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International evangelist Mark Finley has written more than 70 books and has taught people about Jesus’ love all over the world. Understanding Daniel and Revelation Daniel and Revelation provide answers for people seeking to understand the uncertainties of our time. This comprehensive introduction will draw readers close to Jesus.

US$29.99 What the Bible Says About Using the Bible exclusively, this useful resource answers pretty much any question a Seventh-day Adventist Christian might face. Available in English and Spanish.


28 Ways to Spell Your Faith Gerald Klingbeil This collection of engaging reflections on Adventist fundamental beliefs written by a wide range of authors from all over the world will bring spiritual nourishment, truth, encouragement, and joy.


TY GIBSON The Heavenly Trio

Prophecy’s Answers to Philosophy’s Confusion


Chris Holland Some wonder if a belief in God is compatible with life in the 21st century. Does He even exist? Find out how prophecy fulfilled can remove all reasonable doubts.


If you’ve read Ty Gibson’s The Sonship of Christ, The Heavenly Trio will be a beautiful and complementary expansion. If not, rest assured that this book stands on its own, exploring the depths of the Trinity.

The Sonship of Christ Why is Christ called “the Son of God”? Discover an answer so simple you’ll wonder why you never saw it before—and so beautiful it’ll take your breath away.

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Explore Your Faith POCKET DICTIONARIES The Pocket Ellen G. White Dictionary Jud S. Lake and Michael W. Campbell The Ellen G. White pocket sized dictionary is a resource of definitions and explanations for hundreds of Ellen White’s words and phrases that may not be understood in our 21st century culture.


Pocket Dictionary for Understanding Adventism Michael W. Campbell This handy reference guide provides a look at what it means to be Adventist in North America, both in doctrine and in culture. Includes an alphabetical list of terms and jargon. Perfect for new believers and friends of members.

US$9.99 Of Fleeces and Faith

Jesus: Who Is He?

David B. Smith Is the Great I AM really listening? Find out as the author weaves the story of the Old Testament warrior and judge, Gideon, through the challenges of modern life.

John and Millie Youngberg Regardless of your worldview, you will find these 20 episodes from the life of Jesus challenging.




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Making Friends for God


Mark Finley Travel in the footsteps of Jesus and discover the universal principles of sharing our faith. Take your spiritual experience from positive to profound by working to win people to Jesus. Complements third quarter’s Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide.

Gordon Beitz Explore the roles of family, God’s law, personal world view, worship, the local church, and much more, within the context of Christian education. Complements the fourth quarter Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide; available in September.





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Spirit of Prophecy ADVENTIST HERITAGE BOOKS FROM GEORGE R. KNIGHT Prophets in Conflict George R. Knight Are Ellen White and Joseph Smith two flavors on the same thing? What is the “Mormon Temptation”? Are compilations of Ellen White’s writings OK? Explore these questions and many more.

Ellen White’s Afterlife George R. Knight Examines the delightful fictions about Ellen White in the 1960s, the troubling facts uncovered in the 1970s, and the enlightening research of the 1980s and beyond.

ADVENTIST HISTORY DVDs Tell the World Based on true events, Tell the World tells the compelling story of a small group of farmers from the northeast of the United States who started the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church.



Glimpses Into the Life of Ellen White A fascinating look behind the scenes at the life and times of Ellen White. Some of the stories will make you smile; others will move you to tears; but all of them show that Ellen White was a very real person.

US$12.99 Book US$14.98 DVD Meet Ellen White Documentary and drama are combined to present the amazing life of Ellen G. White. You’ll picture her as never before, as Meet Ellen White explores her prophetic gift and her personal life.



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Words of Hope Ellen G. White In this devotional classic, White plumbs the depths of the best-loved teachings of Jesus, offering a deeply spiritual understanding of the parables of Christ.

US$2.49 • Quantity Pricing Available Love Under Fire (Sharing Edition) Ellen G. White This modern, condensed adaptation of The Great Controversy prepared by the White Estate features enhanced readability with most Scripture references from the NKJV. Quantity Pricing Available


Ellen White: Woman of Vision Arthur L. White This biography by Ellen White’s grandson is an abridged version of a six-volume work published by Review and Herald in the early 1980s.

