jason Austell keeps his cool.


27: What’s the Point? When it comes to entertaining dining options, the new answer is Point Loma.

Animal attraction (Page 42)


30: LEND A HAND How supporting charities can help others while enhancing your resume.


31: razzle dazzle Enjoy a sexy cocktail at Pacific Beach Bar & Grill.

32: Misters Goodbars Meet the men of Verant, the group behind the Taverns.

34: Silva Lining See what lies beyond the brews and tattoos of Typhoon Saloon bartender Katie Silva.


40: Under Where? How not to look like a stalker at Victoria’s Secret.

42: Animal Attraction In his blind quest for love, an orangutan grabs more than life by its horns.

what’s the point? (Page 27)

Calendar 46: TWO.09

February event listings.


50: more amour What is love?

6 | FEBRUARY 2009 «

undercover: (SEE HEARTBREAKER, PAGE 17) Nicole Lenz, of No Ties Management, was photographed by Ming S. Wu at Disconnected Salon in North Park. Styled by Andrea Nicolau. Hair by Misty Brown. Makeup by Maryl Velbeck. Nicole is wearing a crème chain bust sleeveless blouse by Sheri Bodell, available at Neiman Marcus,, $355; red passion bra by Chantelle, available at Jolie Femme,, $110; gold watch by Nixon, available at Mimi & Red, mimiandred. com, $150; vintage resin flower ring by Tarina Tarantino, available at Let’s Go Clothing,, $55.

worth its weight

IN GOLD sick cruisers from $105

lk a w ard o B e od!” h t rd iller fo a e “I h has k e!”“Let m o s e w ’s go!” A “

Huge Showroom


Just off the beach at Tower 1211 Morena Blvd., San Diego

(858) 488-9484 • 3704 Mission Blvd VISIT






letter from the

Editor Tuesday5 Cosmos

I love you, in Portuguese, is Eu te amo (pronounced ay-ooh chee amoo).

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I thrive on love.

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The most important thing I have learned from my wife is not how to order beers in Rio de Janeiro (though that is indeed useful) but how to be better at love. And now that I’m finally good at it, I’m not allowed to do it with anyone else. (Another joke, Sweetie.)

SUNDAeYstic Drafts

$2 Dom Shots e & Jager in W , ll e W $3 ombs $5 Jager B

With the seductive smile of model/actress Nicole Lenz smoldering on the cover, this Love issue of PacificSD is packed with passion. It’s even got lips and XOXOs sprinkled throughout to make it feel like a giant Valentine’s Day card. If you don’t have time to buy a real card, just cut out the hearts and kisses and build your special someone a romance collage. Warning: actually doing this may cause instant singlehood.

NIghtly Sp


$13.50 H urricane s & You K Refills $9 eep The G lass $7 Big As s Beer & Yo u Keep Th Refills $5 e Cup


ay D s ne arty enti

Val Light P Ta top Sin





And sometimes it feels like ten minutes. Love is so powerful that it blurs my space-time continuum, and even though I don’t know for certain what’s going to happen to me after I pass on from this planet (just kidding, of course I know), I am sure of how I’ll thrive between now and then.



My wife’s from Brazil, so I’ve learned quite a bit of her native language over the 27 years we’ve been married. I mean, seven years. (Sorry, Sweetie, feels longer.)



r Co u o Y hat’s


655 4th Ave, Gaslamp Quarter


Inside, Geena the Latina gossips about celebs dating celebs (see Peer Goggles, Page 12), and Chainsaw discusses Cupid’s propensity for targeting professional athletes (see A Shot at Love, Page 10). Before searching for that perfect Valentine’s gift, check out Oh, Man, a new advice column that teaches men how not to look like stalkers while shopping at Victoria’s Secret (see Under Where?, page 40). Take a culinary tour of Point Loma, discover how helping charities can enhance your resume and meet NBC 7/39 news anchor Jason Austell. It’s all happening right now, right here in San Diego. I love this town! And what really makes life here so great for me is the love I have for and from my wife. She listens to me complain, she feeds and waters me and she even laughs at my lame jokes. Eu te amo, Bebe. Okay, Honey, I said it in Portuguese. Can I have another beer now?

PUBLISHERS David Perloff / Editor in Chief Simone Perloff / Fashion Director DESIGN DIRECTOR Kim Cuffe ASSISTANT EDITOR Tina Safi FOOD EDITOR Brandon Hernández CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Craig Boreth Seth Combs Geena the Latina Heather Nelson Cookie “Chainsaw” Randolph Frank Sabatini, Jr. PHOTOGRAPHERS Mike Brown, Greg Ramirez, ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES Jim Lucich Janese Maricelli-Thomasson FASHION EDITORIAL TEAM Photographer: Ming S. Wu, Stylist: Andrea Nicolau Hair: Misty Brown, Makeup: Maryl Velbeck, Model: Nicole Lenz at No Ties Management,

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a shot At love Cupid has a history of targeting athletes by Cookie “chainsaw” randolph

Studies* show that for every degree passion increases, the average IQ drops five points. Seems like a lot of pro athletes have brought their blood to a boil.

was before The Animal Planet could show His mattress maybe, but not his stats. Lou the not-so-subtle nuances of nature’s way. But the ashtray trick suggests that Imagine the play-by-play guy Ruth may have been stimulated by some when Wilt reached his milestone: magical power, which probably wasn’t love.

We’ve all been guided by the brains below our belts, but maybe when Cupid aims at athletes, he uses pheromonetipped arrows.

Basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain claimed to have bedded down 20,000 women. For this to be true, he would have had to had sex with 1.37 women per day from the age of 15 to the day he made the claim at age 55. That’s almost ten women per week, nonstop for 40 years—repeats didn’t count.

Or maybe it’s roofies… Why else would star-crossed NFL running back Travis Henry find himself with nine children by nine different women? This could not have been his plan. Oh, sure, the coke and weed may have diminished Henry’s judgment (he’s currently facing ten-to-life for federal drug trafficking charges), but there’s something bigger going on here. When Lou Gehrig walked in on Babe Ruth smoking a cigar and using his date’s lower back as an ashtray, the straightlaced Gehrig was mortified. After all, this

Most guys can’t satisfy one woman per day, let alone 1.37. Would “The Stilt” have posted such impressive numbers without Cupid’s help? Wilt’s claim is not believed by all, but I believe it, because his basketball stats are equally unbelievable. For starters, he once scored 100 points in a single game and averaged over 50 points per game for an entire season. Nobody else has come close. This guy didn’t need to pad his stats.

(Crowd roaring) “He’s sittin’ on 19,999— one more and he reaches 20K. (Door opens) And there she is... quite a beauty… Wilt dribbles into the lane, goes down low, finger roll—and HE SCORES! HE DID IT, HE DID IT, HE DID IT! I DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT I JUST SAW!!! 20,000 for Wilt ‘The Stilt!’ We’ll be back with the post-game cigarette right after this message.” It’s noteworthy that, while Wilt couldn’t avoid Cupid’s arrows, he did successfully avoid arrest and paternity suits throughout his il-lust-rious career. That’s because he taped his ankles before every game, so to speak. With a record of nine-for-nine, Travis Henry was definitely struck by something, which was clearly not the idea of using condoms. Looks like Cupid’s not the only one with a mighty shaft.

*I think I read it somewhere once.

what is love?

She could love QVC, and you could love the NFL, and never the twain shall meet, but as long as the vibe is there, it doesn’t matter. Wait—I think QVC sold NFL bed sheets once. 150 thread count. Nice. You get the idea: Love is a mysterious, permanent, wonderful thing. —Cookie “Chainsaw” Randolph


Percentage of Americans who say they know someone who has a cheating spouse


Percentage of Americans who say they wouldn’t forgive their spouse for cheating


Percentage of Americans who say they would get a divorce if they found out their spouse was having an affair


Percentage of Americans who say they would publicly stand by their spouse, if the spouse were an elected official who had to face the media to answer questions about an affair (Source: USA Today/Gallop)


10 | FEBRUARY 2009 «

coolture: celebrity



Celebs date celebs in the search for true love by geena the latina

Does true love exist in the lives of celebrities?

yes—rumor has it that she got pregnant on purpose to save her failing relationship.

even to Ms. Almost-a-Virgin herself, Paris Hilton. Surprise, surprise.

In Hollywood, celebrity relationships last about as long as… well… a Britney Spears marriage in Las Vegas.

And what about Paris Hilton? She’s been linked to everyone from Greek oil heirs Stavros Niarchos and Paris Latsis to professional athletes, including Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart, tennis star Andy Roddick and her current beau, San Francisco Giants baseball player Barry Zito. Musicians Benji Madden, Nick Carter and Travis Barker have rocked the Hilton world, too. Even actors have been to the party. Paris has hooked up with Chad Michael Murray (remember, she broke up his marriage to Sophia Bush) and Entourage star Adrian Grenier.

But maybe the silver screen really does have a silver lining.

