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This artwork is about a story of Lazarus. It’s pretty much cluttered with words and text.What is Colin MaChon trying to say? Is he trying to question our faith or the religions faith? I think this picture could represent power, life and religion. The composition of this image is unbalanced, grouped and cluttered by text. Some writing is faded. Images and symbols could be a representative of strength? Different types font’s styles and size. Cultural context – Christianity/religion. He uses Bold , Large font . Some are faded some sentences in capitals. Bold font is used to draw the audiences attention. This piece has a religions connotation it’s directed from the bible on the story of Lazarus. Colin MaChon uses a simple colour pallet of yellow, black and white. Which is quite limited. The yellow makes this artwork old , giving it an ancient look. He use’s capitals as symbols, he emphasis the word I AM , I AM LIFE. He also uses repetition on a lot of words. There’s no depth. He emphasis the bold words, which I think are just the main points like I AM, I AM LIFE , resurrection . I think what Colin MaChon was trying to say in this painting entitled A Question Of Faith was to question our faith or question how easily we have faith in something we don’t really know anything about . Oris he trying to advertise and promote Jesus and Christianity? Is he trying to daw our attentionto how important jesus really is and is there life after death?

Saturn's art thing i am life  
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