US$19.99 SALE US$9.99

Bible Study Guides Prophecies of Hope Gary Gibbs A set of 26 full-color, full-message lessons with a “fill-in-theblanks” feature that fits busy lifestyles.


The Faith of Jesus Bible Study Guide Carlos E. Aeschlimann This baptismal manual has been used for many years among Hispanic churches.Now it has been redesigned and is available in color and English.



STUDYMARKS • Steve Nelson

An eight-volume complete set which includes one study guide for each of the eight topics.

What a great, easy, and quick way to share Bible truths! Chock-full of Scripture verses from the Old and New Testaments.

US$2.99 Set of 8

US$3.99 sets of 28

CHRISTWISE Discipleship Guides • Troy Fitzgerald

Christwise is a revolutionary baptismal course. Geared toward a variety of learning styles, it is story-based, Christ-centered, interactive, and age-tailored.

Christwise: Discipleship Guide for Leaders Christwise: Discipleship Guide for Youth Christwise: Discipleship Guide for Juniors Christwise: Discipleship Guide for Primary Christwise: Discipleship Guide for Teens

US$19.99 US$4.99 US$4.99 US$4.99 US$4.99

IT’S MY CHOICE Junior Baptismal Guide • Steve & Marit Case These 10 lessons are geared to prepare a person for baptism into the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Use this workbook to interact with Scripture, jot your own notes, and then refer back to this later as needed.

It’s My Choice Workbook

It’s My Choice Teacher’s Manual


US$19.99 AdventistBookCenter.com



Creation. Evolution. Faith. Science. How can we know? What does the evidence tell us? Find out in these fascinating books from Dr. Leonard Brand, a professor of biology and paleontology at Loma Linda University. Genesis and Science

Creation? Really?

Current research is providing more and more evidence in favor of a biblical worldview. Are you ready to challenge your assumptions?

With a strong emphasis on keeping an open mind, the author looks at the scientific evidence on both sides and demonstrates how both arguments can be affected by assumptions and traditions.

US$4.99 eBook



Secrets Uncovered


From the Coconino Sandstone of the southwest to the deserts of Peru, the author shares stories of God’s faithfulness in his work as a paleontologist.

Scientific theories that present simple answers to the age-old questions “Where did I come from?” usually prove inadequate.


US$19.99 Baptizing the Devil Clifford Goldstein Baptizing the Devil releases people from the knee-jerk reaction of surrendering their beliefs, even religious ones, to the phrase “It’s science!” as the only logical and rational response.

US$24.99 YOUR #1 SOURCE for Adventist books online. From bestsellers to the latest releases, you’ll find them at Adventist-eBooks.com!


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FOR KIDS God, Science, Friends, and God’s Love for You


ALSO AVAILABLE Leonard Brand Dr. Brand tells the entire story of the earth from Creation through salvation via stories that kids will enjoy and understand.

US$17.99 Runaway World Paul Ricchiuti God has a plan for each of His people, but to really understand it, we have to go back to the beginning, to Genesis, to see how it all started. Find out how God will get this runaway world, and us, back home.



Prayer Pray Big: God Can Do So Much More! • Cindy Mercer She was ready to give up. But God was just getting started. Dive into this gripping and transparent account of one woman’s journey of hope, failure, growth, and healing against all odds.

US$16.99 The Lord’s Prayer Through Primitive Eyes



Gottfried Oosterwal How do you translate the kingdom of God or our daily bread for Stone Age people who eke out an existence and daily battle for survival?


US$13.99 SALE US$2.97 The Radical Prayer Derek J. Morris Are you ready to pray a radical prayer? A prayer that will revolutionize your life and leave you amazed? Discover the incredibly powerful prayer that enables God to change the world— through you.


on qualifying products of $50.00 or more. (ONLINE ORDERS ONLY)

PRAYER WARRIOR • Roger J. Morneau Incredible Answers to Prayer

Charmed by Darkness

Roger Morneau has witnessed hundreds of miracles. Some saved him from an early death. But most were in response to prayers for others.