Celebrities never seem to get it right.

But according to Paris, she’s only slept with two people. Maybe she meant two dozen… or so.

Reformed party girl Nicole Richie seems to have found her match in baby-daddy Joel Madden, but are they together only because of baby Harlow? Some say

And what about current Hollywood Casanova and 300 star, Gerard Butler? He’s been linked to everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Shana Moakler to Cameron Diaz,

Whether or not you believe in true love, my opinion is that you have a better chance of actually staying in love here in San Diego. As for celebrities, some will continue to help keep the hope of successful relationships alive, while Paris and her kind will make sure there’s always a “HO” in Hollywood.

J.Lo has racked up an impressive list of failed relationships. Remember Diddy and Ben Affleck? BTW, she’s currently on her third husband. Angelina Jolie’s had her share of conquests, too. She’s been married to Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton and she has traveled the world, dating about half of it along the way. Her stops, both male and female, have included Jared Leto, Jenny Shimizu, Colin Farrell, Misty Cooper, Antonio Banderas, Nicolas Cage and current beau Brad Pitt.

Seen on the Scene in San Diego January 4: Former That 70’s Show star Wilmer Valderrama partied at a private VIP table at Bar West in Pacific Beach. Wilmer was cool with fans and even posed for a pic with Bar West’s general manager, Chris Martin. San Diego Charger Kassim Osgood was also in the house. January 3: After their victory over the Indianapolis Colts, many Chargers celebrated downtown at Stingaree. Stephen Cooper was in the house as well as Shaun Phillips, Shawn Merriman, Matt Wilhelm, Jacques Cesaire, Marcus McNeil, Kassim Osgood, Jamal Williams and Chris Chambers. Also partying it up were Justin Bobby from The Hills, Eugene Amano from the Tennessee Titans and Willie McGinest of the Cleveland Browns. Osgood got on the mic at the end of the night to thank the fans for their support.

Take the king and queen of Tinsel Town, for example: Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith have raised a seemingly perfect family, all the while maintaining long-lasting careers and a wonderful sex life (or so they say). And what about Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn? They’ve been together for more than 20 years, forever vowing never to get married but successfully raising two kids, Hollywood serial dater Kate Hudson being one of them.

Find more photos at

Tommy Lee and Danny Way at Hard Rock Hotel San Diego

December 30: Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon enjoyed gelato with friends at Gelateria Frizzante on Prospect Street. December 19: Tommy Lee and Wuv of P.O.D. arrived with San Diego’s own proskater Danny Way at Moonstone Lounge inside the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego. Later in the evening, the party continued downstairs at Sweetwater Saloon, where Tommy Lee shut down the club and made out with a hot brunette in the VIP section.

Geena the Latina co-hosts A.J.’s Playhouse, the ridiculously popular morning show on San Diego’s #1 hit music station, Channel 933. Tune in for her entertainment report, Geena’s Big Scoop, broadcast at 20 minutes after each hour, weekdays from 6-10 a.m.

12 | FEBRUARY 2009 «

Wilmer Valderrama (right) and general manager Chris Martin at Bar West in Pacific Beach

If you’re seeing stars, tell me about it! XOXO, Geena the Latina My top five hot guy celebs right now (in no particular order): Justin Timberlake, Adrien Grenier, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jay Hernandez and John Legend. The song I LOVE right now: The techno club hit, I’m the Ish, by DJ Class. My perfect, romantic San Diego getaway: I LOVE the Catamaran Resort on Mission Bay. You can enjoy a romantic bayfront dinner at their award-winning Atoll Restaurant, relax with delicious room service breakfast in bed the next morning, then get a couples massage in the luxurious waterfront spa.


Breakfast Big Homestyle Day! Served All

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30% off entire bill tuesday thursday

Free Delivery to La Jolla & Pacific Beach Cuisine prepared with fresh local ingredients, Italian imports and amore


6435 Caminito Blythefield, La Jolla

Dine-In or Take-Out

Beer, Wine, Bloody Marys & Mimosas 3784 Ingraham St.

(Corner of Ingraham and La Playa)

858.270.9999 Mon.-Fri. 7am - 1pm Sat.-Sun. 7am - 2pm


Good Knight

Heart Throb

Don Quixote comes to San Diego

Brad Pitt on the set of Quentin Tarantino’s World War II epic, Inglourious Basterds, opening domestically August 21.

Tickets: $35-$200 Dates: February 14, 17, 20, 22 Venue: Civic Theatre, Downtown Info: 619.533.7000, Courtesy of San Diego Opera

With Sancho Panza at his side, the romantic and eccentric elderly knight Don Quixote tries to win the heart of Dulcinea. Set in classical Spain, Cervantes’ tale follows the “knight errant” on his quest for love, as he fights windmills (which he believes to be giants), escapes bandits and risks death. The operatic performance pulses with exciting Spanish rhythms and stirring choruses.

Photo: François Duhamel

Shaken, Not Stirred

From Russia with Love

The Russian National Ballet Theatre performs Swan Lake

America’s best belly-dancers perform The world’s only full-time, professional belly-dance troupe performs to exotic sounds in front of ornate, Middle Eastern-inspired backdrops. The troupe’s past performance schedule has included a multi-city tour with Lollapalooza and a three-month run at the Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco. Photo: Larissa Pedenchuk

The Russian National Ballet Theatre’s troupe of more than 50 dancers performs the story of Odette, a princess turned into a swan by an evil sorcerer’s curse. The grand traditional performance is set to a soaring score by Tchaikovsky.

Courtesy of Sidetrack Films

Tickets: $35-$65 Dates: February 10 Venue: Balboa Theatre, Downtown

Tickets: $30-$55 Dates: February 8 Venue: Balboa Theatre, Downtown Info: 619.570.1100,

Info: 619.570.1100,

Beauty Shot Beautiful Losers (San Diego premiere) In this indie-style documentary, filmmaker Aaron Rose and co-director Joshua Leonard paint a portrait of artists who emerged from the underground skateboarding scene of the early 1990s.

Tickets: $5-$7 Dates: February 26 Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, La Jolla Info: 858.454.3541, Photo: Pere Virgili

14 | FEBRUARY 2009 «





: oto

oc nC

h Jo





Undercover Lovers

In Passionate Uprisings: Iran’s Sexual Revolution, Iranian-American scholar and former journalist Pardis Mahdavi says that, hidden behind the well publicized stories of religious revivalism and nuclear weapons, young Iranians are pushing for social, economic and political change. Mahdavi describes how Islamic dress codes, which direct women to cover themselves from head to toe, are being disobeyed more than ever before. The book offers a first-hand account of the sexual revolution taking place among young adults, who comprise more than two thirds of Iran’s population. In an interview with PacificSD, Mahdavi reflects on love, life and sexual revolutions: PacificSD: What prompted you to start writing? Mahdavi: I grew up in San Diego’s Iranian community and was always told that good Iranian girls didn’t go on dates or have boyfriends, but then I went to Iran and witnessed the sexual revolution through my own eyes. Everyone was dating and having sex! Seventy percent of Iran’s population is under 30 and engaged in a social movement, but no one is addressing it, so I thought I would. Were your parents supportive? Yes, my parents have been amazingly supportive. They understand the importance of talking about this from a health standpoint and also for the future of Iran. What message should people take away from your book? I think Iran is much more complex than simply nuclear weapons and fundamentalism. The majority of the country is educated, and they are engaging in a social revolution. I also want to break the stereotype of Iranian women as oppressed, because nowadays they are race car drivers and Nobel Peace Prize winners, and 65 percent of university graduates are female.


AUTHOR ParDis Mahdavi examines Iran’s social progress



$ 3 U-CALL-IT!






what is love? Love is a social construct—us sort of succumbing to our ideas of desire and pleasure but coupling that with friendship, respect and trust. —Pardis Mahdavi Passionate Uprisings: Iran’s Sexual Revolution Stanford University Press $27.95 »






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ph ot o st gr yle a d ps by

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ea k er

ty Brown Hair: Mis lbeck Maryl Ve Makeup: icole Lenz Model: N nagement s Ma at No Tie » february 2009 | 17


d n a s s i k t s ju

blouse eeveless ain bust sl Neiman at e Crème ch bl la dell, avai ; red bra by Sheri Bo om, $355 e, eribodell.c lie Femm Jo Marcus, sh at e bl elle, availa 10; custom $1 , by Chant om .c eboutique omes joliefemm by What C nim shor ts lable at ai vintage de av d, 28; oes Aroun, $1 Around G goesarou , esaround by Nixon ch at whatcom w ld d. armers, go mimiandre red leg w imi & Red, g lable at M n flower rin si both avai re e ag $150; vint rconium com, $8, silver & zi dney Tarantino, , LAMB Si by Tarina en ed Sw ing, m Kum Go Cloth ring by Ku t’s Le at ; available $309, $315 heels, all 5, $5 , Micha et, both by letsgoclot el ac y br , cklace , $65; silk chunky ne .com, $165 n by hadesign ic pe m r , he ns at Desig elique, fe ff by Ang Creative power pu bottle by m, crown iu oduc ts, on em Pend Passion Pr By e m ga k ble at ea la ai sp , av l Co-op Bags, al .com, by Pacific eboutique travel bag m m fe lie e, jo m m Fe Jolie $64. $18, $28, $40, $28,

