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Possibilities ADAPT REPORT 2012

ABOUT ADAPT Pacific Links Foundation (PALS) launched An Giang/Dong Thap Alliance for the Prevention of Trafficking (ADAPT) in 2005 to lead counter-trafficking efforts at the frontiers of Vietnam by providing access to education, shelter and reintegration services, and enabling new economic opportunities. ADAPT operates in regions that are most vulnerable to human trafficking, starting in the Mekong Delta in the South at the Vietnam-Cambodia border and expanded tothe North at the Vietnam-China border. Extreme poverty, high unemployment, and porous borders are some of the factors that contribute to the vulnerability of girls and women being trafficked for labor and sexual exploitation.

Photography Credits: PALS staff, volunteers and beneficiaries No likeness of trafficking survivors is shown in this document to protect their privacy. Pacific Links Foundation Š 2013

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Dear Friends, Thanks to your unwavering commitment to atrisk girls and survivors of trafficking, we have been able to encourage them towards a brighter future that they deserve. We are bringing innovative grassroots solutions directly to the communities at border regions, where the threat of human trafficking continues to grow as Vietnamese are trafficked widely across the globe today from these areas. In the next five years, we aim to provide school-based, community-based, and factory-based comprehensive prevention solutions against human trafficking. Your continued support brings hope to these talented and beautiful young girls, fueling their courage to work towards making their dreams a reality. Join us to empower women and girls against human trafficking! In gratitude,

Diep Vuong President

Pacific Links Foundation Š 2013

SECURING A FUTURE Thuy*, her mother, and her sister moved in with her 77-year-old grandmother after her father’s passing due to a traffic accident. They lived on grandmother’s income, selling vegetables from a small plot of land near the river bank. But a few years ago, a landslide forced them to move to a new residential quarter with no space to plant vegetables. Their sole source of income has vanished. Some months ago, Thuy’s grandmother got hemiplegia and her health rapidly declined. Now, she needs help with her daily activities, including assistance with personal hygiene. The burden is placed on Thuy’s mother, who sells lottery tickets inbetween taking care of her sick mother. Thuy’s mother earns VND 30,000 ($1.50 USD) to VND 40,000 ($2 USD) per day. The money from selling lottery tickets is the sole income source for Thuy’s family of 4. It is not enough to support Thuy and her oldest sister’s education, they are at risk of dropping out of school at the 8th and 10th grade. Fortunately, Thuy is able to continue school because she is in ADAPT scholarship program. Thanks to PALS, Thuy’s mother is relieved of the financial burden of keeping Thuy in school. Now, she only needs to worry about food and clothing. “I am illiterate, so I hope that my daughters will achieve better literacy!” said Thuy’s mother. Thuy and her sister help their mother with the housework and often remind each other to study hard to find a good job in the future to help their mother. Thuy now dreams of becoming a fashion designer. For more stories from the field, visit our blog. *Names have been changed for privacy purposes.

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Help make Thuy’s dream of becoming a fashion designer come true Pacific Links Foundation Š 2013

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Give G. a normal life that she deserves to have // 4 //

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RESTORING HOPE Giao*, a 17-year-old girl from a rural farming community, dropped out after finishing secondary school to help support her parents. When her mother became ill , the family became financially strapped due to piling healthcare expenses. A neighbor promised to help Giao with a job in Ho Chi Minh City, but then sold her into prostitution at the border. There she was forced to serve clients, beaten ruthlessly, starved and threatened to be killed if she did not obey them. One time, a client picked her up at a hotel, he unexpectedly left early, giving Giao a chance to run before her pimp picked her up. Giao ran far away, then asked for help. Luckily, she was taken to the police station. After two months of horror, she was taken back home. Home with her family, Giao still suffered from the traumatic experience and felt guilty whenever her neighbors’ whispered and commented about her ordeal. Giao was afraid to go out and frequently got headaches. Since staying at the Compassion House, Giao has been treated medically. Now, she is a healthy and happy 11th grader learning life skills and going to high school. Giao dreams of graduating high school and getting a stable job in her hometown. For more stories from the field, visit our blog. *Names have been changed for privacy purposes.

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Together, we have reached more than 10,000 people // 6 //

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OUR COLLECTIVE IMPACT Prvention Services PALS provide comprehensive support to each recipient and her family. PALS tracks the progress of scholarship recipients through frequent communications with teachers and regular home visits to develop early intervention strategies when needed. Additionally, we conduct Family Days for students, their families, and community members attend to raise awareness about trafficking and emphasize the preventive role of education.