This gripping account of Roger Morneau’s trip into the supernatural provides a glimpse into a world that few ever see: a secret world of deception and demon worship.

US$9.99 SALE US$6.99

US$22.99 SALE US$14.99

When You Need Incredible Answers to Prayer

More Incredible Answers to Prayer

Thrilling stories of miraculous divine intervention, and how you can have an intimate relationship with an all-powerful God.

More exciting stories about how God has changed lives in response to intercessory prayer.


US$10.99 SALE US$6.99 AdventistBookCenter.com


Healthy Living The new spring and summer healthy living line-up offers top-tier quality and beauty, inspiring readers with delicious new ideas for owning their best life! FAY KAZZI The Earthy Canvas Vegan Cookbook Dr. Kazzi finds inspiration for her delicious, healthy recipes from her Middle Eastern heritage, education, and career. You’ll find maximum flavor and nutrition via whole, plant-based foods. Each recipe comes to life via mouthwatering full-color photos.


The Powerful Plate: Fight Cancer One Meal at a Time

Eat Plants, Feel Whole George E. Guthrie Achieve better health through an evidence-based, whole-food, plantbased lifestyle. Includes detailed 18-day, quick-start plan.

Afia Donkor Modern research reveals that many cancers are preventable, and that by making smart choices, we can achieve the best health possible. Learn how and why certain foods make us healthier, and then incorporate them in your diet via mouthwatering recipes.



Live It In the Kitchen

Live It DVD

Cory Gheen Enjoy delicious vegetarian recipes and solid nutritional information drawn from the best of Loma Linda University Health’s web video series, “Live It.”

Selections from Loma Linda University Health’s online show, “Live It,” inspires viewers to live their best, healthiest, life.

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Healthy Living From Plant to Plate: Diabetes Edition

Kick Diabetes Essentials

Tami Bivens What if you could lower your blood sugars one bite at a time? Find out how in this resource that contains everything you need to transform your health through nutrition.

Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina Learn how to use what we know about plantbased diets to beat type 2 diabetes. Complements The Kick Diabetes Cookbook.


US$24.95 The Methuselah Factor

Memory Makeover

David J. DeRose Improve how you look, feel, and function by harnessing the cutting-edge science of hemorheology (blood fluidity) in this 30-day program.

Wes Youngberg Learn how to prevent Alzheimer’s and reverse cognitive decline the natural way with this hopefilled, rational, effective, precisionmedicine approach.



HEALTHY LIVING RESOURCES • Ernestine Finley Secrets to Wellness

Natural Lifestyle Cooking

Ernestine Finley The main key to achieving vibrant health is making wise lifestyle choices. This book will show how.

Ernestine Finley Taste-tested healthy recipes from the Finley family kitchen.





Women’s Interests Through the Seasons With God Olga Valdivia Through this beautifully illustrated keepsake devotional journal you, too, can walk and talk and dream with God. Feel His touch on your face as the author steps quietly into her garden and invites you to reflect with her upon God’s faithfulness through the seasons.


Enough Tamyra Horst Discover a God who is enough, even when you’re not. Experience the joy, peace, and hope Jesus brings. Learn to accept that you are accepted. Because through Him, you are enough.



I Am Loved Carolyn Rathbun Sutton This women’s devotional offers a daily reminder that Someone treasures you above all else and highlights God’s multifaced and undying love for His people.

US$16.99 Couple’s Bible

Teach Us to Pray

This beautiful, silver leather NKJV Bible contains special features for couples who want to study together while enriching their relationship. Available in English, Spanish, and French.

Tamyra Horst Teach Us to Pray is about prayers, and praying—first prayers, connecting prayers, battle prayers, intercessory prayers, persistent prayers, and much more.


US$3.49 Quantity Pricing Available

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Daughters of God Ellen G. White Designed to be an encouragement, affirmation, and counsel to women in the work of God around the globe.