18 | FEBRUARY 2009 «




s r


s d rd

nn be e i r ca

e v t r o lell apa



ha Âť february 2009 | 19


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Black silk bikini top by Let ters of Marqu e, available at Ne lettersofmarque. iman Marcus, com, $10 0; authen tic vintage boyfri Comes Around Go end jeans by Wh es Around, availab at le at whatcomesa com, $198; hunter roundgoesaround shoes by LAMB, . necklace, bracelet black skull watch by Micha Design, by Betsey Johnso n, all available at Let’s Go Clothing, , $380, $118, $65, $149; belt by Street piece, stylist’s ow s Ahead, head n; hand bag by Bet sey Johnson, ava Red, mimiandred.c ilable at Mimi & om, $385; silver & zirconium ring by available at Let’s Kum Kum Swede Go Clothing Boutiq n, ue, $209.

lo ve i pa ss

io n

y a d s ’ e n i t n e l a happy v —nicole

sb li n

m ak es

yo u

20 | FEBRUARY 2009 «

se e

re d


sun down, music up™


late-night happy hour (stretch your dollars from 8–10pm, thursday–sunday) “gourmet bar food” menu (fork-optional) new relaxed dress code (flip-flops to gucci pumps, your call) 959 hornblend street | san diego, ca 92109 | | 858.273.WEST

STYLE: behind the scenes



Art from the Heart

The Lenz meet cover girl nicole lenz

Model Nicole Lenz’s how-I-got-my-start story is pretty typical, in a small-town-girl-meetsbig-city sort of way. So is her current status as a model-turned-actress. What’s not so typical is Lenz’s brutally honest take on Hollywood, her free-spirited nature and a gratefulness that’s not normally associated with pampered model types. Lenz hails from a small town outside of Cleveland. Her work has taken her everywhere from Puerto Vallarta to Milan, where she lived for six months. “I had a mafia boyfriend and everything,” she laughs. “I had a huge make-up campaign with Pupa and I just took all the money I made and traveled all over Europe.” Today, Lenz calls Los Angeles home. Fresh off the set of film director Nick Cassavetes’ (The Notebook, Alpha Dog) upcoming film, My

22 | FEBRUARY 2009 «

Disconnected Salon 3830 30th St., North Park 619.298.3830

Sister’s Keeper, which hits theaters in March, she talks about her complete emotional transformation. “I used to be a dirty little club rat who was bratty to everyone, but I realized quickly that you don’t get jobs that way. Modeling is work and now I take my work seriously,” she says.

Artist Martha Martin incorporates a heart into each of her paintings, all of which evoke images of love and heartbreak. Hearts and Stuff, a new exhibition at Disconnected Salon in North Park, features Martin’s paintings alongside those of Jason Feather, whose work reflects his refined take on graffiti. The show raises funds for Classics 4 Kids, a San Diego non-profit devoted to engaging and inspiring young audiences in art. On Valentine’s Day, from 6 to 10 p.m., exhibition attendees can check out the amazing art and enjoy refreshments, sushi and giveaways.,

Thanks to her new attitude, Lenz’s friends have given her the nickname “Butterfly.” Currently the face of makeup giant Lorac’s advertising campaign, she now flutters between codesigning her own bird-themed jewelry line (Kiki & Nini), developing her acting career and executive producing a television program. Despite all that’s on her plate, however, Lenz reveals a glimpse of her average-girl side when describing what she wants for Valentine’s Day. “I want diamonds,” she laughs. “Oh, my god! That would be the best thing ever.”

thank You PacificSD extends a heartfelt thank you to Neil Hughes and the hip, warm, glamorous stylists and staff at Disconnected Salon in North Park.

pulse: anchor’s away

A few of his favorite things...

Anchors Away: Get the inside scoop on what local television personalities do when they’re not in your living room.



1. “Xbox controller—all things in moderation (don’t want people to think I’m addicted).”

NBC 7/39 news anchor jason austell

2. “My wife’s name is Moji.”

Ice Man


3. “My grandparents gave me this bible when I was born.” 4. “I live in flip-flops.” 5. “Longboarding is my favorite.”

On the air and in the rink, NBC 7/39 news anchor Jason Austell keeps his cool


By tina safi Photos by Greg Ramirez

Jason Austell worked from an office in the sky for 15 years. Now that the news anchor has come back to earth, he’s taking full advantage of all the elements. Taking a cue from his father, a Naval aviator who commanded flight squadrons, Austell got his start aboard News Chopper 7/39, reporting on everything from brush fires to high-speed car chases. When a position opened up in NBC’s earthbound news facility, he jumped at the opportunity to put his feet back on solid ground. “In the studio, I don’t have to worry about the floor falling out from underneath me,” he laughs. Austell co-anchors NBC 7/39’s News in the Morning with Marianne Kushi. In his downtime, he explores America’s finest city, surfing in Pacific Beach, hiking with his wife in Torrey Pines and playing ice hockey in Mira Mesa.

24 | FEBRUARY 2009 «

“The sports I like center on speed and contact,” he says. “My brothers both work in the surf industry, so they got me into the water. As for hockey, nothing beats the NHL. I only watch baseball if I need help getting to sleep.” Austell loves San Diego for the idyllic weather, which allows him to be outdoors year-round. He’s an avid long-boarder, but avoids huge surf, hitting the waves more for fun than adrenaline. “I surf to enjoy myself, not to fear for my life,” he says. Growing up in a military family, Austell moved frequently during childhood, which is why he now prefers to stay put. “I attended high schools in three different states before graduating,” he says. “I’ve had very little desire to leave San Diego since then.”

A longtime bachelor who finally married two years ago, Austell prefers to fade into the background at social gatherings. He laughs when asked about his status as a heartthrob, confirmed by the fact that a quick Google search turns up “Jason Austell-The Illusion,” a fan-site dedicated to the anchor. On the site, women ranging from grandmothers to college students talk of their fondness for him, commenting as much on his physical traits (“beautiful brown eyes” and “gorgeous smile”) as on his genuine personality and “100% realness.” One anonymous woman on the fansite wonders, “You think he’d land his helicopter on my house?” Austell no longer works from the air, but he still dominates the morning airwaves. Check him out in your own living room, weekdays from 5-7 a.m.

5 what is love? It’s putting others, especially your spouse, ahead of yourself. —Jason Austell

Singles Flight Night: February 11 Start with Happy Hour specials and mingle your way into 1/2-off bottles of wine or champagne.

Whole Lotta soul Soul Ryde’s business philosophy includes a humanitarian element that drives the Salmon brothers to donate a portion of proceeds to Halfway There, an organization that drills wells to provide clean water for remote villages in Africa. The Salmons also contribute time, funds and wares to SurfAid International and the Surfrider Foundation. Later this year, Soul Ryde intends to establish a Skate for Diabetes event. “San Diego has the highest population of diabetics in the country,” says Michael, whose father Jack is among that faction, a SoulRyde partner and the inspiration for the event.

2253 Morena Blvd., Bay Park | 619.276.2253 |

Stop Light Party: February 11 Come find your Valentine. $2.50 Wells & Domestic Beers, $3.50 Imported Beers, $4.00 Effen Vodka (all flavors). 1200 Garnet Ave., Pacific Beach | 858.272.6066 |

Lust-Fest 2009: Celebrating our love for you Thurs., Feb. 12: Singles Mingle with $3 U-Call-Its; Cougar Trap 10pm - Midnight, DJ D-Skwiz Midnight - Close, Sat., Feb. 14: Awkward Silence Speed Dating, DJ BDP 9pm - Close 718 Ventura Pl., Mission Beach | 858.488.1274 |

Opening in Mid-February 2009! 3815 30th St., North Park 619.291.3815 |

Experience one, experience all. Go to for more information on how to get a V-Pass


breakfast * lunch * dinner * lounge

fabulous beach front dining since 1970

Chef Chris Bates

Bates’ World Famous seafood dishes reflect his International approach to fine California Coastal Cuisine. Menu changes daily depending upon what seafood is freshest at market.

Reservations: 858.272.3100 * 711 Pacific Beach Drive * Pacific Beach

Enjoy a gourmet seafood dinner for about $20/person

what’s the Point? When it comes to entertaining dining options, the new answer is Point Loma. By Frank Sabatini, Jr. photos by mike brown



Percentage of Americans who eat at restaurants on Valentine’s Day, the second most popular day of the year to dine out.


Percentage of Americans who dine out on Mother’s Day.


Average amount spent on dinner for two on Valentine’s Day.

