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The Mammoth Insulation Polar Bear Surf Classic, 2013

The Polar Bear Surf Classic was first held in 1981 as a fundraiser and an excuse to invite other clubs who could make the trek for a good party in the middle of winter – and although the surf is pretty unpredictable at that time of the year (it’s been more than often postponed through lack of surf) there has been some classic surf and spectacular surfing. This year the event say up to 2 metre messy waves on Saturday followed by slightly smaller but more surfable conditions on Sunday. The Polar Bear Classic is a competition like no other. As with the tradition of the contest, which is now in its 32nd year, it’s a very social weekend, bringing out surfers, friends, dogs and heaps of kids to enjoy a great weekend and the beautiful Sandy Bay Beach. The great sponsorship support attracts the best surfers in the region and beyond. It was Mammoth Insulations inaugural involvement and quite a few of the staff of the company surfed in the comp as well as providing the prize money, beanies and tee shirts for everyone. Mal Egginton Contest Director

This is a snap shot of one day. This is real surf - not crystal blue days and perfect barrels. This is a get together of surfers and their friends and their families in the wind and the rain - capturing what surfing is really about.

Mischa Davis, highest scoring wave (women)

Eyes peeled in the judging booth

Spectators enjoying the action

Sunday morning, rain is falling Steal some covers, share some skin Clouds are shrouding us in moments unforgettable You twist to fit the mold that I am in

The ever impressive Zen Wallis

Finding a good vantage point

Free surfing the storm

Stormy choppy faces meant it wasn’t easy for surfers and photographers alike

CURL Magazine providing some off water entertainment

Throwing a bucket load of chook feathers at that one!

Event winner, Paco Divers, finding one of the few clean waves of the day

Arial Hughes, downtime for the frothing grom from Raglan

U16’s heading out for their final

A grassroots event for young and old

Iconic North Coast Boardriders

The tree provides a shade and support

Women’s winner, local favourite, Wini Paul

The Mammoth Insulation Polar Bear 2013 results

LONGBOARD 1ST- Thomas Kibblewhite 2nd- Zen Wallis 3rd- Andrew Robinson 4th- NMark Hoyle

UNDER 18s 1st- Frazer Seymour 2nd- Manu Scott-Arrieta 3rd- Joe Palmer 4th- Mitch McRae

OPEN 1ST- Paco Divers 2nd- Joe Moretti 3rd- Andrew Robinson 4th- Cheyne Dowset

OVER 40s 1st- Paul Harris 2nd- Jamie Scott 3rd- Andrew Robinson 4th- Mark Hoyle

WOMEN 1ST- Wini Paul 2nd- Nicola Colson-Koster 3rd- Mischa Davis 4th- Claudia Fraser

OVER 50s 1st- Mark Hoyle 2nd- Rupert 3rd- Mike Podesta

UNDER 16S 1ST- Manu Scott-Arrieta 2nd- Dylan cook 3rd- Cory Vercoe 4th- Shayne Maxwell 5th- Jamahl Moselen

OVER 60s 1st- Michael Gray 2nd- Chip Jaffrus 3rd- Dave Gould

Highest scoring wave women- Mischa Davis Highest scoring wave open- Paco Divers

Polar Bear Classic 2013  

The Polar Bear Surf Classic was first held in 1981 as a fundraiser and an excuse to invite other clubs who could make the trek for a good pa...