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Family Joys and Challenges of the Pastoral Family


Jonas and Raquel Arrais An encouraging and stengthening inside look at the agony and thrill of being a pastoral family for more than 35 years.

Norel Iacob This collection of stories, scientific findings, and logical inferences will help men rediscover the meaning of fatherhood. Part of a project that includes a documentary film.


US$19.99 Tokens of Love

Confessions of a Christian Wife

Brandon and Sheretta Taylor This 31-day devotional journey explores the Bible’s most inspiring and devastating love stories to glean insights and lessons for healthy, happy, holy relationships.

Heather Thompson Day Dive into this collection of 31 relatable anecdotes and candid advice about navigating the partnership of love and faith.

US$14.99 Lord, Keep Your Mansions—Just Save My Children

US$14.99 Crafting Authentic Love

Richard W. O’Ffill Once your career was everything. But now nothing else matters. You pray. Things don’t get better. Then they get worse.

Kay Kuzma The importance of showering your family with the five most important characteristics of love: care, respect, acceptance, forgiveness and trust.


US$22.99 How To Help Your Child Really Love Jesus Donna J. Habenicht How to teach children to love, trust, and obey, to forgive and ask for forgiveness, to respect God’s Word, and to connect with God through prayer.

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Christian Living eBook ALSO AVAILABLE

LIFE CHANGING BOOKS • Melody Mason Daring to Live by Every Word If you’re hungry for a deep, authentic relationship with Jesus, then pick up this radical, countercultural manual for loving God with your whole heart, body, mind, and soul.

US$19.99 Daring to Ask for More This best-seller will challenge you to pray as you’ve never prayed before. It features practical and specific tools and techniques to develop spiritual discipleship and deepen your faith journey.

US$19.99 SALE US$9.99 Tears to Joy

A Time to Forgive

Mike Tucker In Tears to Joy, author Mike Tucker shares from his heart his struggles through the heartache of grief after the death of his wife of more than forty years.

Darold Bigger An in-depth look at forgiveness from a father who faced the ultimate loss.


US$14.99 FRANK M. HASEL Living for God Explore the beauty of simple biblical virtues such as gratitude, courage, patience, humility, contentment, and more. Find true stories and practical tips to apply these virtues to your own life.

US$14.99 Longing for God To really get to know God through His Word, you have to read the Bible for yourself. This book shows you how to do it in one year.

US$22.99 SALE US$16.99 okLE eLSBO Ao VAILAB A

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Christian Living Burst the Bubble Sung K. Kwon The purpose of being a disciple is not only to proclaim the good news, the word of salvation, but also to demonstrate the love of God to people who are in need.

US$15.99 No Experience Necessary Karl Haffner God can use even the most timid of us to bring His children home.


Give Life to Your Dreams Ricardo Bentancur Life does not consist only of breathing and moving. It is a lot more than that. Find 8 principles for a happy life.

Jennifer Jill Schwirzer 13 Weeks to Joy Jennifer Jill Schwirzer You suffer, have suffered, and will suffer. Walk with the author through feelings of shame, loneliness, and trauma to growth, belonging, freedom, gratitude, love, and awe to find personal joy in Jesus.

US$19.99 13 Weeks to Love Jennifer Jill Schwirzer Learn how to live God’s love and find fulfillment in the purpose for which He created us.

US$16.99 SALE US$14.99 13 Weeks to Peace Jennifer Jill Schwirzer Find a Divine Healer who longs to bring peace to hurting hearts and minds.

US$16.99 SALE US$14.99

US$15.99 Benefits of Belief Julián Melgosa Research and personal stories to reveal the amazing benefits everyone can obtain from following the Lord’s ways and living the Christian life.

US$16.99 SALE US$4.97




A fresh look at the gospel story.

Strengthen your relationship with Christ with these books perfect for small groups or personal study.