Source: The National Restaurant Association,

The once sleepy community of Point Loma has awakened with a sexy sizzle, bringing to the forefront a wellspring of restaurants filled with heart and soul. Flanked by the Pacific Ocean to the west and San Diego Bay to the east, the hilly peninsula recently began luring epicures to its burgeoning dining scene just as the land itself enticed Portuguese explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo to its shores nearly 500 years ago. Today, the spirit of discovery focuses on new and established kitchens that add edible poetry to an already-romantic landscape.

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Solare Ristorante and Lounge (ABOVE) 2820 Roosevelt Rd. » 619.270.9670 »

Captain’s Quarters Galley 1403 Rosecrans St. » 619.223.2750

Zen-like décor from Bali and lustrous Brazilian tiger wood flooring set the stage for seductive Milanese cuisine in what is Liberty Station’s only whitelinen restaurant. Despite its expansive 4,000-square-foot layout, Solare hugs you with the warmth of a cozy, softly lit den. Chef Mark Pelliccia relies on organic and imported ingredients to execute his craft. Dishes such as truffle risotto and fettuccine with kobe beef are among the season’s aphrodisiacs. The wine list obliges with a decent mix of New and Old World varietals, the latter drawing from select regions of Italy.

If you don’t mind eating off plastic plates with the local “wharf raff,” Captain’s Quarters Galley boasts one of the best steak deals in town and it’s within eyeshot of yachts bobbing in the nearby harbor. The patio grill rolls out from 6 to 9 p.m. every Monday, as boaters and locals cheerfully feast on “small ass” and “big ass” steaks priced at $6 and $17 respectively. Dinners include salad and sides. The atmosphere is pure dive bar with nautical overtones, the kind of place where Ernest Hemmingway would have surely derived pleasures of the table… and bar. » february 2009 | 27


Tender Greens 2400 Historic Decatur Rd. 619.226.6254 Don’t assume that Tender Greens is for rabbits. The eco-friendly restaurant in historic Liberty Station takes a novel and casual approach to feeding hurried foodies organic meals constructed with regional produce, humanely raised meats and line-caught fish. Co-owned by grade-school buddies Pete Balistreri and Rian Brandenburg, both of Point Loma, the highceiling restaurant bows to Planet Earth by using solar-powered energy, recycled napkins and wooden tables made from a broken-down barn in Colorado. As for the salads, you’ll swear that the many types of lettuces were plucked from the soil just minutes ago.

Fiddler’s Green 2760 Shelter Island Dr. » 619.222.2216 » Model boats and nautical knick-knacks abound at Fiddler’s Green, a maritime haunt where customers wash down generously portioned meals with cold beer and feisty cocktails. A giant soft-sculpture fisherman peers down from one end of the dining room, his line cast to a colossal fish hanging above the open kitchen. You’ve entered into a clam chowder zone, where halibut, lobster and swordfish share menu space with hardy steaks. Ahoy! Con Pane Rustic Breads and Café 1110 Rosecrans St. » 619.224.4344 The daytime lines are long for good reason. For more than nine years, Con Pane has been baking up artisan breads using natural starters and fresh ingredients in creative combinations. The loaves come in 22 different varieties, from Gruyere-chive and multi-grain to cranberry-orange-walnut and foccacia embedded with garlic, tomatoes and cream cheese. Slap a red bow on a loaf of decadent chocolate bread, and bingo, you’ve completed your Valentine’s Day shopping. From the sandwich board, the turkey cobb with apple-smoked bacon and Gorgonzola is blue ribbon material. The café offers indoor/outdoor seating and is closed on Wednesdays.

the Pearl Hotel 1410 Rosecrans St. » 619.226.6100 Pearl’s circa-1960 façade still looks like a modest motor lodge for the most part. Inside, however, the boutique hotel’s central hub blossoms with newfangled sheen, pulling in glass, marble, stone and loungy lighting to achieve a modern-retro ambience worthy of an HGTV show. Weekly poolside movies and a spirited bar life are among the pleasurable distractions when reveling over candied pork belly, Jidori chicken and the restaurant’s famous “Cuban cigars,” a clever appetizer of roasted pork, ham and Swiss rolled into wonton casings.

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Roseville 1125 Rosecrans St. 619.450.6800 Hailing from Laurel, Blanca and The Ivy, proprietor George Riffle bestows upon the village of Point Loma an elegant, neighborly dining room serving French-Mediterranean fare and coveted global wines. Acclaimed chef Amy DiBiase applies romantic twists to the tenets of classical French cooking to create, among other delectable dishes, her pillowy ricotta gnudi (like gnocchi, but lighter and fluffier) and faultless duck confit. Roseville also upholds a piece of Point Loma history. It’s named after the former settlement founded by San Diego’s first Jewish land investor, Louis Rose, whose ambitious business ventures are worth Googling.

Bali Hai 2230 Shelter Island Drive » 619.222.1181 » Tiki-templed Bali Hai is a 50-year-old Polynesian wonderland famous for its massive Sunday brunch and Pacific Rim dinner fare. The flora-filled property practically demands you resurrect that old Hawaiian shirt for what feels like a veritable getaway to Kona. Located at the eastern tip of Shelter Island, the restaurant has provided an unforgettable backdrop for thousands of couples to tie the knot and perhaps a million people to bathe their mouths in boozy Mai Tais.

Venetian Restaurant 3663 Voltaire St. » 619.223.8197 » Like scores of Italian restaurant owners who arrived on San Diego’s dining scene flaunting their culinary legacies, The Venetian combines its spicy Sicilian roots with a multiregional menu that journeys through all of Italy. Since 1965, the Giacalone family has been charming local diners with an array of provincial faves that lean heavily toward fish and meat dishes made with thick red sauces and savory broths. The seafood pasta still reigns supreme. Add to the mix a Tuscan-style patio, signature pizzas and oodles of noodles, and your senses will have effectively criss-crossed the Mother Country.

Wine Steals II 2495 Truxton Rd. » 619.758.1725 » Situated at the lip of Sail Ho Golf Course in Liberty Station, Wine Steals features an ideal patio for swilling and eating. Where the rolling lawn ends, the clanging of stemware begins, continuing inside to a rustic, barrel-laden wine lounge replete with ample seating and a copious retail bottle section. A sizeable kitchen cranks out salads, cheeseboards and supremely creative pizzas named after certain varietals. The scene is diverse and unpretentious and no less upbeat than Wine Steals’ other locations in Hillcrest and Cardiff. An East Village location is set to open soon.

Humphreys Restaurant 2241 Shelter Island Dr. 619.224.3577 Views of a boat-crammed harbor and Point Loma’s sloping residential streets garnish the dining experience at the newly redesigned Humphreys. The menu, once famous for its cushy surf-and-turf, has gone global with gourmet offerings that include Australian lamb chops, lemongrass-crusted swordfish and Mediterranean-style risotto. The adjoining Backstage Music Club punctuates the atmosphere with blues, soul and jazz by top-name musicians, providing a consolidated night out on the peninsula. » february 2009 | 29


Getting Started It’s important to figure out how you will involve yourself and with which causes. Following these steps will get you going in the right direction. Pick Your Passion Professional advancement is more likely to result if your contribution is a natural extension of something you are passionate about, so choose causes you feel drawn to. Whether your cause is helping animals or honoring a relative who suffers from a debilitating disease, the greater your emotional connection, the greater the chance you’ll stick with it.

lend a


How supporting charities can help others while enhancing your resume by heather nelson

Being philanthropic isn’t just for givers anymore. By lending a hand, even for purely selfish reasons, young professionals can demonstrate that they’re well-rounded and connected to their communities, which can lead to advancement. Philanthropic corporate bigwigs understand the need to bestow time, money or both to their causes, whether they’re driven to do so by personal passion or peer influence. Being charitable, which not only conveys personal depth but also creates it, can help to attract the attention, admiration and camaraderie of these high-ranking businesspeople. Even if you don’t have tons of (or any) money to donate, there are still plenty of ways by which you can contribute your natural talents. If you think you don’t have enough time, consider that a journey into the world of philanthropy may boost your career further than hard work can by itself. By contributing what you already do, you can often, and with little effort, make a dramatic impact for yourself and the beneficiaries of your efforts. Here’s an example: Not long ago, a business friend asked me to be a part of an annual

fundraising event that is put on by local nonprofit, ElderHelp* of San Diego. I’ve always had a warm place in my heart for the senior population, so I perked my ears and listened to the details. What I learned is that ElderHelp’s annual event, Wine and Dine, invites the community to a posh San Diego venue to sample food and beverages from some of the city’s finest restaurants and suppliers. Proceeds from ticket sales and sponsorships for the event are the organization’s largest source of revenue, so recruiting the right restaurants was crucial. That’s where I come in. As CEO of, I work venues every day, so I knew I could contribute my connections while practically going about my daily business. Like most entrepreneurs, I don’t have extra time or money, but this project is manageable, I’m meeting other great professionals and I’m making a difference. And in your own way, so can you. *For more information about ElderHelp of San Diego or their annual Wine and Dine event, email Carly Mabry at

Heather Nelson is CEO of Social, a cool website that ensures every party, event or occasion has access to the ultimate venue. A luminary in the community, Nelson is fully engaged in San Diego and the lifestyle it offers young professionals—from networking to charity to extreme entrepreneurial living. Local media regularly call on Nelson to be their business expert. Social Betty is a division of Socialness, LLC.