Protection Services PALS works with returning survivors of trafficking in their communities and at our shelters to regain self-confidence and establish self-sufficiency. This is also essential to prevent returnees from being trafficked again. PALS operates 2 out of 5 shelters dedicated to survivors of human trafficking in Vietnam.

Partnerships & Capacity Building Our activities aim to strengthen vulnerable communities’ collective capability to prevent and combat human trafficking. The Social Work Summer Institute’s series of workshops offers practical social work skills for social workers throughout Vietnam to support victims of trauma. ACTIVITY HIGHLIGHTS






Summer Camp






Trafficking Survivors Assisted



Care packages



Social Work institute



Awareness Campaigns & Outreach






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GOING FORWARD: ADAPT in 2013 Prevention Services ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM:  Grow scholarship program to give 1000 scholarships for the 2013 - 2014 school year

 Streamline collection, monitoring and reporting of scholarship information to better track students VOCATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM:

 Provide sustainable vocational training scholarships, job placement assistance (including assistance to locate stable housing, supplemential initial income, and matching funds into Individual Development Accounts) for 30 young women

 Continue vocational training program in culinary arts for at-risk young women with support from Chef Without Borders (CWB)

 Develop more long-term vocational training scholarships to increase effectiveness of model

Reintegration Services     

Support 30 new survivors with shelter-based reintegration services Serve 10 survivors through community-based reintegration services Provide 500 initial care packages for survivors in border provinces Conduct periodic reproductive health trainings for shelter residents Focus outreach and assistance towards the family to prevent younger siblings from falling into the hands of human traffickers

Partnerships & Capacity Building  Coordinate social work initiatives and trainings for local counterparts  Support community groups to widen trafficking awareness at the grassroots level  Launch labor trafficking awareness project in factories // 8 //

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Join us to stop human trafficking. DONATE NOW.

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ADAPT Financials*


Indivuduals 10%




$ 41,458


$ 124,000

In-kind Donation

$ 157,300

Temporarily Restricted & General Funds

$ 109,147


$ 431,905

In-kind Donation 37%

Foundations/ Organizations 30%

Temporarily Restricted & General Funds 23%



Program Supplies & Other $ 191,885 Personnel

In-kind Contribution 38%

$ 44,343

Indirect Expenses

$ 38,377

In-kind Contribution

$ 157,300


$ 431,905

Supplies & Other 41% Program 54%

Indirect 8%

Personnel 13%

* Estimated, to be finalized at audit.

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On behalf of our recipients and their communities, we express our sincere gratitude to our donors and supporters who have made this journey possible and worthwhile Abraham E. Sylvia Alfa Family Dental Group Allie Hien Trinh Amazon American Express Amy P. Nguyen An Ngoc To An Thu Vuong Andrew Lam An Giang University Angie Chau Anh B. Ton Anh Do Anh Kim Tran & James Do Anh Pham Anh Son Annetta HSCV Annie Wright Apple Arthaus Ban Tran Bao Chau Kate Nguyen Bing Luo Binh Danh Binh Hong & Minh Thuy Le Bui Thi Thu Thao Carol Duong Catherine H. Pham Catherine Karnow Cause Vision Center for the Encouragement of Self-Reliance Chan H. Xuan T. Khuong Charles Bailey & Ingrid Foik Chau Phuong Nguyen Cheer for Viet Nam Chen H.

Chi Anh Vu Christine N. & Michael F. Crowley Christine Salah Claudia Dobkin Cliff Nguyen Columbus Foundation— Limited Brands Combined Federal Campaign Constantine Kokkoris & Trinh Bui-Kokkoris Consular Club of Ho Chi Minh City Cuc Thu Phung & Thong H. Nguyen Dan Thanh DeVivo Dana Doan Dang T. Phan & Doan-Trang Nguyen David J. Mendro & Patricia A. Surmeier Debra Walker Denise Phan & Bruce Shaw Dennis Berger & Xuan Wang Diane Truong Dien Yuen Dinh Ly Doan L. Phung & Thu-Le Doan Doan Thi Ngoc Donald Garcia Duong A. Nguyen East Meets West Foundation Edmund T. & Katja M. Rumble Emily D. Nguyen & Long T. Vu

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Evi Olga Mustel Feon Ang Forsyth Family Fund Frank Chiaramonte Frank W. & Sandra L. Knoll Gartner Group Giao Ly Gioi Tran & Vernon Applegate Google Hanh My Dao Hien Ngoc Nguyen Hoa Quynh & Yen Hai Duong Hoa Vinh Hong Nguyen-Phuong & Diep Ngoc Vuong Hung & Kim Nguyen Hung T. & Michelle H. Le Huong Ngo Higgins International Children Assistance Network Intersection for the Arts— DVAN Ivy N. Vuong James Bao Jane Ha Trinh Jane Marie Yett Janice Cho Jeffrey Beggs Jennifer Estey Jenny B. Dang Jerome & Thao Dodson Jessica M. Sylvia Jessica Thu Minh Pham & Harrison S. Doan Jim Chien Joseph Hoffman John Campbell John F. & Susan M. Dietz