A Thoughtful Hour: Learning to Be a Real Christian

10 Days in the Upper Room

Jerry D. Thomas

Mark Finley Have you ever wondered why the disciples had such deathdefying faith? What gave them the courage to proclaim the gospel to the ends of the earth?

US$9.99 A Thoughtful Hour: Living the Beatitudes


Jerry D. Thomas

US$9.99 A Thoughtful Hour: Tracing the Final Footsteps of Jesus

Small Groups


The Great Controversy Countdown Herbert Douglass A 13-lesson study guide that traces the great controversy theme through Ellen White’s Conflict of the Ages series.

Jerry D. Thomas


US$9.99 40 DAYS SERIES • Dennis Smith

Each book40 has Daysforty Seriesdays of devotional studies designed to strengthen your relationship withSmith Christ and enable you to lead others to Him. US$12.99 each Dennis 40 days of devotional studies designed to strengthen your relationship with Christ and enable you to lead others to Him.


unless otherwise noted.






Prayers and Devotions on God’s Law and It’s Blessings



• Prayers and Devotions on Praising God • US$13.99

• Prayers and Devotions on God’s Amazing Miracles

• Prayers and Devotions to Revive Your Experience With God

• Prayers and Devotions on God’s End-Time Church

• God’s Health Principles for His Last Day People

• Prayers and Devotions Reflecting on the Cross of Christ

• Prayers and Devotions on Earth’s Final Events

• Prayers and Devotions on the Lord’s Supper

• Prayers and Devotions to • US$10.99 Prepare for the Second Coming

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Share Your Faith SIGNS OF THE TIMES® Special Issues COVID-19 In view of the shocking developments we have witnessed, this Signs of the Times ® Truth Matters special edition sharing piece on the coronavirus pandemic is a practical and spiritual response to the most significant global health crisis of the 21st century.

US$0.69 • Quantity Pricing Available Death Defeated Christ’s resurrection promises anyone eternal life. This special 16-page edition of Signs of the Times ® features text taken from Humble Hero, a White Estate adaptation of The Desire of Ages. Fully illustrated.

US$0.69 • Quantity Pricing Available Jesus’ Return This fully-illustrated, easy-to-read special edition of Signs of the Times ® is perfect to give to friends and family who have questions about the ultimate purpose of life. Includes an invitation to further study.

US$0.69 • Quantity Pricing Available Too Loud to Ignore Shares the truth about the three angels’ messages and calls readers to accept the only One who deserves worship. Part of the Truth Matters series.

US$0.69 • Quantity Pricing Available Find these and dozens more Signs special issues at AdventistBookCenter.com



Stories Darkness Will Not Overcome Richie Halversen Journey with a pastor’s son as he slides into a life of opioid addiction and crime before accepting Jesus, getting clean, and following in his father’s footsteps.



Regrets on an African River


Jeff Scoggins Travel around the world with militarybrat-turned-missionary kid Jeff Scoggins. Hold your breath through adventures of all kinds and discover that no earthly adventure beats life with Jesus.

More Encouraging Stories to Help You Keep on Keeping on With Jesus Jim Gilley Pastor Jim Gilley points us to Jesus, who never gives up on us. He is the only One who can get us through this difficult world, but we got to trust Him and keep on keeping on!



Keep On Keeping On

US$14.99 No Greater Love Karl Haffner A compilation of timeless stories of human sacrifice and divine love.

US$12.99 SALE US$9.97

Never Give Up Patrick Nave This is the true story of a young boy who grew up with a father who was a drugdealing mobster and an active Seventh-day Adventist.


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Jim Gilley Pastor Jim Gilley pulls stories from his own personal and often hilarious experiences as a pastor, evangelist, and church administrator to create this pep rally for the spiritually perplexed.

US$12.99 SALE US$4.97 A Thousand Shall Fall Susi Hasel Mundy The electrifying story of an Adventist family who dared to practice their faith in Hitler’s Germany and saw God work miracle after miracle to save them from certain disaster.




Norma: Beyond Their Tears

Preaching From the Grave

William G. Johnsson How does a sickly Palestinian-Arab girl raised by a Christian mother and abandoned by her father overcome the odds and become a defender of orphans? Find out in Norma.