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About Time Remember that you can donate time, money or both, and be realistic about how much of either you can commit. Be upfront about your capacity to contribute with the people that are spearheading the cause, because they can help you determine the right fit for your goals and their needs. Ready, Set, Help When choosing your charity, consider whether you want to help on a local, national or global level and ask friends and colleagues to recommend organizations they think might fit your interests. When you’ve found a few options that appeal to you, call to ask how you can contribute or just stop by a charity’s headquarters to get a feel for the organization. Don’t be afraid to request a meeting with the executive director or someone else in charge who can answer your questions more specifically.

A show of hands... Lindsey Smith Commercial real estate broker at Grubb and Ellis / BRE Commercial Charity: American Cancer Society, Relay for Life, “I volunteer for the American Cancer Society to honor my grandmother and keep her memory alive. She had a huge impact on my life and I wouldn’t be the professional I am today with out her influence.” Kevin J. Oskow Director of product development for JP Communications, Inc. Charity: United Jewish Federation, “I was raised on the receiving side of the charitable chain. Giving back is so important to me, because I understand how far a little help can go.” Jaclyn L. Horwitz Event planner for JLH Events Charity: Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center, Jacobs Family Campus, “It is rewarding to show dedication and motivate others to spend valuable time to host successful fundraisers. It’s fulfilling to know that guests get to enjoy entertainment while the event proceeds go to making better memories for those that are less fortunate.”

David Marchesani, CFA Equity analyst for Quality Growth Management, Inc. Charity: San Diego Nice Guys, “We’ve all been helped in the past, whether we realize it or not, so it’s important to give something of ourselves to help others in the community… especially those less fortunate or who have fallen on hard times.”

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Razzle Dazzle

Wow your Valentine (or land one) with a romantic cocktail at San Diego’s preeminent singles bar photos by mike brown

Those searching for love this Valentine’s Day should look no further than Pacific Beach Bar & Grill, where they serve passion in a glass. The Grill’s Raspberry Cheesecake Martini isn’t exactly tall, dark or handsome, but it’s got enough flavor to make up for its lack of datability.

rum and Chambord, the Raspberry Cheesecake Martini features savory layers of flavor highlighted by a splash of pineapple and topped with whipped cream. It exudes sexiness and is a whole lot more romantic (by PB Bar & Grill standards) than sending a tequila shot to the stranger across the bar.

Don’t have a Valentine? Stop moping, throw away that half-eaten box of chocolates and head to the number one singles bar in town to try the drink for yourself. Attached? Share the creamy, fruity martini with your lover. Hey, it’s got fewer calories than a real cheesecake.

“One of our bartenders created the drink just to show off and give to girls,” laughs general manager Steve Hubbard. “Not that I wouldn’t serve it to a guy; we just don’t get many requests from men.”

pb bar & grill 860 Garnet Ave. 858.2PB.GRILL

Comprised of a generous amounts of butterscotch schnapps, Malibu

P.B. Bar & Grill’s popular Valentine’s Day event invites both sexes to compete in a red dress contest for a $500 cash prize. “We’re expecting to serve a lot of these martinis on the most romantic day of the year,” Hubbard says. If only it were so easy to find such a tasty date.

GROOVE: Venues

Goodbars Misters

Meet the men of Verant, the company behind the Taverns By Seth Combs photos by greg ramirez


The guys in the Verant Group know how to keep them coming back.

a lounge. Yet, you can go there and it can be that.”

Take their maiden voyage into the Pacific Beach bar world, for example: Sure, Tavern at the Beach might not have the biggest dance floor or the flashiest sign on Garnet Avenue, but for 12 years the place has been consistently packed to the gills with everyone from beach bros and college babes to socialite singles and savvy business-types looking to cut loose. And even nightlife impresarios outside of P.B. want to know: What’s their secret?

Simply stated, the Verant formula is to be everything to everybody. And boy, has it worked. For over a decade, and with seven establishments spread across three states, the group has been experimenting with the standard bar formula, proving that a venue with plasmas and pool tables can lure not only sports fans but also club-goers. And in P.B., or all of San Diego for that matter, where bars and clubs come and go as quickly as the tides, the Verant crew has stuck to their guns by not sticking to a specific entertainment blueprint. If something works, they keep it, but also change it up so it doesn’t become static or overdone. If it doesn’t work, they lose it. Period. End of story.

“You can go in and have a drink, watch a game, watch a music video, play pool,” says Verant co-owner Eric Lingenfelder. “You can dance, you can sit on the patio. There are like 15 different things you can do. Whatever you feel like doing, you can pretty much accomplish it in that spot. It’s not a sports bar. It’s not a nightclub. It’s not a pool hall. It’s not

32 | FEBRUARY 2009 «

“We’re open-minded to everything,” says co-owner Joe Vaught, who, along with Mark Cirillo, founded Verant in 1997. “With

our management staff, if they want to try something and they think it’ll work, we’ll say, ‘go for it.’ One of our biggest successes is that the guys pretty much run their places.” He laughs and then adds, “But sometimes it’ll get too wild, and we’ll have to reel them back in.” “Yeah, we’re not afraid to change,” adds Cirillo. “If we put something in one spot and it doesn’t work, we’ll change it the next day. A lot of owners won’t do that. They’re set in their ways and we’re not like that. We’ve evolved.” Because their success stems largely from their adaptive nature, it would follow that their newest venture—True North Tavern, right near 30th and University in the heart of North Park—won’t be just a feeble attempt at an inland beach bar. North Park has not-soquietly become the new nightlife Mecca, and Verant knows that what works for a sandy burg might not work for this one.

what is love? Love is the moment you realize you have created a neighborhood tavern, and the locals have found their new home. —The Verant Group

groove: venues

“We don’t have one clear, cookie-cutter template,” Cirillo says. “Our philosophy and ideals are the same, but when we go into a place we mold to what fits. We use our expertise and we talk to people, listen to them, to find out what’s going to work in that particular area. It may have the same attitude, but it’s going to be shaped a little different, with different décor and drinks. ” What does not change from location to location is Verant’s dedication to maintaining a solid staff, a business principle that keeps customers flocking and which other clubs could learn from. “Our staff sticks around,” says Lingenfelder. “Obviously, they feel like they’re treated well and they have a sense of ownership, but the customer feels comfortable as well when they see that bartender or server and they get recognized. We want that Cheers vibe. This is your bar stool, this is your place.” This approach to staffing creates loyal customers for Tavern at the Beach and Sandbar Sports Grill in Mission Beach, even while more trendy clubs are popping up all around them. What a Verant bar represents is a come-as-you-are attitude. And while each one of their bars has big-screens, a killer sound system and a small dance floor, so does just about every club. The difference is that while über-chic clubs can sometimes seem stuffy and pretentious, Verant prides themselves on opening places where, even if there isn’t an open stool at the bar, and the place is at capacity (which quite often it is), you’ll still feel like you’re welcome.

We’re not recreating the wheel. We’re just trying to put a new spin on it. “It’s our business, it’s our bars, but it’s also your home, too,” Cirillo says. “It’s like having a party, and all your friends are there. You want them to have a good time and feel comfortable and have the staff not be uptight.” “It’s a place you feel comfortable going two or three times a week,” adds Lingenfelder. “Even at the Tavern where it can get a little crazy, there’s still that homegrown feeling where you’ll see the same people coming back.” Though they’re already talking about opening another new bar, Cirillo maintains that most of the money that’s coming in will be reinvested to keep the original ventures thriving and to keep customers coming back. “You’ll see other bars that ran their course because of ownership, and then it filters down to staff and then the customers. But we don’t give up. We continue to put money back in the place. Tavern looks better today than when it first opened.” Through trial and error, through thick and thin, the Verant Group remains humble yet always ready for what’s next. And while they might not be the shiniest or the most exclusive, Cirillo says they know what patrons really want. “You have to be defining and growing. You always have to be looking towards the future. What’s the next thing? What’s going to be the next spot?” He adds, “We’re not recreating the wheel. We’re just trying to put a new spin on it.”

Good Bars Tavern at the Beach / pacific beach / Other clubs and bars have come and gone since the Tavern opened in 1997 as what the Verant website describes as a “cutting edge sports bar.” The place has since evolved into that and much more by consistently packing the house, even when there’s no game. The “Sunday Session” nights, with hot DJs and all-night happy hour prices, make Domingo anything but the day of rest. Always the trendsetter, the Tavern introduced a VJ/screenplay system format (where DJs play the music video to the accompanying song) that’s now popping up in clubs all over San Diego.