John Ortiz & Catherine Casserly John P. & Theresa C. Becich Judith Sylvia Julia Tasedan Karenne H. Koo Katie & Kathy Nguyen Khanh Quoc Le Khiem Do Kieu Nhi Le Kim Dam Kim Howland KNL Foundation Lam-An Dinh & Danny Y. Lai Lan Anh Hoang Lan-Huong Nguyen Lan Phan Laura Atkinson Laurent Harrison Lawanna C. Endonino Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics Leilani P. & Trung M. Nguyen Lien Huong Tran Lily Phan Limited Brands/ Mast Industries Linda My Hang Tran Loan Nguyen Long K. Tran & Mai N. Bui Mai Khanh Tran & Manh Phi Mai Nguyen Margaret Ann & William J. Egan Mary & George Surmeier MAST Industries— Hong Kong

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Mei Lin Fung & Ross Casley Mey Joy Choy Michael Scott & Vicki Piovia Minh Chau Dinh Minh Han Minh N. Vuong Minh Nguyenvuong Minh T. Nguyen & PhuongThao D. Le Minh Tsai MinhChau To Mona Hatler Mona Koh Monica & James Myrtle Morris E. & S. May Morkre MTV Exit Muttika Chaturabul My Kim Tran Mylinh Ha-Do & Trinh Do Nancy Lam Neal & Susan Newfield New Moon Foundation Nga T. Cao Ngoc B. Tran Nguyen H. Manh & T. Thanh-Thuy

Nguyen Lam My Loan Nguyen Minh Dong Nguyen Thi Bich Hanh Nhan Vo Nhi Hoang Nhi Pham Nicholas Phan Oanh K. Nguyen & Toan. N Pham Oanh Ress Patricia R. Escobar Patrick & Carol Dietz Piedmont Community Church Phac Le Tuan Pham Cong Nhat (Tuoi Tre) Phuong Nguyen Phuong Vu Quang Thanh Chau & Minh-Gia Doan Quyen N. Vuong Richard Albiero Robert & Kim Henderson Robert C. & Alice E. Myrtle Ronald D. & Kathleen M. Slyvia

Ronald Udouj Saigon Market LLC San Diem Le Sanae Ishikawa & Richard Georgi Scott Henderson Shelly Marie Zimmerman Sheung Wan SIT Vietnam Smiles Travel Sobrato Foundation Son Pham Sophie Dangtran Sophie Paris Stephen W. Cadette Steven Szyszko Suzanne M. Fuentes T. Jackie Quan Talisman Vietnam Tam Cam Foundation Thai Vuong & Susan Ngo ThaiVan Nguyen & Thanh Ta Thanh Dai & Duc Hoa Nguyen Thanh Nguyen The HOW Fund Theresa C. Becich

Thu Le Thu-Huong Nguyen-Vo Thu-Thuy Truong Thuy T. Lindsey Tiffany D. & Robert A. Rothman Tiffany Ho & Kevin Vodinh To-Nhu & Dino Pecoraro Tram Ho & Khuu Thinh Tramy Huynh Tran Khanh Tuyet Tran Tri Chi Trinh-Ai & Robert Tasedan TSAM Global Fund Tung Vu Tuong-Vi Ta Tuyen Laura Nguyen UN Trust Fund United Way Silicon Valley Uyen Nguyen Victorian Police Soccer Team Viet Thanh Nguyen Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation Whitman Family Foundation

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Give the Gift of Empowerment ADAPT focuses on education and empowerment, one of the most effective ways to combat human trafficking

Prevention $50

provide a 3-day summer camp for scholarship students to build friendship, life skills and learn to protect themselves


provides a bicycle for a student to commute to school


supports a student for one year in middle school or high school—providing tuition and fees, tutoring, medical insurance, school uniforms, books, and school supplies


supports a student in culinary school—providing tuition, housing, supplies, and food

Protection $60

provides a month of food to a trafficking survivor in residence at our shelters


supports an initial care package to trafficking survivors upon return to Vietnam— includes clothing, personal hygiene items, referrals to local support services, and a health survey


provides three months of safe shelter to a trafficking survivor


provides one year of life skills training to a trafficking survivor in residence at our shelters

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Empowering women and girls to counter human trafficking


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ADAPT Annual Report 2012  
ADAPT Annual Report 2012