Phodidas Ndamyumugabe As Hutu extremists slaughtered more than a million Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994, a young Adventist Tutsi refused to compromise his faith to save his own life. God miraculously intervened time and again on his behalf.

US$13.99 Chains in China

Story Catcher

Bradley Booth In 1960, Chen, a faithful young Seventhday Adventist, was imprisoned and thrown into “the cage� for refusing to work on the Sabbath.

Richard Duerksen Powerful stories filled with angels, miracles, frustrated fishermen, fur trappers, and trusting missionaries. Good enough to read to your kids and share with your friends.


SALE US$5.97



Even the Angels Must Laugh Again

One Miracle After Another

Jan S. Doward Baptisms that boggle the mind, church bloopers that bring down the house, and more. These funny stories remind us of a God who created laughter.

Greg Budd Pavel Goia made a covenant with God, and his dedication to that covenant was tested almost immediately. He stayed true, and miracle after miracle followed.






Kids and Young at Heart Mission: Forgiveness Jean Boonstra Join the characters from Voice of Prophecy’s podcast, “Discovery Mountain,” as they lead you on your first faith exercise in this “choose what happens next” adventure. Quantity Pricing

US$3.49 Available

Guide’s Greatest Second Coming Stories These stories remind us that we must not give up, because Jesus is coming. Be patient, remain faithful, and heaven will be worth the wait.



US$11.99 Vision in the Storm

Refreshed Parables Charles Mills These stories teach the same lessons Christ’s parables taught—but using kids from today. Each of the 25 stories is based on one of Jesus’ parables from the Bible where you can find the original story.

Rachel Whitaker Cabose Stories of the young people who were instrumental in the founding of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

US$14.99 Chosen Tompaul Wheeler A comic strip introduction to the history of King David’s life designed to share the adventure-filled story of a shepherd boy who overcame huge challenges and became God’s chosen king.

SALE US$0.50 US$0.99

US$11.99 KENNETH C. CRAWFORD Bing of the Kobuk The story of an Inuit boy growing up in the wilderness regions of Arctic Alaska. Bing is introduced to Jesus, and, through miraculous intervention and the help of his pet wolf, reunited with his real family.

US$13.99 Cappy the Arctic Tern

on qualifying products of $50.00 or more. (ONLINE ORDERS ONLY)

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Follow the adventures of a male arctic tern as he struggles through ferocious winds to find his summer home and starts a family of his own.

US$10.99 SALE US$6.99

Kids and Young at Heart GOD SAID IT Series • Bradley Booth

God Said It is a series of fascinating true stories that introduce children to the Bible. Books 5 and 6 are now available! Quantity Pricing Available

Old Testament Heroes 3 (BOOK 6) Old Testament Heroes 2 (BOOK 5) Old Testament Heroes 1 (BOOK 4) The Life of Moses (BOOK 3) The Life of Joseph (BOOK 2) In the Beginning (BOOK 1)

US$0.99 each SPIRIT OF PROPHECY for Kids Steps to Christ Activity Book

Trouble on the Blue Planet

Saustin Sampson Mfune Each chapter includes a summary of a Steps to Christ chapter and activities to help the young readers grasp the main ideas. Designed for elementary age kids.

Richard T. Edison Take the themes of the great controversy, add dramatic art, and speed up the action for fast, easy reading.


US$9.99 Steps to Christ Activity Book CD

Running on Empty Ellen Bailey A powerful, visual introduction to Ellen White’s classic book Desire of Ages.

Saustin Sampson Mfune A musical CD to accompany the Steps to Christ Activity Book. Features 32 tracks.


US$2.99 Runtime: 1 hr, 6 min.



Kids and Young at Heart NICOLE PARKER Humble Stones Will an angry, defiant Pharaoh crush the Hebrew people, or will their God finally begin to delivery them? In heart-stopping suspense, Asher, a Hebrew slave boy, waits to see.