Sandbar Sports Grill / Mission beach / Verant’s second venture, Sandbar, opened in Mission Beach in 2001 and has since evolved into the local dude and dudettte hangout for a quick brew or a fast, late-night bite. It might have more places to sit and seem more relaxed than the Tavern, but it’s still best to get there early on weekends or when there’s a major sports event, as the place gets packed quickly. For a change of scenery from the Padres-faithful, surfboard-laden lower level, head upstairs to the “Sky Bar” to take in a sunset.

Offshore Tavern & Grill / Bay park / This 2007 Bay Park creation (it used to be a Boll Weevil!) has a more upscale, family-friendly vibe with craft beers, a swank wine list and a nice selection of burgers and California-themed cuisine, though the tater-tots remain the most popular item on the menu. The Vino Loco Wednesday nights prove that Offshore crowds enjoy more than just Jager bombs and beer. There’s a jukebox instead of DJs, but the place really comes alive at night. Not the Tavern, but definitely a cousin.

True North / north park / Set to open this month where the notorious dive bar Shooterz once stood, Verant’s first San Diego venture east of their comfort zone is set to compete in an already busy nightlife scene. How does it stack up? Nicely. For starters, it has just about everything a bar-goer could desire: Plush leather booths, pool tables, patio cabanas, a dance floor and Verant’s signature circular bar (where the action really takes place). And you won’t have to worry about being hungry. Next-door neighbor Urban Solace will be serving their delicious comfort food at True North until 10 p.m.

Another state of entertainment... The Tavern on Mill / Tempe, Arizona There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the Tavern at the Beach formula, but a beach bar in Arizona? Well, it worked. Located blocks from Arizona State University on Mill Avenue (Tempe’s equivalent to Garnet), the place has become synonymous with co-eds and Greek nights. The Tavern on 74 / Peachtree City, Georgia Verant Group struck gold in 2006 by launching The Tavern, southern style! Located in the up-and-coming burg of Peachtree City (30 minutes south of Atlanta), it’s the hot spot in town. Grinds & WineS / Peachtree City, Georgia Verant’s first experiment with a coffee-and-wine bar offers an extensive boutique wine list, delicious desserts and top-notch coffee. The go-to spot for young professionals and affluent wine enthusiasts, Grinds & Wines even has a drive-thru. » february 2009 | 33

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LINING see what lies beyond the brews and tattoos of a typhoon saloon bartender

By tina safi Photo by Mike Brown

tYPHOON SALOON 1165 garnet ave. PACIFIC BEACH 858.373.3444 typhoonsaloon.COM

what is love? Love is not sacrifice, but compromise.

—Katie Silva

34 | FEBRUARY 2009 «

Get past the colorful tattoos, tough-girl exterior and wild persona and you’ll catch a glimpse of Typhoon Saloon bartender Katie Silva’s mild, not-so-wild side. Although the Houston native has been bartending for five years, her off-the-clock activities can hardly be associated with booze and nightlife. An extreme workaholic with a business marketing degree from Fresno State, Silva, 28, calls herself a “political freak” and counts among her most recently read books Liberalism is a Mental Disorder and Lone Survivor: The

Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of S.E.A.L. Team 10. “I know it’s not what most people expect, but the only thing I ever read is political books,” she laughs. “I have my own opinions, definitely, but I read everything because I want to be informed. In the three years we’ve been together, my boyfriend and I don’t ever really discuss politics, though. He’s a Navy S.E.A.L.” Between serving alcohol, reading and flipping between television news broadcasts, Silva loves to spend time with her two dogs and hopes one day to return to school to become a veterinarian. “I have a real estate license but I completely hated doing that, so I’m hoping to get a degree in biology as soon as I can,” she says. “It’s harder to get into vet school than med school, though, so I’m going to have to work really hard.” Silva confirms her dedication to work by admitting that she usually spends the most romantic day of the year serving drinks. “My boyfriend is usually at work too, though, so I don’t get too upset about it. I know, we’re so romantic,” she laughs. One of the best Valentine’s Day gifts this animal lover has ever received is a kitten. One of the worst? A toaster… from her current boyfriend.




RIDE THE MECHANICAL BULL! The Beach’s Superbowl Headquarters Showing all UFC fights New BBQ Menu Coming Soon

Sunday NIGHTTIME: Industry Night $2.50 U-Call-Its (with proof of industry). Plus, DJ Aesthetix.

Tuesday Nights Karaoke.

Wednesday Nights Open Mic Night.

Thursday Nights Live Local Music.

Friday Nights Kickin’ DJ Beats.

656 S. Coast Highway 101


Saturday Nights Live Bands.

GroOVE: beats

ce n ie r e p x E l a t n e m le The E

9 0 . 5.2

show me

the money

Money earned through Elemental Experience ticket sales will be a great start, but accomplishing the goal of actually providing a shelter for homeless San Diego youth will take more… it will take you. Here’s how it works:

1 Log on to a ticket to the Elemental 2 Purchase Experience. By doing so, you will automatically receive your own free web page on Stay Classy’s website. You may personalize your site to reflect your views, concerns and favorite charities and causes. a link to your page with family 3 Share and friends to educate them about the causes you take to heart, while also providing visitors the chance to contribute. something good is a reward 4 Doing in itself, but Stay Classy adds to the emotional payoff with special perks at their events.

who’s in...

Matt Spencer, Owner Firehouse, Aubergine, DJ Here Productions “It’s a great way to have fun and give back at the same time.”

st ay green,

San Diego

Nowadays, being green is a given. It’s how green you want to be that sets you apart, and Stay Classy aims to make the Elemental Experience San Diego’s greenest event to-date. To do this, they’re using solar-powered staging, sound and lighting, and will issue a ban on gas-powered generators, single-use plastics, Styrofoam and other harmful materials. They will also provide green shuttle services, extensive recycling stations and even a “Be Green” ticketing system which diverts $2.50 of the ticket price to local renewable energy projects.

David Perloff, Publisher PACIFIC San Diego Magazine “The entire PacificSD team and I are excited to be involved with this huge event and terrific cause. I’m not sure I’ve ever walked an entire 5k, but I’m gonna try.”



The Elemental Experience combines the heat of Coachella with the decadence of Burning Man and the prestige of South by Southwest (SXSW). It’s a coming together of some of the nation’s top musical talent—including bands, DJs and other live performers—and it all happens on beautiful Mission Bay. Welcome to a new trend, San Diego’s own waterfront music festival, The Elemental Experience.

Top of the Class

Mina Desiderio, Owner/Operator The Local San Diego “This is the event that San Diego has been waiting for. Very excited to be a part of it!”

Stay Classy’s Petco Park tailgate concert with Flobots, July 2008 Steve Stoloff, CEO VAVi Sport & Social Club “I’m only doing this to get my profile in this magazine. No, seriously, fundraising has never been more fun!”

Stay Classy. It’s more than a slogan; it’s San Diego’s largest philanthropic social network. Founded by Scot Chisholm, Pat Walsh and Marshall Peden, this Pacific Beach-based company is revolutionizing the way people support local charities and get involved in their community by both providing a medium for them to interact with other concerned citizens and hosting a wide variety of fundraising events with as much of a focus on fun as funds. Stay Classy has just unveiled a revamped version of their website, It’s been updated to make it even easier for people to jump in and make a difference. Visitors can learn about and buy tickets to fundraising events, blog about social issues, research and donate to their favorite local and national non-profit organizations and participate in volunteer activities. Over the past two years, more than 10,000 people have made a difference via this one-stop humanitarian super hub. But there’s always room for more. Log on and help San Diego stay classy! PICTURED (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT): Pat Walsh, Scot Chisolm, Marshall Peden

38 | FEBRUARY 2009 «

Mat Diablo, Host 91x Morning Show on XTRA-FM “Philanthropy should be fun. This is a perfect example and the beginning of something big in San Diego.”




1851 Garnet Ave.


6AM - 3PM



884 Eastlake Pkwy.

619.216.1144 LA COSTA:

7670 El Camino Real



355 6th Ave.


Where every day is Valentine’s Day

Edible Undies FR E E PAI R OF

W I T H PU RC H A SE OF $ 2 5 OR MOR E *


LOVE: oh, man!



Cami and matching panty, $28 each,

How not TO look like a stalker at Victoria’s Secret By Craig Boreth

It’s bad enough tracking down your girlfriend or wife in the women’s department at Macy’s, carefully avoiding the plus-sizes section so as not to give the impression that you’re actually shopping for yourself. Finding her in Victoria’s Secret presents all kinds of additional logistical problems. Yes, it is a women’s store, but it’s decorated like Hugh Hefner’s billiard room—part of you wants to just find her and leave, but another part wants to appreciate the fabulous talent on display. Let me guess which part will win out. As soon as the holiday season is over, here comes Valentine’s Day to force us into more quality time at Victoria’s Secret. If you’d rather not get maced or kicked in the crotch, consider these simple suggestions to help you enjoy the scenery and leave with the family jewels intact.