US$9.99 Sanctuary Light Your vision of God revealed in the Old Testament sanctuary will never be the same. Sanctuary Light blends exciting story, and optional thoughtprovoking discussion questions at the end of each chapter.

US$9.99 The Secret of the Cave Arthur S. Maxwell Would anyone connect the disappearance of the boat, the horse, the widow’s herring, the cork life jacket, or the strange prints in the earth with McCullem’s Cave?

US$7.99 Hidden Words Bible Wordsearch Helen Johnson Five volumes each with 50 intriguing puzzles and word searches to help you know your Bible better.

US$3.99 each

Faith Roots Imagine being a slave, tormented and ridiculed by powerful Egyptians. Could you trust an invisible God of love who seems to do nothing to rescue you from suffering, even when you pray? Learn to trust God’s loving promises even when He is silent.

US$9.99 FRESH BIBLE STORIES for Kids Securely Strong Kirsten A. Roggenkamp and Heather Blaire A collection of Bible stories about people like you who became strong friends with God; people including Daniel, Philip, Lydia, Elijah, Caleb, and Joshua, to name a few.

US$18.99 Boldly Brave Kirsten A. Roggenkamp and Heather Blaire Stories of girls and women, boys and men of the Bible who used their weapons of faith—kindness, prayer, love, trust, and hope—to win battles for God.

US$14.99 SALE US$12.99

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Kids and Young at Heart THE BEGINNING OF TIME Series • Lisa Kack

This colorful series includes five beautifully illustrated board books that walk through the Bible for toddlers and early readers. • Creation (BOOK 1) • The Fall (BOOK 2) • Cain & Abel (BOOK 3) • Noah’s Ark (BOOK 4) • The Tower of Babel (BOOK 5)

POCKET TRACTS • Miss Brenda Miss Brenda’s pocket tracts are beautiful and easyto-read pamphlets designed to share Jesus with children of all ages. Each palm-sized pamphlet features a story from Miss Brenda’s Bedtime Stories that teaches an important character-building lesson, such as perseverance, obedience, unselfishness, and honesty.


Available in singletopic packs of 100

• God’s Amazing Animals: Otters Learn more about God’s amazing animals.

• Fat Cat Freddie A sneaky escape and answered prayer.

US$10.98 each

My Sister Has Super Powers! Rodney McFadden Provides a glimpse into the everyday reality of a family supporting a loved one with special needs while offering child readers ethnicities and characters they can relate to.


• The 10K Race Practice and persistence pay off.

• Black Jelly Beans Disobedience and a guilty conscience.

• Goats for God God blesses a cheerful giver.

• Finders Keepers The true reward of honesty.

on qualifying products of $50.00 or more. (ONLINE ORDERS ONLY)



Chapel Music ®



Jeff Wood and E. J. Irish ONCE AGAIN! — Somewhere . . . not very far from your own back yard, four children were about to have a wonderful adventure . . . A musical! Bringing back one of the most popular kids’ albums that Chapel® ever carried! Originally released in 1983 in a “picture disc” LP record, this new CD features the same art. US$15.98 Meet Me in Heaven: Remembering the Songs of Jeff Wood Michael Spencer Two-CD set featuring the songs of Jeff Wood played by Michael Spencer, pianist for Christian Edition.


CD Faithful Heritage Singers This new CD by the Heritage Singers features ten tracks, including “In Christ Alone” and “Through It All.”

US$15.98 CD

Dios Siempre Esta Alli (God Is Always There) • Aurora Filipina “The Lord has blessed Aurora with a gifted voice, which she has used to honor and glorify God,” says Alberto Ingleton of this 11-song CD.


28 ¡Solicítelos hoy mismo! • 1-800-765-6955


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THE CASE FOR CREATION • Rich Aguilera • Guide Magazine’s “Mud Guy” The Creation Case DVD Series

Botany (VOL. 5)

Guide Magazine’s Rich “Mud Guy” Aguilera Rich, the field investigator is assigned by Headquarters to look for clues in nature and make a report. You’ll discover the evidence for yourself. . . God is our Creator!