…actually walk into the store. Try to avoid standing out front, fogging up the window display with your nose pressed against the glass. (If anything else is pressed against the glass, just turn yourself in to mall security now and save them the trouble of coming to get you.) …pretend to look around for your wife or girlfriend as soon as you walk in, bringing your left hand to your face to flash your wedding band. This will emit matrimonial vibes to the other shoppers and give you ample opportunity to check out the giant posters that adorn the walls like so many stained glass panels in this, the Church of the Righteous Booty. Can I get an AMEN!? Have mercy! …ask a salesperson if your date is in a dressing room, rather than squatting down in front of each door to see if you can recognize her by her bare ankles.

Craig Boreth is the author of How To Feel Manly in a Minivan: A Survival Guide for New Dads, and How To Iron Your Own Damn Shirt: The Perfect Husband Handbook.

…sit perfectly still in the chair by the dressing room and wait for her to emerge. Keep your glance downward and your hands a safe distance from your lap.


…touch, fondle, sniff or try on anything. …giggle like a schoolgirl. …use the word “panty” under any circumstances. …tuck $5 bills into every mannequin’s G-string. …ask if they sell anything edible or crotchless.

40 | FEBRUARY 2009 «

adriana lima in Teddy, $68,


billion 48

Total retail spending for Valentine’s Day 2008


Average amount men spent


Percentage of Americans who bought candy


Amount women spent

Percentage of Americans who bought flowers



Percentage of Americans who planned to buy a Valentine’s card

Percentage of Americans who bought jewelry

(Source: National Retail Federation)

Tune in next month for tips on how to watch a chick flick

LOVE: blind date


Attraction Ted’s a Georgetown University grad living in Pacific Beach. By day, he sells signs. When night falls, he’s an animal.

In a blind quest for love, an orangutan grabs more than life by its horns photos by greg ramirez

Orangu-Ted’s pre-date interview What is love? Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines love as “affection based on admiration, benevolence or common interests.” What’s the worst gift you ever gave a lover? A Merriam Webster’s Dictionary

Dear PacificSD, tan. al is the orangu My Power Anim especially e zoo and gets th of ow sh e th is lo ir, . He ves to He has red ha n he is getting more attentio e athletic and is th d ed an at ry im sp an is e tremely loyal, ex is , doesn’t love th nd o ou wh ar ... goof . But most of all us vo hie isc m playfully le orangutan? tan-compatib with an orangu u can set me up yo ng pi ho I’m blind date. atch for me, be the best m at animal would t and easy to en lig el int n, fu I’m not sure wh eat if she were gr erequisite be pr a uld be wo it ely lut but d it would abso An . adventure, th an wi o ng int get alo any given night g in rn I’m not tu ys So jo e. that she en tedly becom would undoub something ly ab ob pr t which our date bu , that adds up to opard? really sure what aybe a snow le m .. ic. ot ex d cool an snow leopard. ething like the definitely som Yeah, actually ate your I greatly anticip consideration. this. ur do yo r to fo nt u yo wa Thank ally, really ning I really, re response, mea , Orangutan Out —Ted

That orangutan is one eager beaver, but snow leopards are tough to find in this climate, so PacificSD tied chunks of raw beef around a UCSD journalism student’s waist and sent him up to the hills around Lake Hodges to find a mountain lion. Now we need a new intern. Tracking wildcats is tricky business, so we introduced OranguTed to a fox instead. This one actually wrote to PacificSD in a pink font… maybe she’s a pink panther?

Dear PacificSD, I’m Kristine. M y friend, Rodn ey (you probab remember him ly , he’s got a gr ey streak in hi told me he ha s beard), d a blast on on e of your blind thought I mig dates and ht have fun, to o. Here’s a little bit about me: I’m a bartend Beach. I moved er in Pacific here from Sout h Lake Tahoe five years ago about and graduate d fro academy in 20 m a cosmetol ogy 06. I’ve worked in the bar/resta industry for se urant ven years. It’s my passion— to culinary scho I plan ol in the near future and even to go open my own tually bar and restaur an boats, travelin t. I love the be g and live mus ach, ic. Most impo to me would in rtant things clude family, fri ends, and sm iling ;) Pair me up wi th a gentleman , someone wh charming, go o is od looking an d funny. I’m looking fo rward to mee ting my prince soon! Warm Regard s, — Kristine

42 | FEBRUARY 2009 «

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Do you know that in certain places on Cape Cod, they make ice cream with lobster in it? I do NOT recommend lobster ice cream. If you were stranded on a desert island and allowed one luxury item, what would it be? Ice skates. Any nicknames? My friends call me “Teddy Ballgame.” Everyone else calls me ridiculous. Coffee or tea? Trust me, the last thing I need is caffeine. What’s your favorite holiday and why? Flag Day, because I’m equal in my distribution of holiday cheer. What is the last book you read? Building Relational Capital. It’s a book about how to cultivate professional and personal relationships. I read it because people fascinate me, relationships motivate me, and those strong relationships lead to successful careers and lives. What do you fear most? The guy who sells ShamWow towels on infomercials. What’s your most effective way to flirt? Explaining the difficulties of being a superhero. What do you consider your best attributes? Unfaltering drive to succeed; undying loyalty; passion for life. In what historical era would you like to have lived? Colonial times, because I love me a ridiculous wig.

Kristine’s pre-date interview How many times have you said, “I love you,” in the past month? When it comes to family (pets included), I try to tell them I love them as often as possible. You never really know when it’s your last chance. What is love? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more... Night at the Roxbury, duh! Coffee or tea? Coffee... with Bailey’s, unless I have a cold, then chamomile tea... with a little whiskey :) What’s your favorite dish to cook? I love to cook everything, but if I had to pick a favorite, I guess it would be my Cajun Red Snapper, blackened, served with lemon potato stuffed tomatoes. It’s amazing! What do you fear most? Losing my parents. No doubt. What do you consider your best attributes? I’m funny sometimes, kind hearted always and smiling constantly. What have you learned from past relationships? Boys tell lies. Don’t date psychos. Jealousy has no friends. It IS better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. What song best sums you up and why? Tiny Dancer, by Elton John. I’ve taken dance lessons since I was two, and sometimes I still catch myself doing tap dances. In what historical era would you like to have lived? I don’t think I would have liked to live in any part of history. I like technology, coffee shops and plane rides.

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LOVE: blind date

Date continued... THank you, Johnny V! 945 Garnet Ave., Pacific Beach 858.274.4833 »

OranguTed and Kristine meet at Johnny V, in Pacific Beach, during the venue’s famed Friday Happy Hour. As a DJ spins the bar-restaurant-club-lounge crowd into a pre-weekend frenzy punctuated by two-dollar drinks, the couple chills in the VIP section with appetizers and cocktails. After about an hour, the two are split for mid-date interviews.

He says... PacificSD: How’s its going? OranguTed: Great, great. I’m having a great time. It’s actually much more pleasant than I would have expected. She’s very charming, and we connect on a lot of levels. She’s really fun to talk to. What’s your level of attraction to Kristine? She’s a very attractive girl and she has a great smile. On a scale of one-to-ten, she’s an eight. Level of spiritual or personal connection? Even more than that. Nine or ten. She’s great. What movie star does she reminds you of? She reminds me of Elisha Cuthbert physically. What is her best quality? She’s really easy to get along with.

She says... What is her worst? I haven’t seen it yet. What’s the best way the date could end? We really hit it off, have a great time and see each other very soon. What is the worst? One of us dies. That would probably be a downer. What would you do if she tried to kiss you right now? Even if you guys were sitting with us, I’d be down. If you tried to kiss her, what would happen? To be determined. Are you going to try? To be determined. Are you feeling romance potential or just a friend vibe? She is someone I could see myself going on dates with, as opposed to being just a friend with. So far so good

PacificSD: How’s it going? So far so good. He’s a really nice guy, he’s funny, he carries conversation well and he drinks, which is good.

What’s the best way the date could end? If we bought a scratcher, won 50 grand and split it right down the middle.

First impression? He had a warm, nice smile, so I could tell right away that he is a nice guy. He’s definitely good looking.

What’s the worst? At this point, I wouldn’t even be embarrassed if I tripped and fell. The worst is behind us.

What is your level of physical attraction to him? Seven, with one being utterly heinous.

What if he tried to kiss you right now? I would be shocked and would not respond in a way he’d like.

What is his best quality? His sense of humor and confidence.

What would he do if you tried to kiss him? I think he would probably kiss back. Is that conceited?

What is his worst quality? His shoes, they’re really plain. How’s Johnny V? It’s got a great crowd on a Friday night. I’m impressed with the food I’ve had so far. We tried the coconut shrimp, the crab stuffed mushrooms, the brie and the artichoke.