The Ice Age (VOL. 6) Geologic Column (VOL. 7) Fossil Fuels (VOL. 8)

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The Mysterious Note A reluctant family accompanies their businessman father to a small town where he is set to repossess a hardware store that is being run using “unusual financial practices.” Learn what happens when his son and a few other kids discover a mysterious note. This fun DVD featuring many of the Adventist Church’s well-known leaders teaches about stewardship.



Suitable for all ages. Runtime: 87 minutes.

Live It in the Kitchen Chef Cory Gheen and Jackie Z. Gilstrap Try your hand at making these delicious vegetarian recipes from the kitchen of a world class chef.

DVD Charmed by Darkness: The Life and Legacy of Roger Morneau

For audio books and Spoken Words.

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Roger Morneau The real life story of Roger Morneau, a demon worshiper who became a Christian author and prayer warrior. Runtime: 79 min.



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Español NUEVO

Dichos difíciles de Jesús


Libertad financiera Guillermo Biaggi Consejos útiles para manejar un presupuesto familiar, el uso sabio del crédito, el ahorro y otras enseñanzas valiosas.

Ángel Hernández Ofrece claras y breves explicaciones de las declaraciones del Maestro que han intrigado a los cristianos de varias generaciones.


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Manuel de Discipulado


Jim Howard Se explica cómo ser un discípulo de Jesús, incluyendo la vida devocional, el testimonio personal, el estilo de vida y otros temas más.

Elena G. White Conozca los principios éticos emanados del cristianismo que hacen posible un liderazgo eclesiástico aprobado por el Cielo.


US$11.99 NUEVO

Mientras permanezca la luz

Principios para líderes cristianos


Todo es possible

Nina Atcheson Conozca cómo disfrutar de los tesoros y delicias de la Palabra de Dios, y de su infinito poder.

Julio Chazarreta Vibrantes relatos de milagros y providencias de Dios que salvaron vidas del sepulcro y del pecado.



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Fe para compartir


Ricardo Norton Una exposición del arte de predicar y dar estudios bíblicos para pastores y laicos.

No permitas que susurren a tu oído Felipe Andino Conozca cómo liberarse de los pensamientos negativos que limitan su desarrollo y le impiden ser feliz.




Amar se aprende Efrain Duany Jr. y Maria Begoña Tortolero Conozca cómo mejorar su relación con Dios, con su familia, y con el prójimo, aprendiendo a amar.



Preciosa gracia: serie de sermones sobre la gracia Juan Francisco Altamirano Un ramillete de sermones que expone la importancia de la gracia de Dios y sus múltiples facetas, manifestada en Cristo.

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Secretos revelados

Sal de la burbuja

Alejandro Medina Este libro presenta la historia como el desarrollo de la profecía; y al Dios de la Biblia como el Soberano del cielo y de la tierra.

Sung K. Kwon El autor expone que el evangelio no se predica con meras palabras vacías, sino con un servicio desinteresado hacia los más necesitados de la sociedad.


US$15.99 Atrévete a pedir mas

La fe que vence al mundo

Melody Mason Atrévete a pedir más te desafiará a reconocer las posibilidades ilimitadas que están a tu alcance si solo oras con fe.

Eliezer Graterol El autor expone cómo vivir una experiencia de fe significativa. Ante los avatares de la vida, la fe es el arma para vencer al mundo.





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Sharing Your Faith


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God’s Truth • George R. Knight Discover the teachings of history’s most influential book in a clear and brief way. Readers also find an invitation to further study, because nothing is more important than understanding the truth of God’s love.

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25% off Daring to Ask for More (Sharing Edition) Melody Mason A condensed, affordable way to share with friends the power of prayer.

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Twice a year, Pacific Press releases an AdventistBookCenter.com catalog featuring new products and deals on old favorites. Shop online at Ad...

Summer 2020 Catalog / AdventistBookCenter.com  

Twice a year, Pacific Press releases an AdventistBookCenter.com catalog featuring new products and deals on old favorites. Shop online at Ad...