Is it friendly or romantic right now? I think we are square on the fence right now with that. It’s too new and bizarre at this point to decide.

Next up is mechanical bull riding at Miller’s Field, on Mission Boulevard. Kristine and OranguTed leave Johnny V and head down Garnet Avenue.

44 | FEBRUARY 2009 «

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2/14: Let’s Talk Together Artists, scholars and community leaders come together to discuss the issues and history presented in the San Diego Museum of Art’s Black Womanhood exhibition, SDMA, Balboa Park,

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2/8: Bellydance Superstars (See Page 14) The world’s only full-time bellydance troupe performs to exotic sounds at the Balboa Theatre, Balboa Park,

2/10: Fresh Sound: Blevin Blectum Enjoy live electronics with video by Ryan Junell at the Icon Building, downtown, 2/10: Swan Lake (See Page 14) The Russian National Ballet Theatre performs the story of Odette at the Balboa Theatre, Balboa Park,

2/19: Architecture During Times of Economic Downturn Los Angeles Times architecture critic, Christopher Hawthorne, speaks about the role of architecture during lean economic times. Athenaeum Music & Arts Library, La Jolla, 2/19: Pop Thursdays Presents Bullitt MoPA presents Steve McQueen in one of his coolest roles. Watch the movie, grab a drink and take in the art at the Museum of Photographic Arts, Balboa Park,

GET OUT 2/7-2/8: 2009 Chinese New Year Fair San Diego celebrates the year of the ox with a free street festival that includes traditional lion and dragon dancing, martial arts performances and a parade of lanterns built by children. San Diego Chinese Historical Museum, downtown, Bauman Photographers

2/13-2/15 & 2/19-2/22: Trial by Jury and Rumpelstiltskin This special double bill features Gilbert and Sullivan’s play about the wackiest divorce case in history and one of the Brothers Grimm’s most beloved fairy tales. Performed for the first time with full orchestra and chorus at the Birch North Park Theatre, North Park,

2/15: Samoan Art and Culture The Samoan Community Council of San Diego presents a crosssection of Samoan dance, art and culture at the SDMA, Balboa Park,

2/14, 2/17, 2/20, 2/22: Don Quixote (See Page 14) Don Quixote fights windmills to win the love of Dulcinea at the Civic Theatre, downtown, 2/19- 3/29: The History Boys This Tony Award-winning comedy/drama tells the story of boys in a British boarding school, helped in their everyday pursuits by a nonconformist history teacher. Old Town Theatre, Old Town, 2/22: Love Song Funny, enchanting and wonderfully touching, John Kovenbach’s offbeat comedy is a rhapsody to the power of love in all its forms. Rolando Theatre, by SDSU, 2/21: Family Day at the Opera This program shows children, their parents and other inquisitive folks what goes on behind-the-scenes during opera performances, including Don Quixote, with hands-on interactive exhibits and backstage tours. The day includes a special performance of San Diego Opera’s Ensemble show, Così fan tutte. Civic Theatre, downtown, 2/22: Three Redneck Tenors: A New Musical Adventure Join Billy Bob, Billy Joe and Billy Billie as they mix their hill-billy style with more elegant fare at the Balboa Theatre, downtown,

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2/28: California Ballet’s Copellia Ballet’s greatest comedy tells the story of a toymaker and the mischief that occurs when he creates a beautiful, life-like doll. Enjoy magic, festivities and rousing folk dances at the Civic Theatre, downtown,


2/28: In the Mood: A Swinging 1940s Musical Revue Dancers and singers perform to Big Band music brought to life by a full orchestra. Get your Sinatra fix at the Balboa Theatre, downtown,

2/22: 2nd Annual Community Coaching Center Bowl-a-Thon Sign up as an individual bowler or bring friends to make a team of up to five. Proceeds benefit Community Coaching Center, a nonprofit after-school program for kids and teens with autism. Parkway Bowl, El Cajon,

1065 Fourth Ave. 619.231.4447

LOVE: blind date

Date continued...

iller’s Field! thank you, M d., Pacific Beach 4465 Mission Blv 858.483.4143 »

Miller’s Field is packed. Kristine and OranguTed sit in a booth by the mechanical bull ring and watch hometown rodeo stars and clowns get thrown from the bucking toro. In a surprise move (surprising to OranguTed, anyway), Kristine jumps behind the bar to pour drinks just before it’s their turn to ride. She’s a Miller’s Field bartender, selected to participate in tonight’s blind date for her charm, beauty and to give her the home-court advantage for an evening with an animal. Without a break in their laughter, the daters ride the bull separately and then together. When they return to their booth, both are beaming. PacificSD finally leaves the couple alone, then calls the next day to see what happened.

She says...

He says...

PacificSD: So how did it go? Overall I think it went really well. I enjoyed myself; talking with Ted was refreshing.

Worst? Having to leave Johnny V’s before our next round of shots made it to the table.

What exactly did you eat and drink at Miller’s Field? I didn’t eat anything, but I drank several passion fruit vodka and soda cocktails, and we had a few rounds of Soco Lime shots.

What are Ted’s best features? He has a great smile and a surprisingly good fashion sense. (Editorial note: she hated his shoes at the beginning of the date)

Did the mood change when the PacificSD crew left? I think there was a little sense of relief; it gave us a little more freedom to be ourselves without being documented. Describe the chemistry between you and Ted. He’s a great guy. He is very warm and welcoming, charming, and he has a great sense of humor. What was the best part of the night? For me, it was finding out that Ted does drink alcohol.

Worst? I can’t find anything to say... he must be practically perfect. What happened after Miller’s Field? We went to Tower 23 to have a few more drinks and had to call it a night shortly after that. I had to work early the next morning. Was there a kiss? No kisses, but a warm hug. And we exchanged numbers. What does the future hold for you and your date? Ted is awesome! He is one of the nicer guys I’ve met and I would like to hang out with him again in the future.

Did the mood change when the magazine crew left? I guess the only difference is that there was no longer someone taking photos of us. But just to be safe, I continued to pose all night and highlight my “good side.” What was the best part of the night? The whole thing. I truly relished every minute. I really enjoyed her company. Worst? When it was over. Strangest? Take two complete strangers and ask them to rate each other in a span of two hours, all while being photographed and written about—that usually only happens for me on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so to have it happen on a Friday was really strange. What are Kristine’s best features? Her confidence, honey-sweet

demeanor and ability to have a good time. Worst? She smokes cigarettes. What happened after Miller’s Field? We went to Tower 23 for some drinks. Around midnight, we said goodnight, exchanged numbers, and she went home. I stayed out until about four in the morning. What does the future hold for you Kristine? We are planning to go out again. Based on this blind date, I expect the next one to be a good time, too. Anything else you’d like to say? I would love to do this again if the opportunity arises. Maybe you sign me up for an Elimi-Date style night, and I’ll take out three girls and wind up with one? After all, my mom says I’m a catch. You can ask her.

Aftermatch OranguTed was prowling for snow leopards when he came across a fox. Kristine was pining for her prince when she scored a great ape. Animal attraction makes humans do crazy things, but in the end, the only one who got mounted was that bucking toro, who outfoxed Kristine and threw that monkey right off his back. For your chance at love and glory, email 48 | FEBRUARY 2009 «

last night, 5:20 p.m., north pacific beach, california

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amour THINK


answers to the age-old question, What is love?

Love is the most beautifully painful poem you’ve ever lived through. —Greg Ramirez, photographer, Poway,

Love is neurotransmitters throughout the brain emotionally linking you to a particular person who’s been determined, through chemical reactions and scent, as a good match with whom to procreate. It’s also the greatest thing you can feel as a human being.

Love is a friendship set on fire. It bonds and connects people in a unified link of trust, intimacy and interdependence. It enhances the relationship and comforts the soul.

I think love is an art form that, along with my wife Maryl, we create together. Working with my best friend in my creative world is pure love to me. —Ming S. Wu, H2Wu Photography, Los Angeles,

—Jodi Castro, Dr. Love’s, Pacific Beach,

—Martha Martin, artist, Mt. Helix,

Love is like

a glass of whiskey; it’s the cause and cure to all of life’s problems.

—Jason Feather, artist, La Mesa,

50 | FEBRUARY 2009 «

Love means being someone who can step outside of themselves and look to see how they can help the person that they’re with become a better person. Also, it means being someone who enjoys life and is grateful and happy for the person they’re with. —Nicole Lenz, model/actress, Los Angeles

Love is forgiving, love is unconditional, love is healing, love is inspiring, love is indescribably amazing... but most of all, love is what you’re willing to put into it. —Haley Bakich, Ashen Boutique & Salon, La Jolla,

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Happy Hour (4-9pm) $2 Drinks Complimentary Appetizers


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hosted bar events (8-10pm) Visit for your VIP invite. (Please present your invite for admission.)

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Pacific San Diego Magazine, February Issue 2009  

Pacific San Diego Magazine, February Issue 2009

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